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Reverse The Curse (Michelle Erickson)

I am trying to get evidence of being drugged first of all. That will help some things, but not everything and it's interferred with my legal matter with Michelle Erickson.

She perjured herself in making a claim against me and I haven't had a chance to look at the documents even, because when Matthew Sexton was there, I was being fried in the reviewing room.

So I am behind but not giving up.

I don't have a lot of time, but I have to file a civil suit against Erickson, for making perjured statements and the Judge not allowing me even 1 continuance in order to bring forth evidence that the accusations were false and biased.

That is one thing I am not going to have on my record, because I didn't do it.

I love thinking about getting that taken care of.

I have decided too, that I need to keep my repertoire of music more balanced. When I listen only to the tag for "worship and praise", I start falling asleep or getting annoyed with some of the songs about "I surrender everything" and "There is nothing in this world that matters (not even my kids) except forgiving your enemy". I like worship mostly when it's directed to God to adore and reflect on all of his attributes, not as much to just sing about promises and pleas and admonitions, though I like this too. But after listening to some Skillet and Kutless and other stuff, it just feels more balanced--it's more of a balance between peace and stepping back and then also there is the warrior spirit to the other ones. I mean, worship is both. David's songs are about peace and love and adoration and they are also songs of war and "God help me and defend me and don't forget me as I press on and refuse to give up." "Give me the victory Oh my God!" The warrior songs help me to stay awake. I like them both. I also like the songs that I've heard, from the band "three days", one-x.

I had to stay up all night when I wanted to sleep, because of being assaulted. This is not acceptable. I don't care if it's a women's shelter. There is a woman there named Theresa who is, I believe, Catholic and she has seemed nice most of the time and I've liked her for being calm at least on the exterior but then I've seen her glaring at me as if I was the one to kill her dog. Then there is Donna, who I think has jewish roots but not sure, and there is also this woman named Brittany who, along with Donna, I could tell didn't want me to get anywhere, ever. I have never known what the deal is with Brittany. But she has had this impression with her since I've been there, that has made me feel things are not very sincere and I don't know why or who she is connected to. I know she has been the messenger for conducting some research on me, even with the people in my workplace, which is really a great way to feel dumped on. I go to the shelter and find out there is an exchange between the coworkers or work and them. Which makes it look really creepy--like federal involvement. I think she is okay, more recently, but in the past I've wondered and then things have happened that made me wonder. Then there is this woman named Linda and I really liked her at first but she's done some odd things too. I don't know what to think about her but mainly she doesn't like me.

When I have been tortured or had something happen at the shelter and sitting in the back, I have looked behind me and usually found it was someone else, a staff member has always been there. I have known a staff member is there and doing this.

Since I've been here at the hotel, this morning someone has been doing a few things as well. Not a lot, but it seems that it's someone who works here.

At work...I should write about work. I am really tired though.

I was very thankful and my family was happy for me that I got work but I don't think they knew what was going on and I actually said nothing about it, not even to my parents, for the first month. I basically suffered in silence. I didn't want to worry my parents and I didn't want to lose the job so I said nothing and wrote nothing. After awhile, they deliberately tried to push me out. They wanted me to quit after the first month and did everything possible to upset me, harass me, and they were torturing me there. They also set it up and coordinated so that as soon as I lost my benefits in WA, they would fire me. It's exactly what they did too. I knew this was going down too, because of seeing some people drive by in cars and sincerely almost crying and I don't know how I did it, but I intuited what they were worried about and they knew what was coming.

Not only was more than one person in on torturing me with medical or military devices, they were the worst and meanest group I have ever worked with in my entire life. Honestly, that's quite a feat. A few of the Post Pub people turned on me and when they did it was like overnight and the day before had been day and after one day, all darkness and cruelty and mind games. The other word for that--head games. Mind games loses the effect. Mind control is right, and then head games sounds so much better, because the idea is this: "It's all in your head."

When someone asks, "Why did you stay if it was so bad?" I would say, "Because I had no other options and I needed the money." Not everyone there was doing this, some of the customers coming in were part of the problem. But when I was getting zapped all the time, it dramatically affected what I could remember and this is all they wanted.

There was a hispanic woman there who will never get a job in real "intel" because I'm outing her. She wasn't smart enough to keep her smarts to herself, so she is outed and the problem is, I don't even know if all the coworkers last names are their real last names. Ramirez. She is a con and a psychic and covers for sophisticated criminals--we are talking about both ghetto workers and white professionals. Unfortunately, while she proved to me she was gifted, she also proved to me that she was stupid because she acknowledged the extent of her gift to me. I think she was too excited and her ego got in the way and she just couldn't pass it up. The woman is a bitch. She is one talented, beautiful, and fucked up bitch. She was a hardcore Middleton backer and went so far as to admit it to me. She admitted it to me before I even had any clue that any of this was about me at all, or Middleton. It was. The craziest frickin' thing of all, is that it was about Middleton, at least for some of them.

What was incredible is that she exposed herself in a way to me, out of an irresistable show of ego and pride in herself and her gift, so as to make herself useless in the future.

I tipped all of the bartenders but for some reason, I knew I couldn't tip her. And I didn't know why and then I found out why, when she put herself onto the table. She's Catholic too, which is weird, because I never think of Catholics exercising psychic stuff, but then I kept thinking, well, one of the U.S.'s best psychics was Joe Moneagle or something like that and he was Catholic and an extremely talented remote viewer.

At any rate, this other guy, Jordan, liked her a lot. All he had to do was look at her. She was very subtle with me so I don't really think most men would even get it. Women might. I didn't dislike her because she was pretty, I didn't tip her much at first because she was slow at getting drinks. Then I didn't tip her much because I sensed that while she sometimes had a soft spot sometimes, she also contributed to some things that were not very nice. She once had me look at her phone when I didn't need to. This Jewish man said he wanted a "royal flush" and then I went to her and she said she didn't know how to make it. This was on a day when I had blogged earlier about The Mt. Angel Abbey. She showed me her phone and wanted me to look and then had it on something that wasn't even on the drink he ordered. It was inbetween "Abbey Road" or something like that, and "Easy Ass"--I can't remember exactly but then I went back and all of a sudden, major psychic attack and she kept watching me. Then I noticed how she was able to know what I was going to do or planning to go without anyone telling her or my telling her. She was heading me off from getting names from credit card receipts and other stuff. And I realized she knew exactly what she was doing. Then, I was standing at the bar and for the first time I thought something about Middleton, when I don't usually think about her, ever at work. But a thought crossed my mind and she stared at me hard, looked me straight in the eye and said, "Hold that THOUGHT". That's when I knew for sure. And I thought, "Oh my gosh, she is trying to defend Kate Middleton?! why does she even CARE?" To me, that was one of the most bizarre things to discover and it was about a week and a half ago. It was before I ever had any thought about "Someone is in bed with the Catholic church."

I don't know why, but I just got an impression of someone opening a car door, a woman, with dark hair, and throwing up. Maybe it's something about Ramirez or something she did once but I don't know why it came to my mind randomly.

I don't know who Ramirez is connected to but I typed in the name, and out of curiosity, typed in "Ramirez, Princess Diana" and I don't know why I typed that instead of Kate but a Wall Street Journal article came up by an Elva Ramirez, on "Speak Easy". She is a journalist who covered the Wedding.

On my last night there, which Ramirez knew was my last night, she pelted me, on behalf of the Middletons I guess, hard, in the back, with peanuts and something else after smuggly staring me down. I said something to her and she already knew I would and pelted me with peanuts and then she complained to the manager about me when she technically assaulted me. I called police about it and work knew and fired me.

She is pretty quiet and keeps most things to herself--much more of an introvert than an extrovert and I think she's just a bartender because she looks good.

She was getting up from the bar and going to a far section of the restaurant just to alert people who were in that section and torturing me, to leave.

Then the kitchen help was mainly comprised of serious former criminals. Nothing like giving someone a chance, but they were harming me with their supervisor, Emily, who was a shift manager and admitted Catholic, standing by.

I actually liked Emily for being level in general, but then I realized she knew others were harming me and either she was part of it or she allowed it. Several times, I was in the restaurant and trying to work and I would start feeling this torture of burning or weird heart surging stuff, and a couple of times, something that just hit my lower belly so hard I was cramped over.

I never experienced anything that felt like torture around Ramirez so that is to her credit. She never did criminal torture, to my knowledge. There were others who were torturing me. It wasn't just a couple of people. Almost everyone working there was doing this and against me. I got hired on along with a Catholic woman named Elizabeth and a guy I think was Jewish, Graham. I think Graham made fun of me with the rest, but he never harassed me or went out of his way to do that. Elizabeth and her husband did things to try have me fired though. I noticed whenever they worked together, that he was making all of my steaks wrong. I mean, I had 3 orders of "M" (medium) steaks and all of them were different, with one Rare, the other Very Well done and burnt and another one with salt all over it. At first I didn't take it personally at all, but then he kept doing it, over and over again. It's not a big deal until you think about how other servers, including his own wife, are going through tables with no problems, and taking one table after the over, and collecting tips from each table. Then, when you figure I am having to wait on re-makes of orders, I am stalled and only able to take a couple of tables per hour. That means my pay is cut back drastically and someone else is taking the people that are coming through the door.

Elizabeth was also freaking out and calling me "Fucking bitch" in the back with not a word from me first, or provocation and yet the manager is claiming I am fired for calling someone a swear word. These servers have called ME every swear word in the book, and added other colorful adjectives as well: cockroach for one. Elizabeth called me fucking bitch and up in my face a number of times. I sometimes finally said something back and other times, walked away saying nothing. There was something that wasn't right about her spirit or who she was hanging out with either because there was some kind of wiccan influence that had attached to her. A couple of times it tried to transfer from her to me and I had to get away from her. She had some kind of contact with non-christian practicioners or spirits.

There was a guy who had a dry sense of humor and was funny, named Travis and I liked him, but too often I found military or technology stuff happening when he was around. Some of these guys had to have traded off on things because they would swarm me at the same time and zap me with something but when they were all around me I couldn't tell who it was. I knew it was someone in the group, and I could also tell they had collectively gotten close to me at the same time just to confuse things. Travis' father had been a nuclear research scientist doing top secret work. I caught him glaring at me like he hated me once when my back was turned but I looked around before he had time to adjust his expression and opinion of me. Jordan was always on duty on a shift when I was being tortured. I figured he had a military connection because it was all the time and always on his shift if he was on it with me.

But most of it happened from kitchen help, and the back help was all Catholic and a couple of Muslim. There were a couple of back staff that were always helpful and I didn't suspect anything but others went out of their way to wait until they knew I was passing by before throwing a huge bucket of water at me and sloshing it all over my feet and calves. They did this every single night at closing. They dumped water all over me and I was always there because I had to do the dressings. They're supposed to call out "Water" or try to be courteous and instead, with me they were waiting until they knew I was coming and just slosh me over with it so I was completely soaked.

Several times, they used technology that caused a severe pressure in my ears and it only happened when my head was down by the metal of the dressing station. I had things happening from laser and there was no other explanation than that military somehow knew where I was at certain times. I also had customers coming in and releasing some kind of substance into the air and it caused me to choke and then cough and so hard I teared up and then I was sneezing profusely. They did this toward the end, over and over again.

There were hardly any good people there and all of them mocked me and jeered when I was leaving and they thought it safe to jeer. I had been polite to them, in general, and never went out of my way to insult or make fun of any of them. I didn't dislike any of them.

I tried to figure out why so many of them were so hateful because I had never experienced this before in the workplace, to this degree. I found out most of them were Catholic or Jewish. Almost all of them were. Which is what made me first wonder what kind of neighborhood I was in. I then looked up churches and temples, and I was working right in the middle of the center of their hub. They hate me, most of them, and have proven this to me so many times. So many times. There was a lesbian black woman there, Mo, who did her own research over and over. From the first day I worked there, they were setting out little wiccan and voodoo symbols and things to predict I would do what they thought and they they were congratulating one another if I did what one of them predicted I would do. I felt like I was working in the middle of Quantico. It was more like working in the Catholic and Jewish section of the United Kingdom. I say this because some of them had such an agenda against me and I was finding out they were pro-middleton which I thought was so strange because I never talked about "royal" things at work. So why did they care at all? One woman who was Wiccan got in this stride with Jordan one day and I looked at them and they moved like full-on snipers. She wasn't supposed to even be in the military but she moved like military and sniper profile. She wore all these new age charms and things and did weird things with her eye make-up and did not look like a sniper but she acted and moved like one.

Another woman who was just big and brusque, was this woman who wore a "HAMM" baseball hat and said she was divorcing her Israel Sephardic Jewish husband any day. She never did of course. She was just plain rude to me. Some of the hosts hostessing were mean, taking table out from under me to give them to others repeatedly. They had short fuses and right in front of customers, would yell at me. Right out loud in front of customers.

I found out that in a group of 6, 4 of them had been diagnosed with ADHD. I've worked with ADHD before and who cares. These people thought that if they had ADHD it was an excuse for flying off the handle. There were a couple of people who did not do this.

The Brinks men who came in to take cash one time were Jewish and I did not feel they liked me at all.

Several times they coordinated their psychic games and research with someone from the shelter. It was so out of hand and unbelievable but they were.

There was a man who was part Colombian and also part of the Army. There were even customers coming in to try out their skills on me.

They used me and tracked me like a guinea pig. I need to give specific examples and I will, but I am so tired right now. Then the general manager did a few things that I thought were degrading or pointless and he said he was Protestant. I don't know if this is true or not because he had a gold chain around his neck. I thought he maybe had a medallion on it but he didn't he said. He was even-keeled most of the time but he did a few things that were humiliating and then basically when it was time to do what they wanted to do, he had no problem at all firing me. He had no patience and no seeming desire to have me there for any other reason than using me for the benefit of others who wanted to work out their own game and prove themselves.

There are more to name and describe but I am taking a break right now.

Federal. Maybe some state cooperation and Vanderbilt influence but it was federally funded. Money on it. If it wasn't, as much as they focused and concentrated their efforts, it was sponsored by religious groups that selected other research people who were in the field.

I found out that even with Diana (princess Diana), those who believe she may have been a threat to UK intests, claim if she was a threat to UK interests then she was also a threat to U.S. interests. It says everywhere, that intelligence agrees the UK and US work together in tandem to support the status quo. Anything that challenges the status quo will be jointly attacked by UK and US parties. If this is true, where I have already made enemies and most of the intelligence is Catholic and Jewish, this is going to be an incentive for groups to work against me to block everything and ensure full silence and omerta. If the UK and US are interested in keeping the status quo "quo", then this would also include Israel. This is not to exclude some Russian or other middle eastern or central americans, asia, and africa, depending upon religion and politics.

Some of them don't hate me as much as they wanted me to think they hated me. They were just done with their project and their objective and mission was then to boot me out to nothing while they reorganized and moved to other jobs and other projects. They were "done" because they used me and degraded and assaulted me to their own satisfaction and then they wanted to cut me off and not think about me any longer. Their Vanderbilt assholes were done with their project too. They would have kept me on if I had been having a sexual relationship with one of the men and that would have been the only reason why. I either put out or their research project and smearing mission for Middleton backers was over. Frankly, I felt disgusted by all of them. They are not good people and they proved it to me by their gang banging, which is what I call severe hazing and group assault and verbal abuse. They are the biggest losers, along with a few others, that I have ever worked for, and cons to anyone who thought they were on my side. They pretended to be normal and on my side but they weren't. They were on a mission from the first day. The General Manager is connected to U.S. military and so was the half-Colombian man.

What was interesting, is before I ever even looked up Middleton or thought a thing about them, and not even thinking about her in passing at all, I knew there was something wrong when I had just miscarried my babies and talked to a Jewish man who visited me at a Starbucks. He said forget going to Israel for refuge. At that time, I had no clue what he meant. I knew that I had been snubbed by people at synogogues in Oregon after I thought about going once or twice or even just wanted to talk to the Rabbi I had worked for to ask about a W-2. He never returned any of my calls. They closed their doors to me and then cracked a few windows when I was in D.C., just to stick their noses into my business and for no other reason.

I had an Israeli man with his Esther Monarch sitting in the corner staring at me, scrutinizing my every move. Then after this, after I was being followed around by Mossad and American Jews, I was told to forget going to Israel for refuge. I was such an idiot I didn't even clue in. I didn't think there was a problem. I thought, "Why wouldn't Israel want to let me live there?" I was oblivious. I'm sure they couldn't handle the idea of my living there while they brushed by me in their guilt. It may have been too much to see me all the time. It was Catholic too though, because an Irish priest went from being friendly and attentive and normal to, overnight almost, becoming a horrible person to even look at because all he did was glare at me and sneer and he became a totally different person. And then people were stealing my workshirts from me so I couldn't work.

They worked together to deprive me of justice and they didn't care if I had my son. Kyle Flick is a Jew and he is working only for my family, and I'm not included. He can't even look me in the eye. I think he has some major issues with his conscience. His excuse has been,"Oliver is being taken care of by your Aunt and Uncle." That's good enough for him and the Jews.

They didn't want me to be an independent, successful and single and unattached woman. That would have been far too attractive for their designs and the Catholic church agreed.

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