Monday, January 14, 2013

Robin Bechtold The Drug Dealer, Irish-Catholics, and Morocco

Why does Robin Bechtold still have a job as a lawyer when I've reported him for rape and drugs?

Oh. His brother is a cop?

I was watching O'Reilly tonight and said, "Did you know people from Morocco do black market drug deals with Irish Catholics?"

He said nothing and I said, "It's the Irish Catholic who work with the Middle Easterners to negotiate arms and do their drug trade."

I added that I read this from a government source online. Then I said, "And it was Irish Catholics who were U.S. Navy and killed Osama bin ladin so it shows they had something to do with getting into the drug trade to get next to him."

Adam Carolla came on next and I said, "Oh look. Now he LOOKS like Osama bin ladin." His face was almost fully bearded. I said then, "I might take his show."

The drugs came up because I brought over a bowl of oatmeal while hanging out with my parents and the dog seemed especially hungry. I said, "He seems really hungry" and I was told to pick the bowl up. I said, "He wants the bowl that's full more than the empty bowl."

I had powered sugar all over the oatmeal. Which is partly what started me thinking about cocaine and the Irish Catholics and marijuana.

I know Robin Bechtold deals drugs.

But of course, not once did a police officer take my report against him. His brother was a cop by then.

That's when my car was being drained from power all the time when I tried to drive on the road.

It was when I tried to add Robin Bechtold to the "rapist" list after I had already told police he was a drug dealer.

It's very good proximity to the Middleton family.

So let's see...We have Mexican mafia and Irish Catholic mafia and then we wonder why Morocco or middle eastern drug dealers would be involved...It's just part of the Irish Catholic thing. They try to use the name of God for things and claim it's about religion, but it's drugs.

So then we have Osama bin ladin dead and the U.S. Navy Seals that killed him are majority Irish Catholic. So who gave them the scoop?

How nice to see our Carolla who likes standing on U.S. Navy grounds, chatting once against with our Irish-Catholic man O'Reilly, who assures us all, he does not snort or smoke weed. In fact, he had announced, "I have NEVER smoked weed in my life." What a dance. And he is the same man who told all of us, "There are NO criminals in MY neighborhood."

Right. Because criminals are the ones they frame that go to jail so the rich can keep their lucrative business alive. Like I've said, it's not gangstah crime--it's white collar crime, Whitey Crime. If they have to work with the Moroccan gangstah, to butter up Middleton or trade, they'll do it.

Brad Uhl. Is he literally, don't TELL me he is actually on Robin Bechtold's payroll. I mean, is this for real? Brad Uhl's wife isn't getting screened for drugs during marathons yet--I guess that's why she sticks to the non-Olympics drug-testing compliant teams.

Her daddy-o Uhl is cranking her up with crack.



I gotta get me some bling Mama.

JUMP! JUMP! Mack Daddy make ya wanna JUmp! Jump!

So here's the jump. It's baby steps really. Signed up yet Carolla? The jump is Florida Uhl knows Miami Dabney knows Morocco and Miami knows Portland Bujanda. Bujanda knows cops, knows Bechtold cop, knows Robin Bechtold...

and they all JUMP! JUMP! Mack Daddy make ya wanna...JUMP JUMP!

Oooooh Bradddy Baby, you make ME wanna JUMP. WHAT a ride. Are those BRICKS in the background? Waddya got on your screensaver Brad?

Those kids.

It's Middletons Crew. They're still working on their ABCs.

A is for amphetamines
B is for barbs
C is for cocaine and crank

It's nice when the DEA is so dirty they're flirting with the U.S. Navy about killing people in Pakistan and torturing their own citizens at the same time.

They are all connected. And they are connected by drugs. Adam from Lewis & Clark college in Portland, Oregon, whose Dad is U.S. Navy intelligence? Pothead.

So while they're running their pothead schemes and killing people and torturing people using U.S. Navy connected NASA and Pentagon, their calling up their lobbyists in Washington the UK, asking them to legalize marijuana so they can claim it is clean money now.

They still want their business. They just got tired of laundering their money through Brad Uhl and the FBI.

Patty Otterback is a cop. I actually said this to my Mom 2 weeks ago on the way to the gym. I said the only reason cops didn't pick her up or make a report is because she IS a cop.
Sure enough, I was right. I got that much confirmed, that she has past public employment history with police departments. Whatever she's doing now, is the same line of work.

So my Mom has glassy eyes again tonight, the way Patty brought her back after kidnapping her to go to Roseburg to "shop at Michaels".

Mike Middleton's? is that why my mother's eyes were so glassy?

Okay, just kidding. It was Michaels decorating in Roseburg, right after I made a UN report. So the local cops kidnapped my mother after I contacted the United Nations about my parents being held hostage and tortured in this country, along with me and my brother and son.

Who got away with it? Patty. The cop. And whenever I have brought up Robin in the past, who got hurt? My parents, through cops that know their family.

So no police officer ever took my report of rape by Bechtold. I asked Detective Gross to do it and he never did. He took a report about Josh Gatov, but he refused to investigate. He did not take a report about Bechtold, even though the first time I gave him the report, I told him about it.

When I was in Nashville, TN, I asked Grose for records of the rape report. The next thing that happened to me was I was thrown into a psych ward and drugged with Haldol.

Does Uhl know Bechtold? through Bujanda? or is it through Middletons who know Bujanda?

What I know, is my son is tortured because of these DRUG DEALING CORRUPT federal employees that then use NASA friends to torture us. How about the Sandbergs? they don't know anything right? They only used my parents to help out Annette and then they lie about me.

Jon Hammar, who was on Fox news O'Reilly show tonight, is a criminal. The only reason he got out is because the U.S. uses him for psychic work for the military. That's the only reason. It's because they need to keep some enforcers who double for the Irish Catholic drug trade and military together. Hammar knows the Schneider family, which is connected to the Department of Justice.

Look it up.

The "last stand" he refered to tonight, claiming it was a book he read in Mexico, is a b.s. claim. His only stand is a corrupt U.S. Department of Justice platform and you can confirm that with any intelligence group. He made some bizarre reference to reading only the Old Testament of the Bible and a book about a last stand which any military or intelligence connected person would think of most closely as "The Last Stand of General Custer."

You and your friends are on your last stand Hammar. This is what he was really alluding to and hoping to connect to.

Which was then oh so cleverly "heightened" by Adam Carolla's next discussion about being "rammed". He said, "Not to sound sexual" after talking about "one donkey ramming into another donkey." I think he used the word "ram" more than once. Ram, ram, raming...kind of allusive to "little bighorn" perhaps and Custer's "Last Stand". He said the version he read was published in Korea.

But of course O'Reilly had no reason for personally trumpeting for the release of Hammar.

I know plenty of people who blow on "big horns" in Seattle, for example, right before people like me get poisoned and assaulted. Let's blow a horn. Oh, and then even better, lets buy a horn for Oliver after we torture him. A horn to honk for his bike, the same year that he is tortured over Middleton's Mess and corrupt drug lords that use people like Jon Hammar as their "rammer".

The only other context I can think of is with this military man who approached me when I was in Wenatchee, Washington, who had porn with him, of sex with custard pies. He was U.S. military, and I thought he looked like Heintz, and he said he was living in Montana. He had a backpack with him and I noticed it was open and inside were sex tapes of porn with custard pies. It was custard pies and sexual images on the cover and some title about custard and sex. Later I ate outside of the courthouse with him, on the lawn, and this military helicopter kept flying around. It was U.S. military helicopters. They were constantly around me and my son and torturing us and exploiting us. It was cops and military who were doing observation of reactions. I met him on the bus when I started talking to some man who told me he was "an exterminator". He told me he killed bugs. Then the other guy, this Heintz looking guy, wearing an Adidas hat, started talking to me. He told me he traveled a lot and had a very strong interest in "phenomena". He said he'd been all over the world to "investigate" people who had certain gifts in the psychic area. So why he was there next to me I have no idea, because I am not one of those people. I mean, only a tiny bit and not compared to most. However, I saw the cream pies before I saw them in his bag. I did not see any kind of sexuality with it and it wasn't his sex tape. I saw someone else with a cream pie and it didn't have anything to do with sex at all. But then why was he showing up with his tape then? I never told anyone about that until right now. So I always knew he had something to do with the government.

The fact that "Jon Hammer" is alluding to something like this, possibly, is further indicator that there are crimes occuring and he is part of it. He is a Marine. What kind of a pie was it? Boston cream? Because I know Mark, this Irish Catholic truck driver who is U.S. Army, who I met before this other guy, was always talking about that and he was part of those who tortured me. He lived in Boston, where O'Reilly is from. And the Marine who had access to my son and harmed him was Ryan, from Boston, along with some other men.

This country is illegally using me and my family and son. My son was kidnapped from me and we are being tortured. This country MUST return my son. CPS has nothing to do with this. They put their hands on it for the CIA and military and they are going to take their hands OFF of it and return my son to me.

When I reported Becthold, no cop ever took my report of either rape or drugs. Why? His brother is a cop.

When I reported Bujanda and Garza, I was defamed. Why? They were FBI agents and politicians in Texas.

When I reported Josh Gatov who connected with police on the occasion, it went nowhere. Cop again?

When I was left isolated to be harmed, it was Christa Schneider, whose Dad is a federal employee for the DOJ. Oh, cop.

Who protected Bechtold? Annette Sandberg? Why would she protect him unless he was working for the FBI.

I was assaulted in Wenatchee with cops watching in, by an Italian, after the stripper "Francie" from Seattle left me at a club after I trusted her because of my cousin Rani, whose boyfriend was....oh.

A cop.

So I didn't know why cops would know about me from "state to state" but they all knew, didn't they. And they then exploited this proximity to government to have me assaulted on other groundds, by agencies like NASA, to discredit my testimony.

Christa Schneider was the one who asked me how I even made it through the college term where I was assaulted by NASA technology with over 15 NASA-induced and triggered migraines in one month. It was possibly over Gatov, but then again, by that time I knew Christa. I knew Schneider already because she made her presence known. She was connected to FBI agent Rick Baken and the lawyers I had to deal with when I filed lawsuits.

So lets' see. I reported rapes and drug dealing. Then I filed lawsuits about other matters. It would benefit the FBI and police to have me lose credibility for any reason, where their drug dealing and gang bang is concerned.

When I was in Seattle being assaulted, and given a poisoned cigarrette, those women got away with it. The FBI knows them. I still have a red mark on my tongue from it. It was done the day after this Catholic guy got up and blew some horn and I talked to some Catholics at the club after singing. I sang there, and then I was assaulted. Laura Laughlin's offices were around the corner.

Irish Catholic work with Middle East for drugs, get proximity to Osama through CIA drug dealing, kill him with Irish Catholic U.S. Navy Seals.

Oh and Mike Middleton was inviting a lot of new Irish people to celebrate his daughter's wedding. Did Laughlin have an investigation that day? couldn't make it?

What about Judges. Is Judge Nakata under Judge Warren for drug dealing? Is she his soldier?

Jon Hammar is connected to Washington State.

My Dad didn't want him out of Mexican jail anymore than he thought what Carolla and O'Reilly were joking about, with putting "his junk" into a wood chipper, was funny.

If my Dad didn't want Hammar out of jail, there is a serious reason for it. I could tell he didn't want him out of jail when O'Reilly first jubilantly announced he was going to fight to get him out. He made it his entire mission, to get that man out of Mexican jail, while umm...yeah, he knows my Dad, comes into OUR house, and we are held hostage.

But O'Reilly is not a criminal? I said to my Dad, when my Dad said one day, "I don't want that kind of garbage in the house, so you can take it back out." I said, "You don't want ME in the house, but you let HIM in the house?" and I looked at O'Reilly.

My parents froze.


Gulp..oh, wait, maybe she means figuratively, like, through the t.v...of course she doesn't know...

That man has been in my parents house. Of course I can't find an email record of it, since everything prior to 2008 has been deleted and removed from all of our computers.

As for CPS in Washington, Donna Titleman has a lot more to do with my son being taken from me than most people know. She is Jewish and I was told she was someone who was against me more than some of the others. She is also someone who is more discreet than some. Some people are in-your-face rude or let their feelings be known, but don't really harbor further resentment than what they voice. Maybe sometimes even some things they say are just venting. But others are the exact opposite of me. Sneaky. That's not to say I don't look into things, I mean sneaky as in discreet and never openly letting it show what their true feelings are.
The other thing I saw in the mind's eye, over 3-4 days ago, was a blond man putting a handful of objects onto a table. Someone was looking at him and I saw the man as through the other person's eyes. They had both hands full and cupped together and then sort of bowed over and put a bunch of things onto a table. I don't know if it was money. He was blond and I only saw him walk over, lean torward me and put something down in front of me and I saw the top of his hair and it was blond like Will Waglers or Chris Dabney's or something. Not super short, not a buzz cut. It was one placement I saw. Both hands full and cupped together and quickly putting something onto the table with head bowed to me as he leaned over. I saw the movement. It was a hurried and fast gesture. Like, "Here." I couldn't tell what was put down. I thought it coins of some kind or something else. It was like the bag of money from this painting I showed my son, where the bird is singing and perched on a water bowl. But I didn't see a bag, really, it was just that kind of amount. Maybe it was a bunch of stones. I thought it was more of a gesture of putting money on the table. Since I saw it as if it was given to me, I don't know who was receiving it, if I saw through their eyes. He wasnt a buff man. He was more slender and I don't know age. Not really old. It was on the 9th or 10th in the middle of the day, going about my business in my house that I saw it flash up before my eyes. My second sight-mind's eyes. I wasn't doing anything in particular, going from one room to the next and it came up. I wasn't praying and I wasn't thinking of anything in particular.

I don't care.

I really don't care what the CIA and Army are trying to acheive, and why they know about my family and think it's fine for NASA to torture us. It's not fine.

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