Monday, July 22, 2013

Katie Middleton and Mossad (and my parents)

Katie Middleton has either been supported by my parents or terrorized them, one or the other.  The people connected to her from the U.S., who have assaulted and defamed me, have been primarily Jews.

While the Jews got Catholic support for defaming me and running me under, in 1992, for perceived insults to not being agreeable to religion, which also came from Mormons, and which came to a head in 2001 with lawsuits, Jews have been Katie's backbone.

American Jews have supported and funded her, and Mossad has supported and funded her.  They also cleverly gained support from Catholics who run the majority of intelligence and the justice department, and used their own shrewd tactics for maligning me to have most of the Catholic public assume I was a really bad and horrible person, or nuts, or tried to seduce a monk, or any of the above.

Because of so many problems with Catholics, who became allied to hate me, and because of complete disillusionment and disbelief Jews were behind it, I was unable to see, when I figured out some of this has to do with Katie Middleton, that Jews and Mossad have been behind this, and so long as Mormons or Catholics got good business or pay from them, they were happy.

I didn't know if Katie was possibly Catholic, and Lynda Carter is connected to Catholicism, and it was an idea that came up after wondering why so many Catholics (and Protestants too, in the U.S.) supported her.  However, her mother is a full-blown Jew.  This means Katie is considered to be a full-blown Jew.  Despite the obvious, I still really couldn't believe it.  She and Mossad and the U.S. intelligence communities put far too much of a smokescreen and PR into grooming her to be a tool.

The reason I did not believe Jews hated me, and were conspiring against me as a community, was because I was brainwashed my entire life to believe Jews were "God's chosen people" even if they weren't Christian, and that they were good and supported Christians too, and just didn't understand what faith was.  So even though they were involved in attempting to murder me, and Josh Gatov raped me under conditions of rape or murder or both, I seriously assumed, with all of the massive brainwashing I've been under, that being raped by a Jew was a "fluke".

It wasn't a fluke.  The other thing that is obvious is that either Jews or others have harmed my parents to get them to do things for them, which I think has happened, regardless of what they think about me, my parents have either supported Katie Middleton and ruined my life deliberately, or were involved in this, or worked with others to kill me.

Since there are twins of them, I don't know which ones would have been up to it.  But I have been thinking for the last few days, about all of these different things that have happened and what it's been adding up to.

I remember the day I ran through my parent's house in Moses Lake, WA, when they had left, and I searched frantically for the adoption papers.  No one said anything to me about it, I had heard of "adoption" by then and was positive I was not really born to Bob and Dicksie Garrett, because to me, it seemed they did not love me at all, and that they resented me.  I didn't think I was theirs and there was no reason for me to think this, as a kid, unless by that time I had gathered or processed enough information to consider it was very possible I was not even their biological child.  I thought, if I found adoption papers, that would explain it.  It would explain everything.

By the time Edward Howard defected and went to Russia, and Katie Middleton was born, I was being beaten.  I was also being starved.  It was all of a sudden too, where I had not been spanked like that before, and I was plump and pudgy and had enough to eat.  By second grade, all of this changed. 

I believe the cabbage patch doll that was put up on a shelf in their closet, got sent to Kate Middleton.  I think other things were being given to her as well.

I am not sure why or how my parent's are connected to her outside or aside from MK Ultra, which includes Canada/U.S./UK unless it's Mossad.  MK Ultra would explain how they knew about her from a U.S. perspective, and since they are psychic spies, they have a high standing in that community.  Their support of her, however, has either been forced, or it's been voluntary and if it's voluntary, I would guess it is only because of a biological connection or tie to her. 

This would be motive for someone to go along with an idea of maybe wanting to kill me or have me die before I found out, or ruined plans.  What else would I be killed over?

There are a few serious examples of times I have wondered why family members did or said things they did, which might lead me to wonder if someone in my family wanted me dead over Katie Middleton.

1.  First, an introduction into the insertion or excuse for having the name Katie mentioned showed up when she was born.  All of a sudden, it was important for me to know a girl named Katie so my parents could use the name.  That was 1982.

2.  Our trips to Canada quit in 1982, after Katie Middleton was born.  I was about 8 years old when we quit going back and forth from the U.S. into Canada:  by ferry to Victoria, B.C. and by car to Vancouver, B.C.

3.  My personal property began disappearing and it wasn't all going to my cousin as "hand-me-downs", and toys were being purchased that went to someone else, beginning after 1982.  If my mother had wanted to give a gift to a cousin, she'd have talked about it and no one would care.  Instead, items were disappearing to some other person.

4.  My homework was being stolen from me beginning in 1982.  I didn't even have homework in the 1st grade but by 2nd grade I did, and it was disappearing when there was no place for it to go.  I remembered doing it and then it would be gone.  My Dad said, "Don't say the dog ate it." 

5.  My mother said one day, when I asked what age of kids she liked best, "9 or 10 when they're still sweet" and I was older so it hurt my feelings but I didn't think much about it.  This point is not that big of a deal but it does indicate she didn't think I was sweet. 

6.  My parents were breaking into my private diary and reading it when I was 13 and I didn't always write nice things about them if I was upset.  I got upset and said it was private and my mother got a hard look and said as long as I lived in their house, she had a right to do whatever she wanted.

7.  I was getting set up to provide an alibi for U.S. employee criminals about this time, to "burn the house down" or set the house on fire.  That would have been caught immediately and it is something I could have gone to juvie over.  It is the first time I felt real fear, fear in my throat and heart, from the shock of thinking I couldn't believe my parents wanted me to do that.  The fear was because it contradicted what I thought I knew about them.

8.  Robin Bechtold made it sound like he hated my Dad for chasing him off the property once, but then his mother made it clear she was siding with my parents and happy when I was "homeless".  I was shocked when my Dad smiled over at Shannon Adams Dad, in 1993, after an assassination attempt against me involving Adams' vehicle and Tony Roos.  This was when I was leaving the Bechtold's house.  How would my Dad know her Dad at all?  They didn't go to any social events and I hadn't even seen her Dad except for once before.  There was no reason for my Dad to recognize, know, or exchange smirks with him and the fact it was after I was run into, raised a question.  The Adams were good friends with the Stalders, whose daughter Kelly wanted me to go to U.S. Navy offices with her and who my Mom had a real estate dispute over.  Maybe they just tested me and then betrayed me.

9.  Mormons supported Katie Middleton.  Geoff Rasmussen and his family, the Wiltbanks, the Harris's and anyone in business with them.  Most of them had connections to the FBI, and I had been best friends with Stephanie Maiers in Moses Lake, who was from a Mormon family, and lived next to a Mormon psychologist, and then Karin moved over from Canada and married into the Whittemore family--the same one that decided to defame me and accuse me of being a criminal when I wasn't.

10.  My mother was friends with a man who was handicapped, in a wheelchair, named Rob Heroult, who hated me.  I didn't know why Rob disliked me that much, but he did, and I don't know who he was connected to but they talked all the time at the gym.  That surname is French and Middletons are connected to the French by blood.  The reason I mention him is because I wasn't sure why he hated me and spied on me.

11.  1995.  My car was hijacked by Mike Nichols whose biological parents were Canadian.  I didn't think my parents were involved in anything but when we said goodbye it was stiff and I could tell they were not happy with me.  We'd been having huge fights and arguments and this was also after I was back from the East Coast and asked why I had scars from cuts on my arms.  My feeling is that Mike Nichols was part of the same FBI-connected group that first attempted to assassinate me in 1992.

12.  When my head was being stitched up a couple of days after the collision, in my room, by a doctor who wasn't the one that did my neck surgery, I noticed my mother and him exchanging looks and smirking at eachother.  I don't know which Dicksie it was, but I saw this and said, "You think this is funny?" and she left the room.  I remember I said something out loud.   Later, another time, she was crying, but I remember thinking it was very odd that she and this male doctor were exchanging secretive smiles like they knew something I didn't know, and here he was sewing up an open head-wound.  This hospital was right next to the Jewish Community Center and did rotation with The Veterans Hospital.  I got flowers from one person from my school, a "Katie", while my mother and father were still there.  Then that hospital got a bunch of award money from Katie Middleton supporters who are also connected to NASA and the Pentagon.  NASA is being administrated out of Houston, TX right now, which is where the director Charles Bolden and his wife Alexis Walker live, and it's where the President of SLC University was offered a promotion and raise to move to be President of a Texas university after my surgery in 1995, which also rewarded that hospital with funding for "remote surgery" and other remote technology (including remote torture).

13.  My Dad showed up and wanted to get photos of us all, and of me with my damages.  The one thing that made me feel bad was that first he said, "Wait" and grabbed a marker and before taking a photo of me, with my back to the dry-erase board, he wrote, "We Love You Cameo" and then moved in front of me to take a photo, with the newly written "We Love You Cameo" behind me.  I had just thought why was it necessary to write "we love you cameo" if they love me, to have it in the photo?  It made me feel like what if there was something they were wanting to cover up, and have it appear they loved me more than they actually did.  I know Robin Bechtold didn't like seeing it, when he saw the photo.  For him, it was reminiscent of my mother sending me an "I Love You Cameo" pink heart cookie the Valentine's Day after an assassination attempt from his house.  The next attempt was from Nichols, whose excuse later, from his parents, was that he told he loved me and wanted to marry me.  It was a lie.  He didn't even know me and we'd talked for less than a half hour total prior to the trip.  There is no possible way he loved me, and his whispering about me with a friend of his at work, was accompanied with a dark hate-filled look, not "love". 

14.  Jews were interested in me or they wouldn't have hired me to spy on me.  Before them, I was hired by various persons who worked for the federal government, but not Jews specifically.  In 1996 I was hired by a Jewish man to work at CTR.  This followed being forced to work for Catholic family working for the U.S. government, who knew what torture was going to be done to me, and which began right after Mary Domenica-Del Balzo's brother "Dom" died in a bike accident in NYC.  I was also introduced to the Jewish woman next door to them, whose daughter was in Israel studying to be a reform Rabbi.  The Del Balzos knew what was being done to me, and so did the Jewish woman next door.  Next, Ed Israel hired me, and he was a Jew who had married a Catholic, so it was another Jewish-Catholic alliance and she asked me to babysit, as I had been a nanny for Mary Del Balzo.

15.  One question I have is if my Dad is not actually the son of Robert Guy Garrett, Sr. and is instead the son of the Italian man Dolores Davis lived with in NYC.  She and my grandfather split up after she was seeing this Italian man, to my knowledge, and they divorced over it, when my Dad was 1 year old.  If I'm biologically related to Edward Lee Victor Howard, I might be a Howard, and could have been a Howard prior to being a Garrett and the Garrett that my Dad is, might not even be a Garrett but some Italian man from New York.  Of course the FBI and Pentagon would know everything already but they've lied to me about my entire life.  So maybe killing Robert Garrett Sr. was not even actually killing my Dad's Dad, but Edward Howard's friend, the U.S. Marine who got messages over about me regarding my safety.  The FBI indicated through their agents that they knew some things about me, from a comment by Raul Bujanda to me, who told me (I think it was him, not Garza), that I was Mexican.  In 2004, right before or right after Edward Howard was killed, or reported dead, Bujanda told me "You're part Mexican."  I said "No, I'm not.  My cousins are, because they're Dad is Mexican, but I don't have anyone Mexican in my family."

Basically when Colombian Alvaro Pardo deliberately insulted Mexicans, as if they were low level, I defended against it, saying, "Hey!  My son is half Mexican!"  and yet he most likely knew his insult was directed to me too, because to him, I was just another "Mexican" the U.S. government was going to try to use.  Supposedly Edward Howard is part Mexican and if I'm related to him, that's the only way I have any Mexican heritage at all.  After I said I wasn't Mexican, Bujanda smirked and when I said "What do you mean I'm Mexican?" he said, "Well, if you have any Native American then it's like you're Mexican" but this isn't what he meant the way he said it.

The question about who I'm biologically related to has bearing on who the U.S. Pentagon has been coercing, extorting, or putting into my life to do things to me or allow things no normal parent would allow unless they either weren't really my parent or were tortured or forced into it, or most uncommonly, decided they hated one of their own kids and wanted to get rid of them for the security of some other person.  Knowing which it is would put Josh Gatov's sick comment and crimes into contextual framework.  What Jewish group was he raping me for? Aside from Middleton?  He said, "I wonder what your DAD would think to know you were taken by a JEW" and he laughed over it, satisfied with his crime.  Which Dad was he referring to?  Edward Howard?  Was he saying what would Edward Howard think to know his daughter was 'taken' (by Bob Garrett?) or raped (by Josh) by a Jew?"  My Dad has a Jewish ancestor, which would make him Jewish, and if I'm not related to Bob Garrett and to Edward Howard instead, I am not a Jew.  So if Bob is a Jew by ancestry is my mother Dicksie as well?  Some of the ancestry claims Kate Middleton was making upon engagement to William of Wales, were after genealogist Geoff Rasmussen went to England, after getting my own history and then refusing to tell me about it.  Instead, he went to England, and then Katie turns up claiming she's related to some aristocratic person my parents would be related to.  My parents as in "Bob and Dicksie".  It's impossible Josh Gatov didn't know who my parents were before he raped me.

16.  Maybe Mike Middleton and my Dad Bob actually work together.  After all, Mike worked with the U.S. Pentagon as did his father, who also worked with Canadian military.  Maybe that's why I wasn't supposed to mention how the U.S. Army was on the heels of Middletons in Jordan, because it might look like they were working together or friends and make Katie's U.S. 'popularity' with intelligence even more suspect, or maybe it would bring Mossad out of their crack.

17.  Mossad indicators.  Let me count the ways.  Mossad is all over Katie Middleton and torturing others to put her where she is.  The ONLY reason Osama bin ladin might have known about her was through Mossad and if she had a contact with the CIA because HE had worked with the CIA.  The CIA trained him.  Having that kind of relationship with the CIA, and then his own intelligence in the Muslim world, would have put him in a position of knowing who was involved with Mossad and he would know about Kate Middleton, why she was there, who was killing and torturing kids for her and her supporters, and who her family dealt drugs to.

Additionally, every location I lived at, or worked at, I had both a U.S. military person or government employee living either with me or next to me, and there was always a Jew there at the same time.  For example, Halea Meyers asked me to rent from her mom and then I later found out her mother worked for the Department of Justice at a prison one of my rapist's brothers worked at, with her.  Shortly after, a Jew named Steve moved in across the street from me.  Otherwise, I was being forced to work for someone in government (Del Balzos) who had a Jewish next-door neighbor.  This was what I was being surrounded with ever since I worked for Ken Kargman in NJ (by the way, Ken is Edward Howard's father's name), who was a Jew.  From 1994-on I was being stalked and surrounded by Jews who knew or worked with employees for the U.S. government.  I noticed animosity from even Jews I had gone to high school with (Aaron Bourne) after the first assassination attempt against me, but a kind of satisfaction after 1995.

Aaron Bourne is a Jew who dated Monica Allen (after she was my best friend) for 1 year and he lived near my house in Sherwood, Oregon though not next door.  I believe his parents also had a dark or black 4 door sedan, possibly, but the one I identified at a later gathering was said to belong to Shannon Adams or Alicia Peters parents.

Considering Jews are a minority, it is odd that I was not only surrounded by U.S. military or a government employee, they (Jews) were also making sure they either lived next door to me, or worked next to me or both.  This is all during a time when I was being tortured.  Kate Middleton and her family can be linked to these individuals which creates a more obvious motive for spying on me.  Possibly, another role was to identify my location so I could be targeted.  Even Sharon Anderson's mother was a Jew and Sharon asked me to live with her in Tigard, Oregon in about 2000.  She was connected not only to cops, but to Jews.  Detective Brian Gross/Grose, who was in charge of my rape reports and who deliberately obstructed justice, had a Portland police partner by the last name Anderson (not sure if it's a relation) and Sharon told me herself her mother was Jewish.  Her mother hated my guts and I met her in person.

18.  Barb Greenman is a Jew.  It is Barb Greenman, whose family has employment with the Portland FBI offices, that used her position to isolate me socially and from my family, after Edward Howard was dead.   It was only after 2004, that she instructed my mother to send email to me, telling me she didn't love me anymore and there was nothing in common and our relationship was over.  This was coming from at least one of the Dicksies, because there is more than one, so someone wanted one of them to speak for all of them and to isolate me.  I wrote back, shocked, because I've had the "silent treatment" before, but this was a letter saying she didn't consider me to be a daughter or family and that we no longer had a reason to be such, and she would rather be out of my life from that point on.  Then it went on to say she cared about me "in a general sort of way" but didn't love me.  After this email, I talked to my Mom on the phone and she was screaming at me but in this conversation and others she told me specifically, "Barb Greenman".  "Well, Barb Greenman says..."  "Barb Greenman says I shouldn't have anything more to do with you."  "I know Barb Greenman and she's been a good friend and she told me not to speak to you anymore."

So Barb Greenman, who is a realtor (like Lorraine Rose, another Jew) in Portland, Oregon, and who works for the FBI (or whose husband does, I don't remember which now), was acting on behalf of the Portland FBI offices to isolate me from my mother, but only after Robert Garrett, Sr and Edward Howard were dead and Katie was pimping successfully as Mossad's "Esther". 

I don't remember if the email named Barb Greenman but I know her name was mentioned several times over the phone regarding the same subject matter.  This also came up right after I was blocked from going to my parent's house to pick up some of my property, and had my car towed away by police and FBI.  The excuse was a flat-out lie and conspiracy from Judge Gerald Warren and the FBI, who said my license was suspended when it was not, and it was used to prevent me from going to the Salem Courthouse and getting documents from Judge Lipscomb that I needed for U.S. federal bankruptcy court which the U.S. federal government was required, by law, to obtain and put into the public record for anyone to see.  Mossad and the FBI had a vested interest in keeping me from being successful and winning any of my cases so they obstructed justice, obstructed my travel, and then sought to isolate me from my parents after Edward Howard and Robert Garrett Sr. were pronounced dead.  Lipscomb was Catholic and so was the Abbey and Archdiocese, however, Jews didn't want me to win any case or have any strength for proving their Jewish editor of Willamette Week deliberately and maliciously defamed me in a newspaper for political and criminal reasons.

The other name mentioned, when my mother was telling me she wanted to have nothing to do with me anymore and her friends were telling her to cut me out of her life forever and completely, was Patti Otterbach.  Patti Otterbach is a woman who is also Jewish and who has worked with police in the past as an employee.  The main name I heard at that time, however, was Barb Greenman.  Jewish women Patti Otterbach and Barb Greenman, with FBI employment.  Both women are Jews, both are realtors, and both know Lorraine Rose, another Jewish realtor who is English and who is directly connected to Katie Middleton.

Why disconnect me from my family, after Edward Howard was dead?  I am not even sure whether it was actually my mother who wanted to isolate me and be 'free' of me, in order to pursue Katie's agendas, or if she was being forced to do it by Jews.  Jews, by the way, who worked with Robin Bechtold.

19.  Kyle Flick.  Another Jew who decided to insert himself into my mother's side of the family after there was a raised interest in me, specifically.  Kyle Flick acquired himself my Aunt Locklyn by being the "highest bidder" and making her an offer she couldn't refuse.  He knows Barb Greenman by-the-way, so their attempt to isolate me was also probably with inheritance money in mind, which Kyle Flick was overseeing as the lawyer.  The Jews wanted to be sure I had nothing.  My Aunt was offered more money by Kyle Flick than any other lawyer so of course, she agreed to work for him.  Once he had his hands into family business, he rarely gave her a raise and used her and used his position as lawyer to spy on me and gain access to information about the family.  Kyle Flick not only weaseled into the family as a lawyer, he moved to the entrance of the only road that goes to my grandparent's house.  From there, he could see who drove up or down from that street that only a few people lived on, including my grandparents.  It takes some DOING to get a nothingness like Katie where she is now for Mossad.  The throwing up all over my towels by Meredith (Ashley) Green at my house, was later imitated with my son being presented to me at a CPS visit, throwing up all over with Anne Craine/Crane supervising and smirking.  While Anne Craine went to a Unitarian church in Wenatchee, later, and while she sported a Catholic saints bracelet, based on what I've seen, she is probably aligned with Jews and Mossad.  No one would imitate what my former housemate did, who was Jewish, by using my son that way, unless they were Jewish criminals.  Of course they had Catholics working with them too, but Jews have been more involved with hate crimes than I had realized, simply because I couldn't believe it due to how I was brainwashed as a kid, by church people, to think they were "good" people.  They're not.  They have spied on me, destroyed my property, stolen from me, raped me, defamed me, and tortured me and my son Oliver, along with trying to isolate and alienate me socially.  They used my ignorance about their motives and hatred of me as leverage against me, feeling secure that I would never know what they were up to.  At one point, when I guessed Jews were inciting Catholics against me, I felt a slackening of harassment and I think it was due to the fact Jews guessed I was closing in on them.  However, I didn't have enough information or enough retrospect to figure out how bad it was and to line up how many of them had infiltrated my life and spied on me.  I was still thinking it was one or two bad apples and not the entire barrel and the reason for this was church and U.S. political brainwashing that "jews are allies".  They're not my allies--they have been my enemies.  I even didn't mind kosher products until yesterday when I realized, as I saw a discounted item, I don't want to support them in any way, and if it says "kosher" on it, there might be something wrong with it.  They raped me and assaulted me and my son and lied to the world and I'm going to buy their merchandise?  Not anymore, where I can avoid it.  They were torturing me secretly and then in public, smiling to my face. 

20.  2005.  Once I was being tortured night and day, literally, with migraines triggered every other day and basically "hits" from military/NASA technology to my head in the same frequency as they were first done right after I made a medical report of rape from Josh Gatov, I overdosed on aspirin and then changed my mind and tried to call 911.  Instead of calling 911, Granny said she thought she'd call my mother first.  She called my Mom and I said I didn't have time to talk and I had overdosed and needed to go to the ER.  Granny said to my mother, "I think she's just wanting attention, don't you?"  and instead of looking concerned, she was smirking at me like she didn't like me.  Then she said to me, "You don't need to go anywhere" and my Mom could be overheard saying it was "just a cry for help and not real" and both of them sounded malicious and justifying why there weren't calling 911.  Then I talked to my mother, and said, barely talking, "No, really, I took a half bottle of aspirin and I need to go to the hospital" and then both she (one of the Dicksies, I don't know which one) and Granny both told me they weren't calling 911 and they weren't doing anything because all I wanted was "attention".  Granny said to my mother, "I don't think she needs to call them do you?" and my mother said no and then I panicked and screamed.  It wasn't like they sounded like they didn't believe me--they sounded like they believed me and knew, and wanted me to die and were smirking at the idea.  It is another time I felt actual fear, and wondered who these people really were and why they wanted me dead.  I screamed and then took the phone and called 911 with Granny trying to take the phone from me, and said I needed an ambulance, with Granny in the background saying I didn't need to go.  This is the kind of thing Mossad has been up to.  Torturing me to the point of wanting to commit suicide from the severity of constant pain.

Once I was there, the hospital took a blood draw and wrote into my record it was positive for THC (marijuana) when this was a lie.  I never smoked or used marijuana in my life, to that point, and not for years later, and I wasn't around anyone who did either, that could have impacted my blood levels.  The only reason for lying was the fact I had shown up at that hospital dozens of times for treatment for pain from the migraines and they refused to treat me, and were lying and saying I was "drug-seeking" after the Portland FBI had several of their agents rape me and then try to claim I used drugs or there was something wrong with me.  It is the only thing CPS used against me at first, a false claim I used drugs and was an alcoholic when I wasn't, and they lied about garbage around my house but their claim of 'danger' was that I was a drug-user.  I said I could prove it was a lie with a hair sample and the first thing Alvaro Pardo, employee of the U.S. FBI wanted to do, was have that much of my hair cut off.  I would also believe Alvaro Pardo was Jewish before I believed he was Catholic.  He was working with a group to hold me hostage, to keep me from accessing court, and to frame me to go to prison. He then worked with Jew Mykal Holt in photographing all of my personal photos and items, and in stealing my hope chest and other belongings from me.

21.  Katie Middleton also apparently thinks she is in my Granny's good graces for some reason.  If she was getting belongings from one of the Dicksies (and she was) and they work with her, it is possible she would try to have my Granny side with her as well.  I noticed she wore a shawl similar to one Granny wore and was photographed in, after Kate obtained photos that were stolen from me.  Why she wore it was possibly to say Granny passed on the mantle to her, which I'm sure Kyle Flick would want to do through Locklyn or anyone else, for another Jew.  Granny also gave me ylang ylang after my ceramic doll was extorted from me and assassination attempts against me.  It said, next to it, "canine odoratus"  (close to "odor of canine"...a dog).  That was sometime between 1993-1996.  I'm not sure why my Mom (one of the Dicksies) thought it was amusing but a year ago I was given two bottles of orange juice from Langs and she thought it was amusing.  I got them from the 7th Day Adventist in town.  I only remember because I had a bunch of groceries and she only smiled at that.  It was a "clockwork orange" Jew who first raped me by the way, who did it for Middletons.  The other thing that's odd, is one night, my parent's told me to leave the house when Obama came on the news and they wanted to watch the program without my seeing it.  All I caught was that he was talking about "middle-class families" and then was talking to a woman who almost looked bald like she had no hair or was losing her hair, and the next day or around that time, I lost the massive amount of hair I've photographed and put online.  There was no possible way for me to lose that much hair all at once, outside of torture or being drugged and my feeling is that the Jewish-mentored Obama supports Katie Middleton and Mossad, along with NASA's director, who is a black Jewish man and whose wife made a big visit to a Mossad boutique in Israel (she is photographed there).  I noticed the photograph because of course, officials make visits and get photographed, but I could tell it was more than passing interest or involvement for her with them.  She was working out deals on their behalf and took pride in her part in torture for their sake.  She wasn't just visiting them--she is one of them.  Her name is Alexis Walker and if you'll note Carol Middleton wore a dress by Katherine Walker for her daughter's wedding--my guess is it was to honor a woman who tortured people including me and my son on behalf of Middletons and Mossad in the U.S.  She married Charles Bolden, the administrator of NASA and they live in Texas, which is where a lot of informants about me have gone back and forth including Schneiders, Bechtold, president for SLC University, Raul Bujanda, Armando Garza, and so on.  The photo of Alexis at a Mossad boutique in Israel was taken around the time of Katie's wedding. I'm looking for the photo now and it's not turning up but I'll keep my eye out for it and then post it here.  It was a photo of a few women next to her smiling and in a hat and accessories shop that had curtains from the ceiling and sort of antique-vintage shabby chic romantic décor, with the photo in a rose-salmon colored small room and it was from 2009, 2010, or 2011.  I found the link to the photo:  It's sort of hilarious how she is dressed like Chris Dabney's Jewish girlfriend who was upset I was pregnant by him.  Also, to the far right of the screen the woman posing looks just like Erica Wiltbank.  The other one, second to far right, has a face like Stacy Darling, Robin Bechtold's old girlfriend, who went to my school.  I still don't know if that Stacy Darling is connected to Katie Middleton's cousin who is a Darling (last name) but I do know the people who pretended to be my friend then were nothing but government rats.  I say she looks like Stacy Darling (facewise) because S.D. has "chipmunk cheeks" and jaw.  She always looked like a chipmunk to me.  This woman here has a similar, lower jaw 'chipmunk cheeks' look where it looks like pockets you could fit nuts into.  Here's more on Bolden (The Boldens no longer live in South Carolina, although they have many friends and an extended family still in the state, many of whom traveled to Washington to his Senate confirmation hearing. Charles and Jackie Bolden are settled in Texas, near the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Thus, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Texas Republican, was able to claim him as one of Texas’ own, speaking warmly of him at the Senate Commerce Committee hearing in July of 2009. “I am excited…to have someone so experienced in so many areas to take on the huge challenge that NASA faces right now,” Hutchison said. Others heaped praise on the retired astronaut as well, including Representative Jim Clyburn, who came to the Senate panel hearing to praise Bolden. Clyburn is a Democrat, the only African-American member of the South Carolina legislative delegation, and holds a top leadership position as Majority Whip in the House of Representatives. Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, stated in support, “The president has chosen very wisely…(Bolden) is the right man at the right time, with the right skill mix and character…” Senator Bill Nelson, who had repeatedly urged the White House to nominate Bolden, described him as a man who could handle pressure well. Nelson recounted Bolden’s calm in responding to a helium leak warning light when the shuttle Columbia took off in 1986 (Rosen, 2009b).

Tell me if I'm wrong, but in addition to all the other enemies I've named who landed in Texas, is Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson also connected to him? and to me, through the Bailey side of Lisa Thebault's genealogy and family?  Because Lisa Thebault has family by the last name of Bailey in Texas and she has Jewish relatives too.  If Kay Bailey-Hutchinson is related to the Thebaults, is this another political supporter of Bolden's role in torture by use of U.S. technology?  Hmmm.

My mother's entire side of the family turned against me after Robert Garrett Sr and Edward Howard were killed.  They are the ones with the Jewish lawyer (blackmailer or not), and they have made comments before about how they do not consider me to be part of the family at all.  They didn't mind if I died, after I had the dental tooth filling, in 2004, that was from someone recommended by the U.S. Army.  This is the filling that was literally blown out later, before Katie decided her secrets were safe enough and she could get publicly pregnant and not have microchips from U.S. coworkers being traced to her and her family.

22.  2005.  False arrest and coercion and pressure for me to smear my own name.  After another military implant, which was after the 1995 surgeries, and assassination attempts; after my Mom (one of the Dicksies) and Granny tried to keep me from getting an ambulance for a suicide attempt I almost died from, and after Granny admitted to hitting me, over the phone, in that call, I was being falsely arrested and accused of assaulting Granny which I did not do.  Bob and Dicksie (one of the sets of twins) then pressured me over the phone to take a guilty plea when I wasn't guilty and could prove it.  This was another time I felt real fear and shock, to realize my own parents were trying to force me to malign my own name.  That they were telling me to take a plea when they knew then I would have a criminal record.  Whether someone was involved in pressuring them to encourage me to do this, I don't know, but both my Mom and Dad pressured me, hard, to take a guilty plea and become an official "criminal" when I was innocent.  I thought, "Why would they do this unless they wanted me to sound like a criminal to cover for themselves...are they working against me like the other Jews who raped me, and the military and FBI?"    My Dad pressured me more than my Mom even, which shocked me because I thought my Dad would want me to prove myself innocent, not guilty as a criminal.  I thought maybe my Mom would be upset about Granny or a charge of a misdemeanor, or would want to defend her family but I was shocked when my Dad got on the phone and tried to pressure me to take a guilty plea.  Why did my Dad want me guilty of any crime?  He even started laying guilt trips, like how horrible I would be to have my Granny take the stand, and why drag Granny to the stand when I could settle for being guilty?  It was after this that I felt when I had my son, we obviously had no supportive family and I was leaving the country with him.  I had been shocked enough that when the military blew out a tooth of mine, in 2004 after Edward Howard was dead, they wouldn't even give me a loan to have it filled, when in the past I'd offered them larger loans.  To be so hateful as to not help me with a blown out tooth, and then to try to force me to plead guilty, was more than I could handle.  It was like they didn't care at all what happened to me.  I was being told it was better to accept a false accusation that would criminalize me and ruin my entire life and jeopardize my parental rights (I was then pregnant) than to ask Granny to testify.  I refused and won, but the U.S. military continued to collude with FBI and cops to falsely arrest me and defame me.

Edward Howard and Robert Garrett Sr. were now dead, so I was supposed to become a criminal now, since torture of me, attempts to have me kill myself, and several assassination attempts weren't working.

Settle for false criminal record.  When I had no interest in her or William or any English royalty at that time, why was it a concern unless someone else had known me or mentioned me, maybe Princess Diana?  Kill me off so it's not discovered?  Hurry, fast?

(Debbie Sweetwater-Burt just picked my mother up from our property here, and she is Catholic and works with Bechtolds and the Irish Catholic police.  She is also from New Mexico, where my Dad Bob and Edward Howard were raised, and she is also connected to Justin Collier from Wenatchee, Wa.  Yesterday she said "bye" to me in a way that implied she wanted to get rid of me and she's had something to do with trying to drive me out, and controlling me, along with Cindy (who went back to California).

22.  2006.  Forced out of assistance.  After I told my Dad even a Christian organization questioned why they were not helping me and my newborn son, he got a firm hard set to his jaw and looked mad that I had said something to them.  So right after this, because it made my Dad mad, all of the volunteer organizations in Wenatchee refused to help me and my son anymore, saying "It's run out now".  It was a woman who had a daughter whose husband was the only black cop in town.  She was white and he is black, and then a man named Bob Shepherd who is connected to military.  When they did this, they had me "meet" with them, and I was tortured while sitting there at that meeting, and I knew they knew it was happening.  That was at a Christian volunteer place in Wenatchee.  There is nothing in Wenatchee but military, dirty cops, and CIA.  "Christians" there do not exist except for the sake of having a way to get non-profit tax status and create jobs that generate income for themselves as they exploit and abuse others.

23.  2005. Coercion to adopt away my son.  This is different from some things that have made me wonder about my parents, or who I'm related to, or who has been controlling them, but I was also being coerced to hand my son over to the U.S. for adoption before he was born.  My Dad was the first to pressure me.  I was told I did not have a right to have a child or keep a child.  I was told a child needs a father.  I was told a child needs both a mother and a father and I couldn't provide that.  I was told no man wants to marry a woman who already has kids.  I was told I would never find a boyfriend or marriage partner if I had a kid already.  I was told maybe I would but it would be harder.  I was told "God has other plans for you." 

Right.  So what was the "Plan"?  Ah, torture and exploitation and further rape by U.S. employees, Jews, and the UK too.  Maybe someone just didn't want me to have a child outside of marriage first, because who knows, maybe a psychic predicted William of Wales would marry someone who had a child out of marriage first, and then of course, Katie had to hustle.  The fact I was being pressured to give my child up for adoption is further proof my parents never wanted me to have him to begin with and would have assisted others in kidnapping him from me.  When I was going to have foster kids in my house, when I was 21 years old, I asked my parents what they thought and they had no problem with it at all.  No one said, "They need a father" or "You can't because you're single" or "No man will want to marry you if you have foster kids" or "God has other plans for you".  

No one cared, apparently, if I raised kids that were not mine biologically, but the "issue" the U.S. Pentagon had with it, was they wanted my biological products for their fucking programs.

Also, how does one go from saying it's fine to be a single mother when my Grandpa Garrett and Edward Howard were alive, to saying it's "not fine" to be a single parent after they're dead? 

My parents suggested I abort my child and they supposedly do not even believe in abortion and this is what they've said as long as I grew up with them.  My Dad was suggesting it.  Then, he was saying I could not have my child and had to have him adopted and he and my Mom gave me silent treatment my entire pregnancy, but it was after they had tried to force me to take a guilty plea over a false charge of misdemeanor from 3 cops who were nothing but mafia for the FBI.  My Dad and Mom have always been anti-abortion and all of a sudden, my Dad was suggesting I abort my child.  Either he didn't believe what he'd told me he did all those years or someone pressured and forced him to say this to me.

I wasn't the one who brought up whether I would be "marriageable" or not either, because I didn't care.  It's not up to someone else's idea of  what "God wants" because God didn't give me the same message.  The United States plotted to kidnap my son while he was still in the womb and they plotted and conspired how to take him from me, by torture if necessary, because they already know there are psychics in my family and they wanted to kidnap more of them and force them into slavery.  The U.S. and Canada trafficked me, as a human slave, and tortured me, and they never gave me equal rights as a citizen but forced me into being a piece of military property and a rubber doll.  This is what they wanted for my son and look at what they've done.  Then my own Aunt Holly who is so "Christian" and claims to be self-righteous and better than me spiritually, told me if her daughter got pregnant and wasn't married, she'd want her to have an abortion.  That's from the "holier than thou" Holly Hooch.  I feel some disrespect for Holly because of how she has disrespected me as a mother and as provider for Oliver.  She was attempting to take my son from me from the start, and began working with CPS to defame me and lie about me to do it.  Prior to taking him, she had expressed her hatred of me, to me directly, letting me know that she wanted nothing to do with me and did not consider me to be family.  She even screamed at me when I rarely talked to her, and then later, I witnessed her mocking me with Dahlia and Ivory in the car, with my son, who was encouraged to laugh at their making fun of me.  Literally.  They were brainwashing my son to dislike me by the time he was 3 years old.  Then the minute they thought Oliver was theirs permanently, they cut off all communication completely and all I ever found out about was exploitation, trafficking, and abuse of him by the U.S. military and cops.  The U.S. has tortured him, tried to ruin his mind and dumb him down, and then attempted to program him and use him for their own government psychic mind control programs the same way they did with me.  They didn't want him to remain as smart as he was or to remember what he was learning with me--they wanted a traumatized imbecile they could write over with their CIA and U.S. Army shit.  The U.S. Army controlled the Avilas by threatening them with housing when they don't own their own house and their landlord controls everything and knows Robin Bechtold's friends, and Kate Middleton has had access to torture of my son through people she knows in the U.S. who have controlled them.  Even Mormon pedophiles have been involved in kidnapping my son from me.  The exchange student from Korea worked for Bechtold and Middleton as well and had access to living with my son while Bechtold's friends, and CIA and FBI friends, colluded with Jews like Justin Titus, to defame me and keep my son from me.

24.  Justin Titus is a Jew and was assigned to be my lawyer and before that I was only given U.S. military lawyers.  The "Blowjob Michelle" my Aunt Locklyn had told me about in the past, who I had already been talking about before I met her, was also assigned to my case and had a motive from the start to ruin it.  She IS "Blowjob Michelle"--a woman who was renowned for giving lawyers in that town, blow jobs whenever they wanted, and who went for Alvaro too.  Judge Alicia Nakata defended her for her own gain because she had been sexually involved with Alvaro as well, and flaunted it, not to mention her cocaine habit.  Michelle worked with my mother and was supervised by Jennifer Godfrey who was connected to Marshall Mathers (Godfrey's relative went to my high school where Marshall Mather's cousin was in my class)  who was living in England and a Middleton supporter.  In addition to this, Michelle had been employed by the U.S. Navy in Tacoma, which is where a Japanese man colluded to have me poisoned with arsenic at a restaurant.  Tony Roos, who worked for Middletons and had tried to assassinate me in 1992, had relatives acting as Ambassadors to Japan later, and he was also connected to people who knew Middleton, and my parents even knew Middletons.  The other person involved from the social services side, who encouraged FBI-connected Tina Thornton, who was also married to a state cop, was Donna Titleman, a Jew who did some favors for Jews and defamed me.  Donna Titleman is the Jew who illegally cut off reimbursing me for my traveling expenses to medical appointments, because why?  because she loves Jews who hate me.  I was told I had to go to these appointments to keep benefits for my son and she forced me to go, promising to pay all gas and mileage as part of the Washington State requirement.  So she had me rack up a bunch of mileage and expense first, and then refused to pay and the only person who gave me instructions about this was Tina Thornton and the only person Tina answered to was Donna Titleman the Jew.  It was up to Donna to pay for my mileage, and she never even addressed this.  Instead I was lied to and told someone in Spokane was responsible, but no one in Spokane has the authority to override what directions someone in Wenatchee, a supervisor, had told me to do.  It was a Jew that did this to me and my son and who stiffed me on $1,000.  That's what Jewish "Supremacy" must be about:  raping Protestant women, kidnapping their children, and stealing their money. 

Historically, it's suddenly not sounding like defamation against's sounding like Jews living up to their true reputation.  This is who Katie Middleton is:  She is a Jew.  I don't care how she's gone to an Anglican church--like Jews have never pretended to be Christians before.  She is a Jew, and her mother is a Jew and her U.S. supporters are Jews.

25.  The only thing that makes sense is if the people who raised me, Bob and Dicksie, are Jews (one or both sets of twins) or controlled by them.  Either they have, or one has, agreed to have me marginalized and tortured and oppressed while they gave things to Katie Middleton, or they were forced to do it by Jews.  Mormons involved have been involved for business and attaining new-founded political power.  Their relationship with Jews is like Protestants for the most part--that Jews are chosen frozen.  Therefore, harassment I got from the Anglican church where they made fun of me and supported Middleton, and told me I could lay out the "greens" when all they were doing was smirking about how Katie would get married and someone predicted I'd be laying out grass for guinea pigs, is aligned to the mutual respect they have with Jews.  Presbyterians are the same way and when I discovered some of them were being nasty torwards me and I didn't know why, it is probably because they had already chosen sides and that of the raping Jews who promised Middleton power, was better than someone blacklisted like me.  I would not even be surprised to find out my mother was Jewish and I remember her covering her head to steam her face but maybe it was to pray--who knows.  It wouldn't shock me if I found out one of the Dicksies was Jewish and was biologically related to Katie, or that my Dad (Bob Garrett) was.  It has to be that someone was for her and against me or they were controlled and that's all there is to it.  I wouldn't even be surprised if one wanted to disown me because they are psychic spies and maybe wanted something to go a certain way and it was thought to be better if I was out of the way.    Catholics would support Middletons for party and drug purposes.  It would be very easy for the Jewish community and Mossad to arrange to buy support from Catholics by having parties, lots of alcohol, and drugs, because what else do Catholic youth do?  They drink and they party, and aside from Catholics in the drug trade, there are plenty of white and black Protestants that want cocaine and weed too.  Robin Bechtold is one of the drug dealers that works with the government and with them.  If you have government or CIA connections, somehow, you end up dealing drugs successfully and not going to jail and you give proceeds as "tithe" to CIA missions and plots, like "Let's Put Katie In The Royal Family!"  They don't care if Mossad is involved, because Mossad works for the U.S. in return for U.S. military protection.

Doesn't anyone really wonder what actually happened to Princess Diana?  I mean, did she work for FBI or CIA and then they staged her death as she was done spying on Dodi? and now she's living in hiding in the U.S.?  Why have cocaine in the car when your bodyguard is former FBI?  She WAS exposing government secrets too, in her own way, through interviews, by hinting at things, not saying what it was outright.  Whatever the dossier was, it was burned by a woman who is Jewish, from what I've heard.  Simone or something.  It's possible someone knew it would be impossible to fit Katie in if Diana was still alive.  Diana was hanging out with Muslims and Katie is a Jew.  Who was going to give the U.S. more grub?

26.  My mother bought a big sagebrush one year in Moses Lake, WA and spray-painted it silver.  She put it in the house and it smelled so strong, we had to take it out and it sat on the back porch and dried out and then she threw it out.  I had "wisdom" written in my diary, in large words in the front, that I started when I was 13 years old.  She got the sagebrush about that time, or when I was 14 or so.  I had written wisdom because it was something I hoped to have or thought about.  So then I recently bought a sage smudge to smoke up my house because the guinea pigs had mites or something, and then my gray tank top that I use inside my shirts was taken away from me.  Next thing, this all happened about a week ago, the U.S. had people out working on a road (transportation people of course, I'm sure they're not connected to the FBI's Sandbergs who run the Department of Transportation) and they had a "Ditch Witch" out, with orange and black colors, which are the same as a witch costume I was put into when I was a baby, for Halloween.  It was on a diary I bought that had a giant X on the front and 4 sections, and is the same diary I wrote things about my Mom and Dad in and then tore out.  From what I remember, whenever we were getting rid of a Christmas tree or other larger item, it went into a ditch in the front by the road, off to the side of the house.  Maybe this is why Mike Nichols' Dad thought it was a cool idea to plant a "tree" for his son after his son steered for the ditch, and into it and then jerked the wheel back hard enough to make it flip (after over a half hour of driving my car hijacked).

I was photographed right after I was born, on Halloween, October 31, 1974, sitting upright (or propped that way) in a witch costume next to my cousin Rory who was dressed in a clown costume.  I sat on my Mom's lap and Rory sat on Locklyn's lap.  Next to eachother we were "witch clown" or "clown witch"  (which clone or clone which).  Somehow I held my head up, even though I was only a week old, and I wasn't yet 1 year old by any means but a newborn.

The United States took my entire life, and ruined it.  They have made retirement impossible for me, investments impossible, and isolated me from work and defamed me socially, while kidnapping my son.  In the meantime, they amassed billions of dollars in this exploitation and encouraged hate crimes.

What exactly do they think I am supposed to do to be financially independent?  They deliberately ruined this and even tonight they tortured me, with laser and it clearly affected my guinea pigs too because they were all making noises and all over the place.

This country ruined even my family relationships, and I think it was for no other purpose than to be sure I wasn't in a will or inheritance ever either, which is not something I thought about, but is something I recognize now that this country has ruined everything about my life and gotten away with it.  How is it they have done this and claim to be a normal country or democratic in any way?  This country is not a democracy and it's not even a capitalist or free market country.  It's a crock of shit.  Every single thing I was brainwashed into believing, from a patriotic standpoint, isn't even true and then my entire life all I read or hear about is how North Korea, or Muslim countries, or some other country, any other country except the U.S., is 'brainwashing' their citizens.

It's like I was born and switched so that I live with parents who are not even my own parents, who the U.S. used as they tortured me, knowing my real parents would never allow it, while my parent's real kids, were being supported by them secretly and raised by someone else living overseas.  Or, the U.S. just took one set of twins, and traumatized the hell out of them to the point of almost death and forced them to detach from their own kids and forced them to oppress us under penalty of killing off other family members.

The FBI has had information about me since I was born and they withheld it, and even when I had a right to it, to protect my own life and find another country and be able to explain what these FUCKERS have done, they ignored my rights and refused to give me FOIA when I asked for it.

The FBI set me up with a man, Alvaro, after a bunch of their other employees raped me, and defamed me and obstructed justice and blocked my travel, and held me hostage and I saw the photos he took at a party with others before he introduced himself to me.  He was wearing a clown wig, multi-colored, and smirking and his friends around him were smirking and their intentions on their faces were not good.  It was the way someone looks who is not a good person and is maliciously plotting how to harm someone and making a joke about it first.  He made himself into a "clown" to mock me.  He knew I shouldn't be seeing those photos either and tried to block me from seeing them and then realizing it would be too obvious if he made a big deal about, he let me look when I came across them.  I saw them for what they were:  mockery.

This is coming from a man who was officially an FBI employee and had residency and nationality in Colombia, where he and the FBI knew CIA defector Edward Lee Victor Howard had worked.  I know he knew what he was doing because then the whole time he was with me he used to say, "Are you a witch?"  He had no reason to say this when I did nothing that was like a "witch" and the only reference to this was in this photo of me dressed as a witch when I was only 9 days old, for Halloween.  Then next to me was my cousin dressed as a clown and Alvaro thought it was funny to put on a clown wig and make fun of me with others at a party, when I wasn't there. 

Obviously my next post (after this one) "got" to someone in NASA because they've been torturing me since I started writing it.  Why?  I've written the same amount of information about Kate Middleton here in this post.

Because of Michelle Erickson?  That would be really fascinating, wouldn't it, to find out she and Katie are related.  It is not impossible.  It might even give Michelle Erickson a real "boost".  She helps Katie, Katie helps her.  Michelle Erickson is overweight and in every other way or regard, she is like Kate Middleton's twin.  Down to personality type.  In fact, I'm sure William of Wales could trade Katie out for Michelle in a heartbeat and not notice the difference at all.  Yes.  There IS a problem.

One more thing--separately from the last paragraph.  When I was a kid, I was made to wear an identity bracelet.  It was not just a plastic ID bracelet on my wrist from the hospital.  It was a full blown ID bracelet and I always had it on my wrist until I was about the age that I could remember things, maybe around age 4, on a regular basis.  It was the same one and then one day they took it off.  I remember this because I missed it, because it was like a part of me and I always had it on me.  I asked where it was and everything.  There was a baby ID bracelet from the hospital, when I was born, out of beads, and some of this was saved in a baby book for me, but the bracelet I wore all the time I wore until I was a toddler and then they took it off.

So exactly why was I wearing an ID bracelet to begin with?  My parents didn't know which "Cameo" I was?  From what I remember, I don't think it was solid metal but beads.

Alvaro and visitation monitor Crane thought it was fun to start wearing a bracelet with elasticized saint beads around me.  Maybe it was a joke when they knew I had worn an ID bracelet from the time I was a baby to a toddler. 

The one in my baby book from the hospital when I was born just said "baby" on it from what I remember.  It was 2 colors of beads, white and another color.

My bracelet is a very firm memory I've always had and not shared much but I've mentioned it to my parents before.  My question is why I was wearing an ID bracelet all that time, when people should have already known who I was.  What did they do?  Keep me in hiding in Canada with my twin in the U.S. while I wore a bracelet until I was taken across the border permanently?  I mean, why did I need an ID bracelet like that?

We didn't save or keep that bracelet, the only one that was kept was a baby one that went into a baby book and was taped there, with a piece of tape holding one end and another piece of tape holding the other end.  My other ID bracelet disappeared.

26.  Here are other points (this is rambling and a little disorganized but getting some ideas and facts down):  In 2004 my mother told me my cedar hope chest did not belong to me anymore.  It was given to me as a birthday gift and in 2004, after Edward Howard and Robert Garrett Sr. dead, when she was mad at me over an incident from 2003, she told me my hope chest was not mine.  I said I wanted to come get it, and to pick up my 2 large clay pots I bought which I told her she could use while she stored them for me.  She told me I could not have my hope chest and that she refused to give it to me and that my clay pots were not mine either.  I was completely shocked because my Mom knew the hope chest was mine, and she also knew the clay pots were mine.  I had asked her if she'd keep them after I moved out of my house in St. Johns until I had a larger place to store them.  It wasn't a misunderstanding.  I said, shocked, "Are you claiming I do not even own them and that they are not mine?" and she said yes and said, "That hope chest was NEVER yours."  I said, "You GAVE it to me for my 16th birthday, as a birthday present."  She said "No, we didn't".  Now, if you or I ask her, she admits it was mine and says, "I tried to keep it safe for you but you wouldn't listen and now it's gone."  Mykal Holt is the Jew who stole it.  She didn't say "Don't pick it up now, it's not a good time", she said it didn't belong to me, I wasn't the owner and they never gave it to me. 

Then when I drove that way to pick up my legal file that Marion county and the U.S. federal bankruptcy court were withholding from the public file, and to demand my hope chest and clay pots at my parent's house or find a way to pick them up, police who work with them, and FBI, obstructed my travel by lying and claiming they could take my car because my license to drive was suspended.  A cop called my Mom in my presence, with me standing there, and I overheard her agreeing with him she couldn't come over to pick me up, and they didn't know when but not that night.  The cop laughed at me while he talked to my Mom.  They then towed my car to a locked up airport and told me I had to get permission from Judge Warren to release my car and get a new license and then I could have the keys.  My Dad then made a point by going to the tow company that towed my car away, and taking a handful of items that were on their counter.  He said, "Are these free?" and they said yes and he took the whole box.  Which is sort of like, his taking a box of free things after I was blocked from taking my property.  They later made it sound like they were upset over what cops did but at the time it was more like they were involved in it and didn't want me to know.

What eventually happened, is several years later, when I picked it up with Alvaro, it was taken to the house of a Jewish woman they knew and that woman stole my hope chest from me and then police, Steve Mays, and Shannon Borg and her Canadian partner stole all of my diaries and things and gave them to Katie Middleton.

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