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Edward Lee Howard and Torture of U.S. Citizens by U.S. (24)

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10/28/13.  I said "I don't know, why?" and he was checking to see if I could still read minds while he was taking a briefcase from Diana Spencer.  He had gone out once and had me with him as he buried a bunch of gold.  Basically, bars of solid gold.  He told me not to tell anyone, not even the other kids, including Diana, Charles, or any of them.  So then they were trying to get me to tell them where the gold was while they cut me up on a table and electrocuted me and I never told any of them.

I didn't tell even one of them where it all was.

So then a bunch of the royals' Jewish lawyers and others came over one day and he ran with me to the stables and opened a hatch door that went down to a cellar or something and while I was hiding underneath them, they viciously beat him up until he was bleeding and unconscious.  He had sometimes beat me and he had to have known Diana was electrocuting me with the device too.  I think they were giving me cake that was medicated as well, possibly.  However, he hid me and then I heard a gang of men arguing and they sounded like a mob and kept demanding that he tell them where the money was "Johnnie".  Where is it JOHNNIE? I heard punching and gut sounds and throwing up and when it was quiet for a long time, I got out and looked and he was on the ground bleeding.  So I tried to clean it off with medicine and put a Band-Aid on him.  He asked me if I thought I could doctor him up and I got a first aid kit from the barn or stables somewhere and cleaned his wound and put a Band-Aid on his face and he said he needed to lay there for awhile because he didn't feel good.  He said, "My heart."

He was actually the first person to tell me about my own heart, before one of the Dicksies did.  He said to remember that I had a heart condition like he did and no one knew about it, or few did, and that it was something I had been born with.  He says you know how your heart sort of flutters sometimes, or when you can't breathe very well? and I said yes and he said, "It's because you were born with a heart problem but it's small and you'll probably outgrow it so don't worry about it."  He said he had to look out for his own heart too.

I think that in hindsight, he must have been spectacularly psychic.

I don't know what the business was about the gold.  If I am biologically not HIS daughter, and am Edward Howard's, E.H. also was accused by the FBI of hiding gold in a field.  It's possible they made this up to cover up what happened with Edward Spencer, or vice versa.  I do know there was real gold and lots of it and I never told any of them where it was and by now I've forgotten.

The reason I say he was psychic is he said a few thing I remember like "Elizabeth" and then "Jessie" which was for me to remember his nickname for me, based on his own name.  I was digging around to transplant some plants today and then looked to the side and noticed a paper I had flung off of the table over a week ago and had not know where it landed and on it I had written the words:  "Elizabeth" and under that "Dr. Edward Ray."  That was just today, so it makes me think, did he know I was going to look at this scrap of paper one day while thinking about him and that this is what I would have written on it, 30 years ahead of time?

If so, that is spectacularly psychic.

I had written down the names in the course of doing business and looking up some things and taking down notes.  Very random and then one day I had been thinking of what people did to me who support Katie Middleton and I saw the word "Elizabeth" on the paper and flung it off of the table outside and didn't know where it went and then after writing about how he had called me Elizabeth once while drunk, and then Jessie, today I saw the paper after writing about him last night, and I thought, maybe he could foresee what was written on that paper?

Anyway, he was saying to doctor him up and talking about our hearts and at some point he was bringing up technology and laser rays, sundials, and things and did I know what it was?  It was his explanation that made me wonder if that's what was happening to me in Moses Lake when I went back and could feel radiation from somewhere that wasn't natural and began trying to see if a heat lamp could trick the targeting of me by my body warmth from the U.S. military.

He did beat me a couple of times, but nothing like the way he was beaten up.  Then for some reason at one point I was sleeping out in one of the stables with a horse because the kids were being mean to me and not letting me sleep in my bed.  I then caught my Mom with Prince Edward in a state of undress or something, or some man, not sure and then another time, a Dicksie was there when one of them, I believe Prince Edward, held a gun at me and I said why do you think you need to hurt me?  I haven't done anything to you.  He was looking around for "the gold".  It was either Edward or Charles and they were asking my Mom to figure out where it was hidden.

When the mob beat him up, I heard the name "Whitey".  Like James Whitey, the U.S. FBI man.  It sounded like British and Irish accents.  There was someone, maybe not there, maybe a friend or someone else, I think named "Roscoe".  I am not saying he was with that group but I remember the name.  I know it sounded like Prince Charles too. 

If they were all just testing me, that's possible, but I don't know what over.

I didn't know why he let Diana electrocute me for one thing and then I did something wrong and then a Robert Jr. said he was taking me away and E.S. said, "I can't protect you if you go" and said if I left his house he was unable to protect me.  I said "I don't want to go".  He said to a Robert there, "She says she doesn't want to go and she's staying here."  He told the Robert to leave and then all of a sudden a Dicksie showed up and two men who said, "We're Secret Service and you don't have a choice, do you Johnnie?" and one of the Dicksies was holding a gun at him and they said they could 'get him' for something if he tried to argue with their taking me.  Whitey was one of the men standing there.

So then they took me from Althorp and when I looked back Johnnie was sort of smiling or smirking a tiny bit and I thought, "Did he plan this, to have it look like he didn't want me to go but does and I'm just getting moved from Sandhurst to Pentagon territory?"  I wasn't sure.  I was starting to get tortured by Diana and some others there, more often or since I was older, I noticed, but then I knew the Robert and Dicksie did things and when I got to Moses Lake, it was the worst it had ever been.  Also, at some point, one of the Roberts was asking me if I'd call him "Dad" because I called him Bob or Robert, not Dad.

Another thing E.S. told me once was he called me a "dauphin".  I thought he meant a dolphin and then it was some kind of bad news to go from Wellington beef to eating fish and I wasn't sure what that was about, but I remember the looks at Dicksies' parent's house.  He also said to me once, "You're the one who should be Queen."  I said what do you mean? and why did he say that? I'm not saying he was serious or meant it or always thought it, but he said it.  He said a few things to me that no one else would tell me about, like about my heart condition (which was a fact no one shared with me) and something about Katie Middleton being the result of a fling.

I think the times I remember racing horses with nice gaits was there.  I liked the horses.  I would go out and just pet them and talk to them sometimes, and sing.  I also went on fox hunts and right up to the trees they were tracked down to and then one day someone put me off the horse and I had to climb the tree like a fox because they set the hounds on me!  Seriously.  I remember the fox getting away and I was the hunted instead.  I don't know how many fox hunts, but several.  I was used to the hunt seat saddle more than anything, but maybe I rode on English at Althorp.  Someone had me on side-saddle once but I didn't like it.  I couldn't race as fast that way.  With the fox hunt and English saddle, it was in England and with side-saddle it was either enactment in England or a movie set or something because someone was saying I was Queen for a Day.

So to go from Jessie Spencer, to end up in Coquille, with one of the "rounds" on the bridges, being assaulted and sodomized with a stick and ending up at a trailer where they all came to visit later, was a little odd.  I called on the place there, that Katie Middleton had her dress partly designed off of, and it's in the "trust" of "Tessie Pense".  Jessie Spence to Tessie Pense?  and no normal information about it.

The other thing that was done to me, and I forgot to mention one of the men present at the Ireland house was FBI man James Whitey, along with James Cartright and Leon Panetta and another guy, were at the house I went to where Margaret was and I do think I got Haldol again but not from Margaret.  She was there but it was a Dicksie who gave me a spoonful and a drink but she was so nervous there it was possibly forced from her.

Then later, when my brother Levi (I don't even know if we're actually related however) and I went with my parents to France, we went to underground catcombs and tunnels there.  It was during a Christmas season I want to say but I remember the weather or underground, it was hot so I'm not sure.  My brother was about 11 or 12 and I think he had just turned 12 and after the bridge sodomy and other things, I really didn't understand why the United States was gang-raping me repeatedly.  We went to this place they called the "beach" which now has a painting or mural of a Japanese wave on the wall.  It was either there already or it wasn't and I was saying I could use my imagination and picture a real beach if I wanted to and someone got mad at me.  They brought a round rubber beach ball to the place, and it was really Paris, France, not a set or another location.  We were in the caatcombs.

This is another time I remember my brother (or not brother) Levi being around.  He was dragged into the Middleton's basement when I had a fire-hot iron rod jammed into my rectum and he was about 8 years old and that's all I saw of him.  I also saw him at Althorp and said where have you been? and he said he'd been kept in the chicken coop and when I asked Edward Spencer why he said, getting mad, "He already deserves it and I know what he's planning to do when he's older."  So to his way of thinking, Edward Spencer was punishing him ahead of time for things he foresaw him doing later.  He also told me to "keep my eye" on him for my own safety.  On the other hand, I thought, is he being called a chicken for not doing something he shouldn't be expected to do?  and I always had this weird feeling he was having playdates with Katie Middleton at sometime, somewhere, and it was kept from me.  Then I saw him in Paris, France (after meeting Melinda French and Bill Gates).  I was sodomized with a stick again there, with a group of adults and a few kids, which I'll explain more later, and then when I was back in Wenatchee/Cashmere, they repeated the theme and did the same to me in Locklyn's basement (or it was Kyle Flick's basement that time), which was a separate "theme" from the time the lawyers all gathered to molest me and beat me when I was chained to a bed.

Also, when I was taken to the house in Ireland, the men who showed up, some of them went to "visit" me in my nightgown while I was in the bed.  Some of those men were Leon Panetta, James Whitey, Prince Edward (or Philip but I think it was Edward) and I think Andrew for a short time.  They basically laid down with me in the bed and did different things, some not very much, some beating me, some molesting me.

It is possible Edward Spencer sodomized me in some way before I left, but I don't remember as much if so.  He had a rod or something and spanked me with it and then I remember something else, but I don't remember him as a gang-banger with others, in the sense that he didn't have others there.  I think he spanked me with it and then inserted a finger possibly but I don't remember being whacked around and rammed with a stick or something. 

Also, when I was Queen for a Day, I think it was maybe "Cookie", the Queen Elizabeth's mother who told me I was actually the legal heir to the Scottish throne or something.  Maybe it was Elizabeth or another.  One of them.  Maybe it wasn't just Scotland, and maybe it wasn't true, but she said something like this to me one day, wanting to spend time with me and then someone was saying the Queen might end up going to prison for something she'd done and she was considering abdicating.  All of these things came up and then it was said I was Queen for a Day or something and there were legal papers and lawyers and everything.  They actually just said Queen and then someone said, laughing under their breath, "for a day."  When I was very young, I remember some kind of coronation, as a very young toddler, and it was with them.  Then this was when I was older and I thought it was sort of a "play" or skit idea.  So they had me decked out in a dress and my hair done by ladies-in-waiting and a horse groomed for me that I rode by myself and I went with a party into the woods.  I remember Robert and a Dicksie were shaking their heads "no, and didn't want it to happen".  I don't know if they hated the idea or what they knew was next.

I thought maybe someone thought I looked pretty or wanted to see how I turned out, if made up, and that was nice, but maybe it was all just preparation for the big torture theme next which was real.  Once I was out in the woods, they crowned me with a crown from one of their cabinets, who knows which one, but a regular crown.  They gave me some things and then papers and then at that time I was introduced to the "lawyers" and saw "papers".  They told me something like I was changing my name, changing my birthright and giving it up, and signing away and all claim or paper or access to anything having anything to do with any right.  I can't remember exactly how it was, but there was a gun or torture or some kind of forced pressure and I signed.  I have no idea what I actually signed but they said if I did not give up my royal rights, they were taking ME to prison in England and Scotland too.  I remember Edward Spencer crossed my mind because I thought, "Did he put me them up to this?" but probably not.  It was something to do with my being a Stuart and something else.  So I signed something,and then I was tortured anyway, in dungeons and towers.  I think I later found out it was a "confession" that I'd been forced to sign and yet I have no idea what it was over.   

But that was earlier, when I described the things from earlier.  What happened in line with timing of getting older and being constantly gang-raped, was that I was in Paris, France and getting set up in the catacombs there.  It was at a site where they call it (now) "The Beach" and I saw a statue of a horned "god" (Cerenos?) with gold hoop earrings and several others things.  I was sodomized with a stick there and then what felt like either a penis or a finger and I was beat up until I passed out.  I didn't walk out of there until I was conscious again and then I was alone, and cold, and someone walked back in.  I felt betrayed by my entire family there because they had Levi participate, and one of the Dicksies and Roberts was there, with other adults and an older cousin (from my Dad's side of the family).

At one point, they blindfolded me and had Katie Middleton take my hand and they told her to walk me through the hall to the "Beach" where I was sodomized and beat up.  Someone filmed it with a videocamera which was a first for me to see evidence of video taken, even if I'd seen photos taken of me in the past.  I am pretty sure it was a videocamera.  Then later, in Cashmere, Kyle Flick held a camcorder and videotaped everything they did to replicate what was done to me in Paris.  When Kyle Flick filmed it was a Dicksie or Robert group but one maybe not there and the other seeming more upset and afraid and a gun was held out by Kyle before he had the camera or his friend did and they had another of my older cousins (from my Mom's side of the family) there and forced another rape by sodomy of me and that time I don't remember a stick and only what seemed to be male genitals.  I think they got out a vibrator and then the other thing was male genitals.  So this was done to me, with the "catacomb theme" in addition to the gang-rapes from bridges.

Also, I know one time my brother Levi was possibly assaulted by Larry, the black man from Moses Lake and a Hispanic, by a pool BBQ one summer and my mother wasn't expecting to walk out and see what she did and I could tell she was upset and thought they'd forced him to give them oral sex.  I had said to her, "Mom, I want some ice cream too!" and she said, "There isn't any ice cream" and I said, "Uh huh, Levi just had some" and then she walked out to look and Larry was wiping something from my brother's face and there was no ice cream.  But I do not remember specifically seeing a male part.  I thought either someone wants me to think he's being abused too when he's not, because they don't want me to know they are all targeting me for a reason, or I missed something and he's being abused too.  From what I remember, Jim and Shirley and Annette were all there as well.  It is possible he was abused, but I do remember thinking about how they were always ganging up against me and using him against me too, and they never used me against him because I wasn't gang-banging anyone so I thought maybe they're just creating a cover and then they want to claim I don't really care and I'm callous to not feel worried about Levi.  What I saw, looked like regular ice cream cones to me, with vanilla ice cream.

Other things I remember are being almost drowned in a water underground tunnel in one place, and then Jim Sandberg holding a gun against me when looking for something under a log in a swamp he picked up.  Another thing done was once a Robert Jr was putting bird seed out and I went out to watch and he turned around and hit me on the head with a hammer, for seemingly no reason at all.  Another thing is I was molested by an Archbishop or priest behind doors, more formally dressed one, after a service when I was pretty little, and then I was also under the desk in the Oval Office of the White House "listening in" when someone approached the person who was then-President.  Basically, I was right next to the legs of the President and the other person didn't know and had gone in to blackmail him.  I think it was Ronald Reagan from what I remember. 

Then at one point, we went to Hong Kong, probably on a British flight and I don't remember anything about it except that the Great Walls of China were amazing and beautiful gardens everywhere, and then at one point, I think we were in an Imperial Palace and then at another juncture, we were in an "opium den" and these people kept getting all of us to smoke opium and I remember the feeling still.  I could see my mother was getting very worried and looking at me and scared but then they'd jack her up with more opium and they started doing it to me too.  I thought it was to ruin my psychic abilities actually because no one would think constant and excessive electrocution, Haldol, and opium mixes well with retention of psychic ability if someone is really that gifted.  This Chinese man was really nice and had some gifts and abilities and then all of a sudden, he went off like the rest of them and whacked me and beat me.  I was in a corner and then he looked at me again and looked more afraid.  I kept wondering why some of these psychic people could see something through me or about me that seemed to shock or horrify them so much.  He said to me, "You are very brave."  From what I remember, I think there was a translator there or maybe he knew English, but that was what he said.

So then it was more opium and honestly, of course I liked the opium.  It was a nice break from feeling pain, but then it was super addictive and we all were taken, at the brink, to a detox place where then we had to go through a massive detox at a hospital through shaking and shivering, but then it wasn't just "detox" because that ended up being an excuse for more radiation experiments and energy-directed weapon stuff with ultrasound or whatever.  I could feel it and knew we were experimented on and I was scared.  If they gave me Haldol again, it's possible I got it there too but specifically, I cannot say right now, and would have to think about if they used that term specifically or if I just felt drugged at times.  One of the Dicksies was also in a plain smock hospital gown and she was looking panicked.  Somehow we were let out but I don't know why we were sent there in the first place.  A royal flew us or went with us initially but I am not sure which, or if it was a politician.  I think it may have been a politician for England and maybe one from another country too.
10/29/13.   It was Diana Spencer.  She was one of the women on the plane and there was a British PM or something with her, and his wife (I think) and another man.  It was like a Canadian and British politician of high rank, Diana, and me, and a Dicksie and a Robert and at first we were at the Imperial Palace of a Chinese man.  The room they gave me was one of the most luxurious I ever had, very ornate, and silk sheets.  I think they were satin in London, and in China they were silk. Possibly my room had bright, brightest yellow everywhere.  I remember this gorgeous yellow color. And yes, Tony Blair definitely went and I think Cherie, his wife was there, and then possibly that's when the Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau went with them and I met him. 

I don't remember very much from there except that Diana and one of the Dicksies were together and they forced me to take Haldol there.  And Cherie, who was not a nice woman.  I may have flown over with just one of the Dicksies and then I saw a Robert later, but at some point, it was just me around one of the Dicksies there, Diana Spencer, and Cherie Blair.  The Chinese man we met was nice enough at first and then he was talked to "about" me and his look darkened and I wondered what in the world someone was telling him.  So then he had a bad look to his face, and I was next in a room with the 3 women and they were all talking conspiratorially together about something.  I was sitting there quietly and then I spoke up and gave my opinion saying, "I don't think you should do that."  It was something like assassinate someone, and they all got scared and then mad and said where is the haloperidol.  They were talking about killing Charles of Wales.  I wasn't sure if it was just gossip and girl-talk or if one of them wanted to have me agree for reasons of trying to make ME a scapegoat again or have me look bad, but they were working out a whole agenda for Katie Middleton already and I had noticed they had been doing a lot of things to put me on the "bad side" to be cast out from society basically.  I really didn't know which it was, but I had a feeling about it and said this, as they were discussing methods and then they got out haloperidol. 

It was in a bottle.  No one left the room to ask for an order of it, and if it was a Chinese brand, I have no idea.  Possibly someone had it waiting in case they wanted to use it, but from what I remember, Cherie Blair took it out of her suitcase.  Diana said "Where's the haloperidol?" or Cherie did, and then it was Cherie who went to her suitcase, and got it out and it was a medium sized bottle, not really small.  They forced me to take it.  When I woke up, I was in an opium den somewhere in China, with one of the Dicksies.

I was given this dose of haloperidol after being given it in Ireland around Princess Margaret and Pentagon people, and this was after Queen Elizabeth or Anne but I believe it was Elizabeth.  I was with the Queen in her kitchen, yeah it wasn't Anne.  Not to say she isn't capable but it was the Queen.  The Queen also had me lie down and put Crisco or shortening on my back and then laid a hot iron on me, so I was the "cookie".  Granny Baird in Cashmere later got out Crisco one day while baking a cake and I panicked and ran, because I remembered the Queen Elizabeth and one of the Dicksies had also done something to me once with a masonry tool.  With Elizabeth, I think it was a hot iron.  Possibly it was a mason's tool she had heated up on the stove, but it was very hot, and my back sizzled like the sound of bacon and I screamed.  I don't know why she did it.  One minute she was telling me I was a Stuart (I think after someone else royal had told me my whole genealogy) and then next she was putting a permanent mark of a spade on my back, and this was after she had played club cards with me now and then  (  She was marking me for something because one minute it was my genealogy and then the next, the Queen branded my back.  Then she said something, once joking, about sticking my head in an oven now to bake me, like she'd just pressed out a cookie.

Anytime these people wanted to retaliate against me for some reason, or punish me, they drugged me in a way to ruin my mind and psychic abilities.  I really felt Diana Spencer did not like me by that time and viewed me as a serious threat for some reason.  The entire trip to China, or in the room once, she was again asking about Edward Spencer's "gold" and where it was hidden or buried.  It is possible she was just testing me again.  I know another person came out to ask once too, of the royals.  I never told any of them and then I lied once to mislead someone, just one time.  I lied to the Queen.  She went out to the Althorp stables and asked me outside herself where it was and usually I would say I don't know or what are you talking about and she said you do know and they kept pushing for an answer and I said, "I don't know, it's maybe somewhere in the..." and I lied to her because they wanted some answer.  She looked me right in the eye, actually, that was Anne possibly, or the Queen, not sure, and she said, looking in my eyes, "She's lying" and I said, "No I'm not." It was both of them now that I remember, the Queen AND Anne and a few others and I think it was the Queen who asked and Anne who looked at me and said, "She's lying."

So I actually never told anyone where "Johnnie's gold" was.  Edward Spencer's gold.  Whatever.  I thought it was his, and he told me not to tell anyone so I didn't.  I was tortured about it too.  One time I used my knowledge as leverage to not get shot by one of the Roberts at Tancer's Ironhorse winery one day, and said (a second time), "If you kill me you'll never know where the gold is."  And then I'd never tell them.  The Man Who Knew Too Little

I kept asking them where my letters were and they kept asking me where the gold was buried.  I found out through clergy that one of the Robert Jrs  and Dicksies was putting a hit on me.  Two former Presidents had me under their desk in the Oval Office at times there were being blackmailed, sitting there listening but not saying anything.  Really, if my body was implanted with "bugs" or surveillance, they just needed me in the room with them, out of sight.  Which would then mean the U.S. CIA used me without my permission on a constant basis and then wanted to dispose of me when they thought it was convenient for them.  The conversations I overheard were one to do with Secret Service agents blackmailing one of the Presidents and the other (I THINK) mentioned Whitewater and was involving FBI trying to blackmail the President.

The other thing I was used for, by Catholic and Anglican clergy, unknowing perhaps, some of them, was in England I was in the confessional with an Anglican when a deal was being made and I heard some royals' confessions.  I also heard some Italians' confessions with Pope John Paul II and I guess that is how I remember meeting him, in one of those black grated confessionals.  He was definitely pope, not just a priest, but did regular duties still, for other cardinals and archbishop types and some royal Italians.  The royal Italians or Italian nobility were very luxe.  Some of what happened in confessionals was very scary.  There were sometimes confessions of murders or should they do a hit or not.  There were confessions like, "I think I'm going to make her my mistress, father forgive me" which were not really confessions but announcements.  And I actually did care about some of the clergy and some of them were kind to me, and a couple of them were threatened personally with blackmail and getting bumped off if they didn't go along with something.  It was not a "peace-love-joy-all" business all the time.  It was extremely dangerous, at times, to be a priest.  I overheard one of James Bulger Whitey's confessions once, and another time another priest went into a confessional with a gun at the back of the other priest and made both of us go out.  So I heard confessions of royal Italians with Pope John Paul and maybe one of his cardinals; with the Archbishop of Canterbury priest; and at Mt. Angel Abbey (I think once or twice possibly).  London, U.S., Rome.

I think part of the reason Mary and Carl Del Balzo attacked me was to avenge their Italian friends who felt exposed by giving confessions with my being there.  She is a Domenica and he is a DelBalzo and they have Italian family.  Leon Panetta is also clearly Italian.  The Italians were having some kind of an internal feud and were going to confession about murders from it.  Many of the noble Italian women wore netting over their faces with their hats. 

In England, I heard Charles of Wales say he was going to make me his mistress.  Later, Prince Edward said this to me, but in a confessional, I am pretty sure this is what he told the priest.  The priest I was with said, "You mean Camilla?" and he said no, the other one.  He said something about both and one was still young.  I think Camilla was possibly already his mistress anyway, but maybe she wasn't at the time I heard him give a confession. It wasn't done at the private chapel but their other church.  I heard some of the others' confessions as well, like Andrew was always confessing something or talking, and I think he once pulled a gun on the priest.  One of them was getting mad about something and I think it was Andrew who once found me there and blew up.  I turned around one day and Prince Charles was at my back, along with Andrew I think (maybe Philip?), and they hit me or did something for listening in with the priest to their confessions.  They said how long were you there? and what did you hear? and I kept saying, "Nothing! nothing!"  The main parts I wondered about were the parts about this mistress, and Camilla, and the other one and what that was about.  I heard Snowdens too, and I think they were Catholic not Anglican but they confessed at the same place once and Snowden's wife was there.  She was present when I got caught and was glad about it and I felt she didn't like me at all.

In Italy, one of the priests got shot or strangled.  I vaguely remember that, and then he was dragged out and I was chloroformed and blacked out so I don't remember much.  Maybe he didn't die and was just unconscious, but something happened and the first time I remember chloroform was in Rome.  So all the noble women had netting on their faces and then they put a chloroform handkerchief over mine.  I believe I saw Lisa there before she was a Thebault but maybe she was a Thebault already.  Some of her Italian family I met.  I may have seen Lisa in Oregon at the Mt. Angel Abbey after being in Rome and she just reminded me of them because she wore the netting and looked Italian with the dark hair and everything.

I got sort of scared hearing about the murders at the Italian one. I said to a Robert or Dicksie, "I think I have to tell police or something!  I don't know!  I am not supposed to say anything, but if someone confesses a murder, aren't you supposed to tell police?  I'm scared.  What if they want to kill ME next?"  I was told you don't tell police anything unless you want to get shot. 

In England or the U.S., James Whitey told the priest my parents wanted to put a hit out on their daughter Cameo.  I am pretty sure it was Whitey because I remembered him or saw him later, and the specific message was that the "Garretts" put a hit on their daughter or there was a "hit" order out for me.  It was my name, without any mistake about it.  If it wasn't an Anglican priest it was possibly Abbot Bonaventure later, after I was sodomized and then he allowed me into the confessional and had Whitey over for a confession that revealed this to me.  At one of the places a man who was around to take me home after I heard it looked like Edward Howard.  I have zero doubts whatsoever, that one of those men was a professional and the information, whether they knew I was hiding there or not, was that a Robert or Dicksie Garrett or both wanted me dead, and had hired him to carry out a hit and he was confessing he didn't know what to do.

I got very scared after I heard that.  When I was back in Moses Lake, Washington, I think it was there, or it was in a house in Coquille, Oregon, I said, as a Robert was putting up a bird feeder, "You want to put a hit on me?  WHY?" and he turned around, furious, with his hammer and hammered me on the head or knocked me across with a blow and I fell down, was looking up at him from the deck, and he raised it again and I said, "If you kill me, you'll never know where the gold is hidden."  He stopped.

The group of people who showed up to beat "Johnnie", whether Johnnie was "in on it" and just creating a stage for me or not, included some mention of "Roscoe".  He emphasized this loudly and I knew, if he's saying that so many times, he knows I am listening and wants me to remember it.  I also heard the name "Manny" there and it is possible Emmanuel Rose was involved and also that "Robert's Co" (?) was involved, or that there was really a guy named Roscoe (pronounced:  ROSS-KHOH).

At some point, one of the priests from Mt. Angel Abbey, after the bridge incidents, took me out to the woods somewhere and raised a gun or had a cord in his hand.  Possibly it was a cord and he was going to kill me.  I told him, "You don't want to kill me."  He said "What do you mean I don't want to kill you?" and I said, "I know you don't want to kill me, and look, I'll show you something I can do."  He said "What?" and I told him "I can make the birds fly to me if I sing.  Watch."  So I stood there and started singing and a few birds flew over and began chirping away with me and he dropped down and said, "Mary" or something.  He later said, how did you do that? and I said, "Oh, that's nothing.  Sometimes all kinds of birds show up, like a whole bunch and a few times an animal."  Mostly I was telling him it was just a few birds that time but they did start singing as I had promised him, when I sang.  He said he wasn't going to kill me and we walked out of the woods and then he was sweating profusely and said, "I can't stay here.  I have to get out of here.  Do you know how dangerous it is for me that I'm disobeying orders?"  So he said he had to go on the run because the people who hired him would track him down and kill him.  He also shook his head about someone I was related to, or who I thought I was related to.  I think after one of them went out to kill me then someone else had me and my Mom go out and another man was hired or said he was, to cover or not, I don't know and then we were released but the first time I was by myself with the man.  I don't remember what I sang but I think it was "Jesus Loves Me".  I believe once I was taken to the woods in England or Scotland and then the next time it was in the U.S. (for a purpose of assassination and the men decided not to do it).

After I was hit on the head with a hammer, I think it was after that, I was being forced to do something to my brother Levi so those who had sodomized me could feel justified or more secure over what they'd done.  A set up for a revenge and hate motive was created and I remembered seeing someone, a Dicksie or Robert, with a camcorder borrowed from Alan Springer (I think) for it.  I would say it was before what they did to me, to incite the others to have an excuse to go after me, but for some reason I think it was after what they did to me, and then they made it sound like there was a medical reason they were having me help them do something to my brother, when actually I think it was just being done to make me look bad because the rest of them were worried about revenge against them or going to jail. It seemed to me that mostly they wanted to make me look bad.  I also definitely remember the Robert and Dicksie who arranged this did so after I had been informed they were putting hits on me or wanted to kill me and I said something, so they were really acting mad at me.  So before going to Paris, France, but I think after the bridge and other incidents, they told me to stand in the living room in Moses Lake and they had some kind of small smooth pole of some kind and they may have drugged me first, because they did that to me sometimes.  This is after I had always seen my Mom using a thermometer in my brother's rear end and they said there was something stuck in there and it was a medical problem and they needed my help was how it was set up.  I didn't want to, and then they had me slowly doing this while he was on the ground I think, and it was after they made up some medical excuse, they got out the camcorder (my Mom, one of the Dicksies did) and then said keep going and I wouldn't but thought I was helping and then I stopped and said, "You want me to push it through?" and then that was when I sensed a Dicksie and turned and she was smirking there filming me and then a Robert acted like all of a sudden I was a horrible person and he got a furious act and jumped me, taking the pole and shouting while it was all filmed.  I mean, I wasn't spontaneously and angrily ramming a pole into him either...I was not wanting to do anything and was slowly doing what they said was for medical reasons and the entire time, very slow and then finally asked a question I'd heard repeated by others all the time.  Also, they had told me ahead of time, there was something "stuck in there".  I said, "Why don't you take him to the doctor then?" and they told me they didn't have money for it so help them.  When I thought I was at where something was "stuck" is when I told them this and then asked if they wanted me to push it through.  On my part, it was 100% innocent and not any kind of sick or violent act, contrary to what others had been doing to me. 

I wasn't really sure how I was helping but since it was my "brother" and my "mom" and "dad" were there insisting it was to cure something, I said, okay, not realizing it was more U.S. Army and CIA crap.  You know, not to mention Mossad because there WERE a lot of Jews involved, even if some Catholic clergy was as well.

So I thought, "What the hell was that."

It suddenly occurred to me, here is a Dicksie smirking vindictively with a camcorder and here is a Robert telling me I was helping Levi with something, some problem, and then suddenly switching it up, turning on the camera and filming a short part of it that I suddenly realized could be made to look really bad, like I was voluntarily doing something sick to my brother and then I got jumped by his 'nice and good defender', the people who had been plotting with others to murder me.  So what I thought it was, was some kind of way to get something to happen and then take out a very short segment out of context and use it to justify hate crimes against ME, when I hadn't even been harming or intentionally trying to harm my brother in the first place. 

I also sensed it was done because they were mad someone was saying they were putting hits on me.  So then after this, they took me to Paris and had my brother attack me and sodomize me and I was beat up again and then it was repeated with Kyle Flick in Cashmere, Washington.

I mean, they never quit gang-raping me.  They just kept on, and on and on.

Another thing is that Judy Roark once said to me, after my brother was involved in trying to kill me by running my car off the road in Sherwood, "Don't look at me" and this was something I said to my brother when I was dressing in my room, and it was also something my Dad told me not to do when he tortured me--not to look at him or at what he was doing.  So I still don't know why one of the Dicksies later said "Pecan Nuts" when she was trying to kill me with a Robert and CIAs Valerie Plame and possibly James Cartright, but she pronounced it "peek-ON nuts".  I don't get it still.  Peek on, nuts, now you can "look" now that you're dead?  The rock-climbing assassination attempt was after Paris, France and more assault of me, and premeditated rape by Barak Obama.  The only person who had anything to do with actual "pecan nuts" was Diana Spencer, who ate them and shared pecan tarts with one of the Dicksies.  Oh, and Carol Middleton.  All the time.  She was into them.  I ate pralines & cream ice cream which are pecans but I have no idea.  I know Carol Middleton, Diana Spencer, and a Dicksie all sat around together one time eating crackers with a pecan "nut ball" and made fun of me together until I cried.  They kept harassing me until finally I said, "At least I'M the not the one who was plotting to kill PRINCE CHARLES." I added, "You want to kill him and have Katie become Queen."  They all stopped laughing and then went at me with a metal fork.  They had been picking the pecans off of the pecan ball at first and throwing them at me, to have them go down my shirt or hit me in the head.  Basically, the same way the employee for Logan's Roadhouse did with peanuts to my back at the restaurant a day or two before Katie Middleton was married (the one who was friends with the Middleton family and whose relative wrote an article highlighting her for The Post newspaper in D.C.). 

The bottle of haloperidol was getting passed between them, to be used on me out of revenge.  In China, after Diana or Cherie got it out (one of them had it in their suitcase and the other one took it out) they told Dicksie, "Doesn't she need her 'medicine' now?  she's sounding sort of 'delusional'."  Then Cherie or Diana camcorded my being given Haldol there and then the opium den was next.  Also, once I was completely drugged with opium, a few other individuals showed up there besides the Chinese man with the scar on his cheek who said I was brave later.  I remember they had one of the Dicksies kiss me and I was so drugged I thought it was normal and she had been drugged too, and then some royals and politicians showed up there to take advantage of the opportunity.

***It's still 10/29/13 but almost the 30th.  I have a few more things to write about and then some catching up to do as I've been really out with a horrendous migraine for almost 5 days (not today, finally, but every day before).  It has slowed me down from trying to write and wrap up everything with the E.H. book AND my experiences, but then I started remembering so many things, I wanted to write some of it down while I could.

The part about my brother Levi, there was some kind of an Army man there too, who showed up, either a friend or someone we knew.  It sounds horrible but I had seen so many things and thought actually, well, I did say, "Why don't you just take him to a doctor" several times, but they insisted it was something we could fix and even my brother wasn't acting weird about it.  So anyway.  The next thing was that I was in a catacomb in Paris as I described.

Also, I remembered something else Johnnie Spencer said and really, he was possibly a really bad person to me at least.  Maybe not, or maybe so.  There were two sides to him and I didn't have enough information to know.  I say bad because I didn't know why he let some of the kids electrocute me.  I just couldn't understand it, and what was worse, is it started after a conversation I had with him.  I DO remember, HE brought up psychic ability.  One day I was sitting on his lap, and that was how he talked to me.  He'd say come on over here and have me sit on his lap or next to him and talk, and he said we had to stick together.  I said what do you mean? and he said, "People like you and me--we're different from other people."  I said, "Why?" and he said, and then didn't know what to say, "We think differently than most people".  Again, I wanted to know what he meant because I didn't understand and he said, "You know how you have special powers sometimes?" and I nodded, and he said, "I am the same way and what you don't understand is most people are not like us."  So then I said, "Do you mean you can read other people's minds or know what they're thinking or going to do?" and he said, "Yes, I have that ability."  So I said, "I never would have thought that!  I know some people do and talk about it but I didn't know YOU did because you like to go out and have fun and drink a lot!"  I said something that possibly offended him but I wasn't sure what it was specifically.  He suddenly looked on-guard and said, "Do you read minds?" and I looked at him and I felt sort of scared.  I said, "What do you mean?" and he explained and I said well with some people I do but I thought everyone did.  He then looked sort of hard and mean and said, "What am I thinking right now?"  I looked at him and got scared and saw military and boots and remembered being on a range with him and said, "You don't really want to kill me."  He either said something like that and I responded but then he spanked me or sort of beat me and I thought he acted jealous of my psychic ability or I suddenly wondered if he didn't want me to be so psychic for some reason, because of Diana or because it was powerful or why.  I only knew that then when Diana began electrocuting me, I was scared and thought "Did Edward tell her to because he was mad I said I didn't think he was psychic or never would have guessed?"  I thought maybe he was punishing me.

Then with regard to my brother Levi, I do remember he was kept in a chicken coop, a large one there, for some time as I found out or was told, and Johnnie said don't get mad or argue with him, he punished him for what he already knew he was going to do.  My parents (Robert and Dicksie) were furious with him for having done this (or something) to my brother, and then now, the only thing I can think of is he tried to participate in killing me (my brother) and he also participated in lying about me which meant my son was forced to live with relatives who never let me see him or talk to him, and they had a chicken coop and I heard my son was forced to go out there and suffer, and then my own brother and others see him all the time and I haven't talked to my own son for years because of their collective lying about me.  So if Edward Spencer thought there was a reason he was punishing my brother (or Levi) in a chicken coop, maybe that's why.  When he talked to me about it, he added that I was the one to keep my eyes open about my own family and brother, so he seemed to think they were trying to do something bad to me or would try later.

Having my brother visit at Christmas and seeing him ask permission to see my son all of a sudden, seemed strange to me and then he called me a crazy mental person when I said no and went anyway and I think he'd do bad things for the U.S. Army and Mossad or whoever. 

With Diana, he was never specifically around except after one time, but how wouldn't he know?  So there was one time he took a briefcase. I know once my mother had it and Diana pulled a gun and said give it to her.  She had another sister with her that time and they acted like they were giving it to her, as if they owed it to her for some reason and then the gun came out and they demanded it back and then she was told to electrocute me with the electrocution device.  My impression then, was that someone in the group, was getting money for electrocuting me because I thought why are they bringing these briefcases around and always when they decide to torture me (so I wasn't psychic)?

One time after being tortured a long time, the kids tested me about the telekinesis and I couldn't do it.  I did try but it didn't happen like at other times and then one of them looked like he felt slightly sorry for me (Charles) but they were also hostile and mean about it saying, "You can't do it! you're just weird!"  but I seriously HAD been able to and why I didn't then I didn't know and thought maybe it was from being electrocuted.  I wasn't sure.  So I was next to this window and all of them tried to throw me out the window and then one held on or changed their mind.

It was horrifying.  And then to have Edward ask me, a second time, after being tortured by Diana, "What am I thinking?" I thought was sort of either to make a point to remember later or it was rubbing in how he'd asked me that question when I said I hadn't thought he was psychic and then after he knew I was tortured, he was asking this again. 

I thought too, maybe he was trying to point a finger at someone else by bringing it up.  Who else asked me this?  Dicksies and Roberts and maybe a few others I guess.  I was really mutilated at Middletons sometimes too, but for some reason there was a short period of time Diana became a living terror.

I still didn't know why they brought a Dicksie into it, as if maybe they wanted to imply to me she was getting money for allowing torture of me.  Then again, she was also tortured, so it's confusing.  I had the impression she was taking the briefcase to the Middletons and that it had something to do with Katie again.  It's possible Diana was later tortured herself in a small way maybe.  I can't imagine how but I am not sure she really wanted to be married after being sure she did.  She got pregnant after I was in China, and assaulted there, and I always thought it was odd timing.  I do know, after she had tortured me privately, she then stood outside of Carol and Mike Middletons house across the street on the porch veranda and clung to Prince Charles' arm as if she was scared or horrified by the sight and I thought, "That was rather dramatic after all of the cold torture in the bedroom at Althorp."  It looked like Diana or the blond woman who once watched me that was nice. 

It was far worse with Alan Springer.  It wasn't then every other day or for awhile and then they left (Diana or another of her sisters would knock on my door to bring me cake and for a while it was food because I wasn't eating and then they coaxed me to eat cake and would say, 'we'll have a party!' and out of my heart, this isolated young girl heart, desperately wanting to be like the big girls and thinking they would be nice and we'd all be happy and have a party together, I would let them in)  So they would come in and hopeful for something happy or good or cheerful between us, they'd give me this and then sit next to me and hold me down as the other put the electrocution device there and the helmet or band on my head and they wouldn't let me go until I was so fried, I wasn't able to sit upright and they would move, have me lay down on the bed and arrange me so I was lying there, and then leave and I would pass out.  I used to lie there, stunned, or lie there, with tears silently pouring from my eyes if I was still conscious when they snuck out of the room and locked me in again.

I quit eating.  I wouldn't eat or drink anything from them and the sight of them filled me with terror.  The words, "I brought you some cake..." filled me with fear.

The girl's 'party' involved horrific, horrific unspeakable acts of torture.  I would lock the door and then they removed the lock so I would try to move furniture against the door and they'd get in anyway.  Once or twice, Charles was there and he said he didn't want to do it anymore.  He was the only one of them, as horrible as what he later did to me, that even looked slightly guilty.  I kept hoping he'd rescue me because before the others used peer pressure to get to him, he and I started having fun together sometimes. 

Then Edward Spencer gave me the horse Diana wanted or the one that had been her horse and she was extremely upset.  He said, "I am buying you a present.  What kind of horse do you like?" or he said which one do you want? and I looked at the horses that were there and I said, "I like that one" and he said, "It's yours."

Then, I didn't know, or hadn't realized, it was Diana's horse.  Either her horse she usually rode or one she had wanted from a new batch.  He was also a horse race person and better.  When she found out which horse I got, this look of distress went to her eyes and she said, "What?  But that's MY horse!" and she looked stunned like what in the world was her Dad doing.  It was the only time in my life I saw tears in her eyes.  She then ran out before saying anything, but again, who knows, maybe it was all acting, but he said which one and I picked one and he said it was mine.

When Sarah and Diana went in one day, usually it was her and Jane holding me down to electrocute me, Diana finally said, "You can just tell me where it is because Sarah already knows."  I said, "So ask Sarah then."  Then they pounced, saying "You DO know!" and I said no I don't, I don't remember.  I maintained I didn't know or remember all the way until they hunted me out in Canada in the back of a car with Carol Middleton where a Robert was being jumped in front of me by a Mossad-squad, and it was a Sarah, a Dicksie, and a Carol in the back.  They asked me again, and this was years later, "Where did he put the gold?" and I kept saying I didn't know.  Then there was the gun to my head and I was told to hold it and if I decided I didn't like being electrocuted I could end it and rest.  They were asking which royal was involved most with me or which one said he loved me or wanted me to be his mistress or something (somehow they knew even though I wouldn't even tell a Dicksie) and where was the gold.  So I finally thought, "If I give them something, as if I'm holding out on the answer, they'll think they broke me down and leave me alone about the other thing and think maybe I'm telling the truth."  So I said okay, okay, please stop torturing me because I don't want to die, and I'll tell you.  They said what? I said, "It was Charles" and they were so shocked about that they forgot to keep asking about the gold.  They said "Charles?" and I said, "It was nothing.  He just said 'I love you' that's it."  Then one of them remembered the gold topic and said, "What about the gold?" and I said, as if broken down completely and resigned, because yeah, you guys really got me didn't you?  "I don't remember anymore because you tortured me too much."

Even if the "gold" went somewhere it shouldn't have, why would I give it up to THEM when they were harming me?

Fuck you (was my approximate thought though I didn't think in swear words then)--You could use a little more "cake" and a little less "electrocution" "old lady".

I figured they might already know about Charles anyway and I suspected they did and wanted to see if I was going to lie to them, so I held out, for a very long time, and then when they were telling me to shoot myself in the head and "helping" me with fingers around the trigger, pressing lightly over mine, I thought you fucking whacked out bitches (in approximate terms).  

I didn't dislike any of them, for some ulterior reason or out of jealousy or anything.  I didn't have a revenge motive either.  I was so incredibly hurt and harmed, it is unimaginable.

Then we were at this underground catacomb with Katie Middleton leading me as they blindfolded me, and they said it was for a "birthday surprise" for me--a "party" in Paris, France, passing the statue of Cerenos.  It wasn't a party, they sodomized me and assaulted me.  I remember I saw the "Cerenos" statue and thought, "Did they just do that to me because I wouldn't tell them where the gold was and they said Sarah knows anyway"?  and to have Katie leading me, as if she's the Guide with Eyes after I was tortured to not be psychic and blindfolded--totally sick.

When I was in China with a Robert and Dicksie, around this whole time, when I ended up in a hospital, it wasn't because I had a nervous breakdown.  I was there with my mother in detox over opium and because some of them had first given me Haldol to try to ruin my mind.  They were claiming it was because I was "delusional" to say anyone was ever wanting to kill someone, but I knew that wasn't even their motive.  Their motive was not, at my age then, to make me sound "mentally ill" but it was still a primary objective of theirs to ruin my psychic ability.  I knew this and sensed this even then, and whenever it was brought out, it was with hatefulness and a comment about how smart are you now, hmmm?  that kind of thing.  So I knew it was part of the attempt to destroy me. 

At some point, in this opium den, either before  or after, we had hooks put into our backs.  I don't remember how a Dicksie was suspended and maybe they only had ropes, I don't know, but before I had a "spinal tap" in Moses Lake after an assassination attempt against me from two towers in the U.S., I had a hook inserted into my lower back and a rope was put inside the loop and they hoisted it up and suspended me to be hanging by my back from the ceiling. Possibly I had hands tied up too so not all the weight at once, but at some point, it was just the hook.  This is totally separate from being on an actual cross.  It was in an underground place or dark place at least.

I think I was drugged but I'm not sure.  I know I was in shock but I remember it.  Then they took me down and at some point there was the opium den and politicians were over and Louis Freeh, Robert Mueller, a Robert Jr, Bill Clinton or George Bush Jr. (one of the president elects at some point who I had already met, or both) and what looked like Charles of Wales and another of the royals, and possibly, remotely possible Queen Elizabeth (???) showed up, along with some Canadians and maybe one British politician.  They had me so drugged up and then I thought the Dicksie was too but the one part that confused me was that one thing scared her about what was happening but then when a Robert came up to assault me with the others, she looked mean and glad or triumphant about it.  I am hoping it was because she was drugged but maybe she saw another thing I didn't see that was even worse.  The ones who attacked me were all the ones I mentioned, and then the Chinese man even looked scared.  He looked shocked they were doing these things, even though he beat me too and then I swear, it looked like Elizabeth and I wondered what in the world she was doing there.  The only correlation I could think of was she had put an iron print on my back and then I had had a hook in my back so maybe??? I sort of thing the one who looked like her got involved in the sexual aspects after watching from a distance.  Some of the others, it was definitely them.  With her, it either looked just like her or it was her but I was too shocked to think how she could be there.  I didn't see Diana there for some reason, though I saw her at the other place.  Not that I remember unless she showed up later.  One other person I'll mention later.  I'll try to think about who exactly it was but that was some of them. 

I do remember George Bechtold showing up when I had a hook in my back and why someone from Oregon was around I don't know except that he was involved in other things having to do with CIA.  The idea that both Mueller and Freeh were there, and both went on to be FBI directors is scary.  The FBI is supposed to protect citizens and their rights, and be the frontline for children, and look at what has happened to me and my son Oliver because of THEM?

10/30/13.  I have more to write on that topic and about a couple of different places where they did a "suspension" of me with a hook in my back and for a dicksie and a Robert.

I believe it was possibly Queen Elizabeth who did show up there at the opium den in China.  She wasn't on the same plane I took over with Diana Spencer and the Blairs (that I remember) but it did look like her and someone called her "Betty".  That is not to say I'm 100% positive, but it looked like her and other names were used that were accurate names there, I guess partly because people figured I'd never remember because of the level of drugs involved.  She grabbed a stick and rammed it into me herself.  She is the only woman I remember doing this to me, aside from seeing a Dicksie behind me once, around other men, at the torture towers in England.  So she and some other men did this and when I then later went to rehab, it was joked that I was at the "Betty Ford Center" for addiction.

I believe I was given a spinal tap at that hospital too, though I don't know why.  I remember there was something sticking out of my back, and a line to it and I had to walk with it and my IV to the door to see my mother.  The other place I had a spinal tap done was in Moses Lake, Wa, and then my mother was withdrawing fluid from a spinal tap at our house.  So there were at least 3 different locations where I was having spinal taps done on me. 

As to the suspension with the hook in my back, I thought it was China but it is possible it was Paris, France, in one of those underground "alternative" kinds of caverns or something.  There were a lot of people there, mostly with dark hair, and George Bush Jr., who had been in China where Betty was, showed up to see me hanging there and I thought it looked like he was standing next to Philip (Prince Philip) but I'm not positive.  Then later, I was taken to an alternative place that was possibly in the U.S., possibly even somewhere in Oregon but I'm not sure, and it was not as much of a torture place as some kind of hard-core alternative place and I believe I saw Raul Bujanda there, George Bechtold was definitely there, and a couple of U.S. military police.  This is all before I was age 13, so when I later moved to Oregon from Washington and saw George Bechtold at his house with acupuncture needles in his back it never triggered my memory about his having been there to see me with a hook in my back a few years earlier.

However, despite the fact I was "officially" in some kind of suspension and hook thing that I didn't volunteer for (a Robert and Dicksie as well), I was speared by someone in China in that opium den to my lower back.  It is possible the Chinese man was a doctor and did this, knowing it was a form of spinal tap or he was doing more when I was unconscious but I had something go through my lower back and it was done after Betty and others rammed the stick into my rectum.  From what I remember, I woke up and was draped in a sheet and hanging from a ceiling there and then they took me down after, I think, taking photographs. 

After I "recovered" at the hospital, we were flown to Hawaii.  I remember at least 2-3 trips to Hawaii which have all been denied since, but at the same it was never denied to my face.  The times we went to Hawaii were the same times Barak Obama was living there.  This was all before they plotted to have Barak rape me.

In Hawaii, I think I saw Gary Goldsmith there again and wondered why he was in every country I went to, but I mostly know for sure Charles (Chuck) Goodman was there, in his printed Hawaiian shirts.  I suppose unless there is a secret passport he used, anyone could check the records, just like they can check the records on Robert Mueller and see if he was in China for a "Paris Mueller's Day Off".  I guess it was more like "Fairest Mueller's Day Off" because at the opium den I was at, they again discussed, with Mueller there, and the Chinese man, who should be "Queen".  Seriously.  They were talking about who to put into position as the next British royal member and I remember the Chinese man looked at me nicely until the translator whispered a bunch of things Mueller was telling him to say, and his look went to disgust and he said, "She's (Katie) is going to be the one; you're not the one."  Most of the "argument" was coming from Robert Mueller and look at what job HE had while Katie was figuring out who to call to send me in for more Haldol and torture prior to her wedding rehearsals?

The FBI put Katie where she is, not "God".

Both Louis Freeh and Robert Mueller were there and Mueller was joking about his flight while one of them said he had been stupid to take a "commercial flight" because now there would be a record of his being in China.  Whether or not he flew commercial, he was there.

To convince the Chinese man I was "bad", he told the translator what to say and some of it was "you should see what she did to her own brother" and then he had photos shown to him, or a clip from the videotape so all this Chinese man saw was the short part where it looked like I had no reason to be putting a pole in my brother's rear end (which my parents and an Army guy had said was for a legitimate medical reason and we couldn't afford to fix it).  So this Chinese man was shown the footage Robert Mueller wanted him to see, and then he looked at me with digust and pointed a finger at me saying, "YOU BAD."

First they asked him to decide whether I should be "a royal member" or leader, or Katie Middleton should.  I don't remember Katie being there so either she was and I don't remember or he saw a photo.  I guess there was someone who brought her in for a short time and then back out.  He looked hard at both of us and pointed to me saying, "That one."  Then Robert Mueller got upset and told the translater to tell him something and they showed him part of video footage of what I'd "done to her brother" from a hand-held replay.  That "changed" the Chinese man's mind to where he suddenly said, "You BAD!" and it inspired him to see the Queen and others assault me with a stick, sodomize me violently, and then he plunged a pole or something into my lower back.  I woke up while hanging from the ceiling.  People were taking photos so what kind of a photo shoot was that?  It would have looked like I was dead to most people.

This new FBI Director Barak nominated is another one of them.  I met him at Martha's Vineyard with a group and he is also a batterer, a child abuser, and into torture.  I can go over what James Comey did at Martha's Vineyard and Coney Island later, but he's part of that whole group and he met me in person and of course the others would want him in that job, because he's going to cover for all of them.  James Comey conspired to have me raped by Barak--he was part of the whole "conspiracy group" that plotted things and those are the individuals he sat around with there.

Also, for someone who might wonder how I met Jews connected to royals and then connected to Oregon and everything, for one thing, one of the British royal families is a "Lewis" family and Lorraine Wilson Rose's daughter Laura married Scott Lewis, who lives in Oregon and is related to the Lewis and Schnitzer family.  The Wilsons are also a British royal family and you can check all of this information online yourself.  I'm not positive she is with the same royal ones, but she is a Wilson who is connected to Middletons-Goldsmith and her sister still lives there in London. 

This "Lewis" connection then, makes more sense potentially when I end up being linked to James Watson who worked on the double helix theories with Francis Crick.  Watson's mother was a Lewis.  They acted interested in my interest in microbiology.  I had my microscope taken away from me because I wouldn't tell Robert Jr. or anyone "where the gold is" that Edward Spencer hid.  I was told if I didn't tell them, the sponsorships and fundings were all going to go to Katie Middleton instead of me and I refused to tell them, saying, "I don't remember!"  but this was after I had told my Dad, "If you kill me, you'll never find out where the gold is."  So they knew I had used knowing where the gold was to save my own life and possibly thought I DID know, and then they held it against me in a bribe to either tell them where "Johnnies" gold was hidden, or lose all of the support I might have otherwise, and my microscope. 

I refused to tell.  I never, ever, told anyone.  So then it was rubbed in about how now Katie Middleton gets everything.  Go ahead Big Daddy CIA and Mueller FBI.  Make our Day.  I wasn't really sure why I never wanted to tell them but they never gave me a good enough reason to trust them.

Why should I trust the CIA when they were trafficking me all over the world, raping me with their next Presidents, and torturing me? 

You want gold?  hahahaaaa.  I love it. 

Someone told me I was really not very smart and sort of business-stupid to not tell where the gold was and lose all of the funding and scholarships but what I knew was they were all corrupt liars.  Why should I give them anything?  Maybe if they treated me nicely enough and allowed me to live without torture and have a career and make something of myself on my own...maybe then I might think you're a normal-enough group and maybe you have a good motive or reason to need to know where it is.

They never gave me any good reasons by their conduct and unbecoming behaviour.  So since FBI man Robert Mueller was trying so hard to get Katie Middleton in with the royals, why not let him.  Let them work out their fuzzy navel plans and schemes and then one day let some other group take them for a loop.  I don't hate all Americans or the country in-and-of-itself, but the government that tortured me and the people involved?  totally corrupt, and then they're putting people like Freeh and Mueller and Comey into position to keep it corrupt.

There was not one good reason for torturing my son after torturing me and then lying and taking him from me.  They used me, and sodomized me and then had me as one of the best babysitters and nannies you could get, and then all of a sudden, these criminals decided to repeat their human trafficking and terrorist cycle by kidnapping my son from me.

What Mueller, Comey, and Freeh are guilty of is participation in a terrorist organization.  They are home-grown terrorists who were put into place to protect other select home-grown terrorists, like the last 4 Presidents of the United States which the CIA apparently cherry-picked on a tree that produced only 4 diseased cherries.

One would think it is not too much to expect a mother can raise her own child without a terrorist organization in her own country, stealing him and defaming her to make it impossible for her to make a living, all because they don't want people to know they like raping babies.

The other thing, I should add, that was done to me while I was electrocuted at Althorp by the Spencer kids, including Charles until he decided not to anymore (but he did participate at first), is they masturbated themselves while they were electrocuting me with the device, the same way a Robert Jr and Barak Obama did, with me sitting in the center.  It was usually Jane and Sarah on either side but they got Charles involved a few times and then Diana would do this.  I remember mostly torture without the masturbation by them from the secondary vibration, but they did do the other and then they forced me to do it to myself with my hand, and I didn't want to.  I cried and pleaded with them and they forced me to do this every single time.  So it was at the point where they had maybe forced me to do this while they electrocuted me at least 20-50 times over the course of many weeks or a month possibly.  They also brought in a strap-on dildo and told me to put it on and made me have that on and then I think it was Jane that took photos of it.  It was either Jane, Charles' Spencer's girlfriend who became his first wife (Victoria), or Carol Middleton and possibly Victoria was involved because I remember her there.  All of this happened to me before I was ever taken out to an apartment and raped by a whole group of people who "levitated" me with Melinda Gates and Carol Middleton and a Dicksie around.

They never made me put the dildo inside of myself (that I remember) but forced me to use my hand over my genitals, and would tell me to do it "faster" and if I didn't they electrocuted me worse.  I don't remember right now what they had me doing with a dildo strapped on and they put it on me, but I know I was scared.  It was definitely at Althorp and definitely the Spencers.  They would also hold me down on either side if I tried to jump up to leave and get Charles to help and then after seeing me forced to masturbate said he didn't want to do it anymore.  So then the two girls sat on either side and I remember they did this to themselves, until their faces were flushed and I thought, "I can't believe they act like this is no big deal and they're sisters too, and just masturbate together while electrocuting a kid who is having their brain ruined?

I think it was Victoria who brought over the strap-on.  I have blocked out some of it but at other times I've remember what happened so I'll think about it later.  I remember they brought in my brother Levi all of a sudden, out from wherever he was (the chicken coop maybe and playing with Katie Middleton maybe) and Victoria and Jane and the others told me to face my brother's back and then told him to bend over and instructed me to get closer with the strap-on penis on me.  So they wanted to have me "approaching" my brother with a strap-on as he was bent over with pants down or told me to put my arm there, not sure.  I don't believe they said put it in, but they may have said something to have it look like I had grabbed him--I don't remember.  I just know they forced both of us to stand where they wanted and then took pictures.  All of a sudden, when this was happening, I remember someone running over to "jump" me, as if I was doing something wrong on my own when I wasn't and they had weapons and everything.  I think it was one of the Dicksies maybe or another woman and I blacked out because someone hit me to fall down and I was unconscious.  If I was unconscious from an injection that's possible, but I know it was done after this.  So who knows who would use a photo like that and for what reason.  What I remember was Victoria was there, Carol Middleton, one of the Dicksies and a Spencer girl but not sure which one right away.  Possibly Diana and maybe another came and left.  I think Diana showed up in a polka-dotted dress because somewhere I remember polka-dots when they were having me do this.  It was a blue and white dotted dress.  I am pretty sure it was Carol Middleton who was wearing it.  I am also pretty sure more than one woman there had cameras.  I think 3 of them were taking photos of their own on different cameras and then they were passing them around, so that one would take one with theirs, and another with the others, and trade around and I didn't know why they were doing that.  I'm sure we could ask the FBI or Katie Middleton, the FBI's favorite girl, and find out.  What did she wear for leaving the hospital with a baby in?  Oh, a dress with dots and in the same color as was worn by Carol when I was forced as a child to wear a strap-on penis and look like I was sodomizing my brother.  Jenny Packham? or Jessie Strap-On?  Maybe we should ask Fairest Mueller what his Day Off was really about.

Also, with the suspension and hooks I am pretty sure it was Paris, France for one of the times but quite possibly it was an underground kind of place in Quebec, Canada because some of the people spoke English and French, most were dark-haired, and that kind of thing.  So when I was in the U.S. a Robert did tell me, or an Edward or someone, please do this for me, please go to this suspension event because if you can do this, it will be a really big deal to some people there who want to see how brave you are.  So I did, even though I said I didn't want to, because I was told it was some huge deal and that was with Portland FBI and people around watching and George Bechtold and others and then they smirked and when I was down one of them said, "So you WANTED to do that, right?" and I was coerced to say yes.  What I had wanted to do, when I was told they were FBI and police, was I'd wanted to report torture of myself.  Instead, they made it clear they were part of the torture-group.  There were some of the Jewish men there too, who stood back and smirked and I felt it was because they knew I was being forced to make it sound like no one did anything bad to me, and they also knew no "royal" goes on "suspension" from hooks in the ceiling or any kind of "lady" would, and therefore, they felt even better about how I was "turning out"--looking like a weird whacked out S&M fiend before age 12, maybe even the "violent" type if I'd hang from a hook in my back.  For some reason though, the suspension was not as grotesque.  I don't remember why or what was different but it wasn't as bad as the other places.

They got their photos though.  Who knows how the FBI has been using me for their own plots.  At one place I said I remember a Dicksie and a Robert suspended but I think, for some reason, although the cross was with all of us, I mostly remember a Robert with suspension and he had hooks in his shoulder blades, it looked like maybe one on either side and I don't know what else. 

They asked me if it hurt, in Oregon, and I said, "Not really."  I said it did at first and then all of a sudden you don't notice the pain anymore.  But I never wanted to do it and it scared me and I wasn't into self-mutilation.  It was more like the FBI was always looking for excuses for themselves and the CIA and military and I'm really tired of their act.

However, what bothers me at this moment is remembering how one of the Roberts and Dicksies were working early-on with the CIA to have Katie Middleton promoted while attempting to interfere with my work.

I was doing biological research and studying pretty much the same thing I'm studying now, in horticulture, about plant pathology and disease and it was tied into training I was getting about how plants and problems are sometimes indicators of biological weapons or terrorism.  So basically, I was doing college level work and some group, including a Robert and Dicksie, after Katie was born, decided to interfere.  I wasn't being allowed to excel at anything.  This was not work I did for Valerie Plame because I agreed to work for her, for the CIA, it was work I was taken to and did for the CIA which they:

1.  Never paid me for,
2.  Never obtained my consent over,
3.  Never gave me access to my own records,
4.  Deliberately defamed me over and disrupted in order to move another person in that they were going to spend millions and billions funding instead:  Kate Middleton.

One of the Robert Jrs hated my guts around that time and he was determined Katie was going to get somewhere big and I was going to be pushed out of the way.  Either that Robert Jr hated me just for me and because his ego didn't like me for some reason, or he hated my guts because he had another daughter he was promoting, or he hated who my biological father was and wanted to get to him by ruining my life.  Carol Middleton was also showing up to one of my work sites, so that implies she was also involved with the CIA.

So when I have a Robert Jr. telling me "The United States doesn't owe you ANYTHING" it sounds like the same kind of cop-out I might get from someone who would take my questions personally.  And I'm sorry, but what kind of a sicko enjoys molesting and raping me in his own house?  One of them, at least one of them, is sick and deranged and abused me out of revenge motives my entire life.  He didn't always look like he was "having to do it", he looked furious and like he was enjoying how what he did to me was going to really make someone else mad.

There is no way I'm biologically related to them.  By what they've done, and who they've done business deals with, it suggests at least one of them is biologically related to Katie Middleton, or they did favors for her out of political or Mossad perks.  They delivered money to the Middletons firsthand and I witnessed it multiple times.

Not only that, my own brother "Levi" tried to imply I wasn't related to them once so someone told him this before ever telling me, and he brought it up before attempting to kill me or harm me twice.  No one in my family wanted me to have a child, and they worked against my keeping my own child too, and I have no doubt they have abused him themselves, the way they did me, in person.

I was sent a bunch of photos of one of the Robert Jrs looking like a hostage in a house once, surrounded by Jews and a Presidential candidate who became President while I was working on academics, and it was done during a time I was being tested for intellectual ability and deliberately used to disrupt my progress with my work.  Seeing my "Dad" naked, tied up, bent over, and in expressions of fear with politicians, David Koch, and a man who became President, around him, wasn't exactly going to allow me to concentrate on my work.  Then when I contacted someone they used the entire thing as an excuse to ruin my career and kidnap me, and I was confronted by Secret Service and FBI who threatened me not to tell anyone or they'd kill me.

They were Secret Service because I saw their ID and it was U.S. Secret Service.  That was how they ruined my studies then, and then it turns out, for all I know, it was staged.  If the U.S. isn't torturing and holding my own parents hostage with bizarre photo evidence (which they confiscated from me and said it was "classified"), it was staged deliberately for reasons of causing me distress so that I'd call and have something done to ruin my work, and be unable to work.

I had to have a microscope for the work I was doing as well (it was before age 13), and one of the Roberts or Edward Howard got one for me to use at the place but it was rented and only for a week and I needed it longer and then a bunch of Jews told him to return the microscope so I couldn't do the work.  The came to the house and demanded it be taken away from me.  So then I had no microscope, no ability to do any lab work, experiments, and get into more serious research (which I was interested in) and I was being shown photos of "family" in degrading torture positions when I was trying to study for upcoming exams and tests and then they were bringing in police to disrupt everything, and tell me to move, and take everything from me.

God seriously damn this country.

And those Jews who went in and stole the microscope and said, "No, she can't have one" and said "Where's our money?  When you pay us our money maybe she can have a microscope" were all 100% Katie Middleton funders who funded her with terrorist money.  This one man was so spiteful about all of it and I could tell, it was a really big deal, a great satisfaction to him, to deprive me of something I needed to succeed and get into a career because he was filled with some kind of revenge and hate.  I was between age 9-11 and Katie had been born and was the Bitch Funded By Hell.

In the short time I had a microscope, I was actually using it all the time.  I was analyzing everything from hair strands to skin tissue and fingerprints, on my own, in addition to my work and studies.  I made small independent observations and studies, and I enjoyed it.  I was then even tortured with the microscope itself, bashed down into it.  I had it swung at me too and it was heavy.  I studied leaves and grass and then I studied everything from hair on people compared to pets, rain and different kinds of water, skin tissue, nails, eyelashes, saliva, urine, blood.  Whatever I could find, especially of the human body, I wanted to see it up close and what the cells looked like and were doing.

All of this, was ruined by the CIA.

I even had doctors and scientists sending me samples and asking me, "What is your impression of this?"  I was tested in my ability to use my psychic gift for trying to have insights into biology and would give my impressions or ideas to the scientists.

The CIA used me big-time.


As for the FBI, like I said, I met James Comey at Martha's Vineyard at a hobnob with a bunch of politicians.  Barak Obama was there and later in a kitchen or in a bedroom my mother had asked what I thought of him and I said "He seems okay, like he can tell right from wrong" and this is the same phrase Barak Obama used when introducing him and I was wrong and I soon found out, after saying this, he was sitting there with Obama planning how I was going to be raped and holding a ball while he asked me questions, smirking.  He is also a strangler and strangled me when I was in the kitchen and then he did it again in a bedroom and I thought he was going to completely kill me.

I promise I'm not lying.  Ask some good psychics and see if there are any dead kids' bodies lying around his proximity.  He comes across as a clean-faced type, sort of like the one guy, Edward, who thought about being President and his wife got sick and he had a kid with a mistress.  Well, he has that sort of face, but I know firsthand, he is capable of murdering kids, and I also know he was 100% involved in arranging for me to be raped and electrocuted in Seattle (Mercer's Island).  I know I stayed at a house on Martha's Vineyard where he and some others were staying and I believe I walked around Coney Island with him and a few other people.  There was a smaller group that went out to do that.  He also looked like he was trying to force something from a Dicksie once, because I walked into the kitchen and she looked scared to death.  All of these "hopeful politicians" used the Robert and Dicksies for strategies in their "ballgames" in politics because they knew about their psychic gifts and abilities and how it could help them foresee or avoid potential problems.

He went into my bedroom to try to strangle me, and then a Robert did, maybe to cover for him, and he strangled me in a wild outburst in the kitchen unexpectedly.  It wasn't like "haha, just joking".  I couldn't breathe and I grabbed him in the balls or penis and he yelped out (in the kitchen).  Then later,it was either him or a Robert who tied me to a bed there and I think it was him because he was in there and it was a different style or something.  I do know a Robert covered for him once, and this man James Comey, he wears gloves when he's strangling.

He is a STRANGLER.  It's one of his specialties.  He PLOTTED my rape by Barak Obama.  He is both a child abuser and a child rapist planner.  And that's what the FBI gets to deal with?  OH BOY the HALLS are just RINGING with JUSTICE!

He came along and was introduced, after I was at the Middletons in England, by the way, being asked by their table people (who included him) if I wanted to join the "communist party" and then they started making jokes about James Comey, who was there.  I was introduced to him there, so he's a Middleton Beezlebub.

I had to go out on a window ledge because of him at one point, though the scarier window ledge event was another place, and then in Coney Island, they tried to assassinate me by shooting me in a crowded area full of people and I ducked or something at the last minute and a balloon was in the way in passing and popped instead and the bullet hit nearby.  It did not look like "playing pretend" and there was a Dicksie there, a Robert, and Comey, and it had been his idea to go out for a "hot dog".  So then someone grabbed me and we ducked into a different building.  It was like a bad carnival scene from a movie.

The person that it looked like had targeted me was possibly a Dicksie but it's hard to tell because sometimes a person can point a gun a few feet away and then a sniper is yards away making aim and you don't know which is which.  However, it was really crowded so I think you had to be up closer to make a lethal kill.  It was a silent gun, with a silencer.  No loud shot went off.

The man who grabbed me appeared to be possibly Edward Howard out of the blue, coming in for a visit to the U.S.  Robert Jr, one of them, was around and he sometimes did similar things but I think it was Ed Howard.  We went into a hall and then through a building and then to an apartment and he talked about whether he should dye his hair to match mine or not (red).  I said, "I think it might look kinda weird, and stand out more maybe" and he sort of looked at me in a sheepish way while sitting down looking at the hair dye and nodded saying, "Yeah, maybe you're right."

There were two scenes where men came out of public areas and took me aside and one was in another country, and we got stopped at an auction and beat up--always with Secret Service around.  I mean, how many Secret Service people are there really, spying on me around the entire world?  They were always coming in for a beat-up, or to haul someone away and all this distress around it.

This was one time where I think it was Ed who showed up at Coney Island when James Comey and my parents were roaming around with a few others.  I think he even told me, "You know who that guy is?" and I said "James Comey?" and he said, "He's FBI.  Stay away from him."  So then he went on to tell me almost everyone at that house I was staying out, was ridden, and full of FBI.  I thought, how could they be FBI?  They were trying to kill me and strangling me and that's not what the FBI did to kids.  I was told they were almost all FBI there, for a little FBI ho-down.  He then told me my parents, Robert Jr and Dicksie were FBI or it sounded like one of them was and I couldn't believe both of them were and I said "Who?" and he turned away and looked down and didn't want to say and said, "It's nothing you haven't heard already" (which was true) but I didn't know which or both or what.  He said, "Did you get any of my letters?" and I said, "Letters?  What letters?"

The only letters I knew of where I had discovered some saved were from Prince Edward and on the royal stationary (his own marked paper, and they all had their own trademark stationary.  Basically, there was "house" stationary and then personal with something royal on it, and then they had plain note papers and things with maybe just monograms or nothing.  He wrote to me on stationary that was his and royal and it was from Buckingham).  I didn't really know about any letters from Edward Howard,though I know at one point he tried to have a post office box for me and a Robert Jr found out and got rid of it or didn't like it.

I really wasn't sure if Edward Howard popped up because the shot fired didn't hit me and he wanted to make it look like he was on my side, or what. I saw Prince Charles around there and then he disappeared and then I thought either E.H. was trying to have me killed, and when I saw him his cover was blown, or he knew someone else wanted me killed.

So later when he left and I was back with Robert and Dicksie (Secret Service came), I asked them why we were staying with a bunch of "pigs".  And I said, "Which one of you is FBI too?"

And before going back to that conversation, sometime after China or later, we were some poppy field somewhere, maybe near China but eastern asia or Middle East and in this field of workers, someone told them I was bad, and showed them video and photos of me again, and said to beat me so they all grabbed their sticks and scythes and caned me.

That is because of the FBI and CIA and their deliberate attempts to take photos that would incite fury and rage against me as even a small child.

I was beaten and on the ground and then crying and someone came over, Secret Service again, and took a Robert away and Diana Spencer was there and a Dicksie was there and they both had headscarves on and said for me to cover my head if I could.  My brother and I were crying and then I saw Diana Spencer had tears in her eyes so it made for 2 times I guess, I ever saw her with any tears, 1st over hearing her Dad gave me her horse, and 2nd over this caning event and then my crying about Robert Jr being hauled away.    They were military police there and Secret Service and said Mr. Robert Garrett, you're coming with us and accused him of espionage and treason against the United States.

Then someone turned to me and said, "Which one is your mother?" and one was Diana Spencer, one was a Dickie, and the other person was ?

I know at maybe two different times when I was younger I got upset enough to scream and scream and I refused to stop screaming, but given the circumstances, that was pretty natural.  I never had a "breakdown" or forgot who I was or went nuts or anything.  The times I screamed and wouldn't stop, scared others because they were used to controlling me, so they would get out a tranquilizer and use it.  The only times I was in a hospital, was not for breakdown or mental illness, but for opium detox and spinal taps.  I had repeated spinal taps done on me and that really has nothing to do with "breakdowns".   The only times I was given Haldol was in secret or privately, never in a clinic or hospital setting, and always it was surrounded with mockery of me, and revenge out of an idea I was a spy when I was only a kid and never spied for anyone.  So I was drugged with Haldol mainly to ruin my mind, not because I needed something--the incidences, every single time, had to do with making a point about pushing me down intellectually to punish me if I thought I could do anything with my intelligence, and to punish me for being psychic or "daring think" I should compete with some of them or their kids.  It was anti-competition drugging, and it was also accompanied with interrogations about the President, or the FBI or some political person and what did I know.

I didn't break down having my son either, or from PTSD.  I was being tortured day and night by the U.S. military by people who were running the country who had sodomized me in group gang-rape of me when I was a kid.  I can give a whole list of names and most worked for government.  They tortured me hardest, again, starting in 2004, when I tried to report some people connected to older crimes, and when the U.S. was wanting to debut the pedophiles Barak Obama and Katie Middleton.  The kidnapping of my son is a kidnapping and is no different from the crimes the CIA and FBI collectively ran against me my entire life, and they used friends from other countries against me so they could have their way.

From what I remember, both James Comey and James Cartright were sitting at the Middleton table the one night I had dinner with them and they all wore party hats and told me I couldn't and then asked if I was going to be part of the "communist party".  I said, "Why?  because James is a Comey?"

One thing about Comey that I commented on to a Dicksie was "He strangled me but at least he hasn't tried to sexually abuse me or anything, like the others have."  She looked stunned and shook her head back and forth and then I later found out he was part of setting me up to be raped by Barak.  If I met him earlier as a kid I'd have to take a look at photos, but at the one place he hadn't gone after me sexually.  It is possible he showed up at another location and I'd have to think about that.  His comment about "untethered" makes me think of tether-ball and there was some incident over that too, some kind of violence over a tetherball and I need to think about it.
10/31/13.  I do remember more and I'll write about that.  I wanted to mention first though, something that came to mind this morning was how individuals involved in terrorism against me repeatedly used words like "I'm taking your daughter now" to try to deliberately rub in and create emotional distress.  They were using it as a catch word or trigger for me to know I was going to be brutally assaulted.  It is also something that Jew Josh Gatov used specifically, after raping me in 1998.  He was directly involved with and working for the same group.

Sgt. Austria, who later was told to take the case against Bujanda and Garza, was present at an event FBI and military police both attended in Oregon where I was suspended by a hook in my back at an alternative underground event.  He was there with Alan Koch and David Slader.  Slader was a lawyer and Koch became the top director for the PLF (the insurance fund that protects liabilities against Oregon licensed attorneys).  Detective Gross also had a conflict of interest with his partner and boss which is why they refused to prosecute the case. 

These individuals constantly got promoted for allowing corruption and hate crimes against me and the terrorist organization they are connected to put them in place and had a strategy lined out ahead of time for some of what they did, so they had a safety net for their criminals to fall into.

I remembered more information.  This afternoon a man passed me who I've seen before and I think his name is James, and I met him over a decade ago first.  Well he just passed me walking and said "Do I scare you?" and then I saw another man in black paratrooper style pants with a shirt and German looking face and I remembered more.

At one point I was taken by a Robert to New York City and it was either NYC or Italy but I think it was NYC.  I believe it was around the time of Edward leaving or something or taking me to a place, or a Robert Jr. and I met an Italian man.   From what I remember, it was possibly an Italian Jew and he was swarthy and looked Italian.  When we were inside he asked me "Do I look scary to you?" and started making a monkey face and I said, "No, not really" and my Dad got alarmed because he pulled out a gun and held it to my head.  He told the man there, the Robert Jr. or Edward, "Now I'm taking your daughter" and said it was because he hadn't come up with the money.  The man was saying he could get it, give him time and he said it was too late.  So then the man looked panicked and another man came and they held me down and put liquid on a white handkerchief and chloroformed me.  I woke up naked in a bed, under the covers.  I was being beat up first too. Then I was sort of tied up with scarves and things later and a man having to go in and see me and then they wanted the man (Robert or Edward) to repeat the same thing so I "wouldn't remember".  So then I was chloroformed by another man.

This occurred after I was at Althorp.  The first person I can remember who was older than me and had an interest in me was Charles Spencer. I mean, aside from the older men who used me when I was younger and teased me and had me in their beds and did things, one who acted almost serious about me and who even asked me if I would marry him, was Charles Spencer.  I said how old are you and he told me and I said, "Oh, that's OLD."  He spent some time with me and then he started acting attracted to me.  It wasn't just like kids-interest anymore but something else and then he'd act like he felt guilty about it and would try to hide it from me.  So first he asked me about marrying him one day and then he wanted to know, on a different day, where the gold was hidden.  One time too, he put a spider on his hand, like a wraparound one around his wrist and said, "Do I scare you?" and then he sat next to me.  The other girls "sent him" and said you can probably get it out of her.  So he tried and I wouldn't tell him.  Then he started kissing me.  He was the first "man" I remember really wanting or acting like he wanted to kiss me but I didn't know what he was doing and tried to push him off because he wouldn't stop.  He got over me, and on top of me and then he raped me but I don't remember how and I don't remember blood specifically right now.  I was screaming and telling him to get off of me and he said something like look at what you made me do--you should have told me where the gold was or something and I started looking for a phone to call police.  He said "What are you looking for?" and then he either said "A phone?" or something and I ran and he grabbed me and then got some liquid out and had a handkerchief and chloroformed me.  I remember one of his sisters I think ran in to help him chloroform me and when I woke up, all of my clothes were gone and I was naked on the floor.  I remember before passing out someone taking a photo of me because of the flash.  He left behind a condom and I found a plastic bag without touching it, and put in the bag and I was going to take it to police for evidence and it was found, thrown out, and no report was ever made and I was beaten and electrocuted more.

He tried to do it again.  He wanted to suddenly turn it into some kind of ongoing thing and I ran from him and then it was after he had raped me they got out the electrocution device and electrocuted me constantly with it.  Then he quit being friendly and distanced himself and at first he helped hold me down to be electrocuted and then later he quit participating saying he didn't want to do it anymore.

I was told if I told police I'd have no place to live and no clothes and I'd have to go out in public naked and live naked in the streets.  He got a girlfriend, Victoria, after he raped me the first time and didn't have anyone serious before then.  Even after he was with Victoria he kept trying to do more with me.  I was age 12 or under.  I knew he was with her because he told me and she started participating in some of the things they did, like photographing me as if I was doing something to my brother, next to Carol.  It was Victoria or Carol that wore the blue and white spotted, polka-dotted dress.  Victoria Lockwood.  He invited me to join them one time for a "picnic" on the lawn and had a blanket spread out and she sat with him and he wanted me to sit there and then he tossed me a ball and took it from me and then started whispering about me in front of Victoria until my feelings were hurt enough I got up and left.  She was older than me but she had a pre-pubscent figure that was like mine.  He basically married someone who looked like me.  I don't think he loved her.

He had been saying why don't you tell me where the gold is and then we can share it?  I told him I didn't know where it was.  Never in my life did I tell one single person and then Edward Spencer died, so the secret went with him unless someone else got to it or always knew.  I didn't like how everyone was always asking me about it.

I know Charles Spencer didn't love her because he admitted it.  He asked my opinion about her after I met her and I thought she was incredibly beautiful.  I thought she was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen, and then I thought it was sort of strange she was that old because her body was like mine.  She seemed nice and sort of distant and I just said she was pretty and I liked something she was always wearing.  He said, "I'm thinking of marrying her."  Then he looked off into the distance and I said, "You don't sound very happy about it." I said, "Well if you want to marry her, marry her.  She's really pretty."  Then he looked down and shook his head.  I think he always knew there was something wrong with her.  Afterall, she did turn out to be someone who would stand there photographing forced acts of "strap-on penises" between a brother and sister.  I mean what kind of woman is that?

The impression he gave me, and what he said was "She's not you."  He said if I thought he was so old and wouldn't marry him he couldn't wait and was under pressure and was going to marry her.  I thought the whole thing was bizarre because he asked my opinion as if it mattered when he'd raped me.  From what I remember, sodomized me.  I was on my stomach.  Then when he chloroformed me I was on my back but I only remember that and then walking up without clothes on and I don't remember any blood. 

Regardless, I can look at photos of her now and still think, she is beautiful, and there is something disturbing about what is behind her eyes.  I think it's also odd he and Victoria named their first child "Kitty" when he first attacked me wearing a black "cat suit".

After I was discovered with the condom with me to take to police, whenever I was sodomized, none of them would use condoms.  Usually I was sodomized with an object, but with Charles Spencer, he used his penis, and a couple of other times it was done.  He was starting to try to do things to me vaginally as well, putting in one or two fingers, when I had told him I didn't want to, and then he started chloroforming me.  I believe, actually, the time that Diana Spencer went in and helped chloroform me was when she found Johnnie Spencer there with me (he was drunk) and she must have been listening by the door and ran in.  He had said let's pretend he was a doctor and he had to check something and don't worry, he wanted to make sure something was okay.  With Charles, one time more than one sister who had to have been at the door, ran in right as I was trying to protest and say no, which made me think one of them must think or have known there was a bug in the house, as in, surveillance, and they didn't want me conscious enough to be able to keep saying stop, no, get off of me or anything that would sound contrary to what they were doing.

When they were threatening me about not going to the police they said they'd put me on the street naked without clothes and then instead of doing that, for good measure, while they electrocuted me, they took me out to London and forced me to beg.  They said, "You have to earn your own living now and since you don't know where the gold is, you'll have to make it up."  So they put me out on the streets in shabby clothes and said to crouch down and put my hands out and then photographed me and allowed others to photograph me that way.  I had nothing to eat either and some homeless man gave me his fish and chips from a pub nearby and I was so starving after several days I ate all of it and didn't even know who had given it to me.  Then I was being told by one of them, "Now you need to start looking for food in the trash cans" and I said I didn't want to.  They said you can either look for food in the garbage or you can starve--it's up to you and they continued to leave me out there until I took out food from a carton someone had laid on the top and ate it, again with them photographing me to degrade and humiliate me.  I remember the begging was also connected to Charles of Wales at an earlier time.  I was younger when they made me beg in London.  Then later I was told to find work, maybe that was after the Spencers, and I looked all day having been told it was time for me to "earn a living".  Then after I was around refusing to give up, I was told, when refused work, the only thing I could do was either get money for sexual favors or work as a spy.  I refused to be a spy, saying I didn't want to do that and it was too dangerous, and I didn't want to do the other thing and I wanted to keep going to school and work as an analyst.  I said, "How come you're not saying anything about school?"  Basically, the entire Sade song called "Trying To Make A Living" is like a characteture of that time.  It shows her moving around to the same places I went, running into the same kinds of people and the same experience and then I was told if I didn't give in and kept looking, as long as I did, we were "winning".  So I was told there was some contest and that I had to keep looking for work and every day I had to call in and find out if we were still "winning" or not.  All the way to the point of my being stalked the entire time.  In the music video by Sade, even the section where she goes to the restaurant and there is a group of young men laughing at her and then she sits down with them, was the exact same thing I went through.  It was basically to show me no one was going to hire me.  I was like, 11 or 12, and after the Russian died, I was punished by everyone and then being threatened by the CIA every time I turned around with either work for them or be a hooker.  Or really, just keep being a CIA rape-bag.  I was followed around as I wandered all over the place, looking for "work" and one of the stalkers was Barak Obama.  I ended up in some enclosed construction or abandoned apartment area and he stalked me out and then when someone else could be heard approaching said, "I'll get you later".  He was all by himself when he approached me and then when he started asking me questions about his father, who I didn't know, these Jews came out from the background and stood around me, like 2 or 3, but I think the total was 5 and they were about to murder me and someone else's footsteps were heard and they ran off with Obama looking back yelling at me. It was like the Koch brothers or something, Goodman, and Obama and then a Robert Jr. showed up too and someone else scared everyone away.  I had been instructed to go to that site too--"Try such-and-such".  I think Charlie Sheen may have shown up as well and he's not Jewish, but I remember the name and someone who looked like him, unless someone just wanted to use the name.  I asked him what he did and he told me he was "an actor" and I thought him and his friend "Baldwin" were going to shoot me there and they waited and had Barak Obama talk to me and then the other Jewish people were there and then suddenly they all ran.  I don't know why someone picked someone like Charlie Sheen out but it was after Charles Spencer had been trying to do things with me and one day I said "What's that?" asking about this fluid in his hands and he said, "It's lotion" and I said, "Oh, can I have some?" and held out my hand to have some to rub on my hands and arms.  That was basically something that happened which the movie "What About Mary" ripped off from an actual pedophile terrorist group that I was stuck in, where she doesn't know the semen is semen and thinks it's gel and rubs it in her hair.  "What about marriage" is what Spencer was always bringing up.

Charles Spencer also had a microscope because from what I remember, it was one of the first times I tried using one and liked it enough I wanted to get one of my own for Moses Lake.  The only people who were into it were me and him.  The other Spencer girls didn't care about it and seemed to mind that I liked it, saying are you a nerd?  Some of them were more natural and inquisitive.  In a way, I thought I unconsciously had won some respect from one or two of them with my interest, but then it went wrong and I was accused of trying to be smart and hit on the head with it.  He shouted, "Stop reading my mind!" and whacked me because I was talking to him the way I did with my mother, by knowing his thoughts and asking questions out loud based on it.  I know there was someone with him once too, who actually resembled someone like Chris Dabney.  He showed up after I expressed an interest in the microscope and he was younger than Charles but they were friends.  Then once the cord was used to try to strangle me--the cord from the microscope.  The Chris Dabney person, who was actually even named Chris if I'm correct, and was around my age, said, "You abdicated."  I said "What's abdicated?" and he said "It means you gave up your rights to the throne" (or something like that).  I think he explained it but maybe he didn't and said nothing.  I remember the first part.  I know I was wondering why all the Spencer girls sat in awe of him.  Diana was friends with him or talked to him the most, "Hi Christopher" with a rolling eyes what am I doing smile.

The guy looked like Chris Dabney but younger.  There was an older man with him, who I assumed was his father, named "Jack".  Maybe it wasn't his Dad, but he was there with him and wasn't very nice to me at all.  Things got bad for me at the Spencers from that point forward.

I was never electrocuted by any of them (the Spencers) until he sodomized me and then they wanted to ruin my mind.  Most of the time when they were all attacking me in the international terrorist organization that tortured me, it was around September and Halloween, with a few times in December.  The other season was in Spring, around the time I had Easter Vacation or Summer.  They had some kind of a gang assault cycle against me to organize a hit against me every year before my birthday, and then if I was out of school, at those times.

All of this occurred around a time they wanted Charles of Wales away from me too. 

Later, after all of these different people kept trying to find out where the "gold" was, I was then at Stephanie Maiers house and one of the first things she did was have her sister Christina sit on the other side of me on their bed.  Because it reminded me of the Spencers, I got up and they smirked.  Stephanie was "in on it" from the first day.  She said, "Sit down Cameo.  Why don't you sit here.  I'm not going to hurt you" and they looked at each other and smirked and one of them said, "Do you want some cake?" and when I got up again to leave, they smirked at each other and said, "Maybe another time."  Then later they were saying, "Do you know where there is gold hidden?" and Stephanie kept trying to use a friendship with me to tell her where would I hide gold if I was going to hide it? and trying to glean information from me.  I talked with her about it but I thought it was odd she asked and I never told her or gave hints about where I might think to put it.

The last time someone deliberately was interrogating me about the "Spencer gold" was at that time, with Maiers.  No one ever brought it up again, and I was age 13.

I was also drinking blood at the Spencers.  I have no idea where someone got the idea, but I actually ended up liking it.  Possibly it was all donated from the Red Cross for all I know, because someone started me on it and then I had to have it and I noticed when I didn't have it, I wasn't strong anymore.  At one point they all cut each other and me and we sucked blood from each others' arms.  I didn't do this with anyone else that I remember.  And they said, "We're blood."  The other thing is possibly I was losing blood for some reason, like porrphyrria, and was anemic and instead of taking iron, I was brought blood to drink and I revived.  There was one time when I was very young, I bled too much from something and I don't remember what right now, but I was given blood from another source, not as an injection, but to drink and for some odd reason, it worked and I didn't die.  I was about to die that time.  I can think of two times actually, I almost died as a small child from blood loss and I was given blood to drink and recovered.  Back in history, possibly, that's how they did it.  Maybe if someone was anemic or lost a lot of blood, they didn't know about injecting it back into veins so they drank blood instead.

It worked for me.  I thrived on blood like milk.

So occasionally, someone would bring me a cup of blood to drink, from a tested or pure source, and maybe when I was younger or not used to it I was scared or didn't like it, but I really liked it later.  I looked forward to it because it made me feel 100% better.  I was given some herbal things too, and asparagus, but a cup of blood did wonders.

So then my mother didn't like it when I was back in Moses Lake, Washington asking her if I could suck her blood.

It's possible, scientifically, that someone who drinks blood just for some philosophical reason, might develop an addiction.  I'm not sure.  But for someone who is anemic and has hemophilia or porrphyrria, it made me go from feeling extremely weak and dizzy to strong again.  I became addicted just because it made me feel so much better.  I was a blood donor too.  I was later one in life, in general, but also there was some royal who needed blood and wanted to drink some of mine so I supplied blood as well.

It is even possible that during some kind of a hunt, I was made an "involuntary" blood donor when I was really little and then someone else supplied blood for me as well so I didn't die and I remember a Dicksie there, afraid.  It was a blood-on-demand thing.  "Give me some of your blood" before someone passed out or to revive them.  It occurred often enough that my favorite drink was blood.  There was one ceremony with some nobles and people, where everyone had some of my blood.

Then later it was red punch and tomato juice for trips when I got sick.  If I got carsick I would ask for blood and get tomato juice and then it was tomato juice that eased carsickness.  The other kind of sickness, weakness, was cured with blood.

I guess that makes me an official vampire, but not in the sorcery sense, but in a medical sense (Vlad Tepes Dracula).  It really does have medical value.  I would suspect if a royal wanted my blood it was also for a medical reason or to have it analysed as to heritage.

Also, on a separate note, I know in some restricted area that was probably government, there was a shooting range I was taken to and one of the Dicksies shot an arrow at me to take off the witch's hat I was wearing for Halloween or in costume for the season, and she said she was giving it to Katie Middleton.  In front of others there and everything and she looked sort of spiteful which made me seriously wonder the plot was over her.  It was done about the same time I was doing OSU online classes through a program when I was a kid and I got as far as this item which looked like sperm on a slide and then was interrupted with photos of people being held hostage and when I reported it, it was Secret Service and others and I was forced out of the program.  I remembered thinking why is one of these Dicksies shooting my witch hat off of my head and giving it to Katie Middleton, when I was working on a program that was designed in orange and black Halloween colors.  So basically, OSU, where I go now, has a record somewhere of my taking a class with them when I was a kid, in plant pathology.  The photos I was sent were involving David Koch, with the Koch brothers (pronounced "cook") and then in D.C. this Jewish man said about Chris one day within my hearing, "He's a good cook isn't he?"  Edward Howard was in an altercation with a Robert Jr. at this time, where I worked on the program and all this stuff about where's my money and then the FBI puts up a wanted poster of him with something that looks like a sperm mark on his face.  This was after massive crimes by them against me.

So while I was introduced to a "test pilot course" for OSU, it was after I'd been assaulted several times, was getting ultrasounded and radiated at the place where I stayed, was being sent photos of other people being tortured, and I had Edward Howard and Robert Jr. in the house duking it out western style and "Where's the money?" from Jews who came to visit (with guns), and from Robert Jr.  At one point, E. H. stood against the door, looked very scared and said he had to go.   It was pretty much like the FBI was abusing their authority and others had tried to blackmail him.  I failed the first test because I had no time to study, was tortured during the study-time, and had no book along with the distress of abnormal levels of violence and torture photo exposure. 

At one point, in the house, one of the Robert Jrs I believe, said something to me and I said, "Hey, you're not the psychic one."  He said what do you mean and I said usually the other one knows what I'm thinking and that was close but not the same.  He said, "Stop reading my mind!" the way Charles Spencer did and swung the microscope I had so he had the wires to it for my neck. I was knocked unconscious after being punched.   It was like he had been reading and was just pretending, and then I was beaten and tied up in a nightgown for the next one to find me and the other one came in and saw me like that, shocked and nervous from something he saw on the computer and then me.  I was untied and then it was said we had to go.  However, I also remember one part where E.H. stood against the wall looking stunned and said this, like frozen in fear over something happening.  There were two Robert Jrs at different times there and then Edward Howard.  I said what's wrong and he said oh just something on the computer and seeing me. I said "What?" and when I looked it was my OSU program on a slide section with microbiology blown up that looked like a sperm and egg and then another sperm and egg and then another next to it that was marked "Survival Structure" and Clamydia as text on the same slide.  The topic was reproductive structures (asexual) and the left photo of zoospores, 2nd of germ cell germination and the 3rd showed clamydospores with the words (survival structure) next to it.

So as we know, Edward Howard's book is called "Safe House."  He and I definitely met more than once. The people who broke in and punched me in the stomach and tied me up, and asking where the money was, included George Bechtold, and some Jews.  Who raped me in Portland a decade later?  George Bechtold's son and a Jew (who knew eachother).

A Robert Jr. looked over my shoulder before the cord, and says, "What's that?  Chlamydospores?" and stood back and then all of a sudden, the Charles Spencer enactment, and later people busting in with guns (George Bechtold) and beating me up when I was a minor (not the first time for George) and then when someone came to my door and saw me hanging there in a nightgown, he mentioned the computer and I said what? and he said, "Nothing."  It may have been on the same section or someone could have moved it to another photo of beets that looked like a woman hanging up by a nightgown.  I don't know.  George Bechtold was involved in having me locked in a smokehouse and using martial arts on me in the woods with some guys who were cops, and then he also ambushed my house to ask about money and beat me, and that doesn't include the rest of what he did.  It was Edward Howard, of them, that I think punched me in the stomach, even though he was the one saying he had to go and then a Robert Jr. was saying we had to leave the place.  It is possible from there we went to Coquille where the Rabbi and others premeditated the bridge assault, or I was there after that happened, or we went to the Abbey next and met the Irish people and I was put into the place where I was forced to give Katie my presents and be drugged with Haldol.  I would have to think about which order.  At one point, after my Dad saw what was on the OSU course I was taking, knowing I wanted to look at everything under a microscope he threw me a used condom and said, "Try looking at that".  The  only approximation was when I took one from the Althorp house to have tested by police and I was forced out of everything instead and electrocuted.    I also know Diana Spencer came over to visit one time when I was studying there.  I sat at a bar to the kitchen on a stool and worked on the computer but I wasn't able to do anything because of the torture.  The only time I was not tortured and allowed to work like normal was in Russia before the Secret Service showed up and I was tortured by a lot of people.  When I did economic analysis and gymnastics, before torture was introduced, I was doing okay for awhile.

Another thing about Althorp, one day Jane Spencer brought me a cup of blood and I said what's this? and she said "a tampon" and I didn't know what a tampon was and asked and she wouldn't tell me.  So then I told my mother, or one of the Dicksies, what had happened and she looked sick.  She said don't ever take any food or drink from them again, and then they told me if I told police (all of that was after I was raped) I could go begging.

They were involved in the same international terrorism ring that several U.S. politicians and FBI directors and others have been in.  All of them degraded me, sodomized me, and abused me and committed several acts of kidnapping as well as aggravated and prolonged torture.

And of course, this country and people from this circle that controlled things, were using political connections to keep me from even getting unemployment monies I was owed after work at the Post Pub in Washington D.C.  They have constantly kept me down, my entire life.  Not one single time was this terrorist organization not using their influence to harm me.

I don't know if it's really a mistake to call it terrorism rather than organized crime and keep it on a domestic level, but it was both RICO based crimes and still is, and is also international and has enough political aspects to it that make it terrorism.

I am also a "protected person" under the terrorism law.

When I was in the poppy field with a Dicksie and Diana Spencer and some other women and a Robert Jr.,when they caned me over wrong information Mueller and a woman gave him (who held the camera for him to see), after I was stabbed in an opium den and hung up, when the Secret Service and MP came in, they brought in a second Robert Jr. to replace the one there, saying, "Now I'm taking your daughter" and before that they had those men stand around me and the Robert Jr said all of those loops on your belt mean something and when I cut off the last one, it's all over for you.  Something like that, or, you know what's next.  Basically, implying sodomy by all of the U.S. employees and others standing there so they had me in a circle an I was tortured with having each one cut off slowly and then my pants falling to the ground and I said I had to hold onto my clothes or they'd fall and they wouldn't let me, so they had me exposed to adult men who stared at me and then I was told "KNEEL" and they forced me instead of kneeling, to bow over at the waist and implied I was going to be sodomized.  I started screaming and wouldn't stop so one of the U.S. men pulled out a dart gun with a tranquilizer in it and shot me.

THAT is the U.S.  And right before that, I saw one Robert Jr. being moved away and out of sight while another Robert Jr. was jumping into place instead.

I have seen the Dicksies and Roberts, both of them (twins, though possibly triplets for Dicksies) at the same time, at least a dozen times that I can remember, or between a half dozen and a dozen.  I saw 2 Robert Jrs. in the poppy field area; I saw them at the torture chambers in England side by side; I saw them other times as well.  The Dicksies I saw at the interrogation rooms when we used to wear bracelets, and I noticed their differences by their chest and backs as a kid, and a couple of other times.

Another site I was beaten up at, viciously, was a U.S. (NASA) space station in Texas.  There was one in Florida and one in Texas.  They used me for testing things for them and then took a bunch of blood and tissue and spinal cord samples from me after I was put into altered conditions.

I suppose it's maybe not likely I was sent on a rocket to the moon, because that would sound really crazy, but if that's not where I went, it's what they told me.  The flights in planes were mostly real aside from one simulator.  The NASA stuff, was crazy, and they did a bunch of spinal taps on me after.

I had spinal taps done on my body, with the U.S. government invading my body and causing severe and extreme unnecessary pain, for this, 4 times that I can remember.  Once through NASA, once in China or back from China in the "detox" place, once in Moses Lake, Wa at the hospital after an assassination attempt and radiation, and another time at home.  The first time I remember having a spinal tap done, was after being assaulted by NASA on NASA property.

The assault with NASA was very bad.  There were several different times they assaulted me and tortured me, and it was done where I couldn't escape or run away.  It was also after training that was made out to be fun and exciting and then they did this to me.  As far as I know, from what I was told, I actually went on a trip to the moon and back, to one of their space stations they manned over there.  I was gone for a month or so on that trip and there was extensive training ahead of time.  What makes me think I was actually there possibly is that we attached to a space station and the moon was right there.  I even saw a guy on an attachment floating around in space or a part of the space unit or something.  Once I was up there, one person tried to push me out of the station to a port or something that went to space, where I would have died.  We took a sample of moon rock, and the mission was to examine something there I guess, and look at the station which was very small and undergoing construction.  There were only a few people there.  Everything we ate, for a month, was space-food out of dehydrated things.  I highly doubt we'd just go to some 'rocket' and live there for month like that, at government expense, if it wasn't actually in space and from the windows and station we landed on and everything, that's what it was. 

Their idea to take spinal taps of me was most likely partly to cover for their assault of me, and partly to use it for "scientific research".  I was beat up so badly, I mean, beat and beat with fists and kicked until I was in a ball every day and night, that when I got off the rocket, I was COVERED in bruises.  They tried to say, "Oh, it's just porrphyrria  or blood coagulation" but that's not what it was from.  I was attacked with a viciousness I think very, very, few know about.  I almost died. 

I haven't written much about the NASA torture and abuse, but it's why they still think they can do what they do without any problem.  The new recruits figure if the old ones never went to prison for life, they have nothing to worry about either.

Well, they do.  Because for one thing, I wasn't just being beaten, they assassinated someone out there.  It's really "clean" when it's done in space, you know?  Hard to find a body.  I was operated on by NASA people, and I was trained prior to going to space or the station, and I was viciously beaten up and they videotaped it and played it on live play for someone.  It was like a live telecom or Skype kind of screen, and believe me, they were around then, because they had it turned on and I saw it.

They gave live footage of a group of people beating me until I was almost dead.  I was scared they were going to kill me in space by the station because they got rid of someone else that way and I saw it.  I was incredibly afraid of them after I saw they'd just thrown people out into space.  They made what seemed to be an attempt to do it to me and then settled for constant, days-on-end, of bloody and merciless beatings.  And they were giving shows to others with the NASA equipment.  They were not only playing on live footage, a kind of NASA Skype for someone, they were additionally taking photos, Polaroids for instant photos and other kinds of film, and it is remotely possibly one had a hand-held camera as well because I remember one in the cabin (they called the inside of the rocket where we "lived" 'the cabin'."
11/1/13.  I will continue writing about the rocket and NASA, and also, I remember there was another barn or stables aside from Spencers and another blond man there who assaulted me and have figured out more of the order.  So I'll pick up from the rocket and then move to that asap.

I am back and what I wanted to add is that there was another stables in Wilsonville, Oregon I was taken to later, where someone tried to repeat a similar scenario of sexual assault and then he asked me if I'd marry a Catholic because he said he was Catholic (after I woke up in a barn stall on hay when he'd assaulted me sexually and chloroformed me).  I remember it was John Kaempf.

As for Charles Spencer, yes, he did sodomize me while I was lying on my stomach and it was in his house, not outside.

I was not raped vaginally until I was set up to be raped by Barak Obama--prior to this all of the abuse was molestation in various forms, torture, and sodomy in various forms, which I think was chosen for purposes of humiliating me.

I said someone came out to the stables once asking about the gold and I'm pretty sure one time there were some royal women, but aside from hearing the gang-bang of Johnnie Spencer while I was under a cellar door, I didn't hear talk about where was the gold at Althorp unless it was in the house, not outside.  Another time I was asked about gold, Tanya and Melanie Rose were there, some of the Rabbi Rose's daughters, so either they traveled to England or it was at the stables in Wilsonville where I was sexually molested in unknown forms and chloroformed by John Kaempf.

The stables in Wilsonville is possibly a location I could identify and I know George Bush Jr. was friends of the family and visited one of the houses in Wilsonville there, that we went to.

I remember many other things about Charles Spencer and what we talked about but haven't written about all of it here.  I remember bad things he did and some good things he did and I don't have a reason to lie about any of them.

With the NASA torture and beatings, what terrified me most was that a Dicksie and a Robert took part in viciously beating me.  It was also one time I saw two Dicksies, which was maybe the only time aside from a time in a room wearing bracelets, that I saw them together, and at the time I had even thought, "Did I just see 2 or 3 of them?"  I was sure I'd seen 2 but then it scared me when I thought 3 of them were there and wondered if it was a trick mirror.  One of them cut me with a pocketknife, and beat me and seemed to enjoy it, along with a Robert Jr. who seemed to enjoy it.  They did not look like they were forced to do anything and had expressions that showed they were enjoying beating me, and they did this in front of some kind of Skype system NASA had inside a rocket or shuttle, that allowed them to take, receive, and transmit live coverage of what was occurring.  They had either the CIA watching it and/or a couple of other countries because the screen switched to allow several groups of people watch me being attacked, the same way Barak Obama, Hilary Clinton, Panetta, and the rest of them, sat in the Oval Office and watched live coverage of Osama bin Ladin being attacked, beaten, and refused his right of surrender.

Basically, the idea that politicians would watch a beating, capture, or attack of others on a screen that plays live coverage is not new.  It was not new technology in the 1980s when it was used to show what they were doing to me.  It was maybe new in the 1970s, but not by the time it was used by NASA to broadcast my being beaten, cut, and hit with a pole repeatedly as a minor of approximately 7 years old.  This was done to me prior to "The Challenger" rocket being blown up and televised.

That coverage was shown in my class at school when it happened, and they had a T.V. there for the event and everything and I remember the teacher kept glancing over at me and wasn't interested in other kids' reactions, but just mine.  I saw the news and it reminded me of having been involved with NASA.  It happened Janurary 28, 1986.

I was not ever tortured with an electrocution helmet or headband until after I had been involved with NASA and told some of the NASA people I had seen people murdered by being thrown out of the shuttle into space.  At least not in the U.S.  I also was later at a site where there had been explosion and people were asking what others thought happened and I said what I thought and someone nodded and another person freaked out.  It wasn't psychic really, I just thought it made sense and I suggested it was deliberate foul play.  However, what made someone decided to really go after me was after I hinted at or told some people about seeing others float off into the universe while I was in space on a shuttle project and space station repair project.  I also witnessed a brutal interrogation at the space station.  It was one of those hard-backed chair events, just like you see in the movies, where someone is forced or tied to a hard chair and asked a million questions.

Basically, Chris Dabney from D.C. knew about this and about NASA which is another reason his comment "Here's another one in the hole" is indicative of his mindset when raping me because it was based on hate crime and collusion with many in government to rape, torture, sodomize or otherwise abuse me from the time I was a kid.  He knew about the NASA 'black hole' and used his comment as a reference he thought would be funny to NSA.

We had several shuttle trips, at least 2 and possibly more, and it was always going to the space station and back.  The U.S. did experiments in plant and seeds and how they grew, and all kinds of experiments, including one they were doing on A.I. (artificial insemination).  I studied what they were doing myself and then one of them got nervous about it and didn't want me around it anymore or for me to know it was A.I. and not "plant seeds".  There was a place in Japan, a lab, that did similar work, or it was a U.S. place that had a lot of Japanese working there, but it was also done on space shuttles.  NASA felt the "general public" wasn't ready for the idea of A.I. being done as a space project.  When done in the space shuttle, it was small.  Everything was sanitized and compact but smaller.  There were sleeping places with bunks, and a lot of fights because even a handful of people in a small space for that long, irritated some.  So they'd get on each other's nerves and have arguments and fights.  It was also not a place you could have many arguments without someone overhearing, so they started making me wear ear plugs.

The "black hole" of the universe became the landfill for assassinated bodies the U.S. made hits on.  Then they turned around and sodomized me and tortured me repeatedly as if I was to blame for NASA.  They'd go up, dump a body out of the waste compartment, and who knows where it went.  I don't know how often actually, but first they were doing head counts and then they started doing automated counts to see how many people came back.  I think one of the rockets I was in was English, not U.S. (or had British people on it) and then I was on a U.S. one as well, all before age 8, by age 7. 

So then later, in the U.S. someone said something about raping my Mom, or a Dicksie and I didn't know what it was.  I didn't know the term at all or what it implied and he said do you think I should? and I said okay.  I mean, anyone could have recorded that on audio and made it sound like I told someone to rape my mother, when I didn't, because I didn't know what it was.  So then someone did something and she screamed at me to look away.  I think then others did.  Either they gang-raped her or they made me think they did.  The question was brought up to me, in a way to frame me, I think, after I'd witnessed one of them carrying out an assassination.  They started saying, from the porthole that went out, "there's another one in the hole".  I can't say it was all the time because it could have been just garbage.  So the U.S. got mad about something, and used me and tortured me.  There were several white men and a black man.

They gang-beat me and beat me with canes or a pole, and a knife, in front of cameras, and cams and a Skype kind of thing and if it was CIA on Skype and not the various countries, the ones they represented were British Parliament and Royals, Russia (including Vladimir Putin), Germany with Angela Merkel, and China, Mexico, Italy, and Japan.

It was like the UN.  United Nations.  So again, when I hear the UN saw the footage of what happened to Osama bin ladin, after seeing the White House staff watching live coverage..

It is seriously odd.  Why are they so "special" they think they can keep an inside "joke" like that to themselves, but not allow the general public to know what they've been up to?  They bring out something about bin Ladin but of course, they prefer to hide their shared grotesque secret of sodomy and torture of a child age 7. 

What I saw did not look just like a UN round table, so to speak, though I believe I've seen one before, it was more like Skype first showing the White House what was happening and playing their reactions to it live so I could also see how they responded to the sight of my being tortured.  Then someone said, "I'm changing the channel now" and switch to another country that had a few leaders I recognized at a desk.  It was maybe 2-8 people in each room near a deck or flags or something for their country.  They all spoke their own languages and had interpreters with them and would talk to the people in the NASA cabin.  I saw a woman that looked like Merkel and I was most surprised to see a Russian man who looked like Putin.  None of them looked sympathetic except possibly China, Mexico, and Italy, and maybe one Japanese.  Maybe a flicker of emotion from one of them, just one, and maybe I was wrong.  China then said, with one of their speakers, "Yes, it's the right one" and I didn't know what they meant.  I thought they meant one of the Robert or Dicksies did something and so I was tortured for it.  I didn't know.  One of the Roberts and Dicksies looked beat up and the others didn't and then as they were about to cane me more, and a Dicksie came out with a knife I screamed thinking, "It's my Mom" and then another Dicksie showed up and I screamed and thought, "It's both of them again" because I'd seen them only a couple of times together before and then at the height of my fear and panic, they had a third woman who is either a triplet or a strong lookalike and I fainted.

They repeated this same idea out in the poppy fields when I was older, with a Robert accused of treason and espionage and then slowly torturing me, all of these men, and then having a second Robert, the twin show up saying I'm taking your daughter.  Also at the torture chamber in England.

The NASA torture was very severe.  I had bruises all over, and some broken bones and they would wait until the next country was up and then beat me.  Then they'd stop and say change the channel and beat me for the next group,  Then "change the channel" and beat me for another group.  They kept saying they had to go through all the channels first. 

Then the Japanese man or a man who said he was  a doctor said they were doing a surgery.  They said "Do we have any painkillers?" and it was said "No" and they started cutting me.  They maybe said do we have any anaesthesia but I was awake when they cut into my body.  One Robert Jr said, "Uh-oh, I'm missing the manual, I guess I'll have to do what I can" and as a kid I felt it was a reference to my noticing there was a person "missing" when we came out of the shuttles sometimes.  Sometimes one less person and I would say, "No, I counted on my own--everyone who went in and everyone who left."

Then at one point, I thought an Edward Howard went along once and if he didn't actually go to the space station with us once, we were at some place like it in a government building and he was interrogated and they were telling me they were changing my birth certificate.  I believe it was my birth certificate but it may have been another document.  They asked me who I wanted to live with, Edward Howard or a Robert Jr. and they asked questions about me and who I was.  Edward Howard said, about me, when the man asked, "What is her name?" to find out my identity, he said, "Her name is Mary."  I thought maybe he was talking about a Mary I stayed with once or another Mary, but it was about me and Edward Howard said my first name was Mary.  Then they were asked how do you intend to support her and that kind of thing.  The one stood up looking avenged or something and said at some point, "Now I'm taking your daughter" and from what I remember, it was after that that I was beaten for all of the various countries on Skype with NASA.  Maybe it was the reverse.  It may have been the reverse, with E.H. beating me to reinforce my idea I maybe didn't want to go with him, but I remember Robert Jr. there as well. 

I was being tortured by NASA in the U.S. from the moment I said I had counted everyone on my own and I knew how many went in and how many went out.  I was saying the first counter or the second one was wrong, on purpose or by mistake.  Then I was writing it down too, to be sure.  They started using all of their technology to blast me and make me sound crazy.

NASA was using their shuttles for body dumping, for torture of a minor, rape, A.I. projects deemed "too sensitive to be understood by the public", and documentation of degrading treatment.

The other thing they started doing, was they took off my NASA helmet and put on a torture electrocution device.  I had to go in with an astronaut helmet or headgear at one point, and they removed it and their Asian NASA employee and another person (I remember Jewish) hooked me up to an electrocution device and tortured me to the point that I blacked out.  They began doing this every time, and started making a game out inciting panic in me, knowing I would know what was happening next, and would use another form of torture against me while doing this. One of the Robert Jrs was involved in this, along with a couple of others, at NASA property sites (meaning in the cabin of a shuttle).

The first time I remember the electrocution device in the U.S. it was at NASA.  It was used on their property, by their employees and possibly with other employees from another agency, when I was 7 years old.

I also not only saw George Bush Sr. at Coquille when I was beaten and sodomized, he showed up to NASA space shuttle events.  I knew him from the ranch, from NASA property, and Coquille, Oregon.  I was also at Camp David as well as their residence.

When I was in Coquille, after I was sodomized and beat, someone grabbed me, a Robert Jr. from what I remember, forced me to wear camoflague and take a rifle and start walking through town.  So I was on Central and cops picked me up and I was falsely accused of wanting to shoot Katie Middleton, who was around, and driving past with a driver next to her, when she was a kid.  This was after they put me in a room at the police station with her or with someone they said was her, and I had seen Mike there on that occasion (I think).  So as I was being dragged into handcuffs or a car and roughed up by a Robert Jr. who went to get me or someone else, she was driven by so she could have the privilege of witnessing my getting beat up again.  I think it was possibly Ed Howard and another person who drove her past.  I think that was when they made up an excuse to say I was mentally ill and took me to some Mt. Angel nunnery-hospital with baths for me to be electrocuted in, which Katie Middleton then visited.  No one wanted me to report the truth and have the sodomists, stranglers, and child beaters in jail so they quickly lied about me and used Robert Jr and a Dicksie to cover for them. When I was there, they interrogated me about if I wanted to kill the President.  This is also some part which could have been in Coquille and they recently remodeled the entire hospital here, about 1 year ago.  It's very possible some of the Haldol assault and use of a basement room could have been done through them, and they did have nurses and medical equipment.  From what I remember, one of the Robert Jrs. slammed a door to an ambulance on me, or some kind of transport, with a mean vengeful face like "I'll show you where your report of child assault is going" and I thought he looked like he thought he was beating me to it.  I actually remember, one of the Dicksies there had the same look and I felt very shocked like who the blank are they?   Basically, the U.S. gave a contract to the local hospital to change the entire layout after I moved back into the area, which is pretty much like concealment of evidence.

Bill and Hilary Clinton.  I'll get to that in a while.

But this is some of what happened.  Every time I had the NASA helmet taken off my head, it was for their purposes of electrocuting me there.  I definitely remember George Bush Sr. showing up there when it was done, and introducing himself as with the CIA and "this is so and so from the FBI."  There were a couple of representatives, the head directors, of U.S. intelligence agencies who showed up to make NASA feel "safe from prosecution" and they wanted a chance to have their hands on the device and be able to say they too, electrocuted me.  And they did.  They took turns.  Bill and Hilary Clinton DID show up for one of the non-space shuttle NASA property electrocutions of me.  It was one time it wasn't done in a NASA shuttle cabin and was instead done at a room on the property, like a business or conference table room.  I was the only kid there.  It was me and a bunch of head officials for intelligence and I really don't know why Bill and Hilary were there when I think they were only lawyers at the time, and maybe not even Senators or Governors yet.  It's possible the CIA already picked them out for something else so they had them there along with some of the Republicans.  The torture of me was bi-partisan.  Democrats and Republicans were involved.  From what I remember, on that specific day, they were also torturing one of the 3 Dicksies.  Actually, I take that back because possibly they were also torturing one of them, and I think she was brought in for a moment, but there was a taller blond woman I didn't know and another woman and they were being interrogated about something too.  One of them was a NASA person, or employee.  I believe it was Christa, the woman who blown up on the Challenger.  She was one who seemed upset but kept it hidden most of the time and she believed me about people "disappearing in space" I think, because actually I'm not sure she was one of them who heard, but possibly.  It was either her, in training for the assignment or it was another woman who resembled her.  She said to hold on because she was going to get help or something and I was telling her I was being electrocuted.  So some CIA, FBI, and others showed up to torture me and I am pretty sure James Cartright was one of them (Marines).  The others were almost entirely lawyers and maybe a psychologist or doctor or two.  They came into the room, in pairs, to torture me.

When I say a Robert Jr. said "I don't have a manual" and started a surgery on me, with another person, I'm not kidding.  He began cutting into me. 

My feeling while on one of the NASA shuttle trips was that they were creating embryos for A.I. or doing another form of germination and then insemination.  Mike Middleton was on one of them, though I'm not sure if it was that one.  I also am not sure that the Dicksie who claimed she was being raped was really being raped because I watched her look shocked, and then mortified as people went in but then I saw when I looked, some kind of smirk or smile like she was maybe pretending and it was just some kind of an act for some reason.  I'm sure it's possible one of them or two have been abused, but I also know one of them would have a motive for framing me and trying to get sympathy because then later she proved she and one of the Roberts at least, were literally trying to kill me.

I believe the man running the helicopter when Valerie Plame and a set of them were on board, was James Cartright, from the U.S. Marines.  I saw one of the Roberts right away and said, "Dad?" and then his expression changed from looking vindication to "oh no, and looking upset" so then they went above and when they came in closer again, it looked like a Robert Jr. had moved from the seat and now James Cartright was there instead.  I had thought possibly it was Forrest but it looked more like Cartright and the reason I bring it up now is because he was invited to more activities with one of the Robert Jrs and I saw him again at separate occasions prior to seeing him there, and it made me wonder what in the world was happening because he made a point to tell me, "I have sworn to protect your life."

He was telling me it was a particular kind of watch over me, so I thought okay, and then to see him later involved in an assassination attempt against me, in a U.S. military helicopter with CIA's Valerie Plame and a Robert Jr and Dicksie who just tried to kill me, ...well, I didn't forget my internal questioning about why in the world would this man James Cartright be involved in trying to kill me and why does he care if I'm dead?  Even though Valerie Plame was actively an CIA agent at that time, and had met with me before, prior to putting a hit on me, the helicopter was U.S. Pentagon and her background with her family is U.S. military.  So she was both a military "brat" and CIA.

This puts Valerie Plame in London, at the London School of Economics, and James Cartright in London, at the dinner table with Middletons and later at the dinner table at my house in the U.S., and with a Robert Jr and a Dicksie giving everything I owned to Katie Middleton and Jews, it makes you wonder.  I mean, this group used anyone they could...they wanted a complete defense set up for themselves so they threw in a little of everyone from almost every religion and took me a few countries where I'd end up defenseless, and had all of these lawyers, judges, and doctors lined up, as well as FBI and police, and then their "media" to make sure they got away with everything.

Let me tell you about James Cartright, one individual who was trying to kill me along with Valerie Plame, Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer, and Robert Jr. and Dicksie Baird (at least one or both of them).  I met him in London at Middletons, in a basement for some underground ceremony involving drinking blood (in England), and then at my house in Moses Lake, Washington, at our small round table in the kitchen, and I met him at the Pentagon in Virginia, and in Germany at a military base.

And then I'll also describe how I was supposed to allow other men to sexually abuse me and one of the Robert Jrs thought it was an amusing idea.

Also, keeping in mind, the times I was in Portland, Oregon or Oregon, or that I mention Wilsonville or Coquille (Oregon) at that time is going back to when my permanent residence was still in Moses Lake, Washington.

I have to say this...yes, why so many vacations in such a short time unless they planned to kill me?  Were they allowing me to develop myself professionally?  No.  They were using me.  Either they set me up from birth, to torture me and use their shocking use of torture against me to gain power to their causes from someone they thought it would affect, or they kidnapped me from my actual parents, or they decided they'd maybe do something for me until they had another kid in mind...I don't know.  But I think terrorism fits and I also think it will hurt more when they're knocked down with domestic organized crime. 

So James Cartright was in this basement ceremony where they said they had to cut me to have blood for everyone to drink and it was at a round table and supposed to be like King Arthur's Knights.  I was told I had been "knighted".  So I was supposedly a knight, and I was also crowned and knighted others.  And then I was forced to sign papers to give up the throne.  I was being made a "knight" after I was crowned earlier, so how that was supposed to work I have no idea, but James Cartright was there and then he showed up at the house in Moses Lake and talking about "Katie" and then they got quiet and my Dad looked mad I was there.  I had come home unexpectedly when James Cartright wasn't supposed to have to see me.  It happened twice and he didn't like it.  Another person who "didn't like it" was Gary Goldsmith, who was there once when I was chained to my bed and then another time he was there he got upset I happened to be there or showed up from playing earlier than expected.  With James, once he was seriously upset.  He was not tolerating my presence there at all and seemed to accuse me or a Robert of setting him up.  Well, it was random, not a set up.  So the first or second time he tried to play it off and after glaring at me with hate, he told me to sit down and then Robert said to me, "Now this is a REAL 'knight'."  I said "Huh?" and he said remember the knighting ceremony? and I said yes and he said, "This is a real warrior, even better than a knight." I said, "How are you better than a knight?"  I said, "Do you shoot bow and arrows?" and he looked stunned and said "No."  I said, "Do you joust?" he said no, I said, "Throw knives or anything?" and finally I said, "Well what do you do then?"  He said he shot guns and could fly helicopters or something and I said, "Oh, well that's cool."  I mean, something like that. 

I could tell he hated me by the way he looked at me.  I had also overheard him talking happily about "Katie" and I knew it was Middleton because it's the only Katie he had been around.  He had been on the phone with Mike Middleton when I was getting shot in the back by a Dickise in Germany and he had sat at the dinner table at Middletons with James Comey and others in England, and he had been at an underground ritual in England as well.  I knew which "Katie" he was talking about and was interested in.  I didn't know why he was at our house but the next time he was there I overheard what sounded like plans for a hit on someone, and shortly after that, it turned out to be me.

When he passed me in the kitchen the next time I saw him, when I had just walked in, he tried to force me to kiss him and then he pushed me and tripped me and left.  He was talking about would I give a U.S. military man a kiss or something like that, if I would kiss English knights.  I said something about I didn't kiss any English knights.  So he went from asking me if I was a real monster and to describe my hands being broken in front of other men, and then he was asking me about kissing him in front of a Robert.  So like I said, he left by walking past me in the hall after forcing me to kiss him and then pushing me over hard and tripping me at the same time.  I went to my room and cried.

I cried because he had humiliated me and right in there in the kitchen in front of my "Dad".  I also cried because he had mocked me about being a knight and tried to rule over me as some "U.S. military asshole."  Not only that, he had said "I am your friend" and then sat there and said you know how there was an oath of allegiance at the ceremony? and I said yes and he said, "Well I swear to protect your life for the rest of my life."

Right.  So then he comes around with the Pentagon chopper thinking I'm at the bottom of a cliff and he can go pick up my Mom now.  The other guy on the other side of the chopper, when a Robert wasn't there showing, looked like the FBI S.A. who came out to take my report about FBI misconduct.

I believe I was also crying because by the time he did this to me I had already been forced to allow some man to be with me sexually in my room.  I said, "I don't WANT TO!" and he said, "He wants to do that nice thing for you so you're going to let him."  I said, "But I don't WANT TO!"  This Robert Jr. was angry and mean and demanding that I let this stranger go up under my clothes on my bed and then said, "You let the royals do it, you think you're TOO GOOD for people who aren't royal?!"   I didn't "let" them do it, they did it, and it was after I'd been groomed and known them a long time, and when I was younger.  By that time I was almost 13 and I was told I had no choice not to and I was pushed to my room and forced to allow 2 different men to sexually molest me and I was told, "This man is a REAL author, he's writing a book." and he told me, "Beowulf"--a translation of Beowulf.  Then the other man was U.S. military and in construction and I was told, "Now THIS is a GOOD man."  And I was told, while I was crying, "This is a better man than any of those royals."

After this was done Stephanie Maiers was wanting to have me talk about it and I could tell by the way she kept prompting for it and smirking.  I knew she knew what I'd been forced to do and she thought it was funny.  She had been spying on me from the first day and looking for ways to harm me. 

I was raped by Barak Obama after being next to James Comey telling me how Barak was a "real king" and then after that I was being forced let an Irish man who was writing a translation of Beowulf do something to me sexually and after that, some construction worker who was also military and then James Cartright came along again and forced me to kiss him, pushed and tripped me.

So I cried.  The "real warrior, and real author, and real good man, and real king" and what has my life and my son's life been like because of these people?  All of them are connected to Middleton-Goldsmith, and politicians who sodomized babies and little kids and put electrocution helmets on them, to get money from people who appreciated and felt good about my being tortured. The "author" who I was told was writing the Beowulf translation, was Seamus Heaney.  He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1995, about 10 years after he committed pedophilia against me.  The Nobel Prize is supposed to be about "peace" and ventures towards it, and that man, from Dublin, Ireland, drove to my house, for a purpose of sexually assaulting me.  He also punched me in the nose and my nose bled again and may have been broken a third time.  He repeated the nose breaking they did of me in Ireland when I was driven to the house in Ireland where Princess Margaret was and accosted by British and U.S. officials.

I never forgot his face or name or speaking voice because for one thing, he had an Irish accent I recognized, and his face was not a common face, and his name was unusual to where I'd remember it, and he said he was working on "Beowulf".

So when Katie Middleton has the IRA showing up at her fucking wedding, I'm pissed.  So should England be pissed, and so should the Irish, that pedophiles and electrocutionists of children are united.

After he punched me in the nose again, it was some other "good man" and then James Cartright forcing me to kiss him while deciding how to kill me.  It was not long after that, they got money lined up and were taking me rock-climbing and rock-climbing is the least of it.  There were many other times someone was trying to kill me.  Seamus Heaney also showed up and I remember his name because of the semen conversation at a house in Oregon where I was doing the OSU test pilot program and there were slides that looked like it and I asked my Dad about it.  Well George Bechtold was one of the persons who showed up to assault me there and then later his son Nathan was making regular trips to Dublin.  It also explains why I'd be kicked out of an Irish pub in Portland, Oregon after trying to make a report about Robin Bechtold raping me.  There were Jews there too, I remember it was full of Irish and then a bunch of Jews who were there spying on me.  Edward Howard worked in Dublin, Ireland for some time so why a man from Dublin, who had emigrated to the U.S., was showing up at my house to assault me, I don't know.  I know the Irish involved had connections to Robert Jr. and Mike Middleton and they were all invited to Katie's wedding like "no big deal."  They're only terrorists but no big deal.  So those terrorists, and the British terrorists, and the U.S. terrorists, who had been sodomizing little girls and electrocuting them for years without stopping, decided they were so big and immune to any sanctions, they'd go kill a "terrorist" (Osama bin ladin).  It was their "day after the wedding hunting spree" and look at who was calling who a "terrorist".

Dick Cheney showed up at NASA as well, before he had a formal position at the White House.  The other woman around them was Condoleeza Rice.  She specifically showed up for the NASA events I was at.

Another odd thing that happened was Brad Pitt showed up in one of the fields I was in with a Robert and Dicksie and it was before he was in movies.  If he was in movies already, I didn't know about it and he wasn't in the more well-known ones.  He took a videocamera out to some crazy whacked out hostage attempt and they forced a Robert Jr and a Dicksie to do something bizarre so they could keep it on tape for their files.  Which makes me think Pitt is with CIA or something, because then Jolie went with UN ambassador work or something.  I remember all of us were surrounded and I had been wrapped up in a bag or blanket and carried around, like my brother, and we were trying to move from one place to another and then a group jumped us, and Pitt had a camera and they killed a man out there, I don't know who and maybe he didn't totally die but I think he did.  Pitt and others had guns and told us to do what they said, so this one person was killed or sliced to look dead, and one of the Robert Jrs was forced to suck blood from his neck, like "Dracula".  Then one of the Dicksies there was scared and in shock and thought we'd be killed and she was about to faint and they had already said what they wanted us to do so then she was supposed to suck my blood and I was told I had to give some blood for someone who needed it, that they were taking it to.  So Brad Pitt left with a blood sample from me.
11/2/13.  I was told his name was Brad Pitt and one of them looked like him.  There were a few movie starts maybe because one of the first politicians I was around was Ronald Reagan and Nancy.  Reagan was an actor.  He was the one who wanted me to be part of NASA.

I had dinner with Barbara Bush and she never liked me.  She was a warm hostess but didn't seem to like me.  Nancy hated my guts.  And then it was one of the presidential wives (or 1st ladies to be) that had us thrown out of their house when we stayed there after their husband kicked my Mom, or one of the Dicksies, while she was giving him a blow job, and said Do you think I'm going to feed you and my family too?  (repeating what Edward Spencer once said with Francis Spencer there).

The U.S. came up with an excuse for sodomizing me when I put something inside of Ronald Reagan's drink.  I was told to do it, and it was part of CIA training when I was very little, and then they all knew I was doing it, including Ronald Reagan because he wouldn't drink it and had it "tested" and a man came over to put drops in the glass and it turned pale green and then they accused me of tampering with his "cup", his White House royal drink.  It wasn't like an actual assassination attempt--it was something the CIA wanted me to demonstrate in front of Reagan to show how well they trained me.  So then this became an excuse for breaking my leg, and having all of these politicians and lawyers abuse me in the White House bomb shelter, and then they and George Bush Sr. (CIA) decided they'd electrocute me.  Then, of course, they molested me as well, and arranged to have me sodomized repeatedly with other presidential candidates and other royals.

As for Bill and Hilary Clinton, they were with "Brad Pitt" when he was out there, and one of them held a camera, and I was forced to give William Clinton a blow job as a kid in the field, after a Robert Jr. had sucked blood from the back of a neck at gunpoint from others.  There was no doubt it was Bill and Hillary.  I don't know where they were exactly at Bonner's Ferry, ID when they showed up and then I was abused on the bridge, but I do know they forced me to go oral sex in a field at gunpoint and then they whacked me on the side of the head after forcing me to "kneel" and I blacked out and I think I blacked out, at that point, from an injection.

I woke up, scared about where I was and how I had gotten there.

Many times they would inject me or tranquilize or chloroform me and then I would wake up in some totally different location, or in a bed in a room at a strange house, and be scared until someone I recognized showed up and explained where we were.

They grabbed my Mom's hair at that incident and I couldn't hardly see what they did with her because she seemed distressed and then when I was being forced to do the blow job, she was standing next to them holding a gun at me with them.  Then I thought Charles Spencer was there because they asked for a blood sample from me and said, "It has to be the blood of a virgin" and made it sound dramatic so I thought it was another request from a royal.  In reality, it was more likely the CIA and others were just doing random blood tests and trying to make a kid think it was for some other reason.  I thought Charles maybe was going to take it to a royal who wanted it.

However, Bill and Hillary were there, and "Brad Pitt" and a Robert Jr.  They had me give the blow job to William Clinton and then they acted like they were going to have me do the same thing for a Robert Jr and then whacked me.

Then we were on some kind of a hay truck.  We went from moving around in this field to hiding out in a hay truck. I think it was imitating an earlier hiding out in a hay truck, but all I knew is supposedly at various times we were "escaping" or trying to escape.

Others I remember potentially being there was possibly "Manny" (Emmanuel Rose) but it could have been Charles Schumacher, because they looked a lot alike and I wasn't sure for that incident.  I knew one of them was sort of a more Sephardic swarthier looking Jew and had features like Rose or Schumacher.  It was one or the other.  I also noticed another Jew there.  There were really filled with a lot of hatred towards me.  I couldn't understand, being a kid or a pre-teen, why their hate level was so high.  I saw this vicious, extreme, almost desperate and pathological hatred from their eyes, and they were determined to do exactly the opposite of what their religion told them to do and wanted to push me down to giving blow jobs so they could look great and videotape it.  What was surprising, was not just the hatred but the level of urgent desperation, as if they were extremely frightened of my influence and abilities and they had to work fast to prevent me from ever being in any kind of career or power, or usurping some kind of plot they'd hatched.  Another woman there was either Melinda Gates or Carol Middleton and I thought maybe it was Melinda but I'm not positive. 

If I am correct, whether it was Melinda or Carol, I believe Mike Middleton was standing at the edge of the trees, and he wasn't really out showing himself for the main event from what I remember, but stood there with a couple of others, possibly because their transportation was back there behind the trees and he was waiting to have them leave.  I think it is possible they arrived by helicopter.  I remember the helicopter noise and then I was knocked out with something.  Actually, he did show up next to the group because I thought, "Is this about Katie?" again and then while they did other things he went to the trees and I believe was preparing their getaway.  There were maybe 6 of them in the circle attacking and then 2 or 3 by the trees, one dark hair who appeared to be Middleton and the others with blond hair like German-American military.  They stole my coat from me after they assaulted me and carried it off with them so I had no coat and was shivering later.

The Jews who assaulted me there were extremely afraid of my potential influence.

It's 2:47 p.m. and I walked to the post office and back and saw several people who were locally involved in violence against me as a child.  One was a post office truck driver and still is, and beat me when I tried to report violence against me. He has a full sleeve of tattoos on his right arm.  He beat me up on Fir St.  and I possibly remember another location.  He was involved with the cops who were concealing sodomy of a child.  His name is possibly Richard but I'm not positive.

An MP type of person driving a truck past me to see my reaction knowing they'd done something bad today, who was behind two other vehicles altogether, had license plates 296 FES and it was a black truck.  Another man who was local and involved in severe electrocution of me with the electrocution device and various auto supplies, and who looks like a photo of "Ivan" my grandmother Connie in Wenatchee showed me, has the same truck with the same plates of 225 BZE.  I tried to report him as a kid and he was involved with an Irish mafia.  He looks sort of Russian but the men he was working with, to torture me secretly, were Irish thugs locally and from around the area.  I wrote his plate number down years ago and was tortured again when it was found.  He is into torture at remote locations, like the woods and using a bunch of automotive and military devices to do it and his pals are Irish criminals.  They drove cars to a location, popped the hoods, and then attached various devices and kept the cars running and then would electrocute and torture.  Most of them were Irish but then an Italian man came to join, possibly a man with plates WHA 299.  From what I remember, one of the presidential candidates also showed up there one time (out in the woods).  He participated in torturing me from the cars running and then they were also electrocuting one of the Robert Jrs.  One of the cops who was always there was "Sean" or "Shawn".

Another person I saw who I recognized was a man in a maroon carvan who looks like one of the Mt. Angel priests who was involved in some things there, and I'm not sure if it's him but it looks like him and someone could check to see if he's ever been clergy or not and he has plates 865 ENC. 

There was a woman driving past who I remember with white short curly hair and a red sweater and a SUV and she looks a lot like Mary Ann McIntosh but it's another woman.  I think it's a woman Mary Ann McIntosh was just supposed to look like when she was moved to the Pacific NW area because the other woman who resembles her, also had something to do with affecting my life.  She was a woman who lied about me and tried to have me given medications and taken to a hospital for electrocution in a tub and she forced one of the Dicksies to agree with a gun.  It was made to appear she was coerced and whether she was or not, I don't know, but she and 2 other women were attempting to control what happened to me and they hated me.  Her name was possibly Margaret, Donna, or MaryAnn, or Martha.  It was like a group of women with saints names.  If MaryAnne ever worked in Coquille or Coos or Oregon, it could have been her, otherwise it was this other woman who is local and looks like her.  It had to have been at a social services place.  I was forced to go there with a Dicksie at some point after I had been forced to walk on the sidewalk in Coquille in camo gear and a rifle.  She acted like she was protesting but then she smirked when they shut the door on me and I was wondering which Dicksie it was that was trying to set me up.

Also, James Cartright forced me to sign up for the U.S. Marines.  I was a pre-teen and it was one of the times he showed up at our house in Moses Lake.  After he told me how great it was to be a Marine, a real "warrior", he produced a paper and said I could be a member too if I signed it and my Dad agreed (Robert Jr).  I thought it was like signing up for any kind of organization membership, no big deal or no conflict and I did.  I remember the Robert Jr. acted extremely upset as if he didn't want me to, and I don't remember if it was coerced from the first or second visit, but I was lied to and signed it.  Leon Panetta was another military man who showed up at our house there in Moses Lake and sat down with me and my Dad.  I went to some kind of boot camp.

I stayed in a barracks with others and then they decided since I was younger to move me to a private room for my "safety" because some of them were picking on me and thought I was "prissy" and resented some kid in the Marines with them.

I had gun training, exercises every morning, and boot camp obstacle courses like tires to jump through, netting to crawl under on my belly with a gun, bridges to cross using balance, ropes to swing from, and I had to run with all of the gear on and two guns, ammo, and everything.  I had to wade through swamps with a gun, and stay overnight perched in a tree on "look-out".  I had to make my bed with 4-corners and get up at 5 a.m. or earlier every morning.  I had a director yell at me until I cried and then forced me to do push ups all the time. 

I was trained to fly but that was outside of Marines and I had that training before being forced to join.  My flight training was partly in the fields of Ohio next to the U.S. Air Force base.  I went to flight school with military and sat in class where they all had flight manuals and didn't give me one.  Someone then gave me some kind of a flight pad where it was like a computerized slate for pilots and pilot-training but I still didn't have a manual and everytime they tried to rub it in, how they weren't giving me one, it was to punish me for doing an operation on someone once without a manual when it was withheld from me.

I was forced out of flight school because of their refusal to give me the operations manual, and I was electrocuted and tortured on NASA property with comments made about how "well, they didn't have a manual so they'd just start cutting me".

This was a revenge hate crime reaction to my being put into medical training as a kid at one point, and directed on how to perform some basic medical operations and tasks, like any doctor.  Then one day after some training, they brought in a man with a wound and said to operate and the man screamed saying, "It's a KID?  You're letting a KID DO MY SURGERY???" and I knew I could do it with reviewing a manual quickly, in an emergency and they wouldn't give me one and said start away.  So I did my best.  From what I remember, I chloroformed him so he wouldn't feel pain and started the surgery.  From what I remember, I did a few surgeries as a kid, and then one day they got mad about my saying, "Where's the manual?" and someone went in and punched me shouting, "where's the manual?  where's the MANUAL???? DO YOU HAVE A LICENSE TO PRACTICE MEDICINE???"

Well, I was a kid--And I was both Doogie Houser the Queen, and an Air Flight Captain--What do YOU think asshole?

Are you fucking messing with ME?

I did a variety of kinds of biological work prior to age 7, and most of the medical work was lobotomies. I liked knowing how the brain worked and dissected and analysed many brains.  I think this is a reason the U.S. military and NASA chose to assault me and torture me with migraines, out of some sick idea they needed to punish me for doing lobotomies as a kid.  I did this in a forensics lab, a mortuary, with my Grandpa Garrett (who went to medical school to be a doctor),  and at Exeter in England (Prince Charles took me there one time) and in Oregon I was taken to medical places and told to operate or shown some things and then beat up or chloroformed.

The jealousy was unbelievable.  I was a true feminists dream kid, and I will tell you something--having a sweet and pretty face is hardly a way to defend oneself against men who are so pissed you're better than they are, as both a child and a woman (or girl).  It's like the ultimate:  getting beat by a "girl".

So I said this. I said, "Don't be such an asshole" because I heard it said by Mary to Edward Howard once and I thought Robert Jr was being a real asshole.

I wasn't ever using a knife as a weapon, such as killing people or animals, or throwing knives. I never did any of that.  What I was taught to use a knife for was forensic work, i.e., examination of cadavers.  I knew how to make an incision in the back to open them up and then look at the parts and sometimes, in one lab, all the parts were preserved in a chemical solution.  We would take out each part and put it in a jar or lab-specialized container in chemicals so it was preserved for later dissection and examination.  It wasn't like some weird cut-shop, I remember the science labs.  So later when my brother Levi was born, and he was lying on his stomach, I went over one time thinking it was a dead body (I was age 3) and had a knife and was going to make an incision in his back.

I didn't think he was awake or alive.  He was probably napping and at age 3, I suddenly just remembered making surgical incisions on people who were dead, or maybe I watched real surgeries too, I don't know.  It wasn't like I was going to start cutting off his limbs, it was to open up the back.  So a Dicksie said oh no, and they moved him to another house and I wasn't around him for a long time because someone thought I might mistakenly do forensic work on him.  However, anyone who supervised closely enough, would know I wouldn't have a knife in my hand.  I remember exactly why I was doing what I was doing and he was lying on the living room carpet in Moses Lake when I was going to do it.  I don't remember anyone photographing me or videotaping me, but just imagine the headline:  "Vicious 3 yr old attempts to kill innocent sleeping baby".  I mean, I was 3.  To my 3 yr. old curiosity, he looked like a science project.  I mean, of course, he was a baby and I was excited about it and knew he was a human being.  But face-down like that, he looked like a cadaver so I assumed it would be interesting to see what was inside.  I hardly think that makes me criminal or mean.  I was also taught to stitch sutures and things.  Most of this was before age 3.

As for killing anything like hunting I don't remember very much.  I think I got a deer with bow and arrow and I tried to catch a fish with my hands once but I don't remember if I did, I think I did.  I tried harpooning, and I shot birds or could do it and knew to twist or break their necks so they didn't suffer.  Most of what I was taught was to be humane and lessen suffering of animals when hunting for food, and to not waste anything if possible.  I think I shot a bear once as well, and I had a bear-tooth necklace I strung along on a string and was very proud of and it was stolen from me.  I had one made of claws or talons as well.  I really liked my bear tooth necklace.  It felt sort of powerful.

One time I remember going out to the woods and there was a bear and I was told where to put the knife if attacked and I sort of remember everyone ran away from it and I ran right up to it, to get under it and stab it.  So I guess that was maybe the one time I used a knife, and it was for a hunt. 

It was a very big deal for awhile--everyone talking about how I'd killed a bear.  I was definitely into Native American, or "natural" kinds of accessories for awhile.  I liked claw and tooth jewelry, and feathers for my hair and other things and I used to entwine a ribbon or a piece of leather through my braids if I wore braids.  When my bear tooth necklace was stolen, it wasn't all at once.  They asked me to give them one tooth at a time and when I didn't want to they took it anyway.  They did this after I commented I didn't know why but it felt like a powerful necklace.  So they started tearing it apart and stole it from me and then I was told when the last bear tooth was gone, see how powerful I was then, and a Robert Jr. beat me with a belt and said, "How powerful are you now?  huh?"

Getting attacked for attempting to follow someone's directions to do a surgery, later, was more hate crime that cropped up as a result of jealousy.

Also, I should add, when I was made to "enlist" in the military, not knowing it was a "special enlistment" (allowed for a special reason prior to age 18 with consent of an adult), it was both Leon Panetta and James Cartright who were there and one talked about the Army and the other talked about the Marines.  I have never seen a paycheck or backpay since I signed up with them, and I went to boot camp and the only way to be discharged is with honors or dishonorably and no one has given me a paper for anything.

I really don't think it's legal to tell a kid, hey be a member for a special project, and not give full disclosure when someone isn't old enough to understand risks, and then send them to boot camp for a summer and secretly use or abuse them and not give them payment.  Not only that, the abuse and electrocution of me was occurring prior to my signing anything, so it's not like the Pentagon can say all of this was in the line or duty as if this was the "special project"--for me to deprived professional growth and repeatedly raped as the government rubber doll.  I spent my entire summer in blazing hot weather on some military fort in the U.S.  And then I was back home as if nothing ever happened and it was just vacation bible school.  I have no papers, medical records, or paychecks from my "enlistment" and they did physicals of me too at the fort.  Towards the end of being at boot camp they began radiating me and using direct energy weapons on me while I was in the room.  I was getting sick from it and I knew it wasn't natural and was from a technology source.

In Oregon then, I was being told to operate on someone and then when I accused the man of being jealous and not wanting a girl to do better at something than him, and when I said, "Don't be an asshole" repeating what I'd heard someone say once, all of these people went after me. This was after he kept yelling about the manual.   He got on a phone pretending to make a call like I did when I pretended to be calling someone to make a report, to protect myself and said, "She called me an asshole" and then the doors burst open and a bunch of Jewish and non-jewish people jumped me and beat me and one was my brother, one was a Robert Jr., one was Nora Krevans, one was Emmanuel Rose (who was there as some kind of wordplay on "manual"), one was a Dicksie, one was Laura (a woman I recognize locally with other things as well), and Melanie, Victoria Lockwood, and Nathan Bechtold.  Another individual pair was Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, and he looked like Bill Clinton and he even said he was Bill Clinton to me or someone else.  I remember it as "Hi, I'm Bill Clinton" (POW-he punches me).  This jumping of me occurred after I was jumped in my apartment while trying to study for an OSU program, or right before (where George Bechtold was present).  Then Nathan came in and tried to get me to do a sexual favor for him and I refused and he hit me and left.  It is possible Lorraine Rose was there because I remember hearing some wild cry from an older woman like "Get her Manny!"  They threw me on my back on the operating table and punched me and beat me, and cut me and then I blacked out. They also held up or brought in some girl that appeared to look like Katie Middleton to do something right before I blacked out.  Between a few dark-haired women, one looked like Jennifer Woods, one like Victoria Lockwood, and another like Nora Krevans and I heard names for all of them but one would be in view and then leave and another in their place instead.  Then they had a repeat of the scene, with a Robert Jr. there with me to start, and a few other people including my Uncle Loren and Granny in the background shrieking, "Get her Honey" to my Grandpa Dick Baird, and Alita, Rani, and Gardenia there with Gardenia being the most vicious (well, with help).

I mean, it's not as though I got roughed up a little.  I was being beaten to the point of blacking out and in some cases I was blacking out right at the point of someone holding up a knife or syringe or gun and then either hitting me hard enough or drugging me.  Gardenia, who I had thought was so nice and sweet, is actually violent. I had wondered what got into her to make her hate me when she wasn't even around me and when I'd only been nice to her when she was a little girl.  She was still younger, but it was surprising.  Basically, one of the others held her up to assault me for them.  Holly Avila was there and it was maybe the only time I ever witnessed her involved in something violent, and it was against me.  Either Pablo or Valetine was there and I think I remember both of them, and another latino or Hispanic man who was taller was also there and I didn't know who he was.

My son having to be raised by any of them, is a kidnapping.

When I was never personally going along with any of them, to assault or attack anyone, it's really bizarre all these people would collude to do this.  Most of them, are doing very well with work secured and no problems with CPS or military or others going after their kids.  Most of them have obtained the top positions at whatever they wanted to do, so it makes you wonder who is organizing the reward system based on sodomizing or assaulting me.

Some plates I saw today, of people locally that were involved in my life in Portland, Oregon and in Coquille at the time, I will include here.  I know one matter involving me went to a court in Portland and it was all secretive and sealed and possibly referenced as a government matter.  It is possible the following woman was involved:  974 GAF  gray haired woman, and possibly she knows Judge Janet Wilson.  YRK 825 I stayed at her house once, or there were smaller aircraft flown from a place she is near or on,  and I think she is CIA, like Mary Cunningham.  RKBLCS plates to a woman I remember always driving around me when I was in Coquille on Fir St., and she worked at the courthouse then.  I remember meeting her or someone who looked like her representing as a lawyer.  ZPB 825 came to my house, on of them, on Fir St. after I was assaulted and expected me to do a sexual favor for him and since he was younger and just testing me I told him to take off.  He said, "Your Dad said I could do something with you."  He showed up and said this, sort of resembling Nathan Bechtold when Bechtold tried the same thing after I was jumped.  A man who looked sort of like James the pharmacist for Safeway, passed today in 969 ENC.  Another man who was familiar to an event I was at had Arizona plates ALH548 and noted was 2712B (or with another J or an L after B) for a black and white plate not matching the front plate, and D.C. plate12577.

A Dicksie today said there was only one birth certificate of her so how do I explain twins or triplets.  I said I saw all of them and anyone could hide them.  I saw triplets.  Like Diana alluded to, "There were 3 of us in the marriage."

Also, at Mary Cunningham's covered pool my brother "Levi" tried to shoot me and a Dicksie showed up and said to stop.  He was pointing the gun at me and saying something like, "This is for Mom." However, I also had the impression he was interested in shooting the Dicksie there too.  I walked in one time and it looked like a Robert Jr was about to shoot a Dicksie and then as I was getting ready to dive, I was being strangled from behind by a Levi or Robert or another man so I became paranoid of diving and would only jump feet first.  It was at this residence, where the covered pool was, that I once woke up at, in one of her bedrooms, after being in another location and tranquilized.  So I was knocked unconscious in some way, and in a room at the Cunninghams and I became extremely frightened because it reminded me of a place I'd been before where very bad things happened.  I was frozen in fear and then a Dicksie walked in and I thought at least I'm seeing a familiar face and asked where I was and it was the house with the covered pool.

There was also some Russian dancing event I went to and everyone danced crouched with arms folded and kicking legs out and they made the Robert Jrs do this and I tried but my legs weren't strong enough for long.  So then a poker was used to poke anytime someone couldn't keep dancing. I think it was a torture experience and for a Robert too, and then I had a drink that knocked me out, but when I got home and practiced the dance, it must have looked strange.  At one point there, wherever it was, after the dancing like that one man forced me to sit on something on his lap, and then said I'd laid a golden egg.  I don't believe it was a Robert Jr. that did this, and I'll have to think back and remember but it would have been between Edward Spencer, a Jr., or Edward Howard or Robert Garrett Sr.,  and I want to say I remember something about a royal but I would have to think about it more and I also remember a Russian next to a Chinese man when it happened, and a Jew.  There was a kind of international group there.

There was also a time prior to my being sodomized, Annette Sandberg had acquired more power as a police officer.  She usually left me alone or was polite and not around that much and then one day she had her SUV and her uniform on and credentials and all of a sudden, she started visiting the house a lot more.  She took a briefcase from a Robert Jr and a Dicksie and put it in the police patrol car and she also had a bag of something in the police car she took out and gave to them.  When one time they didn't have the money or the information or something, or she thought something went wrong, she forced a Robert Jr to bend over and beat him with a pole and then they made him kneel in front of Jim and another man and it seemed they were forcing a Robert Jr to do oral sex for a man.  She got mad at me one day for jumping in the car, as I was trained to do, and said she was arresting me and put handcuffs on me and I said for what and she said "vandalism of government property".  It was because I had spit on the car, saying I didn't like the U.S., and was she a "pig" or not.  I was getting tired of "Annette" because she went from being a respectful decent person to throwing her weight around.  Every time she showed up someone started crying, someone got nervous, someone didn't have all the money, someone didn't get the information correct, someone was in handcuffs and being separated so the other jack-in-the-box could pop up in their place.

It was always turning into bad scenes and since I was around her like a normal person, not as if she was a cop, it didn't seem like that big of a deal to spit on the car.  It wasn't.  It was something I copied that I saw someone do in another country and heard them say.  So I spit on the car and she wanted to arrest me and I said, "That's not vandalism because you can wipe it off.  I didn't damage your car."  She kept saying I was going in and I said, "NO lawyer will listen to a complaint about 'vandalism' by SPIT and besides, it was an accident because I didn't know it would go that far." 

Annette tried putting a gun to my head.  I wasn't acting aggressive or moving around or saying anything unusual, she did from inside the car or with a door blocking her.  It was a more private way of putting a gun to my head, and Jim did, and then Annette said she thought I'd talk and I said I wouldn't tell, and then they said well, you have to do something to your Dad first.  So they told me to get out of the SUV, and told my Dad or someone to lean over (I think my Dad, not my brother) and to beat him with a pole.  I didn't want to and they said if I didn't do it they'd do it harder.  Well, they told a Dicksie and a Robert Jr. to do this to ME as they filmed it or photographed, but then they said I had to do it too, to someone.

The other thing that happened after Annette was rising in her position was when I tried to call 911 when I was being attacked my calls were being diverted, jammed, or not going through.  After I had called 911 for help through the phones when out on the ice, and saved myself from being killed, any time I tried to call for help, the communication was blocked and it was for 911, not just non-emergency.  I was then put into the position of having increasing attacks against me and no way to alert the public even, by a recording to dispatch, to protect myself.

Most of it was during electrocution.  I tried calling for help the few times I escaped and when it was landline the phones were being taken off the hook or disconnected from the wall and if it was a hand-held cordless, the calls to 911 from there were not going through.  On one attempt, instead of getting 911 (and this is when I was a pre-teen or early teen), I had a military-sounding voice talking back to me.  Basically, it sounded like something straight out of the Pentagon. It said, "Who are you talking to?" or something like that and once when I called 911 instead of getting 911, some numeric code was said out loud.  That happened a few times, a kind of numeric code in my ear, and it would seem pointless, except for the fact that I had my ears wired with taps or bugs to pick up audio.  So I guess if someone was at a receiving end of communications and got whatever I heard, and it was transmitted to NSA for example, or a secured section of it, someone from CIA or Pentagon could throw in a code to be sent to Virginia and then passed on to the person intended.  It usually was not just a number and nothing else.  It was usually some kind of alpha-numeric lingo, but short, not long.  I remember one time when my ears were wired because it was at a remote location once, when I was 3 or 4 (it wasn't the first time) and a man at my preschool where I did target practice occasionally wired me by inserting some very fine thin thread wire into my ear.  I am sure it was done earlier than that by another method, but I remember that occasion and I had to sit still for a  long time with someone holding my head while they did it.  One of the men involved ran a carburetor business on the side for race cars.

 For me to have told anyone about it, as a kid, I knew (as a kid) would make me sound crazy because who else has problems with 911?  No one does supposedly.  Supposedly, no one would ever block a 911 call from going through.  Well they did.  I didn't have extreme or unusual phone problems again until 2006, about the time the U.S. was setting up some of the individuals who tortured me as a kid, into high positions of office and government, and around the time they wanted to kidnap my son.

Pg. 201.  E.H. says he went on a tour with Mary to Budapest, with Lee, by train.  He says the Soviets tried to teach her to drink "parachutist" style and Lee toured the war museum and Dnieper river. 

With this I remember being in maybe Budapest or Russia, some Eastern European country like this and after a construction scene chase with Barak Obama and some Jewish and actor group (just because they're actors doesn't mean they're not in another kind of group) I was in a hotel.  I was on Frank Olsen-style stories-high up in a hotel that had a pool out of the windows in front of it.  I had a man getting close to me at the window and trying to push me out, over the ledge, several times.  There was more than one man that tried to push me out of a high window too.  I was at one place that was an apartment with a porch extending out and a railing around it and I sat on the rail and someone tried to push me over and I tightened my grip and got down.  I had another situation where I was inside and the window didn't have a porch really that extended out and if it was open or the glass broke, you were maybe dead.

I have to think about the windows and pushing times I was pushed or thought I was, because there were many, one in Dubai, England, Russia, Budapest, the place where the ballroom was or one of the palaces, an apartment veranda in the U.S., and cliffs of Scotland or Ireland.  There were several times it seemed serious and the potential was there for me to fall to my death and other times it looked more like attempts to panic me for a reason.  I could have died at least 10 of those times, with a few times being closer than others.  I also remember one time the CIA drugged me high to the sky on acid so that I thought I could fly, and had the window open and were encouraging me to try flying and jump and see if I could fly and they would bet I could.

The two times in my life I know for sure I was on LSD and not on opium or weed or another drug, were at my house after Alan Springer was there, and I found some little pill on the floor or got it another way, and saw "bugs" (bad trip) everywhere and the next time, when I was a little older, it was a "good trip" but almost killed me because I thought I could fly on my own, and I had just been to NASA where they allowed me to float around 'weightless' with an ability to fly.  So they used my experience of believing flying was possible, to then have me on LSD in a hotel room being encouraged to try flying out the window.  However it was worded, was in a way that surveillance picking up on it would find it sounded innocuous.  For example it was maybe "No, you can't fly" and I was saying "Yes I can" and a comment made about "you don't have a license" and that kind of thing, like mixing up flying planes with flying like you can fly in NASA space gravity-free chambers.  I remember I was totally drugged, and I moved to the window and no one was close enough to me to grab me if I jumped and then something instinctive made me back away suddenly because it was like a voice pierced the LSD fog(but it wasn't spoken out loud, it was like telepathy or knowing suddenly what to do) and I backed off and realized I had almost died in a moment of sudden delusion from drugs.  It was this feeling of wave after wave of delusional happiness where anything was possible--that kind of drug, and it would peak and then in a split second break or drop in it or trying to grasp the reality, I realized I was in serious danger.  How would anyone explain the levels of drugs in my system?  It was an accident or the labs would be false, or someone would say I accidentally had a bad drink at a restaurant somewhere before going to a hotel? I had a small idea.

Then one time a push out the window was successful and I landed on a curtain for a porch, like one of those stiff material canopies above a doorway to some buildings.  I landed on it.  Some of the men involved had gloves on during their attempts, which was even scarier to think of.  There was a Robert Jr involved in it and a Mike Middleton from England (never without gloves) and Prince Charles was at one place once, with gloves on.
11/3/13.  I will write more about that later.

I have remembered when my Grandpa Garrett was showing me a brain at the orders of a mob that broke into the house in Bonners Ferry, ID.  A few men decided to show up and terrorize me and my Grandpa Garrett, and because he had once wanted to go to medical school, they mocked him about it and told him to give me a lesson in "brains" after they had electrocuted me with the electrocution device.  One of the main leaders was a black man, one was a cop of some kind and I might remember, one was a Robert Jr. and it made me wonder why my Grandpa's son was making him cry, and there were 1-2 others.  They tortured the living daylights out of me, and then sat around saying, "Teach her about brains" and it is one of the only times I thought my Grandpa tried not to cry.  So he gave me a lesson while I watched and then partway through one of them said, "Do I look like a monkey to you?" and began beating Robert Garrett Sr and me both.  I am positive he didn't want his bonds from military or treasury going out the door.  I think he was blackmailed and then told to fake it and make it look good.  I may be wrong about it, or about that part, but I know this mob forced him to give me a "lesson" while abusing me.  They said, "Teach her about Darwinism and evolution of the species" and then mocked him when he did and saying, "Do I look like a monkey to you?"

I don't know if the Robert Garrett Srs were twins or not but someone suggested it to me once.  Sometimes he was nice to me and said I was a source of jealousy from others and then other times he did some abusive things.  I'm not sure.  I know I was shocked as a kid to see a Robert Jr. making his father, a Robert Sr., look upset, with a gun in his hand basically, and the others too.  My impression was they were all there against Robert Sr. and me, at least for that visit.

Which would mean either there were twins, or he put on an act to make it seem he cared about me but didn't, or he did care about me and he was blackmailed and forced to act like he'd wanted to support Katie Middleton's group.

I remember they told him to torture me, with the electrocution device, at gunpoint, and then they said it wasn't good enough and the black man and another man turned it up so I was totally fried.  Then they wanted to mock me and reward themselves with how great they were by saying let's have a brain lesson now, what do you remember now.  Since a Robert Jr was there, either he was all part of Robert Sr.s act, and maybe Robert Sr wanted to do all of this to me, and just wanted to have others make it look like he was forced to do it, but he didn't act like it there.  In that specific example, alone, it was more like we were hostages to them.

There was an exchange of money and people coming and going into the room.  It was either two different situations or made to look like two different situations with people showing up and then leaving to have someone else stand there. 

When I was electrocuted while my Grandpa Garrett told to give a "brain lesson", some of the individuals were a black cop who still works in Bonners Ferry, ID and tried to get me to go into his car with him out in the woods at night when I was there in 2010.  When introductions were made, one of them asked who the Hispanic men were and my Grandpa Garrett said, "that's Pablo and Valentine, the husbands of Dicksies sisters (or Holly and Locklyn Baird)".  Without separating which ones were there in the room with what group, they included:  James Cartright was there, "Whitey" (James Bulger, the man who went to prison) was there, a cop named "Sean" or "Shawn", someone called "Pat" and I was looking around to see if my Aunt Pat was there but it was for a man's name.  George Bechtold; Rick Baken; "Frank" (Italian); Barak Obama; "Joe" (I believe was a name for an Italian); Kevin (tall dark hair); Robert Jr.; later a Dicksie (different time); Tom Garrett; Bill Clinton (or one of the briefcases was going to him); and possibly Ed Howard or someone who looked like him. 

My Grandpa said to give one briefcase to one group, and another briefcase to another, and said "That will take care of the left and the right" and "give this one to Middleton".  I Or maybe he just said 'to Mike".  One name possibly mentioned was Ron and another to Bill.  Dicks' name was mentioned at some point but I don't know what context, and George's name. I also heard something about "Don" once.  I also remember the name "Lance" coming up.  Then one of them, "Shawn" or "Sean" kept beating or hitting my Grandpa on the head saying, "You didn't get it right last time--you're getting old, old man."  He said, nervous and upset but calm, "I gave you the information" and over and over it was "Old're getting old, old man, maybe it's time someone else gets to be BOSS."  Then the Catholics that were there, including Whitey, were vicious.  Whitey wasn't pounding on me as much in Ireland at the house where Leon Panetta showed up, where Mike Middleton was, along with others (Larry for example), but he beat the crap out of me and another man there or looked like he would.  The meanest ones there were the Irish and the Blacks and the Italians.  A couple of Jews too.  I guess most of them were not nice.  Barak Obama was there again, younger, and he was next to Frank, one of the Italians, and Whitey.  My impression was Kevin was from the East Coast because of his accent.  James Cartright wasn't nice either, glaring at me from the side. 

They told me to take off my shirt and I didn't want to but was told to do it.  So I had to take off my shirt in front of them, and the whole time, I was hooked up to the electrocution device.  Then one of them bit my nipples and then someone came over with cymbals from drums, Tom's drum set, and had one in each hand and bashed them together with my head in the middle.  So basically, the torture when someone abducted me from a car that was hijacked in England, and being taken to some apartment where one man started playing a horn and then was blowing it as loud as he could into my ears, was a musical torture theme repeated by some of them there, with cymbals crashed into my head instead.

Then when I was told to get up, at one point, not blacked out yet or recovering, I was tripped deliberately and cried and later at the house my Grandpa said, "Now if you forget some of what just happened, we're in trouble."

Then either the next time or the last time I saw him there at the cabin, he got mad at me about something, and it was after the bridge bashing by politicians and lawyers and jews and then he looked almost like a different Grandpa Garrett, almost like there WERE twin Robert Srs (I guess twins or multiples run in families) but whatever it was he said, "And now I'm taking your daughter" and he forced me to go over to him, picked me up and sat me down hard on top of some object so it pierced my rectum or hurt and I screamed because he did this after what the English did to me and I couldn't understand why in the world my own "relative" had done that to me.  He said that or something about the golden egg and I don't remember I ever visited him after that, at least not by myself.

It is also possible Larry was there, with Gary Goldsmith again, and that Leon Panetta was there because I remembered the name leon and thinking of a "lion" and I believe Larry or one of the other black men said something about that, how he was a lion.  All of this was before Leon Panetta and James Cartright showed up at my house in Moses Lake, Washington and asked me to sign a document for them with a Robert Jr. there at the table in our kitchen.

Also, the same guy who said he was writing a book, David Wise, who had me hostage in his house until I signed something agreeing to go back to the U.S., was also in the field where they forced a Robert Jr to suck blood from the back of a neck of someone like "Dracula" and then took blood from me and forced me to kneel to do an oral sex favor. 

Of the various forced signatures I made, or times I remember being coerced to sign something that wasn't explained to me correctly or with advice or a background explanation of the risks and benefits, were the following:

1.  Signed document (I believe) for David Wise in an FBI hide-out in Europe, which I was told agreed to go to the U.S. but could have been anything, and it was forced.

2.  Signed document to give up rights to the English throne as Queen.  I believe the location was England but most of the people looked different from regular royals and were either the other ones (I was told, extended family) or that specific event wasn't in England, but it seemed important because then I was in England going through other things.  It was done after I was told what my genealogy was.  If I literally signed anything away, it was without advisement and an impromptu coercion.

3.  Signed document for "special enlistment" in Pentagon. I kept asking them if it meant I was enlisting and said I didn't want to, and they said no, it's not, but then I was sent to boot camp after signing and they got a parental signature.

There were a few other signatures, and this is all before the age of 12 except for the Pentagon one.  I had my passport and birth certificates stolen from me by the FBI and Secret Service. 

Another thing I forgot to mention was when I was being beat on the operating table, two different times, the first time was with a woman they were shouting out as named "Jenny" and she got on top of me and started punching and then had this kid that looked like Katie Middleton raised up behind her, to be her "halo".  Seriously.  It was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

Then the next time on the table it was with Gardenia being held up but wasn't anything like what they'd done the other time. 

On that topic, of wondering why in the world all these people would attempt to construct drama like this around beating me up, when I wasn't beating any of them up, I remember I was asked about massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons after meeting Valerie Plame in London, England, at her college, where she said she dealt in munitions for the CIA.

Well, it's a little odd Katie Middleton is just right next door to her, especially with her Dad taking me to Ireland to be beat up by FBI and Pentagon officials, and then she's taking a trip to the Seyshelles Islands (pronounced say-shells).  I've mentioned it before but one of the topics that was brought up to me, later in the U.S., was about nuclear warheads.

And basically, the CIA and Pentagon and NASA have behaved themselves very poorly, with jealous vendettas and attempts to torture me if I don't join them. 

I was asked what I thought about neutron bombs versus fission bombs, before I was 13 years old.  I was asked which I'd buy and stockpile and which would seem to be a wise investment if purchasing nukes.  So it was explained to me neutron bombs did less explosive damage but penetrated through structures and armory like tanks and caused biological damage over a wider area.  Fission bombs exploded buildings and structures by blasts.  The other thing explained was the half life of neutron bombs was significantly less than the other, at 12 years, or so, when the rate of elimination of radioactive waste is currently being listed to take thousands or 10s of thousands of years, to upwards of a million years.  It has a shell, and is therefore secure in storage whereas others are more precarious.  I was asked and said what I thought and then all of a sudden, it was getting twisted around and used against me, as if I was some horrible person who preferred weapons for slow deaths than blasts that killed people in a wider radius and leveled everything around it. 

So the CIA didn't "get me" because I rejected their offer, and then they torture me and allow other departments to torture me, with ionizing energy and other forms, as if I am the one who did something wrong when they are the ones who have collectively supported sodomy of me with repeated gang-bangs by those they then rewarded with the highest positions in office.

Not to mention, what is the point of having a "lesson" from the Jewish alphabet made in a house where Barak Obama raped me, like some kind of sequel to the "brain lesson" I was forced to hear while being electrocuted with a group of gang-bangers in Bonners Ferry, Idaho?
I have more to write about people who showed up to deliver torture devices and money, and also I was thinking about it more and it's possible Edward wasn't the one who punched me at the apartment.  I'll write more tomorrow.

I know a man who looked like him did assault me one or two times but I can describe the situation in a moment.

11/6/13.  Some of the things that occurred with my parents (and there ARE twins and triplets of them) included my mother and father getting really weird after Katie Middleton was born.  At least one set of them did.

I had some bizarre things done to me, such as sitting me on top of pointed stars of a Christmas tree, which hurt my rear-end, by her family (Loren Baird) and by my Dad's side, (Corbin Ball came over), and then people who were not members of my family (Larry, Stanley Ann Dunham, and Barak). 

I was also hung up on a Christmas tree in a bunting bag, on a tree that I always thought was in Sweden, and had burning candles lit and I remember how I felt and my Mom looking at me.  I was so upset and she just smirked at me, and I was a baby and got angry at her and pulled the cords around me that held the candles and from what I remember, it knocked everything down and then there was this look of fear on my Mom's face, because she knew, as a baby, I was noticing what she was doing to me and I wasn't going to forget.  Carol Middleton was also there.

So hanging on a cross later, was sort of like being hung on a Christmas tree, but I was a baby when the Christmas tree event happened and most people would think I'd never remember but I never forgot.

The Middletons and my parents were involved with each other before Katie was ever born and when she was born, my life just got worse.

I also saw my parents separated at least one or two times and one time, it was a cop named "Mike" who was making out with mother under or by a Christmas tree, and another time, at the Clinton's house, it was Bill Clinton making out with my mother.

Then, at some point, one of the Dicksies really didn't like me and tied me to a metal stake, against my back, and I was forced to lie on it for days and Katie helped tie me and watched.  Then she would come to check on me, and she had me stand upright and with stakes on my back, and then tied my arms up so I couldn't bring them down and they hurt.  I was forced into postures of torture, for one entire week while Katie stayed in my bedroom. I was completely shocked with the length and cruelty of this torture, in a private shed where no one even knew I was there.

Then, I was trying to take the phone to call police when I was about to be tortured and one of the Dicksies said, "Hand it over."  So I was told to hand over the phone to her and I lost it, after all she was doing to me, and said, "You're telling me to hand over a phone?" and there was something said about taking things and I had only stolen gum once from a store as a kid, and I went to my room and started making up a song loudly, after accusing her of uniting with Katie Middleton, and with her accusing me of being a "shoplifter" I said, "Maybe the shoplifters of the world should unite against those who hurt kids" and I sang, "Shoplifter's of the world, united take over... Hand it over.  Hand it over. Hand it over!" and I was screaming this or, singing very loudly and almost hysterically and gleefully.  I also sang and added "I was bored before it even started" with regard to a "program" they had for me.  She was wearing this t-shirt that had a world on it, like an earth, and I accused her of wanting to rule the world.

So then she got a smirk and said, "I think that's my favorite song you've made up."  Then, she went nuts.  I mean, she acted very calm but I didn't realize everyone was going to start stealing everything I owned to give to Katie Middleton.    And then my Dad got extremely furious.  One of the Bob's was so mad at me he kept telling me, after he calmed down, that Prince Charles and all the royals really liked dancing and dance performances and to dance like him and copy him and then dance for them that way and they'd really like it.  So he told me to repeatedly dance with my hips going in a circle, and then later once to one side and then the other side. 

So then "The Smiths" came up with a song, that uses my entire song I was singing in my house.  And the dance the lead singer is doing, is exactly what I was taught to do, and no one liked it from the royals because it was sort of vulgar, or odd, and I felt humiliated.  Diana saw the entire dance and I remember how she looked when I did it, and there were others there too.  I did it right in front of her.  Even the part where he says, "Well nevermind, nevermind" and how he acts and folds his arms is how I used to say this.

I don't know if he got my entire song from another way, like surveillance, and that is possible, and maybe he wanted to cover it up later he came up with this other scene, but we were in London, me and my Mom one day.  I had a purse with me and my Mom had said keep this cassette tape for me for a moment, will you.  So I had it in my purse and then this man, the lead singer of "The Smiths" wanted to walk around with me and my mother was talking to someone else so she just nodded and I walked with him.  We sat up on a windowseat area, where there was a place to sit looking out over the city, and I had always liked window seats.  So he asked me what I did and if I liked music and what kind and did I write music, or compose seriously.  I told him I didn't know how to write music but I made up songs all the time. 

So we talked and then all of a sudden, he pushed me and in the push I didn't realize he stole my purse.  This was a totally different purse-snatching event than the one where I had my purse stolen and then was raped by a mob at an apartment rented to Edward Howard when he was there.  I had thought he was so good-looking and enjoyed talking to him and he was in a band he said so I wanted to hear about it and I didn't realize he had stolen my purse until I was back with my mother and then he passed by from a distance and I saw my mother (one of the Dicksies) smirking and then I looked up and it was HIM, and he was smiling at her like they were in cahoots together and I said to my mother, "He stole my purse!  Mom, that guy that I was just hanging out with stole my purse and it had everything in it."

If he didn't get my song from surveillance in my house, that was broadcast to a bunch of people, he got it then, possibly, from the cassette tape.

The thing is, he didn't know how I danced or what my mannerisms were so the only way he would get that would be if someone had a hidden camera on me.  I said, in the past on my blog, that I didn't know if he was looking at me or my Mom or if he liked me or not.  Well, I was being tentative and hesitant to say exactly how it was, because I wasn't sure it would be a good idea to say he didn't seem to like me at all.

But he didn't.  I got the clear impression he did not like me one bit, but he smiled over at my Mom and he liked her for some reason.  So now when I see this flagrant rip-off of one of my own original songs, back in the 80s, it is almost to mock me I think, and then make a hit off of songs that were mine.  I have had certain artists stealing my music and song ideas since I was a kid.  Where he sings about silver on the shoulder, and a plastic gown, 6 months of a year, this happened to me.  I had plates put on the tops of my shoulders and I also had brackets and metal around my head for electrocution.  In addition to this, at one point, I was on a leg-stretching machine with my legs in metal braces like a kid with polio.  I was in bed most of the time that way and it was extremely painful.

That is not even to mention Alan Springer repeatedly torturing me or even being at the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh and getting electrocuted there.  This one man was supposedly teaching me physics I thought.  I was an eager student and thought I might learn something and Prince Charles introduced me to him and then he and some colleagues got out the electrocution box and electrocuted me.

As for a "hand on my shoulder", it was a routine of some to put their hand on my shoulder and then assault me by injections or electrocution, sometimes, for other things.  I started to get scared anytime anyone put their hand on my shoulder by the time I was older, when I'd have a flashback and remember, so when Barak Obama did this to me at my house in Moses Lake, I was scared because I knew he was borrowing something from someone who was torturing me.   Even seeing my kindergarten photo with Mrs. Buckley behind me and one of her hands on my shoulder, creeps me out now, because it doesn't look innocuous anymore.

I was extremely disappointed about the lead singer for The Smiths.  I wanted to be in a band, a music band, and I had a lot of song ideas to contribute.  However, instead of letting me be part of something, and sharing profits with me, I was getting ripped off.  I mean, seriously ripped off.

The Dicksie in Moses Lake who said she liked my song also said something about we'll see about that.  I said what and she said, "taking over" and said it was a good idea.  So  my purse was stolen from me by "The Smiths", who took a cassette tape in my purse with them, and then I had a purse stolen from me at the bottom of stairs to an apartment where I was mob-raped with  a vibrator and given a "Rock & Roll" hat, which was then to be given to Katie Middleton.

I also remember the Dicksie who was standing there when I went walking with The Smiths guy, was nodding like she maybe didn't want me to go and someone, another woman wanted me to, and had her hand on my Mom's shoulder while talking to her.  So I was confused because the Dicksie that had not wanted me to leave perhaps, or was controlled, on the other hand when I went back, that Dicksie was smirking happily with The Smith's man off in the distance.  The other woman was probably Joy Sterling.

I love how The Smiths kept true to my song, because it's almost the exact same thing, but to music, and the ideas for how to set it, are what I would have approved of.  However, what disappoints me, is that I was getting seriously tortured, and while some were wanting me to look less intelligent than I was, others (or their friends) were robbing all of my intellectual property, my songs, my poems, and then not allowing me to become established in research or developed as an intellectual.  I was very intellectual and wanted to work on something and they kept moving me around, "Girl Interrupted" interrupted about 120,000,000,000,000 times in addition with torture.

So many people made money off of me.

I am being tortured again right now and it's 10:14 p.m. and the stent to my heart, or that's in my chest is being targeted.

In addition to the electrocution box and electrocution in cars with wires short-wired or something, and water thrown on me, there were two rectangular metal plates that were hung up on a hook and used to torture me with and a Dicksie and a Robert Jr. used them.  I can go into more detail about that.  The other once done to me was I had my fingers tied up by wires from the electrical outlet where the light switch was.  So the light switch was removed, and wires for it hung down and I had my fingers tied to it and had to sit against the wall that way.  I was also electrocuted through regular wall outlets.

It's possible one reason my parents got nervous about the candle holders I bought and put on my wall was because they were similar to the metal they used on me to torture me and ruin my mind.

I just drew the basic design.  The tops were not just holes in the center though but more like small loops to put over a nail in the wall or peg.  They were slightly taller and thinner than this, and would fit 8" tapers.  The frame around the edge was rolled in shape and raised and the back was cut outs from the metal in the shape of tree leaves.  So then one day after I was tortured, someone put two nuts in the holder where I usually had candles, and they stole the candles.

I'll draw a more diamond top and bottom to this later, just use your imagination for now with the holders because I am going to try to get through more of the E.H. book.

I had all of these memories come back which are all over the place because some of them were from one of these "around the world in 60 days" kinds of trips (plane travel) or 180 days whatever it was, and we literally went to a bunch of international places and had more things happen and then I was assaulted in Oregon too and had a lot of crazy things done to me there.

I was hospitalized for "MRI" on a regular basis.  The U.S. was coming up with all kinds of ways and excuses to torture me, with electrocution, and other forms, and then MRI me.  It wasn't like "Oh nice relaxing TENS machine vibrations" kind of electrocution.  It was extremely painful.  I used to scream and try to run and then it was to the point that the more I tried to run, the more I had other physical beatings, punishment, guns to my head, and any other kind of retaliation for my attempt to flee.  So they got me to the point of being a silent lamb to the slaughter.

It wasn't that it didn't hurt.  It was excruciating pain and prolonged pain.  It was that I was forced to be silent or be hurt worse, which was how they also conditioned me to be for being sodomized and set up to be raped. 

They thought, the FBI thought, they could torture me by electrocution and force me to be quiet and then they'd take the show on the road to the professional inside offices of the FBI and have me be the quiet lamb so it looked like it really didn't bother me that much.  They had conditioned me and tortured me to be silent so the FBI could lie and say no harm was being done to me or it wasn't so bad.

It was so bad, that I sobbed and screamed hysterically, to stay with Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, rather than go back home to Bob and Dicksie Garrett and their whacked out of the head neighbor Alan Springer.  Gary Ridgway was scary a few times too, but given the choice, I'd have stayed with him and his wife rather than my "Mom" and "Dad" and their fucked-up FBI friends.  The FBI was 100% backing them and involved in my being tortured and electrocuted and if they could think that was okay to do, they also thought it was fine for Barak Obama to rape me and for other politicians to sodomize me.

I screamed at first when I was sodomized but they would either knock me out, muffle me, or I would quit screaming out of shock, and being used to having to be silent and forced to suffer without making any noise or be tortured worse.

The FBI did know I was suffering and in constant pain, or they and the local police crews wouldn't have then heaped on more assaults in offices at their headquarters where they punched me, kicked me, and practiced martial arts on me; others, swung objects at me and broke my legs, and pushed on my neck and arm so long until something cracked that sounded like a bone.  So it wasn't like they just had me in their offices to be electrocuted with a box that must not have been as bad as I claim it was.  It had enough voltage in it to put the entire room out of electricity.  That's an FBI office that has multiple devices plugged in on a regular basis for projects and conferences and doesn't have electrical shortages.

I left with exit wounds, and blisters on my body along with damage to my head from it.  Sometimes the blisters formed on my tongue after they electrocuted me, other times, the bottoms of my feet, and sometimes some other odd place.  Mostly it was my tongue, hands, and feet and of those places, mostly my tongue and feet.

I just looked up some photos that match the kind of burns I had.  The purplish blotchy burn is something that happened to my feet from it all the time.  I also had deeper burns.  The only one, out of all the photos I don't specifically remember is maybe the first one, that deeper round blistering burn.  I don't specifically remember it, but I remember irregular shaped blistering burns like shown in the other photos.  I was burned badly enough one time I was in the hospital for the burn alone.  My feet were almost solid purple like in the one photo and I had a burn on my side that was large, like the man in the photo with the underwear on.

It was the result of electrocution, not touching fire or accidentally running into an explosive or having something burning fall on me (like wood from a fire or something).  I had severe burns from being electrocuted. 

I was electrocuted so much, like I said, they forced me to be quiet or have it done worse.  So when the FBI sat there and watched and participated, they were worse than any "Nazi".

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