Tuesday, December 10, 2013

UPDATED: Video Taped Evidence of Assassination Plots Against Me (from the Secret Room or Safe Room)

I tried to back out of rock climbing for good after the assassination attempt.  Note how Canadian Ross was there too (in the helicopter), because later a Canadian adoptee to FBI in the U.S. (Mike Middleton) tried to assassinate me by hijacking my car and rolling it.  When I was told we were all going rock climbing again I said, "NOo!  I don't want to go."  I always wanted to do athletic and outdoor things, or travel.  I loved going places.  But there was NO way, and I was forced to go anyway and scared the whole time--terrified.  It was like after that attempt another event had to be made in an attempt to try to confuse or mix up my memory about what happened, who was there, etc.

After that time, I never went again and in high school, when Robin Bechtold asked about my rock climbing, no one in my family denied we ever went rock climbing. NOW? Dicksie is denying any of us ever went rock climbing, ever.  I think it's new denial based on the scariness of Valerie Plames CIA exposure.

I mean we had ropes, harnesses, stakes, everything and we went more than a couple of times and suddenly "it never happened".  Right.  And I have sprouts growing out of my ears and cornfields growing from my bra.

It's like when I was given the cedar hope chest and everyone knew it was a birthday present to me until after 2004, after my Grandpa Garrett (related? or not?) and Edward Lee Howard (CIA defector, supposedly my bio-father) died.  Then all of a sudden, "No one gave you that.  It was never yours."

Talk about The Reconstruction Era.

Yes, I did travel around the world.  It's a fact and the last time I saw my passport as a minor was when the FBI took it from me, telling me, "You don't have to give it to us, we just want to look at it and then we'll give it back to you."

As to being put inside a cryobank freezer in Denver, CO, the other places I was shut into were a smokehouse, a closet with toxic fumes, and then on a different note, once I went to a safe room inside of a house that had a place you opened and you could lock yourself in.  There is a Jodie Foster movie with something pretty much like it, where you use a remote and there were buttons or something and once you were in, it was airtight and no one could get to you (for emergencies) and it had a camera monitor for the house inside.  I had to give someone shots inside of there.  One time I had to have a shot of an antidote to a poison. There were medicines, syringes, a food supply, blankets, a few other comfort items, a screen that showed video cameras playing from in and around the house.  It was solid steel, like some kind of huge human safe.

She wanted me to witness some things.  I watched the live footage from the hidden cameras because she had me there to witness.  I also remember one of the kids that went in with us a few times had seizures and I think was given medication, not a shot. There wasn't much to do so I played with him, with a ball.   I was supposed to give the shot to the adult in their thigh.  There was also music that could be played in there which I loved.  Once it was opera and it was thrilling.  Which reminds me of a time I visited a prison camp of some kind once, and they asked what I wanted to play over the speakers for the prisoners and I said, "Opera".  So the guard turned on the speakers that went over the prison courtyard, and played opera.  It seemed to be a big hit.  This beautiful voice came on and filled the air and the sound system didn't even sound bad. 

One of the people I witnessed from the camera playing, by the screen inside the safe room, was Prince Charles.  Another I witnessed was a Baird brother and I was completely shocked, thinking, how did he get over here?  This may sound strange, but another person was a woman who looked like Maryann McIntosh.  Why she would be there, I have no idea.  She was on video, talking to a Baird, and I had the impression it was live play.

I saw a few different clips running live at different times and from one I got upset but didn't show it, shocked someone was talking about me like they didn't like me when they always acted like they did like me.  In another, someone sounded like they were planning a hit against me.  I should not say "it sounded like" because that's what it was.  It was made plain enough that anyone would have understood that much. 

At first I thought it was maybe Camilla but then they called her Maryann and she introduced herself to one person as "Maryann McIntosh".  It's possible someone played a recorded video for me but I thought it was live--that's how I understood it because I saw them come in, and then greet each other and then start talking.  It sounded to me like they were talking about what to do about me (kill me)--what to do about her, and how.

Then in another video, one of the persons was one of the Robert Jrs, and he was talking to Prince Charles about putting a hit on me.  I was stunned because I thought, Prince Charles is a gangster?  Not only that, it sounded like the Robert asking HIM what do or how to do it and it was to "get rid of" me, and was obviously to kill me.  I felt saddened because I had always thought Charles liked me and he'd told me he "loved me" once and then he was there with my "Dad", one of the Roberts, about him putting a hit on me.  It sort of sounded like he asked Charles but maybe Charles consulted him or the Robert Jr. was to carry it out.  Robert was walking up the stairs and meeting Charles at the top and then I could see him in front, facing the camera and Charles was to the side.    One time, it was not Charles and a Robert talking, it was just Prince Charles and talking to another royal, making fun of me

Then in the other video, it was a Baird brother (or two) and Maryann McIntosh. 

I saw these prior to ending up in Bonners Ferry, ID with Maryann asking if "Gary" was coming to pick me up.

Diana showed them to me.  Diana Spencer.

Then one time, I was in the room watching and Charles was there and I suddenly didn't see him and then the door went open and he was livid that I was there.  He somehow got suspicious someone was in the secret room.  That was the last time I was ever in it.  Possibly one of the Roberts, or some man I thought was my Dad, let me see the footage with the Baird and McIntosh.  I think after they talked for awhile, possibly Camilla did enter the picture but it was first, and mostly Maryann McIntosh.  One of the Roberts seemed scared, or a man did, and another went in and beat me up.  Then a couple of times, one time my brother Levi was inside it, or one like it, with me and they had Katie Middleton go inside with me and got mad when I made a comment about her.  I really liked the music and was there for very long periods of time sometimes, for awhile.  I couldn't read in there, when one of the Roberts was inside because there was some kind of technology against me.  It always started when Robert Jr. or a Dicksie or my brother went in.  I figured one of them was bringing in some kind of technology that caused the pain and odd sensations.  So I listened to the music and then one day one of the Roberts said Levi really seemed to like the music, commenting to another.  The Middletons, both Carol and Mike, not just Katie, were inside of it once, when I was with others.  I had my feelings sort of hurt because he never seemed to care or pay attention, and never said anything and I said, "Dad, I'm the one who likes music."  Or what I meant or said was I was the one who had commented that I liked that kind of music.  So they looked ruffled about that, like I was begrudging my brother. 

Then someone made a comment about how Katie was really keen and "she's a sharp gal" for looking at the technology there.  I just sat there, looking at her and thought, "She's doing what any kid would do--nothing spectacular."  It was one time Mike and Carol were both there, with Katie and me and my family. 

I later told Edward Spencer (Johnny) about some of the music and he said what kind did they play?  And I said, "Opera" (he nodded), and I said, "and jazz" (he scowled and shifted around in his seat, and said, "I hate jazz.").  I said "You hate jazz?  Why?"  He said, "It's a bunch of garbage" or something like that or just shook his head sort of and mumbled.  He didn't protest about classical or opera, but he said he hated jazz.  So I told my parents later, nonchalantly, sort of absentmindedly one day, stating a fact I thought they didn't know:  "Johnny hates jazz."  Then I asked why did they think he would hate jazz?  I answered myself and said, "I don't know why.  He didn't really say. Maybe he doesn't like all those horns."

Knowing Johnny hated jazz, Katie Fallon (from Moses Lake, WA) told me one day, "I don't think you should take ballet.  I think you should take jazz lessons."  I said, "I want to take ballet".  She said, "I think you'd be better at jazz or modern."  I said, "Why do you think I should take jazz?" and she said, "It's faster" and then she said, "Or maybe tap".

When I write about the assassination plots against me, which I viewed, I believe someone decided to sneak them into me while I was there for "other reasons".  So I got to see a bunch of evidence which looked like my own family plotting to murder me.

Now that I think about it, they must have been pre-recorded tapes because someone brought them into me.  On one occasion, one of the things I saw looked live.  But I saw some video footage of both the Robert Garrett Jr. plotting to murder me (with Prince Charles) and 2 of the Baird brothers (not Jay, the one who died) plotting to do something, with Maryann McIntosh.  Bob Baird and Dick Baird were there, and I thought how in the world did they manage to get on a flight to England?  I never heard of them traveling or flying anywhere.  They worked locally, near their homes, at the farm.  When they were taped, they were dressed the way they usually were, not dressed up for any special occasion.  Casual attire, basically.

I saw these video tapes prior to the gang bang assault by the U.S. and some other internationals against me.  First someone snuck in video tapes for me to witness my entire family plotting to murder me, and some notable English royals, and then someone snuck tapes to me at a German man's house and he did some strange things, but he did show me the tapes.  I think, possibly, when he was determined to call me Elizabeth, I had said I needed a nickname and I couldn't think of anything because he said my name had to be Elizabeth.  So first he had his heart set on calling me Elizabeth.  When I mentioned a nickname he smirked and then I offered suggestions as did he and I said, "How about Bee?" or maybe he said "Bee".  I said okay but it seemed sort of strange and then the next thing I knew he had a cobweb design made of string and ropes in his house and then he tied me into it and said, "Bee, you're caught in my web."  At one point, instead of looking scared, like I think he thought I'd be, because he acted scary when he did this, and mean,  I looked straight at him and said, "BZzzzzz."  Which totally threw him off guard because he did NOT expect me to make a "BZZZZzzzz" sound when I was a hostage prisoner.  So this made him smile and he said, "I like you."   He had left me like that for an entire day and my body was tired of being in the "web" but after I made the bee buzzing noise as an answer to his comment, he untied me and started showing me video tapes of what people were doing.  Some of the video tapes were of me in a hotel room, I believe the Hilton, when I had gone there once with a Robert Jr. I think, and the FBI was waiting to interrogate him.  I had my own room and then I found out, my every move was spied on and recorded and someone somehow got the tapes.  They also showed me, with FBI agents, as they were asking me questions and I was in the room.  Then there were tapes that showed me being molested and abused and tortured.  One of the tapes documented my being hypnotized.  I watched as right on camera, unknowing there was a hidden camera recording this, I was hypnotized and then I was doing what the hypnotist told me to do, and when he snapped or did whatever to wake me up, I acted like nothing had happened and it was obvious I didn't know I'd been hypnotized.  It was the only video evidence I have seen, that showed how the U.S. was illegally and grossly invading my privacy.  When I saw the video tape I remembered the occasion of being there, and the person, and the room and some of the things I did, but I did not remember anything that happened while I was under hypnosis.  It was also in a hotel room somewhere or an office.

I know for a fact, the U.S. started doing this with my son Oliver the minute they kidnapped him from me.  My son showed me what they were doing to induce hypnosis in him, and he showed me this at a CPS visit with Anne Crane, who is an FBI agent, present. It was close to the last visit I had with him because the fact I was alerted to his being hypnotized, in addition to bruises and obvious evidence of torture against, was a reason for corrupt CPS workers to push me out of seeing him at all anymore.  Anne Crane had a hands-on role in electrocuting me herself, and took charge of controls, inside the Seattle FBI offices, when I was a pre-teen, so she is a criminal that gets the FBI stamp of approval.

Additionally, it was cops and FBI who were watching me when I was hypnotized.  They were there to see a "demo" of how I was hypnotized and controlled and didn't realize it when I woke up.  There was also a couple of mafia and they were part of the cops and FBI groups with maybe one military man or someone who was both military and FBI or a cop.  From what I saw, they were Italian.  Dan Gatti was in one of them.  I know his name was Dan Gatti because he said so on the tape.  Greg Smith was also there.  They introduced themselves to cops with their full names.  This was a decade before I ended up meeting them again, when a stranger approached me one day and said if I needed a lawyer, Dan Gatti could help me.  He didn't help me.  He and Greg Smith ended up defaming me as "mentally ill" to the Oregon State Bar.

Some of the other men, one was a small group with a few men who were Jewish.  This was in another tape.  It was when I was watching that one, that the apartment was broken into. 

I am pretty sure the German man was shot in the head.  It wasn't like they spent time talking to him, sitting him down to interrogate him, or even electrocuted him first or tortured him.  I just remember a gun to his head and he fell.  There was maybe a half hour at most from the time they broke into the house to the time he was down.  It felt more like about 10-15 minutes.  Someone told him his time was up.

If it was a stun gun, maybe.  He was dragged out on a tarp unconscious or dead.  It's possible, of course, that it was a stun gun, and I don't remember blood all over.  I do know someone once had me in a room questioning me about blood spatter and direction and I'm not sure what it was for.  I remember some cop or FBI was trying to recreate what happened and wanted to change the facts.  I said it was one way, and he wanted it to be a different way, to fit his own theory and who to blame.  I remember FBI was involved and that one of the Robert Jrs kept trying to get me to say it was one way and not the actual way I witnessed it, and the FBI and cop were trying to get that from me too.  Even though I held my ground and said No, I remember how it was and it wasn't that way, they still tried to document it the other way and I think I knew because they forced me to then read it and sign it, as a witness statement, even though I told them that's not right and it's not what I said.  What I thought at the time, was they were trying to frame me or implicate me and I remembered thinking, "Why is my Dad trying to get me to say something that is not correct and would also make it sound like I had pulled a trigger or shot someone?"  I was there, and I witnessed what happened and I was not shooting that person.  I remember that all of a sudden, he acted really angry and accusatory and the thing was, I knew he knew what the truth was.  It wasn't like he thought something and was making a mistake--he was directly trying to pin me with something, and then this hatred against me began to build and suddenly, it was like this excuse to go on rampage against me with a bunch of U.S. government employees.  From what I remember, in that specific instance, even thought I didn't "tell on" her, it was my mother who pulled the trigger and then they sat there trying to change facts.  All of them.  The entire fucking FBI.   I also remember all of the U.S. gang-bang against me by officials was after this too, so someone in intelligence had something to hide by detracting with hate crimes against me.  From what I remember, I'm not sure, but whatever that situation was, I remember fucking George Bechtold lying about me too, and he was present at the time of the shooting.  It was a man that died, I think.

Another time the FBI tried to kill me, they put me in a meth lab that was set on fire.  Real fun.  The police were always riding on my tail-coats of glory.  It was a long rectangular building, enclosed like a greenhouse and with low ceilings and was cooking meth.  They gave me a spoon for stirring.  That's the FBI for you--Friend of the children.  I was taught chemical formulas for making it, and had to make it and cook it and stirred it with a spoon and then one day the entire place blew up.  It blew up, burst into flames, and the police sirens started and they pulled up and there I was, with soot on my face.  Still ALIVE!  The FBI wasn't so lucky after all.  You can imagine how safe my son is with the U.S. as his "guardian" and the Avilas for parents and the corrupt government community of Washington state.  While the FBI laundered all of this money over to Katie Middleton, what was she doing?  Was she stirring pots of meth and crack cocaine?  Or was she just fucking taking my money.

At any rate, I didn't see any blood with this man, and he was dragged across the floor and then I think he was rolled into a rug or something so it wasn't noticeable when a body or a man was going out of the house.  He got loaded into a van.  There was a van, like a construction van, and a vehicle sort of like a linen diaper van (taller and stout) or like you would see an oversize ice-cream truck, and at least one car.  Some dark-haired woman was in the ice-cream truck get-up, with a man.  It was really odd, because their entire practice of "move 'em in and move 'em out"--the method, was identical to what was done against me in Seattle when the rape and electrocution of me by Barak Obama was done.

It was like, car move in.  Break in.  (or crime committed).  People packing up a victim and putting things into vehicles.  Smiles between the people in the group, like they'd just had a potluck together.  Cars take off.  Even though they spent some time electrocuting one of the Roberts, the rest of it was a quick move, move, move, and chop-chop-chop.  Someone always had a backpack or duffel bag.

They put all of the video tapes this man had for me to watch, into the duffel bag.  One of the other tapes, that scared me, showed me being electrocuted and a man trying to get a blow job.  I got so upset seeing it, I turned it off for a minute and couldn't watch it.

One of the men in the group that had some Jewish men in it, was named David.  I also remember someone by the name Synkowski.  I am pretty sure one of the other ones had the last name Moss.  I am not positive, but I think so.  There was an Alan Koch I think.  Actually, I think David was a Koch.  Dave Koch.  It was David Koch, a Synkowski (bruce or brian?), and another guy.  The man "Daniel" who was Jewish and Gary Goldsmith's friend, I had maybe seen before I was raped by Barak Obama but I'm not sure where.  Possibly overseas, and possibly in a gun-weapons market group if it was the same one that was blowing horns loudly into my ears when I was a baby.  It is remotely possible his last name was Moss, but I don't remember or know his last name for sure, at least not definitely, to memory, at this time.

Back to the meth lab, you know, all of the "workers" that were there, split before it was about to blow.  They knew it was going to blow up or thought it might, and they got out.  No one told me to get out.  The FBI team just waited for me to get blown up.  My parents, Robert and Dicksie or either version of each (since they're both sets of twins), were not working in the meth lab.  I was.  I was told to work in the meth lab "Since you're smarter than Katie Middleton".  Basically, I was sent there to have my brain affected, and to get blown up.  One guy showed me some things in a quick tutorial and then he said I was running it.  I handled everything, and mixed it, and then everyone left as they were ready for it to explode.  THAT is the FBI.  THAT FBI also exposed me to Josh Gatov and his friends so he could target me later.  The U.S. FBI assaulted me in their offices, beat me and electrocuted me, while I was trying to take college courses as a pre-teen and then to spite me over Katie Middleton again, they set me up to cook meth and blow myself up or kill myself through another "accident".  All I knew, was I was "cooking" with "chemicals". Stir, stir, stir.  I did not go to the hospital because of burns from that explosion either. I went before then, because of electrocution exit wounds from the FBI that then the FBI had a Robert and Levi Garrett cover for them by electrocuting me worse themselves.  I had soot on my face from the explosion from the meth lab--I was not burned.  However, you know...it's not looking too good for the FBI is it?  Let's just bump off Cameo now.  Do you have Valerie Plame's number?  Nothing like some London action.

Let's remember something.  My "mother", or one of the Dicksies, was announcing herself as an "Agent" before cutting my line to murder me with CIA's Valerie Plame and one of the Robert's was piloting a "Property of the U.S." helicopter to pick her up with that group.  I was the kid.  They were WORKING for the U.S. government and did I ever get paid for their use and abuse of me? 

I want my son returned.  Anyone, in their right mind, can see why.

And what was the whole idea of having Katie Middleton lead me through an underground tunnel that was apparently in Paris, France, to be assaulted? while I had a blindfold on?  It was like some joke with the idea she's a "guide" for the blind, when the U.S. opened up my skull, to perform an illegal surgery on me to target the part of my brain that was one of the biggest assets I had, so they could blind me.  I mean, are you serious?  So they can feel special and make jokes with Katie Middleton taking the lead as the seeing-eye dog?

I was employed in work, early, because of the abilities I had that made me unique, and the U.S. deliberately destroyed this.

The U.S. wanted to plan hits against me and have me know ahead of time.  From what I remember, prior to the surgery, the people who were "sponsoring" it were the Pamp and Barbara Maiers family. I was told that's who "paid for it" but really they were just supporting it. The Mormon Springers were also behind it.   The others I heard of were possibly Diana Spencer.   I remember Diana talking to one of the Dicksies about it and saying she'd help cover the costs.  I was there.  I heard her.  She knew I had seizures, but she also knew I was psychic and had gifts of remote viewing and telepathy and had been employed as a child for those reasons.  The doctor targeted this, not the seizures.  He was specifically paid and interested in destroying my psychic abilities and was paid for by the United States government and the doctor was connected to U.S. military.   They are friends with the Fallons, Rob Fallon who was a doctor, and Canadians, and their construction business is linked to construction with Gary Goldman and Middletons.  All of the Maiers' contracts are U.S. federal ones. 

Then Stephanie knew about my being molested by Seamus Hainey and Barak Obama and I remember her smirking over it and wanted to see if I'd talk about it and I wouldn't.  I didn't because I could see she was getting a satisfaction out of it.  She was then ready for me to kill myself in a "brake failure accident" and thought it was amusing, when she told me to tell the runaway horse (with no brakes), "tell it to stop" after she deliberately ran into it from the side.  Stephanie Maiers was premeditating my death.  I don't know if I was talking to her, actually, when I was raped, but she knew me when I was molested by Seamus and smirked over it.

She was also friends with Karin from Canada, who is probably connected to Ross, who assaulted me in his immigration office and then was part of trying to murder me later on the rock climbing attempt.  Stephanie went on to marry a man with the last name Campbell and there are some English royals with the last name Campbell and I would not be surprised if there is a relation, because it seems some of them and some of the U.S. were motivated to "reward" anyone who assaulted or harmed me with some kind of "improvement" to their lives, whether it was high political position, marriage to someone with power or connections, or payments of money.

Ruining this aspect of my brain, a gift I had, was an attack on my enterprise abilities, my assets and potential for employment, and also, success from use of this gift as applied to my own life, as God intended.  This was one of several things the FBI did to me, throughout my life, to undermine me and ruin my ability to have a career and be independent.  It also proves the U.S. is military authoritarian because the rights I have, all of them, are undermined and destroyed by the corrupt power of the U.S. military and it's overstep of the laws with the FBI.  It proves the U.S. can't "handle" strong women.  It proves the U.S. is as backwards as those they call backwards.  It proves the U.S. is anti-feminist.  It proves the U.S. is not democratic.  It proves the U.S. does not respect their own citizens.  It proves the U.S. is anti-human rights.  It proves the U.S. is a control freak that refuses to allow citizens the right to practice their own gifts and abilities, without trying to enslave them to involuntary servitude for the government.  It proves the U.S. uses people and then casts them aside, after stripping them as far as they can without worrying they will be caught.  It proves no foreign intelligence should ever consider defecting to the U.S.  It proves no U.S.. citizen can trust the FBI to make honest statements and to protect children.  It proves the U.S. is interested in degrading women from being autonomous to being their sex slaves. 

The FBI kidnapped my son, and colluded with an FBI counter-intelligence man in Canada ahead of time, who assaulted me and later, a decade or more later, used his power to make false statements and put me under false arrest to kidnap my son and give him to the U.S.

I want my son Oliver returned.

The fact that CPS and the FBI colluded to have me held hostage by Alvaro Pardo, during a crucial time for my son, is another factor that cannot be forgiven.  Alvaro Pardo, the one who made a point to force me to kiss him, like James Cartright, Barak Obama, and Ross from immigration in Penticton, B.C.

Here's another fun fact I'll throw in, just because.  At Carol Middleton's house, she told me, while babysitting me, "You are cursed until you find this book again".   I mean, some kind of bizarre statement from her when I was pretty little, I wasn't exactly 11 or something.  I was younger and she was "cursing" me.  Then in Moses Lake, my mother was saying one day, "You are cursed until you find this book again and open it" and then she had some cookbook inside a plastic baggie and then sprinkled some kind of dust into it while she knew I was watching, and then sealed it up.

I knew what anthrax was, and you think I'm going to touch that "book"?  I don't know if she used gloves or not, but any kind of sprinkled "powder" on a book sealed in a zip-lock, can't be a good thing.  The Cookie Book.

I mean, are these women nuts???!

I should say I think the meth lab was after OSU, but it could have been right before.  One of the men involved in having me go there was George Bechtold.  The other one was a Jewish man.  The meth lab was in Coos Bay, Oregon.  This is where Josh Gatov is from and was living, who raped me later, with Robin raping me shortly after he did.  It is also the area where Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza were doing their FBI work prior to meeting me.  Robin had not wanted me to mention it to the FBI.
UPDATED 12/12/13.

I have to take back one small part of what I wrote, but I'll leave it there for reference.  I was thinking, off the top of my head, it was a Robert Garrett Jr. asking Prince Charles permission to kill me but that's not how it was in the video.  It was actually Prince Charles asking my Dad to do a job, i.e., put a hit on me.  They were both agreed about it, and neither one of them seemed more reluctant than the other.  I was shocked to hear how Charles talked about me, because to my face he was nice.

I do know the day Prince Philip drove me off the property and had me get out of the car, telling me Betty said I couldn't stay there anymore, Charles was in the back seat and instead of looking sad as I thought he might, he looked scowling.  That was the only time I saw an unpleased look from him.

The video of him conspiring to murder me caught me off guard and shocked me but I was more shocked a Robert was involved because I thought, "My Dad???" 

It was AFTER this that I later met Charles and my family were at the green-roof hotel in Paris, France, and he had photos taken of me with William, his son. I did not know why he wanted photos.  They discussed a couple of options in how to kill me but mostly I was stuck on the idea of seeing their expressions and hearing about killing me. 

The video with 2 of the Baird brothers, and Maryann McIntosh were of the 2 Baird brothers, who faced the direction of the camera (which was maybe a hidden camera, I don't know) and then sort of in front of them and to right was Maryann McIntosh.  Then Camilla came into view later, from the left, and greeted Maryann.  Because of Camilla being there, who I knew and had passed notes to before, in the past, I believed the room to be in a house in England, at a royal place.   What I was most surprised by in this video was, first of all, that they knew Charles or royals, secondly I wondered how did they get there and did they fly? and then I wondered why Bob was there.  Bob Baird.  I thought, "Why does Bob Baird hate me?" I hardly ever saw him and he looked grim and determined when Dick Baird was saying to them they'd "like to do something about Cameo".  Then they were talking about how to get rid of me, and it was made clear it was by killing me methods.  Maryann was 100% in-on-it.  They were looking to her for advice.  I thought maybe someone else was there, a man, next to her, but I don't remember at the moment who it was Then I thought, "Why does Camilla care and how would SHE know Maryann McIntosh and the Baird brothers?" That's when Camilla introduced herself and Maryann extended her hand and gave her first and last name.

Also, in the video, Prince Charles said something like "auto accident?" or something to do with some kind of car accident and the Robert Garrett Jr. there didn't respond out loud but showed his hands, to say no, not auto accident, a more hands-on assassination.  I had the impression strangulation or a gun or something to do with hands but it was Charles' idea to have a car accident to kill me.  I noticed he said something out loud but he did it in a discreet way and then Robert wouldn't say anything out loud.

One of the individuals behind giving me the videotapes was Edward Lee Howard.  He is now dead.

After I saw some of these tapes, I later saw some of surveillance-hidden cameras on me and that was with the German.

Because I also saw a videotape with the Bairds plotting to murder me, with Camilla and Maryann McIntosh, it is possible if Granny or someone found out, it's why they got so suspicious when asking why I wanted to name my son with the name Edward for one of his names.

Bob Baird was the one who came right out and said it, but my "grandpa" Dick Baird, stood there in agreement.  The other man who showed up in that room or who was talked about--there were a couple of other Wenatchee men, one I believe was Paul Cassel and the other was Dennis Hotchkiss.  What Camilla Parker had to do with them, I don't know, but she looked just like her, and she introduced herself with the full name or title, and she had the accent and the same demeanor and mannerisms.

I think the FBI later electrocuted me in their offices because they found out about it.  The FBI also made a retaliatory point by, instead of me watching videos of hidden cameras on their people, they had a bunch of people behind tinted glass witnessing my being electrocuted by the FBI and powerless to do anything.  Not only that, the FBI did this to me after Maryann McIntosh was following through on a plan to have me murdered by Gary Ridgway.

The gang-banging against me by some English and by U.S. officials was after I was in this "Safe Room" (sort of like a Safe House, as E.L. Howard titled his book).

I was in two of them.  One was in England, from everything I could tell, and the other was at some house in California.  I saw the videos at the one in England when Edward Lee Howard snuck in.  He said, "I can't stay" and he was nervous and sweating.

Also, I think the idea that he signed me over to the CIA or military is a lie.  I remember when I was very young, being in a bright hospital room or interrogation room of some kind. It was sort of both.  He was having to sign something with a gun to his head and being told, "You can't take care of her".  There were cops and military people, and a doctor around.  He was sitting down in a chair and forced to sign with a gun to his head.  It sounds strange but I am pretty sure both a Dicksie and a Robert were there, waiting for him to sign and were involved in holding him at gunpoint.  If it wasn't them, someone who looked like them, but as a kid, I thought it was them.

As for a time 'camping' out in the woods once, it did look like him and I was assaulted with a stick in front of a bunch of Mexicans and then they were all encouraged to jump me in the middle of the night by a campfire.  My understanding at the time was that it was Edward, but maybe it was someone saying they were him.

If the CIA claims he was fired for some kind of "dishonesty" it wasn't that they didn't know who I was related to.  I think they just wanted to fire him. 

Then when he was giving me his German Shepherd, Whiskey, he was telling me it was for Johnny Walker and I said "J, W...that's like Jew."  I told him what the acronym sounded like bc that's how I was trained to think, in various codes.  So I said this out loud and then he looked at me like what have you been learning or why would I say that.  He didn't act like he liked it.  Then I said something like "I don't like Jews or Blacks" and he said possibly, again, looking at me oddly, I think he said, "Your Mom is a Jew."  Maybe he didn't say that but for some reason I thought about it.  Then he asked why didn't I like blacks and I said I don't know (maybe bc one of them assaulted me) and he commented "They sort of look like monkeys, don't they" and I said, "Yeah."  Before he gave me his dog we had about a week where I took walks with him, with the dog.  We took a bag for the dog, to clean up if necessary, because it wasn't in the countryside.  The dog liked me and got used to me.  Then I was forced to give him to someone else after E.L.Howard was gone, and told, "You can't take care of him."  The man who got him kicked him and put a muzzle on the dog.

The next time I saw a German Shepherd, I thought it was Whiskey.  I was told Jim and Shirley Sandberg got a new dog and did I want to see it.  When I saw the dog, my heart sank to the ground because I thought, "It's Whiskey.  They took my dog."  Then I was happy to see him again and went up to him to pet him, like we were reunited and the dog snarled and bared its teeth and I started to cry, and thought, "What did they do to Whiskey?  He doesn't even recognize me and now he's mean and they probably muzzled him and beat him all the time to make him that way."  I hated them for stealing from me.  They acted triumphant and I thought, "They probably stole Whiskey and then gave him to Jim and Shirley just to show me Whiskey doesn't like me."  And they were saying, "It's not your dog."  I had started to cry but I didn't want to give Jim Sandberg or anyone the satisfaction so I tried to keep it to myself but I started crying anyway.  Then from what I remember, one of them stuck out his foot to trip me.  I got up and with tears streaming down my face, started pounding on my Dad.  "You gave him MY dog!"

So the entire U.S. tortured me over that, when I had a right to say whatever I wanted and think whatever I wanted and there was no excuse for sadistic government torture of a child.

My comments exchanged with him turned out to be one of the primary reasons for hate crimes against me, including premeditated rape and electrocution by Barak Obama with the FBI setting it up.  Along with laundering money to the Middletons with the FBI, my parents not only exposed me to Barak Obama with a bag of money and drugs, pointing a gun at my head, I had to help put cocaine into baggies for Gary Goldsmith, at my house in Moses Lake, Washington.  I sat there at the table with a Dicksie, with a huge mountain of cocaine.  There was even more in a bag.  She showed me how much to section off and then I put it into bags with her.  I got a high from the cocaine, from touching it and remember my Mom and I sitting there giggling over nothing once.

I wasn't getting paid.  Katie Middleton was.  She profited from my misery.  The FBI and DEA knew about all of it because it was all part of their own group.  It wasn't like my parents were in a business that was separate from Gary Goldsmith or Middletons.  They were the UK end of it and part of all U.S. operations.

So later when I was hanging on the side of a cliff and the "Property of the U.S." helicopter came by, when that Dicksie said, "I'm cutting the line", it was a double entendre.  That was before all of the gang-rape by U.S. employees and UK employees. 

Alison Springer, the "Mormon" Alan Springer's kid, was always coming around asking for "A cup of sugar."  I had to measure out the cocaine with a measuring cup.

Because Robert Garrett and Dickise each had a twin, they had to switch either at work or while meeting Jim or Shirley or someone at their workplace, but many times at the Springers, who drove a large FBI-style SUV.  I was delivering lunch bags of cocaine to Alan and Tammy Springer on a regular basis before they began electrocuting me every day in their basement.

The people who lied and committed crimes to steal my son from me are criminals.

I have reason to believe neither Dicksie or Robert are biologically related to me.

Also, on one occasion, a Robert and I were staying at the Baird house in Cashmere and some torture and odd things were occurring.  I was with Robert the whole time and felt some kind of technology and radiation or something and was getting sick from it.  I probably said something and then Robert one night, said we were "sneaking out" in the middle of the night, and we were walking to a car and then Bob Baird, Dick Baird's brother, stood in the way and said, "Where do you think you're going?  You're not going anywhere."  It looked like this Robert Jr. was a victim of Bob Baird, until I noticed the glances they exchanged when they thought I wasn't looking.  They were smirking at eachother, like they thought they were putting on a pretty good show for me.  It was sort of an imitation of my trying to sneak out of a compound where I was targeted with technology, with Ed Howard, and being stopped by guards who said there were no trains running to Moscow that time of night.

Also, there were cops (state, Chelan, and Wenatchee) who were part of drug deals and I witnessed them coming onto the property and waiting at the bend of the road to assault people, pick up money, and exchange drugs.  Usually it was a combination of both a beating or kicking someone, and taking drug money or boxes, or drugs.  One of them was Officer Jones, and he was one of the regular cops.  He married Maryann McIntosh's daughter later (it's important to have a lawyer in the family when you're a criminal cop, isn't it?).  The cops involved in intimidation and drugs and money laundering always showed up in at least 2's, and mostly, in 3's.  They always made their weapons (usually guns) visible.  There was also a woman involved with the mostly male cops that showed up on the driveway to Granny's house.  They always wanted to part rIIIiiight about in the Middle of the long driveway.  Maybe it was because that way no one could see them from the road one way, and then they were out of sight of Granny and Grandpa's house, and towers up on the hills behind them, the other way.

They met in the middle of the driveway, by the ditch in the orchard, and off of the Y around the other side of the property along the road...you know, just cops casually driving their rounds and "happening" to run into "drugs" (my goodness-WHAT a shock).  One time, around the other side of the property, where the other road exits out from the orchard (an orchard road) it was Judge Warren, Kevin Jones, and another cop named Sean or Shawn.  Judge Warren and Sean were often together, exchanging drug and money.  Sean/Shawn was a huge prominent factor in drug drops and intimidation with guns.  He beat me once, and he viciously threatened people and would put them in a car and just take off with them.  He refered to "Whitey" all the time.  Sean/Shawn did.  It was "Whitey" this and "Whitey" that.

How am I doing for accuracy?

FBI criminals...I have one question for you...Did you have a motive for lying about me?  The same Judge Gerald Warren who worked with FBI to put out a false suspension of my license to block my travel, worked with James (Whitey) Bulger, Canadians, and Sean/Shawn the cop--He used to show up in his sedan with Sean inside and ask questions about drugs and exchange things, including the electrocution box. I witnessed them taking the box into their car. Another time, Sean/Shawn was stopped right next to a wild, non-orchard apple tree that hung over the road.   He made a comment one time about how he liked WILD apple trees and they were BETTER than orchard apple trees.  He had a man with him who had a British accent that time, with some part of his name being Martin.  It was some kind of "Martin" from England and possibly Gary Goldsmith was also in the car.  I was told I was like an orchard tree and Katie Middleton was like a wild "apple tree" "That is untouched and pure" he said to me.  So he basically told me I was unpure and defiled and Katie was a beautiful virgin tree they stood by.  He and that group sat there degrading me over Katie Middleton again, while taking drug money.   He was a cop, connected to England and the FBI and "Whitey". He also had a young man inside the car who was American that looked exactly like John Kaempf and they referred to him as "Johnny".  His face was covered in acne scars, he was blond, and it was angular like John Kaempf's face.  The man called "Martin" or with Martin in his name, who was English and had the English accent, and who asked me what kind of tree I thought was better, was also blond and he hated me and made fun of me.  I thought "Why does he hate me when he doesn't even know me?"  From what I remember, Gary Goldsmith was in the car with them, which means I've seen Gary Goldsmith in Cashmere, WA; Moses Lake, Washington; and London, England.  They stalked me out to find me because I walked along that road frequently when visiting Granny and Grandpa and Sean/Shawn knew my route.  He pulled up with these gangsters, right up to me while I was outside on a walk and standing next to that tree.  I was scared of them so I stood back from the car.  This happened before all of the organized gang-banging against me on "bridges" by U.S. officials, and I am pretty sure it was before or right around the time I was about to be sodomized in London, England with a hot poker.  This group of people in the car asked me if I was a "virgin" and I said, "Yes." Then they looked mad and took off.  I'm also sure it was John Kaempf because I asked him where all of them were from and what their names were, trying to be casually friendly while keeping a distance.

After I said I was a virgin, one of them that had held an apple in his hand, I believe John Kaempf, took a bite out of it or finished eating it and they threw it out the window at me. 

I remembered this and it's what prompted me to look up the U.S. government slogan: "Take a bite out of crime."  The dog looks like Maryann McIntosh.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McGruff_the_Crime_Dog
I also remember when I saw this first as a kid, it reminded me of Diana Spencer and a coat she wore with the collar up that way.  This link states that in 1990, this dog was used for a conference themed "This is your life" which is most likely an internal U.S. government pun on John Kaempf's last name, which means "Life" in German.  I had asked him what his name meant when he was in the car and he said it meant "life".  The reason I asked was because I hadn't heard it before and he said his ethnicity was German and I wanted to know what it meant.  I was always curious that way, asking questions, and I was used to it because of many international people I met.  One of the other men in the car, said "This is your life" before the eaten apple core was thrown out the window.  I was a kid, so I thought, "They're saying they're eating my life?" and I wasn't sure if they were saying they were going to eat my life up, or if they were saying they were going to do something to ruin my virginity so their friend Katie Middleton could look "pure" compared to me.

Aside from remembering these young men in a car, taunting me and then holding up an apple like it was a red ball and then eating it and throwing it out the window, while talking about "purity" and was I a "virgin", I also think about "take a bite out of crime" in relation to a man biting the navel off of my stomach and spitting it out when I was even younger, and then I was told by my parents, on how to peel an orange, to "bite off the navel first".

Another time, it looked like some kind of Italian man in a sedan--same location and I was in a car with someone at the time and they stopped and talked to each other while staying in the cars.

Because the cop Sean/Shawn was dealing drugs, money, and electrocution boxes with Judge Gerald Warren, and because I also saw him in a car with John Kaempf. it's a safe bet to say when Gerald Warren issued a false suspension on my license to have cops pick up my car and tow it, in the middle of litigation I had pending with John Kaempf running favors for the FBI and Katie, Gerald, Kaempf, Sean/Shawn and the FBI were all colluding against me.

The other cop that was always showing up with Officer Kevin Jones, on the property in Cashmere, was Jim West, and there was one other guy.

Seeing a videotape with Maryann McIntosh talking to Bairds about killing me, was not a huge surprise.  It wasn't like I didn't already know Maryann was a drug distributor.  She showed up with the cops a few times to "deal" (in the middle of the long driveway).  She knew I knew, because I was right there, standing there, when she did it.  She had her own personal motives for thinking killing me was a good idea for her reputation. The only surprise to me was that they knew Camilla Parker-Bowles and the English royals.  Maryann McIntosh was a hardcore dealer.  There was nothing soft or nice about her when she was discussing drugs and money.  She was a killer.  She kept her gun out and pointed, when she was dealing.  She acted like The Mean Madam with a bunch of corrupt police thugs protecting her while she used her position to "protect" other criminals.  It wasn't like the cops called the shots.  She did.  They were her bouncers.  She wasn't talking about money and figures in the thousands either.  She was discussing millions.

Her comments to me in court, while on the stand for CPS when kidnapping my son and lying to make it look legal for her, were, "Ms. Garrett can't admit she has a problem."

The entire tactic of discrediting me was to defend herself as a lynchpin for a massive drug operation, where she was involved in putting hits on people, including kids.  She even talked about the FBI when she was dealing on that road, because she used it as leverage against people.  She also talked about the Department of Justice and she mentioned "Dennis" (Hotchkiss).  One of the individuals from the Department of Justice she mentioned was Rob Schneider.  I don't know how she knew him because she was in Wenatchee, WA and he was probably in Oregon.  She also brought up Jill and I had thought Jill was maybe a daughter of hers at the time.  From what I remember, she showed up once for a drug deal.

How much money did the U.S. spend defaming me to kidnap my son?  Not a drop in the bucket compared to what they made in their criminal activities, which was their incentive for lying about me and punishing me with theft of my son.

Oh--CORRECTION to the name "Office Kevin Jones" for Doug Jones, Maryann McIntosh's son-in-law who was first one of her bouncers.  There was a Kevin too, a cop named "Kevin" and I believe the last name was Jones but I'd have to think about it.

The other man with a gun who was unexpectedly vicious, was Paul Cassel.  He was one of the regular bouncers for Maryann McIntosh and what she did.  He seemed so easy-going and calm most of the time, but he was violent, could flare up, and was forceful and determined with a gun on that road during drug deals.

The other woman who showed up and used Paul Cassel as a bouncer for a drug and money deal, in the middle of the road, was a woman who specified, this was a "Middleton" thing and she wanted it to be "middle of the road" for that reason and that was Mary Domenica DelBalzo.  Mary Domenica was maybe one of few Italians I saw on Granny and Grandpa's property, and she was taking millions.  She was younger than Maryann McIntosh, but she was as vicious.  They were only slightly different in style.  Mary DelBalzo was younger and acted highly energetic.  She was more tempermental, angry, yelling, flying of the handle, and an emotional type.  She held a gun at Robert Garrett Jr.s head and forced him on his knees and kicked at him.  She was physically abusive along with holding a gun, and encouraged beatings from the bouncers against others.  She used Paul Cassel as her bouncer, and Kevin, a cop who was from or had spent time on the East Coast, like her.  Names I remember Mary Del Balzo used in reference were "Kevin", "Doug", "Paul", and a few others.  "Donnie" I think, was one of the others, at least mentioned, if not by her, people around her.  Maryann McIntosh was older, and sort of cold, to the point, harsh, and I used to say, "gruff".

Before the "take a bite out of crime" dog was named, I was given a drawing of the dog, and it was a naming contest, I was told.  I looked at it and said, "It's like Maryann McIntosh", who I called "McGruff".  I used to say, "She's as ugly as a dog."  I called her McGRRRUuuf! with an emphasis on "Ruff" like "Roof roof" or "ruff, ruff"--the sound a dog makes.  So I gave the suggestion of naming the crime dog "McGruff" and then I found out it was named after my suggestion but I didn't tell anyone because I was worried other kids might get jealous and beat up on me.

So McGRRRruff and The Rottweiler met in person.  They must have thought it was their own personal inside joke. 

I'm sure Maryann wasn't endeared to me finding out I thought she was ugly as a dog and called her McGRruFF!  I used a sort of gggrrrrrr.....(dog growling) and then ruffffff! (dog barking) conjunction.  That was how I came up with the name.  Mc, for the Mc part of McIntosh, "grrrr" and "ruffff".  McGruff.  I commented I didn't understand why she had these lawyers and Judges pawing over her when she wasn't even pretty.

I have also never fully revealed what I witnessed and saw on those videotapes, about assassinations, until now, because of fear. 

I think Maryann and Camilla must have thought it was hilarious, that the Crime Dog McGruff and The Rottweiler were getting together with the Bairds and others to discuss how to kill me.  Maybe Maryann McIntosh thought Gary Ridgway was going to "take a bite" out of me.  She possibly thought I'd "get ready" by doing my hair in the truck, he'd jump me, kill me, and then cannibalize me and then she could really say she took a bite out of crime.

Then when I was forced to be a nanny for Mary DelBalzo and Carl decades later, still alive, I remember Mary calling Carl "The Big Red Dog" and they had books for me to read their kids about Carl The Big Red Dog.

The only dog I was compared to was "Snoopy" and I was once told the name "Cameo" was after a dog but I was also told it was after a Russian gymnast (by Dicksie).

Here's how hypocritical the U.S. government and FBI are:  Maryann McIntosh, the McGruff dog, put a "hit" on me, to have me murdered when I was a kid, less than 12 years old, by Gary Ridgway.  I saw the video with her conspiring about how to kill me before it happened.  She also threatened to send me to a mental health place if I tried to call 911 before he picked me up.  She was also selling massive amounts of cocaine and weed and laundering money for Katie Middleton through the Department of Justice and FBI.  She held guns and pointed them at heads, in front of children, and pointed them at children.  What did the U.S. do with the "McGruff" name?  They used it to represent "safety for children": (see this wiki on it) McGruff House is a designated house bearing a McGruff logo indicating that it is a safe refuge for children who feel they are in danger. The first McGruff House was opened in Utah in 1982, and there are currently about 700 McGruff House programs throughout the United States. The program is similar to one in the 1970s in which a picture of a red hand was placed in the window of neighborhood houses that provided refuge.
Similarly, there is a program whereby public utility and government work trucks can display a decal identifying the occupant as someone who can be approached if a child feels that they are in danger, or lost, or otherwise distraught.  So if "a child feels they are in danger" they should count on GOOD OLD MC-GrrruuFF!

Here is what the REAL "McGruff" (Maryann McIntosh) sounds like:

(to child):  "If you think you need to call police, I can find you some help with a counselor at a mental health clinic.  Did you know my son-in-law is a police officer? (points at son-in-law cop who is pointing gun at me).  You can talk to him and I will find out what we can do to help you with your mental health problem."

Oh YES.  Beacon of light--Haven of Hope--Savior of Souls.  (pause) Mary ann (pause).  For President!!!!

Do tell, Maryann, where you got your snoop doggy dog friends.

On this video I saw with Camilla meeting Maryann McIntosh, she introduced herself and at some point made a joke about how yes, she was the "Rottweiler" as Maryann or someone joked about how they were the crime dog. 

When Ralph Edwards was putting on a theme with the dog, in 1990, "This is your life" it was after I had been viciously assaulted by U.S. government employees who were slinging coke and crack for Katie.  It took billions, I mean BILLIONS, and a lot of time and energy spent torturing kids, to put Katie where she is now.

They had McGrruuFff, the Assassination Dog, who organized hits and money laundering and hate crimes against me, controlling a CPS case over my son.  Like she's the bastion.

The acronym for Crime Dog is CD.  Maybe the CIA has it proudly coded even further:  from McGruff The Crime Dog, MTCD, to Met The Camilla Dog.

The first "McGruff" house was opened in Utah, in 1982 when Katie Middleton was born.  Maryann McIntosh was so famous with internal cops and FBI, she spread into 700 houses.

Let's ask ourselves if Diana Spencer is really dead.

Wenatchee police officer Wright is another man I think may have been involved with Maryann McIntosh's drug schemes.  There was an Officer Wright and then he took off and I think the same man returned to Wenatchee, WA after I was there and after Maryann took over the case from Tomas Caballero (another Canadian-U.S. drug criminal and pedophile).

Also, even though I did not tell anyone about the videos I saw, because so many of the U.S. employees worked for the government in telepathy and for ESP or remote viewing and telepathy work for the U.S., it is more than likely someone picked up on at least a little of what I thought about, even if I didn't think about it all the time, on purpose.

Look at how the U.S. just RUNS their criminal steamroller over justice.  Maryann must have thought, "If Cameo marries Alvaro Pardo Barbosa, I have nothing to worry about."  When I didn't, all the cops were furious and then the FBI brought in Anne Crane to visitation with my son, to intimidate me and show me I was powerless when she knew I might remember she had electrocuted me inside of FBI offices in Seattle, right there as an FBI agent.  Dennis Hotchkiss made this big show of pretense like he and Maryann just knew each other from legal circles and their relationship was professional.

How about millions of dollars in cocaine deals?  It was a little more than a "professional" relationship and one they tortured my son over and lied in court, and destroyed court evidence over.

They hated me. 

To these people, since they didn't kill me, they're objectives were two-fold:  punish me and retaliate me in more hate crime by illegally stealing my son when they knew the government was torturing us with military technology.

Why?  Oh I don't know.  I can give a long list of Whos Who in Pedophilia.

Secondly, any excuse they could use, to create a government document that undermined my credibility, they wanted.  So if it meant making an accusation I was "a risk" to my son, and "mentally ill", they used my son as a tool for defaming me as "dangerous" and "mentally ill" and created a U.S. government excuse for defaming me themselves.  Not just a reporter like Amy Roe, working for them, through a newspaper like Willamette Week.  The U.S. government wanted to create their own records and documents to defame me and a CPS was the perfect medium for this.

That way, they could claim they were just concerned about a child and "HAD" to do it as part of the job.  It gave the FBI, military, and corrupt lawyers and cops and others, a chance to add their own say, as a "government official" and "professional" and authority, to a CPS case as if they were all these nice Measley-Marcie employees who were slaving night and day on behalf of the good of children everywhere.

Oh of course, and let's get a nice big McGruff the Crime Dog stamp on trucks too, not just houses.  You know, so the FBI can reeeaally laugh about how I was picked up by Gary Ridgway in a semi-truck, with Maryann blocking me from calling 911 first.

This way, if the 'nice people who LOOOOVE children' and who slave night and day over poor sad kids who are abused, get the excuse to heap on defamation against me with official documents, then the FBI takes that, along with the article they got Amy Roe to write about me in The Willamette Week, and they create a huge, fat bundle for a bullet-proof vest.  I.e., lawsuit and prison.  Not to mention how much false documentation they were making of me when I was just a kid, to incite others to hate me and harm me, thinking I did something I didn't do.

Washington State set me up with one AG who was involved in my torture at a house where I was burned and hosed with a garden hose, and prodded with joints, Tomas Caballero, who then, on the last day he was in court for the case, took out a cigar while still in the courthouse to put to his mouth and show me.  Then I had drug distributor and hit-woman who kills kids, Maryann McIntosh lying in court about me and refusing to let my son see me when she knew she was my problem.  I wasn't mentally ill and she and the FBI knew it.  They also knew my son was only "at risk" in their supervision and outside of my own guardianship.  They wanted to abuse him the way they did me.

As for Katie Middleton, it's not like I just randomly started disliking some kid for no reason.  It was made clear to me, by the FBI, what they did to harm me was at least partly going to be for putting her into power for them.  I see zero reason why anyone who is actually English, if they at all care about their own country, should feel safe with her digging around into everyone's records.  How do you trust someone who has had 90% of their funding come from U.S. corrupt government drug money.  It's not like straight-up mafia money.  Or her own private little family thing that was small and she just happened to meet a royal in college.  It's government and deeply black operation government, and when the government mixes their business with corrupt and criminal pleasure, do you trust them to manage your resources?

Hell no.

That goes for FBI.

Some really don't care if they don't have to think about it.  They think, just give me my check and salary and I don't care if a kid's blood is on it, with several decades of repeated hate crime of rape and sodomy thrown in.  At least some might care about who is going through records and created fictional cases that waste billions of taxpayer money to cover for corrupt government criminals.

Was the CPS case necessary?  No.  The FBI, Pentagon, and CIA already knew there was nothing wrong with me and that I was a victim of crimes and I had a right to raise my son.  The U.S. spent billions of dollars of tax money, on that case, just to give them an excuse to create a bunch of defamation against me that looked official, to discredit me.  The entire nation paid for their crimes, and look at what kind of economic shape it's in.  The U.S. will continue paying for their crimes, because every moment these employees stay in power and the FBI refuses to correct their crimes and return my son, is another minute on the clock that the credit rating goes down.  People in the FBI don't care.  They don't care about citizens.  They cared about getting a ball of coke for their holiday parties as a Party Pieces bonus.

It's not just that my son and I have been tortured by people defending a huge list of pedophiles.  The FBI blocked me from all appeals as well.  The fact that the FBI would even DARE to make me go through any appeal or court process at all, knowing what crimes they are guilty of against me, proves the entire CPS case was Fraud against the U.S. citizens and a misappropriation of taxpayer money.  It also proves the FBI is included in RICO criminal activity and in obstruction of justice, and used fraud to conceal evidence of their crimes, and to commit a kidnapping of my son.

The U.S. also used a man in immigration in Canada who was an FBI agent and not a Canadian official, to defame me and falsely arrest me.  Ross, the one who was sitting on the other side of my "Dad", one of the Robert Garrett Jr.s, in the "Property of the U.S." army helicopter, when they and the CIA tried to murder me in a rock-climbing event.  There was a reason he moved fast.  He moved fast, because he had assaulted me in a B.C. immigration office, and punched me, after trying to get a sexual favor from me, and then forced me to kiss him as he tripped me, exactly the way James Cartright did to me at my house in Moses Lake, Washington before this.

Ross was used by the U.S. to obstruct my political asylum request and he had been involved in an attempt to murder me.  The fact he was sitting in front, on a U.S. property helicopter, when Valerie Plame was on-board and worked for the CIA, makes it clear he is either CIA working in Canada, or FBI counter-intelligence, and regardless, he deliberately obstructed me and my son from justice.  Because he was caught in that helicopter with my parents, but thought I didn't notice or recognize him, makes the fact Mike Nichols, who was adopted from Canada by FBI, hijacking my car and rolling it to murder me, even more clearly an attempted assassination on the part of both FBI and Canada. 

Fraudulent adoptions are illegal.

Valerie Plames alma mater, Penn State, is the same alma mater for Laura Laughlin who is director of the Seattle FBI.  Valerie also met Joe Wilson at the Turkish embassy which is why doctor Crane of Wenatchee's adoptive parents are from, and he is possibly related to Anne Crane, who electrocuted me in the offices Laughlin now "guards".

This statement from wiki, and the Department of State comments about Plame, are a lie.  They and she claim she didn't apply to the CIA until 1985.  This is a lie because she was already working for the CIA.  This article later states the CIA sent her to London School of Economics in 1991 but I met her at that college in the 80s and it is where she asked me if I would join the CIA.  I rejected them.

After graduating from college, moving to Washington, D.C., and marrying Sesler, Plame worked at a clothing store while awaiting results of her application to the CIA.[5] She was accepted into the 1985–86 CIA officer training class and began her training for what would become a twenty-year career with the Agency.[14] Although the CIA will not publicly release the specific dates of Plame's employment from 1985 to 2002 due to security concerns,[14][16] Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald affirmed that Plame "was a CIA officer from January 1, 2002, forward"

They tried to kill me because they were upset that I was interested in working for other countries as an agent, but not the CIA.  I wasn't a spy with any country, but I asked questions about other work.  I was also being assassinated because the FBI had electrocuted me in their offices, which is why a Penn State friend is now at Seattle offices.  The FBI electrocuted me in Portland too.  I was also used for pedophile services for officials who worked for the U.S. and England and they wanted to kill me before I talked.  I was also being electrocuted by Springers (a child psychogist) and others, who wanted to kill me over my knowledge about the drug business with Middletons and how the FBI was laundering money for the CIA with it.  Tons of cocaine, tons of weed, and a lot of money in briefcases for bribes.  I had also witnessed video tapes with evidence of U.S. employees that worked for government plotting to murder me with English royals.  I also had witnessed video tapes of my being hypnotized and abused and secretly recorded by hidden cameras from the U.S.  The Canadian man, the man I met in Canada, who was at the immigration offices, was on the Plame helicopter, and that helicopter was marked U.S. property, and I had already met her in London, and we had not yet moved to Oregon (which was in 1990), but the CIA wants to claim she went to the London School of Economics in 1991.  She was there earlier than that.  Why would the CIA "send" her to that school if she was already there?  All of the rock climbing I did was prior to moving from Moses Lake, Wa to Oregon for a permanent house.  What I was told, is I was meeting a woman who went to that college, and it was her.  Then she told me she went to that college and asked me about joining the CIA.  I wasn't interested.  Before I met her at the London School of Economics, I believe she was possibly one of the women I met at the Canadian Embassy in England one day.  That would also connect her to the U.S. employee who worked for Canada, Ross, from immigration.  In Edward Howard's book where he says he met some different people at embassies in England, one being the Canadian embassy or club, that was where a couple of different blond women showed up.  I called one of them a honeytrap.  I then met Valerie, I believe, a second time, at the London School of Economics, and if that's correct, I first met her at a Canadian embassy and then at LSE and it was after this they tried murdering me.  If she was the honeytrap, a phrase I didn't use much, and had recently learned, why was there honey out on the counter at the house in Seattle where I was raped and electrocuted after the FBI helped set it up for Barak and Middletons?  A symbolic joke?  It ties her into FBI in Seattle and employees there and in Oregon.  It also ties her to England, and then to Ross from Canada, which would mean Valerie knew the people Middletons knew, confirming her connection to Middletons and theirs to U.S. intelligence. 

Also, I met Robin Bechtold in 1990 after moving to Sherwood, Oregon but I had met his father George, much earlier than that.  And I didn't bring up rock climbing to Robin, or he didn't mention it to me until I had known him at least a year or so, and by then, I thought it was really odd he would ask, when I had gone rock climbing that many years ago, and he had some motive for bringing it up and wanting to find out how much I remembered about it.  I wasn't rock climbing anywhere in the 90s.  It was the 80s and the permanent house was in Moses Lake, even though I traveled and lived in Portland and Coquille and other places for short periods of time, temporarily.  The permanent house was always in Moses Lake until 1990.  Robin wanted to try to get discovery on how much I remembered about Plame and the people involved in the rock climbing.  Then he tried to change my memory by suggesting it was a different kind of woman and I said, "No, I remember her name" and he gritted his teeth.  I then was shown photos of him and Dana (his girlfriend) rock-climbing in college years, but that was after he had first queried me about it in high school.  He was not happy I remembered Valerie Plame.  I did not realize, at the time, I hadn't thought about it, or realized his Dad was the same George I'd met earlier, because there were years that had gone by and I didn't expect to see him in a different setting.
I have a very strong feeling they knew Ross from Canada, not just some of the others on the helicopter.  I think my meeting "Russ",who was U.S. Army, later in Wenatchee, was maybe someone's hope to confuse my memory if I wasn't certain and lay over "Ross" in  a military helicopter with a "Russ" who was Army.  Decades later, if I wasn't always thinking about the event, it was a strong possibility I might just forget and I think that's what someone thought.  I never forgot because one of my first initial thoughts was why was that Canadian guy I met in the U.S. Property helicopter if he was from Canada?  Why would he be in the opposite seat of the pilot like the co-pilot for a U.S. heli?

Maybe it wasn't really the idea of my singing a song about America that bothered Ross, as much as hearing "OH beautiful, for Sppppaccccious Skiiiiieess...for amber waves of grain...for PUuuuurple mountain majesties."  He probably peed his pants on "spacious skies".

Also, with my mother saying "This is Agent ______, " and then listing a couple of names and then "Pe-cahn nuts" after "I'm cutting the line", maybe it wasn't about herself.  Maybe she was saying, this is the agent (me) __________, and then gave some name in Russian, Hebrew, and French, and German or whatever, and then Pecan nuts was a reference to trying to make me sound like I was either more than a double agent, I was a multiple personality or something.   I mean, not literally, but in a way that infuriated the CIA if they thought I would be interested in work with other countries but not them.  That is possible.  What I thought was that it was my mother announcing herself and then a list of people she was murdering me over, who were international (like maybe a tribute to people who she thought died bc of me or something).  I recognized the first part of one name she gave as  "Anna" (with a Russian last name) but I didn't recognize the rest.  I'm cutting the line may have referred to cocaine or to cutting the telephone line, along with the obvious meaning of just cutting the line.
"This is Agent ____(number of 4-9 digits), Anna ______(Russian last name), " then she said something briefly and it was a list of names in various languages and my mother used perfect accents for all of them, like she was completely fluent and a native of that country.  I couldn't believe it because I'd never heard her foreign language skill before.  It was like one line of language for each part of 3-4 languages and then the last one was Hebrew and some wild comment thrown in that I remember with torture and a pause and then "I'm cutting the line".  Then, she cut the line with a pocket knife and said "Pecan Nuts" as she threw a nut into my shirt opening along with some kind of chemical dust. She looked so determined then she mad, like she was getting revenge against me for something. It hurt my feelings bc I had a moment to feel hurt and instead of being distracted, I saw her target and held my breath and stuck my foot in that was slipping because I didn't have a good grip or expect her to turn around while I was still attached to the harness and rope, while she was above me and have her do this, out of the blue. 

Whether it was about me or her, it still implicates her as a spy for the U.S. along with Valerie.  Either she was calling herself an agent, or me, and since she was cutting the line, she was implying it was a "call of duty" for an assassination over some kind of "agent" operation.

I guess my very first thought, when she suddenly turned around, and said just the number and then "Anna _____(Russian last name)", I thought maybe she was playing a game, and telling me she was Agent such and such and her legend name or call-name was anna such-and-such, but then as she continued and it didn't make sense, and she cut my line, I realized it had something to do with me and wasn't a game.

I thought at first she was role-playing but then it didn't lighten up at all.  You know, the first part, "This is Agent ______, and then the Russian name", sounded like, "Okay, Mom is pretending to be an agent and she has a Russian name" so I guess I thought maybe next she was going to crack a joke or something, or say, "Tell me what YOUR legend is".  There was no joke.  I thought either she knows all these languages really well and I had no idea, or "this has been well-rehearsed to really be a grande finale for someone and to sound impressive", and then it was this cutting the line and "be gone nuts," "Nuts" being what they called me when they put a metal bucket over my head and forced me to fight with a sword and a stick in a basement and I had to point to my "Lord Protector".

The other thing with all of the bridge beatings and assault, is I just looked up some Russian spy names, wondering about some surnames and it says in 1985 and 1986, two swaps were made with spies crossing over the Glienicke Bridge.  This refreshed my memory about how, before I was being tortured in the U.S., someone had me do a crossing or "swap" over a bridge but I don't remember exactly what it was for.

It was Anatoly Sharansky, a Jew.  I was kidnapped and forced to be with them, even during the photographed telephone call he made to President Reagan for release, and I was there in the room.  I was there during the phone call to Reagan.  Then everyone got the deal they wanted, and I was told to go across a bridge and was picked up.  I just read footage about him and while everyone is recording his big event, no one recorded the fact I was a hostage and used.  I recognize him and his wife by their photos, names, and the description of events.  http://voices.washingtonpost.com/spy-talk/2010/07/past_russian_spies_have_found.html.  I also know Chris Dabney thought the Katie Perry video for the song "Hot and Cold" was great, esp. with the Jack Nicholson guy in it, approving, who has the eyebrows like this Anatoly.  Maybe it's because he, with his Jewish girlfriend, thought it was funny, to think of how all the Jews were getting what they wanted with Katie Middleton and how prosperous they'd become by torturing me and using me.

At any rate, the name my mother mentioned when trying to kill me was not that last name.  It was Anna (a woman's name) and a Russian last name and it wasn't that one.

I also remember when I was released to go run across the bridge, when I got to the other side, instead of being safe, I was beat up.

It also confirms Josh Gatov's rape of me was racist hate crime by a Jew, who made a point to sneer and say, "How would your Dad like to know you were taken by a Jew?"  He knew I was kidnapped and held hostage, and he also raped me and he wanted to rub all of it in.  The U.S. tortured me to give the Jew a nice ride to Israel.  I was put in a car when I was taken hostage and another man was put int the car and was terrified and said oh no.  It wasn't Anatoly, it was another man like Edward Howard or a Robert or another man.  I might remember, but it was someone who seemed to care about me.

I remember Anatoly and his wife were total users.  They used me to get close to Reagan and then Reagan wanted to talk to me on the phone and I did for a few minutes.  Anatoly's wife was always looking at me with these slitted eyes and Anatoly looked like he had unbridled hatred under the surface but controlled himself.  It wasn't like Reagan wanted me back in his territory to be harmed either--it was more like he was pressured and forced.  The Israeli site says the U.S. put a lot of pressure on the deal until they swapped.  Maybe the Jews of the U.S.--I wouldn't characterize the entire U.S. as having a big interest about using me as a hostage so Israel could get what they wanted, and Katie fucking Middleton too.  He had something to do with Middleton.  It wasn't like I thought this, they mentioned her and it was part of their "deal".  I remember after they got what they wanted, they really let their colors show.  Still controlled, still somewhat under the surface, but hatred radiating from their eyes and then a satisfied quiet triumph.  I sensed they had very bad things planned for me up ahead.  The deal with Katie Middleton was that they wanted Reagan to agree to give her my job.  I didn't know I had a job that Reagan knew about but they wanted all funding and resources given to me, to go to Katie instead and whatever job I was being trained for, was going to her. 

I met Karl and Hana Koecher as well, also CIA employees.  They were part of the swap.  I met them and was around them during some kind of official photo shoot at a place where photos were taken of them and me and my parents, and I went to Switzerland with Hana.  I flew there with her and she did something with letters and boxes at a nice place and then we were back in the U.S. and I think it was with them when I went to a swingers 'wife swap' in NYC.  I was young, it was before 1986 of course, and a Robert and Dicksie were there and they went with some people one way and then the Koechers went one place and different people paired up after meeting in a huge dimly lit room.  I was told I could just talk to someone until the others got back to me.  So I did, and I am not sure I fully knew what a swinger's group was, but I talked about it like it was no big deal, like use of the word was no big deal.  However I remember I thought Karl was trying to sully my reputation.  I actually didn't do anything there that I remember, but I saw his smirk once which made me think that.  I also know that when I was in a dacha once, in Russia somewhere, or another country like it, I'm not sure but I think they asked why I wasn't learning Russian and I said, "I don't want to learn Russian because I don't want you to think I'm here to spy on you.  I want you to feel you can talk about whatever you want and know I just want to work and have protection, that's all."  For whatever reason, it was a good move in that specific situation.  Then I remember the U.S. person I was with didn't think it was a good move and said I should show I am wanting to learn and engage in their culture. 

Then, I read he claims he was in a U.S. prison and an inmate lunged at him with a pair of scissors and tried to kill him but a Hell's Angel in the next room intervened and when he tried to find out where the inmate went, he discovered he'd disappeared from the prison system as if he had no prison sentence and that this was evidence the U.S. was trying to assassinate him.

That was me.  THAT happened to me.  It's like the CIA and U.S. did so many bad things to me, they have tried to spread it out among other employee records and attribute anything having to do with me, to some other adult.  It is possible this happened to Koecher, but I knew him and Hana, and at some point I was in a cell with one of the adults and they lunged at me with scissors and a Hells Angel type of man with tattoos and a biker look, stepped in and I wanted to find out where the inmate went so I could report him.  When I checked, he'd disappeared so I told everyone, "That PROVES the FBI is trying to kill me (or the U.S. or whatever)."  Karl Koecher's initials are K.K. and maybe someone just redacted everything but that much and an assumption was made or maybe K.K. wanted to mention it to have it attributed to him or maybe for another reason, so I'd remember.  I don't know.  I know I was almost killed with a pair of scissors by one of the Roberts (jr) in a cell and then, actually, how it went was then when I wanted to say it happened they denied we were ever in a prison so I said that proves the U.S. is lying and therefore has been trying to cover up another attempt.  Also, reminded by the initials K.K., in the safe room when Katie was given a knife to use against my Mom it was also raised against me and I think I was cut.  I remember I saw blood somewhere and I either passed out, blacked out, fainted from terror, or maybe someone injected me with a tranquilizer because I got hysterical.

I had also met Oleg Kalugin.  It was mostly one afternoon and he made a suggestion he was my Dad.  I thought, "How many of these guys think they're my Dad or want ME to think they are?"  I knew of Johnny Spencer, Robert Garrett Jr., later I heard Edward Howard was from my mother, and from Oleg, he said himself something to that effect.  I thought he was interesting and I looked at him and I was scared.  He was smiling and friendly and saying something about how I could call him Dad or something to that effect, and he was being very nice and I was probably not seeing anything psychic at all, I just looked in his eyes and I felt scared.  It was outside, the sun was shining, and nothing was really wrong, but I hesitated and he instantly picked up on that hesitation and his expression clouded over and he sort of stood up straighter, looked at me harder, and I thought, "Maybe he doesn't like me now".  I thought he didn't like me.  He told me I could call him whenever I wanted to and I said okay, and he gave me his number and then I was too scared to call and didn't know what I'd say.  I only spent a short amount of time with him and I wasn't sure what his job was exactly and what he wanted to talk about.  My parents said "Aren't you going to call him?" and occasionally asked if I'd called and they said he might feel bad or think it's rude, but they didn't push me, just reminded me and I felt guilty for not calling him but I felt intimidated and didn't know what I was supposed to call about, so I didn't.  It wasn't anything secretive.  It was all in the open, on the up-and-up, and he wasn't hiding anything from the U.S. or Russia or anyone, and our meeting was normal and around U.S. offices from what I remember.  I asked what he did and I think he said something like "I make poisons" or "I poison people" or "I develop secret weapons that kill people."  He didn't hide anything, and said it out loud and I am sure he knew I was bugged somehow by a surgery or something.  Almost no one intimidated me but I felt slightly nervous about him.  I'm not sure why because it's probably something to do with maybe when I was a baby or really subconscious about another person or something. 

What I remember, is the rock climbing attempt to kill me by Valerie Plame and my mother and others, with my mother mentioning this Russian name "Anna something" was unnerving to the U.S. because then I was at our house in Moses Lake, Wa, saying, "What was that name you mentioned when we were rock climbing?" and my mother would try to ignore me in the kitchen and I would say, "It was Anna...and then something like ___, and ___, but I don't remember one part of it.  What was it again?" and my mother wouldn't look at me and had this grim and bleak expression on her face like no...oh no...bleak is a good word.  Sort of a drained, helpless, and bleak look.  So I kept asking and she would say "I don't know what you're talking about" and I'd say, "Yeah, remember, you said, "This is Agent...and then you said a number, and then you said Anna and then a Russian name and it sounded like ___ and___ I think."  So then the bridge exchange thing with Anatoly came up after that and what I thought, after it was over, was "Someone in the U.S. just wanted to use a name that was close to Anna and a Russian last name, and try to confuse what I was really asking about."  The bridge exchange was said to have been Feb. 11, 1986.  This would mean I was rock climbing with Plame before that date.  It would mean, since I recognized an OSU professor in the helicopter, and thought it was him, I had had or was in classes probably the Fall before, which would be Sept, October, November, December 1985 approximately.  So I was 11 years old.  Plame was CIA by that time.  It was shortly after this, later, I was raped by Barak Obama.  So the pee-test stick I had to pee on, after getting a patch of some kind, tested for "hormones" supposedly, prior to Barak raping me, which means someone was planning ahead in the event that there was blood from it.  Oh, she was having her period they would say, if, for any reason, I made it to an ER or something happened where I said I was bleeding.  Someone could say, "She made it up and she was just bleeding from her period."  I didn't have my period until almost 2 years later from the date of October 1985.  It is possible I had the test done, or took it, after the rock climbing trip as well, instead of before.  I thought it was before, but it was maybe after.  So the date of the rape by Barak was probably August-September 1986.  I would have been 11 years old.  He told me he was 23.  He may have been 24 but what he said was 23.  He said "That's a 12 year difference" and then he held his fingers out, extended them and started counting on his fingers one by one, with his forefinger touching the tip of his other fingers and ticking them off, like that was how he had to figure it out, and the age he gave me didn't match the facts, which is something he probably knew, for whatever reason.  He actually made a bigger deal about it than that.  He first put out both of his hands with fingers extended, like in a "stop" signal, and when he made a "10" equivalence with his hands he said, "That's TWELVE years difference".  Then I looked at his hands and he said, "Oh wait.  Let me see" and he started counting on his fingers one-by-one.  He made a big show about getting the math wrong.

I am 100% positive this is why my Uncle Charles Howard got killed and targeted by NASA or military.  He died right after talking to me on the phone, after I had picked up a $10 bill and then he knew and said the number or something and then started a racist joke about Michelle Obama looking like a monkey.  He knew "10" was what Obama held up on his hands to make fun of me as he was planning to get away with pedophilia, premeditated rape, Jewish-black-FBI gang-bang crime, and electrocution of me.  He wouldn't have made fun of the numbers, if he didn't already know how the dates and times were being premeditated against me if I tried to report it.  Not only that, he had the "call-in" on the ovulation or estrogen or whatever test done by me, so any blood could be excused as from my period, and not only that, because the CIA and FBI would use that call against me, they would call me a liar, saying, "You knew you were already having your period when you called 'Clear Blue' about the pee-test stick results.  You denied you had had your period yet, and yet you had to have known you were having periods if you were calling about that test.  So Ms. Garrett, under cross-examination, you sound like a liar."  How would I respond, to that, as a kid?  I wouldn't have thought, instantly, "Oh, maybe when they were putting patches on me it was to stimulate hormones I didn't have yet."  I still wasn't having a period, even with a patch, and I had never had a period, before the patches.  I had my period, for the first time, when I was almost 14 years old.  How about this one?  "Ms. Garrett, you were seen at a swingers club in NYC, more than once, and are you trying to say you're a virgin?  Do you expect our jury to believe you are an innocent little girl when we have a witness who saw you at Wife Swaps and Swingers?"  "Isn't that WHY you were taking a PREGNANCY test Ms. Garrett?  Isn't it TRUE, Ms. Garrett, that you knew you had had your period, and you were having sex at Wife Swaps and Swingers and THIS is why you called in about a pregnancy test?  Ms. Garrett, you have been caught LYING on the record, at least twice in the last 5 minutes and do you really expect us to believe this nice young lawyer here would try to RAPE you?  Tell me something Ms. Garrett.  Do you have a problem with black people?"  If I had said "I don't really like them" they would have said, "Do you know what a racist is, Ms. Garrett?"  "Ms. Garrett, you have admitted you are a racist, and you have been caught lying and isn't it true you just wanted to make a black man look bad?"  "Ms. Garrett, did you ask for damages in this lawsuit?  So you're looking for money, aren't you, from a black man."  "Aside from your lying, and your racism, and your promiscuity, you have made quite the claim to say Princess Diana was there and some woman named Carol Middleton and people from California."

So this is how the FBI premeditated getting away with it, after they electrocuted me themselves first.  Gary Ridgway was allegedly interrogated and giving polygraph samples and other DNA to FBI since 1984 and he and his girlfriend were living together in 1985, who he called his wife, not girlfriend.  They lived in the same house and he considered her to be his wife.  Gary R. was arrested on prostitution charges for the first time in 1982, which would mean the next questions would sound like this (since the FBI didn't incarcerate him permanently until 2001):

"Ms. Garrett, you say you just went to the Wife Swap and Swingers, all the time! for no reason.  Just to TALK, isn't that right Ms. Garrett?  Yes or No."  My reply would be "Yes."  They would then say, "Ms. Garrett, isn't it true that you lived with a man named Gary Ridgway? Yes or No."  I would say "Yes" and then they'd say, "Enter this evidence into the record Your Honor, Exhibit 6983D.  This is a document that shows Gary Ridgway was arrested for using prostitutes.  Are you are a PROSTITUTE Ms. Garrett???!!!"  I would say "No."  They would say, "Well, let's put 2 and 2 together now, because if I'm correct, you said you went to Wife Swap and Swingers just to talk, and you say you lived with a man who used prostitutes, just to talk.  But with a BLACK man, HE RAPED you.  Isn't it possible Ms. Garrett, that you are ashamed to admit you are a prostitute and that you thought you could make more money if you lied about a black man raping you than you could at Swingers and with Gary?"

I mean, who knows how many tactics they had lined up, but the FBI is 100% criminal, along with CIA and military.

As for Barak he went so far as to acknowledge the age difference and that I was a kid and he was an adult, and he raped me knowing it made him a pedophile.

I was 11 when I met David Wise in England.  They also said, "A bat mitzvah is a coming-of-age party for when you're twelve."  I said, "Well I'm not 12.  I'm 11."  For whatever ulterior motive and reason they had, their eyes widened like they hoped I wouldn't notice.  This was after I had been gang-raped with a vibrator by a group of teens with adults looking on, which was done after I was sodomized with a poker heated to fire hot levels in a basement in London.

I think what they were all counting on, was falling back on a mistake on a date for a paper resource I used.  They all wanted to fast-forward the dates 1 year or more.  It's not like the CIA can't come up with at least one fabricated date.

Not only that, it's probably a joke to them that Anatoly was a mathematician.  Add to this fact, I was taken out of high math in 5th grade to be put in 2nd highest math, which was at the section for learning how to tell time.  Add to this, the fact I insulted Jew Katie Middleton's intelligence when the entire FBI was slinging crack for her and washing her dough on the line; there were people who wanted to commit hate crime against me for one comment about what I thought about her. which I had every right to make.

So after I made one comment that "I don't like blacks and Jews" I had a bunch of Jews from the CIA trying to smear me and make me look dirty, to prepare me for rape by a black man in the FBI or CIA:  Barak Obama.  And that was Plan B, if I wasn't successfully assassinated first.

Maybe Diana Spencer's Mercedes went into the 13th pillar because everyone knew Barak Obama was lying about the age difference and trying to make a demeaning point about math, to get "revenge" for some man or woman or group who got mad when I said 2-3 year old Katie M. didn't seem to be smarter than any other kid, and she was a goody two shoes.

So I'm supposed to be dumb, a "prostitute", and blacks and Jews and CIA get to gang-rape and sodomize me?  That's hate crime.  And, they used Katie's own government mafia that was selling cocaine and weed and giving her welfare, and then a Jew was telling President Reagan to give MY job and funding to Katie Middleton instead of me.  Suddenly her family had a business start-up, and she had lessons, and the "dog days were over".

I met the Jewish CIA people after I made a comment about them.
Here is an idea of what the CIA and FBI had planned:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gSKeCvSCpw  Stand Back by Stevie Nicks (from album "The Wild Heart)  That's wild heart remember, not wild apple tree, with you know, an apple being chewed up and then thrown out onto the road after talking about how good is your virginity and how pure are you?  from Gary Goldman, Johnny Kaempf, Shawn (Chelan county cop), and Martin (British man).
The next song is from Tom Petty, who collaborated with Stevie Nicks on "The Wild Heart", called "Into the Great Wide Open" lyrics which are:  "into the great wide open/under the sky so blue/out in the great wide open/a rebel without a clue".
I like how it looks like sunflowers and then they're gone, sort of like the apple held up like a ball, virginity is mentioned and then while I was criticized as not being pure like Katie Middleton, the apple is chewed up, and thrown out and the FBI's Crime Dog McGruff Maryann McIntosh is meeting up about how to murder me.  You know, taking a "bite out of crime" like Alvaro Pardo Barbosa takes a bite out of a whopper, and then they kidnap my son while a McGruff house has already been started in Utah, at the birthplace of Gary Ridgway, the same year (1982) he gets arrested for prostitution and Katie Middleton is born.

I wonder if the CIA wanted Clear Blue to be the name of the pee-test I took for a reason.

Not only did Camilla and Charles conspire to murder me, Diana showed up once at a place, Edward (Charles' brother) showed up at a place, Snowden was showing up more than one time, Carol and Mike Middleton showing up more than once...all with hopes of my being murdered.  I think even Andrew at one of the places.  If I count Anne, who looked like Anne even though Mike said it was the Queen, when they wanted me to go out the window of a plane, that's another one.

I saw every single one of the royal children:  Charles, Andrew, Edward, and Anne, on videotapes or in person, hoping and trying to murder me.  I also saw Diana once at a place, and Camilla, and then Valerie helped torture me once in Russia with Middletons but I don't recall assassination attempt.  Then there was Snowden, Ogilyve, and then the Spencers electrocuting me.  I have no idea which one of them temporarily liked me enough to show me evidence of some things.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfzX9cElKsQ  Sous le ciel de paris edith

I just decided I wanted to listen to something not depressing so I put this on.  I didn't realize there was a speaking preface to it, which will tie in with the next section of what I write.

Well the next part is of "who knows" significance.  It's of a memory I have of Queen Elizabeth's mother.  Queen Elizabeth the II.  Just to make it clear I'm not crazy yet.  I don't know that she liked me very much, but she read to me from some old book while I sat on her lap.  I have a weird feeling she electrocuted me when I was a baby too.  I just remember that contraption on my head when I was extremely young.  Maybe it was Elizabeth II but I thought it was her mother.  She used to read legal books to me.

It was sort of like, when I was in the hospital with my son and reading Mother Goose to him after he was born and Dr. Malcolm Butler looking at me like I was crazy and saying spitefully, "He doesn't understand that."  He made fun of me and undermined my mothering.  Well, I remember a woman who was, I believe, Queen Elizabeth's mother, reading English legal books to me.  And although I was a baby and then a very very young toddler, I remember some of it.  It was in a language that was older, sort of older manuscripts, like King James and ancient documents but it wasn't the Bible.  It was law, and human rights, and I think some documents about rights of former royals and duties, and customs.  I also remember two different nursemaids who breastfed babies in two chairs side by side in a room but it wasn't one of them.  What I remember about the legal books was that I did understand some of it and I liked them.  Whatever it was, I liked having it read to me.  Then one day she said to me, "You're cursed until you find this book again."  I thought, why am I cursed??  Find the book?  So I went to the nursery, and I looked all over for it.  I kept bringing over books because nothing was like it.  Kids' books and things.  I was  still so little that I was dragging them across the floor to someone.  Age 3 maybe, but it was possibly earlier.

She was the first person to say this to me that I remember.

The next person was Carol Middleton.  However, she changed it.  Instead of a law book and formal documents, and treatises, it was some other book.  She had me on my back on the floor, and had been electrocuting me and torturing me and then said, "You're cursed until you find this book again."  She then held the book up close to my face and it was an illustration and looked like Noah's Ark (maybe) but all I could see was the rainbow because it was so close to my face.  She said, "It's chemistry." 

Then the third time someone said "You're cursed until you find this book again" it was my mother, or one of the Dicksies, and she put a cookbook that had a cookie page showing into a ziplock and sprinkled something into it and zipped it.  It was a cookbook.

So it got changed from law books to a "chemistry" book to a cookbook.  I have no idea what any of them were talking about.  Why say that to me at all?  When I was a baby? or 3 or whatever?

The other thing they did, was had me coronated.  I mean, aside from all of the things when I was elementary school aged.  Well, I remembered being christened with water in a large church.  I have been told I was "dedicated" by my mother (I guess one of them changed their mind to have wanted to 'cut the line') at a small church in Cashmere, but I was also christened with water by some kind of a formal priest.  I'm not sure why I remember it.  I remember witnessing another baby being christened, but I also remember when I was christened myself, as a baby. 

Then on a separate occasion, I remember being coronated.  England?  It's the only place I remember, and that I would think of, aside from CIA or something but it seemed to be actual.  Maybe it wasn't even England but another country.  I know I had on an entire formal gown, robe, velvet crown, a scepter, a ball that is used for some reason (the orb or whatever it is), and there was a book at some point, and I was put on a throne.  That makes me laugh out loud because it sounds so, completely crazy.  I  also remember royals around me when it was done.  I remember it went from my hand on this royal orb (red I think, or gold) and a formal coronation, to being mocked with balls every day of my life, and comments I didn't even for such as "you'll never be queen" when I never asked.  I was a very little child.  This was not when I was signing some kind of document in the woods with lawyers around me on horseback, which, I was later told, was a document for abdication of a royal throne.  That was when I was maybe 9?  The coronation was when I was a child, of no more than 5 at the very latest, and what was more likely was 3?  I was able to sit, and my feet didn't reach the floor of the chair of course, and it wasn't in some of play stage or theatre or office or building, it was in an actual room in a castle or manor somewhere on an actual throne.  What is odd, is that I remember both a very early coronation, and then nothing like it much for many years and then being told to sign a document, which sounded like role-playing to me.  I also sat on Duke Philips lap when he was on his throne and Elizabeth next to him.  I remember that as well, but I'm not sure where the childhood coronation was.

I also remember Queen of Netherlands, of Orange.  She asked my opinion about something once.  I was a little older, not an extremely young child, and she said she was being accused of being a Nazi and what should she do.  She wanted to know if I thought she should abdicate to her daughter.  I had other adults speak to me about it.  I guess they were advising me on what to say to her.  They told me I should tell her yes.  I wasn't sure.  I had a weird feeling about it.  I didn't "feel" myself, that that was the correct thing necessarily for her.  But I listened to them and told her yes.  She was upset and got a mean face at one point and did something mean.  Probably torture.  I don't remember.  But I do know I then saw this triumphant look on the faces of others who had been advising me and I thought, "Something feels really wrong here."

Oh!  and then what she said to me, she came back to me and to my face, for her response she said, "You will NEVER be Queen."  She was the first woman who said this to me.  Queen Julianna of Netherlands of Orange.  My feelings were really hurt because I hadn't thought I would be queen and I didn't know why she said this but she said it so harshly and it hurt my feelings and I already had a bad feeling about the advice I had taken to give to her.

Then, again, these triumphant looks from some of these "advisors".  So she did abdicate.  She abdicated, but she wasn't happy with me, said I'd never be queen, and I never saw her again.

When I somehow randomly looked her up by accident one day, through looking something else up, I read about her and remembered everything and I had forgotten the whole thing.  Then when I was back in England at some point I thought, "Why do Julianna and Queen Elizabeth's mother look similar?" anyway, it was a random thought.

Juliana had been very nice to me.  There was nothing that stood out as unlikeable to me.  Some of the advisors, I found out were Jewish (I think) and they had their own motives or reasons for wanting her to abdicate, I thought, but moreso, I sensed something had to do with me as well.  Someone wanted me to really strike out with someone they thought mattered.  So I did, in the sense that she was mad at me.

Then later, on time I mentioned Netherlands (but not her) to my mother and said maybe they were progressive and she said, dismally, "That's where it started."  I said, "That's where what started?"

I just looked her up again and remembered she was funding some of my travel and a few other things.  I guess in a way, she was supporting me from what I remember and she told me when she abdicated she couldn't do that anymore. 

It also says she died April 30, 2004.  This was a very bad year.  Then, what is odd, is Katie Middleton chose to marry April 29, and then kill Osama the next day.  It says Juliana abdicated in 1980 and I was 6 years old at that time.  So when she asked my advice I was 6.  What I have always remembered was the feeling I had and that my conscience and feeling told me to tell her not to abdicate.  I got all of this pressure from a Robert Garrett Jr. and some Jewish advisors, to agree with her it wasn't good she was a Nazi and to abdicate.  That wasn't my feeling at all.  She asked if I thought she was a Nazi and I thought "No".  I remember I was mostly honest with what I thought when asked, but it was a really bad feeling that day.  A bunch of Jews pressuring me to tell her yes, I thought she was involved with Nazis and yes, she should abdicate.

Then although she was nice to me, there was something her husband did that was not nice and was abusive.

When I asked my Mom, "That's where what started?" she said, "Euthanasia."  I said, "What?" and she said you asked about human rights and that's where they legalized euthanasia. 

It is possible, if Juliana was supposedly suffering from dementia (possibly not true because I know how people lie) someone in her family had her euthanized. 

I know a bunch of people began attacking me after 2004 and she had died.  She died, Edward Lee Howard died, and Robert Garrett Sr. died.  I think it's possibly because others who had hated me so long figured many of the people who knew my history or about me or about others, had died so they thought they were more free to go after me.

I also think this is why Jewish supremist rapist Josh Gatov took me to see A Clockwork Orange, to humiliate me and many people in Portland knew of my having met and visiting Juliana.

The attempts by Jews to have me tell Juliana something I didn't think was true, was, I believe, another attempt to undermine my psychic gifts.  They  didn't want me to have any kind of position at all, and were jealous and wanted me out of the way so they could find someone else to be in place instead, who they didn't care about as much or who wouldn't stand in the way of something else they wanted to put into place.  I had my psychic gifts minimized and discredited with Juliana and with whether or not someone was a "rat" which I was pretty good at detecting.  It was mostly Jews who were trying to discredit this ability because they didn't like the fact I was so good at what I did, and honest, because it scared them.  Some of them probably worried I would find out they were rats too.  So their attempt to disqualify me with Juliana, by undermining my abilities, psychic gift, and instinct, was exactly the same as this bizarre concerted effort to try to program me to be "wrong" so that whenever a detractor gave a "cue", as a kid I would do the wrong thing or say the wrong thing.

Jews got very excited over it.  They were reeaaally feeling superior at that point and happy, because I saw the satisfied looks they got, just hateful, livid with rage at me for being correct, and finally feeling "ha! now she's getting it wrong so we can accelerate our master plan."  It was people like Lorraine Rose and ilk.  Lorraine Rose, some Jewish lawyers for royals, construction worker Jews who were connected to Gary, and then people like Anatoly later, and there were also non-jews who were glad when I was wrong.  It was this huge achievement for them though, and then the next time I noticed an appreciable feeling from them of being hateful and glad to steer me wrong, I knew my bad feeling was over this group picking at me because they were advisors, prophets, seers, and psychics, who didn't like the competition.  They also didn't like the fact some of the adults listened to me more than the other adults.  That really made some of them mad.

I could understand why some of them wanted to ask me because I wasn't politically motivated.  Even under a lot of pressure, while still young, I usually said what I thought but they really laid it on me over Juliana's question and I had a bad feeling about giving her the answer I did, and didn't believe it myself, and it's not what I would have said on my own.  I told my parents later, "I have a bad feeling and I want to tell her I think it's wrong" and one of them said, "It's too late."  Even if her husband assaulted me, I still wanted to tell her what I thought the truth was, or what conclusion I sensed, on my own.  I wasn't comfortable.  I don't know if the comment about "It's too late" was because someone thought I was hoping to change her comment about "you'll never be queen".  That had not crossed my mind at all and it's not what made me want to go back and talk to her.  The reason I wanted to go back, was because I knew it was wrong and the feeling I had didn't sit well with me.  Her daughter Beatrix should not have been made Queen.  At any rate, I did want to tell her this, and that I had said something under pressure I did not believe and regretted, but I never had the chance.  No one would take me to her or let her know, and I was 6.  I couldn't do anything about it. 
UPDATE:  12/14/13  The other thing I remember about Canada was going back and forth with Beatrix and/or her relatives and a Dicksie, because they had a house there.  I had relatives that were supposedly Wavery Baird, my Granny's sister, who married a Canadian man, but there was also a house I visited in Canada that was part of Queen Juliana's family.  It was always sort of secretive going there.  I was told, possibly, that I was born there.  It was said, "This is where you were born."

Later one of the Roberts used to say me at my house in M.L. all the time, "Were you born in a barn?"

At some point, or one of the places, some Jewish woman owned it or bought it or it was a different place altogether but still in Canada.

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