Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Personal Computer Hackers

I've things to write, but decided to add a couple clips from webcam. One is of my son, and the other is of me singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and an original song I wrote years ago. Wish I had my guitar...But I made do without. I thought about including a clip of me when I first got the webcam going, experimenting...But I don't know. It's fairly long and boring. I'll upload these first two clips and then decide later. Oh, the other thing is that I've had pretty bad security issues with my computers lately. Someone or some group has been spending a lot of time accessing my computers through Wifi when it's not even enabled by me. It doesn't make sense to me but a couple techs told me this was possible with WiFi or Bluetooth. I've tried 3 different computers that are new, and before I ever go online, I'm having problems. I'm told this is impossible without pretty good equipment as usually remote access is only good up to 10 to 30 feet from the computer.

I've had someone posting photos on Slingbox folders, where they were storing some of my webcam material and rating it with stars. Like, 3 stars. The main photo that was attached was a shot of a basketball player slam-dunking a hoop over the head of another player who was cowering below. The jersey of the slam-dunker was solid yellow.

Also, significance was made of certain dates. All of the sample media clips were fixed with dates that were not the original or normal dates. It was clear someone wanted to make particular dates of signficance to me. I wrote down the dates: April 23, 2007 was the date labled under the Slingbox basketball photo. One date that featured almost throughout was November 2. 2006 which was on every single photos and November 30, 1999. However, aside from the basketball shot, I question whether I'm right about the significance of the dates. When I went to the store, on the display model, the clips had other dates and then my computer reverted back to these original dates too.

I've also had problems trying to post to Blogger. In the last weeks I made many attempts which failed. I've had weird things happening to the keyboard too. I will type a word, hitting all the keys, and yet they won't all show up. It's happened on 2 different brand new laptops so I know it's not a faulty keyboard function.

When I get a new computer, I'll take it out of the box, and keep it disconnected from the Internet. What has happened is that although I have the WiFi button physically slid over to "off", it overrides this and I can see all the lights show it's on. When I was in the first screen for MS Vista, where you first type in a username, and then password, I typed in a name for username and then punched down to the password button. I left for a moment to get a cup of coffee, came back, and the curser was no longer on the password box but back on the username box, and my name had been deleted and replaced with an "x". I thought maybe there was a system reason, but several techs have said this is not normal.

The function buttons become disabled too, and when I tried to edit permissions to these cam clips to give me the ownership and rights, I wasn't able to...The bar and boxes were on fade-out so I couldn't check them. From what I understand though, the creator is the owner, and any network or additional user or group other than myself has been unauthorized.

I'm thinking I may want to try YouTube for this, because this upload is so slow and has failed multiple times. It has taken about 10 minutes to process 2 MB of 210 MB.

If you don't see the videos here, look for them on YouTube.