Friday, September 28, 2012

U.S. Tortured Me & Marked My Face (last night & today)

I just looked at the video clips I made for this morning and in the sunlight I could see what the U.S. military did to me.

They used some form of technology to create marks on my face.

This morning I was wakened to severe torture to my teeth, jaw, metal in my neck. It was almost all day.

I then looked at the video clip of my face today and the U.S. marked my face and mocked me with it.

They have done the exact same thing to my Mom and Dad. They want others to think they're doing it to themselves but they don't and if they do, they don't want to.

There is a very clear mark on both of my cheeks but you can only see it on one side where the sun is. Now that I've looked up close tonight, it's on both of my cheeks. The U.S. military made a < > mark under my eyes, on either side of my nose.

Then while I didn't know this had been done, I was mocked and ridiculed when I left my house and went to the store to buy gum for my son and send him a note. I bought him Wrigley's Juicy Fruit which has a < > on the package.

This country is degrading me and torturing my entire family.

They thought they could get special points for themselves by predicting what gum I would get for my son and then tortured me and permanently marked my face with this first to prove something to themselves.

The marks were made by blanching out my skin whiter there than the rest of my face and it's more wrinkled from the damage, only in the outline of < and >.

I have witnessed firsthand, the U.S. military doing the same thing to my Mom and Dad. They do worse to my Mom and Dad. They've drilled holes into the front surface of my Mom's teeth. I've seen marks on her face from military to prove someone thinks they know something ahead of time. I saw my Dad recently with 2 identical round red dots, one above both crests each, for his upper lip. It wasn't canker sores, it was done deliberately.

My parents have been forced to have their bodies used and mutilated, and the U.S. military has mutilated my son by torture. Then they try to mock and degrade us. I cannot tell you how many people drove by to make fun of me today when I left the house after this was done to me.

The dark-haired woman in the white station wagon from California, the one present when my raspberry plant was stolen, was first in line.

My Dad can't sue the U.S. because he is forced to be in the military.

My mother and father have been kidnapped by this country. Literally. I found out they have literally been kidnapped here. My son was taken away from me illegally when we were in Canada, but they kidnapped my parents here.

The United States military and federal government has used me in every illegal situation they can think of, and they have known about those who put hits on me as well. I was told there were over 10 judges that wanted to do me harm, who had put a hit on me. This information was given to me in 2007.

Then the U.S. continues to torture me and degrade me and allows others to laugh at me.

If this country does not return my son, and allow us to all have a choice to leave this country together, this country is heading for war. No country respects the U.S. anymore. It is the fault of those who want to overthrow normal government for allowing any of these things to happen, which does nothing but weaken the legitimacy and authority and respect of this country.

Those in charge of torturing us in this way, knowing it will get out and create doubt and strife, are deliberately trying to agitate for war. No one who cares about their country does this and then does it openly and mocks the victims, unless they are purposefully trying to ruin the reputation of the U.S. and lower it's credibility.

The people in charge of this, and in charge of the military and this country, are not working for the U.S. I don't know who they want to hand this country over to, but it's not the American citizens and a government for the people and by the people.

This country is on its very last leg before war.

When war eventually occurs, some will be surprised to find out the same people who are supposedly fighting for the U.S. are going to switch sides as soon as they think it's safe to do so openly. They are already setting the stage for another country to take over. They're not going to openly admit to where their allegiance lies until their back-up arrives internationally. Then when they think they have power on their side, they'll reveal whose side they're on. It is the same dynamics now that happen in civil war. Citizen against citizen when the country as a whole is supposed to protect all citizens. The difference is going to be that it will be citizens who are actually normal and decent or honest, and think this is the U.S. as it was, against "citizens" who already sold out to the enemy and now want this country to be taken over.

By doing what they do to me and my son, and my parents, and then getting bolder to do it openly, they are agitating for a "revolution" that will happen with war, and to their own advantage.

No one who cares about their own country, does what the U.S. has been doing.

What is ironic is that while they try to provoke me, to find something wrong with me, drive me out, or have me siding with other countries, they are the group that already sold out. They are the ones who are agitating for war on U.S. soil. Everything that has been done in the last decade or so, leading up to the fall-out of now, is designed to create conditions for a civil-international war. The criminals already took most of the system over, obviously. Now they just agitate and continue to smear everything the U.S. stood for, and mock justice. While they did this secretly before, now they do it openly, proving they care nothing about the country.

This country is going to war. It is inevitable, and there will be war on U.S. soil. No, I don't know when. I didn't have a vision and God didn't tell me. I only have to look at all the signs and see the truth.

What you might begin asking yourselves, those who are not part of this, is which country or countries do you think have the biggest investment already? Who are the criminals that torture me and my parents and then laugh about it and stir things up...which country are they from that would want the U.S. to be a laughingstock, shame and embarrassment?

Whichever country or countries most desire to ridicule the U.S.--these are the countries that those who torture me and my family are acting as doubles for. By weakening the country and making it obvious, they will continue to commit crimes and test the limits like a 2 year old. They will keep testing until they are sure they are strong enough and have built up enough people like them, in every form of government reserve. And then they will find a way to agitate for war and have this country obliterated to be taken over by the group and country(ies) whose policies and/or religion they really want to be running and controlling the country.

You can call a rose, by another name it's still a rose, or that object defined as a rose. However, if you call a rose a rose and it mutates and turns into a foxglove, you can call it a rose as long as you want, but it's no longer a rose. It's a rose in name only, and is a foxglove in actuality.

Don't fool yourselves anymore.

People Observing My Being Tortured Today

I left the house to go to the post office and on the way back, while walking, the metal in my neck especially was vibrating and reacting to something. I then had pain going up my neck, under my jaw where another implant is, and then to my tooth where there is more metal, and to my left ear finally.

It was mainly while I walked back to my house and there were different people in cars waiting to see how I looked in the middle of it. They knew. There were 2 men in a utility truck watching, a truck with plates 241 BKU, and a young woman in a van with plates 005 EXC. I knew she knew. She was young, fresh-faced and pretty, and looked like a military or science type. She was waiting in a van at the top of a path I take home, watching while I was holding onto my neck because I was in so much pain from the torture. She saw this and smirked and then started to move her vehicle forward and past me.

It is remote torture.

This is what University of Utah Hospital did to me in 1995. They made it possible to me to be tortured from a distance, and they are responsible for doing the surgeries. Another implant was added, for this purpose of torturing me, by a U.S. military dentist and a hispanic dentist, in 2006, by the same federally funded clinic that Julie A. Rickard is from.

The doctor who told me to see Julie was Dr. Malcolm Butler. He said maybe your migraines are from stress so talk to her and see what you think. So I went to Julie and then I walked right back out, before the appointment was over. It's the only time I've done this with a psychologist. I knew she was bad news. I was polite still, and just said, "I actually can't stay the entire time, and need to go" and wasn't rude, but I got away from her.

Dr. Malcolm Butler is the same doctor who was giving me big bottles of narcotics and hoping I'd take them, and then when I didn't, he's withdrawing my pain contract for treatment of my migraines with morphine, claiming, "she's drug seeking". He is also the doctor who is connected to U.S. government, and the University of Washington Hospital, and he is also the one who wanted my son weaned from me to take him, and who refused to treat both me and my son for systemic thrush.

HE is the one who was friends with Julie Rickard.

I just rediscovered today, her main emphasis is hypnosis. And MY son was showing up in his visits with me, trying to show ME how to hypnotize HIM, because someone had been doing this with him.

I thought it was Steve May. I can't rule that out. But Julie Rickard is the person in town, or who was there at the time, with the big interest in hypnosis.

University of Utah Crime (Medical Records Withheld)

I got "medical records" from the University of Utah and instead of giving me my entire medical record, they gave me 2 pages of 1 of the radiology scans for 1 CT.

I sent a signed release, asking for a full release of all of my records, and they sent me 2 pages of a CT and then snidely told me when I called, that the woman's title, who processed my request was "abstractor".

So they thought it was funny to have the Judith Hagen, "Abstractor", send me an "abstract" of my medical record.

I had an entire surgery done there, more than one actually, one for my neck at one time, and one for my head at a different time. They have more than 1 2 pg. paper for a CT.

I then called the Chief Executive Officer for their hospital, who I am told is "David Entwistle". His assistant "Melissa" wanted to refer to me as "Cami" after I already told her what my name was and they've been expecting my call.

This is a copy of the email I just sent David Entwistle:

Subject: HIPPA Law Regarding Medical Records
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 11:22:31 -0700

Dear Mr. Entwistle:

I sent a request for release of my medical records from a major surgery I had at your hospital in 1995.

I was sent one 2 pg. report from one CT and nothing more.

I need to know where the rest of my medical record is and this needs to be sent to me immediately as it is 30 days past the date of my original request, which is documented by a notary. The medical information department is not going to be helpful when I just talked to them and they said they cannot find anything.

When I first called I was told my full record was there and that it was archived. So in the 30 days it took to process my request, I expected to see the full record.

I was admitted to your hospital on May 15-16 of 1995, by life flight. I had to then wait until a doctor arrived at your hospital to do a surgery for my broken neck. After they did surgery on my neck, a day or two later a doctor came into my private room at the hospital and stitched up my head. It was possibly 2 days later because I remember wondring why they had left my head wound and not repaired it during the neck surgery. I would recognize the face of the doctor who did this surgery and my mother was also sitting in the room at the time.

Your hospital received money from NASA and the DOD, and opened a new program after my surgery, for 'telesurgery' and 'telepharmacy'. Your hospital also purchased 15 new lots and buildings, or constructed new buildings, after this surgery.

I am therefore very clear about the date.

Please let me know how quickly someone is able to process my HIPPA request.


Cameo L. Garrett
medical record # assigned with my name for 1 CT report is 08570194

I remember my mother's expression while she sat at the other end of the room as this doctor came in and started to stitch up my head. She started crying and I looked over and asked her why she was crying.

She was watching this doctor as he stitched my head 1-2 days after I had this horrific neck surgery. I didn't know why they were waiting to stitch my head up. My hair was getting greasy and I wanted to shower and there was a bandage over the head, but it was left there. Then one day, during daytime, he walked into the room, closed the door, and said he was there to stitch up my head. So he worked right there in my room, not in a hospital operating room or anything, but like it was an out-patient thing. He gave local shots to my head to numb it and then he was stitching and doing whatever he was doing. I couldn't see his work, or what he was doing, but I remember his hair and face and stature. He had dark brown hair and looked Italian. He talked to me harshly and I could tell he didn't like me. He acted like he didn't like me and had something against me. I didn't pick up on that from some of the nurses, but with him, absolutely.

Absolutely Elle.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

U.S. Military Blocking U.S. Military Panetta Interview

I have U.S. military, actively on my computer. Basically, my entire computer/laptop was hijacked from the first day. Not only that, I was told it was the only one I could buy and there was only one left.

Ever since, I've had military intelligence ON my computer, actively disrupting my services, actively doing bizarre things with all of the computer controls, and monitoring every single thing I do and then they block my viewing of an interview by Leon Panetta about "rape" in the military.

How about rape by Italian-Americans Panetta.

How about rape by CIA, FBI, military, and your Italian-American friends.

He just had this interview today, and between his comments and the article comments, they suggest it's typical or normal for two agencies to work together, like military and police.

In the article about the woman, the reporter says it was lucky for her that both the military and police worked on a "joint investigation".

This sort of downplays the idea of "BRIBERY" in situations like mine, where the FBI and the POLICE do not have "joint investigations" concerning sexual abuse.

The FBI do not "investigate" sexual abuse by their own agents. They have no jurisdiction for that. It is not the military with their own judicial system and courthouse and courtroom. If the FBI has employees that raped and/or also sexually assaulted someone, they are required to report it to police. The FBI did not do that. They altered testimony, concealed the truth, and then bribed Sgt. Austria to let them off the hook. Sgt. Austria got a good pay raise and promotion immediately after he did a favor for the FBI. Laughlin.

What about the Italian-American in Wenatchee who knows Tony Block from CPS? Hmm? Panetta? You got a handle for me on that one? How about the Chelan-Douglas police standing by and bringing in your own Italian-American friend to rape me in Washington, when the police knew I was incapacitated, after I was raped multiple times by federal employees from Oregon.

Why is it that the Italian-American rapist who is a doctor in Wenatchee, then had his best buddy Tony Block, supervising the CPS case with me and my son after YOUR people in the military and aerospace industry assaulted us.

Nice that you're looking at rape more closely--try torture.

Try on the torture pants Panetta.

I want to see you give an interview about investigations into U.S. Pentagon torture of U.S. citizens and their children.

When you do that, you might look credible talking about "rape".

Basically, I was watching the video and it kept getting cut off and then an ad was playing over the interview and then it was skipping ahead in the middle of the video clip to a different video. That's after shutting down several times.


Mean anything to you?


Mean anything to you?

How about the Italian-Americans in Wenatchee that colluded with Chelan-Douglas police for a second time, to defame me and say I was "prostituting" myself at The Coast Hotel in Wenatchee, which is owned by an Italian-American man in Seattle?

Mean anything to you?


While you're working on the Pentagon end of TORTURE against citizens, maybe you could also have a little chat with some of your mafia men.

Let's see...First I get raped by an Italian-American in Wenatchee, a man who was Dr. Frank or "Lee" from the Wenatchee Worksource. I believe it was Dr. Frank, and the man had a girlfriend who was a nurse in oncology. That is what he told me.

Then later, Italian-American Tony Block is supervising the entire CPS case after my son and I were brutally tortured while YOU were head of the CIA and Stephanie Sullivan, the one with the Catholic Northern Ireland husband, was in charge of CIA technology.

Tony Block made a point to be at the beginning of the case against me and stared at me with hatred. Then he made a point to mock me and be there at the last visit I ever had with my son. He mocked me. He was your little "closer".

Then, after I didn't marry Alvaro Pardo, I was "banned" by Italian-American "Lee" from Wenatchee Worksource, and harassed and tortured there.

And before that, I was "banned" by the Italian-American who owned The Coast Hotel. Guess what? He used police to do it.

The same police who stood by when I was raped by the Italian-American, stood by and insulted me, calling me a "prostitute" and telling me I was "banned" from going to that hotel.

I had been going there to use wifi at the bar at the top floor of the hotel, not for prostitution, and the POLICE and the Seattle Italian-American knew it.

So they work together to rape me and then they work together to call me a prostitute and "ban" me from places to make me look bad.

Let's think about Julie/Julia Thornton now, shall we?

She was FBI.

I moved to Wenatchee and was counseled by Brett McDonald, who counseled me for over 3 months but then when I started getting to the part about the FBI, she refused to write anything down.

So I got SET UP to be counseled by Brett McDonald, who I then find out, is BEST FRIENDS with Tina Thornton, who was my assigned social worker. Tina's husband is a cop. Is Tina Thornton also related to this Julia Thorton who really looked like Laura Laughlin? Because why did her best friend Brett not want to write down anything I said about anyone or anything concerning the FBI? Then Tina shows up at my first court hearing about my son, along with people like Tony Block, smirking at me and with hatred in her eyes.
How many of you should go directly to jail?

That's the question this reporter should have asked.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Video Clip Maintenance & Clarification of "torture"

I have noticed a few of my video clips were deleted and I have to work on reloading them.

Also, I need to go back and define each segment with more than "torture". Some of the clips are not about "torture", but about events leading up or surrounding actual torture.

I started just tagging the clips with this word, intending to go back and add what needed to be added, and taking out whatever I needed to take out, but I think it's better if I do this now, and then clearly identify each clip for its content.

I will continue making posts for each day and will upload new ones, but this is to explain what I have to work on.

I regret that I threw out just the word "torture" for many of the clips, but I did so with the intention of going back and adding to it...torture is the overall theme and problem, but I do not talk about torture, specifically, in every clip. I talk about events surrounding this.

Thanks for your patience.

Discrimination by OSU & Julie A. Rickard (Washington)

I have no idea why it is this difficult for a faculty member to lift a restriction to allow me to take a class when I meet the requirements and gave him the evidence that I did.

It is 3 days past the first day of classes and I tried getting into this class for WR 424, which is writing sections for a novel.

The prereq is 2 classes in short story writing first.

I tried to sign up and was blocked so I asked to have this lifted and gave email to point out my 2 short story classes which are on my transcript, along with 1 in poetry writing.

I have faculty at OSU doing the exact same thing they did to me at Eastern Oregon University, I guess to make a point for the Oregon University System and the Middletons.

It takes one minute to lift a restriction and allow a student to sign up for a class and the refusal to do this, is causing delay which they know affects my ability to buy books for the class on time.

I sent email to the English advisor, Steve Kunert, and he said to talk to the instructor John Lariso, and I did. Then Lariso is telling me he has to "check with Ann" instead of listing the restriction which he, as the instructor for the class, is supposed to do for any student that meets the requirements. I've not only had 2 short story creative writing classes, I've taken poetry writing as well. It's all on my transcript, and one of the classes was graduate level.

There isn't any excuse to delay like this over a class, especially when I sent email that proves I met the requirements.

Either they practice discrimination or they don't.
It is 9/27/12.

I am being tossed around by some OSU who are just acting malicious. They're stringing me along, telling me they'll do one thing and then changing what they said. Then they're passing me back and forth between themselves and harassing me.

It's not like they don't know what I went through at Eastern.

I have not heard from John Lariso for a class that I meet requirements for and it's almost the end of the 1st week of college.

Steve Kunert is head of the English department and has played a pass around game three times now, on three different things. First he was giving me wrong information about my "pin" and it was delaying my ability to sign up for classes. Then he was passing me back and forth with a man at the Registrars offices about the pin matter. When a week had passed to sort that out, then he was saying he'd allow one thing and then Louie Bottaro, the Dean for Liberal Arts college, was backing out of what he said he'd do in allowing me to take a class, and I was geting passed between Bottaro and then Steve, which took up more time and delayed my ability to sign up for courses. I was trying to take a Project course (independent study). Every department has it, and you don't have to be part of the major to take it. So then Louie first said I could and then I couldn't. So I asked about doing it with English department and I was told by Steve it had to be "on-campus" and couldn't be "online". If it's independent study and a project, it's however a student can best get the work done. It does not have to be "on-campus". So then I had someone contact me from Agriculture department who said, "I'm WILLING" in the same way I told the gay men who live next to the Jewish Rabbi Rose and Lorraine that I was willing to work in their household...and she goes out of her way to contact me and then strings me along with Steve, and starts to back out.

All this time, they know I need to get the right classes added so I can proceed, and so it doesn't affect the amount of credits I'm taking. I can't drop a class or two without having something to replace it, and they know this. So here it is, 4 days past the start of the term, and they're all stringing me along, which is looking malicious and not like an accident anymore, and they all know that I have to get books.

If I don't have the right books in time, I will be behind in all my classes and cannot possibly get a good grade.

So basically, I got admitted to OSU to be screwed over.

I should not be going to a public school at all. My mother always knew. She knew right from the start, before I ever even signed up at Eastern. She knew private colleges were the only ones that would work out for me, because these colleges are all connected to the State.

I don't have anything else to add at this point, aside from the email communications I've had with the faculty that's passed me all over the place. The email correspondence alone doesn't reflect what conversations I had over the phone as well, but it certaintly shows how something is wrong.

Even my Dad knew. My Dad didn't fully know I was going to be screwed over by OSU until last week and he didn't say a word--just looked incredibly depressed and when I said maybe I'd skip OSU and just sign up for another term at Eastern he actually looked like he thought that might be better.

He knew some kind of BS was brewing. My mother always knew. I think people lie to them too. They get told everything will work out or someone implies things are going to turn around and then constantly, ALWAYS, the government is getting involved and using people who have nothing better to do than enlist the worst of the worst to harass me or try to impede me from going forward with college.

My parents are promised things and have people lying to them as many times as it happens to me.

It's looking like the only decent hint of what is to come, is by reading Middle Eastern news.

It's horrible what happened to Chris Stevens. But it was almost like a warning of what I was going to get with Steven Kunert at OSU. Steven Kunert, the guy who is signing off with "Cheers!" in his first email to me, like Chris Dabney from Washington D.C. I.e, anything involving Steven Kunert is going up in flames...which pretty much, is what's happened to my chance to stay ahead and on task for this term.

I've been talking to "Steve" and "Liz" for the last 2 days which has been like some kind of William and Katie joke. Kate Middleton knew about it, the day I signed up. She knew what was going to go down and then she went out dancing. I have no clue how I knew she knew OSU was going to screw me over, but I knew when I saw her face in a photo. I have no clue how that works, but it was right there, and I knew in that instance, she knows I have signed up for OSU and she knows something bad is in store for me there. I knew immediately after seeing her picture and I knew she was celebrating over it. It was after that day that later she was filing against her boobie pics.

Chris Dabney is such a hideous excuse for life.

I mean, it would take a really long time to even explain what I'm talking about, but I had hoped that with as large of a University as OSU is, you could find some decent people. Instead, I have either no one calling, or just those who want to string me along and get extra credit for it from someone--under the table.
I got an email from an instructor whose class I've tried to sign up for since the beginning of this week.

It requires 2 short story classes prior to taking WR 424 (writing for the novel). I met the requirements and then I was discriminated against after being made to wait until the end of this week.

(separate note--not related to this post but on the way to the post office, I also saw the dark haired woman from California today. With the white station wagon, who knows people in town and was around when I had my raspberry start stolen from me. She still has the same California plates)

Here is the email from John Lariso:
RE: Emergency for Class‏

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2:58 PM
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Larison, John Add to contacts
To cam huegenot
Hello Cameo,

I'm writing to let you know that our petition for an override was declined.

Best wishes in the future-

From: cam huegenot []
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2012 11:47 AM
To: Larison, John
Subject: RE: Emergency for Class

Who is the person you are waiting to hear from? Ann Leeson? I saw you sent the email to her.


Subject: RE: Emergency for Class
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 16:42:20 +0000

Hi Cameo,

With ecampus classes, the override process is more complicated than it is with on-campus classes. I'm still waiting to hear from the powers-that-be concerning whether your Writing for Science can be counted as a prerequisite for WR 424. I'll let you know as soon as I learn the verdict.


I just looked up John Larison and he's into fishing. He had one of his novels reviewed by "Jonathan Rickard" from NYT. I saw a "Julie Rickard" in Wenatchee, WA once (had a professional appointment with her) who was a hateful person, but I'm sure she's not related or connected in any way. I just uploaded a youtube clip about her though,and then Larison sent me this email, telling me I was prejudiced from taking the class.

She lied about me after I saw her for 30 minutes at a counseling center in Wenatchee.

This is from the Colombia Valley Community Health clinic site (it's a federally funded clinic):
Best Wishes,
Julie A. Rickard, Ph.D.
Director of Internship Training

Columbia Valley Community Health
Behavioral Medicine
Julie A. Rickard, PhD
600 Orondo Ave., Suite 1
Wenatchee, WA 98801
509-662-6000 Ext. 1073

Here is the kind of work Julie Ann Rickard specializes in--hypnosis.

My son was showing up at CPS visits with evidence someone had been hypnotizing him and she is one of very few individuals that does this kind of thing in Wenatchee.
She went to Washington State University and here is her thesis:

Washington State University
Research Exchange
Browsing College of Education by Author "Rickard, Julie Ann, 1967-"

Effects of hypnosis in the treatment of residual stump pain and phantom limb pain
Rickard, Julie Ann, 1967- (2004)
The Rickard who reviewed Larison's book is from Boston, MA, where the FBI's James Whitey is from along with others. If I remember correctly, she is also not originally from the state of Washington.

When I met her, she lied about me in records in a way to specifically assist the Portland, Oregon FBI and people in Oregon who wanted a cover for their crimes against me. I knew she was either working with FBI, to help people discredit my rape claims against Josh Gatov and others, or that she was part of helping the Mt. Angel Abbey try to make me appear as though I had seduced a monk and then felt "rejected" by him and made something out of it. The reason I knew she was connected to such a party was because I saw her for about 20-30 minutes total and actually got up and left because I didn't like her and didn't trust her. I sensed she wasn't a good person. So I left, and then I found out she was trying to imply, after only talking to me for 20-30 minutes, that I was "borderline" to others. Borderline is a diagnosis where someone makes attachments too quickly and thinks (falsely) that they are real, and then if they feel 'rejected', they react in an extreme way. So it was basically what either the Abbey, the rapists, or the FBI wanted at that time. She did not diagnose me. You have to have many visits and hours and testing before an actual diagnosis is made that is professional. What she did, is start defaming me by "suggesting" I had "borderline personality disorder" when she hadn't even had enough time with me to know where I worked. I was working or going to college all the way up through my pregnancy with my son, which was in May 2006. I met Julie in 2005, 1 1/2 years earlier, for less than an hour, one time and I never went to her again because I knew she was trying to do a favor for some group. (I wrote about her in a new post)

Then,I found out she was calling people up that I hadn't signed a release to, who worked in Spokane, including a woman named Barbara.

Julie Rickard actually even looks like the Jonathan Rickard who reviewed John Larison's book "Holding Lies" for the NYT.

Monday, September 24, 2012

CORRECTION:OSU bookstore "Tech" problem

Update 9/25/12: It was entirely my fault. I was reading the directions and the way they were worded had me thinking to do it a different way--I think it's because I was just with another program where it was very similiar but if you clicked something over, it didn't add to a collection, but removed it all. So, it was not the tech. The password stuff and not getting logged in? That was DEFINITELY the OSU Bookstore problem. I had my username and password and someone tampered with it. But getting to the book check-up mix-up was my fault.

RE: Website Problem‏

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12:49 PM

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cam huegenot


Hi James

I don't want someone else choosing a password for me. I did not make a mistake with using the incorrect login. You will need to remove the password you created and I will stay with the one I created for myself. If you have erased it, please clear the system entirely so I may enter in new information again.

Your site was not working for me, with either username and login and there was no mix-up between them. I used one email address, password and username for one account and when this was tampered with, I used a different email address, username, and password. There was no conflict.

Let me know when you have removed your alterations to my password and do not make any changes to my accounts without my prior approval. You can change the problem with your own system, but do not make changes to my personal account information without getting my authorization to do so first.



Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 10:53:22 -0700
Subject: Re: Website Problem

I think part of your problem with trying to log onto your account is you have two different email addresses and two different usernames... and I would assume two different passwords. I imagine it would be easy to mismatch any of those three and not be able to access either of your accounts.

I have reset your password for this account info:


User name: iamoliversmommy

New password: Bigdaddy1

Both of the accounts have you as the named respondent even though the emails are different. The second account you created is locked and not sure why so I just adjusted the password on this account.

Read your blog posting.... really don't think the issue is the OSU Beaver Store unleashing a virus or hacker on you. Since no other customer is experiencing the same issues think what you are experiencing is either something amiss on your cpu or user error.

Still happy to walk through things with you however. Please respond with a phone number and I'll give you a call.

Take care - James


From: "cam huegenot"
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2012 3:27:03 PM
Subject: RE: Website Problem

Do you go to "comparison shopping" and then select term (FALL 2012) and then classes, and then click on the bottom green button?

After you click on the green button, are you saying it takes you to a new page?

I need to know if you are following the same link I am.

1. I go to the "show now!" (order books online) link, after clicking on "buy textbooks" in the leftside menu.
2. I then click to "agree to textbook" terms.
3. I am then on a "comparison shopping" page.
4. Fall 2012 is selected and then I selected classes.
5. I click on the green bar at the bottom to go forward.
6. After clicking on this, it does nothing and doesn't go to a new page.

So are you saying this is what you are doing, and the same link other students are using and not having a problem with?

This is the other thing, do you have to be signed up for the class before it will allow you to buy books? (I would think not).

If you could tell me if this is what you're doing, to be sure I'm following the right link and page, let me know.

When I go to a different link, under "Academics", I find a link to "view faculty textbooks". This allows me to see the CRNS and what books they use, but there is no price and no place to order from this calendar/list. The only place to buy or make an order, from what I see on the site, is through the "show now-comparison shopping" site.

What happens if YOU click on that green bar, after you've selected a class? Could you tell me what comes up next for you when you do this?

This is urgent. I have to order books today and I need to see the cost from OSU.



Subject: Re: Website Problem
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2012 15:19:15 -0700

Sorry Cameo, I can not replicate what you are describing. I can place an order and go through the entire process... Often when you select the shopping cart page it will open a new tab.

You may want to try rebooting your computer and possibly try another browser.

As I said, the site is working...we are not receiving communication from any other web customer.

We do not reset passwords. Unless you spoke with someone and requested they do so for you.

James Howard
Academic Materials Manager

OSU Beaver Store

On Sep 22, 2012, at 1:59 PM, cam huegenot wrote:

No, that's not what is happening. I cannot order anything from this site because it's not allowing me to order or to go to an order page. I just videotaped this.

I already opened a new account because someone in your system changed my password. So I had to use a different email address and open a new account and log in again.

All of a sudden a new link came up to view books on a calendar and that does nothing to help me order them. My "account" information is showing up accurately but when it says "shop here" and to go to a page to purchase, it isn't allowing me to add books to a cart or a shopping list, or to buy anything.

I cannot wait until tomorrow.

Will you please tell me if I am going to the correct place to make an order? Because I'm clicking on the textbook agreement link and then it takes me to "comparison shopping" and when I select something and then click on the green tab to process this, the page does not move forward. So I select books, then click on the green tab at the bottom for comparison shopping and it doesn't change to a new page. It doesn't add my selection to a cart either.

Please tell me which link I am supposed to be using to order books because I have to do it TODAY.


Subject: Re: Website Problem
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2012 13:35:29 -0700

Hi Cameo - The website is operational currently and was so all day yesterday. You can look up course listings without an issue. If you are a distance student, you can still order books on he site for shipping. In that case, you can check out as a "guest" if your per-established account sort up isn't working.

I'll be in the office tomorrow and can look up your account info and pass along what I find. More than likely you'll get a password reset request sent to the email you provided.

James Howard
Academic Materials Manager

OSU Beaver Store

On Sep 22, 2012, at 12:46 PM, cam huegenot wrote:

I sent this email last night to "text manager" and noticed today some of the letters are missing to the address I typed in. I am positive I typed in the full email address correctly.

Then, this morning I went to the site again and tried it and now it's saying I have an incorrect username and password. It is not incorrect. I wrote it down on a piece of paper and signed up for it at the same time. I used the exact same username and password today, and refered to this paper to be sure (even though I did remember) and I am not being allowed to sign in to the bookstore site.

So yesterday it wasn't allowing me to look up books after I signed in successfully and was already logged in. Then today I find my email is not going to you for some reason and your website is not allowing the same username and password I used yesterday.

Will you please look into who is operating the site computer system at this time and as of yesterday?

I cannot sign up for books without a functioning site to order from.


Cameo L. Garrett

Subject: Website Problem
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2012 18:39:32 -0700

I have logged onto your bookstore site for the first time and the site is not working.

I typed in a search for books for a class and then clicked on "compare" and nothing shows up. No book titles show up and the page doesn't change. I checked with other classes and it's not working for any of the classes.

If this continues to be a problem, will you please provide a list of the books that the classes require and their prices to my address?




James Howard | Academic Materials Manager

OSU Beaver Store
(541) 737-0036

Sunday, September 23, 2012

UPDATED:Torture by U.S. NOW to Prevent Sleep

Upddate 9/25/2012. It is 5:51 p.m. and I am being tortured. They quit from 3 p.m. until I began video clips about what happened around the time right before I went to Canada with my son and after. Also, my webcam quit working and didn't give the display message it had run out of room, so I ended up talking when it wasn't even recording. This webcam always shows a message across the screen when it is out of space or room to film. But tonight, it didn't do this, so I have to say all over what I just said.

Update 9/25/2012. It is 1:52 a.m. on a different day and I am being severely tortured to my ear, neck and tooth on left side. It has been most of the evening but not extreme until about 10 minutes ago or sometime after 1:30 a.m.

I am not able to sleep because of it and the United States cranked it up. I'm not going to say "they" anymore. It's the U.S. So from now on, I will replacing the vague "they" with United States. The United States is responsible for this and it is the U.S. that has a responsibility to control and quit crimes of torture in their own country, committed by their own allowances and mandates. The U.S., all the way to the White House, is responsible.

It is now 2:50 a.m. and I am being tortured at severe levels to the same areas. I could feel/can feel vibration on my tooth if I put my finger on it. The U.S. has turned up the torture enough so that my tooth is literally vibrating where the U.S. military dental filling is, and then the tooth below it is also vibrating.

It is 11:30 a.m. and I'm still being torture in the same way. To my left ear, tooth, and under my chin and neck. There is also an area that, when my tooth is vibrating on top (where the implant is) and affecting the tooth below it (lower jaw), behind the teeth there, lower jaw, something radiating and affected. It is under my jaw, on the side, and I can feel it by pressing from under my jaw and also on the inside by pressing down into the space below where my tongue is, to a hard spot along the bone and there is something there. It's something up against the bone of my jaw my lower jaw, to the left side. I put up a video clip of an implant to the left side of my jaw, some kind of ball thing, but below this, down farther into my jaw, there is something else as well.

There is no reason for the pain inside of my ear and vibrating on the surface of my tooth and the pain in my jaw and neck unless technology is used to create this pain.

There is definitely a foreign object inside of my left ear. I can feel it even with a bobby pin and it moves. I felt it actually moving inside of my ear last night. I was using a bobby pin to check the magnetic pull thing again and my ear hurt so badly and I felt this object that's inside of my ear, under skin, move. It is the first time I have felt it literally move. I've heard it before, and the odd frequency and I've felt the magnetic pull of the bobby pin drawn up or reacting against this area in pain, but last night, the bobby pin was actually pushed out of my ear by this area when something moved and pushed it out. It occured with a pulse and a kind of pain when the pulse occured and it was pushed out and I felt this part of my ear actually moving.

So, like the vibration I can feel on my tooth, which is not "toothache", having something "move" inside of my ear is not an earache.


I was tortured today with a burning laser sensation in my chest all day. It was technology, not "the holy spirit" or anything else. It was U.S. aerospace defense/nasa/military torture. But I went on with what I was doing and made several videoclips.

I went to bed at 10 p.m. and 10 minutes after this, I was being tortured to my left ear, neck, and tooth, in extreme pain, to prevent my being able to sleep.

Earlier today while walking this was done on a lesser level, and since I tried going to bed and turned out all the lights in my house, about 10 minutes later, the U.S. government was torturing me, and is currently torturing me, to extreme levels.

Anyone can tell from the clips I made, that I'm not mentally ill.

I and my family are being tortured.

I have been trying to upload the rest of the clips I made today and the only ones someone wanted to allow me to upload, were the ones were the lighting is weird and I have a blanket over my head bc I was cold. You can still tell, as I talk, that there is nothing wrong with me mentally.

Someone needs to kill those who are responsible for torturing us. They are commiting gross felonies and violating even the Nuremberg Code and laws in addition to Geneva.

Please get rid of them and kill as many of these people as it takes to rid this country of criminals.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

UPDATED 9/20/12: Torture all day and night (blame CIA/DOD, not Jerod Laughner)

Update 9/20/12: I was tortured the entire night and then almost all day today (I describe how it feels so you are able to relate, a little further down) but not like last night. I reviewed the videoclips I made last night, and it seems that whenever I begin to come across as too cool, calm, or collected, or professional, I am tortured.

Whatever group is responsible did this to me after a different segment of videoclips where I was not crying or rambling but myself, pulled together and dignified (in general). So then they tortured me to the point of crying and ruining my speech. '

Basically, if I ever put up a post where I am making a good point a halfway dignified way, this group is going out of their way to take away my dignity and degrade me. They want to ruin my speech, my ability to think clearly, and ability to be put together and look normal and professional. So they torture me. That is what happened all night last night. It is not "restless leg syndrome", "potassium deficiency", or normal benign fasciculations.

If anyone has been to a physical therapist for physical therapy and used a TENS machine, which causes parts of the muscle to contract involuntarily, this is exactly how it feels. It is like having a TENS machine triggering many contractions of muscles repeatedly throughout the legs.

Basically, my entire body but mainly lower legs and feet, twitch and muscles move under the skin all night, and my feet have been curling and cramping from several nights of this, last night where it was cranked up so high I couldn't sleep.

I am able to describe how the sensation is different from normal "growing pains" or other natural problems in a way some people might be able to understand. It feels like extremely high powered static electricity.

So everyone knows how it feels to be in dry weather outside and have shampooed and dried hair right? Where you take the turtleneck off over your head, and all your hair is sticking up from static electricity? Or you know when you were a kid or teen and you rubbed the top of your head several times to build static electricity and then showed your friends or family how your hair stood up? That crackly feeling? and how you can feel this sort of crackly moving kind of feeling of electricity but it's a little bit different? It feels exactly like that, but it's 10x stronger, and instead of causing your hair to stand up, your muscles move under the skin instead.

It is basically exactly like a science experiment I did with Mary and Carl Del Balzo's kids, at their house, while I was implanted with microchips and didn't know it. Here I was, forced to work for them while they observed me for science and govt, and knew I was implanted while they worked on "top secret" projects with Intel (microchip semiconductor co). I showed their daughters how you could brush your hair out several times to build static electricity on the surface of a brush. Then I had a mixture of salt and pepper on the table in a small pile and I held the surface of the brush over the pile. Only one of the salt/pepper jumped up into the hairbrush. The static electricity created a pull and separated the salt from the pepper and one of them was drawn into the brush.

As a nanny, I came up with different things to excite a kid's curiosity or to show them science things or something unusual.

So that experiment with static electricity, and how this "electricity" feels, is identical to the feeling in my legs but it's magnified many times and causes twitching and movement under the skin, of the muscles, heats the muscles, and causes eventual cramping of the toes and feet. At higher levels, as this country did to both me and my son, our feet were not just cramping but cramping and curling under painfully. And anything with calcium like our fingernails and most especially, our toenails, curled under and warped permanently.

This is one of the main forms of technology the U.S. has used against both me and my son, to torture us and they are able to target at low levels and go all the way up the scale to ruining skeletal structures, especially developing skeletal structures (like our kitten), because of the impact it has on fluid in the bones and muscles, and the energy that is used which causes the warping.

So imagine static electricity at 10x normal than a light shocking feeling or staticy feeling, and then your muscles also moving in a "crawling under the skin" feeling. And then your feet and toes curl under and cramp. Basically, imagine having all of your muscles under a giant TENS machine that causes the muscles to contract and then relax all the time so it feels like "twitching", and add a high powered "static electricty" feel to it. Then, this is not the only thing this country did to me and my son. They added extremely high levels of ultrasound to it to affect extreme lower back pain and pelvic pain where this kind of wave concentrates most--in the pelvic bone density.

I showed this trick to Thebaults kids, and I mainly remember showing it to the Del Balzo girls. I think I showed it to the Cartwright kids too, but mostly I remember showing it to Del Balzos.

I am being tortured all day and all night.

This country refuses to quit it's crimes.

Last night they used technology to facilitate their shitty "dream experiments." They are using microwave and satellite MRI technology to try to enhance some serious shit being used against certain citizens, as guinea pigs, for CIA and DOD/NASA experimentation to try to create "conditions" for reading brain waves, and torturing the body and using technology against it to be more "receptive" to suggestion by "senders" and information they attempt to implant while you're sleeping.

It sounds crazy but it's not. This is one of the main excuses the U.S. has been using, for continuing torture.

Jerod whatever his name is, from Arizona, the guy who went to prison and said he'd been working for the CIA and military intel? He was. He was literally working for the Phoenix, Arizona CIA and military intelligence. He was doing volunteer work for them and working with them directly. When he shot people, they disowned him, but it is true that he was working with them.

They have drugged him to make his talk about working with them and "dream experiments" sound crazy. How kind of the FBI to let him get "life" rather than death after he was used by both military intel and CIA. How very thoughtful, considerate, and kind.

This "dream experimentation" is not a new idea or a crazy one. If you look it up, you can find information about how different governments are using this technology. This has been one of the great excuses for torturing certain individuals.

Last night it was done to me and then all day, ALL DAY they tortured me to my ear, with my left ear popping every single minute of this entire day. My eye was droopy because of it. It wasn't what I ate because I fasted the first part of the day. It was what this government was doing to me with my left ear all day, which then affected my left eye.

I also found the spot where they put an implant in the left ear. There is a canal you can enter from the side of the ear, behind the ear, and it is "C" shaped along the ear. I tried the metal bobby pin thing again today and at one point, the other side of the metal was vibrating where my fingers were (the opposite side, or outlet from the top, which I had pressed against one part of my inner ear that caused the metal to vibrate). Then, I felt around to find the area from the outside that matched up with the part that was not normal on the inside, where, if I pressed against it, I could pick up a frequency or something of some kind, and there is a canal there.

An ear canal. Not panama canal.

The other day my Dad was taking something away from my house, near my house. I said what are you looking at? and he said "A hook up". It was a box, metal, which, when opened, was metal on top and metal on bottom. A metal roof and metal floor and then inside were wires. He unscrewed some screws, pulled out some parts of wires, and then pulled out this long wire that wrapped around and through a hole.

It is very similiar to the shit the CIA put in my ear when I was a kid, which they never wanted anyone to find out about.

My feet have been curling and cramping up because they've been pulling this MRI/microwave shit on me every night and it's affecting my body and feet as it did when they did this to both me and my son. Today, while I was awake, they only targeted my ear NON-STOP ALL DAY until about 10 p.m. and then they quit targeting my ear and instead, I began having twitching throughout all of my legs from the knees down to my feet while I sat at the computer. Then I went to bed and same thing.

They have used this technology specifically when torturing someone just to torture them, and as an excuse that it helps them implant into memories and subconscious for "dreams". Literally.

It is a fact they already have technology that "reads brain waves" and they can pick up on this from a great distance. Several years ago, China demonstrated this obvious fact with a video game where you wear a headset and "think" and the piece for the game moves where you "think" you want it to go. There is no hands-on experience...the objects on the computer screen move with thought alone.

They don't need "headsets" to do this. They do this from extremely long-range. Not only is this country engaged in "reading thouhgts", which is possible by the headset demonstration, they are engaged in "sending thoughts". They are able to do this as well. This is the crap they have used for an excuse (later, as an afterthought) to ruin my life and my son's life.

They have been engaged in torturing people, and then experimenting with "sending thoughts" in the same way they "read throughs" through current technology. Their objective is that, if they can create "dreams" and send thoughts to someone, hopefully someone will think it was a natural dream and will act on it, and they hope to use this during waking hours as well, to control people and influence them by having them think some of the ideas coming to them are their own or "from God".

It is PURE SHIT from the CIA.

This is also not how I was first attacked and targeted by hate crime with certain groups in this country. They first targeted me through "tele-torture" by triggering migraines from a remote location, to keep me down and affect my work and college, and then to illegally obstruct justice by forcing me out of lawsuits I had already filed.

Jerod Laughner was U.S. military and working with the U.S. military and with the CIA. It is both military and CIA that are involved in this. It is illegal, it is torture, and even where Jerod "agreed" to it, as soon as he was shooting a bunch of people, the U.S. quickly disowned him. They lied and said he was a nutcase and that he never worked for them or with them.

The FBI knows he was telling the truth and the FBI covers for the "top secret" torture programs by the CIA and military intelligence.

The woman who had her brains blown out? and the families whose loved ones died? Don't blame Jerod.

Start blaming your own country. That is who killed your friends and family. It was the CIA and the U.S. DOD.

If I were you, if you read this, I would start demanding that the U.S. quit medicating and drugging Jerod so he is able to give an honest testimony; I would visit Jerod and ask him personally what his involvement was (if he wasn't forced to sign a confidentiality agreement); and I would make demands that the U.S. declassify information they are classifying to protect monied intrests who are getting RICH off of this.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Gang Rape by Federal Employees for Kate Middleton

I was raped by multiple employees for the U.S. federal government, as a favor to the Carol and Mike Middleton family. It was done to ruin the lawsuits I had pending to protect my reputation, and to smear me and humiliate me on behalf of the Middleton family which works not only for the UK but the U.S. (this includes the Bain corporation, from what I can tell, because people in Utah knew what was done to me and they did it for money and favors from the UK).

Today I made video clips with information I haven't been willing to share before, because I was too humiliated to share it publicly.

What was done to me, was done to degrade and humiliate me. It was also done to portray me as promiscuous or involved in one-night stands or hook-ups, to counter the fact that I was a virgin who had been raped and then defamed by a newspaper.

Every single man who was involved (in raping me) was a U.S. federal employee with connections to Kate Middleton and her family.

The only person I was with voluntarily was an American-Iranian man and one other boyfriend I had after shock from rape by Josh Gatov when I had been a virgin.

I was raped, by 1st degree rape, by 4 different U.S. federal employees in Oregon. I was sexually assaulted in the 1st degree by an additional 2 federal employees in Oregon. 2 other federally connected men were involved in exploitation and in setting me up to be raped by others.

All of these men are connected to eachother and they are connected to Kate Middleton.

The first rape was in 1998 by Josh Gatov. Then 1999 by Robin Bechtold. After I filed lawsuits, no one targeted me again until 2003-2004. Then I was targeted and set up for premeditated and planned rape by federal employees. This was done to me after CIA Edward Howard died and my Grandpa Garrett died in 2002.

I left the State of Oregon because I was not safe.

When I arrived in Washington, the same thing was done to me twice, once by an Italian doctor connected to police, and then the second person was from Cuba and the police hid photos and forensic evidence from me. Gave it to the Middletons for laughs, I'm sure. The police and FBI refused to prosecute and bribed eachother because it was all their own employees.

They raped me, repeatedly, having knowledge already that I was an MKUltra kid when I was little.

I filed an anti-competition/monopoly lawsuit against certain federal employees and they tortured me worse and cut me out of college and blocked my travel.

Then they tortured me and then tortured both me and my son.

When I went to Canada, it was Mike Middleton's people who colluded with the U.S. to further ruin my reputation. Because of him, I was put under false arrest and my son taken from me.

I was then being exploited in Blaine, taken advantage of by U.S. military (not all), and raped again after Blaine.

Most of the premeditated rapes against me occured in Oregon, by federal employees connected to Oregon, California, and Middleton.

I am also still being incorrectly told I have a different major that I do not have. I am an English Lit major and enrolled at OSU that way. I had horticulture marked by mistake or as an option for later, to double, but I sent corrections of this to both Admissions and Financial Aid. All day yesterday I wasn't allowed to sign into the system, being told I didn't have the right "identity" and that my birthday was wrong. They were telling me to send them a photo of my license and passport. I said that's not correct, I gave you the correct information for my birthdate and then they finally corrected it, but refused to do so until after 4 p.m.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Oliver Garrett-Avila Is MKUltra Victim--Family Victims

I really need a non-U.S. governmental group to get involved.

Oliver, my son, is a victim of MKUltra and is being subjected to the same torture that I, my brother, my parents, my Aunt Charlotte, and many other family members have been subjected to.

The U.S. never quit MKUltra. They only destroyed records and lied.

What they have done to my son is the exact same thing they have done to me, and what they did to my parents first was even worse.

He needs to be rescued.

I do not say this in exaggeration. The U.S. has tortured my parents when they were children, and they are still torturing my parents.

I am not saying my parents are perfect but they are MKUltra victims and then the U.S. abused them and the controls they had over them then, to manipulate and force them to work for them while they tortured their kids and other family members.

The U.S. has either used my family for MKUltra by blackmail and torture, killed us, or called us crazy to reduce the risk of liability and getting caught.

They used me and forced my parents to see me suffer, just as I was forced to see clear evidence of torture and abuse done to my son.

The U.S. continues to control my Aunt and Uncle Avila, and they are abusing and torturing my son for MKUltra, when most of this is hardly MKUltra motivated any longer, but an attempt to kill off and reduce a family to slaves.

They have not used us and tortured us to bring out the best, or to help us with our talents. They have destroyed everything good, ruined and tortured us to destroy natural talents, and the only thing they leave is mind control and psychic research.

They destroy our ability to make money independently, and force us to be abused and used by them. In every sense of the word it is anti-competition and hate crime.

The excuse now, is "MKUltra" and "national security" when it has nothing to do with that any longer and in only repressing a family.

My son is being tortured. He was being tortured. I witnessed his torture at the hands of the U.S. government and they have not quit.

My son is an MKUltra victim as much as I am, and as much as my parents are.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To The Members of the United Nations: Sanctions for U.S.A.

I am asking the members of the United Nations to impose sanctions against the United States of America.

One of the sanctions that I am encouraging all nations to impose is to restrict trade agreements and to begin sanctions for some trade against the U.S.

I encourage these countries to NOT purchase and import goods from the United States until they give evidence of an improved human and civil rights record.

The United States has played pretend at being "Leader of the Free World" for 2 decades too long.

This country is not the Leader of the Free World. It is a lie. The claims about "freedom in America" are also lies. In the U.S. they punish U.S. citizens for the exact same things they accuse other countries of being guilty of--wanting to have things their own way.

While the U.S. accuses other countries of having a "dismal human rights record" and talks eagerly about imposing sanctions against certain countries, to harm their economies, they grow stronger in corruption.

I have been a victim of torture since 1995 and of extreme and severe levels of torture since 2005. This country has done nothing but cover up for criminals during this time. They have tortured innocent children that are born in their own country with U.S. citizenship.

While it has been profitable for many countries to do business with the United States, and especially for some small groups and private business owners, this money is being used to further corruption. While the U.S. uses the money to finance their "watchdog" status over other countries, they have imprisoned U.S. citizens as slaves and for medical research and only guarded their domestic crimes while they spend time killing other citizens in other countries.

It might be the harder thing to do, to refuse to trade or buy from the United States, but there are many other countries that have similiar resources and are able to supply other nations with the things they need.

If you have noticed, one thing the U.S. has not wanted, is for other countries to have autonomy in ruling their own country. The U.S. has wanted to occupy almost every country they can, if they see a financial benefit to themselves, regardless of the disrespect to the authority and sovereignty of each nation to rule itself.

The U.S. likes to imagine it is not just a federal force uniting the states of America, but a federal force that is united the countries of the world, to be under submission to their "leadership".

I am told the UN cannot investigate the U.S. with regard to decades of torturing my family and brutal torture now. I'm told it's because they haven't "signed the respective declaration." So while the U.S. takes the high seat and bribes the highest seats in the UN, they do not even practice the same standards they tell other countries to obey.

It would be best for other countries to join at this time, against the hypocrisy of the United States. The United States has one of the worst human rights records at this time and yet they have more money to spend for covering up this fact. Until the United States is able to give evidence that are assuming responsibility for gross internal corruption and crimes of torture, sanctions should be imposed.

Please consider what you could do to shift your trade agreements with the U.S. to other countries and let it be known that your country does not approve of the official conduct of the U.S.

Request for International Doctors to Examine Family

My family needs to be examined by doctors who are not from the United States.

The Red Cross is not an international organization without conflicts of interest. They have participated in torture of my parents and I, and have not helped. They are used by the U.S. CIA and military to collect personal data and to cover for interrogation and torture of us.

No one in my family has been visited or examined by medical professionals from outside of this country.

I tried to file for a UN petition and they claimed that since the U.S. did not "sign a declaration," the UN has no power to hold them accountable for violations of the Geneva Convention and other international treaties against torture.

I tried to file a petition for habeas corpus and the FBI makes sure the right Judge gets it, and mocks me and throws it out.

The U.S. tortures all of us worse if my parents say a word so they lie for them.

My mother has a new sign of torture. First she had a hole near the middle or base of one tooth and now she has a newly punctured hole in an abnormal location. Around the time this was being done to her, about 2 weeks ago or so, for several weeks, the few times I went to the house I could hear her vomiting and sounding like she was in severe distress and pain. Then the next thing I noticed about her, was she has a punctured hole in one of her front teeth, and I also noticed that some of her tooth enamel which was so good as I commented on before, appeared thinner or something.

This country is torturing my parents.

They are torturing me, and have held me hostage here. My parents have been kidnapped, literally, and taken places against their will and they are hostages in every sense of the word. They have zero opportunity to tell the truth and leave because they are threatened with torture, torture to me and my brother and others, and they are even held at gunpoint and told we'll all be shot.

There is no possible way any doctor in this country is going to be without conflict of interest and my parents have no reason to trust them. I have a feeling that at some point they were even tricked into believing someone or a group was on their side and going to help, only to find out it was U.S. criminals working in government again. From that point, they were punished worse so now they are terrified and unable to say anything to anyone.

The FBI has committed felony crimes against my family, as an organization. They are not helping us and they never will. They altered my testimony about their agents and falsified a report and concealed evidence. This is a felony crime. First their agents committed crimes and then their D.C. bureaucracy committed crimes by altering testimony and intimidating witnesses.

The entire day today I was tortured and then while I was making video clip about the FBI I was tortured to distraction several times. To tears, to distraction, to having to address the torture, and go off-topic and then finally, to end the clips because I could not continue with the level of torture they continued to use against me.

There is no possible way for any of us to leave this country. It is impossible. We are held hostage. Any idea that I could "leave if you wanted to" is false. I cannot leave and in the past when I've tried to leave, the Department of State has obstructed me from leaving.

This country blocked me from leaving the U.S. until they had Alvaro Pardo email to say HE had left the country. Which, I think, is a lie. However, after he sent this email, then the U.S. was acting like I could leave if I wanted to. I can't.

They have me trapped here, to be tortured and with no savings or income to leave the country safely with. They have been kidnapping and torturing my parents and hold them hostage. My parents put on 1st class acts, better than movie stars, to appease the U.S. government, because if the U.S. doesn't think their act is good enough or not convincing enough, they torture all of us 10x worse and accuse them of trying to tip someone off.

My son has never been seen by anyone impartial. All the Wenatchee area doctors have gross conflicts of interests and have concealed torture.

That area and state is where they first committed crimes against Dicksie-Dael Baird when she was a little girl. Washington State is guilty of heinous crimes and the Wenatchee/Cashmere area is rife with intelligence programs and complicity. While my mother was programmed and tortured in Wenatchee, my Dad was being tortured and programmed in New Mexico and then in Washington state.

Neither of my parents ever had a "choice" of whether or not to work for the U.S.

My parents have been kidnapped multiple times. The first time I ever suggested I knew this to be true, to my mother, she stared in shock and while she said nothing, I read the look on her face: "How do you know?" "Who told you?"

While I have sworn and been upset at how they allowed me and my brother and others to be used, if they are MKUltra victims as they are, they never had a chance and they never had a choice. Ever.

There are 4 of them. My parents are twins. I am not lying about this and I am not mistaken. There are 2 sets of twins and the U.S. has used them and tortured them like Nazi experiments. Twins skip generations, typically. My parents are twins. Then, as far as I know, it skipped a generation (if I am not somehow Edward Howard's kid or something and only related closely). When I ended up with twins, it was because there are twins in the family.

On the day the mental health man came over to the house, I had written about my Dad having deep impressions to his eyes and how they were discolored. Then I went to the house when that man was there and it was the other Bob. No dark circles or impressions at all, and there he is, talking to the mental health man looking normal like nothing ever happened.

The U.S. is torturing one set and showing them to me, and then I'll write about it and they switch them out (Jack-in-the-box technique...The CIA calls it the "jack-in-the-box technique), and anyone who is not connected, thinks I am seeing things or nothing is wrong.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Torture (childhood LSD, hypnosis, and British rip-offs)

That is it. They are definitely criminals.

There is no reason for any of the things to have happened to me unless my parents are criminals and work for the U.S. government as criminals.

They're the ones who set me up to be a U.S. military guinea pig when I was a kid. They're the ones who used LSD on me as a little girl to let the military and CIA know what the effects were. Yes, LSD. My parents never had drugs in the house when I grew up and didn't even drink liquor. But when I was a little girl, I remember one night feeling "weird" and seeing bugs crawling all over my walls. All four of my walls, and it was hallucinations. I was in my room alone, in bed. Nothing gives a little kid hallucinations like that except for LSD and the CIA and military were still using this for research in the 70s. I was born in 1974.

They're the ones who have the psychic gift that the CIA and military uses for government purposes. I don't have it, so the U.S. found other ways to use and abuse me.

They act tortured and I am starting to think it is an act, because everything about their fingernails and toenails and bodies looked healthy and normal when I arrived, and I was the one who had been suffering. The only evidence of torture that I saw to start with, was a knife scar across one of my mother's cheeks. Then I saw torture marks on my Dad's back and other things which I think police and FBI caused.

It is very likely they have some other daughter too, that is being raised by someone else because every single time I bring it up, my Dad flies off the handle and my mother gets a gleeful look in her eyes, which she's always done, whenever she thinks I'm getting on my Dad's bad side.

She has always liked it when this happens because then she gets away with more of the crap she's done to me.

They used both me and my brother Levi.

My brother is being used by force by the U.S. military as well, and he's been tortured too.

Everything that has happened to us, is because of THEIR fucking employment with the United States.

They're the criminals and they're the ones who sold their own kids out, but they don't have the decency to even speak up for us and tell the truth so we are not tortured.

It is possible that my Dad or Mom even knew who was running me off of the road in 1992, back from Robin Bechtold's house, because the only people who knew my position and where I was were the Bechtolds and my parents, because I called first to let them know I was driving home. When I called my Dad to let him know I'd had an accident his first words were, "Is the car damaged?" He didn't ask if I was okay first, or hurt in any way. He asked if the stationwagon was damaged. I had burst into tears and said, "Your first words are if the car is okay?! You didn't even ask how I was."

I'm tired of writing about how they are being tortured. Why am I the one writing about their torture and what's happening to them when they have never done one thing in return to defend me publicly.

When I left my parent's house before the car wreck in 1995, I was not on good terms with them. I had said something about "I remember things" and then they gave me a very stiff "hug" when I was leaving. I then got in a car wreck and all of a sudden, I'm being implanted by their military cohorts.

They volunteered me and my brother for use and abuse by the military.

My mother just bought some new quilts and has spent her day cleaning the quilts and looking at them, while I'm being tortured. This is how she chooses to spend her time. Looking at quilts and tinkering with antiques and collectibles while I suffer and she rattles off a bunch of lies to me about "faith".

My brother and I would never have been tortured or victims of the U.S. if my parents were not part of the U.S. paycheck. Their "work" has put them in a position of selling their kids out and then being blackmailed to secrecy. So they keep their mouths shut over torture of me and my own brother and my own son Oliver.

My mother has never wanted me to have and raise my own son. She is Holly's best friend and she and Holly hated me and her family was being vicious to me at the time we were leaving the country. She only supported Holly and not me. My Dad never wanted me to even keep my son to begin with.

I am now being tortured even worse by the U.S. military, for writing this. They use my parents for their own work.

Here's another thing--why didn't my Dad want me to blog about how the dentist who put the implant-filling in my tooth was a U.S. military man?

Everyone around me, my entire life, has been U.S. military. It's basically like I've lived on a military base my entire life, and forced to work for federal agents my whole life, and then they torture me and steal my son to torture and program him for research. Everyone my parents ever lived next-door to was military. Then I had weird babysitters trying to coach me into self-hypnosis. When I was a kid.

Then, all of the people I worked for were federal agents and employees. And then no matter where I lived, someone from the military wanted to move in with me or next-door to me.

There is nothing that I've done, or signed up for, that would put me in the position of being tortured and implanted. I am not psychic. My parents are. The U.S. wanted to use me still maybe, and track me because my parents were their own assets, but they never had me working for them. I never got a paycheck from the U.S. for anything. They used my parents to try to control me and my brother.

My brother has been forced to live with military ever since he divorced his wife, and SHE was military. She was U.S. Army. After he split from his U.S. Army wife, he was having to live with another U.S. Army man who was from Minnesota (or Michigan). He had to live with that man until about the time Kate Middleton was married and then this military man moved back to his own state. (I just remember this being the approximate timing bc it was about that time that Carmen, my brother's ex-wife, quit talking to my mother anymore and it was after this that the U.S. decided they could dump me off in Coquille to be used for more research. Oh yeah, and be "reunited" with my parents after 7 years. I got some dress from a store when I was in town, with a specific print and then I was introduced to this girl who was wearing the same print I had on my dress. She acted like my clone and my Dad was having to (or wanting to) chase her around and play with her the way he used to with me, and she was doing things like I did when I was that age. It's like the U.S. stole my son from me and then dumped this girl off and told my Dad to "program her like Cameo." Then, the U.S. has my parents "working with the youth" while they broke all their fucking promises about returning my son to me.

While this man lived with my brother, he was 100% active in the U.S. military and not nice to me when I visited one time.

They are still torturing me to my neck, ear and tooth. It is 6:31 p.m. My parents left the house and I am being tortured. I took a ton of over-the-counter medications and it doesn't help when I'm being tortured. There is no reason why I would go from zero torture to my teeth to almost full-blown torture to my teeth in the last couple of days and today especially. They are attempting to drive me to a medical center because they want to document what their own people did to me, not to report it, but to make excuses for why my teeth on that side hurt all of a sudden and for their own research.

They targeted me with this. I don't have any infection. I went from full blown torture to my teeth, to the U.S. quitting this after I uploaded CT photo evidence. Then for almost 2 months there was almost zero pain to my teeth. Then, in the last couple of days, they started using this against me again. That's not a pattern for "cavity pain". It's a pattern for torture. Right now they are targeting my neck and implants in my neck on the left side as much as my teeth. They are causing a vibrating in my upper tooth with the filling/implant and then my neck has some kind of implant being triggered and the combination of targeting my neck and upper tooth is creating pain in the center of these 2 areas, to affect how my teeth and jaw feel, inbetween point a (neck implant) and point b (upper tooth implant).

The only way the Catholic church or other military would exert power over me and kidnap my son is by using threats to my parents. My parents, if they signed up with the U.S. government at some point, wouldn't have a say in which administration they work for or who their supervisors and co-workers are. They would have to do as told. So if some group did hate me that was connected to military, to get to me when I'm not signed up with govt, all they'd have to do is use and blackmail my parents.

One of the things I was referring to when I stated, in 1995, "I remember things", was seeing bugs all over the walls and later knowing it had to have been from a drug like LSD.

My parents are not even recreational users. They value their minds and are not into that kind of thing and never even took advantage of legal drugs (alcohol for example). So the only reason I would have come into contact with LSD, through my parents or someone else, is the same source (or reason) why I came into contact with a babysitter that tried to teach me to self-hypnotize myself or tried to have me go into a hypnotic state. Both my mother and father were home when I was hallucinating that one night.

This country has done the exact same thing with my son. I witnessed my son Oliver showing me how he wanted me to do something that another person did with him, which then was leading him into hypnosis. Right after this, the "state" cut down my visits with my son so that they were cancelled for various reasons and then we had only a few more after this. They knew, Anne Craine/Crane knew, that I was onto them at that point--that the U.S. was manipulating and using my son for research for the government.

Just like they did with me, starting with when I was a kid.

My parents didn't have that one babysitter come back after I told them about what she'd done, but that is maybe just because I was able to recall and remember and the U.S. decided to keep that out of my focus from that point-on.

The bugs on the wall wasn't a dream and it wasn't a "vision" and I wasn't mentally ill as a kid. It was LSD. The only U.S. groups involved with LSD experimentation on kids are CIA and military.

I was in my room, lying in bed, and all of a sudden, the walls were crawling with bugs. Bugs everywhere, and coming in close view and moving all over my bedroom walls. Wall-to-wall bugs. At one point, I thought some of them were even on me, but mainly I saw them all over the walls. I never forgot it. It wasn't a "recovered memory" because I always remembered it, from that day forward and I never forgot it. I only realized later, as a teen or in my 20s, after hearing about LSD and effects of drugs, that it had to have been from a drug. I was fully awake and fully scared. After a long time, I fell asleep. I never got out of bed to tell anyone, just watched. Around that time and later, as a kid, I remember being nicknamed "Chatty Kathy" because I talked a lot, but also, "Chatty Kathy" was a code name for a CIA/military program that used mescaline (LSD) to experiment on kids and people. I remember asking my Dad one time if he ever tried drugs and he said when he was in high school he smoked pot a short time and then he tried LSD once. I asked what happened and he said he had a "bad trip" and saw bugs and other things. What he described was similiar to what happened to me when the U.S. used LSD on me.

The other thing that may have occured, which I don't remember but it's possible, is that I was sexually assaulted by U.S. CIA/military, as a kid. The first woman gynecologist I went to, as a virgin still in 1997, of course discovered I was a virgin. But then after she did her exam she said, "There is some evidence you were sexually assaulted." I said, "What do you mean?" (because I'd already told her I was a virgin and then this was confirmed pretty much when she broke the hymen with her exam speculum (and then cleaned the floor then and there). She said, "Were you a victim of rape or sex abuse as a child?" and I said, "Not that I know of" or I said, "No." She said, "It appears you sustained some kind of injury from rape or sexual assault as a child." She said there was old evidence or scarring of damages of some kind.

If anything ever happened to me, it was before I was 5 years old or 4 years old--before I could remember anything. It would have had to have been when I was an infant approximately. And it wouldn't be my parents.

I had all the tell-tale signs of being a CIA/military research victim, even as a kid.

After killing my parents first baby, it is possible my parents felt they had to go along with some things. And later, it served to be good for blackmail, even as I am brutally tortured as a victim of the U.S. government.

This country thinks they can do the exact same thing to my only son Oliver. They are wrong.

When I went to counseling voluntarily, in Wenatchee, with Brett McDonald, through the federally funded clinic Columbia Valley Community Health, I brought up mention of what this woman gynecologist had said to me. I said, "Do you thihk it's possible I was sexually assaulted as a kid and never knew about it?" and Brett, the same woman who didn't want me to talk about the FBI at all to her, said, "No, I'm sure it's not true." I told her I couldn't remember any incident and she said, "If you can't remember it then probably it didn't happen or why worry yourself wondering if it did?" So I thought, okay, and felt more reassured with the idea of thinking or imagining nothing ever happened to me. Who wants to believe something like that could be true anyway. We discussed it for an hour in one visit after my son was born, and then that was it. Later when I wanted to discuss FBI she wouldn't let me. She didn't care if I talked about lawsuits but she didn't want to hear anything about the FBI. Around that time, her friend Tina Thornton decided to contact CPS to take my son from me. I am inclined to believe the first female gynecologist I went to knew what she was talking about. First of all, she was accurate in her judgement and estimation that my pelvis was on the narrow side in one regard and that I should be an automatic C-section. She was correct. I trust that if she saw evidence of old scarring that indicated a violent rape from childhood, she knew what she was talking about in that regard as well. She had a very shocked look on her face when she asked me about it, sort of a grim quiet shock.

Actually, I am more sure than not, at this point, that it probably is true. The gynecologist said it looked like very old scarring and disruption from a violent sexual assault. So first the U.S. murdered Gannon Levi Garrett. Then they violently sexually assaulted me for their programming and research projects, drugged me with LSD, introduced "babysitters" that experimented with hypnosis on me. All of this, before I was in school.

This country has concealed crimes that are so disgusting, it is beyond mention and they have only grown bolder in their criminal efforts.

They got a free pass at assaulting me as a child and the U.S. has allowed anyone and everyone else to have a free pass at doing the same ever since. Then, they overhear me saying "I remember things" and try to kill me by rolling my car when my seatbelt is off. That doesn't work, but I might "know" things, so they took me to Utah and implanted me with microchips and began their regime of torture against me. It was their own security at stake, and they already decided they didn't want me to upstage some other brat who they wanted to take my place and fill a "role" for them instead of me. So they made it possible for them to track me wherever I went, to listen in on who I talked to, and they began triggering migraines to start, for remote tele-torture.

Like tele-tubbies. Which, by the way, is interesting because I named a little bear that I got for my brother as a kid for his birthday. I was about 9 years old and I had allowance money and spent all of it on this little stuffed bear that could suck its thumb (you inserted it into the bear's mouth). My brother didn't know what to name it so I said, "Tubby". And it stuck. My brother called the bear I bought for him, "tubby". I didn't wrap it first. I bought it and gave it to him then and there.

If you read the wiki on "teletubbies", it is a cartoon of British (Middleton) invention. The cartoon "idea" came up in 1997, 2 years after I was implanted with microchips at Utah University Hospital, which then received an enormous grant for "telesurgery" and "telepharmacy". I was then being tortured, which sort of knocked me down, I would say, from having a normal life.

So why the Brits? Unless I am right about Middletons. I am right. Period.

The teletubbies, if you look at them, are not only named "tubby", as I named the bear I bought for my brother, they are created to look like the bear I bought him. It was a rag-cloth kind of bear, soft all over except for a hard plastic face, and hard thumbs on plastic hands. The only plastic parts were hands and front of face and then you could insert a thumb into the plastic open mouth and it stuck.

I remember the exact day I bought this toy for my brother. I remember it was in Moses Lake, I remember the store, and I remember feeling "watched" by people there, even though I was only a kid about 9 or so. It is my earliest memory of being under surveillance by people who were strangers to me. There were at least 5-6 adults there watching my every move. It was me, my brother, and my Mom, and I found it at this store, paid for it with my allowance money and my brother loved it and I named it, in the store, and said, "Call it Tubby". And he did. He liked the name right away. It was a light beige colored cloth with sort of a tight "fur" out of cloth, sort of washcloth style in a sense, and then had little bear ears, and the thumb that went into the mouth. I came up with the name because I thought the bear had a "tubby" tummy and the thumb thing made me think of "tubby". Like chubby, but tubby.

The store that I bought this bear for my son at, in Moses Lake, was an independent clothing-toy store called "Berry's" (I believe). I was thinking it was maybe called McGuires, but I think it was Berry's. They went out of business and closed a few years later. It was on a main street, close to a corner of the intersection right before you crossed over the main bridge over Moses Lake.

So then, years later, after I was implanted by the "telesurgery" people, the Brits are making fun of me and celebrating this, and coming up with the "teletubbies" which was not an exactly "original" idea. They ripped it off from my childhood. So who should know about my childhood but the fucking Carol Middleton. You know, the Middletons who are not "U.S. double operatives".

It gets even better. Then my son is tortured by U.S. military and aerodefense and when he loses his ability to talk, what is being sponsored in New York City? The 10th anniversary of "teletubbies" with donations going to "Autism Now" and "Autism Speaks" in 2007. 2006-2007 is when we were tortured and my son lost his ability to talk. I was then being tossed out of Canada and framed on a false arrest.

Middleton, Middle-of-the-road classic mafia trash.

So remember how I said Salt Lake City University Hospital is connected to Arthur K. Smith? That's the man who, along with his wife June Smith, later got nice little jobs next to Marjorie Scardino's crew, with nods to the Bectholds, and plush jobs at Church of England schools in Texas. June "quietly stepped down" from her Anglican reward right after I filed my first petition for habeas corpus.

It is the first petition and not the last you fuckers.

If I was being surveilled by Middleton's British and U.S. assholes when I was 9 years old, I am sure they had something to do with any kind of violent sexual assault against me as well. They are most likely not only behind a childhood sexual assault, but the rapes by Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold. And that is in addition to "teletorture".

They dropped their little "teletubbies" program in 2002, when I went public with lawsuits. I think they worried they could be next, or feared the the idea of my becoming public in any way. Teletubbies had not only a preschool following, but a college age cult following. Who was in college then? Little Katie Middle-hatie. At least, she was approaching college.

This country and the UK have tortured me and my son for these corrupt and violent hoodlums.

The creators of "Teletubbies" were the British Andrew Davenport and Anne Wood. Anne married "Barrie Wood". Anne Wood then received, in 1997, an award for "The Baird Medal of Royal Television Society--Midland Centre." Of course, from the Midland Centre. Then in 2010, when Kate Middleton was engaged, the "Lifetime Acheivement from Mother and Baby Magazine", not to mention the 1999 award from Yorkshire TV for "Golden Seven for foundation programs". Andrew studied "speech sciences" at the University College of London.

(Go ahead and keep her William, she's your liability now and all of Englands)

The English royalty married criminals into their family and these people used UK and US persons to torture me and my son in the U.S. These criminals work as doubles for the U.S. and are intended to be "future figureheads". Any child of Kate Middleton's is a wretch.

CIA rapes children (this does not exclude military ops rape, and UK involvement)

I never told anyone about what the gynecologist said because I thought it was an insult and unlikely. I was a virgin anyway, and didn't want to think I had been raped as an infant or toddler, as if this might have taken away from the fact that I was a virgin (and did have some kind of hymen later, regrown or something, I guess because it happened when I was so young). The only person I told was my counselor Brett McDonald, but that was in 2006, and before this, I was told this information in 1997 by the gynecologist, and this was after I was already implanted with microchips by SLC University Hospital. I asked my parents briefly later and they said no, and why did I ask. But I have never mentioned this publicly until now.

The reason I do now, is because I am proving my abuse is United States sponsored and has been ongoing for a long time; also, it proves their pattern has been to abuse me since I was a kid, after probably abusing my parents first, and now they have kidnapped my son after torturing him for UK Middletons, and did the exact same thing to my son that they did to me.

All of the trademarks of CIA and military are there. It also helps to explain why later, as an adult when I was raped, the U.S. kept lying and refusing to press charges. They've been assaulting me since my childhood and allowed it later as well. Not only that, it would help explain why I first tried to fight Josh Gatov off and then resorted to "playing dead" and trying to disassociate from it, which may have been all I could do as an infant and/or toddler. So most likely, my response to even then stay with him for some reason or think I had to, was part of a conditioned response to trust people (adults) even after being violently raped. She said it was violent because only that could cause the kind of old scarring and damage she saw.

Who's the man that is from California who is featured on Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox News? Dennis Miller. I remember a comment by him about how "No one drinks Tang anymore." I am not going to get into what he was referring to.

I am being tortured to my teeth again and to my neck. To the metal parts. It is now 10:45 p.m. and they quit for the most part while I wrote this post and then after I included the CIA rape of children link, I was being tortured again. The woman referred to by the former FBI person (and most of the time the FBI is involved, not defending victims--they are part of it) is Brice Taylor, and she wrote a book. The following is an excerpt from that book and in those days, they used electronic torture to keep people in line and also used the pattern of torturing ones own children to their faces, just as this country has done with me and my son Oliver, and with me and my family:

This is text about one person, Brice Taylor.

And below is a clip of her giving a speech about her state-sponsored ritual abuse:

I am doing research on some of these things right now and being tortured the whole time. Zaps to metal in my neck, ear frequency stuff to my left ear, interference of targeting metal spots in my neck and in my jaw/tooth filling by the U.S. military dentist.

I hate this country. This country has tortured me and my son and profited from it. The United States of America is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Kate Middleton's group is not any better--they are criminals of the worst degree.

(These are some of the experimental programs that were supposedly "discontinued" in 1975. The discontinuation myth is a lie. These programs never ended.

"Chatter" was a U.S. Navy program that experimented with forms of LSD:

I was given the nickname "Chatty Kathy" after I was drugged with LSD.

"MKUltra" was a CIA/military program that experimented with LSD, hypnosis, and other kinds of mind control:

"Artichoke" was the precursor to MKUltra and involved all arms of military intelligence branches and the FBI:

The FBI has never supported victims of these programs. They cover up for the programs, which is what they have done with me and my son.

If any program changed, it changed only in name. The same experimentation was being done, they just changed the code name of the program.)