Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Immunity For CPS/AG not covered & Use of my family

I'm looking up some federal case law, for violations of the 1st and 14th amendments and while there have been some cases that allow absolute immunity for some things, "crime" is not covered by absolute immunity.

The choices made that are covered by absolute immunity are things which pertain to an honest investigation or attempt to service the public or children. It extends to administrative duties and judicial duties.

However, there is a line that cannot be crossed, and once crossed, that absolute immunity is out the window. The law states "...the exceptions must be few and narrowly drawn" but this is clearly permitting for those exceptions.

There are exceptions to absolute immunity. It is not absolute.

Not only that, this is not including a separate Section 1983 lawsuit. It pertains to the same social workers and Judges and clerks and AG that, because they believe they have "absolute immunity" deliberately conspired and colluded to do harm to a child and his mother, knowing and willfully, in violation of several laws. They were not "negligent". Negligence would be covered by absolute immunity. But no, they were not negligent. They intentionally broke the law.

Negligence is almost always covered by absolute immunity in this kind of case. The argument is that even gross negligence can be a mistake and ...well, actually, gross negligence I'm not so sure...but in general, mistakes are allowed.

When it is alleged and proven that there was more than an ideation of conspiracy but acts that occured which were in direct violation of laws and rules, they lost their immunity. They do not have the right to be criminals anymore than any other citizen.

Criminal conduct is not covered by "absolute immunity".

And this is where the "...exceptions" come into play.

Which means, in a complaint, one would not write "And she conspired to do such and such" but one would detail the exact actions that were taken which were in knowing violation of the law.

I sit here and think, YOU ASSHOLES drugged, raped, assaulted, and used me for years to keep me from even defending my son and you think you can DROP me off at the last minute to suddenly detox the crap out of my system to try to fight for my son?

While you USE my son for your same crappy research?

I know exactly what my mom and dad do and it is just seriously over for this country.

You do NOT allow the corrupt criminals in this country, to take over and assume authority when they are corrupt to the core. You do NOT allow abuse and torture of children.

This is absolutely unbelievable.

I literally got dumped off after being tortured in my own country for years.

Do you know what it's like?

I will tell you what this country is like.

Do you remember the story of the military men who raped the woman in another country? Wasn't it Korea or something? Grabbed her from the street while they were drinking and hauled her into their jeep. White guys. I remember this story well, but I may have to revisit it. They picked her up and raped her. It was like 3 men or something. They raped this innocent woman and then, of all things, they tossed her out of the truck bleeding. And then they told everyone she had wanted it and had asked for it.

What has been done to me and my son is even worse, if that poor woman will forgive me for even comparing myself.

It's worse, because I was raped more than once, and my drugging and assault and use and abuse and psychological battering by govt. workers, who even allowed others to poison me and give death threats, and who lied and said I was nuts...

This happened for years, in addition to using the most brutal technology against me and my family.

As shocking as that story was, and as shocking as the stories about Yodak are, I looked at them and while I was being told "THATs torture" I was able to honestly say "Yes, I can relate. That is me and my son."

What kind of absolute immunity CPS workers allow a child's fingers to have acid dropped on them, or intimidate the whole family, or hide evidence and get all these military people up there. Why even bother with military unless you're trying to get military in there that's corrupt and will lie for you?

All these things that have been done to me go beyond description. I cannot even describe all the horrors. And the whole time I was REFUSED counseling to even document these crimes.

And then, after wasting my life, and my son's early childhood development, these people DUMP me off or let me go back home, when they refused to allow it any earlier, and expect to laugh and mock me while I clean up from all the medication crap and regain my ability to even think clearly.

They married off William of Wales to the MiddleTNS, Assassinated Osama bin ladin, and stalled and delayed me on all my cases, ruining my chances to even prove perjury in some of them by the statutes.

The timing is interesting.

I had nothing to do with any terrorist group at all, and yet I have a 99% chance of being correct, that the criminals in U.S. govt. office who covered for the crimes against my family, tried to slander me as a terrorist link. It would give them more ammunition and excuse to go after me and my family. Even though there was nothing. Or some kind of spy. They made me out to be horrible while they abused my entire family.

And I have figured out that the abuse against my own parents began with the Catholic church and Willamette Week litigation. The rabid ones took their vengeance out not just on me, but my family.

I would guess the approximate timeframe I knew something wasn't right, for my parents, was probably around 2000 or 2001. For me, the harassment and abuse started earlier. But I believe some people really went after my own parents in about late 199os to very early 2000s. That's when, I am able to recognize, I was being blocked from even seeing my own family. Someone didn't want me to see them because they didn't want me to know what they were doing to them.

So we ended up in family fights. And yes, I had some serious issues with them over some things, but I know it is clear to me that they have been intimidated and used like me.

One thing I haven't forgotten, is how my Dad's tune of "Sure, sue them if you can, because that's defamation" changed. My Dad would never change his opinion on something like that, unless "The Real Terrorists" weren't making themselves known.

Everyone was so shocked by the defamation by The Willamette Week, all my closest friends and family knew the whole thing was a lie. Now, you can hardly tell, because these criminals paid for years of smearing me to try to make it match up.

No one is getting away with it.

I know what you've done to my mom and dad and what they've been worth to you. Which supports all of my claims that I and my son have been tortured and the U.S. knew about it. So it's really pointless to keep trying to tell them to lie about me and for you, when I already know and I know it's time for the UN to know.

You have tortured my family.

Not only that, your thugs killed my first brother, Gannon. I have no doubt about it anymore. I know now, after seeing what's happened with me and my family, that you killed him. It wasn't an accident. He didn't have a bacterial infection. He was turning blue because you killed him. You were afraid of my Dad and the Garretts and Bairds.

And then when you started committing horrific crimes against me, in retalitation for my getting ahead and being a good person and getting "in the way", you worried that my parents or someone might rat you out. You were worried about just how much I might know, or how much my family might share or know. So to cover yourselves, you found ways to try to blackmail and intimidate my family and made use of your government connections.

You're still using them.

But the entire world is going to know what you've done and what you have been doing to me, my family, and my son. And you are not keeping my son.

You've broken almost every law there is to break, and paid for your cover all the way to the top.

What we had is something you had to pay for to counter. We had the brains. And, I might add, we are and were 10x better looking than your spawn. More naturally gifted than 5 of you put together. And on top of all that, we had "the gift" that you will NEVER have unless you're terrorizing someone or paying for it with the money you make from being crooks. Do you know what else we have that you will never have? Integrity. And maybe we're not perfect, but we do believe in God and God hears us and that's why you have been so scared of us, you PAID bribes of at least a billion or more dollars, and most likely more, to try to counter "brains".

You think I'm joking about the psychic spies or people I can disclose? You try to tell others that I assume everyone is a spy?

Here's one that's not psychic. Ryan. How about that.

I can go down a list of people who have a "gift" from God and those who do not have this gift. They may have other gifts, but they don't have what we have in the family.

And you've been terrified.

You had to harness the psychics in India because you were so afraid. You summoned the banshees and the Joe Moneagles with your churches and temples. You have bent over backwards to try to match and counter any possible natural advantage we might have.

And we had all of the natural advantage and you knew it.

You're thieves. You're covetous, wanting what you don't have and will never have. You're liars. You're murderers. You're torturers.

And you had to spend billions because 4 of us, or 5 of us, or even extending to a few other family members--we were more dangerous to your criminal enterprising than 1 million of your crowd. You've herded us like cattle and tried to enslave us to do whatever you want, because you wanted the power. You wanted to control everything. It is like something out of Lord of the Rings where we have the ring or the goodness that goes with a good kind of power, and blessings from God, and you tried to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY.

You will never have a blessing.

I didn't even have to tell you this, but your families are already dying off. And it's from natural causes, not anything else. But it's a curse you brought upon yourselves. You tried to blind us and keep us from the truth. You hid in a covering of crime and deception. You didn't want anyone to know or get the evidence or find out. And while you were trying to blindfold us, God blindfolded your families to tragedies that took some of them out. Did you have the grace of God to know that birth control pills were killing some of your family members? Were your eyes OPEN or SHUT? Was God your advocate for explaining to you that this was happening to your families, or did you get the truth from your own enemy?

You have been blind. While you have terrorized my family and tortured us, the truth was kept hidden from you. Why? because the truth is not in you. You cannot expect to insult God and His people and try to steal their gifts, and expect to find a natural blessing. You're too accustomed to buying your "blessing".

YOU have sinned against God.

YOU have committed crimes against those that God was looking out for.

YOU have a curse upon your families.

Then you strike out some more and become more violent and threaten more and intimidate more, and think this is going to keep things from getting worse for you. As if my family or any of us has anything to do with the natural disasters and illnesses you acquired onto your own heads.

While you were poisoning us, deliberately, God allowed your families to be poisoned by your own choices. And you were blinded to the effects and consequences of those choices.

No one caused the cancers in your own families. You brought it upon yourselves. No one caused the natural devastation and billions of dollars of disaster and cost of clean-up. It just happened and your families happened to be there.

Meanwhile, you have deliberately targeted my family.

God Himself will avenge and pay you back for every wicked thing you have done. And there are plenty of people still, that believe in God, and who are willing to stand up and expose you for your crimes against humanity.

So when you first decided to put out your man into my territory, to walk around with a figurative spear, and mock me about how I must think I'm "special", you can bow down to my Special God and ask forgiveness for the things you have done. Why don't you try that one out with God? "You think you're SPECIAL." Try saying that to God. Insult Him to His face and then remember which one of His likenesses or children you tried to insult. Cameo is for the image and likeness or reflection of my Heavenly Father. Everything you did to me and my son, you did to Christ Himself. You did these things to God.

And My God does not forget.

For those of you who mock the idea of God, go ahead and mock. Just because someone is religious or believes in God doesn't mean they are illogical or a doormat. And if I want to prove the U.S. has allowed crimes of corruption and torture against my family, I will do it.

By the way, the next time you think the American public could use a boost or be enlightened as to their health, why don't one of YOUR kids do it?

What happened? Money doesn't buy enlightenment? I'm shocked that you have been blind enough to allow your families to ingest known carcinogens for decades. It's like having Philip Morris as your father and he's had all the research done and knows it kills, and then puts a cigarette in his kids mouth.

You've been so afraid of me and the fact that I can see what you can't see, that you raped, drugged, defamed, and tortured me.

And it has NOT made you any smarter.

I have some suggestions for you.

Stop the violence and quit torturing my family. If you do, and do this with others who are also innocent that you torture, maybe you will find yourselves able to somehow find a blessing and have your own eyes opened.

You can look for hours for a parking spot and be too blind to know there's an entire street with empty spots.

You can search for hours through a microscope and be blind to the cure.

You can think it's great to be vegan and vote for PETA and not eat cows, and then take your "I don't eat cows" philosophy right into a lab where experiments are being done that harm human life.

You can be the leader of one of the largest church denominations in the world and as the "voice of Christ Himself" not even have the voice, or the eyes, as the "Eyes of Christ" to tell your own flock they are dying and killing themselves with the birth control pill. I guess you think it's the lesser evil or something but you never told any of them the full truth, or you all never noticed.

You can be atheist or agnostic and torture people and not know that you are dying tomorrow. Your whole life could be summed up like the life of Saul, persecuting people and one day realizing you're blind yourself.

Have you checked in with your government sponsored person to find out what day you're going to die? Did they tell you that the "legacy" you leave behind is one which left children writhing in misery?

The end does not always justify the means.

How do you want to die? what method would you least prefer?

Why don't you check in with your buddies that sponsor torture, and find one of them to tell you how you are going to die, and when. Well, it was nice knowin' ya.

Male Infertility

I'll try to think of what might cause this, but I don't have any ideas right now. I updated my post about "carcinogenic birth control" to include a link that proves women on bc pills have shrunk their brains. I got the info from the Journal of Neuroscience (or something like that--the link is there).

I have an excuse for my memory lapses bc I'm tortured. Seriously, and literally. But if you want to put your own brain, or woman's brain, back to health, look at the research.

With women, it's very easy to see a link to many problems and the pill. With men, I don't think it's as easy but I might look at it sometime.

I should add, that mother-daughter breast cancer (runs in the family) link is simply, I believe, one of how you're raised. Many daughters are just put on the pill or advised to go on the pill, like their mothers or female relatives and never think twice about it. Which is also possibly why I have not wanted to be on the bc pill, but I did think about it and chose for myself. My mom has never been on it and I think she's sharp. I think one of my aunts used it and has had all kinds of weird clotting and fibroid issues that don't run in the family...she married a Catholic guy and maybe it's because their church doesn't approve of other methods (barrier or whatever). But I did have a doctor try to put me on it and the most I've been on it was for 3 months total in my life. It was continuous bc to see if it improved my migraines. It didn't, and I had thought bc pill was unnatural and not good for the body so I never wanted to be on it.

I had a couple of boyfriends dope me up on it, though, when I didn't consent to it. I could tell. It happened in Washington D.C. and Maryland. And then my finace kept asking me, "When are you going to go on the pill?" all the time.

I just kept putting it off and instead I always insisted he use a condom. Always.

I don't believe in the pill.

The harm to a woman's body far outweighs the benefits.

If you can seriously trust your partner and you are in a stable and committed relationship, you don't have to worry about STDs and you can figure out your cycle down to within a few days. It takes a lot of planning but if done right, it's as effective as any method and it's natural.

And if you are still at the beginning of your relationship or haven't talked about family planning or really want to be sure you're not having kids and want full spontaneity, you can use a condom.

Or find another method that works for you and doesn't involve injecting the body with horomones.

I always used a condom, for even the short time in my life I was active at all, and the few times (like, on one hand) that I didn't, I was instantly pregnant. I'm extremely fertile, and I think more women would be or could be if they didn't ruin their bodies natural chemistry. And even though I was being given bc horomones without my consent, the second time I got pregnant, I still got pregnant. I wasn't trying to...I could have planned better, but I chose not to and that's what happens if you don't use a method.

But we are not beasts of the field and subject to whims. It's not like someone should or needs to go on the pill because they can't control themselves. You make it a rule and habit, to do what you're supposed to do and assume that if you don't, you have great odds of having a baby.

Personally, I'd rather have one unexpected child sometime in my life, than a perpetually shrunken paleo-mommy brain, clotting issues, heart problems, and breast cancer. I mean, if it comes down to having to make a choice.

And if your husband or boyfriend or the guy you date insists that you're on the birth control pill, why not tell HIM to go on the birth control pill.

Do you know what? they've already done research on the male hormone pill and they found out a lot of men don't like the idea. Why? because they know it might mess with their bodies. And the same respect they have for themselves they should give to you.

It might be that a man, after knowing all this, could want his mistress or a short term lover on the pill, because he isn't concerned about being with you down the road. He doesn't care if you get breast cancer--he's not going to be your nurse. He doesn't care if you have blood clots or other health issues--it's free love time for him. He's not buying the cow, he's getting the milk (er, sorry, no milk here honey) for free and guess who is paying for it? YOU.

I would say, if in that case, considering the high cost to your health that being on the bc pill will be, if he insists, is he paying for your health insurance premiums for life and putting away a little extra into your Breast Cancer Survivor Fund?

Does he even CARE that your brain has been shrunken to less than its normal size? What. He just wants a trophy wife or trophy girlfriend? Or he just likes dumb women in general or doesn't care about you ever reaching your full potential?

Is he holding your hand when you hemmorhage at the hospital with fibroids or other uterine issues? How about when you had to have the hysterectomy?

So anyway, it's highly unlikely that many men will want to take the bc pill themselves unless they have decided they're not having kids. Are the doctors doing it? I wonder what all the doctors and scientists encourage their lover or partner to take.

Maybe he doesn't love you as much as you thought.

Yeah. It's a sad day to wake up and realize Cameo Garrett loves you more than your spouse or boyfriend or more than you even love yourself or your own kids.

Suppression of Evidence--Federal

I think I might have to go to federal court about the suppression of evidence and then just make a statement or motion to the court of appeals about the suppression and something to compel discovery and evidence.

We do not have the full record,

and it's necessary for making an Appeal

as any decent law firm should know

This Koch firm is just in on it. I am wondering what their conflicts of interest are too, aside from working for the City of Seattle and the State.

I asked these lawyers for the full record and told them not everything had been turned over.

I told them there was withholding of evidence and what it was.

WHAT did they do? nothing.

The only email I've ever received, in my whole life, from my own attorney with the Koch firm, was a few days ago and it's short and says she gave me the full record and that they are playing musical chairs again and the other Jennifer is going to be back. They have 3 Jennifers at that firm.

I don't know why they don't feel honored to be lawyers. I'm getting NOTHING from them but favors for the State, and what do they get from me?

They get to read my blog and find out they're going to lose their hooters if they don't change their form of birth control.

Instead of my son applauding and securing a photo of their faces into his memory, to take with him into adulthood, and plaster in a memorybook of "good people", he just reads about them in an obituary 30 years down the road. I warned them, I will say to my son. I warned all of these catty hateful women when I didn't even have to.

The good side: You have been smacked back to reality and you might save your life (or your boobs), your friend's life, or your daughter's life.

The down side: You are receiving the news from someone you have called crazy. Well then, don't take my crazy advice.

Alternative down side: the non-Ivy league, non-degreed woman is sounding the sensibility alarm for all the morons in the world.

Oh NO.

What have I done?

I have saved all the dummies and prevented the smart from taking over the human population.

Someone shoot me now.

I always THINK I'm doing something right and then it backfires.

Welcome to my Noah's Ark of Idiots.

My Prostitution Police Pimps

I said it's strange how often I had others trying to set me up.

I brought this up in a post from last night. About how I had not been willing to sell even one of my 300,000 eggs, to someone. When I was put through the most miserable conditions anyone could think of enduring, and never expect in this country. I was also unwilling to, at any time, sell my body in any way. I have heard it said that some women don't "take money" but expect a place to stay or other favors, and that this is prostitution. Well I haven't done it, and I wouldn't have ever thought that I needed to put that on the record until I started thinking about all of the attempts by both Canadian and American law enforcement, to put me behind bars for prostitution. Not only that, they wanted me to go for their whole entrapment deal. And it happened more than once.

What I think is odd, is this...

Why would Canadians want me to be jailed or look like a tramp? More specifically, why would anyone from Canadian law enforcement or border patrol want me to look like a tramp?

And then why would American law enforcement try to do the exact same thing?

Finally, after I rebuffed any and all attempts to get me into doing something I was morally opposed to, why has the U.S. allowed petty officers in Wenatchee, Washington to then defame me and literally accuse me of prostitution and call me a prostitute, to business owners and people in the community?

And why did Justin Titus and another lawyer or so, eye me and make suggestions in a way as to suggest if I did them certain favors they would be more helpful to me?

1. I have never sold sexual favors of any kind, for property, money, or any other reason.
2. I have never sold any part of my body, like my eggs, not even when I was being exploited.

(3. Wanting to be a surrogate, and not use my own biological genes, is something totally different to me and it is not sexual and has to do with nurturing life and so I have not been opposed to the idea)

First, cops and political parties, tried over and over to entrap me or put me in horrible situations to make me think the only way to live or survive was to do "favors" for men. I don't believe they really wanted me out there doing favors...they were doing what their bosses told them to do because what they really wanted was to ruin my reputation for good and put me in jail or prison.

When they didn't succeed in luring me into the idea, or even thinking it over, they just decided to defame me and lie outright to have me banned from businesses and to smear me.

So I'm going to tell you about just a couple of the entrapment schemes, starting with Canada.

1. This man and his wife, Bruce and Karin, whom I've mentioned before. I thought they were trying to help me and my son. What I did not know, was that they were just giving us a place to stay until Washington State figured out what to do with the AG and Department of State. They had Douglas county police involved, and a whole lot of other people involved. I am able to prove collusion by testifying about the actions of these people and how they coordinated with the immigration offices in Canada and WA state and U.S. feds.

They all knew I was legally in Canada with my son. They had to find a way to arrest me to take my son from me. So they colluded to entrap me. The first attempt was to try to pressure me to give sexual favors. And then they were going to arrest me, jail me, and take my son. When that didn't work, they told me to visit a nurse whose husband was RCMP (I guess, like Bruce) and talk to her about work and that was what I was arrested over. Actually, they may have changed their minds to say it was about something else, but these same people tracked me down at Wal-mart with my son and then said I was arrested for being without "friends" and not leaving as asked. Even though they, Russ, and everyone else knew my "circumstances had changed." But let me tell you about the attempt to entrap me for sexual favors first. Because this theme came up a few times and trying to employ that one, is interesting to me. What it says to me is that they don't really care to entrap me on marijuana or a petty drug charge or even some other violation of a town ordinance. They could have made anything up. What they settled on, for lying about, was immigration violation and they all knew it was a lie. What is shocking, is how this Canadian guy and his official "friends", tried to pressure me into a prostitution charge. He used medicine for my sick son to do it.

Bruce told me that if he was going to pay for the medicine for my sick son, before he paid for it, what was I willing to do for him first? Okay, and over there, if you're "with friends" you can get medicine free but I didn't know that at the time. So he drove me halfway to the pharmacy, with my son there, and started pressuring me to give sexual favors. He held medicine for my son out as bait. And with my son needing the medicine, and knowing my circumstances, he started saying I had to give him something in return. I said I could do more chores around the house and he said, "Your washing dishes is great but that's not what I'm looking for."

After repeatedly pushing me and even YELLING in my face to come up with something to offer him, and after nixing all of my honest and moral ideas, he finally pulled into a parking lot for a grocery store and said he had to get something. He passed a man walking out who stared at me and as soon as I saw that man, I didn't realize I had intuitive abilities at the time, but it was very clear and right there before me: cop.

And I realized, Bruce had just tried to entrap me into offering sexual favors in exchange for medicine my son needed. And police from Canada (and the U.S. no doubt) were involved.

I had said I couldn't think of anything to offer. I did not offer my body or sexual favors and said well then if he couldn't pay for the medicine or didn't want to, that was his choice. He yelled at me, "WHAT DO I GET OUT OF THIS?!" and I said "A good feeling for doing the right thing."

He ended up buying the medicine for my son and then about a week later, the B.C. immigration tried picked me up at Wal-mart when I was not in violation of any laws in their country. The only reason they knew I was at Wal-mart was because I had told Karin. I may have left a message with the man who offered a place to me and my son but I don't remember. I don't think so. I think I knew I had to wait until after 11 0'clock and then we were meeting him. So I took my son with me to Wal-mart to kill time until we went from "old friends" to "new friends" within the same 12 hour period, thereby fully securing the guest status of being in Canada, at all times. We had secured a new arrangement, and that's where we were spending the next night.

There were no legal grounds for arresting me, jailing me, sending my son away from me to another country (with the presumption that I was guilty when I wasn't), and putting me in a dog cage to Vancouver immigration detention.

When I was in the jail in Penticton, they refused to give me a lawyer and I asked from the first hour to call my Crown Counsel attorney and they refused to allow me to call for 3 days. The Crown Counsel lawyer was the one who said I was legally in the country of Canada. The other thing they refused me was any pencil or paper to write with--they said they don't do that in Canada. And finally, they refused me the right to see a doctor. I said I needed to see a doctor because of migraine and my anxiety levels and they told me I was not a Canadian citizen and therefore I did not, and would not ever have the right to speak with or be seen by a doctor or medical person of any kind. 1. No call to an attorney, 2. No pencil or paper, 3. No doctor or medical personnel as long as I was in the country of Canada.

They didn't have a case against me at all.

But in violation of all international treaties and laws, they sent my son out of the country his biological mother was in, to another country I had left, when I said I was trying to get political asylum. Not only that, I was then in guest status in Canada and there was no legal violation.

The next time I thought maybe someone was trying to pimp me out, who was connected to border patrol and police, was Mike, in Blaine, WA but I wasn't sure what exactly he was doing. I couldn't figure it out but he interacted with police a lot.

Next, I was in D.C. and a couple of jewish guys who also had police connections, tried to entrap me for the same kind of prostitution thing. I wasn't sure if they were full-on cops doing a sting or if they were actually just trying to get me to say something compromising that could be overheard by someone. Allan. Allan found me and invited me to an entrapment scheme at his offices and I refused to do anything for money as he was suggesting. Again, I didn't realize I was intuitive then, but something was telling me we were not the only ones hearing the conversation. And then knowing this, I wondered why then, he was trying to get me to say something or do anything that was legally wrong or morally against what I would do. I left and it almost seemed like his friend actually was glad I hadn't done anything wrong. But I don't know. All I knew was: Another cop and another entrapment scheme.

So by then, I was wondering why all these people are trying to put me in jail or prison and for such unseemly offenses too. If I was desperate, in another country (Canada) and needed medicine for my son and refused to offer anything untorwardly, why would I do that for someone else, for any other reason?

And I didn't. I didn't sell sexual favors in exchange for money or housing or anything, ever.

There was one other scheme they tried, and that one didn't work either, and that was in D.C. Or, actually, it was in Maryland, with an officer trying to get me to agree to marriage fraud and take money for it and not even care about or sleep with the man first. No, just take the money and lie to the government so we can put you in prison for 10 years.

So then I get rewarded in Wenatchee, Washington with outright defamation by law enforcement.

I was called a slut, and CPS was telling people I'd slept on the couches of dozens of men and been with men, and I was called a prostitute by Wenatchee officers. Not only did they tell my then-fiance that I was a prostitute or sleeping with men at a hotel when I wasn't, they told the hotel owners and everyone in the community and all law enforcement that I was.

They defamed me huge.

I was treated even worse than before, and kicked out of places, and left open for other unsavory men to assume it might be true and to try out their luck with me. And I still had some professional men attempting to entrap me into something.

I have never, in my entire life, EVER taken money or housing, medicine for my own child, or any other benefit, in exchange for sexual favors.

Do you understand?

So now do you understand that when I say I have been set up to be entrapped repeatedly and then grossly defamed...

Doesn't anyone wonder WHY this many people would want to put me in jail or prison?

Aside from prison, what motive can you think of for wanting to make me sound like a tramp or slut or prostitute when I wasn't?

They wanted to put me in prison, anyway they could, and out of commission forever. They wanted to ruin my good name so badly that it could never revive.

And finally, well, she won't commit any crimes or misdemeanors so I guess we'll say she has the worst and most socially unacceptable mental illness in the book and we'll torture her too, until she either really goes crazy, or is so desperate she commits some kind of crime to save her own life.

I did not ever commit any crime or misdemeanor in Canada or The United States of America.

I guess I tried marijuana for medicinal reasons for myself, never with my own son or children around. I tried a very minute amount and I qualified for a medicinal marijuana permit though I didn't take advantage of one because I couldn't afford to pay $300 for one just to see if it worked.

At any rate, I had never committed any crime or misdemeanor when I had my son in my care.

And if Bill Clinton can manage to be forgiven a few puffs on a joint, to the point of becoming President of the United States, I don't think anyone else should hold it against him either. He certaintly wasn't being disqualified on that count by the FBI, CIA, Bar association, Senate, Cabinet, NSA, Department of State, Pentagon, Border Patrol, or any other U.S. political agency or party.

I have not even taken one inhale from a joint since 2008. And I haven't had any alcohol since November of 2010. And if I wanted to drink I could, but I choose not to. I don't use any other substances and I never was addicted to anything when I had my son either. I didn't abuse or misuse substances when my son was with me.

I have been defamed.

Have other things been done to me that are not legal, or have I been held hostage? Yes. Do I believe my son is a hostage? in a technical sense, yes, though in ways different from how I've been held hostage. Have my son and I been tortured? Yes. Did I write to the military to consent to being a volunteer for research for migraine or other top secret project? Yes, but I did so after my son and I were already being tortured, so anything prior to the emails was not even with a consent and I retracted my consent. I also did not realize, at the time that I made these emails, that I was already used by the U.S. for research and had been since I was younger. I don't, therefore, believe my consent was actually voluntary when the U.S. had groomed me for mind control research since I was a kid. Maybe I wasn't the one that could predict the future or see what everyone did ahead of time, and maybe I wasn't able to guess what was inside all of my Christmas presents, but I was still being used by the U.S. And when I later said I'd like to help with research about remote viewing or psychic work, that didn't include being tortured as part of the deal, or called crazy, or medicated without my consent, or psychologically bullied and harassed, or not being compensated.

I don't believe it's fair to hold my son.

I also have figured out there has been some kind of long-standing issue between some people in the U.S. and some in Canada, with regard to me and my son or our future. I didn't realize how far back it went until thinking about things this last week.

So what I want, is not a neverending story with CPS and the AG when I did nothing wrong. I want my son returned to me on the basis of fraud, obstruction of justice, or withholding evidence--whatever needs to be used in order to prove this never should have happened. And I don't believe anyone has a moral or legal right to torture anyone in my family, or defame.

If there is a life insurance policy for my life, or a trust fund, or a compensation fund for me, and one for my son, for what he's been through, I would like to know about it. I've been working for you for free, my entire life. My son doesn't deserve this, and you have allowed his statutes to run for his ability to even file for medical malpractice compensation. You have allowed the "Guardianship of the State" to stand inbetween my son and his rights and those who have taken away from him everything he had. You've allowed the State to act as a bodyguard for corruption and a shield for those who harmed my son to start with. You have used the State to shield insurance companies and medical professionals from being sued by a mother who loves her son and wants what's best for him. And this "Guardian" has looked my son squarely in the eye and lied to him repeatedly and emotionally abused and scared him for life.

That's not a "guardian". That is state-sponsored Terrorism.

You sponsored hate crimes against me and my son.

You negotiated with a man and asked him to play stupid when he knew exactly what he was doing. And you structured everything to work if I only went along and punished me and my son if I didn't. You had a few people come over to me and suggest it had been a miracle. What miracle. Does anyone want to explain to me where the "miracle" was? and then I was told not to ask for miracles or I might get what I ask for. I guess I've been afraid to ask for any "miracles" after seeing what a "miracle" has looked like already. There was never a miracle.

Prove it.

Prove one miracle to me. Come on, prove it.

You people lie about miracles and then try to hide the truth about torture and ask me to prove my son and I have been tortured.

Well you go ahead and prove to me what a miracle looks like.

Can you even describe it?

I mean, I can at least describe the torture.

Can YOU describe your miracles?

I looked up the Iran-Contra affair. How many records have you destroyed over me and my son?

Poison, Technology & Vegan-Raw Foods Explore

Someone has been using technology all day while I've been online. My Dad has been gone most of the time and my Mom the whole time, and everything that's been done has been the burning that feels like a laser coming from the monitor and which targets and encompasses a radius near my heart and chest. It's round and a radius, because it's bad enough that I feel parameters and this is the part of my body that is targeted and heated unnaturally.

So the crazy thing is that some group in the U.S. is still doing this and getting away with it.

If I walk away from the laptop, it quits entirely. And someone has stopped and started it all morning. The keyboard starts vibrating a lot more than normal when they are turning up whatever they use to do this.

Like just now. I wrote about it and all of a sudden, someone cranked up whatever they were using and my keyboard began vibrating and shaking and then it got hotter around my heart and chest.

There is no possible way the U.S. doesn't know what it is.
Also, I found out that potatoes I had sitting on my kitchen table for awhile were poisoned by someone who came into my place while we were at church. There was no other time for them to do it. And someone literally poisoned one of the potatoes and I had to throw all of them out because of it.

I am not making this up. I have been around potatoes and done lots of cooking and I've seen potatoes in every single imaginable condition. I had the cookbook about 1001 ways to cook with potatoes or whatever. I used to buy them by the sack and sometimes they went bad, and I know what a bad potato smells like.

Have you ever smelled a poisoned one?

A normal rotting or "bad potato" smells musty, like dirt but worse. It can be crawling with maggots even, and still, it generally smells like dirt.

A potato sitting in with a bunch of other potatoes doesn't form white crusted ulcers and then smell strongly of a chemical fume like a very strong paint thinner or paint.

After having these potatoes all together, for about one month and most of them looking okay, I sat down to peel them while they were still raw, and cut them up for a salad. I peeled with a knife instead of a peeler, because there were a couple of spots. I got to one of them and it was poisoned. It was not "bad". It was poisoned. I had peeled half of the others, and then got to that one and this extremely strong fume emanated from it. It was a chemical and not a normal decomposition. It had white crusted over ulcers on the outside, and the inside smelled like a very strong paint base. But worse, and much stronger. It was 4x stronger than smelling a paint stick fresh with paint.

I smelled the other potatoes and they smelled like that healthy dirt smell. But this one was completely poisoned, all the way through. It wasn't "rancid". I am telling you, it was poisoned. And who would do this to a potato or why, I don't know. Would I have smelled it if I'd just boiled them altogether? I think so, but I don't know for sure. I just know that after that, I threw them all out and I told my mom yesterday and she said, "that's a waste" or something about not wasting food. Which is not really like my mom either. I really think the other ones were fine, but because the smell of the one was so horrific, I didn't know if all of them had something in them and just hadn't started stinking yet.

By the way, I still have a mark on my forearm from the laser. The laser that supposedly doesn't exist which we all know isn't true. Now, part of it is dark brown and the other part, where my skin burned and blistered up the most, it is bright white/pink and lighter than the rest of my skin on my arm. Why? because it's a rash or reaction to "lime juice"? No. It's evidence of torture by the U.S. Unfortunately, while most people in the U.S. are decent, I have to say it's the U.S. because there is no other explanation. I guess the people blasting me today are upset about my birth control post. Maybe because they can't have kids, or don't want me screwing up their ability to make all their mistresses take the pill. Maybe because they're mad about their mom and don't know who to take it out on, or they themselves are on the pill and don't appreciate the idea of their boobs having an expiration date.

So anyway, I threw all the potatoes out, just in case... and yes, one of them was fully and completely poisoned with something awful. I had seen these poison berries when I was picking blackberries, and it was a cluster to the side. I started peeling my potatoes and had set 4 to the side and I didn't realize, on top of the same kind of poison berry. When I picked one up, a couple of berries stuck to it and I noticed it right after I peeled the poisoned potato.

I also threw out a full jar of jalapenos because they were sealed but then I looked at the ingredients and one additive was sodium benzoate. So I looked it up along with calcium chloride and decided my fresh jalapeno peppers in the fridge are fine and I tossed the chemically laced ones. If sodium benzoate is an additive, the lit. says that's one you should definitely toss.

I've been eating all this raw food and I did try one and I thought, "This tastes weird." So I looked at the ingredients and then checked it out and they got the garbage.
So I'm vegetarian, not vegan. But, I looked up veganism. And I also looked up raw foods and I think this is what most of my diet consists of anymore. Sort of raw whole foods. I do cook some things though, for soup, or beans, and squash.

Today, for example, I had oatmeal cooked with english breakfast tea (instead of plain water), and then added lots of fresh whole blackberries, doused with real maple syrup and then milk added.

For lunch I had about 1/3 cup soybeans, 1/4 c. black beans, (separately) and squeezed fresh lime over them. Then to the side I had my mashed potatoes that I made (I used a sealed mix instead of the other potatoes) with butter, fresh chopped onion/italian parsley/and 1 packet of arby's horsey sauce (for a whole batch of mashed). And then I had a 1/4 of an acorn squash with a pat of butter to the side as well, with a glass of milk.

The only other thing I've had is tea and a tsp. of blackstrap organic molasses.

I tried giving the skin of the acorn squash to the deer (the twins) and then rubbed a little mashed squash onto my forearm and wondered if it has any medicinal properties. I rubbed it across my laser burn.

I just read squash (after looking it up) can be used for dry skin or skincare. I might have to try it more often. One of the twins just BOLTED past my porch and the other one is just staring at it.

I was rubbing more squash on my arms. I think it had a tiny bit of lime juice and butter on it and after I rubbed it in and brushed it off, it sounds weird but it smells good. It smells like a very light perfume.
I was going to go to the courthouse and look up juevile law but I decided it might be a waste of time if the books are all Oregon state. So I have to do what I can online and then mail and fax something right away, about withheld evidence.
Here's something weird. This morning for a brief second, I heard about P. Harry getting drunk on Monday night and then tripping or falling into a water fountain or pool. I don't know if it's true but I sort of wondered about it because that was the night I was fine one minute and the next I had this bad feeling, and on top of it, I felt this alcohol vibe. Like, I felt the urge to have a drink. An alcoholic drink and I was trying to figure out why because since November, it's been the first time I had some strange urge to drink out of the blue like that. I was sitting there, feeling this drinking vibe and I thought about my vodka for my milk thistle but no, I wasn't going to drink. But I kept feeling this drinking sense from somewhere and then I sensed a bad feeling. Like something wrong. But it probably wasn't that. BUT, I did hear this short one liner quip and thought, "...(scoobie doo style) huh?" What was weird was that it was Monday night and I didn't know anyone who would be drinking then. I just felt, personally, like drinking and I picked up on something.

My tincture is still all there. It takes a month to marinate. I could've had a swig but I didn't. I'm using it for medicinal reasons. Really. Like a toddy but not.

I had the bad feeling right after the sci-fi movie scene where the woman comes out of the pool of water and dresses and then says hello to the man who found her there. So it was this good vibe and then all of a sudden, the cook in the white coat trips and then takes a swig from a mountain of bottles of whiskey, next to Robby the Robot. somewhere around there, in that movie, while watching, I sensed a vibe I didn't like. I thought I don't know where it's from so I need to change location. So after I sat and tried to watch more, really loving the art in the movie, something was really bothering me so I said I was leaving to my place. My Dad asked why and I said, "I don't know. I have a bad feeling about something." I thought maybe it was my son, and maybe it was. I don't know. I just know I had this bad feeling so I thought try changing locations for whatever reason, or change what I'm doing, so I did and then the lights cut out and I cried a couple tears I guess and then I started thinking to send my thoughts and later that's when I saw a woman and a fire. But anyway. Then I was feeling better too. Like something got better and it was better by the time I fell asleep. No more bad feeling. Which was strange, bc I had just seen this impression of a woman and her kid and fire, but whatever it was that triggered my down feeling went away so something resolved and I didn't feel the bad vibe anymore.

(if I find out I'm a mutant on a puppet chain with a bunch of other puppets, I won't be very happy. Who's the puppetmaster if so?) Now that would be a scary movie.

It was the TCM movie playing on Monday night. A 1960s sci-fi.

I first noticed something shift right at the switch from the scene by the pool to the 2 guys in the building that came up next. And then another shift after the cook trips and starts drinking whiskey. Then I was wondering how something went from feeling like prayer or a good energy to feeling bad. And then I was looking through the two magazines in front of me on the coffee table and I saw both had big sections about pizza. I had just walked to the house with a stack of books to return to my mom and a big pizza round sheet with blackberries all across it for the freezer. So the feeling had changed already, and then I was seeing pizza sections right after I brought in a big pizza tray, and then I got up to leave and saw a belt to the side and kind of wondered if maybe the bad feeling was because my son was being spanked or something.

So I didn't like being predicted about carrying a pizza tray over there. And I didn't know what else was going on, but as soon as I sat down and was watching the movie, right at the part about the pool where the woman is swimming, I started feeling like having a drink. And I didn't know what that was about. So I finally left, and after I said, "I don't know, I have a bad feeling for some reason..." I added, "I don't like being USED!" and stormed my way to my place where the lights went out and I decided I didn't need to cook more soybeans anyway. I was going to bed. Oh, and first I went back to my place and grabbed 3 more books I found and said, "I forgot to give you these."

Then later, the bad feeling went away.

Oh, and now I'm reminding myself I still need to get those blackberries. I ended up using smaller dinner plates at my own place and spreading the berries on these. I was able to fit 3 at a time so I froze them single layer and then poured them into freezer bags.

Anyway, if anyone was drinking heavily on Monday night, I maybe picked up on your alcoholic vibes.

Anyway. I can't look. I just looked up an article on Huff post (first one that came up) and I can't watch the video. I am just glad I didn't go out today because when it crossed my mind to wear the same thing I wore 2 days ago and I thought "recycle my outfit?" and then thought, "no, this is Coquille." So I was going to go out for a walk today but didn't because someone was lasering me the whole time with my laptop and I said to my Dad, "I feel like someone is trying to smoke me out, so I don't think I'm going to go out." So I took the dog and cat for a walk on our property and cracked up laughing halfway, thinking about how I looked like a clown. I had put curlers in my hair, and then had these bright fuzzy pink socks on and my jeans pants legs rolled up and then I put on my black shoes to take the animals for a walk and realized I looked like a circus clown, with my hair rolled up looking like a short haired rainbow clown wig or something.

I was given a table and a couple of chairs and I expect to see my son sitting in one of those chairs! (my son: Oliver). What else do I have 2 chairs for anyway? the cat? Anyway, they're rusted at the botom so I have to repaint. Looking at the feet of the chairs reminded me about finding the poisoned potato.

---you Piazza Matei fountain fumbler. And ---the Army & Army Inc. I knew exactly what you were thinking. Turtle Fountain? I was vibing something black and white, like a movie, about falling into a fountain after looking up Italy. And I'm tired 0f all of this. Leave me alone and quit torturing me.

All someone did all day today, was burn me.

In America.

This is not a good country. I'm sorry, but what happened to human rights.

Carcinogen List: Birth Control Pill (How Much Does He Love You?)

I thought since I touched on it yesterday, the topic about birth control pill being carcinogenic and the direct link to breast cancer and infertility, I will post about it again this morning.

So how much has the American Medical Association loved your health?

Do you believe the American Medical Association and medical community cares about you or their own bottom line? Have they been honest with you and your families?

I know that I was writing posts and giving a speech about the dishonesty of the American Medical Association back in 2003. My partner helped me with the statistics and research on our topic about HPV. I had with me, in my stack of medical records, a brochure put out by the AMA that lied. It lied straight out, advertising to men and women that it wasn't contagious except through direct sexual organ contact. That was a lie and the AMA didn't want to admit it was a lie until they had their vaccination for HPV out. Then all of a sudden, they pushed the other end of the agenda, I guess to make money off of the vaccine.

Marijuana. I confirmed at least though my own personal experience, that the old 1930s AMA journals and records, about marijuana being effective for prevention of migraine headaches, was true, even though they lied about this to the public for decades.

And finally, I made mention about birth control being a cause of infertility years ago as well, even if I haven't written about it extensively until more recently.

What you have is a huge lie, that is killing women, that has been circulated by scientists and big government and big corporations. First of all, it's a money making business. They make money off of the birth control pill. Secondly, they make money a second time when you get breast cancer or have to go to infertility clinics when you can't have kids. Finally, there are a lot of men who don't want to worry about "accidents" and having to pay child support, so they don't tell women they can still end up pregnant while they're taking the pill. Oh, and then there is are the religious communities that don't believe in the condom, so they don't care to tell you about the real dangers of the pill.

So how much does he love you? your future? and how much do you love yourself?

If you don't want to have kids or live very long and enjoy having a boob lopped off, go on ahead and take your federally funded birth control.

WHO, The World Health Organization has all birth control pills listed as a carcinogen. Is that warning on the front side of your pill package? WHO lists it as a carcinogen, but not the AMA because the AMA makes money off of it.

Some groups finally admit to the link between breast cancer and birth control pills, but they still shy away from the idea that there is also a link with infertility.

That information might come out when enough people start asking what's going on and making the connection themselves.

I'm just here telling you the truth.

Sometimes the truth hurts, doesn't it?

How about the way, how about federally funded non-consensual birth control pill administration from federally funded boyfriends?

The U.S. has some major, major issues headed their direction.

Anyone have a boyfriend drugging their food and/or drink to make sure they don't get pregnant? My guess is that most girlfriends are just doing what they're told to do. And they are not the kind of girlfriend that ever gets tortured, either. Are they? JUST DO IT.

Okay, it's your body and life and your coffin. Just don't say I didn't warn you, while you cared so much about me and my son, I could have kept the truth to myself while you end up barren and without any boobs. It's hard to go from a D or B cup to a 0 cup. Just wait.

So your alternatives are this: condoms, rhythm method (tracking your cycles and times of ovulation, which, if you're in a committed relationship you should be able to do), and ?

It's not the pill honey.

So anyway, yeah. The medical and scientific community just loves me. I was accusing them of fraud and false advertising, and holding onto a brochure published by the AMA for proof. The brochure was pale blue and white and I still remember it and I had it 3 punch-holed into my own personal medical records which were mysteriously stolen. I was saying, calling up the doctors and writing to the AMA: "This is a lie. You're lying to the American public." I had the brochure saved from late 1990s or 2000s. It was given to me after I had gone to a clinic to be checked for STDs from what I disclosed to only them, and not police, as a rape. I checked back later and the literature was still the same. I was never diagnosed with any STD at any time in my life, but how I started looking into things was because someone said I had zero STDs but a slightly assymetrical PAP or something. It was ASCUS (of undetermined significance, which can be even from time of cycle or what you eat, etc.). It turned out to be nothing and I had no changes or anything wrong. However, I did the research myself and found out usually a precancerous PAP will also have HPV with it, because HPV is what causes it, about 98% of the time. So even though I didn't have this, I started looking up HPV and that's when I found out all the brochures from AMA and things they were telling patients didn't line up with the truth, according to the medical journals that only scientists and doctors read (most of the time). So I kept the false advertising brochure and along with my other records, 3 punch-holed it and had everything in a binder until there was too much to keep in the binder. And then it was this tall stack of paper that was together until someone stole it. I had been in the process of reorganizing my records.

They lied to the public all the way up to their grand release of an HPV vaccine in 2007 or whenever.

So if you actually think that they're going to be honest with you about why you have breast cancer or infertility, think again.

Basically, what we have here is a Philip Morris sized massive class-action lawsuit potential. Why aren't women getting a lawyer to sue for their damages of losing boobs? BYE BYE HOOTERS (Oliver waves).

The research and direct causal link to infertility is next but so far, they are bald-face lying about it. In fact, there are even some sites claiming it increases (?!) your fertility.

The birth control pill is not for regular use. It may have a legitimate purpose for some women with irregularities or something serious, but it is not going to help your health if you use it to prevent pregnancy.

I've been around a few women who got breast cancer. People tend to be more discreet about their infertility issues, but can't hide the breast cancer part. Lorraine Rose. Pill anyone? Mike Nichols mom. Pill anyone? Laura Ingraham. Pill anyone?

Why don't some of the supposedly "educated" people tell you what's going on or figure it out? How about the next time they do one of those little pink ribbon runs, they ask you to fill out a questionaire as to whether the woman with breast cancer was on the pill during her lifetime and for how long.

Oh, and by the way, if you were wondering why women who are on the pill tend to have more girls than boys, think about the estrogen connection. Their eggs and bodies have been marinating in estrogen dominant horomones. You might still have a boy, but your odds are less. You're just slightly tilting the odds but gender shouldn't matter anyway. Women who have higher levels of testosterone in their wombs have the boys.

Not that matters, but since you're here reading from Dr. Garrett instead of your other lousy Harvard, Vanderbilt, and Stanford ignoramous, check it out for yourselves. What do you think? Do you think they're stupid, or do you think they're just corrupt govt. pansies? I think, that these doctors and medical community have Super Egos and think they are Big Brother and that they know what's best for you and the world population and funding for medicine and insurance companies. I think that they think "What they don't know won't hurt them."

But yeah, I think I "saw" my brochure that was evidence of fraud and false advertising because someone is still hanging onto it. Maybe I just have a really good memory but I think it's still around.

At least our professor for that class, where I gave the speech and my partner put up the slides and graphs, he was very supportive and seemed happy to see I had taken on "the big guys". One of the students said why would they lie to everyone and no, he was told it was only transmitted through sexual contact and the professor spoke up and affirmed our research was correct.

So, medical things I've shed light on and not lied to the American (or world) public about:

1. sectoral heterochromia,

2. HPV transmission (the truth *it's highly contagious and not just transmitted by sexual contact and was lied about HUGE, by the AMA* --in opposition to the status quo),

3. Use of marijuana for migraine headache (the truth *it can work*--in opposition to the status quo),

4. Birth control pill (the truth *it causes breast cancer and infertility*--in opposition to the status quo),

5. Diabetes cure (epidemology--the rates among different countries and what is eaten in the countries with the lowest rates which U.S. pharms later concealed and extracted unnecessary substances from...i.e., eat cabbage and other things that promote insulin, but the U.S. pharms kept this a secret and want you to pay for insulin drugs.) I wonder how much money is made off of selling Diabetes and insulin drugs, by the way.

These are some things that affect the health of people and families, that I have been willing to share, in defiance of the pharmeceutical companies and medical communities that have profitted from your illnesses. And that's not including the fact that I was the one alerting illegal immigrants and Wenatchee residents about how the vaccinations and care they get for free at some govt. clinics is not without risks.

6. At least 6 different things I've done to make a tremendous difference.

I then looked up the history of the birth control pill. After this, I looked up the history of infertility clinics. My next project may be to prove the birth control causes or contributes to infertility. The cancer link is already there and proven but so far, not too many people want to admit it is linked to infertility. I mean, just because some women do get pregnant right away, or just because you get normal periods back right away doesn't mean anything.

From what I found out, the history of infertility clinics has followed in the footsteps of birth control pill. Some authors are trying to say that since horomones were discovered about the same time, that the treatments for infertility came about the same time. What they are leaving out, is the increase in rate of infertility.

I haven't found out anything very good online yet, and so far, the one statistic I found was that by the 1990s, 12% of married couples had been to an infertility clinic.

That is a very high rate. First of all, that 12% is only including those who have enough money to go to infertility clinics and leaves out a lot of people that either don't have insurance coverage or don't have the money for it. It also leaves out those who are infertile but too embarressed to go, or who really couldn't care less.

The birth control pill was out by the 1920s. It wasn't widely used then, but it was there. Then there were several options for women by the 1950s and then in 1960 the FDA formally approved one, Enovid-10, but they were already aware a few options had been out there. The risks then are the same as the risks now, but now it's more of a slow killer instead of a fast killer.

The infertility drug Clomid came out onto the market in the 1960s as well (I guess to off-set the inevitable).

Does anyone know why the birth control pill is linked most to breast cancer?

Let's be human beings for a moment, shall we? thinking for ourselves, not listening to everything the "experts" tell us and assuming it's true just because "they" are the "experts"...

Okay, so why breast cancer specifically? Women have been told "oh, it's just a type that runs in the family..." Wrong.

The birth control pill is linked to breast cancer, specifically, because you have been injecting your body with drugs that make your body think it's pregnant. This means, you are stimulating the glands in your breasts and they are being prepared for milk production that is never going to end up as milk. No, you won't have milk. You'll have LUMPS. Do you like cottage cheese? how about curds & whey? Your great "rack" has an expiration date my dear. Some of you pill poppers will be lucky and will be so blessed with genes that counter cancer, you'll not get cancer. Some of you will only be on the pill for a few months or less than a year and it won't affect you. But the rest of you...are Cancers waiting to happen.

When you take the pill, your breasts get heavier or feel different because your body is preparing for a pregnancy you will never have. And because the birth control tricks your body, it's going to bite you in the butt later.

This is why breast cancer, specifically, is linked to the birth control pill. There is no big secret--it's common sense. What is crazy is that the "experts" have told billions of women and men to ignore good common sense.

Do you know why you have a higher risk of blood clots? because your womb is thickening to prepare for the baby that will never be. That's going to put other pressures on veins and arteries, mimicking what happens in a normal pregnancy. There are some other reasons as well.

If you put your body through a constant artificial pregnancy state, for five years, your body believes it is pregnant and getting ready to give birth for a full five years. (any number of years for an example). You're not allowing your body to then go through the phases of milk production and giving birth, and then taking a rest before getting pregnant again. Your body is WHACKED out. Not to mention your brain. (Nothing like a bunch of mommy-brains sitting in an Ivy league seat, is there? Duuuuh. Wait...Homer Simpson coming through...DOH!)

So anyway, how do you take your tea? One lump or two?
I found a link about the "mommy brain" of those who are pregnant or whose bodies believe they are pregnant. I included it above for the Ivy league people. Okay, for everyone.

The brain shrinks during pregnancy. It begins to SHRINK when the body thinks there has been implantation, which is what your bc pill tricks your body into believing has happened. The brain goes back to normal size anywhere from 6 wks to 6 months after birth and with the release or reduction of the pregnancy hormones. The change in size of brain occurs at the same time there is an increase in vascular flow, which is what happens in pregancy and which is why this is a warning on bc, about blood clots and heart problems. Your heart and other organs enlarge slightly, and your vascular pressure increases and a lot of changes happen. So, add to the fact that you've tricked your body into preparing for milk...setting up for breast cancer, and you tricked your body into thinking it's been pregnant for years...setting up for infertility (sorry, not tonight, says your body. Or any night. i'm done!), you also, do have mommy brain.

Which means the brains of those on the birth control pill have shrunk. Your brain might go back to normal size if you gave your body a say...6 month break from the pill to recover. But nooo, you and the rest of the world have been dealing with your diminished capacity to think, remember things, and work.

So yes, on a college campus, most likely, we are really dealing with a bunch of mommy brains all in one grand setting.


Is this where the cattiness comes from? The problem is that you can't blame your moodiness on a pregnancy, it's the pill. And the same moodiness from the pill is what you get from tricking your body into thinking the moodiness is natural for a pregnancy.

So, look up pregnancy and what it does to your brain, and the rest of your body, and then imagine what your body thinks about getting pregnant 5-10 years down the road. Not so happy with the idea maybe. And now what? WHOA...evolutionary theory kicks in.

Your body thinks, "There is something wrong. I kept trying to produce milk for this woman year after year and...I don't know what it's like it got jacked backwards or something. And this brain. God. What can I do with her brain? I tried, and it's pointless. Her veins are shot and her heart is not as good as it once was either...I think maybe this body is a mutant or abberation species, or maybe it got poisoned...I'm trying to figure out how to help this woman but now the other guys are moving in and they're saying they're taking over. I asked them what they were doing and they said there is something seriously wrong with this body and now a part of it is turning to lumps and the cells are disordered and the brain hasn't been functioning correctly either. It's getting close to shut down."

If you treat your body like a dump it will dump you.

And any man who reads this and still wants his woman to be on the birth control pill, is looking for a short term relationship.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blocked from Counseling by U.S. and Mob 2007-2011

I have people refusing to let my parents even pay for counseling for me until they expect my custody case to be over.

Then, I guess, they figure I can go crying to a counselor, when they know that after this sorry excuse for an "appeal" has passed, I won't have money to fight the case further. Or might not have.

What's really sad is that when you find out Bill O'Reilly and his patsy Lila Ingraham are getting minute by minute plays on my life, you know there is something severely wrong. I say they are getting details because I can give a couple of very good examples. I made my notes, and have my documentation, and the sad thing is that when I know she is CIA, and he's with some other just doesn't look good at all.

I was IN counseling when my son was a baby. I went to counseling on my own, and do you know what she said? This is with ME as the guardian of my child...She said there was no doubt I had some mild PTSD because of my past litigation and some odd circumstances re. medical care and things. But, she said, and she had documented, there was zero evidence of paranoia or schitzophrenia and I had all symptoms to the opposite.

This is some of the evidence that the State had that they withheld. They knew I had counseling because MY counselor was best friends with my then-social worker. That social worker, upon deciding to take a bribe, changed jobs at the same time she decided to make a report against me because I kept asking about the $1,000 that the State stiffed me on which they were supposed to reimburse me for. This was right after she and Donna Titleman and another woman tried to testify against me in a Fair Hearing and they LOST.

It didn't matter how they did it, they were trying to get my son. First, they knew I was looking for a law firm to sue on his behalf for his childbirth damages. It would not have been a small amount. Secondly, they were helping their friends protect their own interests and the government wanted guardianship.

So yes. I have been to counseling. When?

2006. I was last in counseling in 2006, and that counseling was still in effect until about a month or two before they took my son from me and lied, and withheld evidence.

I had counseling with Brett McDonald.
Her friend was Tina Thornton. Tina Thornton took a job with CPS after making a false report against me, claiming she was worried about my son because I was arguing with her about the money the state owed me. Oh, yeah. And SHE and her BOSS, Donna Titleman (Jew Extraordinaire) had just lost a case against me and I had told them I was taking Donna to court for perjuring herself in that case.

Whatta Jew. And I bring up the Jewish factor, because I will tell you something--they have NOT been very nice to me. Lewis River to Wenatchee River to Washington D.C. They don't care if they had ancestors that were tortured--torturing me themselves and lying has been nothing.

So I had a lot of people dying for retaliation against me. They wanted to protect themselves so this is how it was possible for that many small-town people to lie.

The case they lost, which I took them to court over, was about not wanting my son to be forced to use a Social Security number when it was my right to refuse it.

I guess they decided that since I wouldn't give him a number, they would just take the whole kid. So I was trying to get Donna Titleman "in trouble" after I won the case. I called the Judge (who was horrible) over in Olympia and asked about rules for perjury and they said no, I could not hold anyone accountable for perjury, even though it was right on the tape/CD, because "that kind of court" didn't have the same laws or rules as regular court and perjury was okay.

This is literally what the Gonzaga-bred Judge (and all of these Judges got seats from their fellow alumni Gregoire) told me.

So these women were not happy with me. The "nice women at DSHS" in Wenatchee. They wanted at my throat. Dr. Shipman, a Jewish doctor at ER in town, went from being normal to mean and vindictive when I was trying to prove Donna Titleman lied about me, to acting pitying after my son was taken. Believe me. I was never part of their clan. They protected themselves and didn't care a thing for "the truth". The truth was exactly what they did not want.

1. Doctors and medical professionals in Wenatchee didn't want a lawsuit from me,
2. DSHS was mad at me for winning my case and then trying to hold Donna Titleman accountable for perjury (I wonder if she's friends with Jennifer Godfrey and Justin Titus?!),
3. Some people were still mad about the lawsuits I had filed in Oregon,
4. FBI refused to respond after I filed a complaint of misconduct against their employees.

There's 4 for ya. And that's just a small slice of the cake.

So right before they decided to torture me and my son and then make a false report to take him from me and as an excuse to hunt me down in Canada (which they had no right to do), I had the following mental health records:

1. Records from 2006 with Brett McDonald where she stated emphatically that I was not suffering from any kind of paranoia or schitzophrenia and that my symptoms were only supportive of trauma from real litigation and harassment against me. These records were not old. This is why, while withholding these records and this evidence, Michelle and Marie Scanlon wanted to say I had a "psychotic break." First, they defamed me with the AG and Gregoire's buddies, to Canada, and falsely said I had paranoid schitzophrenia. When they realized and obtained mental health records which proved this wasn't true, and had THREE different psychologists and counselors all agreeing I was a normal person with normal behavior...THIS is what the State of Washington concealed.

They had records from Brett McDonald that said I was normal. They also had TWO different psychologists' reports who saw me at the hospital and who both agreed I was NOT mentally ill and that SOMETHING ELSE was GOING ON.

The State of Washington had nothing.

They withheld my mental health records from the defense, even though they had them themselves. And they withheld photos of the appearance of my house, and decided this was what they were going to make their Protective Order against me about.

They had zero grounds for making the Protective Order. They violated the law. They not only violated CPS rules and laws, and State law, they violated international laws.

So guess what?


I have had zero counseling.

Does this seem STRANGE?

In 2006, I had my son with me. He was born and I took him with me to counseling while he napped or slept in his carseat. I was in regular counseling and the notes were ALL that I had no mental disorder or symptoms of anything like this.

Then, a couple months later, 2 more psychologists saw me and said I was not mentally ill.

The State of Washington had this evidence with them and they concealed it from the defense. And my own defense attorneys worked with them, and when I asked one of them to obtain the information, they didn't. They said it wasn't important. ?!

Okay, so the last time I ever had counseling was when I was "normal"? Wow. Funny how I had all this counseling when I was "normal" but then when the State really screwed up HUGE, they fought tooth and nail to keep me OUT of counseling and refused to pay for a psych eval like I kept asking for, to prove my innocence.

No, they weren't ready for me to have a psych eval, because they were too busy figuring out how to scheme something up to try to drive me crazy first. They spent all of this taxpayer State money, stalling and stalling so they could figure out what their strategy for lying about me was going to be. They had no case, so they got Judge Hotchkiss (who took a FAT bribe) to hang up on me in my own hearing where I had a 99% chance of getting my son returned to me at once.

Judge Hotchkiss has taken money from more than one set of hands, and one of these days I am going to prove it in court. He is not an honest Judge. He fell in with the wrong crowd.

Washington State didn't know what to do when I was out of their jurisdiction. They had smeared me so badly, they didn't know who I was talking to on the East Coast. I know it freaked the hell out of "Sue" at CPS to hear I was making contact with the head of the entire CPS organization and invited to help out with them.

So what did these people do? they tried to get me in trouble over there first. And when that didn't work, their friend dumped me off with them, knowing that's what he was doing all along, from the day he knew I had revoked the license in Maryland, and they waited 3 months to see if I was pregnant (like the good people do, right?) and then slammed me with torture again.


I had counseling when my son was with me and no one ever thought there was anything wrong with me.

That changed with politics. And crime.

And no, I didn't "choose" to be tortured and I remember exactly when I sent letters to the military offices saying I'd volunteer to help out with migraine research. It was AFTER a group had already taken liberties to torture me and my son. I didn't write those emails until we were living in E. Wenatchee. There was already something going on when we lived on Methow St. So no, no one can make the excuse that I "chose" torture.

How? because Christa Schneider said what would be the worst death I could imagine and I said torture? Was that when I was given a "choice" as to whether my son and I should or should not be tortured?

If someone ever thought "Oh! She wrote to the military! We have letters! We're safe!"....they are SO incredibly wrong.

My son and I were being targeted by a group that had military and other government powers, and then I guess my idea about migraine stuff, was maybe a last ditch effort to find support from someone .

Instead, the criminals tried to hide what they were doing under immunity and tried to claim I consented to it or chose that for me and my son. I never chose that for myself.

My son and I were illegally tortured in this country and then I've had almost 5 years of being blocked from counseling from anyone and everyone.

CPS and the AG and federal government...even the FBI..they have not wanted me to have any records with any psychologist have they? because if I was normal at the time my son was taken from me, when I was in counseling, odds are, I'm still a normal person who has been subjected to unimaginable crimes and they don't want me getting validation for not having any of the symptoms they claim I have, and they don't want me documenting any kind of damages from what they have done to me and my son and allowed others to do.

CPS even claimed I was supposed to have counseling but they blocked me from getting any counseling. I knew it would prove my innocence. I went to D.C. and asked for a psych eval and counseling, and I was blocked. I was blocked when I got back to Wenatchee and Michelle did nothing to make it possible. I went to TN and I was blocked there, by people with the YMCA in MiddleTN.

The only time I have had anyone talking about my mental health, is through a government psychologist, a U.S. government paid psychologist that has never met me before, and spent less than 1 hour with me total.

In all of the nasty and defamatory claims made about me, whether it was by Krebs for WA state or doctors and DEA/FBI for MiddleTN, I spent a total, among any and all present psychologists, psychiatrists, or anyone...I spent less than 2 1/2 hours total with them. That's been my professional "evaluation". 1 1/2 hours with Krebs (or less) and 1 hr. total with the psychologists/psychiatrists in TN.

That is it. It takes 2 1/2 hours to come to a false and defamatory allegation that I am mentally ill. That I ever had schitzophrenia. In 2 1/2 hours they decided this? or did they have others helping them decide this, like the same people that know I could sue them and who do NOT want to be sued, at all costs.

I have an enormous claim against the U.S. My son does. And so far, I haven't heard back from the person I emailed, who claims they support this one website for UN individual lawsuit information. I asked them a simple question after reading the chart of information they put up. I asked "Has anyone from the U.S. ever filed an individual claim with the UN?" From what I could tell, it's never been done. But maybe someone needed to update the information, so that's why I was asking. The countries with the highest rate of claims began with Canada. It was Canadians who had filed the most complaints. THEN, it was North Koreans. Third, it was Australians. And I looked up and down the list, and I saw no mention of a complaint from the U.S.

Well do I EVER have one. I have one your Yodak people in N. Korea might relate to.

And I remember, very day...I remember exactly what was going on in D.C. I went to all these U.S. military and other places, trying to get help, and finally decided I was going to have to address the UN. And I started research for political asylum. And someone decided to tone everything down, and at least for a short while, try to make something look good for me while they stalled, lied to others, and made strategies on how to thwart, if not imprison or kill me.

I noticed that the technology people backed off in the last few days, after I made some Expose's of people. But then I add a last name to one of the posts, and it just took off again. Someone thinking they can keep torturing us. Well you can't. Because I said I was listing 10 and I'm listing 10.

And that's not conditional. It doesn't matter what you do. That's just a little backpay. If you want more, I can always then start working on a second list. My second list will include people from D.C., TN, and West Coast.

But while I make my UN claim, and my motion about withheld evidence in my custody case, I'm giving you time to straighten out. So far, you've never done it. I will believe you are maybe serious when my son is with me. And I'm not waiting for that to happen, in the next couple of years or something ridiculous.

But yeah. I got up this morning and I prayed. I asked what to do today and to somehow say, do, and think what God would have me say, do, and think, and to also be open to changing in some way if God (and God alone) might nudge me about it.

So far, God today has just given me a free card. Free. I don't, so far, feel there is anything at all, that I can work on with myself or that God's unhappy about. There are days I feel there might be something, but today isn't one of those days and it's not because I'm better than John Kaempf or anything.

It's maybe that I realized I AM "special" and always was, and other people knew it before I did, and tried to drag me and my "special" family through the mud.

I know a lot more now than I did then and now I know why some of you were afraid of me. You were worried I might know a little too much. Weren't you?

So you tried to destroy my family and have my parents affection for eachother distanced through alienation, and my relationship with them alienated--anything you could do to break apart what was feared to be a strong force.

I have so much dirt on people now, it's not even funny.

You worked so hard, to keep me out of money, out of housing, out of respect, out of college, out of work, out of benefits, out of unemployment monies, out of relationships, out of a decent lawyer, out of medical care, out of counseling...

And then some of you were at least going to help me back into my federal housing that I was wrongfully kicked out of, if only I'd pay $4,000 after receiving $4,000 for one of my eggs. I get a roof over my head for one of my DNA eggs?

Now I know why.

And they are worth WAY more than that.

WAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more. And if I didn't sell an egg for $4,000 when I had nothing, and it was used as a factor in whether I had a roof over my head or not...

Do you think that I am the type who can be bribed?

Some people have a lot more money to start with, and not even very good reasons for taking a bribe, and they do it.

If I didn't sell ONE egg when I have hundreds or thousands of them, when I was put in the position of being told the only way I could "get back" my legal right to have a roof over my head, from a U.S. federal housing fund (coming out of Seattle distributors by the way)...

If these corrupt people tried to extort just ONE egg from me, when I have plenty to spare,

Do you think I am the type to be threatened or bribed?

I'm going to find out how many eggs I might have. I mean, just the general range...

Okay, I just read, I was born with about 7 million of them. That's from the "sharecare" website.

Dr. Michael Rozien says that at puberty, I had about 400,000 left. Then, after puberty began, my body began releasing ONE of them every 28 days or so. A few other eggs will develop, but my body will release one and the others will regress. If health is decent and a woman is not on the pill all her life, inducing her body to think she's pregnant all the time when she's not...

The egg quality will probably be good and better than the eggs of those who doped their bodies up (unknowing bc their doctors didn't care to tell them the truth) with birth control horomones.

Do you know what the fertility sites and clinics tell you? Oh, you don't have much chance at age 40, because those eggs have (some of them) been there for 40 years and quality won't be as good. Those clinics don't tell you that the quality isn't very good for most 40 year old women because most of the women they see had those same eggs swimming around in false horomones for years, thanks to your wonderful birth control pill. You can thank your life-saving pill for the breast cancer too.

So no, you don't jack your healthy and youthful body up on horomones that literally make your body think you've been pregnant for 10 years straight, and then expect to have good eggs or even be able to conceive at all. So thank your doctors and the medical community and planned parenthood for all their "honesty". While it may be a good idea to add horomones later in life, when you know you never want kids, great. But it was medically unethical to mislead millions and billions of women into thinking it's no big deal.

Because I am the type of person that refused to take even an aspirin in high school, and who never did drugs or alcohol, and who later in life only tried a couple of things out of curiosity...because I valued my body and brain, I didn't want to put additives and horomones into it that would screw things up. And to me, it made logical sense...for the most of my life, I was celibate, but for the very short time I wasn't, I knew the birth control was, intuitively, bad news. (And I'm sharing the news with you so you don't act so shocked when you can't conceive or when you get breast cancer. Breast cancer runs in the family...really? did your mother use the pill?)

So I would estimate my number of quality of eggs to be quite high. I guess if someone in the FBI wanted my eggs, or CIA, they must think that my egg quality is good too. Even if I've had some things happen to me...maybe they just figure they'd screen it out.

What I know, is that I started my period at age 13. If I waited until I am 43 to have another kid of my own, that would be 3 decades of releasing one egg per month, 12 months a year, with a few more regressing on their own. That means that out of 400,000 eggs I started out with at puberty, I have lost (rounding up high) 36 eggs. Then, add a few on top of that which just went away on their own. So when someone was trying to buy JUST ONE of my eggs for $4,000, I was then 36 and I had lost only 23 of my eggs in 2 decades, through the cycle, and then a few more regressed on their own.

I have a LOT of eggs in my basket. And I was unwilling to part with ONE of them, to fight for one of my most fundamental Constitutional rights.

So do you really think that I am the type to be bribed?

Part of the reason I didn't sell my own body or any part of it, was because I didn't know exactly who was soliciting for my eggs and what they would end up doing with my own biological child. Use them to be a research project like me?

"HAROLD. HAAAROLD. Lissen to me Harold. We gotta doctah. We gotta lawyah. What we need now sugarplum, is a psychic-remote-what-a-ma-jig, and pretty or handsome and we need music Haroyld."

So if I didn't sell ONE of my remaining 300,000 or more quality eggs at a dire time when I had nothing and was forced to suffer and Seattle was squeezing me out of even federal housing that they knew I qualified for...Well, do you think I would sell any part of my body in that case?

I resent the slander.

It is one thing for me to think of ways to help my living son, who I knew was tortured. If something looks like it might help him, great.

But do you really think that I have ever stooped to the disgusting levels some are willing to sell out for?

Do you know what else this says about me?

It says, I don't really care WHO you are, or WHO you work for. If I don't want to do something, I'm not going to do it. And if I know my son was wrongfully taken from me, there is no threat or bribe that will keep me from pursuing my and my son's rights. And it also means I'm not your slave. If you don't do what you said you would do, this means the deal is off and it's no ones fault but your own.

The same Seattle that poisoned me and mocked me, wanted to extort eggs from me.

My "Special" eggs.

ONE egg, one golden egg from the hen they hate, but whose prodigy they would mold for themselves.

Honestly, now that I know more than I did before, I even question what went on in the surgery room in Maryland, when they had to give me a D&C because my body was still hemmorhaging 6 months later. Did anyone think to sneak an egg from me?

I guess I ask because I know I woke up and thought, I don't know if everything that just happened in there when I was unconscious was legal. It was a feeling. An instinct. And because I had some kind of premonition about it first, I asked where the papers were for signing against having any of my parts or body tissues or samples used for any kind of research or labratory reasons. I know my OBGYN had this odd and almost guilty look afterwards. She didn't feel comfortable even looking at me. I thought, "Huh. So what went down."

And while I'm not selling my body for sex or my eggs for the procreation of others, would you mind my asking, Uncle Sam, what your issue is with me? I danced on your tabletops, practically, and you haven't paid up. In fact, I even danced while I was still in a state of hemmorhage.

I was bleeding for over 6 months and in constant labor and I kept a smile on my face.

I didn't do it for you.

I did it for my son.

And you are going to return my son.

I know some of you in D.C. and some of you in Canada tried really hard to make me desperate enough to sell out and you didn't get what you wanted. Because unlike you, I will not be bribed. I didn't sell out and make it easy for you to put me away for 10 years, so the deal was, if I didn't go to jail, I got tortured.

Not just me, my family and my son.

So what I really suggest you do at this time, is start walking on eggshells around me. And I suggest you return my son before the rest of the world starts calling your number.

They might be interested in knowing why some of you were working so hard to try to entrap me.

This Morning

I realized a couple of days ago that someone is relying too heavily on what my dreams are so I'm not writing about my dreams online anymore.

I do recall too, the names of U.S. Govt. workers #3 & #4 and the last name is "Hartley" (sleeper agent people). John and Linda Hartley. So as I go along, I'll come up with the other names too, if I haven't already.

Today I pureed blackberries with honey, a little wheat bran, and ginko biloba leaves. The bitterness of ginko is masked very well with the blackberries. I chew the leaves plain, and deal with it, but it's hidden well with blackberries. I also figured out that if I use herbal leaves for tea, to save them after they've been through my tea strainer because I can then grind it up and add it to a drink later and have them whole. I guess the most fun I have these days is making concoctions. I need to find a recipe for vegan pancakes today, and for sprouting alfalfa sprouts.

The blackberries made a thick sauce that would be really good on pancakes but I don't have ingredients for it right now. I also finished cooking my organic soybeans and after my cup of coffee, it just sounded good to me so I had a small bowl of cooked soybeans with a little sea salt and then had oatmeal with blackberry sauce to follow. I drank some of the blackberries too. I'm freezing a lot of them and going to pick more. I had about 4-6 cups after picking them for a half hour so I think I can get a lot. They're all organic, on our property, so we know they haven't been sprayed.

Yesterday I felt there was a lot of good energy in town for once. Well, not for once, but it wasn't bad. I went in for the first time in over a week.

At the house I was made a salad out of rainbow chard, spinach, lettuces, fuji apple, raw walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. But I decided to eat the rest of a jar of pickled borscht I had made. It was pickled beets, organic, with light natural preservatives and when it was half down I chopped up potato, cabbage, carrots, and added it to the beets and juice and it stayed pickled. It pickled everything, kind of like a kimchi. I don't know what it was, but I ate the rest and ended up feeling my throat sort of soothed and then napped for a couple of hours. It was horrible. I couldn't fall asleep for awhile at night bc I ended up napping so long in the afternoon after I did some reading, but there was nothing wrong with it.

Then I came into the house and started watching this old sci-fi movie with my family and I loved all the art--the set and art was food for my eyes, but at some point, even though I walked in and sensed an atmosphere of prayer, I started to get a bad feeling from somewhere. I thought it was maybe bc it was my son's bedtime or something. I didn't know but I decided not to stay and then I went back to my place and the electricity all cut out.

Someone later started using satellite or other technology which caused benign twitching in my feet, and it wasn't from anything I ate...I know what it is. So I started thinking thoughts I wanted sent to others. And things to think for help. As I did, I think this was just interference, but I saw a blond woman with med. wavy hair and a child surrounded by flames. I think the fire was behind her back and she was at a window or something, screaming, "Help US!!!" and screaming and crying and I saw her to my left if I were looking forward and there was a child to the right. The child was younger than a teenager but I didn't see him that well.

I thought maybe it was from a movie someone was watching. Because it was the same thing, every time I started saying help us, for myself and my son, and "We are Prisoners" for my family, on behalf of us, I saw this woman and her kid flash up. Fire everywhere. Real fire. I'm not sure, but I think she was maybe crouching down. She had her hands up on glass or something and was banging against it, hitting the glass with her hand. I didn't recognize her. She was pretty, had layered (I think) wavy shoulder length or longer bob length hair. I only saw her and then there was a child but I didn't see them. And she wasn't looking at me in the eyes. I saw her like she was looking for someone, but she didn't see me. I guess I had the impression somewhere between 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. I saw movement of her hand against the glass or window, and her mouth move and the fire. I didn't see anyone else. It was a huge fire, behind her all I could see was fire.

I guess I should add, after I said the things I wanted to say in my mind, in my thoughts, about someone using a form of technology and describing it and saying some other things, and after I saw her, and then after I thought about how my family used to sleep under electric blankets and now, in another sense, we still do, I noticed that the bad feeling had gone away too.

It was about 8 p.m. or so (after) that I noticed it. And then when the power went out at my place, I didn't get up to have it turned on again. I just unplugged all appliances in case it came on in the middle of the night and fell asleep.