Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Koch Firm Says Withholding Evidence Must Be On Record

I am thinking, something the lawyer told me is maybe not true.

I said why didn't they even talk to me or allow me to review briefs first before filing them?

I said evidence had been withheld from the State and the defense had a right to all evidence, good or bad, in the process.

So this woman said to me, "For appeal, if they withheld evidence, that has to be in the record."

So I accepted this at first, bc she kept saying over and over that the appeal could only be about what was on the written record.

So I said, "Well they admitted they withheld evidence on the record." And they did, and it should be on the transcript.

But today I started thinking...No, I don't think this sounds right.

If the State of Washington withheld evidence, in any kind of case that comes to the court, this discovery is sometimes made much later.

I am quite certain many forms of evidence were concealed because I know how much these people all lied.

I have heard of cases being overturned or thrown out altogether, because of illegal withholding of evidence.

And many times, this comes to light after the fact, and is not always on a prior written record.

So here's the deal--

If this Koch firm knew the entire case could be THROWN out by proving the State of Washington illegally obstructed justice and withheld evidence, why didn't they go that route?

In one case, you argue someone's civil right to a lawyer wasn't upheld, and argue through numerous motions about the right to attorney, and in the other case, umm...

The State of Washington is guilty of fraud, obstruction of justice, and tampering with and withholding evidence.

There is no big argument for something like that.

You go to the Judge, and file a motion to say the case must be thrown out for fraud, and that's it.

The State employed the Koch firm to cover their ass.

It can be proven, beyond all reasonable doubt, by the very evidence that the State withheld, that the State never had a legal right to remove my child, or even go so far as to file the papers to get an Order of Protection to whine to Canada about.

The Koch firm is a bad firm.

It's like they sneak around me, never want to talk to me, never want to let me review their motions and briefs, and they write motions that validate (in a roundabout way) the other lawyers I had who were worth nothing. And then they cover up for, and conceal the State's illegal actions.

I had a bogus Protection Order made out to take my son. Then the State and FBI and others lied to Canada and colluded to find a way to arrest me on false charges just for the purpose of stealing my son from me. Then the State HIDES their so-called "evidence" which was directly important to my case and affected the entire outcome. The very evidence they withheld, affected, and they would have known it would affect, the outcome of the case. Then they bribe public defenders to hide the facts for them as well, and work for the State, not me and my son. Every one of my public defenders worked overtime to keep pertinent information out of the "appealable record" and on top of this, they KNEW about the evidence that the State was withholding. I didn't know about it, but they DID.

I need a donut by the way, because I'm feeling cop vibes all over this thing. May as well sit down and enjoy a big fat greasy donut with the lot of you.

So then, my son and I go through all of this, with a totally corrupt Judge making totally corrupt calls, and protecting his buddies (one who was my public defender), and THEN they know they have to cover for their original crimes and sins, so they lie even MORE, and harass me and hire mafia and cops to harass me and terrorize me as well.

It goes all the way to termination and they gleefully put that out, and don't give me a lawyer.

Then I get to appeal, and I'm trying to tell these lawyers I have filed for injunction in federal court. And by the way, NEVER heard from the federal court, when they had a legal obligation to immediately STAY any order blocking and banning me from visitation with my son.

Edward Shea was an Irish mobster. All the Mormons knew it, and I won't say who, but I had several people warning me about him. Maybe Shea knew James Whitey.

So here I am, loudly trying to enforce the basic RULE of law, that says you HONOR a filed Order of Preliminary Injunction and these idiots were too busy trying to find a way to drug and terrorize me, and hey! well, now that she's down, let's use her for Army psychic and mind control research!

In the meantime, I was forced, I mean barricaded out of all federal housing monies I was entitled to and qualified for, forced out of work, and forced out of even unemployment money. Then the town of Wenatchee decided to steal from me and blame it on Seattle.

What, the same Seattle Marshalls that stood up from their desks when they heard about the earthquake after I accused them of wanting nothing more than cocaine, "hos 'n' blows"? Stood up in their nice cream and tan and beige jackets and wondered what was going on? I "sighted" one of you, and you need to lose some weight. Your white shirt is getting a little tight around the waist.

So Wenatchee goes rabid and just steals from me, tortures me, and uses me. It was unbelievable.

And honestly, my mother's side of the family had nothing to do with me during that time even though I tried called them. What happened? Ken & Barb Greenman know how to make the most out of their mileage?

So these people do Sean a favor, and Patrick a favor, and terminate my rights.

These people, and State and federal employees, went OUT of their way to lie. They lied and covered things up for a couple of YEARS. I mean, they spent time, money, and talent, covering up for their aggregious crimes. These people are some of the most rotten-to-the-core people I have EVER met, and no, it's not just Seattle. They had the big city backing them, because that's where the State capital and governor are, but no, they contributed on their own, pulling from Yakima, California, Seattle, Portland, and the East Coast.

Then I get an appeals firm, where it is now, that I've talked to for no more than 40 minutes total, in 6 months.

It's not because I didn't try either.

Does this even sound real?

40 minutes total, in 6 months. That is it.

And only half of those minutes were about my case. 20 minutes of talk time about my case, including my argument that I needed and wanted to be involved. The other 20 minutes were about the credentials of the lawyers (what law school they went to, how long they were in practice, and Oh! by the way! included in the 20 minutes was the explanation to me of why one lawyer had passed my case on to a different lawyer).

So I'm sitting here thinking "All they had to do was show the Judge the State withheld evidence that was crucial to the outcome of the case and this would have been overturned."

But no, because The City of Seattle, the AG offices, the Seattle FBI, the Seattle Marshall's service, Department of State people, and Cristine Gregoires offices, along with medical professionals...all of these people have a motive and incentive to lie and cover for their crimes. They even want to cover for the Irish mob. It's not just Italians, Ukirainians, and Mexicans people. And it's not just a few token Catholic asians or black guys, or a few peturbed jews either.

I don't even know why you bother to use a napkin to wipe your mouth.

I want that withheld evidence.

I find it very strange that the Koch firm has refused to obtain it.

When I asked the lawyer to obtain it she said they weren't going to use it and that they would have to know what it was. I said, "You just said that it had to be on the written record and I just told you what it was."

She wanted to get off the phone.

40 minutes with the Koch firm.

And they refused to obtain exculbable evidence for my case, even though they are required, by law, to act in the best interests of my case. I guess the paycheck from Washington State is even fatter than we all think. I guess they double dip.


Anonymous said...

I saw Oliver again yesterday. He's happy safe and secure. If you truly love him and want what's best for him, then let him be with the people whom have cared and provided for him for so long. They r stable. You r not.

Mama said...

No, he's not safe. He's not been safe. The FBI is responsible for the fact that he has been abused and tortured.

I see a lot of what is going on, and I haven't forgotten as much as what others might have thought. Not only that, I'm finding some excellent leads to Virginia and Washington D.C. which are grounds for a lawsuit under RICO. Not to mention, the credibility of the U.S. is completely lost to countries that could have been allies.

You don't mistreat your own citizens, or let others in govt. do this, and then sit wide-eyed and expect everyone else to hand "honor" to you.

I will say what no one else will. And if those who are in executive positions really care about this country, as they say they do, they will bring the entire matter of using my family and keeping my son from his mother to an end.

If you haven't already, take a look at my recently updated posts about Bill O'Reilly, Lila, and the U.S. govt. psychics #3 and #4.