Saturday, August 13, 2011

NSA "MIndstorm"

I just found something and will have to write about the funny mole stories later.

What I just found is a movie that was labled differently than what it is. And it's a movie about the abuse of kids used for psychic research.

I thought it was the Michael Douglas movie "Falling Down", as labled. But then I put it in and it started in the middle, at 7.

It was an old ad for AOL 7. Version 7. And it was right in the middle of the VHS tape. So I watched through the ads to a movie about Adv. in Babysitting and decided no, I wanted to find "Falling Down" so I rewound to the beginning and a SciFi channel movie started, called "Mindstorm" . It starts out with kids escaping an NSA research base where they drug and torture kids to use as military props in the future, as psychic kids. These kids escape and armed men come to take them back. Then there is something about a war starting in 7 minutes. So this woman grows up to be Tracy, a photographer. She's been trained to be a psychic spy.

So I guess I have to see this and will post more later. I still can't upload my photos of being lasered because it's not working still.

But anyway.

In the beginning it shows kids with their heads being shaven, and then gassed with drugs.

And that's something that happened to me, and I thought about it last night while watching "owning mahoney" when they got to the comment about gassing people with "oxygen" to keep them high. I was gassed, but not with "oxygen".

This is real, and it happened to me and the U.S. is using my son.

We want OUT.

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