Sunday, August 28, 2011

Janet Napolitano: ICE ICE Baby & "Privileged" Information

I was watching live coverage of Napolitano and remembered, "Oh yeah. Along with the NCIC, I have to request ICE records."

Homeland Security.

A reporter told me I needed to get my ICE records and file. I wrote down a list of records and files I was informed about, and I was encouraged to obtain all these things.

So he said, "Do you know about ICE?" and I said "No, what is that?" and he said, "It's the system of records and data for Homeland Security. You might want to get that."

I believe I still have a list somewhere, of the different agencies I was tipped off to, that I'd had no clue about.

Not only do I need the NCIC, which the FBI stalls over repeatedly, and has ignored for a full 8 years now...(I have making making FOIA and NCIC requests since 2004 and they have been refused to comply and lied), I am supposed to get the ICE records, and there are a couple of other systems of record collection.

Canada told me if I wanted their records, I had to go back to Canada in person. They refused to let my fax a copy of my ID and information and said I had to travel to Canada.

However, the WA AG has a lot of those records, and they withheld everything from Canada, from my attorneys and me. I mean, one would THINK that records from Canada are evidence which are important for my CPS case. Wouldn't you think? But I remember someone trying to say it was "privileged". Sorry. It's not privileged. You used it in your CPS case against me and it's not privileged.

There are certain attorney-client communications that are privileged, but your arrangments with Canadian officials, which were used to directly affect the outcome of this case, are NOT "priviledged", they KNEW this, and they withheld evidence.

As lawyers, the AG knew very well that they were withholding evidence that did not fall under the "privileged" exclusion. Their communications and contributions to affect what was done in Canada was all evidence that they were required by law to submit to my attorneys and they didn't. I had a right to know who, among the State and federal agencies, and Canadian officials, were my accusers.

They knew this. They didn't want me to know.

Not only that, any "communications" between the U.S. to Canada against me are not privileged. There is no "public interest immunity" (no LPP). International collusion does not get privileges.

They knew this. They KNEW and they withheld some of the most pertinent information.

Reporter, reporter,...Can you believe that I still have the list of agencies to contact? and where are you old retired FBI lawyer friend? I'm sure you have followed my case and wondered what side of the pig the FBI has been on. That would be, the lawyer who used to be FBI, who was the first person to say I needed to request the NCIC. That was in 2004.

Look at what the FBI has done to me since 2004.

Oh. I'm on the UK forum about privilege. Well then. I have a feeling the same thing applies with the U.S.

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