Saturday, August 27, 2011

U.S. Free To Drug Citizens With Simple Charge

2 new things Americans should know. Thank your country, because now, if you or your kid or friend gets picked up on a simple misdemeanor, even if they are innocent, while they are in jail, they can be drugged against their will. That's not how it used to be. It used to be that you had to be a convicted criminal first, before you were U.S. property. But now, they don't honor your presumptive right of innocence, and you will be drugged without any questions asked. Against your will, for any reason. The other right you used to have, as a citizen, that has been taken away from the people, is the right to have all the evidence or discovery your accusers have against you. Whether it's good or bad, we have all believed we have a right to see the same discovery or evidence that comes across the table, and use this to understand and counter what the charge is, or to use it to our benefit. Now, a man can be charged with rape and sent to jail for the rest of his life and he can be innocent, and if they want to keep him in, all the prosecutors have to say is, "We don't know where it is." Then, they can try to be compensated and be told "No one withheld evidence. They just lost it."

I'm following some of the Laughner case today.

What I am reading, is the Downfall of Rome. The U.S. has lost so many decent people in offices, and in law enforcement or intelligence, and only the rich have been able to go to law school--on bouys from favors their parents, who tow the line, provide. If the poor or someone decent even makes it to law school, they are sold into slavery. Their loans and debt force them to work for firms they should not be working for. They have no real financial freedom and pay the price by being forced to work for the interests of those who made the laws that guaranteed their eventual slavery in the first place. It's indentured servitude for at least 2, maybe 3 decades and then they retire. Or die.

There are so many corrupt workers now, I almost don't see what the point is. It's not Democrats vs. Republicans. Both parties have put people into place, in the courts and otherwise, and they have completely ruined the system.

They've made it extremely easy for a corrupt government or corruption to win, and impossible for an innocent victim to prove their innocence.

It is truly not a country of freedom anymore.

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