Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Prostitution Police Pimps

I said it's strange how often I had others trying to set me up.

I brought this up in a post from last night. About how I had not been willing to sell even one of my 300,000 eggs, to someone. When I was put through the most miserable conditions anyone could think of enduring, and never expect in this country. I was also unwilling to, at any time, sell my body in any way. I have heard it said that some women don't "take money" but expect a place to stay or other favors, and that this is prostitution. Well I haven't done it, and I wouldn't have ever thought that I needed to put that on the record until I started thinking about all of the attempts by both Canadian and American law enforcement, to put me behind bars for prostitution. Not only that, they wanted me to go for their whole entrapment deal. And it happened more than once.

What I think is odd, is this...

Why would Canadians want me to be jailed or look like a tramp? More specifically, why would anyone from Canadian law enforcement or border patrol want me to look like a tramp?

And then why would American law enforcement try to do the exact same thing?

Finally, after I rebuffed any and all attempts to get me into doing something I was morally opposed to, why has the U.S. allowed petty officers in Wenatchee, Washington to then defame me and literally accuse me of prostitution and call me a prostitute, to business owners and people in the community?

And why did Justin Titus and another lawyer or so, eye me and make suggestions in a way as to suggest if I did them certain favors they would be more helpful to me?

1. I have never sold sexual favors of any kind, for property, money, or any other reason.
2. I have never sold any part of my body, like my eggs, not even when I was being exploited.

(3. Wanting to be a surrogate, and not use my own biological genes, is something totally different to me and it is not sexual and has to do with nurturing life and so I have not been opposed to the idea)

First, cops and political parties, tried over and over to entrap me or put me in horrible situations to make me think the only way to live or survive was to do "favors" for men. I don't believe they really wanted me out there doing favors...they were doing what their bosses told them to do because what they really wanted was to ruin my reputation for good and put me in jail or prison.

When they didn't succeed in luring me into the idea, or even thinking it over, they just decided to defame me and lie outright to have me banned from businesses and to smear me.

So I'm going to tell you about just a couple of the entrapment schemes, starting with Canada.

1. This man and his wife, Bruce and Karin, whom I've mentioned before. I thought they were trying to help me and my son. What I did not know, was that they were just giving us a place to stay until Washington State figured out what to do with the AG and Department of State. They had Douglas county police involved, and a whole lot of other people involved. I am able to prove collusion by testifying about the actions of these people and how they coordinated with the immigration offices in Canada and WA state and U.S. feds.

They all knew I was legally in Canada with my son. They had to find a way to arrest me to take my son from me. So they colluded to entrap me. The first attempt was to try to pressure me to give sexual favors. And then they were going to arrest me, jail me, and take my son. When that didn't work, they told me to visit a nurse whose husband was RCMP (I guess, like Bruce) and talk to her about work and that was what I was arrested over. Actually, they may have changed their minds to say it was about something else, but these same people tracked me down at Wal-mart with my son and then said I was arrested for being without "friends" and not leaving as asked. Even though they, Russ, and everyone else knew my "circumstances had changed." But let me tell you about the attempt to entrap me for sexual favors first. Because this theme came up a few times and trying to employ that one, is interesting to me. What it says to me is that they don't really care to entrap me on marijuana or a petty drug charge or even some other violation of a town ordinance. They could have made anything up. What they settled on, for lying about, was immigration violation and they all knew it was a lie. What is shocking, is how this Canadian guy and his official "friends", tried to pressure me into a prostitution charge. He used medicine for my sick son to do it.

Bruce told me that if he was going to pay for the medicine for my sick son, before he paid for it, what was I willing to do for him first? Okay, and over there, if you're "with friends" you can get medicine free but I didn't know that at the time. So he drove me halfway to the pharmacy, with my son there, and started pressuring me to give sexual favors. He held medicine for my son out as bait. And with my son needing the medicine, and knowing my circumstances, he started saying I had to give him something in return. I said I could do more chores around the house and he said, "Your washing dishes is great but that's not what I'm looking for."

After repeatedly pushing me and even YELLING in my face to come up with something to offer him, and after nixing all of my honest and moral ideas, he finally pulled into a parking lot for a grocery store and said he had to get something. He passed a man walking out who stared at me and as soon as I saw that man, I didn't realize I had intuitive abilities at the time, but it was very clear and right there before me: cop.

And I realized, Bruce had just tried to entrap me into offering sexual favors in exchange for medicine my son needed. And police from Canada (and the U.S. no doubt) were involved.

I had said I couldn't think of anything to offer. I did not offer my body or sexual favors and said well then if he couldn't pay for the medicine or didn't want to, that was his choice. He yelled at me, "WHAT DO I GET OUT OF THIS?!" and I said "A good feeling for doing the right thing."

He ended up buying the medicine for my son and then about a week later, the B.C. immigration tried picked me up at Wal-mart when I was not in violation of any laws in their country. The only reason they knew I was at Wal-mart was because I had told Karin. I may have left a message with the man who offered a place to me and my son but I don't remember. I don't think so. I think I knew I had to wait until after 11 0'clock and then we were meeting him. So I took my son with me to Wal-mart to kill time until we went from "old friends" to "new friends" within the same 12 hour period, thereby fully securing the guest status of being in Canada, at all times. We had secured a new arrangement, and that's where we were spending the next night.

There were no legal grounds for arresting me, jailing me, sending my son away from me to another country (with the presumption that I was guilty when I wasn't), and putting me in a dog cage to Vancouver immigration detention.

When I was in the jail in Penticton, they refused to give me a lawyer and I asked from the first hour to call my Crown Counsel attorney and they refused to allow me to call for 3 days. The Crown Counsel lawyer was the one who said I was legally in the country of Canada. The other thing they refused me was any pencil or paper to write with--they said they don't do that in Canada. And finally, they refused me the right to see a doctor. I said I needed to see a doctor because of migraine and my anxiety levels and they told me I was not a Canadian citizen and therefore I did not, and would not ever have the right to speak with or be seen by a doctor or medical person of any kind. 1. No call to an attorney, 2. No pencil or paper, 3. No doctor or medical personnel as long as I was in the country of Canada.

They didn't have a case against me at all.

But in violation of all international treaties and laws, they sent my son out of the country his biological mother was in, to another country I had left, when I said I was trying to get political asylum. Not only that, I was then in guest status in Canada and there was no legal violation.

The next time I thought maybe someone was trying to pimp me out, who was connected to border patrol and police, was Mike, in Blaine, WA but I wasn't sure what exactly he was doing. I couldn't figure it out but he interacted with police a lot.

Next, I was in D.C. and a couple of jewish guys who also had police connections, tried to entrap me for the same kind of prostitution thing. I wasn't sure if they were full-on cops doing a sting or if they were actually just trying to get me to say something compromising that could be overheard by someone. Allan. Allan found me and invited me to an entrapment scheme at his offices and I refused to do anything for money as he was suggesting. Again, I didn't realize I was intuitive then, but something was telling me we were not the only ones hearing the conversation. And then knowing this, I wondered why then, he was trying to get me to say something or do anything that was legally wrong or morally against what I would do. I left and it almost seemed like his friend actually was glad I hadn't done anything wrong. But I don't know. All I knew was: Another cop and another entrapment scheme.

So by then, I was wondering why all these people are trying to put me in jail or prison and for such unseemly offenses too. If I was desperate, in another country (Canada) and needed medicine for my son and refused to offer anything untorwardly, why would I do that for someone else, for any other reason?

And I didn't. I didn't sell sexual favors in exchange for money or housing or anything, ever.

There was one other scheme they tried, and that one didn't work either, and that was in D.C. Or, actually, it was in Maryland, with an officer trying to get me to agree to marriage fraud and take money for it and not even care about or sleep with the man first. No, just take the money and lie to the government so we can put you in prison for 10 years.

So then I get rewarded in Wenatchee, Washington with outright defamation by law enforcement.

I was called a slut, and CPS was telling people I'd slept on the couches of dozens of men and been with men, and I was called a prostitute by Wenatchee officers. Not only did they tell my then-fiance that I was a prostitute or sleeping with men at a hotel when I wasn't, they told the hotel owners and everyone in the community and all law enforcement that I was.

They defamed me huge.

I was treated even worse than before, and kicked out of places, and left open for other unsavory men to assume it might be true and to try out their luck with me. And I still had some professional men attempting to entrap me into something.

I have never, in my entire life, EVER taken money or housing, medicine for my own child, or any other benefit, in exchange for sexual favors.

Do you understand?

So now do you understand that when I say I have been set up to be entrapped repeatedly and then grossly defamed...

Doesn't anyone wonder WHY this many people would want to put me in jail or prison?

Aside from prison, what motive can you think of for wanting to make me sound like a tramp or slut or prostitute when I wasn't?

They wanted to put me in prison, anyway they could, and out of commission forever. They wanted to ruin my good name so badly that it could never revive.

And finally, well, she won't commit any crimes or misdemeanors so I guess we'll say she has the worst and most socially unacceptable mental illness in the book and we'll torture her too, until she either really goes crazy, or is so desperate she commits some kind of crime to save her own life.

I did not ever commit any crime or misdemeanor in Canada or The United States of America.

I guess I tried marijuana for medicinal reasons for myself, never with my own son or children around. I tried a very minute amount and I qualified for a medicinal marijuana permit though I didn't take advantage of one because I couldn't afford to pay $300 for one just to see if it worked.

At any rate, I had never committed any crime or misdemeanor when I had my son in my care.

And if Bill Clinton can manage to be forgiven a few puffs on a joint, to the point of becoming President of the United States, I don't think anyone else should hold it against him either. He certaintly wasn't being disqualified on that count by the FBI, CIA, Bar association, Senate, Cabinet, NSA, Department of State, Pentagon, Border Patrol, or any other U.S. political agency or party.

I have not even taken one inhale from a joint since 2008. And I haven't had any alcohol since November of 2010. And if I wanted to drink I could, but I choose not to. I don't use any other substances and I never was addicted to anything when I had my son either. I didn't abuse or misuse substances when my son was with me.

I have been defamed.

Have other things been done to me that are not legal, or have I been held hostage? Yes. Do I believe my son is a hostage? in a technical sense, yes, though in ways different from how I've been held hostage. Have my son and I been tortured? Yes. Did I write to the military to consent to being a volunteer for research for migraine or other top secret project? Yes, but I did so after my son and I were already being tortured, so anything prior to the emails was not even with a consent and I retracted my consent. I also did not realize, at the time that I made these emails, that I was already used by the U.S. for research and had been since I was younger. I don't, therefore, believe my consent was actually voluntary when the U.S. had groomed me for mind control research since I was a kid. Maybe I wasn't the one that could predict the future or see what everyone did ahead of time, and maybe I wasn't able to guess what was inside all of my Christmas presents, but I was still being used by the U.S. And when I later said I'd like to help with research about remote viewing or psychic work, that didn't include being tortured as part of the deal, or called crazy, or medicated without my consent, or psychologically bullied and harassed, or not being compensated.

I don't believe it's fair to hold my son.

I also have figured out there has been some kind of long-standing issue between some people in the U.S. and some in Canada, with regard to me and my son or our future. I didn't realize how far back it went until thinking about things this last week.

So what I want, is not a neverending story with CPS and the AG when I did nothing wrong. I want my son returned to me on the basis of fraud, obstruction of justice, or withholding evidence--whatever needs to be used in order to prove this never should have happened. And I don't believe anyone has a moral or legal right to torture anyone in my family, or defame.

If there is a life insurance policy for my life, or a trust fund, or a compensation fund for me, and one for my son, for what he's been through, I would like to know about it. I've been working for you for free, my entire life. My son doesn't deserve this, and you have allowed his statutes to run for his ability to even file for medical malpractice compensation. You have allowed the "Guardianship of the State" to stand inbetween my son and his rights and those who have taken away from him everything he had. You've allowed the State to act as a bodyguard for corruption and a shield for those who harmed my son to start with. You have used the State to shield insurance companies and medical professionals from being sued by a mother who loves her son and wants what's best for him. And this "Guardian" has looked my son squarely in the eye and lied to him repeatedly and emotionally abused and scared him for life.

That's not a "guardian". That is state-sponsored Terrorism.

You sponsored hate crimes against me and my son.

You negotiated with a man and asked him to play stupid when he knew exactly what he was doing. And you structured everything to work if I only went along and punished me and my son if I didn't. You had a few people come over to me and suggest it had been a miracle. What miracle. Does anyone want to explain to me where the "miracle" was? and then I was told not to ask for miracles or I might get what I ask for. I guess I've been afraid to ask for any "miracles" after seeing what a "miracle" has looked like already. There was never a miracle.

Prove it.

Prove one miracle to me. Come on, prove it.

You people lie about miracles and then try to hide the truth about torture and ask me to prove my son and I have been tortured.

Well you go ahead and prove to me what a miracle looks like.

Can you even describe it?

I mean, I can at least describe the torture.

Can YOU describe your miracles?

I looked up the Iran-Contra affair. How many records have you destroyed over me and my son?

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