Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Restless Sleep

I had sort of a bad vibe until 4 or 5 this morning. All night. Then around 4 or 5, it improved almost instantly.

Monday, August 30, 2010

American Legion & Consequences of The Truth & russian church

This guy from American Legion told me to get a burger at this one place, Buddy La Fleurs, and I went there after he and two other guys sat there in red, green, and white shirts. Then i went to this place where there were red, white, and green flowers in a vase.

While there, at the American Legion, they have a bunch of books--tons of paperbacks and I backed up to the whole section without turning around or looking and reached back and pulled out a romance novel with the title "The Secret She Kept". It had the byline: "The Truth Has Consequences". Out of all of the at least 80 or more paperbacks there, that's the one I got, at the American Legion.

Then I rolled dice and these numbers on a couple of the dice kept coming up over and over.

So I was there and then people are staring at my burger like something is fucking wrong with it. This Irish man was there with a broken arm and his wife from the hospital or something. I only ate half of the burger when I saw him exchanging looks with the server. So then I went to the McDonalds and grabbed a burger and of course Vladdie was there and somehow someone knew that I wanted my burger "to go" even though I didn't tell anyone this and I usually eat-in. But I wanted it to go and they just gave it to me to go. So then I am walking and there is this nut, like from nuts and bolts on the sidewalk, which made me think of my son.

How my son loved playing with the cars that had little nuts and discs, with me. I had saved a nut to remember him one time when I found one.

So I found one tonight, and I had just had 1 1/2 burgers, which made me think about how my SON was 1 1/2 years old when the U.S. and Canadian assholes snatched him. I guess, so they could continue allowing me and my son to be harassed and tortured and distressed. And then someone thought it would be really cool to experiment on us with the consent of the military and CIA. Of course, every single player in the case was set up. Every single person was military except Judge Hotchkiss, and a government worker. All of them were both Catholic and military. Michelle Erickson is directly connected to military personnel. So is Anne McIntosh, the AG on the case. The main CASA guy, was Catholic and a former federal prosecutor for Seattle and was also NAVY. The head of CASA in Wenatchee, who hates me, appointed the CASA guy, Rob Force, herself. Susan, I believe. Michelle Erickson is connected to NAVY. I don't recall what McIntosh's connections are. The only one I don't know about, for religious affiliation, was Sue Just, one of the visitation monitors who was instructed to lie about me and my son and our interactions. EVERY SINGLE person working against me in this case was MILITARY, and GOVERNMENT, and CATHOLIC. Some "public servants".

They allowed the abuse and distress of both me and my son.

Even thought Judge Hotchkiss was the only one who had not immediately "served" in the military or wasn't married in, he is connected. He tried to get Rob Force to shut up real fast when Rob was proudly declaring his allegiance to the Navy on the stand. The fucking Judge was maybe not in the military but was acting like a fucking cover for them. Why does Judge Hotchkiss have to be the one to tell Rob to hurry and shut up? And also, why does Judge Hotchkiss have to try to force the psychologist to say that I was the "risk" to parent my son when the JUDGE has been more of a risk factor in my son's life than I ever have. The state's parenting evaluator was military. They were all military. And then the law firm that Justin Titus worked for, had one of their main workers whose kids were Department of Defense employees.
My OB-GYN who didn't do their job on the East Coast and examine me properly when I said I was having issues and pain from my pregnancy, was fucking ARMY. And her buddies around her, were ARMY. If she had done her fucking JOB, I wouldn't have ended up in some other random ER with such horrible pain that I had an MRI that killed my babies.

The fucking U.S. OWES ME and my SON.

They have used gang shit to cover for crime and military and CIA involvement. Bad apples, tried to cover for the real crime that happened to me and my son and then make it into something that looked "legit".

So there I was, picking up a metal nut from the sidewalk, thinking about my son and then going down the other sidewalk to pick up a crushed or pressed yellow flower that was pressed into a fan shape, and, after having been told to go to Buddy La Fleurs (flower buddy), I went back to the American Legion and said out loud:

"So who here has the most military seniority?" and they said some guy named Strussel or Stussel. It was the same man who told me to go to Buddy La Fleurs.

I walked over to him and placed the pressed flower with the metal nut on the bar in front of him and said, "Let the U.S. know I want my son back."

I figured he could take it as a symbol of whomever he may have been making fun of, maybe me, as the yellow flower nut. I guess. Or he could find out what that "nut" actually symbolizes and also fucking think about how I am being USED by military persons.

Fucking Theodore Keyes is military and his whole family is fucking military. Almost every single person or house I've stayed at in Wenatchee has had military people or those connected to either military or police and they've ALL stolen from me. No, actually, not just some of them or most of them. ALL of them.

Every single person that I have stayed with in Wenatchee, who has bussed me around or stolen from me or kicked me out, has been military or law enforcement connected.

I would think, with all these "military connections," and law enforcement connections, that if these are not bad apples, they wouldn't be playing mind games and that the U.S. would actually do something about returning my son to me and allowing me to live somewhere else where I am not constantly harassed.

I know for a fact that some of these people are mixed up with gangs, who haven't been good for me or my son. I also know that some of the people in even the homeless shelter areas, have done favors for others who, well, I saw some of them at the music venue at Cafe Mela recently. And then, I know what happened to me at church last Sunday, which hasn't happened anywhere else. That is the only time I have ever been assaulted while I was at a church. And some people thought it was really funny when one of the speakers was then talking about things to "warm your heart" and that was what the translator was relying to me.

Some of them KNEW what was being done to me.

When a couple of them knew I knew, they moved their own kids out of my beeline REAL QUICK. When I moved to the back, for some strange reason, they had the kids sitting in front of me move. Didn't want them in my viewline I guess. Right in the middle of service, those kids were moved. And not just moved, but I was stared at and then then as soon as I threw that pocket watch into my bag and stared, those kids were MOVED.

I am not tolerating this any longer.

Pentagon & Wikileaks Encouragement

I have decided to include the Pentagon in my complaint and I have also decided to leak my information to wikileaks.

As soon as I wrote this, only this part, I had a whole news article pop up from "bing" on "Undressed celebrities." I wonder why.

Charges Out: city of wenatchee cannot override feds

I am probably going to see if I can get change of venue for my case, or continuation for making this motion, as tomorrow is supposed to be for pre-trial hearing and I am not willing to go to trial on this, in this area, and don't want to screw anything up by going along with a pre-trial thing. I feel this needs to be removed to federal court and defended there. I am being charged with violating a protective order or restraining order which is in violation of the constitution to begin with.

I thought about what the state is offering and it's not okay. I would have a criminal record and it would forever affect my status, when it was wrong to have this order in place to begin with and should be vacated.

I do not believe the City of Wenatchee has jurisdiction to override the federal government and my constitutional rights.

Random Bible Reading (from diffferent store selection)

I decided to do the random reading from a different store, the christian bookstore. I didn't look at the aisles and just picked out whatever without looking. I did see one section or two which I skipped over but otherwise didn't look.

Guess what the last one I got was?

Oh, of course. David. David on the cover with a harp out by the sheep. "David and the 23rd Psalm" from the children's section.

For some strange reason too, I was getting the sad empty vibe until after I made this selection and then it lifted. I don't know why.


1. (Pencil Fun Books) David and the 23rd Psalm by Cathy Walker & Illust. by Ed Letwenko
pg. 3, "David discovered that God is like a shepherd. God takes care of us by giving us things to grow. He is our Good Shepherd."

2. Setting Boundaries with Your Aging Parents: Finding Balance Between Burnout and Respect by Allison Bottke, pg. 166, "True healing begins when we make the head-to-heart connection that we must "let go and let God" in all things, including our painful relationships with our aging parents."

3. The 100 Most Important Bible Verses for Mothers (the W Publishing Group)
pg. 150, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength." Deuternomony 6:5 NKJV. (I found this exact verse and wrote it down on Sunday in church). All You've Got: Your children love you unconditionally. You love them just as deeply and completely. The relationship between mother and children is an unbreakable kind of love, a deep bond, and is difficult to sever."

4. Child Sockology. New Testament Bible Feelings by Damon Taylor
pg.7, "The Jewish leaders were Jealous of Jesus' popularity. (that Jesus is really cramping my style!) John 11.
(this is from a book about all the different emotions of love, hate, sadness, and at first I wasn't going to write this down but the focus is not on being Jewish, but on the leaders then, in the crowd, where Jesus was also of the same race)

5. Anger: Handling a Powerful Emotion in a Healthy Way by Gary Chapman
pg. 166, "Be at peace with yourself and then you will be able to bring peace to others" (thomas kempis) next to the page for Ch. 12 "I'm Angry At Myself"

6. Amazing Grace by Kenneth W. Osbeck
pg. 198, "Sweet peace, the gift of God's love: Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble. Psalm 119:165. Thank God for the gift of peace that He has provided. A life of peace shold lead us to a life of praise--and a life of praise in turn leads to a life of peace. (then it's about the composer Peter Bilhorn and his song Peace, Peace, Sweet Peace!)

7. La crianza de los hijos: de sobrevivir a prosperar by Charles Swindoll
pg. 156, "Hay personas que no quieren que seamos libres. No quieren que seamos libres ante Dios, aceptados tal como somos y por la gracia de Dios. No quieren que seamos libres para expresar nuestra fe orignal y creativamente en el mundo. Quiere controlarnos; quieren utillizarnos para sus propios propositos. Ellos mismos rehusan vivir ardua y abiertamente en fe, pero se aglomeran con otros pocos y tratan de lograr un sentido de aprobacion insistiendo que todos nos veamos iguales, hablemos igual, y actuemos igua, validando asi el uno la valia del otro."
(i have no idea what any of this says. I guess my spanish is pretty bad then)

8. Eyes of Integrity: The Porn Pandemic and How it Affects You by Craig Gross
pg. 113, Brazen Use. Porn use at work is now so widespread that just about every company has a monitorin system in place. According to a 2008 Nielsen online study, 25 percent of employees with internet connections use them to visit porn sites, which is up 23 percent from teh previous year."

9. Eleventh Quest (the A.D. Chronicles) by Bodie & Brock Thoene
pg. 154, "Her father was Andrew the Wool Carder. She was small and bright. Her hair was thick and brown. Eyes were an amber-brown color, clear and deep, and always seemed amused by something. Her name was Bette, which likened her to a gentle ewe lamb. Obed smiled at her as she passed, and she blushed and smiled back. The blush was proof enough to him that she was not brazen, only happy."

10. Integrity: the courage to meet the demands of reality by Dr. Henry Cloud
pg. 149, "What Walter Miscehl, who did the study, describes with the rather infelicitous phrase 'goal-directed self-imposed delay of gratification' is prhaps the essence of emotional self-regulation: the ability to deny impulse in the service of a goal, whether it be buidling a business, solving an algebraic equation, or pursuing the Stanley Cup. His finding underscores the role of emotional intelligence as a meta-ability, determining how well or how poorly people are able to use their other mental capacities. To get ready requires waiting and doing the "nongratifying" work before jumping in. It is the pilot doing the checklist, the surgeon srubbin down and reading the medaical history, the dealmaker doing the market studies and pouring over the financials of the company he wants to buy, the manager doing extensive interviews and reference check before hiring the "charming" person, the marketing group finding out first if the dogs really do like it, and the "romantic" running a TRW on the person she thinks she wants to marry after a month of dating, or going through divorce recovery therapy before jumping into a rebound relationship."

11. Serenity 4: Rave-n-rant
pg. ? chapter 4 and on the frame with the anime girl with a thumbs up and saying "Mr. Hwong rescheduled my shifts--i finally get a Friday night off!" the second frame has her yelling, "par-TAY, par-TAY, par-TAY! and her friend saying, "Great. Then you'll be able to..." and next frame she jumps at him and says "NO! Not one word about church fellowships or do-good projects this weekend!"

12. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis
pg. 72, "Chapter 6: The People That Lived In Hiding".."they came in a glade to an old hollow oak tree covered with moss, and Trufflehunter tapped with his paw 3 times and there was no answer. Then he tapped again and a woolly sort of voice from inside said, "Go away. It's not time to get up yet." But when he tapped the third time , there was a noise like a small earthquake from inside and a sort of door opened and out came 3 brown bears, very bulgy indeed and blinking their eyes."

13. Babes with a Beatitude by Linda Kozar and Dannelle Woody
pg. 319, "Lighthouse: the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. John 1:5....Artists know that any image is most effective when both darkness and light are present...without darkness, we would not appreciate the light." (devotion for oct. 30)

14. Touchpoints for Men by touchpoints. ?
pg. 116, on Humility: What is true humility? Titus 3:2, "they must not slander anyone and must avoid quarreling. Instead, they should be gentle and show true humility to everyone...Being humble is being gentle and amicable to all."

(something that came to my mind just now as I wrote down this title was an image I got today, as I was walking a couple hours ago. I barely closed my eyes and I saw someone doing a touchpoint thing on someone's hands. I didn't understand it exactly, but it was like touching all the points under all 10 fingers of both hands, like some kind of massage or reflexology thing. For some reason, Diana came to mind, but I'm sure it wasn't about her. It was probably someone I know or am connected to. but I was thinking what is this and it made me think about all the kinds of possibilities and I wasn't sure and thought about stones and things but this was touching the hand. I want to say almost with one finger, on each of the pads at the base of the hand.)

15. God Knows My Name: Never Forgotten, Forever Loved by Beth Redman
pg. 144, " Like the example of Cain, there seems to be a connection between our response--or reaction--to God, and our falling into sin. We see that God is Cain's greatest cheerleader. "Don't do it!" God says. "There's still a way out. You can still change your heart and do well." God is not against Cain. He is for him! God knows that the condition of Cain's heart is the most crucial thing and so He challenges Cain to do the right thing. There was still time."

16. The Prophesy Answer Book by David Jeremiah (with an hourglass on the cover) and then keys and compass with bible, a turkish temple, and a tree. I first noticed the hourglass, coming right after the last part about there still being time.
pg. 20 and 21, side by side prophesies of nations, america on pg. 20 and europe on pg. 21 (about last days and unification of nations and that sort of thing...bible prophesy stuff)

17. Breaking The Cycle of Divorce: How Your Marriage Can Succeed Even If Your Parents' Didn't by John Trent
pg. 69 , "If someone asked you whether God answers prayer, would you say yes or no?" (from a self-test about how "to gauge whether you might be looking at God as an impersonal being, answer the following questions."

as I sat outside at 5:30 p.m. and closed my eyes and saw someone tearing up a paper or papers. With hands and I don't know if man or woman, but I saw white paper and don't know what was on it but it or they was/were being torn one way and then the other way and halved and quartered, and torn up this way. Have no idea what in connection with at all. Just sitting outside not thinking of anything in particular.
at about 5:40 p.m. got little drum things. And then just as I was about to write that, the guy across from me does a drum movement. Not kidding. But they had red knobs at the end, like maybe for a xylophone if not drums. Saw drumming and maybe xylophone but I think with a kid, not sure. and then the word "destiny". wasn't sure if it was destiny or destiny's child, like someone was playing that music.
Oh, and something from last Sunday, I was in church and wrote in my notes, what I thought the message was going to be about. I tried to think of what the sermon was going to be about and I got "Paul" and his persecutions. It wasn't about that though and then I got back to the house and found out that the people I stay with, at his church, he told me the sermon had been about Paul and his sufferings.

The other thing I got was something about "love" before finding out, I guess the main messages were about love or the heart and guarding the heart and loving God unconditionally.
earlier this afternoon I was in the christian science room and getting things done and I came across the scripture in Isaiah of 42, about the annointed. Then, I guess it was a bread basket theme, with baskets there. I was thinking about bread this morning I guess, because the night before someone told me of a tradition.
I am sort of questioning a few things lately.

Collusion To Block Me From Canada & Other Countries

I am figuring this out.

If I have to go to Canada in order to get records of what happened to me there, which is what I've been told, and then someone from the U.S. decides to do both the U.S. and Canada a favor by trying to charge me with a misdemeanor,

Both the U.S. and Canada are attempting to prevent my full discovery of their collusion and criminal activities against me.

Not only would I be barred from entering Canada, any country in the world could bar me for the same thing. It doesn't matter.

And is it any wonder then, that I was entrapped into a wrongful restraining order to begin with?

These people totally set me up and THIS is why the police do not want to dismiss it. It isn't just about them and about Michelle Erickson--it's about covering up for an international CRIME against me and my child.

In addition, I think it would make me ineligible to be the Queen of England.

I don't know about that one, but I think it might work against me.

First part is not funny. Second part I was sort of joking. Sort of. And actually, I can laugh sometimes but not all the time about this because my "threat factor" was at least bad enough to warrant my being harassed and followed all the time and dragged through the mud. Or yeah, and poisoned and tortured, my son and I both.

And the lawyer I've been given now tells me oh he thinks just go to trial.

Something I've learned about this town...the lawyer never says "Let's go to trial!" unless they know you're going to lose. They don't WANT you to go to trial here, if they think you'll win, because then they just work out a deal with the prosecution to dismiss the whole thing.

This one needs to go to federal court because they committed CRIME in order to put out a false restraining order on me to begin with. Whether or not I was within 8 feet of a perameter doesn't matter--it's the original thing that matters, which I was trying to correct and for which I was not given a legal opportunity to correct.

They knew ahead of time, must have thought it was possible I might forget, as people do, and when this was in the same area as all kinds of businesses I frequent and have to access.

They did not just "ban" me from the Dept. of State building, they banned me from being able to go to Worksource where one files for and talks to people about State Unemployment. I was not given even ONE normal continuance, and I was banned from a social services building and from unemployment. HOW fucking convenient. And then if anything looks close and they fucking falsely arrest me thinking I have drugs on me, and keeping all of my property, after taking and selling my stuff off and destroying evidence, THEN I have people higher up refusing to dismiss this...why? Because it's wrongful? No, because higher officials and other corporate criminals don't want me to uncover what happened between Canada and the U.S. and they don't me to ever have my son back.

I had filed a Motion to Terminate the Order because it was unconstitutional and because I wasn't given even one continuance.

I think I am going straight to the UN now.

I have people colluding with Canada again and with the U.S. and I think the UN is possibly the only body that might hafve one person who is objective.

I will file my things in the U.S. but I'm dual filing with the UN. I don't believe I have to wait either. I have grounds enough for making a complaint to the UN when I have this kind of thing going on.


some guy was paid to insult me today i guess.

he propositioned me for $40 and then different guys were ogling me and finally i flipped one off. normally i wouldn't, but given what had just happened, i wasn't in a good mood about it.


"Ready to Fly" by Pan-Chieh Hsu, shown at Roswell Museum and Art Center, in Roswell, New Mexico.

I like this. I thought it was a photo but it's a painting.

I turned the page here and met a pilot to my left and then looked at the title of this work after we'd talked and here it was. "Ready to Fly"

I didn't randomly choose magazines this morning. I picked out Harper's, Atlantic Monthly, and Ms.
Went to news and saw something about baby coming to life so read the article then from The Daily Mail, about the mother who brought her premature baby back to life. Made me cry. What is a little coincidental was that yesterday when she gave her program I had been thinking about how if one of the kittens wasn't thriving, would I try to give it some milk but how? and then I think I had a brief impression of someone doing this with their finger but I was on the kitty train of thought, but also thought about the verse I came across yesterday about Lazarus and Jesus asking if he believed in the resurrection of the dead.

Oh, I don't know if I mentioned. 4 kittens were born yesterday and I was there when they were delivered. I found one mewing and then tried to help the mother but then for some reason she didn't want to care for them then so they're with a nursing mother but the mom cat just loves me now. I guess she thinks I really helped her.

I tried to keep the other cats away when she was delivering and stayed up until 1:30 just for this and then got up at 6 a.m. to see how they were doing. I told someone, "She either loves me now because she thinks I really helped, or she just liked the bolonga."

(I gave her a couple of pieces of bolonga after she'd had the kittens)

I have also been giving some of the cats hard boiled eggs for breakfast.

I like hard boiled eggs myself but have given some to the cats.

As I sat on the lopsy couch sitting on the porch the night I saw the Egyptian art thing, all the cats came out and I stared at this and said to myself: "I am Queen of the Cats". There were about a dozen of them at my feet.

Then, this mother cat had her kittens behind the couch where I also discovered a broom.

Am I an idiot? I will tell you how somewhat-savvy I am now. I knew NOT to drag that broom out from behind the couch because someone was going to make a witch crack.

I mean, suuuurrree. I go out there at 11 o'clock at night with an almost full moon, and the cat has kittens and next thing the whole public with their telescopes, nightscopes, and binoculars sees, is ME, dragging out a broom from behind the couch. Sure enough. I go to church later that night not even having gone back to the house first and in the nursery all this halloween and witch stuff. Well, a stuffed witch and when I looked at it for a minute I saw someone laugh or try not to. Then I got back to the house and I'm sitting there and the broom is upright against the pillar. I sat there on the couch last night, with all the cats around, and the broom to the right and just started laughing and laughing. Then, as two of the cats scampered up the tree it made me think of a couple of guys from church.

Anyway, someone had left it there I guess but I hadn't known it was there until the cat had kittens.
I read Psalm 84: 9-11 about better is one day as a doorkeeper in the courts of the Lord than in the best tents of the wicked.

My Son Is NOT Happy--Check on him--At Daycare & Set Up to not leave country

My son has been thrown back into a daycare I don't approve of.

He has been offered a chance to go to kindergarten early and this is what I want for him, not some daycare out in the woods where anything could happen and where I have called in the past and heard him screaming and crying hysterically.

Almost all of his bruising on his legs occured when he was in the daycare. So either he self harmed because of distress there, or kids did this to him and were not punished.

My son needs to be returned to me at once.

This entire matter over this misdemeanor charge is trumped and another attempt to subvert justice.

I asked my lawyer who is assigned to obtain some evidence which would help me and he refuses. I am once again going to have problems with any kind of representation from this area.

They want me to do a plea deal to make me guilty of something so I am barred from moving to another country.

I am not an idiot.

I have been set up and it's not the first time.

I know that my son is not happy because I sensed it this morning and now.

Reading This Morning

Even if some might make fun of my random readings, I find that often they are right on target with what I'm going through.

This morning, after being harassed again by Michelle Erickson and her police posse, I opened up to this pg. 761 in the NIV One-Year Bible for July 28th and right on Psalm 22:9, "Yet you brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you even at my mother's breast..." and then at the end it says, "They divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing."

Hello Jesus. Hello Me.

I have been treated almost exactly the way that David and Jesus were treated.

Police/Michelle Erickson's Continued Harassment of Me

Michelle Erickson continues to harass me with police protection and approval. I don't buy her cop out plea of how she is just a lackey for others. There is no excuse for the kind of lying I've seen from her.

The last time she harassed me was after she got her so-called restraining order against me on false grounds, by perjury. Judge Nakata didn't even allow ONE continuance so I could bring in evidence to defend myself.

Then, after this, Michelle put herself in my space at a bookstore, knowing and seeing I was there and coming over to a table that was a foot away from me. Then, today, this morning, she drove by in her white SUV harassing me, with a Chelan-County officer right behind her, backing her up in the harassment. A mealy faced officer. I don't even know who he was but he thought it was great to have me harassed. Light brown hair and maybe average to tall, white, with lean to thin build.

They were not only harassing me in an obvious manner but laughing and thought it was great as well.

The last time Michelle harassed me, in the bookstore, she nodded off to the Elkhorn woman who sells "broadway tickets" for New York shows and who looks like Donna Titleman's sister or relative (Titleman is a CSO supervisor).

I called Rivercom to report what happened with Michelle this morning, but why have an officer contact me? When they're tailing her ass and supporting her?

My lawyer told me it wasn't that the Prosecuting Attorney didn't want to drop her false charges against me...I was told it was the Wenatchee police who didn't want to dismiss it because they are hostile and have been on a vendetta (some or most of them).

I'm sure, after illegally arresting me how many times? and having to release me after false arrest, and then stealing my belongings and evidence? refusing their duties to make reports or give me a case number for what I report? Their chief holding my bag from me unlawfully, knowing it was illegal and caused me distress?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Assault vs. Spiritual Warfare (an impression)

There is such a thing as psychic and also spiritual warfare.

But there are also things which are very tangible and they have nothing to do with that. I know that there are some who are beginning to align with me on this too, because in the middle of all of the hostility and hatred, I have seen some people who are working on fixing this matter that has affected me and my son.

I also know that this is technology, today. It is not anything else. I know that I discovered something new today as well, with how metal affects the distribution or what is happening.

My claims are stacking up with what some intel persons, even in other countries, already know.

My son is not a guinea pig and he is not a target. He is not subject to abuse by persons in gangs of any kind, some of whom send reports to military and other government offices. Not everyone is working on that level, because the sad part is, there are too many people who are involved in this kind of thing right here in town and they KNOW about it.

The only reason I even think about making a UN claim is because this problem has involved at least 2 other countries with regard to the removal of my child: U.S. and Canada. Then, if this many people in the U.S. know about what is going on and do nothing, then that is tantamount to having U.S. military approval. If those in the U.S. do not intervene and allow torture, then they are guilty.

Which is why I am making a small report to the U.S. but why I'm also considering a quick back-up with the UN as well.
I know, very well, the difference between spiritual warfare and psychic attacks and technology. It is not difficult to tell the difference.

I wasn't having problems with my laptop today either, not until I did a wiki search on "affect of metal on ultrasound"
I will share one small impression--not describing the woman, but she was talking about my case and saying they could "get them" on "assault" and that was in reference to what has been done to me and my son.

It is the first psychic inkling I've ever had, that anyone was actually working on fixing things and holding people accountable.

Don't mess this up for yourselves by intimidating me or my family or harming my son any further.

I want my son back and I am getting him back and I know that some group is working on setting us free.

Do yourselves a big favor and back the fuck off before you get yourselves into deeper trouble.

my psychic impressions

I don't want to go into all of them. And nothing about church either, other than serious stuff, like what I mentioned, and then just something very small. My very small thing was that when I was walking to the church, I thought, "Hmm, maybe I should test myself and try to guess ahead of time what some of them are wearing."

The night before, I had been staring at an Army guy and said suddenly, "This sound strange but does "belly" or something like that make any sense to you for today at all? He said no, except he bought liquor that day from someone named jelly belly bean or something, and then I turned around and I was facing a man who was behind me wearing a shirt with a "Billy" logo emblazoned on it. It was Billy and then something else, but I said, "Oh! look!" and then this guy said quickly he hadn't been looking at the shirt. Hmmm, I thought to myself, suuuuurre...riiiiight.

So then today, walking up to church, my only small thought, which is not exposing any names or anything, was maybe could I know the colors or styles of dress?

When I got there, I saw every single one I imagined first, except for one green polo shirt. I was getting a solid green polo shirt somewhere but not there at the church. The other stuff was pretty close. Not totally great, but close. I did get a lot of red or crimson but I dismissed it. The specific stuff I got was a short sleeve solid black shirt for someone. The person I thought was wearing it, this dark haired guy I'd met with glasses, wasn't wearing it...a little boy was.

Some of the people I tried to guess about were not there at the service, so I couldn't tell. The dark haires guy with glasses whom I'd met and saw again at end of service, I thought was wearing this. Or, I thought something black and long sleeved or gray possibly went through mind, but settled on short sleeved black shirt. It was a little boy who was wearing the short sleeved black shirt.

The other thing I tried to guess was something about this woman who has sat next to me and done some translating and I thought she was wearing a pink and black flower patterned dress but then she came driving up and I saw she wasn't, but when i was in the car I saw this Bible cover and that's what it was. The pattern. It was her daughter's Bible cover. Then, I tried to guess about well, the Vladdie laddie. I thought maybe he was wearing a lightweight cotton square patterned shirt that was white in background with blue squares or something, a kind of plaid. There was one older man wearing larger blue squares on a long sleeved shirt and then the short sleeved one I got was on a different blond guy. And I am not sure if his was exactly blue or green, but it looked like the shirt I was getting. VL (vladdie laddie) wasn't there, so I have no idea. Then, I tried to guess about this other guy who is blond and older and who I saw at the bookstore once maybe, and he's actually the one who I couldn't figure out but then thought...green polo shirt? the green I got was a bright or medium green like true green or irish green or a little darker than kelly green. What I got diddn't look like his style, he's always in plaid, but that's what I got for someone at least. There's more...to follow. I did think of a red, white, black plaid but thouht it was because I've seen this in the past. wasn't settled on it for anyone in particular. Thought this one woman who has a sister was wearing black maybe but she wasn't there.

But this part is okay right? bc it's totally not even church and is just silly stuff? no names or anything. I am just trying to figure out what my ability is rather than be a total guinea pig all the time I guess...?

I also sensed 2 very strong waves of emotion today. where I felt I got it from someone else. I don't know, very powerful. but anyway, won't go into that right now.

another sun after beer run

it was dark and cloudy and drizzling. i decided to get a beer and then the rain stopped and sun came out. not kidding.

My Son In Danger (check on him now)

My son has been in danger for a long time and the U.S. hasn't done anything about it. The right people in the U.S. that is.

I want someone getting involved NOW

russian church & technology use today (left side) & wristwatch

This morning at at the Russian Baptist church, someone used some kind of technology to harm me and more than one person knew about it. I could tell by some of the references being made.

It was the same burning thing that my son and I endured while we were in East Wenatchee which affected my lower back, caused a burning sensation in my torso, but today, something was different.

I hope it is a good important difference.

When I started having benign twitches the way my son and I did there, they were not evenly throughout my body.

It was only occuring on my left side.

I also noticed it was stronger and happened more on the left side when I was holding a metal watch in my left hand.

What is significant to me is that while the burning sensation, which seems to be like a very strong ultrasound of some kind, this time, that was even and later my lower back hurt just as it did first with my son and I.

What stands out is how metal attracts the benign twitching, or alters the heating to one side of my body more than the other because of the attraction to metal.

At first I thought it was something someone there was doing from the left side, because of this but then it occured to me it had something to do with the fact that, possibly, the metal I held in my hand, altered the distribution of what someone was doing.

When I moved to a different location, it quit. Then I sat in a new place for awhile and it almost started up again and it was on the left side, until I threw the watch into my bag. There was very minimal residual twitching but it was completely different.

Why anyone would do this to me, in a church service, is beyond me. I don't blame them all, of course not, or fault the church at all, but a few people there were up to no good, and most shocking, was that the word of God was being preached while someone was doing this.

I am very afraid for my son, and have had a good reason to be, from the beginning, and having a few corrupt people trying to say I'm nuts doesn't help matters. Plenty of others know that I am not.

Someone would not do this unless, once again, they wanted me to sound nuts, or something was at stake.

I got up because I also had to use the restroom and then didn't want to go through everyone to the middle of the crowd again, where I had been seated. So I sat in the back.

I could have left but instead, knowing it is certain people and not everyone, I stayed and thought this was interesting and that I might begin to figure out more things if it continues. So I stayed and knew it wasn't caused by everyone there.

But yeah, metal attracts this, whatever it is, there is a draw towards metal. Sounds like military or medical technology to me.

Then I went to this other place and turned my laptop on and had the burning at first and then it quit. Just quit but it was there at first.

God be with me and my son and win. WIN against all of those who are criminals and corrupt cowards who use military and medical technology against anyone, and so far as against a mother and child. May God bless those who are with me.

Someone said it was raining outside and I said I wasn't suprised. I know there are storm clouds for a reason and that if God had tears, they would be evident in a storm.
I would caution anyone involved in harming my son in anyway, to cease and desist before you and your groups are locked up for life.

It's being reported to people I haven't gone to before, and you are being reported as criminals. It is not only being reported to others outside of this area, in higher positions in D.C., but this is being reported to the UN and some of the military already know what's going on.

I just got a good piece of new information, which is that metal affects this. So that starts eliminating some things and also brings other things into better focus.

If I have titanium in my neck, and other metals, and these are somehow picked up on, it is easy to affect me and not others. And then if I am holding a larger piece of metal in one hand, it would throw something off, possibly and concentrate there. It would affect others if it was just a directional thing, coming from one side. But some others, do not have metal in their bodies, nor are they holding it in their hands.

I was holding the watch in my hand because at around 10:20 or so (I wrote down 10:28 a.m.), I felt the mother's instinct to think about my son and I wondered how he was doing. I was a little worried, so I took the watch out of my backpocket and looked at the time, wrote it down, and then I was holding it in my left hand as I wrote notes with my right hand. For some reason I kept holding the watch in my hand, I guess initially in case I felt I would need it again. It is a metal watch base with only one strap of the band still there. So it's basically just the head-piece or main watch without straps. It had been a wristwatch someone gave me for keeping time but of course I don't wear it on my wrist bc it's missing a strap on one side. So I just used it as a pocket piece basically. So this is what I was holding in my left hand, my whole hand wrapped around it, as I took notes with my other hand.

And then it was only my left side that began to have benign twitching. This has really never happened before. If there's benign twitching, it's all over, both sides, either legs or arms or something, and most often, all of the above. but this time it was very much to the left. only the left half of my left arm and left leg. And this made me think the source was coming from the left, or the metal in my left hand was throwing things to the left.

As soon as I left the whole building, when the service was over, there were zero problems of any kind.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Battle Of The Bands

I stopped into another cafe, having forgotten about the "battle of the bands" today. the first one i heard was ghost power and they were actually very good, alternative/punk, mainly impressed with the full sound of just 2 people. i don't know that i heard anything original, lyrics or composition-wise, but the vocals were good and the instrumentals were also very good. it was one person on drums i guess and another with vocals and also playing guitar. i like the style in general. groundbreaking, newly charted territory? no, i don't think so. but very good for a local punk band. i just talked to their manager who said they divided up the speakers 6 ways so this is how they got the full sound. i think rhythm was pretty strong as well.

The next one was good, so far decent...I feel bad for not writing bc they were good but I was busy making my other posts.

Then there is one playing that started with the "amber is the color of your energy" song and the covers were good, but i wondered if they were going to do anything original and the original one they did was pretty good. I'm kind of surprised because with the sort of thrasher stuff, I don't always get something out of it, but there is some soul in the music. um, yeah. and this guitarist is good. it was called Audio Arcade. there are probably better guitarists even, well of course, but the heart was there in the music or someone playing at least, so they did good there. i didn't sense true originality here either but otherwise the feel was right.

I think my style is more for the punk. I would rather listen to that, but I try to listen for what it is, not just what genre I like best. another difference was that the other band, the punk one, had my foot going. this other one didn't so much. but i felt the emotion with the other one. i think, i might be wrong, and obviously i'm not doing a good music critique and not writing well at all, but i think the other band is somehow very strong on rhythm with both drums and guitar, and then this other one is more feel or something. i remember wondering why my foot wasn't moving with this other one, but i could sense the emotion...

i would have written about the other ones but i was thinking about my son and the weird things going on.

with the first one, my foot was moving and with the second one, i was about to close my eyes and pray...sort of meditative in a thrasher way. just different feels and strengths.

this last one i don't care for. i think they are good in some ways but the spirit that i like isn't there so much. it's also "thrasher" but the other guy had a beautiful voice.

I am just now having the computer overheating again. After not having any problems all this time.

However, that doesn't influence my opinion at all. The other thrasher had something from someone in that group, that felt like worship in a way, as if god had blessed the performance with his presence.

i don't feel that with this one.

russian baptist: resurrection

last time i was there, i got 'you're not alone' and then got that through another place
then, well, that was time before last, and then this time i had someone bring up jesus is risen from the dead. i just picked up only one book at random, in the bookstore and guess what the passage was? lazarus. jesus asking if they believed his words, that it was possible to be risen from the dead. sort of interesting.

i am still reading this book by the missionary but need to run an errand.

oh, but when i was there at the church and i didn't know it was a missionary at all and i was praying in this back room, i had no idea what the theme was and i was sending thoughts to my son that he was my first priority in all things. that god i had to follow first but that after god, there was no one else, and he was #1.

and then i prayed this preacher would have words he didn't even maybe expect and that god would help him to say whatever it was he needed to say.

then i found out it was the story of persecution for what he believed and about separation from his family through this.

my prayer is that somehow i will be able to distinguish between natural psychic and also miraculous and that god's miracles will be evident and won't even be able to be claimed by psychic means. that's sort of difficult actually, the more i learn and know, but i do believe god is real and present and hope some really cool things will happen to honor him.

also, it was probably just psychic coincidence, but they talked about a jar of oil, someone did. one talked about 10 virgins with their lamps of oil and the other talked about a cup, and i had been cooking that day and poured all the melted margarine into a single cup and then used this as a kind of vegetable oil for all my cooking. so this came to mind later but i guess this man from out of state had included something about oil in his passage and then it was explained later to me and i thought about my cooking all day.

the part i liked was hearing how my prayers were on target with what this missionary was there for, and talking about, when i had no idea and didn't know any russian.

Check On My Son Now & NY and other plates yesterday

I have had some shady people come out of the woodwork lately and imply harm to my son so I would like to have someone go over to the Avila's and see how my son is doing.

For the first part of being at this other cafe, there were no problems with my laptop, but then, it started up at around 3 or so.

Why the delay? why no problems until later? I don't know.

But the fact that this is going on, concerns me with regard to my son. I also tried calling and have tried calling the Avila's several times and just a perpetually busy signal. I have cause to be concerned.

I unplugged my laptop and the cord was superhot...far more than normal. Not even when I have these computer overheating issues, does it usually affect the cord like that, but it did, and I unplugged and left and then it hasn't started up again for a little bit.
Yesterday was a very strange day, with my being harassed by people with NY plates. Why they know me or have an interest in me I don't know. I got the plates and called it in, along with an incident which occured in Waterville.

It was no big surprise I was goig to Waterville yesterday, as it was the last day to file my Notice of Appeal. What surprised me was how much people there wanted to set things up (not all but some) to harass me.

A man who was adopting 2 Chinese girls just-so happened to be there and show up when I was making my way to the courthouse, walking there. They literally had this guy there to harass me and try to rub in an adoption, in my face while I was there. What was even weirder, was that then the man engaged in a conversation with a clerk about the costs of adoption. I think everything around here revolves around money. Even kids.

They were really horrible there. The clerks were rude and then tried to threaten ME to where I was asking a janitor to be present with me when I went back to sign stuff. Then, it was really great to go there and have the same clerk who harassed me give a little wink to the janitor.

It got even more bizarre as they had items from my bag there. On the counter.

Of particular interest, a blue pen which had some history and they didn't have there for no reason.

I hope all of these people lose their jobs and are investigated. The other clerk, who is always obnoxious, "Bryson", said in the snottiest tone, that he had "TWO Cds for you, TWO".

I was told to use a computer while in Waterville, that belonged to (I was told), a "Caryn Davis" who then brought up some really weird thing about Australian Mindhub, but this was after I had the overheating problem on the desktop that they specifically asked me to use.

I had it and finally called to have an officer come out to see for himself, after I filed the notice, and he refused. Officer "Townsend" and at least that's what was on his badge. He told me he wasn't "allowed" to do that and tried to bring up psych stuff but this fucker knew and it was very clear that he knew after he got into his car and his whole demeanor changed. I saw him and I saw that he knew. He had put on an act with me but it dropped when he got into his car.

Then I was sitting outside waiting to take a bus home and this was after I called for the officer and what do you know? When I called to have someone check things out, then a few people were leaving town and one SUV with people drove by very slowly, harassing me, and this was incredible to me in the sense that they had NY plates. Why the hell does anyone, a dark haired woman, for example, from New York, care about ME, enough to harass me? I didn't know who the hell she was, and she was not just there for "the fair". Her husband or driver, made a point of going by very slowly, so this woman could almost hang out of the window to harass me. It was so nuts.

THEN, some other guy goes by in something like a beat up corvette or muscle car from the 80s and with different states' plates and was equally obnoxious. Not as bad as the NY woman though. She takes the cake. If I can find the plate number, I'll put it down. It was this weird little row of NY and then some other state and then a few WA plates, and then Oregon, and just going by abnormally slow. The NY plates were 617 ACH. The woman was at least in her 30s.

Hannah From Tastebuds Cafe & Seattle

I am finding it necessary to further comment on this woman/waitress from Tastebuds. If this many people are following in her footsteps to harass me, and take leads from her and my discussion or complaint about her, then it is very clear that she, while being of neglible importance, is connected to some who are of importance.

She is either connected, I would say, to one of the mafias in Washington, or she is connected throguh a church, or to some persons in the Seattle area who are of great importance to the political climate--probably in some kind of government office.

She told me she moved to Wenatchee from Seattle. She has some kind of relative in the area, but other Seattle contacts. She said she was "adopted" which may or may not be true. I believe she said she was Italian but I also believe she said Jewish at some point. So I would assume her religious affiliation is either Catholic or Jewish. I think she also mentioned some German possibly or French, but that wasn't as big of a deal.

The reason why I have concerns is because when I first made a comment about how she harassed me in the cafe, which was awhile ago, it was after my Ex and I had separated. She never dared to do such a thing while we were together.

Then, she somehow got the idea into her head, that while I only went to this cafe to go online and blog or do research, and to eat there on a regular basis, that, I guess, I was some kind of a threat to her security with her boyfriend. Either that, or this was right after I had made a post she didn't like, which was, I believe, about psosibly Judge Warren or someone.

Her boyfriend was gained while she lived in Seattle. He was always fairly quiet about his background. In fact, I never talked to him. Ever. I kept to myself and did my own thing and I didn't care if he was pouring my water or she was or anyone else there.

I have made plenty of comments about different people in the past. However, not all of them rise to the level of the entire town (or a large number) acting out on behalf of this woman in particular. So it begs the questions as to who she is directly and indirectly connected to.

My belief is that someone she knows is working for a government office in Seattle.

However, when she flipped out over me one day, shortly around the time I was "visited" by several men from the Department of State in Washington, asking me questinos about my Colombian Ex, one from Colombia, she really flipped out.

Tangent: At the time, I had wondered WHY I had men from the Department of State visiting me. I thought it had something to do with some interest in my Ex or possibly in getting me involved with some other guy who had a connection to Colombia (as one did). Now, I realize that one of the major possible factors was that actually, NOW I know, the Department of State was involved in colluding with Canadian officials to take my son away. Because it involved international matters, the Department of State was involved.

So why suddenly show up after I broke up with my Ex? Like I said, at the time, I really thought it was all about some kind of snoopiness over my break-up or possibly someone wanting to get me involved in Department of State matters. I also figured out, after discovering the Dept. of State was involved, that this might explain why I got SO many harassing pop ups and ads from all the search engines or music channels and just in general. It was right around the time Bill Clinton went to the hospital for a heart attack, and I read all the news about it and then every single thing that came up was about Clinton and "jeer on". I had so many "So you think it's funny" and "Jeer on" ?! ads with connection to Bill Clinton, I thought what the HELL. Then I thought, why would I care about Bill Clinton at all? I have done some thinking and is it because of Hillary and her role at Top Commando of the Department of State? So what is the deal exactly? Is this part of what I'm up against? If so, no wonder money was poured into this, if it is involving people from the Department of State, and the Seattle FBI and CIA offices there, and also all these state workers. No wonder some groups, who were also international and some diplomats even, knew about the situation for me in Washington state and said I was screwed. I have people here who have stolen every single thing I own. Screwed me out of any kind of legal defense. Set me up for crimes I didn't commit, to keep me from getting work and to take my child. Then I had people coming into this town to make sure I was destroyed one way or the other and to keep tabs on me until they got whatever they thought was so humiliating and so hiliarously funny, they believed I was down for good and for forever, and that not only would I not get my son back, I would never have work here and whatever man was interested in me before would want nothing to do with me then. I had people probably paying eachother off left and right to acheive these desired effects. And then, it's still not enough. It's still not enough, not even after permitting and engaging in abuse and torture of both me and my son and intimidating others. I had people coming in from other countries even, to convince the locals to act like total assholes and imbeciles. I have people on both the East Coast and in Washington doing everything in their power to keep me from getting unemployment too. And then an undercover guy telling me from the very start that I would never see my unemployment. He said this before I ever even filed. Why wouldn't I? Why should I NOT get my unemployment money unless it's not something that some group wants me to file for because they don't want to have to admit to the proper documents for what kind of agency I was really working under?

So here I am, and this waitress from Seattle, whose boyfriend is from Seattle, who both moved over here about the time I was supposed to come back from the East Coast, work at this cafe and she freaks out for no reason one day. Whether it was because of a local matter, in this town, or Seattle or what, I don't know.

I was using wi-fi for 15 minutes at the bar there, and she told me to either leave right then and there, and she freaked out, in front of her "friends" and said "IF you don't leave right now I'll call the police!"

How that sounds familar now. Is there any reason why SHE would be the ringleader and instigator, somehow, of a directive later, to incite others to do the EXACT SAME thing? I offend people all the time.

So who is SHE? or better yet, who is she connected to? that tries to incite others to follow her example?

She did not just scream at me that one time. Luckily, there was another worker there who witnessed what happened and it didn't go any further than that. But clearly, she is connected to some Big Daddy who wants to make things right for HER and to avenge HER so his princess feels satisfied.

The question is, who is the Big Daddeo?

This waitress did not just harass me without cause. She then drove around, smug as could be, after the next person pulled this "...IF you don't lieave RIGHT NOW, I'll CALL THE POLICE!" prank and try to cause very serious problems for me.

She was smug and happy to see me out of housing. Smug and happy to have others follow her sad and sorry example too.

So let's now go over who followed her example, because if we are talking about 6 degrees of separation, someone needs to track down her family line and all of her connections, here and in Seattle, because it will not add up to nothing.

If she had simply harassed me one time, no big deal. I would feel shocke, but no big deal. And in fact, I never wrote about her again after that.

But she didn't just harass me. She harassed me and then she set out to rub it in my face and feel sadistic about anything bad that happened to me when SHE was the one who acted in a bizarre manner to begin with.

My feel? her boyfriend is somehow connected to Seattle FBI. Or they know someone who is. My other feel for things is that she is connected to some kind of big shot who is in some kind of mafia. And for some reason, she is one of the darlings.

What happened after I lost everything? she was very smug about things. And then the next thing to happen is that at least 3 or 4 more women, who are most likely connected to her in some way, decided to do her a favor and harass me in the exact same way, saying, out of the blue, for no reason, and just to cause me distress or to create problems: "IF you don't leave right NOW, I'M calling the POLICE!"

Let's see. Erin MConey was one. Erin McConey works for the Department of Social and Health Services. Susan, with the Skillsource Center, was another. How could these 2 women, just Erin and Susan, maybe be connected? Church? or something or someone else?

Then there was the woman who tried to interfere with my ability to make a complaint to the federal courts, to preserve my rights--Courtney. Courtney, the manager of the library who cut off my computer right in the middle of my attempt to make a motion for federal injunction to protect the rights to my son. Why would Courtney do this and why would she have been the main person who was also trying to prevent me from even having library privileges at all?
I have all these people who have quit the shit since I started making the post. Oh, I wonder why. And then people driving by waving and saying, "Goodbye" like it's all over because I brought this woman up.

You know what? SHE brought herself and those that she is associated with, into this, by her own behavior, not mine.

First, when I started posting, some people stared at me with frickin' DAGGERS. Then, a lot of "Goodbyes" and waving. And, everyone cut out the stupid shit and harassment I've been going through every single day too. That's nice. Thank you.

Now, I think the least we can do is to find out all about her connections.

Because I, for one, would really like to know.

Her name is Hannah and I don't remember her last name right now but she works at a cafe/restaurant called "Tastebuds" in Wenatchee, Washington. Her boyfriend also works there. One guy I have always really liked from there but just liked him on a respect level from my impressions, even if they're vague. Not always great, but in general. I feel that if he had not been there when he was, I could have had a major problem there.

After what she did, I just cried and cried. She publicly humiliated me in front of all these people, and then even that wasn't enough.

I am humiliated a lot, but not with the full-on threat of getting police involved, improperly.

Which leads me to wonder about who she knows with the police around here too. She did not just have one tempermental outburst. I later found her following me about smugly, when I was even further down.

I see "smug" a lot. But I do not get a whole combo of threats of intimidation using police, and then smug, and then also I write one poem about her and the whole town is acting out what I wrote, for days. After I wrote my poem about her 2 edged face, cutting with every turn, half of the town decided to drive by on a regular basis, wherever i was outside, and do this little repeated jerk of the head back and forth and you know, at first it's not noticeable. And then, it's noticeable but so what. But when someone has told every single person to do this, row after row, after several days of this, combined with oral sex gestures for whatever reason, it's just intolerable.

If I were making money in some way which would level out this kind of thing and make it "worth it" or make sense as to why I am hounded, then it would go with the territory. But I am not making money to off-set this kind of harassment. So when I'm not being compensated for anything, and only harassed, and when my son is involved in this too, I think it makes perfect sense when I start to wonder who is behind some of this.

I'm harassed all the time and don't wonder about connections. But when she's gone out of her way and then 3 other women and Tony Block too, have decided to take up her slack or lead, there is something really wrong.

Hannah (from tastebuds)
Tony Block (CPS)
Susan (from Skillsource)
Michelle Erickson (CPS)
Erin McConey (CSO)
Courtney (librarian manager)

These are individuals who all threatened use of police against me, and improper use of the legal system, and tried to intimidate me when I was doing nothing wrong. This is not a conclusive list either, because another group was connected to the YMCA. A "Jill" and another woman there, but I would have to figure out if they threatened police against me first or if it was Hannah and then everything followed after her. I would question what law firms she has business with as well, and who she knows from different law firms in Seattle.

How are they connected?

Go to Hannah first, and I would follow her Seattle trail, her boyfriend, and find out who she is linked to locally as well. I would also find out whether she has lived or visited other states and which ones.

google ads

i'd like to know why one minute i'm talking to this last man who said i reminded him of one of the "Greenwood" sisters and then the next minute I get a repeated pop up ad from google, about 'Fairwood Church".

lucky guesses or intuition & then U.S. persecution

I had a couple of lucky guesses I guess.

This man I just met for a few minutes, I was looking at him and then fishing came to my mind. Like, a lot of fishing and he looked back at his vehicle and said how did I know. I said why did he look at his car? and he said well, because he thought maybe he still had his fishing rods up where I could see them. but they weren't there and I said, "I don't know, I just saw you fishing." he said he did, and then we talked about insects and insect intelligence and everything, so it was fun. he said i looked russian and i said i wasn't but i'd been told this before and recently went to russian church and he asked about it so i gave him a flyer from the russian missionaries who were there from san diego. he said he had a ukraine friend so he would maybe give it to her , or let her know about the church.

then I also met this other man earlier who, when I saw him, sort of had an impression of an angel, like a literal angel, or supernatural one I mean, and i saw him praying. i didn't tell him this and just asked if he was very religious or had he ever had a religious experience like a vision before. it's the first time i've seen this, but i know there are many others who this happens to and it doesn't make them special or better in any way. i just wondered and he said well, he'd had a vision once of jesus and then he'd had many near-death experiences where he knew he should have died but didn't. he said he couldn't count the times he had almost died and should have, and didn't for some reason. i then told him why i had asked this and what i got and thought that sort of fit. because i had been about to say to him, "you must have an angel over your shoulder" and that was sort of the impression i got. that whoever he was, good or bad i don't know, but it's not always about our own worth and sometimes more about grace of god for some reason unexplained. when i saw him praying, i think it was him, and on his knees, maybe just one point in life, i don't know, but arms up actually. then i saw the angel behind his shoulder which was not a real vision or an image even, but this idea or impression somehow, and i saw this, which was what made me think "angel over his shoulder"...in my very brief impression, the size of a very large man like 8 feet tall. shaq o'neil size vague idea. and with wings but i think it was more the idea somehow than an actual view bc real full sightings always are accompanied with such a presence, that people are afraid and have to be reassured. "fear not". it was more of an idea that perhaps HE had had a vision or spiritual experience of some kind in the past. that's what i got, right or wrong. i think that the way it fit or was confirmed to me was when he said he'd almost died a number of times and was spared for some reason. now that i think about it, if he was on his knees with his arms in the air, i guess there could have been some other situation going on too, like an arrest or other matter, but my initial impression was prayer, and i thought it had to do with him in some way and then right after is when i got the impression of an angel hovering behind him which gave me the impression of angel over shoulder idea. but then he started talking about aztecs, which are cool, but then how some of them were into cannabalism, which isn't so cool, but anyway,, that's what i got and it was probably just the simple idea of being protected from harm for some reason, sometimes. it wasn't that i had the impression that he was a holy man or anything, it was more about some situation(s). i suppose i should clarify that part better...i feel like writing what i did sounds like favor or goodness but it was only with regard to the idea of an impression of being saved from something or someone looking out in some way. it doesn't mean he is better than someone and the cannabalism talk thing did freak me out a little. but that's what i got and it wasn't a woman or a human being. it was about something spiritual so this is exactly why i asked if he'd had a vision or religious experience of some kind. who knows. maybe there was just an angel in the room who thought breakfast looked pretty good and wanted to have a look. just kidding. it wasn't for that moment, but i felt for some idea instead, for concept.
most of the time, i might get just one small impression from someone, or maybe not at all, it just depends. that's without really focusing at all or praying.
the person i saw petting the cat yesterday, was someone i have connected with before but it might not be right. i think petting, but maybe just around, however, i think petting.
then, towards the end of the night, someone who for some reason, makes me smile. peer stuff is there i guess, but he and his friend crack me up. just got something in my eye...kind of dusty here. 1:20 p.m. smirk.
I am reading this book about a russian missionary today. will write out about a couple of excerpts...
now, i am sort of wondering about something. i just went back and sat in the opposite direction and this time i was facing a painting which i am thinking, it is possible this man who i "saw" kneeling and praying, could have been looking at that painting and then i just caught a glimpse of what he saw, through his eyes.

it's possible he's prayed in this manner, but when i faced the painting and looked at it, i saw the same position of prayer that i saw with him. in the painting, there is a man kneeling that same way, and with his arms raised, that same way.

now, if i'm seeing egyptian stuff through someone else's eyes too...when i did, i don't know. i can't explain it.

i still think there is a slight difference though, because although the knee position was the same, the hands were lifted up more extended all the way, not just cupped like the man's in the painting. they were straight up.

still, i don't know.

with the egyptian thing, it was like i was seeing something someone else was looking at but i also thought it could be something else. i looked at this british library photo clip and i looked at hieroglyphics again and what i saw that one time, was a little bit different. in one of the paintings before i saw the more dimensional gold figure or face or whatever, it was of an egyptian and i think they were kneeling down on one knee. traditional with the outfit and style and headdress but like one knee and possibly in lighter shades of tan, yellow, or very pale yellow or something and not in really bright contrasts of say, purple and white or anything. but that was a figure which flashed by among a few others, and then the gold one with the eyes is the one i mainly focused on. there were hieroglyphics too, i'm sure, but not in a table of them, i didn't see any kind of a composite table.

it reminded me of when i was studying hieroglyphics on my own though, and i had a little book on it. i got into it and tried to teach myself the language and studied the symbols but that was back during litigation times, in probably, 2004.
this book about a man's trials in the Soviet Union, of persecution in his case, reminds me of what I am going through in the U.S. Things that I never imagined were possible in the U.S. I am hoping someone turns it around soon.

The book is "Letters from a Soviet Prison Camp" by Mikhail Khorev. I'm on p. 72.

The first chapter made me feel like crying. Then, the rest, I went through quickly and want to finish the book today.

p.16, "I replied, "I am not asking you either to keep me here or to release me. I am saying that it is unjust of you to deprive me of my freedom. If you release me now, you will be a criminal because you detained me when I was not guilty. If, however, you condemn me, then you will be guilty of an even greater crime because you condemn me when I am innocent."
from pg. 52, "The other witnessess testified in similar fashion. The testimonies were all extremely one-sided since they all belonged to various state organizations or to the police authorities. One woman, a former collaborator with the police, even testified that the Christians had hurled offensive and abusive language at the authorities. Such testimonies only confirmed that the witnesses knew that they with total impunity could spread any lies or slander they wished about Christians."
(hmm, why do I find I can relate to all of this? what's even worse is that those who have done this to me, most of them, call themselves Christians or are religious in some form)

Friday, August 27, 2010

insects, eye in back of my head, and aneshka

I got the name or word that sounds like "anneshka" or "ahn-ESH-kah" this morning. I don't know if it's a Russian word my subconcious picked up from last night or what. It was when I was first out, in the morning, around 7 a.m. or possibly a little earlier. Probably 6:30 a.m. I think-7 a.m.

Then, 2 insects out of nowhere. One light grey and black striped and it was a yellow jacket but only the legs were yellow and the body was grey and black. ? and then following that, a man standing right there staring at me, wearing grey and black. Seriously. And then a bright true turquoise dragonfly followed, from out of nowhere. It was solid turquoise, like the Gordon semi truck color.

And then I went to Douglas county where I went to a house and as I turned around and walked away, I stopped in my tracks. I knew someone was looking at me and I turned and my eyes went straight to the windowblinds, which were parted, and then which, upon finding me swivel to catch this, instantly shut.

I went back to the door and someone took a long time answering. I said, "Some say I'm crazy and others say I'm psychic. If you know Judge Hotchkiss, go ahead and let him know what you saw." They said they didn't know him but one was looking down and looking away. I don't think it was an honest answer, frankly.

It may sound kind of crazy to bring it up, but I figured, psychic trumps all and so for the record,

Don't mess with me! I mean this in the best way, that I think this is possibly something God might want to convey. I don't ask for special privileges--I demand what is rightly mine.

Then I went to a school where they were there and the door open and they allowed me to use the computer for a minute.
the other thing that happened was I started reading a book I was given yesterday, a biography and then I closed my eyes for a very fast second to think if I could get something, in just a couple seconds with no prep, of someone, and I for some reason, immediately saw the person and with a cat or cat around and it seemed to maybe be a grey cat and then after this I saw the grey/black bee in real life. I can't confirm it now but maybe someday i could.

That's all that I would like to share. Nothing else.

other things later maybe, not now. Goodnight and God bless those who bless my son.

impressions last night

I had a few but I don't remember them. I remember one was of Officer Boltz in his Wenatchee police car and it was sort of connected to something else.

I'm not going to say if it was good or bad or what it was connected to.

I am forgetting about it.

Idea For Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna

I just added it to my blog post about "Judges: 3 strikes, you're out! abolishing judicial immunity", but I thought I'd make a separate post too.

My idea for reducing the State deficit, is to abolish judicial absolute immunity, so the citizens are able to sue Judges when necessary and the Judges are more accountable. This would save the taxpayers money because when Judges are on notice, like all the rest of us, there is a better chance that the need for appeals would be reduced, and wrongful imprisonment would be reduced, and taxpayers would not be paying for the poor choices of Judges, who handle tons of cases every single day, which go badly and end up costing the system more money than necessary.

It would reduce cost required for appeal, for jail, and also for civil suits arising out of wrongful imprisonment.

You fix the foundation first, not the gingerbread trimming by the gutters. Or, another way of looking at it, is to fix the foundation which, if left unfixed, is the cause of other problems which arise from the structure.

Computer Overheating Today...NOW & military

I started making my post about the Judges, and the laptop started the overheating thing. Then there was a break for about a half hour, until just now, when it started up again, at this time that I first posted this particular post.

My feeling is that since this seems to occur whenever I am making a blogpost some groups might not like, this is being done by persons who have a government position of some kind, or who protect government or dirty gov gangsters in some way.

Now after writing this, it quit again.
I think it's partly done to harm and partly to make me sound nuts in the hope of discrediting me, but I don't believe that this goes as far as it used to.

No one has been able to diagnose me with any mental illness at all and I don't have anything wrong with me other than that I have anxiety and stress from what the State has done.

It's also not "psychic" because it occurs with the entire laptop humming or buzzing more than is usual. I know the difference and this is not psychic, it's military style technology.

I also know that I am again approached by far too many military persons to have any of them believe I am mentally ill at all. If you're nuts, you get approached by caring mental health professionals here and there, or social workers, not government intel.

And all the insect and other things that were happening, if it was not done through certain methods of discretion, it was done by those experimenting with and funding the latest Air Force experiments.

Several years ago, the government began approving funding for new psychic research and one of those new techniques was in, literally, teleportation.

As in "Beam me up Scotty". Most Americans would not even believe this is possible, but evidence and demonstrations were made the U.S. officials which convinced them to pool many millions into causing small objects like insects, to go from location to another location, through pyschic means. The idea was to see, if it's possible with small insects, to acheive this as human beings, to be teleported or teleport oneself from one location to the next through some type of mindpower.

The U.S. Air Force is the main group that is sponsored for this kind of research. They are the ones with the documented funding. But other branches of military are interested in other things. And you can type in a search, and find some of this information in legitimate document form, online in a word search for: teleportation, u.s. military.

That's not the only kind of experiment that is currently being conducted. The other ones are more classified, as top secret, because usually, if it's that big of a deal, or that top secret, there is no human or civilian consent involved and it is probably also harmful in some way. As "weird" as teleportation may sound, experimenting with insects is not something which harms others or which requires the consent of any human subject. There is nothing which would violate the Geneva Convention rule about torture or cruel or degrading treatment, with teleportation of insects. The other "stuff"? The other stuff involves not just non-consenting adults, but children. Which is why this ends up being "top secret" and classified, or semi-underground with other groups taking the blame but the results going to the CIA and Pentagon and other anyway, to benefit their programs. This kind of thing is highly classified because it would cause moral outrage of the public, and fear, and loss of respect in the government.

To engage in experimentation with the consent of someone, or compensation, is one thing. It is another thing entirely, to subject them to some of the kinds of things they are subjecting to--especially concerning children.
I noticed something with the "overheating laptop" today. Each time I unplugged it or moved to a new location, it quit, at least temporarily. Today I went from being outside to inside and it quit for a half hour until it started up again. Then it started up and I unplugged to go to a different table and it quit for a little bit and then was starting up again.

I wouldn't confuse local gangster stuff with military either. Some of the people you would least expect to be capable of certain things, are capable.

Judges: 3 Strikes, You're Out! Abolishing Judicial Immunity

I propose something that the "Vanguard of the Public Trust", Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, would never propose.

While the AG offices propose to undo the advances made by civil rights groups, when they successfully abolished "sovereign immunity" in 1961, and while the American Civil Liberties Union seems to be an unsuccessful mitigator in this state, I propose greater advances for the rights of the public. I propose that the outdated protective law of "sovereign immunity" for Judges, is abolished.

The initial point of giving Judges "immunity" from lawsuits, was to enable them to dispense judgement without a fear of, having made an honest mistake, they are sued. It was to prevent them from being "afraid".

This is the same lousy argument that the lobbyists make for protection doctors from lawsuits, claiming their doctors would be "afraid" to practice because if they make an honest mistake, they could get sued.

This has been a powerful and misleading argument made by lobbyists, appealing to emotion rather than reason.

By the same argument, ANY American, in ANY course of business, could be "afraid" of being sued. So when then, are all of the other Americans open to lawsuits for negligence or intentional infliction of emotional distress, but not the especially designated "privileged" who so happen to be "privileged", usually, by the fact that they are backed by huge insurance companies?

The small business owner who has a restaurant, could be said to be in "perpetual fear" of being sued over ice outside of his place, on the sidewalk. He might be "afraid" of a slip-and-trip lawsuit. So do we outlaw lawsuits for this kind of thing? or give business owners "immunity" out of the argument that if we don't, they won't be "comfortable" dispensing services? No, instead, the knowledge that one might be sued for not salting the sidewalk, or trying to take reasonable safety measures, MOTIVATES most persons to then do what is in the best of the public good, and salt or shovel their walkways.

A lawsuit cannot even be brought, for negligence, for a simple honest mistake, at least not as often as it for very serious negligence, as in "any normal and reasonable person would have, and should have, as an adult with normal intelligence and experience in the real world, known."

A lawsuit for intentional infliction of emotional distress is when the act is not merely an "accident" but can be shown to have been deliberately made, in order to knowingly cause the suffering of others, or, knowing that the result would likely result in distress, as a secondary effect.

Restaurant owners, do not get "immunity" from lawsuits. Construction owners, who are responsible for the safety of the roads or buildings we occupy, do not get "immunity". Real Estate agents do not get "immunity". Childcare workers and teachers, some of the most important persons in our society, who are charged with the care of raising and instructing children, do not get "immunity." Janitors do not get "immunity". Food and sanitation workers do not get "immunity". Auto makers, whose work affects the entire population that drives vehicles, and mechanics, do not get "immunity". Soldiers do not get "immunity". Electrical workers and other contractors for public utilities, do not get "immunity." Wall street brokers and traders and mutual funds managers, do not get "immunity".

Until the civil rights reforms of the 60s, The State of Washington sat on a high horse and had "sovereign immunity", which the people decided, was NOT in the best interests of the people. It is wrong, we decided, to allow government workers or the government, to have "immunity" as if they had no accountability.

Still, our Judges receive the benefit of an archaic "immunity" that NO ONE has anymore. Even police and federal prosecutors do not have the kind of immunity that Judges have. Police and prosecutors have what is called a limited immunity, which simply means they have a reasonable amount of protection for mistakes made, if in the course of duty, where it really was not preventable. However, police and prosecutors and others, can still be sued.

When has a Judge been sued last?

When a Judge has the kind of "sovereign immunity" that they are given, it does not simply serve to protect a judge from "error", that is, honest error. What it does, is allow any Judge to be as malicious as they want to be, and get away with not only negligence, but outright intentional infliction of emotional distress. A Judge can knowingly ignore laws of due process, knowing it will harm and traumatize someone, and can railroad right over a disliked person's rights, knowing all the while, that he is completely immune from lawsuit and secure.

Sure, he might have someone down the line call decisions into question, but a Judge has a nice Wonderwall of protection from some of the fellow Judges too.

Isn't it funny, how the case reports "concur that the court erred" on matters such as...gulp...depriving a criminal defendant the right to a public defender, or allowing a defendant to recuse a Judge for prejudice and then ending up in the slammer, or any very basic law violations of due process which any competent Judge is aware of, or should know about? these are true cases...Judges have refused to respect the requests of defendants, to invoke powers of the law which are available.

The cases always read to the effect of "we concur that the court errred" as if these kinds of mistakes are mere err. In the case of Judges, "To err is human but to destroy is divine." I am sure anyone could think of all kinds of sayings that might fit..."To err is human but immunity is divine."

The next King of England, Prince Charles, can be sued. And he has been sued.

But not an American Judge.

If just about everyone can be sued except Judges, wouldn't it seem that the very best job to have, if you're corrupt by nature and want protection for getting away with it, might be as a Judge? It would also seem that certain persons who have the most power and money, might wish to nominate and put into place Judges who will act as the Boss's Enforcer, and keep the crime flow going in the direction of a certain group, whether they're corporate criminals or another kind of mob.

Why not?

We're not stupid.

Are we stupid Americans?

If you need someone in your corner and want to infiltrate to protect your own, wouldn't the main man be The One who is Untouchable?

The only thing a Judge cannot do is kill a person with a weapon or his bare hands in court. Anything else, pretty much goes.

A Judge can effect more harm to the public, to a particular group, or to an individual, than any other person, and if you align a Judge with corrupt public defenders or lawyers and a few bad apples in law enforcement, you have your own personal step-ladder.

First rung, you get the low-level snitch to make a complaint.
Second rung, you get the corrupt officer to be on duty at the same time the snitch makes their complaint
Third rung, you make sure a public defender is assigned who is on your side,
Fourth rung, you make sure to get the Judge you want by knowing their schedule and who takes what kind of cases on what day

This is a strategy that law enforcement can use, if they really have it in for someone, or any gang or set of individuals who "know someone" they feel is in their way and want to do something about it. It is not difficult. Anyone with common sense, who has an adversary they fear, if they are corrupt, could do this.

You can have a "snitch" who lies and makes false claims and set anyone up for false arrest, if desired. By the time that person gets cleared, the intended effects have already been acheived.

Gang rivals can do this, to their advantage in taking control of an area and retaining their jurisdiction, just as easily as corporate criminals or anyone who wants to "get rid of" someone for any reason at all.

The Judge is naturally set up to be the person who will call all the shots and if he or she does a fair job with at least 9 out of 10 cases, to keep up appearances, you just employ the dirty stuff for the one individual, the Jesus Christ, that you really want.

We have Judges in the United States of America who act as sleeper agents for the mafia.

And when I say mafia I include in my definition traditional and non-traditional kinds of groups.

It is not "error" when a Judge intentionally disregards the most basic and commonly understood rules of due process. That is not "error" and the "court" did not then "err". What it is, is an intentional and flagrant disrespect for the laws of the land. Laws that any lawyer, even out of law school, knows, and laws which sometimes even the common layperson knows about and understands. It is not "error" but willful disobedience to the oath one took when sworn into that office to begin with.

I do not believe the public should suffer this kind of abuse by Judges. There should be no "sovereign immunity" for Judges who, if they cannot uphold the basic rules, are either malicious or incompetent.

We have the RIGHT to not have incompetent and malicious Judges affecting the lives of others. Someone who is malicious should not be serving as a Judge of others, because they are unable to weigh both sides and be objective as their job requires. Someone who is incompetent as to the most preliminary basics of due process should not have the job to begin with and should not, and cannot, claim ignorance when they went to 4 years of law school at least, and then had years of practice besides.

Therefore, I would propose that any Judge who fails to honor the laws of due process 3 times in a row, is out.

STRIKE 1: Maybe you forgot. We don't know how in the world you forgot. The law is right here, for anyone to read and we reminded you too, but maybe you wanted to be mean. Okay, mean and unjust Judge, we will forgive you as we the taxpayers pay for the damage you caused by then forcing the defendent to appeal (which costs us money) and maybe go to prison (which costs the taxpayers money). But we will hope there is some explanation and we won't axe you immediately, in case we should happen to discover you have a brain tumor or strokes, or late onset of a severe mental illness or alzheimers.

STRIKE 2: What the HELL is going on Judge? Did you get that psychological evaluation you were supposed to have? Did you have the physical? Are the results in or what? What is UP. Judge, if this happens too close to the last time you "erred" in such a manner, we are going to have to temporarily suspend your bench privileges until you get some things checked out. We don't want to believe you just made the same mistake twice or that you would do this intentionally so we are willing to consider that you may have some extenuating circumstances that are affecting your judgement. Judge, you might think it's a small thing, but you should KNOW that a basic element of due process is allowing the defense to have continuation until they receive discovery or to at least get that discovery at all. Why would you allow the prosecution to proceed without allowing at least even ONE continuance in order to obtain evidence to clear the person of the charges alleged? You refused to allow even ONE continuance when you know this is a right, to be permitted for the good of the defense? We think you're looking sort of gangster, but we might give you one more chance.

STRIKE 3: Sorry Judge. But you know what, you have not only injured citizens of the United States, who we claim as our own by the mandates of the Constitution, you have injured the public confidence. You're also costing us a shitload of money which we the taxpayers, do not want to put into public defenders who don't seem to be doing much good anyway, or jails, when we keep finding out some of these people were innocent to begin with or never had a fair chance from the start. Judge, you had time to get those psych and psychical evals done, and we find no excuse for your behavior. If you are not physically ill, or mentally ill, you are only one of two or three other options--A. deliberately malicious and willing to cause intentional infliction of emotional distress, B., incompetent in the most rudimentary elements of your job, or C., you're easily bought and bribed and do not care about the consequences. Rather than allow you to continue to destroy the public confidence, we are going to retire and remove you before you are able to do greater harm. We DO understand about legal interpretations and how having a different opinion in translation of the law can cause disagreement. We are not going to retire you for this kind of "error". But when you fail to obey the basic, common rules of civil or criminal procedure, when there is no room for "translation" you are out.

I do not propose to let a Judge go for a difference of opinion which a higher court could call "error" but for disrespect for the most basic laws which create the framework of the justice system and ensure due process and equal protection. Any Judge who cannot remember or enforce these basics, should not be in a position to be Judge at all. There is a little more leniency for translation matters, where it's more splitting hairs over whether a tort applies in a certain situation or not. But if the law says one can request a continuance at least ONCE, for example, in order to prove they shouldn't have a charge against them, and then thereafter be set up and trapped by something they shouldn't be entrapped by, there is something wrong with that Judge. A Judge who neglects to tell someone they are going to represent themselves Pro Se and then hangs up on them, refusing them to even allow them a chance to defend themselves and allowing the State to win by default, isn't worth the butter for the bread. Such a Judge is rancid.

Judges should not have sovereign immunity, period. They should not have immunity anymore than the State should have immunity.

This is the United States of America and while we claim democracy and liberty and how we are different from, and better than other countries, and initially, England, it seems the UK is more advanced than the U.S. Well maybe not, if their Judges also have "immunity". The point to America, is that NO man is "King" or is above the law, or "immune" or gets special privileges above anyone else. Yet Judges have the only position in the United States of America, where they can do whatever they want, and be protected. To continue to allow for Judicial Absolute Immunity is setting up the Justice System, as a whole, for failure and for corruption.

I believe there could be a provisional immunity, or limited one, such as police have, in general, but no more than that.

By the way, if the Attorney General's offices of Washington State really cared about public interest, probably Rob McKenna would be promoting THIS idea for saving taxpayer's money and eliminating the deficit. Instead of making a self-protective plea for the State to have "immunity" from lawsuits, he would be promoting something that could really save us all some money--eliminating bad Judges and the costs that are accrued because of them and their poor choices, through abolishing immunity of Judges from lawsuits and holding them accountable to more stringent standards.
This truck just went by with "Nakata Orchards" on the side. One of my Judges has been Judge Alicia Nakata but I don't know if she is connected to orchard money in the area. I've never heard of Nakata orchards.

She is the judge who refused to allow even 1 continuance so I could get my evidence in, to defend myself against a restraining order by State worker Michelle Erickson. I couldn't believe it, and then I was set up by an officer shortly after, to be charged for violating this order. I had tried to put in a motion to terminate the order because of evidence, actually for 2 different matters, and I've never had a response. I listed my address for mail as General Delivery and there has been no mail at the post office.

I have heard a lot of things about Nakata and have always been unwilling to repeat what I've heard. But I was very shocked by her refusal to respect 1 very basic rule and right and she knew it would affect me and be to my detriment and has been.