Wednesday, October 31, 2012

pronounced "hahsh-mee-el" (emphasis on el)...

I had a word to mind around 1:30 a.m. or so tonight (morning). 

I was wondering if anyone knows what it means.  It's pronounced:

"hahsh-mee-el"  sort of with the emphasis like "HAHSH-mee-EL".  It's like "hah" with "sh" and then "mee" and "el"

hashmiel?  what does it mean?

I finally saw some arabic with similiar sound, some hebrew, and one reference to japanese.  but what does hahsh combined fluidly with miel (mee-el) mean?

in hebrew it says "hahsh" is a name of God, in arabic, something about pilgrimage.  miel? with hahsh?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tortured Today (to cause eye popping out)

The same thing the United States has been doing to my son--torturing him, to cause one of his eyes to pop out, which they've done to me at different times, they are doing again today.

For over an hour I have been tortured to my left ear and and teeth and now my right eye is bulging from what they are doing.  It has been over one full hour today.

This morning, both of my eyes were the same.  After over an hour of torture, one of my eyes was bulged out.

This country has done this to my son.  My son's school photo proves it.

They chose to torture him to get the reverse effect on his eye, and have been torturing him to his right ear, and causing his left eye to pop out and bulge.  This is evident in the photo.

I remember which ear bothered him in our visits towards the end, when Anne Crane was eagerly documenting torture the U.S. used against my son.  He kept touching his right ear and was being affected by it.  He didn't have an earache.

He is being tortured by the United States.

God damn you Obama, and God damn Romney, because both of them know this is happening.  They wouldn't have even gotten as far as they have unless they had assured hate crime groups that they would keep their secrets of torture against citizens.

My son is being actively TORTURED in this country, BY this country, as a citizen.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oliver As An Exceptionally Gifted Child, Targeted by U.S. Hate Crime

UPDATED:  Oliver was not just identifying and saying the names of numbers within his first few months.  He was tapping back to me from within the womb, matching my exact pattern. I could rap on, or knock on belly a rhythm or pattern and then wait, and he'd tap it back, to match exactly.  Not only that, I could move a little limb that was sticking out more, and he'd push it back and after we got this reaction going back between us, he would tap back and match my rhythm or patterns.  He was communicating with me from within the womb.  In addition to this, my son's 1st dental record was removed from the dental office.  They left the one where we went in when he was 3 months or 4 months, but the first visit was at 2 months of age, when he cut his first tooth.  This is when he was diagnosed with enamel dysplasia.  When I went back to that clinic, after he was taken from me, they gave me his records starting with his 2nd visit, which was still early, but not as incredibly early as his 1st visit.  He was kicking a ball as soon as he could walk.  He was walking so early that people (women) glared at me and I had some women approach me and yell at me telling me I shouldn't force my son to walk "when his leg's are not ready for it".  I was accused of pushing my son to do things he supposedly wasn't doing on his own naturally, which was not true.  I had more than one woman say this to me, because of how shocking it was for them to see my son walking while he looked like a large baby.  However, he was not walking as early as some of the kids I've read about, who are genius-genius, but it was enough for me to be criticized publicly, by strangers, over.  My son kicked a ball, far ahead of schedule, in Dr. Stuart's Freed's personal offices.  He remarked that my son had incredible aim.  Oliver looked at a ball and kicked it hard, across the room.  He had been doing this long before Freed saw him, but when Freed saw him, it was still far enough ahead that it put him into the exceptionally gifted category for that developmental milestone.  Dr. Freed saw and witnessed, in his offices, evidence of an exceptionally gifted boy.  His motor skills were far advanced.  As a boy, he was talking before 7 months of age.  Not a lot, making sounds all the time, but not always full words, but he was not just talking, but identifying things.  His attention span was well beyond what was typical for toddlers.  He could work on the same project for over an hour, and instead of admitting this was a sign of giftedness, detractors tried to bring up "autism" as an explanation for his ability to focus so long on something.  He was laughing at things, from stories that were funny, when he was 3 months and older.  When he was a little more than a newborn, a few months old, or less actually, he figured out how to "communicate" with me to get me to approach him.  He would spit out his binky and wait for me to put it back in his mouth.  Then I would, and keep cleaning, watching him, but getting work done.  He'd spit it out again.  I would put it in.  Then, the 3rd time, he looked at me and got this grin on his face.  I realized he was spitting out his binky just because he knew he could get my attention that way, and he thought it was funny!  He had figured out how to manipulate me and thought it was hilarious, as little more than a newborn.  When my son was a newborn, he hated Dr. Malcolm Butler.  Dr. Butler made a mean face at him when he was a newborn, and he began to cry and wanted me to hold him.  He knew Dr. Butler was bad, and he never liked Dr. Butler.  Ever.  My son expressed dislike for Dr. Butler on more than one occasion, as a NEWBORN.  He also rolled over and almost got hurt because Dr. Butler put him on a ledge above, a table and I said, "He will fall" and he said, "No he won't, he's not rolling over yet" and then Oliver rolled over and almost fell.  He hit every single motor skill/developmental skill early, and he was walking and talking early, and knew his numbers before 7 months of age (well, at least he spoke one out loud and pointed to it himself).  When he pointed out the number "10" and said "ten" out loud, I wasn't showing him numbers.  I had an alphabet line as a border up high in our kitchen, and then a number chart that was in a square or rectangle shape (with different numbers in different boxes).  I was holding him on my hip while thinking of what to cook, and he leaned away from me with his body, and toward the wall with the number chart.  He wanted me to go over there with him, because he was also pointing.  So I did, and then put his finger on the number "10" and said out loud, "TEN".  This was when all I had was this 2 charts and I spent 5 minutes in the morning every day, going over them quickly, saying the word as I pointed them out with my finger.  I used my finger to point out each separate letter or number.  So then my son was doing this, and was happily doing this, and this country has ruined his life out of jealousy and hate.  He did this not right after I recited them.  He did it in the middle of the day, long after I'd gone over them, and he chose this for himself.

I was publicly criticized by strangers in the town who accused me of "abusing" him by "pushing" him to be a "superkid" or to do things sooner than he could.  "You'll ruin his legs" they said, "His bones are not developed enough for him to walk yet" they said.

My son has been, and was targeted, out of jealousy, and with hate crime motives.  I'm tired of lame excuses by the U.S. government, for allowing hate crimes against my son.

I went back to the resources I was using while raising my son when he was an infant.  I had gone by what several different sites said, for age approximations, and based where my son was "ranking" by what things he was doing (physical, and mainly, intellectual developmental milestones).

He was in the "exceptionally gifted" category. 

He was more than gifted, and did more things, earlier, than "gifted" category.  Keep in mind, these "categories" are generalized estimations but good for sizing up a situation.  He was doing far more than "highly gifted" kids were doing. 

Based only on what he was factually doing, and which developmental milestons he was hitting, which I dated and observed and wrote to my family about, he was in the "exceptionally gifted" category and I thought, occasionally bordering on "profoundly gifted".  I can't remember, but I will check on it, if "profoundly gifted" is right below "genius" or is part of very rare "genius" category, so I'll check, but I know he was hitting all of the markers for "exceptionally gifted".

Exceptionally gifted is very rare. 

Asynchrony: Homeschooling an Exceptionally Gifted Child
Exceptionally gifted children are so different from their age mates, they often do not fit in school situations...

Out of all of my experience working as a nanny for other families, I babysat some very, very, smart kids.  Most of the kids, all of them, were gifted, and above average and maybe it's because they were government kids so they got extra time, or maybe because it was genetic, I don't know.  However, I only met maybe one kid that I sort of thought was like my son Oliver and that was the Rose-Lewis's kid "Zachary".  I didn't spend enough time with him to know though.  AND, those kids got tons of attention and special activities.  My son was much more talkative and energetic than Zachary, even before age 1, but they were different personality types. 

My son was pointing out, naming, and speaking numbers in his first several months.  This is not the only thing he was doing.  Every single thing that kids are supposed to do, he did 10x earlier than the others.  Sorry if that makes someone jealous, but accept the facts.  I wasn't trying to make him that way--he is his own person.  I was shocked to find out I had this kind of a child, and I did everything I could to meet him where he was at, and figure out where he was at by what things he did.  After this was done to him, I felt regretful for saying anything about what he could do, but I mainly wrote to "gifted kids" sites, and to my parents and copies a few people.  However, why should I and my son be made to feel "bad" about it?  Why should I be accused of being "vain" or bragging when I wasn't bragging.  If my son was doing these things, and he was, and I was trying to help him as a good mother would, how is this vanity and how is it anyone's business?  It doesn't matter where a child is, to deny them additional time when they need it, or to deny them the right to shine when they can shine and excel--both are wrong.  It doesn't matter if a kid is average intelligence or highly gifted or exceptionally gifted...every child has worth and if for some reason, my son happened to be that smart, why attack HIM?  is this his fault? 

Not only did people attack my son, for his intellectual giftedness, to the point of even removing medical records that indicated correlated early physical development, they went after me, to ruin my singing voice and I've had people trying to dumb me down since intermediate school.

We are tired of it.

My son was tortured, to ruin his mind, and dumb him down.  It affected his speech immediately.

My son was targeted for torture, after I was sending email to people, talking about what things he was doing.

Oliver is a victim of U.S. government hate crime.

Not only that, there was no one better to raise my son, and meet these unique needs, than me, his mother.  I was the one who took time to figure him out, not pushing him to a place I "wanted" him to be, but just to find out where he was at. 

A teacher does this, with her or his classroom.  They try to figure out where the different kids are "at".  Maybe they can't know how gifted each kid is, but they still try to estimate their educational background and learning abilities and then when they find out, they adjust their teaching to be faster or slower, or more or less developed.  This is what a good teacher does.  A good teacher doesn't just blindly do things by rote and disregard her kids' abilities.  This is also what I was doing with my son.  As his mother, and his First Teacher, I was figuring out where he was, and then doing what I could to encourage his needs and some of his wants too.  Only by knowing my child and his abilities, could I know how to excite his intellect or be aware of certain things that were important to him.  From there, from the place he was at, then I encouraged him.  I didn't "drill him" with lessons.  I was a very happy and free mother who wanted his development to thrive from social and unpressured activity.

He was tortured out of hate crimes and jealousy.

I don't believe his current school, Dryden, is anywhere near the kind of understanding he might need to do well.  They mock my family because people already targeted him.  I know for a fact that people were deliberately trying to confuse all of the things he knew even, to make him repeat numbers out of order after he knew them in order, and to cause distress and his failure.

This United States of America has committed agregious crimes against my family.

They took him away from a mother that would have helped him to stay at the level he was at, and get into private schools, even by scholarship if necessary.  Then they tortured him and dumbed him down to set him back in every possible way.

I loathe Wenatchee.  The entire State of Washington is full of anti-intellectual, prejudiced bigots.  I grew up, in the State of Washington, being dumbed down by anti-intellectual, prejudiced bigots who wanted to use me and abuse me, but didn't want me to succeed.  They had my homework being stolen from me before I could even turn it in for credit.  That State is full of jealous hate crime advocates.  Then, they step it up a notch to TORTURE for my son.

I want my son OUT of Washington State.

My Dad was marked as a "genius" as a kid.  My mother is at least exceptionally gifted, but nothing was ever said about it.  Her parents are exceptionally gifted and not just intellectually, they are psychic.  I don't mean "psychic" as in they practice wicca or witchcraft.  I mean, in addition to being smart, they had abilities from God, to read minds and thoughts of others, and predict future actions. 
My grandparents on both sides are also this way and I didn't know it.  I realize now that Granny was showing me, by not saying a word, knowing one day I would remember some things she did.  She knew what was in store for me.

The U.S. enslaved my parents to force them to work for them.  They put them into "MKULTRA" after finding out their parents (one or both) were gifted this way or that it ran in the family.  Then, when others got jealous, they wanted to kill my parent's firstborn baby, and did.  Then they damaged my head deliberately when I was being born, in Wenatchee, and I was so jaundiced I was under bilirubin lights for weeks.  They wanted to use us still, but they didn't want us to look very smart.

My entire life, the CIA and U.S. Army got FBI to cover for them as they used me and then went out of their way to dumb me down, when some of the group's member's got jealous of me and worried I might be smarter than their kid.  I have no idea what kind of "special" advances the "smartest" got, but they made sure I was kept out of this category so they could advance their own friends and relatives.

Then they torture my son, to ruin his mind, and degrade him and try to deliberately set him back.  Then they claim they can "classify" this hate crime that is anti-competition, as they use him as a government zombie.  They have made sure, as long as they control him, he will never get a scholarship to a school for advanced or exceptionally gifted kids, where he might have found kids he could actually relate to.

If this was not over hate crimes and jealousy, my son's dental clinic (assistants or office workers, or dentist) would not have REMOVED the record that showed the first date of our visit because my son had cut his first tooth.

They knew, those who hate me and hate him, that physical development that is advanced, often correlates or underscores the intellectual giftedness.  They "tend" (not always, and each kid is different), to develop both motor skills, and cut teeth well ahead of average, in addition to speaking early, walking early, and learning to manipulate parents early, or having an unusually developed sense of humor very young, because they understand things earlier.  My son was even tapping back and meeting my tapping rhythm to him, in the womb.

This United States allowed hate crime to ruin his life, and this United States kidnapped him from me after torturing both of us, using me, and trying to dumb all of us down. 

For me, it started in Wenatchee.  They tortured me at birth.  Then we were in Moses Lake, home of a military base.  This country allowed, on a state-sponsored basis, people to steal work from me so I couldn't turn it in, to dumb me down and keep me from having an all-A report card (or, all +s or the highest number).  This country has done incredibly crazy things, that are anti-competitive in nature and have nothing to do with "national interest".

So they take my son, and torture the living daylights out of him and try to reverse everything he was ahead on.  They took an "exceptionally" to "profoundly" gifted toddler, and tortured him to "bring him down" to "they hoped" "average" and then to excuse anti-competitive behavior and criminal actions, they claim they need what?  "mind controlled, average intelligence robots that will kill for, or sexual service U.S. GI and FBI?"  What is the point of deliberately ruining a child's intelligence? if it's "for government" or "national interest", you want that child to be as smart as possible and you don't dumb them down.  It is of national interest to have bright, and exceptionally or profoundly gifted kids.

This country tortured me and used me and then after getting a faulty "I.Q." test to pass me off as "nothing special", they used this to influence others to let me be tortured further and drugged, because they argued, I was nothing special anyway.

They are liars.

After implanting me and trying to make me look stupid, they stole from me.  They stole song ideas, and the main point they made was, I discovered, the idea of my revealing to the public, on a wider scale, my singing or song-writing talent, or creative talent, or getting an education, was enough to send my enemies into a panic after all their hard work at making me look stupid.  Or, "average".  The first time I showed any kind of "ability" that surprised anyone was with my lawsuits.  And because of this, I was tortured.  They left me alone for a short time and then began state-sponsored obstruction of justice to FORCE me to lose.

Here is where I grew up, next to an airline base.  I grew up with planes flying throughout Moses Lake all the time, and surrounded by military.  Katie, from England, was a copy.  Maybe she wasn't marked to "get into the royal family" instantly, but she was certaintly marked and made to be some kind of copy, and I'm sure she's not the only one.  She is the one whose parents torment mine, however, I'm sure a Jesuit-connected mistress would do worse.  Oh wait, what religious groups backed her?

It started as a U.S. Army base in WWII.  They got a reputation after breaking a speed record with a B-47  flying to Andrews, Maryland.
Formerly Larson Air Force Base, Grant County International Airport is now a world-class heavy jet training and testing facility used by the Boeing Company, Japan Airlines, the U.S. Military and many other air carriers from around the world. With 4,700 acres and a main runway 13,500 feet long, it is one of the largest airports in the United States.

Not only did they get their reputation with Andrews, Maryland speed records, setting the record for fasted jet in the U.S., or flown the fastest, from Moses Lake, Washington Army Base, they had some of the contracting done by a company with "Knudson" in the name and I don't know if it's a Canada connection or not.

Some kind of Air Force project titled "MATS" is also coming into play because I was being told, or someone was telling my family to tell me I grew up on "Matson" street first, in Moses Lake.  This was not true, because I already knew and remembered we lived on Cherry Street.  So someone with military now, has been trying to rewrite history to keep some groups from figuring things out.  Why do they not want anyone to know I grew up on Cherry Street?  Why would they want to call it "Matson"?  I knew, and I remember.  We spent 3 years on Cherry Street, before moving to the house we had on Potato Hill Road (in Moses Lake).  We had a plum tree in our yard on Cherry Street and I remember it.  I don't know why I remember it, but I remember this from my house and neighborhood and this was before and around age 3 (I am pretty sure it was a plum tree).  And we had cherry trees around too.

Oh, here we go...information about Moses Lake being called Moses Hole.

An Evolving Airport

Larson Air Force Base declined in status through the 1960s -- it was known throughout the service as “Moses Hole,” according to Col. Clyde Owen, the base’s last commander. The Boeing Flight Center operations, which had once employed 1,400, closed in 1962. Finally, Larson Air Force Base closed in 1966.

This is why Chris Dabney said, "Here's another one in the hole."  That is what the U.S. government rapists and users were calling me.  FUCK ALL OF YOU.  And God damn the FBI for protecting men who premeditated how to rape me and gang raped me.  You have covered for men just because they are government employees...all of them.

I had forgotten that Moses Lake is colloquially (even now) refered to as "Moses Hole".  Chris Dabney's comment was using the name that the U.S. government employees were using for me while they premeditated consecutive incidences of gang rape.  The FBI and police covered it all up, because..."they're government and they're special".  They do psychic research, some of them, and that gives them a right to rape me, or having an FBI card does, or being any kind of govt. employee.

This country has dumbed me down to use me for rape.

That's all they've done.  Rape me, and torture me, and try to keep me from succeeding.  I was not only raped by these U.S. government employees (who all knew eachother); they were using me for their own research and predictions.  Dabney, Mark (who Dabney knew), and they are connected to FBI and Army.  Alvaro's cousin worked at the U.S. Army offices, in that building.  Laura Laughlin is the one who sent Mark out, most likely, after I contacted New Mexico FBI and let them know where I was.  These people are connected to Department of Justice and to Middleton.

They are doing the same thing to my son.  This country has to return my son.  They are still using both of us, even recently.  Everything they do is a sick plotted idea, using us as little tokens or men on a boardgame and trying to move us from one spot to the next.  They have ruined our lives by hate crime.

When I got back from D.C., after the military and FBI used me further, the knowingly allowed and encouraged torture of my son, in front of me.  They also deliberately forced me out of collecting unemployment which would have supported me and kept me financially independent to some degree.  Both state workers for Seattle, Washington (unemployment) and Washington D.C. blocked me, illegally, from collecting this money.

They blocked me partly to keep me vulnerable and with no house, no money, and nothing, to degrade me.  They also blocked me because it is likely I was a federal employee when I worked there.  All of the people working there, worked for U.S. government or used people for research for U.S. government.

They murdered my unborn children in Maryland, just across the way from Katie's "friend" Lynda Carter.

Some people like to put up excuses for why they have stolen from me.  Can you explain to me why you were stealing from me, then, when I was 8 years old? 

What did I do, to deserve being dumbed down?  How about, if anyone deserves to have their day, and get back what's been stolen, it's me and my son.

This "Hungarian" woman over here, by the way, "Kathy" (not "smartwater-poison" Kathy, the other one), has been spying and harming my mother for Kate.  And "Bill".  People have tortured my parents.  Katie knew all about the torture of my son.  By now, I would never doubt that Katie Middleton herself, is capable of commiting this act of violence against a child.  If it is possible all of these police officers, FBI, and CPS "vistation monitors" and workers could lie and conceal torture, it is possible for someone like Middleton to inflict an injury singlehandedly.

Here are some things I never believed, even despite evidence...because it was too horrific to believe:

1.  "I can't help you.  Your problem is with the federal government."
I thought, "What is he talking about.  How could it be with the federal government when I'm not involved with them?"  No, I was never involved by choice and I was never paid--they just used me, tortured me, raped me, and kidnapped my son after forcing me to lose lawsuits.

2.  "You've been implanted.  Have you heard about remote technology?"
I thought, "This guy sounds nuts, or he thinks I'm nuts and will believe something like that."  No, he was not nuts and I hope he's still alive because he is the only person, out of everyone, all my life, that ever brought up "remote" torture, the ability to torture someone from a remote location.  I found out, he wasn't nuts and he was telling the truth.

3.  "She claims she's been raped by the FBI".  No I never said that at all, and I still know the charts were defamatory.  However, oh my gosh...a few years later I'm finding out, I never said that, and I didn't think that either, but that's what happened.  I had no idea that all of these rapists were federal employees.

I am being tortured today/tonight.  Not a lot, but any torture is torture.  My son and I are used and degraded daily.  The FBI is 100% involved and knows about everything.  They know I am not mentally ill, and they know what is happening to me and my son.  Maybe not all of the agents "know" personally, but at the top they know.  One of their branches goes to James White, another goes to New Jersey, and the Middletons are involved, and have been involved in using people against me for decades. 

I am having a problem getting any of my medical records, at all, since I broke up with Alvaro.  He worked for the U.S. government, and now all of the doctors and medical professionals are ignoring my requests for medical records.  These are medical records that anyone should be able to get, but 1.  The person and hospital that was responsible for my surgery in Maryland, is refusing to release records (I haven't made a recent request but in the past they refused and treated me badly); Chelan Washington Hospital is refusing to confirm who delivered me when I was born and another director of a different hospital has been asking and it's been over 1 month and they refuse to confirm the name or spelling of the name (if there is nothing to hide, what are you hiding); and the medical records from 1995 at Utah were not sent to me complete.  They gave me only 2 pages out of a huge file.

And by the way, as to invasion of privacy, I never thought about this, until tonight (I don't think, or I forgot)...a family I was a nanny for, Ken and MaryLynn Kargman from Livingston, NJ...he told me one day he had my psychological records sent to him.  This was in 1994.  The only "psychological" records I had were done by Sherwood High School psychologists that were friends with the Bechtold family.  There was nothing indicative of a mental problem in them, they just cast me in a different light than was true for me.  Ken obtained this record without my permission.  I didn't sign papers authorizing this release.  The information he got came from Sherwood High School and was a violation of my right to privacy.  This same high school took video footage of me singing and used it in a promo for the school, which they sent to Japan.  The woman who took the video was Janet Bechtold.  On two different occasions, to my knowledge, faculty or employees from that school were releasing information about me to others, without my permission.  The "psychologists" (a husband-wife team) were friends with Janet.  The "report" they did about me, was done in 1993, after I had already offended Janet and the Bechtold family for "rejecting" their son on basis that I didn't want to date someone I wasn't going to marry because I was going to be a virgin until marriage.

Ken read some of the report out loud to me.  He said, "This guy says..." and then looked at me.  I remember being shocked by some of their ideas, and some of the things they wrote were to be dismissive of my talents.  They obtained my psychological records after I was already employed with them.

I just looked up Mary Lynn.  The company she worked at in New York, which I visited, was Lolly, McFarland, & Pantello.  She has been working for Regan most recently, which is connected to McCanns, the same McCann family as Fr. Joachim McCann, who I sued, from Mt. Angel Abbey.  She was raised Catholic.  She married a Jew, Ken.  They are the ones who obtained my "psychological records" in 1994, from my high school, without my permission.  I had records because before I began classes there, they said they wanted to meet me and talk to me.  So I went with my mother.  The next time was at graduation, there was an "exit interview" but they wrote a whole report on me as I found out.  It didn't say I was mentally ill, but it made me sound unrealistic and minimized my talents.  They also wrote that they did not "see" me working with children and thought I worked better with adults.  This was odd when all of my work was with kids, and I was a first grade assistant too, and got high marks from the teacher I helped.  They were friends with Janet Becthold.  Both Janet Bechtold and this psychologist were the only ones to take footage of me or make documentation and send it out without my permission.  When I dared ask Janet (as a teen) why she sent it out without asking me, she bristled.  She videotaped me singing and sent it out as an "ad" to Japan.  Then her friends gave my psychological records to Mary Lynn (an ad executive in NY, NY) and Ken, in 1994.  Mary Lynn later took a job with a company that did business with the McCann family.  (Regan Campbell Ward McCann).  It's a pharmaceutical advertising business.  She's been there since 1998, which is the year I was raped.

CIA/ARMY Program: Bill O'Reilly--connected to Jesuits and Army Tortures My Son

UPDATE:  I do not mean to imply I was put into dark closets by my parents.  I was around other people.  At the house where my homework was being "lost", there were Army men on either side of us and then the "Springers", who were Mormon and I don't know what kind of government job he had.  And that is not to say it wasn't taken out of the area either.

The photo of my son from his school photo not only has one of his eyes popped out, as the U.S. has done with me many times, which is from brain injury by technology (causing swelling which pushes out against the eye with intraocular pressure); the U.S. also mocked me, my son, and my Dad.  They mocked me and my son by torturing us to cause problems with our teeth.  My son's teeth are not only damaged from childbirth, they are all leaning inwards, like they've been sucked in from pressure causing them to go inward.

So they mocked my son, by having his eye pop out, and then torturing him to have his teeth tilt inwards.

In the meantime, the U.S. Army, under Dempsey, who Bill O'Reilly is personal friends with, was torturing me by popping my eye out from brain swelling on the other side, and they have been torturing me to my teeth and for me causing my teeth to shift out from my normal bite.

I had a retainer over the first 6 teeth for 6 months and all it did was something small for the side teeth.  I did not have an extended bite as I do now, which has been caused by torture from the U.S. Army.

They tortured me and my son to our teeth and brain and have done this to degrade us and mock us.  They have also had photos taken to ensure they captured their "work".

I hope they and their families are killed.

Not only that, they have been torturing my son to his ears before they tortured me to my ears and did this, knowing my son couldn't describe what was happening to him.  He was showing symptoms of pain to one ear during our last visits together.

The U.S. has been torturing me and degrading me since I was an infant.  They created government files on me which the FBI lies and says were "destroyed" in 1977, and all this time, they've documented torture against me and used me.

They put me into a government program that was a joint program with England and Canada.  They had kids from England and Canada and people using them, who were working with U.S. people on the same program and it was "secret".

The men who raped me were part of this program and this is why the FBI and police did nothing about it.  From the time I was in 3rd grade they were trying to dumb me down so other kids in the program could get ahead.  They told my parents not to help me with homework, when I had math I was figuring out, for extra credit problems. 

They stole my homework from me, in elementary school.  After I did my homework in record time, my homework was being stolen and I was forced to go to school and say, "I don't know where it is, I lost it."

I lost it.  No, to be exact:  "It got lost".

The United States has been 100% anti-competitive, cruel, degrading, and is unfit for my child.  They were forcing my parents to steal my homework from me, when I was a KID, to have me confusedly saying "I don't know what happened; it got lost" almost every single week.  My grades were still A's and B's, but this was despite having "lost" homework.  Then the teachers were writing in my report that the reason I didn't get 'A's is because I didn't do my homework.

When I was a kid, I accepted the "lost" idea.  However, there was no place for it to get lost.  I took my homework home with me, did the homework there, and never took it out of the house.  We didn't take our things to other kids' houses, or the store, and didn't have daycare.  My homework was being "lost" from my own house, and my Mom and Dad were the only ones home.  Someone was forcing them to turn it over to them.  That was in elementary school.

Then they mocked my parents at every parent-teacher conference, saying I was a straight-A student and why didn't I do my homework?  They said I didn't do it.   Then, after I asked Mr. Martinez, in 5th grade, why I wasn't in the gifted program (because I already knew I was every bit as smart as Katie Fallon or smarter, and we liked hanging out with eachother for this reason, but I was the one with the imaginative ideas, not her)...after I DARED ask this question, I was punished and my parents were told to take me out of school.

Out of retaliation by the group controlling me in this "joint program" the U.S. had me in, for daring wonder why I was being discriminated against, my parents who were forced to steal my homework from me (to dumb me down), and to lie and say they didn't know how to do math (when they did), were then told to "homeschool" me and my brother the next year.

That entire year, I was not taught anything.  I was told "you can read it yourself."  One entire academic year was lost because my parents were told to pull me out of school and then not teach me anything.  I was left on my own, in 6th grade.  I was told, "we mainly did this for Levi because he was getting behind" but that wasn't the truth.  They did it because they were told to do it, just like they were told to steal my homework and hand it over to U.S. criminals.

All of the things this country did to me, because other members of this "secret" group were jealous of me, and wanted to dumb me down, and ruin my potential, were escalated in my life later, and they have done the same thing to my son.

Only they added in full-blown torture.

I was in the same "joint program" between "The Big Three:  England, U.S. and Canada" as Kate Middleton.  And, not just her, but that is why my parents have been tortured by Middletons and why the FBI gave my personal file to Kate Middleton, but many others I've been in contact with, including men who raped me later, were also part of the same program.

In addition to being forced to have microchip implants put into my body by Utah hospital, and then being forced (and my mother being forced) to have me work for The Del Balzos (microchip "top secret" attorney), when I was a kid and teen my parents were forced to take me to see a psychologist.  They were forced to take me to see one in elementary school, and nothing was wrong with me, but someone wanted to document me and hypnotize me, and they were forced to have me see one at the high school I ended up going to (which my parents didn't want me to have to go to before I ever went, and they were trying to petition to have me go to a different high school).  The psychologist at the high school wrote up a paper about me, downplaying my talents as if I had nothing special when I was, on the contrary, talented enough to be visited by opera company directors, and also wrote he "didn't see" me "working with children".  This was the opposite of the truth.  I was a very talented singer and writer, and I had already spent most of my years with children.  Not only that, I went on to be a nanny for many years.  I spent 20 years of my life with "working with kids" as my primary occupation.  He wrote that I had a pleasant demeanor and that I got along with adults more than kids.

They wrote this report in 1993.

The United States of America has been STEALING from me since elementary school.  I mean, stealing my homework??? and then trying to blame ME for it?  It's the same thing they did to my son Oliver in CPS visits, putting his shoes on the wrong feet and then saying, "You did it to yourself".

There is no hope for me or my son in this country.  They are no longer forcing parents to "steal homework" for them to keep me down, and to diminish my abilities, which is anti-competition.  Stealing homework from a kid, is not "CIA/Army research of national interest".  It's anti-competition and hate crime.  Stealing homework from a kid, is to prevent them from competing at their natural level.


It wasn't stolen once or twice.  It was "lost"  ALL the time.

I haven't written about this before, because I didn't think of it.  I never forgot how it was always "lost" but I didn't realize there was no place for me to ever lose that homework, as a kid.  Repeatedly.  And at every teacher-parent conference, my parents were being smirked at and told I wasn't reaching my "full potential".  Like they needed to be reminded.  The reason I was told I was not in the gifted program, was because, "You can't get your homework done, how can you do additional work?"  all it was, was a way to discourage me intellectually and to dumb me down so I didn't appear as smart as I was.  Not only that, they affected my grades, even in elementary school, and then set me up to lose a whole year of "No school" for 6th grade.  It was like Summer Break for 15 months.  So while this country skipped my Dad ahead a couple of grades, by the time I was born, there were people in place that wanted to still use my Mom and Dad, but hated me, and if they were going to use me for anything, it wasn't going to be for anything special. 

They raped me, put me in dark closets, and assaulted me, all before the age of 3.  (not my parents)  Then later, they drugged me with LSD and did other experiments on me.

But now, the U.S. uses the same excuse of my being part of a "secret program" and tortures the living daylights out of me and my son and thinks it's funny.  They use technology to torture us and prevent us from excelling as we would otherwise.  They also use technology to obstruct us from court and from justice. 

In addition to this, they've encouraged men to rape me as an adult, after premeditating how to do it, and making sure I am incapacitated first.  Most of the men who have been involved, are also people who were part of the same program.  Some of these "kids" and teens, knew more about me in high school even, than I knew about myself and they and their parents were encouraged to use it against me.

Bill O'Reilly was smirking most recently at an Army commander he had on his show, because he knows about this program and the torture done to me and my son.  That Army commander answers to Martin Dempsey and Leon Panetta. 
After some of the people in this "group" were offended because I didn't want to date another member of the group, because he was Catholic, they took it out against me, and all this time, they've used the "program" as a cover for hate crime and anti-competition.  They have done the same thing to my son.

But now they openly mock both of us, for the public to see.

The United States has committed crimes against me my entire life.  Then they tortured me, as an adult, and forced me to watch them assault and torture my son.

"National interest" is stealing kids' homework?  they stole my homework after it was done, and before I could turn it in for credit.

In addition to stealing my homework before I could turn it in, all of my schoolwork, writings, and drawings were all disappearing.  I said I wanted to keep it, and my mother was glumly saying there was too much and I didn't need all of it.  She was sorting out what to give away to others, without my permission.

The U.S. is a FRAUD.  This country has claimed I have rights.  Really?  Where is my son.  Return my son, you criminal, torturing, kidnappers who ruin lives so your friend's kids can get ahead instead of us.  They were fighting for the government pennies like kids going after after pennies under a haystack.  Who is undignified?  Those who steal from children.

After stealing my homework before I could turn it in for credit, they forced me out of normal school for 1 year and told my mother not to teach me anything.  So I did nothing for a year, and just took some tests and that was it. 

I went to high school with teens that already knew things about me and knew about the program because they were already willing to be criminals and be inducted by doing something they could be blackmailed over to ensure their secrecy.

They were coached on everything about me, including what "triggers" I might have, from psychological conditioning done to me as a kid, which I was supposed to forget about.

I wasn't supposed to know about repeatedly being raped by U.S. government men.  I wasn't supposed to know (or remember) about being confined in dark closets for punishment.  I wasn't supposed to remember being drugged with LSD and hallucinegenics.

I wasn't supposed to notice being spied on in Moses Lake when I was 9-11 years old or so, buying a "Tubby" bear for my brother.  Now, why did England know about it? and how did they get the idea for "teletubbies", only after I was implanted with microchips a decade later, by a hospital that then got "telesurgery" funding?

Who was my homework stolen for?  the U.S. program kid?  The English one? or the Canadian one?  or did the power controls decide on it together? 

There were at least 3 programs shifts.  One was when I was in elementary school, when they suddenly and abruptly decided to dumb me down; one was when I was in high school, by 1992, when my family was having odd dizzy spells along with pets, and I was being run off the road to be killed--I don't know if that was a program shift or just another assassination attempt; and the next major program shift occured after 1997, when I was blacklisted and I didn't know why, and after I had been implanted with surveillance devices and tortured by them with migraines; and then it was in 2005, with full-blown torture, on the worst and most severe level that is possible without killing someone.

So when I get something from the FBI, 7 years too late, after they stole my son from me (they moved from stealing my homework to stealing my kids...great advancement for society), that says government files about me from 1977 were "destroyed", this is most likely a lie, that they were destroyed, and there are many more files than that.

The FBI also knows I and my son are still being tortured.  So exactly what is a document that acknowledges 1977 supposed to do?  You're the "investigators" and it is your JOB to investigate crime.  They continue to support crimes against me and my son, and use of us for anti-competition.

Also, most of the people involved in running these programs now, are Jesuits, and since I'm not Catholic, and since I sued a part of the church, I guess that's some of the reason...but the anti-competition thing is also traced to others, going back to elementary school.  They didn't torture me with technology--they stole my work.

So it's like a joke when later I am forced to work for Mary Del Balzo, who is an "Intellectual Property" attorney for Top Secret Programs with Intel (semiconductor), and who majored in Government at Cornell, which is where Katie Fallon went to college.  After I met Katie Fallon and asked why she was in the gifted program and not me, that's when I was punished for asking and pulled out of school completely, to "do it yourself".  This is after the U.S. was STEALING from me.

Now the U.S. laughs over torture, and documents their torture of us with photos, for evidence that their forms of torture are affecting our bodies and ruining our lives.

They blackmailed others not to talk about it. I've been talking about it, for years, so they called me mentally ill.  They lied.

Yet they still torture us and degrade us. 

I have not talked to my son or heard his voice, for years.  This country put Jesuits in charge of torturing my son.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hacking My Computer NOW

I took photos for my son that are private and was naming them and someone deleted 2 of them.

They deleted 2 photos of the best ones I had to send to him.

I want them returned, and I am really tired of the U.S. doing nothing about crimes.

Okay, they were put up at the top so I couldn't find them, with art clips.  So I found them.  In the past, I've had total deletion of files and no search brings them up but I found them with a normal search bc they were there.

I will put this post back into draft form.
No, my computer is being hacked.

After I posted this, I was naming files and instead of being placed somewhere else, all of the photos were disappearing.  All of them.

Someone is actively hacking my computer and ruining my photo files

Friday, October 26, 2012

U.S. Criminals Continue Using Me and My Son for Torture & Experiments

The U.S. is still using both me and my son in gross experiments against human rights and dignity.  After not having anything weird with my eyes for a few days, not one droopier or one bulging more than the other, and a lessening of being tortured, this morning one of my eyes is bulging like my son's.

Like I said, it's not hereditary.  It's torture and U.S. violations of laws against torture, research, and experimentation againgst humans.  It is also hate crime.

I felt both of my eyes, by tracing my finger across both eyeballs, across the surface in the center, and the one that is not bulging, and does not look bulged, is flat.  The one that looks bulged, is actually and literally, really bulged out more, and it is arched more and I can feel it.  One feels almost flat, only a slight curve, and the other one is totally rounded, twice or three times more than the other one.  So it not only "appears" to be bulging, it is bulging.

This is what the U.S. has done to my son, who is 6 years old.  Then they photographed him this way, knowing it was his picture day.

My son never had this happen to him, the full first many years he was with me, and then even at visits, even though he was subjected to other forms of torture.  I never had this happen to me, ever, prior to 2010.  It happened later in 2010 and then 2011, and has continued until 2012.

I would guess this is the same time the U.S. began torturing my son with the same methods, because I never witnessed this effect to his eye before then.

I have lived my entire 34-35 first years, never having this happen to my eye. It is only in the last 2-3 years that the U.S. has been employing use of technology against me that causes this to occur, and they've done it to a 6 year old. My son.

The only thing that would cause something like this is intraoccular pressure from something that is being done to the brain to create this pressure.  We have been tortured and ARE being tortured.

This town I'm living in, thinks it's really funny.  After the bus driver left 3 minutes early, meaning I missed the bus when I had plans out of town today, some woman came walking out in front of me with a bright orange jacket and a dog on a leash like she was blind or like seeing eye dog people have.

This is the kind of joke some people make out of torture.  It also shows that they know there is resultant head and eye injury.

Medications do not cause eye bulging on only one side.  If it was a medication problem, it would affect both sides.

My son and I are being tortured and experimented on like lab rats by the United States and those who are getting kicks from it, have hate as their motive.  They love it.  This has's been GREAT.

The only thing that causes intraoccular pressure to only one eyeball, which is one side of the head, is swelling of the brain on one side of the head, which means brain trauma from injury caused by U.S. technology.  This swelling of the brain pushes the eye out farther.

This morning I woke up and I had been tortured awake with technology affecting my left ear and left tooth on the left side.  Then later, an hour later, I noticed my right eye was bulging and distended.  It is not just by appearance--it is actually swollen because you can feel the curve across the eyeball is double or triple the amount of curvature on the other side.

This COUNTRY does this to my SON, who is SIX.  And if it's not hate crime, then how come people full of hate mock us over it, and think it's funny, and already know more about it than I do?

It is hate crime.

The United States pays government employees to torture us for hate crime interests.

It's not enough that the U.S. is torturing us to cause severe and extreme pain and suffering, or that they are doing things to us knowing it will ruin some of our talents or ability to think.  Everything they have done to us has been destructive, and to ruin our minds, our bodies, and our emotional well-being.  This country has done nothing good for us, not even by allowing us the "rights" we're supposed to have.

But torturing us isn't enough.

What the hate crime groups like best is knowing about it, and it feeds them.  We are mocked sometimes, not even knowing ourselves, why we are being mocked, and yet others are getting the information.  If it's "classified", it wouldn't be broadcast to parties in the UK, Canada, and hate crime interests in the U.S.  If it was "classifed", the UK wouldn't have had a group decide to mock what happened to me in 1995, and put on a show called "teletubbies".  All of these various groups have known what horrible things are done to us, and they use this to ridicule us, humiliate us, and pass along to others.

The U.S. has encouraged degrading treatment and they have fed hate crime appetites.  If it's "classified", why did everyone in the FBI know about my file and a 1977 report and say nothing to me?  If it's "classified", why is Kate Middleton getting my records before a U.S. citizen that has a legal right to their own records, and who made dozens of legal requests?  If it's "classified", why do all of the hate crime groups get the info and know about it, even before we do, and mock us and humilitate us with it?  If it's classified, why were lawyers and insurance firms and Judges scheduling my court appearances to coincide with days and times they knew I would be tortured and affected physically?

It is not "classified". 
It is not "national interest".

It is hate crime.
It is torture.
It is cruel and degrading treatment.
It is anti-competitive.
It is obstruction of justice on a federal felony level.
I have taken some photos today with my son's photo and I wonder if I should make a button to send to all of the President's Cabinet, of just my son's eyes.  I could make another of the gouging of his face.  You could alternate the buttons for the form of torture you want to laugh about that day.  Some of the people responsible are not there, but the ones who are, can make copies for the hate crime groups that nominated them and pay them to continue torture against us.  There are people wanting to get into the same positions that have been involved too.  It's a major criminal case involving a lot of people.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Photo Evidence of Torture of Oliver Garrett-Avila

I am uploading a view of my son's eyes as they appear in his "kindergarten" photo. One of his eyes is popped out larger than the other one and this was never how his eyes were when he was with me, for over 2 years and during visitations. The State tortured him, but they didn't do anything to his eyes until later when they were also doing the same thing to me.
After the United States has done all of these forms of torture against my son, as I took a photo of this today, to upload to the public to prove he is being assaulted by the United States, someone who was already monitoring this laptop deleted my email information that I had to enter to log onto this blog.  My email address for logging in is and after I typed this in and typed in my password, another United States ____ deleted all of what I entered except for "came". 
It is obvious from this photo that one of my son's eyes is bulging more than the other one and it is not because I'm angling the photo weird, it is how his eye is showing up in the photo.  The same United States Department of Defense that has done this to me, to cause one of my eyes to droop or the other to be bugged out, by torturing me with military and aerospace defense technology, did this to my son.  This is not all they have done to my son.  I also noticed his teeth that are coming in as adult teeth are damaged, just as the Wenatchee dentist said they might be, due to the trauma from childbirth.  He said my son's infant teeth enamel dysplasia was only caused by extreme trauma from childbirth.  He told me my son's adult teeth might even be affected from it.  The Wenatchee CPS and medical community concealed evidence of torture of me and my son to protect themselves and to protect cops whose wives were responsible for the damage done to my son.
I think I might blow up this photo and spend my money to campaign and let others know, on a personal level, what this country has done to Oliver.  The FBI is guilty of conspiring to conceal evidence of torture against children, including my son Oliver Garrett.  I continue to be tortured in this country, as my son also continues to be tortured in this country.  My parents have been tortured as well.  It is my son's left eye that was popped out like this, and the U.S. did this to my son, knowing it was picture day and they could get sick and disgusting documentation for themselves.  Then on the photo that was sent to us, they put a black mark on one corner on the front and another black mark on an opposite corner on the back.  This hate crime group, that is being paid by the U.S., has mocked my family and tried to match us up for torture.  When they torture one of us, they torture the other relative.  They have mocked my family over "symmetry" ever since I blogged about an inverted "v" one way and a "^" the other way.  Ever since, they then began torturing us and putting marks on our bodies to be "symmetrical" to make fun of what I wrote about.
Also, Alvaro Pardo had me in a house, in Maryland, 14 miles away from Kate Middleton's friends, the Carters (Lynda Carter).  I had not realized that I was living 14 miles away from enemies, and I am positive that Alvaro knew.  He was part of the Middleton team. I started to wonder about Baltimore when I accidentally landed on "Walter's Art Museum" and saw paintings that were featured to look like Kate Middleton.  I knew it wasn't a mistake and that someone selected them specifically because of her.  She is a U.S. bitch.  I know for a fact that my mother has been tortured over her and with Kate knowing, just as my son has.  So then I looked up where Lynda Carter was residing to see if it was close to, or anywhere near the Walter's Art Museum.  Sure enough, it was.  Lynda Carter lives in Potomac, Maryland, and I didn't know where that was.  So I made a map and looked at directions and mapped out, it takes 14 minutes from where I was living with Alvaro Pardo, to Lynda Carter's house.   All the way up Quince Road.  On the map, it makes a > < design.  Just like her little wedding dress neckline.  First it makes an extremely sharp > and then after that, the next sharp turn makes a <.  She is like an incarnation of the devil.  Her supporters have tortured my entire family, including my son and she has known about and been involved.  I then looked up Carol Alt, another 80s model, because Lynda's husbands' name "Robert Altman" brought it to mind and I remembered Evie Wiltbank, the mother of a girl I went to school with, also modeled with Carol Alt.  It was a name that was mentioned to me.  So I looked her up and noted she is from "Flushing, Queens, New York".  Guess what Carol has been up to?  Well, she is the daughter of an airline stewardess, oh, just like Carol Middleton, who was also an airline stewardess.  I wonder if they got to share a pad. Carol has been acting lately, as "Caterina" in an Italian movie called Caterina elesuefiglie 2, and for a t.v. movie called "Piper".  In fact, she is currently working on a running t.v. show called "Piper".   Both of these aired on the station "Canale5" in 2007.  (But the FBI really doesn't know about anything, really...they only give a criminal like Kate Middleton MY FBI file while refusing to give the FOIA to the U.S. citizen who is being tortured).  I guess the idea has been that it's U.S. spies first, ahead of U.S. citizens.  Right next to Potomac, the business names and street names that came were as follows (a sampling):  Robin's Nest Childcare, Fergussen Asset Management, Oak Market, Sleepy Hollow Lane, (oh hi Mike Tanzer, I never knew ye), and right next to Sleepy Hollow Lane is "Horsetrail" and "Willow Run" and then a bunch of horse street names.  Then you have a Tennis court and swimming club off of Quince and something about "Block" drive or something like that.  Basically, the first sharp turn from Germantown to Potomac, the > is next to a swimming club and tennis court and the next one is next to some "Blocking" something or other description.  What I really liked, recently, was Kate Middleton's little "robin's nest hat" that she wore in public after winning a "lawsuit" (through a lawyer) over restricting French magazines from publishing nude photos of her as she pranced around stark naked in public.  The little robin's nest was such a cute touch.   It's not like Robert Altman, Lynda Carter's husband, isn't a lawyer or anything.  Who is giving her advice about what not to wear in public?  Lynda?  or Carol Alt?  So guess what.  Carol Alt is connected to Brazil just like Mykal Holt!  According to information I found online, Carol had an affair with a Brazilian Formula 2 star named "Ayrton Senna".  (Danzy's Henna!)  Danit's Senna?  Dani Senna?  I really don't know but there's clever wordplay with all of it.  While Lynda is living next to Horsetrail, by the way, my son was tortured on a horse trail ride I paid for him to go on with my uncle.  He fell into a river.  Oh yeah, and there is a River Run right there in Potomac too.  Killers.  Killers.  Killers.  Ms. Alt has been with a Hockey player named Alexei Yashin since 2000.  Alexei is Russian.  So when I'm wondering why some Ukrainians and Russians have been part of torturing me and my son, this explains some of that.  The whole 'Quince' Road thing puts things in focus now when I think about my son wincing from repeatedly being pinched and tortured and when I think back on my Mom's reaction when I found an odd fruit on the property and asked her what it was.  She said "I don't know" and gave nothing away at all.  But I saw a look come over her face and I thought, "It has to do with Kate Middleton."  Of course, I opened it up and there were 3 round seeds in it, and I looked it up online since no one knew what it was.  It was a quince.  I thought, "So what's the big deal about a Quince?"  and wondered how Kate Middleton would be connected to any symbolism of this...Well, look no further than Quince Road on the way to Potomac, Maryland.  Oh Katie, can I wear your little Robin's Nest hat when you tire of it dear? 
So here is my son, with evidence of torture on his face, and this group in the U.S. WANTING us to notice and to have it documented and it's while he is wearing a "Lightening McQueen" t-shirt.  My son has been tortured, almost killed, and he was kidnapped from me.  He continues to be tortured.
After the teen girl who is an activist in Pakistan was shot by a man from Al Quaeda, they asked, "What is the big deal about this one Pakistani activist woman?  why don't you care about people the Army kills and tortures?"  The next thing I see, is a U.S. Army commander being interviewed and winking with Bill O'Reilly.  That girl (who I do sympathize with, naturally) was shot in the left eye.  Look at my son's left eye.  How many people in the U.S. are rallying around my son and against the U.S. for acts of terror and torture in this country?
This "eye" thing, is not a family trait and it is not an inherited "condition".  My son wasn't born this way, and he never had it happen in the first 3 years, though he was tortured severely in other ways.  I was tortured, along with my son, in other ways, and it was very extreme.  This "eye" thing, came up later, and then this country mocks my family by having him photographed this way.  To make what point?  My son also has damages with even his permanent teeth, because of traumatic childbirth, and he was taken away from me so I couldn't sue for his damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit.  Who was responsible?  The Central Washington Hospital, the same hospital that employs the doctor CPS assigned to provide "care" to my son.  It was a conflict of interest.  CWH, and Dr. Butler, and Stacey Stubblefield were spared lawsuit damages by torture of me and my son and his being kidnapped from me.  Now my son will never be compensated, while Stacey went on to get rich, open up her own practice, and get her horrific cop husband to torture my son.  Someone forced my son to repeat over and over, "I won't sue, I won't sue.  I promise, I won't sue" and he came to one of our visits saying this anxiously, over and over.  He kept repeating this like someone had drilled him to say this, or like he'd witnessed a traumatic event where someone was forcing my aunt or uncle to promise not to sue them if they were granted guardianship of my son.  My son wasn't talking about Sue, the visitation monitor, he was repeatedly trying to assure me that "I'm not going to sue you."  "I'm not going to sue you."  Stacey Stubblefield and her cop husband need to be forced out of the country.  Do you want to know how it "feels" Stacey?  You OWE Oliver Garrett YOUR HOUSE.  Oliver OWNS your house.  I hope you are all tortured until you confess to the horrific things YOU have done.  My son OWNS that town.  He owns the CWH hospital, he owns the Butler houses, he owns the Stubblefield property, and he owns the property of the woman doctor who tried to defend Dr. Butler and refused to treat him for "tinea" after he was refused treatment for systemic thrush.  Oliver owns Jones' house, and AG McIntosh's house.  He owns the Seattle FBI.  Do you have any idea how many people are invested in torturing my son?  and all of them would go bankrupt if my son collected what is his.  He owns the Chelan-Douglas police department, and the Spokane AGs and Barbara with Spokane CPS.  He owns Michelle Erickson and Theo Keyes.  My son has been tortured and deprived of his mother, and all of these horrible criminals have gone free.  They made sure I was tortured every single day through all the appeals processes.  Why?  Because they already knew my son owned them.  They didn't want a Judge to sign off on the check for the money and compensation that is his right.
Until that town coughs up the money for torture and concealment of crimes, and until the U.S. returns my son to me, this country has no legitimacy and no point for existence. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

U.S. Documents Their Torture of Oliver Garrett

The United States is not only continuing in their torture of my son, they are documenting it publicly, knowing others will see.

I just got my son's kindergarten photo and one of his eyes is bulging and more open, and he never had this naturally.  All of my life, I never did either, until I was tortured by the U.S.

They tortured me while they knew I was taking video clips to post publicly and they tortured my son, on his picture day, knowing it would be documented and that anyone and everyone could see what they were doing to Oliver.

The U.S. tortured my son while he was with me and they are still torturing him.

They tortured him with use of severe technology when he was with me.  Then they tortured him by visibly cutting his neck and parts out of his cheek, putting acid on his finger, lasering him so his genitals turned blue and purple, punching him in the face, punching him in the tooth to break off his teeth, poisoning him, hypnotizing him...degrading him.  The U.S. did all these things in front of my face, with all of the CPS "monitors" knowing and protecting the crimes done against my son.

Then, they cut off all of my contact with my son but they made sure to let me know, and the whole world know, that they were still torturing my son, and have one of his eyes droopier than the other and the other one more open.  They tortured him to cause this effect on his picture day, so they could document this.

The United States is guilty of violating all laws regarding torture.  This country is damned.  I really mean it--this country does not have the blessing of God anymore.  It is damned.  I would not be at all surprised if this country is not invaded within the next 50 years with an on-land full-blown invasion.  Everything that this country does, claiming that's why they torture my son, and that it's for research, is a lie.  They are doing all of this out of hate crimes.

They have tortured me and my Dad, and my son, sometimes using the exact same thing they do to us, to my son, to mock all of us.  The mockery is over symbolism.

This country is literally damned.

They take people who have gifts from God, and who only would use these gifts for religious reasons, and in accordance to religion, and they chain these people like slaves to work for them and exploit them and put them under surveillance and observation.

They not only violate laws against torture, they violate religious freedom.  They have turned a "prophetic" gift and something that people have used, some people, in a religious context, into an excuse for torturing people and kidnapping their children, out of fear by hate crime groups that don't want them to succeed.

They are killing prophets and people who try to practice their religion privately.  This country puts out all these laws about "peyote" and eagle feathers, and respect for the right to practice religion, and at the same time they are torturing people that God blesses with certain gifts, and killing their children or kidnapping them to ruin their minds, or put them under observation.  They put them into danger deliberately, and allow others who have no regard for God at all, or who practice another religion and HATE us, against us.

This country has been murdering and exploiting my family on a multi-generational basis.

I know that the U.S. Army leaders are responsible for much of what has happened to us, along with the CIA.  The FBI has used people to act in violence against us, as bodyguards for criminals, and to block others from investigating crimes against children and citizens.

At the same time CPS was torturing my son, some of them started suggesting to me, at the beginning, that I work FOR THEM.  The same people who abused my son and concealed abuse, wanted me to work for them, and with them.  And then I got the same thing with Alvaro, where he was connected to FBI and I'm supposedly going to be helping the U.S.

The country that tortures me and tortures my family, plays a game of "BZZZT.  (electrical shock administered and then the same person who shocks you is acting like they are your best friend).  Remember your place.  And look at where you are now...if I didn't help you out now, no one would help you.  You have no one to turn to." 

This country plays a game of allowing others to get dividends and satisfaction from hate crime against us, and then after they torture us and/or threaten us or take away all housing or transportation (or freedom if they want to create a false impression of having freedom, they let you have nice cars and houses but control all of your liquid assets).  Then after tortuing us, they do one or two very small "nice things" and want us to think they are our Savior.

This is how people are controlled.

If they cannot count on religion being an "opiate of the masses" or as a tranquilizer against free speech and freedom of movement and action, they torture you and strip away all of your rights and then want you to think they're your friend.

Canada, the U.S., and the UK are all operating the same MKUltra mindgames.  The people in charge have been working together all along.

Don't think you can leave the U.S. for the U.K. and find refuge, anymore than you can expect Canada to protect you from these kinds of crimes.  They are all on the same team and run the same operations.  Then, if they want to throw in some mafia, they call on Mexico or Italy or Russia or some group that can be their bouncers so the government can weasle out of responsibility.  If Israel is such a powerful "alley" who are they supporting?  They are not speaking out against torture of U.S. citizens, are they?  and yet they want everyone to go visit the Holocaust Museum.

Let's commemorate dead people while the living suffer.  That makes a lot of sense.

The first thing I said to my parents, over this photo of my son, after noticing he looked cute, was "They are still torturing him."  The next thing I said, after I left the house, was I turned around and went back inside and said, "And they want us to know.  They tortured him knowing that day was his picture day--they wanted to document it."

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Than 1 U.S. Military Dentist (Oregon and Washington)

There was more than 1 U.S. military dentist that worked on my teeth from 2005-2006.  The first one was in Oregon, when I was commuting between Oregon state and Washington state.  It was after he worked on one of my teeth that my travel was then obstructed and I was blocked from travel between states.

The next U.S. military dentist was in Washington state.

I have talked about the one in Washington because I know they did something weird there to my tooth filling and I was refused my own dental records.  Then my dental records kept disappearing too.  However, the first abnormal visit I had with a dentist was in Oregon, during my litigation and I remember the dentist was hostile torwards me and I didn't know why.  It was the first time I had a dentist act that way around me but I blew it off.

However, he did the filling that was "blown out" (while I was in Oregon state) the same time an Oregon "dam" had a hole blown into it.

I believe my parents know and are tortured to not say anything.  I remember something bizarre happened with that tooth while I was in Oregon and then I asked my parents about helping me pay for a filling since I did not have insurance at that time (inbetween insurance, and my college coverage didn't cover it or something).  They said no.  I couldn't figure out why in the world they would say no and then after this dentist put in a filling, and discovering just last year what was done with that specific filling, I think they were possibly trying to protect me from further implants by U.S. federal government-connected people who were hostile to me.

When my parents wouldn't help me with this, my grandparents paid for it.  It was an opaque filling, to match the color of my tooth. 

I have thought it is only the tooth right above it that is a problem, and I can feel that one literally vibrating.  I mean, literally...vibrating.  However, the one that "crumbled" one day, for no reason (no bad hygeine and no previous detection of any cavity as I'd been to a dentist 1 year earlier with no problem)...was filled in, in Oregon.

I had gone to a dentist and there were no cavities.  Then, out of the blue, one day, this back tooth literally crumbled in one part.  It wasn't like a normal cavity decay or anything.  I remember that even then, not suspecting neck implants with microchips or anything, or ear implants, I knew it was not normal. 

When I finally had it filled in, I remember the dentist who did it was creepy and acted like a sadist.  I remember, because it was the first time I had a weird dentist do my tooth.  I thought he was connected to Mt. Angel Abbey monks or someone I had litigation with, because of how he acted around me. I  sensed something was "off".  He acted like he hated me but he was taking my money to put in a tooth filling. 

That tooth is a molar directly beneath the one that I had done with an implant by a U.S. military dentist in 2006.  So I had one done on the bottom, in Oregon, after a weird incident, and then over 1 year later, a federal-connected dentist was putting one in immediately above it.

The bottom molar that was "blown out" recently, while I was living in Oregon and where someone sent a link to my Dad to announce the occasion, and where an Oregon legal secretary knew it happened...that molar is the one that was done in Oregon, right before my travel was obstructed to keep me from traveling.  It was done after I reported the FBI employees.  I mean, this little "explosion" and crumbled section to that molar occured, I believe, after I made the FBI misconduct complaint, or right around that time. 

I actually don't think I was commuting back and forth quite yet.  But I called my grandparents when my parents wouldn't help.  I was so completely shocked over it, I said, "Are you kidding me?!!  I will pay you BACK!"  I had borrowed money from them before and always paid them back so they knew I was reliable with them.  I thought it was one of the most bizarre responses they had ever given me.  To refuse to help with a tooth filling after a totally weird incident with that tooth.  But now I think they were possibly trying to protect me from more implants, knowing it was an opportunity to do something to my tooth. 

It is possible something was already done to them, and that they knew about Utah's microchip work and were tortured not to tell.  So they would know that any excuse to send me to the dentist or hospital was an opening for further harm and an access-point to implants for purposes of torture.

I remember for sure...I actually think,....possibly it was before I made the FBI misconduct complaint...I have to think a little more and retrace it.  I know for sure Jonathan, this Jewish guy, was around and in my life at the time it occured.  I met the FBI while I was still going places with him.  I don't believe I went out with him, in person, after I met the FBI agents Bujanda and Garza.  I am pretty sure the incident to my tooth occured when I was near the end of going out with Jonathan.  I saw Dylan (Christa's boyfriend Ryan Barne's friend) at a club and I remember it was around this time because after it happened, I had bleeding and Jonathan commented about it because the blood in my mouth made my breath bad.  When I first went out with him, nothing had happened to my tooth.  It happened, I think, while I was going out with him still.  I am thinking this was either Jonathan or Mike Tanzer.

It is possible that I had the filling, and after the filling was done, then the FBI was inside of my house, looking around.  Trying to get in, for one thing, and then looking around. 

If it was Jonathan, it happened before I met FBI.  If it was Mike Tanzer, the tooth incident happened with Mike Tanzer...It was someone I dated...posssssibbbbllly...Mike? not Jonathan? 

First I was thinking Jonathan but I have to think a little more because it may have been while I was seeing Mike.  I am possibly remember it was maybe with Mike.

I will remember for sure and then post my update.  I don't want to be incorrect about it.  Whether it was Jonathan or Mike, I guess I met the FBI and they were in my house, after this occured.  I had already had my tooth filling in, I believe.

I'm positive because I didn't kiss the FBI agents (either one of them) and I didn't have Dylan saying anything about was with Jonathan or Mike.  I remember because it hurt my feelings when they made a comment about it and I felt hurt because I couldn't control what had just happened to my tooth and the bleeding from it (before it was filled).  It happened after I had already been with them so it was this new horrible thing I had to deal with.  I also remember because I thought how was it possible when I had no cavity at all less than a year earlier?

My tooth blown out and then I had to have a filling and it was done by a dentist that did NOT like me.  An opaque filling that was later blown out, by technology, in Oregon again, 7 years later.

At the time it occured, I was making a rape report to Portland PD and in the middle of litigation.  It was the first odd physical thing that happened to me outside of military-remote-controlled migraines.  I had had cavities in my life before, of course, but this was totally different.

And then the way that I was targeted, to the same place, 1 year ago, was also not normal.  And it first happened in Oregon and then they targeted me again, to the exact same tooth, in Oregon.

This means, that when the legal secretary who works for the Prosecuting Attorney in Coquille knew I had something done to my tooth (a year ago), it wasn't a one-time Oregon thing.  It was the second time something was done to that specific tooth, in the State of Oregon.  She worked in California for awhile, goes to the Methodist church, and is married to a man who works a large farm of livestock and forest trees with his brother.  She is connected to the Department of Justice through her work as a legal secretary for the district attorney here.  She's lived in Oregon (Coquille) for around 12 years.  The family is related to the Harmons.  Mike Nichols was connected to a family with the name Harmon and Judge Nancy Harmon is a Judge in Wenatchee, WA.  The Harmons had a farm in the same area Lisa's husband has the farm (near Eugene, Oregon).

I thought the dentist who didn't like, didn't like me because maybe he had a bad opinion about me from reading the Willamette Week or knew one of the lawyers that was my adversary.  I wasn't sure.  I had gone to "Gentle Dental" in the past in Oregon, and had good care and then when this occured, they acted really weird and said they couldn't do the filling.  I thought why wouldn't they do the filling when they had done work before?  So I believe I was referred to this other dentist or I found him after calling around in the phone book.  It was $400 and my grandparents paid for it.  It happened at the end, near the end of 2004 going into 2005.

My parents possibly knew something was wrong with the dentist, because I gave them the quote of how much he said he'd charge and told them who it was first.  I couldn't understand why they wouldn't help with something like this, when they and I (we) always knew I paid back everything I ever borrowed from them.

So then I flipped out when I was in Wenatchee and being told to take a plea bargain for something I didn't do.  I thought, first you don't pay for a tooth filling and now you tell me to take a plea bargain which would ruin my history when I didn't do it?! 

I think they were being controlled then just as they are now.  I didn't know it then though.  It was around 2002 that things got weird, and by 2004 they didn't even say the same kinds of things or give the same kind of advice they normally gave.  It was like someone was dictating to them what to say to me.  I pretty much did my own thing anyway, but I remember around 2002, a few calls where I didn't understand why they sounded frantic or panicked and were then asking me to do things that were not what they'd normally say.  It was like the lawyers for the cases I had, had put their hands around their necks, and squeezed and said, "and now you are going to say this to her...and tell her to do this..."  Total control and an attempt to use my parents to control me.  While this group wanted to control me, they tried to split my family up too, to divide us, and have us working against eachother.

They wanted control.  Whoever was controlling my parents wanted ultimate control.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Torture to interfere with college continued

So far, every single time I have gone to the OSU site to work on college assignments, I have been tortured.  I was not tortured for most of the day today but the minute I went to the OSU site and began going through assignments and reading about them, I was immediately targeted to be tortured.

It has happened every single time I have started working on college assignments.  Earlier today I read from one of the books while waiting for something, and nothing was done (except for a couple of things to the left ear) and when I've been online reading news tonight, nothing was done to me.  It was only when I was online and reading about the work for the week.

So bascially, I have the U.S. interfering with college.

I suppose someone wants to discourage me from studying or doing assignments at all.  What other point is there?  I have already talked, on my video clips, about attempts by the U.S. to turn hate crime into "research" with the excuse that through MKUltra, they are simply trying out "behavior modification".

Bascially, the U.S. electrocuted people starting in the 70s and earlier, for such programs.  They zapped people, electrocuted them, and tried various things to "research" how to force someone to do or NOT do something. 

Why is it then, that all of this has been done to me since mainly I had successful lawsuits?  I was already tortured with migraines that were triggered by military, but I wasn't tortured full-time until later. 

Raul Bujanda, buying his "Michelobe Ultra", working for the U.S. FBI and already knowing my parents and I were forced into the MKUltra program.  The FBI knew about documents and files on me from 1977. 

I wasn't tortured while I went to college at PSU.  I wasn't tortured at first during my lawsuits either.  I was tortured after I reported FBI employees for misconduct.  That full-blown torture was after I filed a misconduct claim against FBI; after I filed a new (3rd) lawsuit against federal Judges for anti-competition and monopoly; after I reported 2 date-rapes.  I guess the only other thing was I met a John Kerry contact, the Heinz guy, through Mike Tanzer. 

I was tortured only after these things took place, after I was obstructed from justice.  I would have won the lawsuits I had filed had my travel not been illegally obstructed.  I would have remained in college as well.

Now, I cannot go to any of my college assignments without being tortured, and tortured upon my opening the college website and going to folders to find my assignments, read about them, and attempt to work on them.

This is anti-competition.  It has always been anti-competition, and that fact will not change.  It is also hate crime.  There is no point to torturing me when I try to do assignments than to attempt to discourage me from it completely.  The only individuals who would do this, are the same ones who never wanted me in college in the first place, and who are afraid of me and what I am able to do, which they have already had a foretaste of.  They are afraid of me since I filed my lawsuits.  They know what I am capable of and ever since then, they have kept me down.

It has nothing to do with a stress reaction. If I were stressed at the idea of studying, it would happen when I am reading course material books at other locations and would not be specifically occuring when I go to, and log onto, the Oregon State University website for my online courses.

It makes no difference where I go either, because it will be done to me regardless of where I go, as I have microchips in my body, and my family knows about it and now the hospital is refusing to even release my own physical medical records to me from the surgery.

People who have nothing to hide, obey the law and provide records upon request.

I'd also like to know why Fox News is using an article by "Todd Starnes" about "banning Hot Cheetos" when I just made a video clip about this topic, which I have not yet released to the public.  In it, I describe Michelle Erickson and her abnormal reaction which was improper for her position and none of her business.  So this journalist, "Todd Starnes", who is supposedly supported by Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity, writes about the topic and sends it to Fox?  What is the point?  to defend Michelle Erickson?  Should I be looking more closely at Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity for some reason? or just Sarah Palin.  I made almost a full video clip about this topic and how Erickson stepped outside of her boundaries (not to mention she endorsed full-blown torture to my son and witnessed evidence of torture and said nothing) and we get a little "defense" from Starnes about how she is not alone.  Basically, the point is to say other 'federal employees' have done the same.  All of them should be fired because it's none of their business, and it's up to a parent to decide what their child eats.  If 98% of a child's diet is healthful and then they get a small snack of something like "Hot Cheetos", that is none of the government's business.  For someone like Palin, who is supposedly about "less government" and parental rights, she endorses Todd Starnes?  Maybe it's just about military and how to exploit others for ones own personal gain is what it comes down to. 

I just looked her up. She's Catholic.  She claims to be a protestant but that was a political move, not an honest one.  She was born and raised Catholic though we never heard about it while she was running for various positions.  She also had someone in the U.S. Army, by the name of Parnell as her governor running-mate.  It was a Dr. Michael Parnell who first defamed me in Wenatchee, WA and the Parnell Palin had as her running-mate was a Parnell who was also from Washington state (went to college there).  He was in WA and then moved to Alaska with Palin.  She is trying to defend people like Erickson for torture and abuse of children.  She put over $500 million in "seed money" torwards Canada (hello Middleton again).  It was over the oil pipeline.  So she had Canadian back and they had hers.

Regardless of this tangent...I have been tortured the entire time I was doing homework tonight.  The entire time and it is now 1:18 a.m. and I am in pain.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Money to Virginia-Mason Hospital (after corruption)

I just looked up Virginia-Mason hospital and found out they got money and decided to build a new "addition" after I was tortured in Seattle and lost my singing voice.  This was when I showed up at their ER from profuse internal bleeding and they called up "Chris", from a psychiatric hospital. 

This occured when I was forced into the area by Michelle Erickson for CPS in Wenatchee.  The address of the hospital is 29th of , oops, I mean, April 29th.  Wait, here it is:  1100 9th.  It is located on the corner of "Spring" and 9th and is building number 1100. 

How cute Katie dearie!  You are so ready for jail I hope you and Daddy Mike & Mummy Carol have packed your bags.

Virginia-Mason got a truckload of money for what they did to me there, and for defaming me.  They put out an announcement of their new construction plans on my birthday, October 22, in 2009, which was a month after what they did to me.  The construction company they used had global contacts, and secured a contract at "Cambridge", completing a new building in England, in 2012.

What is Kate Middleton's "title"?  Duchess of Cambridge or something?  How about Slutness of Cambridge, or Torturer Of Oliver Garrett.  The name of the architecture company is NBBJ.  One of the main founders who runs it is from Canada:  Bain, who served in France during WWII.  The company has secured defense industry contracts since 1931.  This construction company also got a "royal award" from Southampton in 2011 and they had previously secured Cambridge contracts, in 2005 and 2007.

The building that Cambridge hired them for, after I was tortured and assaulted in Seattle, was for the "Material Sciences and Metallurgy Building".  Fascinating.  I was asked about metal in my neck and then tortured, with my voice ruined, while I was in town and had to go to Virginia-Mason. 

The Seattle FBI offices were 3 blocks away and the Canadian embassy was also right around the corner. 

The new addition was named after "Floyd and Dolores Jones" who gave money at various times (at least once for cancer treatments Dolores received for her breast cancer).  She is Swedish and he is described in one article as an "honorary Swede" (sort of the way Lorraine Rose, breast cancer survivor, called me "honorary Jew" before the scheduled rape by a Jew).  Linda Carter is Swedish too, as is Evie Wiltbank.  I can tie that back to something else I've already mentioned in my blog.

Floyd Jones worked for a company owned by David Lewis (any relation to Scott Lewis?  Lorraine's son-in-law?) and then he and his son Steven started First Seattle Asset Management.  The daughter of the Jones family is Ingrid Knudson, who works out of Washington D.C. supposedly.  Floyd is from Arkansas.

The late Dolores Jones was good friends with Senator Patty Murray, the same woman who sat on torture of my son Oliver in Washington state.  The obituary for Delores Jones says they were good friends.  Dolores worked for King County in the welfare department and had worked in the "cannery" business during WWII.

They lived near Camanos Island, which is where Michelle Erickson, the social worker who concealed torture of my son for Wenatchee, Washington CPS, I believe, first worked for a U.S. Navy hospital.  I was forced into that area with no transportation or accomodations, to deliberately put me in danger and at the mercy of these people.  I was assaulted, tortured, poisoned, and I lost my singing voice from it.  Some kind of metal solvent was added to something and I had a metal taste in my mouth after burning in my throat, and then Cambridge University in England hired NBBJ to build its "Metallurgy" building.

Laura Knudson worked in Washington D.C. and is featured on her own Twitter page wearng a black coat like the one Chris Dabney used to wear.  Ingrid Knutsen is the Canadian diplomat I met at the embassy in Washington D.C.  She is married to Bruce Levy, high commissioner for Canada and she looks like Mike Nichols, the man who hijacked my car and rolled it in 1995.  Mike told me he had biological parents in Toronto, Canada.  I just looked at Ingrid's photo again, and her face is similiar to Mike Nichols.  Bruce Levy and Ken Lewis got Canadian promotions on the same day, on October 7, 2009.  The money to Virginia-Mason in Seattle, WA, after I was tortured, was described in an October 22, 2009 newsletter as going to preparations for new NBBJ and Skanska USA construction.  I found something that says a Canadian Ingrid Knutsen worked for AusAID, and still works for them, as a "humanitarian monitor".  AusAID gave Bill Clinton $10-25 million dollars in campaign money.  So when the director of ausAID, Bob Carr, was standing with Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, at a podium in April of 2009, they should have invited Kate Middleton to attend.  Why not Hils?

The Bain for NBBJ is a William Bain and then there is a Boston, MA William Baine that went to Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, who is part of Bain Capital.

So the Lewis'.  Scott Lewis is related to the Harold & Arlene Schnitzer family from Oregon.  Apparently, they are into steel as much as Kate is described after weaseling her way into royalty, as "steely".  Scott works for a Schnitzer steel company.
And he works with a man who looks exactly like Jack Nicholson, which now explains why Chris Dabney thought the Katie Perry video ("Hot n Cold") featuring Jack was so hilarious (see photo of William Larsson).  And it now ties Chris Dabney, who dated Jews and entertained Australians at The Post Pub, to Ingrid Knutson (ausAID) and voila, Clintons (received huge donations from ausAID).  Clintons knew about my being implanted with microchips and the Jewish community center was right next door to the hospital that did this to me.  They all know.

And now it's getting clearer, isn't it?  I just read, for the first time, that Harold Schnitzer was Russian Jewish.  Just like Josh Gatov, which ties Scott Lewis to my rapist.  Scott Lewis is related to Schnitzers--she's his grandma or something.  The Schnitzer, Rose, and Lewis money has been pouring into the college that Scott and Laura went to:  University of Oregon.  Guess where my son Oliver's scholastic records have been going?  He is going to school in Dryden, Washington and his reports are being sent to University of Oregon, in Eugene, which has a Judaic Center and an Art Gallery founded by the Lewis and Schnitzer family. 

They torture my son, and then they find ways to keep tabs on him and insult and humiliate him.  So why, may I ask, when I had my mother's necklace stolen from me, with the large pearls that had a filigree gold design around them, was I given a little silver trinket necklace with a pearl inside of it?  Was that supposed to replace all the theft of my personal belongings?

I looked up the Medici family line after seeing the painting of the child with the necklace that looked like the one my mother had, that I then had and wore.  Supposedly the Medici's were extinguished and replaced by the "Lorraines".  How hilarious.  I guess none of the Roses wanted me to go to college and get an education because I might figure out what horrid people they are.

Harold went to MIT, just like several of the persons whose businesses were hired to construct "new additions" whenever I was tortured, defamed, sent to a psych, or implanted with another device for "teletorture".  Remember how I said Cambridge (in England) constructed a new building by NBBJ in 2012, for metallurgy?  Here's a snippet about Harold Schnitzer:

As a boy, Harold earned 25 cents a week for polishing metal at his father's scrapyards. He told teachers at Lincoln High School he saw his future: the steel business. By 16, he was studying metallurgy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He graduated in 1944.

So Kate Middleton really must not have anything to do with my being raped at all.  Or my being tortured, or my parents, or my son having hair perm solution poured down his throat.  She knew about it.

God has a lot to do with "destiny" doesn't He?  In fact, I'm just sure he ordered my rape, and defamation by the Jewish editor of The Willamette Week.  He needed the help I see.  God really needed the help of a bunch of Jewish criminal low-lifes.  The Middletons must really be great people--"can do" without any help from criminals, torturers, and murderers.

How about the "Carter" name at the top of the list for Schnizter Steel?  that's sort of hilarious too, isn't it Linda (oops.  Lynda).  And let's see, he is from San Fransisco, formely having worked for Bectel, which is connected to the Robin Bechtold family.  Just lovely.  Nice to know who ones friends are and where the money is coming from.  Carter also went to Stanford, like Amy Roe!  and Amy Roes *great* grampie who worked for the steel industry his entire life.  Roe is, of course, the reporter hired by the Jewish editor that knows the Lewis/Rose/Schnitzer family who defamed me.

Jordan Schnitzer sounds like a real winner too.  I read the article from just this May of 2012, where he goes off, taking an opportunity in an interview over his Art Gallery, to mention how it's not recommended people bring in "fabric swatches" but go ahead, your life will never be the same again, and how "we are not too precious to..." twice, he brings up "precious".  I had a fabric swatch from the Thebault family when they were decorating in 1993-1994 and it went with me to the Jewish family from Livingston, NJ, to Ken and Marylynn Kargman's house.  I never thought it was too precious, but it was stolen from me like everything else.  Why use the word precious?  This is the part of my password for my blog and it's not about me assholes.  It's about my son Jordan.  You are all criminals and you all deserve jail.

The Schnizter Steel company has certaintly been getting rich.  They dared show their alliance with Canada only after Middleton was engaged to be married and signed in.  Then they started expanding their business into Canada.  Of course.  God damn the Middletons and God damn those responsible for torture of my family and my son.  I was raped, and my mother was raped, for the Middletons.  My son has been tortured and not one of these greedy individuals has ever reported crimes--they've colluded together to get rich.