Monday, October 31, 2011

Dog Sick Again (since 5 a.m.)

I forgot to mention, the dog is sick again, since after this morning sometime. I guess sometime after 5 a.m. or so, and I thought it's nerves but it must be something else too now, because he is hunching up his back acted like a spot on his back and on his head hurt him.

Something is weird though. I feel like after I figured out a few things, someone probably wants to make it look like something else but we're keeping an eye on him.

I think he knows something because also, he kept looking at this one area like he knew someone was around that he's been afraid of.

And, he would act weird sometimes when there was a scent of a certain person on my clothing. He's react and be afraid, so he's a smart one.

Sealing Tincture Bottles

Kind of weird.

I'm looking up freedom of information stuff but also wanted to find out how to seal tincture bottles because I want it to be stored safely and not tampered.

I tested my own gift before giving it, took a sip, but I was thinking of using smaller bottles and sealing them and then I remembered, how weird because when we used to go hiking in Northrup Canyon when I was a kid, we collected (or I did) all these old antique medicine bottles. Someone had left them there and there were a lot of very old and antique glass bottles, some light glass but most amber, some green.

For the tinctures I'm making, I had it sitting in a large dark colored glass and then I just found out tonight it's called amber glass. It just looks like dark glass to me.

But I am finding out where to buy smaller bottles and how to seal them and it came to mind, about how we used to collect this kind of thing back in the 80s. My mother just used them for decorating as antiques or collectibles and some had quaint lables on them.

I saved all of mine and used them for miniature vases for fresh flowers in my room. I used antique medicine bottles for vases from the 80s up until 1998 or later. I know I still used them in 1997 because I had my house and still had a few that I was using as vases.

They were for little wildflower and other kinds of bouquets. I never once imagined I'd make a tincture one day. I'm not interested in making a lot though, just this one in particular right now.

I just found out Everclear is also called moonshine. I did not know that. Well, enough of that for now.

I'm looking this stuff up because it's my Dad's birthday tomorrow and I was thinking about what to give him and also, about this tincture separately.

Uncle Howard Opening Eyes & Obama

My Dad got back and I guess all he was able to do was open his eyes, but he did this a few times. For about 5 or so minutes at one point.

I was right about getting an idea that he wasn't in a coma but doped up on medications because that's the entire reason, I found out, he was "out" and whenever they lowered his medications, he was opening his eyes and more alert.

I hope Obama Barak believes me, now, that I really did see his femur the way I said I saw it. There is no way anyone in any government or military anticipated my prayer and then had something set up on a video that showed Obama's body and then had a vision going through the skin, then through muscle and tissue, to the living bone of a living being and showed me there was a problem there. I am not a govt. trained person either and all I did was pray for something from God that would convince someone my son was to be returned to me. And that's what I got.

I want my son back.

With my Uncle, I wasn't sure about everything going on with him but one thing I had "seen" was his eyes opening. And they were saying he was in a coma. And then I felt no, he's not in a coma, he's in a drug induced sedation and not responding right now because he's doped up.

I asked if they found any swelling of his brain or anything else and my Dad said not that he was aware of, but I still wonder. I know one radiologist's report can be completely different from the interpretation of another radiologist. I had all kinds of tests done on my miscarriage and with a broken knee, and the doctors told me nothing was wrong, and THEY, the "experts" were wrong. In some instances, they were hiding things from me. I had to keep looking and get the next doctor who finally confirmed yes, that I was right and the other ones were incorrect.

1. With my broken knee, they hid an X-ray from me and said I had just pulled muscles when I had actually broken off a piece of femur that showed up on the X-ray they hid from me, and had damage under the patella. I later had an MRI that proved there was new damage but the first radiologist who interpreted the MRI hid this and said there were no new changes when any other doctor could read the report and know it wasn't true.

2. With my childbirth, they lied and said it was natural and spontaneous and it wasn't. It was an extremely traumatic and invasive and abnormal delivery for both me and my son and I later got records to prove it and was tortured before I could put the evidence into court--I was later blocked by public defenders from adding this evidence and proof to the public record.

3. With my miscarriage, they kept saying it was completed and I couldn't feel any pain and nothing was going on and I knew this wasn't true. The radiology reports showed something was wrong too, but the first person interpreting wasn't being honest. I had a prolonged continued labor, literally, labor with contractions, for over 6 months until someone at another hospital finally got the radiology report right and correct and said it was not completed and I needed a surgery because the natural course had not gone as it should have. And I was lied to at first, at another hospital, about having a twin. No one wanted me to know and I later found out.

So when people say "leave it to the experts" I think it's not a good idea. From my experience, if I had not been proactive myself and done my own investigations and known my body and known that something odd and political was going on, I would not be a healthy person today at all. I'd probably be crippled.

All that to say, I would have to see my Uncle's reports with my own eyes, and see the actual scans (the photos, not the reports) before I would believe anything fully.

I think probably my Uncle Howard was tortured with technology. I didn't get to hear how or what time he collapsed in Bonner's Ferry.
I gave my gave my Dad my milk thistle tincture tonight with the sylibicyian extracted naturally (this process is how you draw it out). It's really mine but he's free to try it, and it's one of the best things they have out there in research right now, for men's health and prostate. He doesn't have problems, but it's still really good.

My batch looks really good, and it worked out great but I realized I made way too little. I tried it myself, a very small taste, days ago, and it was okay. It's been over a month and then I just put it away to give to my Dad, after I had a tiny sip about a week ago or less.

I need to make more so I think I have to buy some Everclear and make a much bigger amount.

Since it's an herb, it's not practicing medicine at all, but they are using the same thing in expensive pharmaceutical applications right now.

I saw some photos from a long time ago, in 2008, of a chair with french blue and cream design, and last night I saw the same thing but it was white with gold design over it. It was last night or the night before. I thought it was a wall maybe or a bedspread but it was white or cream and had large sort of stencil-brocade like patches in gold over it and then I saw a photo of a chair today that had almost the same design, but the colors were different. The only part that was weird is that I wondered who's house it was in, and why this particular design and then I saw a chair with the same thing today, in baby blue-french blue with cream design over it. I clicked through photos of my family and saw one of my son and then forward past the recent photos and my Dad asked me to hand it over so I did and it was just then on a photo of strands of wheat in front of a large rock formation. It looked strands of wheat but maybe it was something else, but I looked it was while looking at photos of Northrup Canyon and then it was this one and I gave it back when I was on that one.

Ring Impression from Yesterday

I had more of an image after I went to bed. He put it on a coffee table.

I saw his hands and it was a gold band but thinner, like a woman's, or maybe for a woman I thought. I didn't see any diamonds. It looked like a plain gold band.

Then I blogged about it and went to bed.

I had seen him before, saw his right profile and he was sitting and had this ring in his fingers, looking at it, turning it over and looking at it. A plain gold band.

And it was about 10 minutes before 12 p.m. that I saw this and then went to bed. About 20 minutes later, it flashed up again and he set it down at the edge of a coffee table.

I think he was blond but I am not sure. I mainly saw his hands.

I saw his hands and the ring and then nothing and went to bed and wasn't thinking about anything except my own family and then he came into my view again and he set the same ring down on this table that was lower than where he was sitting, and he was sitting and he put it down on the table so it was a circle.

After I blogged about MDR and FOIA and Director of Intelligence and Will Wagle'rs facebook photo, is when I first saw the ring and his hands.

Then I crawled up to my bed and looked out the window and there was a pool of water outside my window in a perfect circle and shining in the moonlight.

It made me think about the ring and also about my son but then I was in bed for 10-30 minutes or so, I don't know, it was awhile and out of the blue he came into my view again. I wasn't thinking of him or asking to see him or praying. I was just thinking about my family.

When I first blogged last night, I didn't feel I should share what the ring looked like or anything about the man or details and that was probably good because then I got more later, but I don't know that it's good or bad.

So after I saw the pool of water in a perfect circle, shining in the moonlight, it was 10-30 minutes later that I then saw him take this ring and put it down on the edge of some table and it was a perfect circle there, like the pool of water I had just seen outside of my window.

I am not sure if I was seeing him, just remote viewing somehow on my own, or if I was somehow seeing him through someone else's eyes who was there. If I saw him through someone else's eyes, it wasn't someone sitting close to him, right up against him, and to his immediate side, unless they were turned at an angle.

Then I wondered who he was and fell asleep. I didn't really see his face. I rarely ever get a clear view of a face. I see hands and frames of hair and general face but nothing detailed. My impression was that he was under the 50 for sure but probably under the age of 40 and possibly closer to 30s or 20s. Maybe it was lighter hair because he was older, I don't know. I'm positive he would know if I was talking about him because it's too specific for him to not know. I thought he was blond too, but since I mainly saw hands and the ring and what he was doing with it, in motion, maybe hair color is up for grabs.

I was fully, 100% awake, not dreaming at all when I saw him put the ring on the table. There was no diamond. If there was, I didn't see one and I saw no ornamentation. It was a plain gold band.

This morning the dog was shaking and afraid again. I don't know why, he sensed something. My mom said he had an upset stomach but I said I think it's nerves. I said, "When I put my arms around him and cover him and let him hide in my arms he quits shaking." Then my mother did the same thing and he was calming down. So it's something else.

Then I was going to do a bottle return today but decided to wait and then bought some yerba mate and ginko for circulation and blood purification and walked home.

I am worried about my mom and dad though. I started getting a bad feeling at about 10 minutes before 11 a.m. and then as we were driving out, just sensed something somewhere isn't okay.

I'm listening to Britney Spears this morning.

My mom was saying today she didn't want any FOIA or MDR done on my parents, when I told her what forms or letters I needed to print out. I told her I was doing it for me. I need to print this stuff out and if someone is going to block her from allowing me to do this, I need to know in advance.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Will Wagler & Director of Intelligence

. "Will Wagler vs. Tyson"

"Will Wagler Takes On Director of Intelligence in Historic Showdown of Rushmore Proportions."

I was looking up mandatory declassification requests and then wondered who the Director of Intelligence was.

So I looked it up on wiki but there was no photo there.

So I looked up Will Wagler on Facebook.

Photo of him underwater.

I laughed, because I had just thought about how my socks finally got wet while I was outside tonight walking the dog and cat in the dark with just a flashlight and thought, "Well, my socks are wet now. Does this mean I'm in over my head?"

Then I was looking up more about MDR and then the Director of Intelligence and Will's photo. Then I clicked back to the Director of Intelligence site again. Next, I had the idea to listen to the song, old version, "We Are The World".

So I played this song, and the part that stands out to me is this:

"There's a choice we're making; we're saving our own lives"

I clicked on it because of thinking about being the children who have a right to have safety and our children with us safely and I had just looked up this section about prohibitions on classification of material.

Earlier today I had sent my mom an email saying we have to storm the courts. Because they can't say what's true and are kept from talking about who tortures them, and I'm stuck in a trap set up by FBI and cohorts to be mentally ill just because I'm the only one talking about what's happening and I thought, I know they want to make my parents sound crazy if they talk, but if we all storm the courts at the same time, we can't all be crazy.

I wrote it's better than allowing people to pick us off one by one and try to make it look like it was of "natural causes".

So I say we save our own lives by demanding open government and declassification of classified information and asking for accountability from the FBI.

Anyway, I haven't had any other new insights.

I chose the old version because I wanted to see Michael Jackson in it.

I was sitting on the porch today and looked at the cat in the igloo (which makes me think of CIA, just the igloo does) and then I looked over to my right and there is this salt&pepper shaker looking thing with holes in it and it was in a can where charcoal was.

The day my mom put it out I had just sprinkled my charred popcorn with red pepper flakes and then I sat down on the porch to eat it and then I noticed these two holes in the shaker, and they looked just like the holes in the documents from the CIA on youtube stuff I've seen, and I kept thinking about classified vs declassified information. Not that it's all CIA. But just thinking about classification and I guess that was yesterday and then today I found some more things.

Anyway, the first good laugh I had today was thinking about myself walking around the house en pointe barefoot saying to my mom "I still want to take ballet" (hint, hint) and then I didn't laugh again until I saw this photo of Will inbetween Director of Intelligence glances and looked at Rushmore poster in particular.
About a week ago I had some impression of someone in a white shirt and jeans and a belt that stuck out because it was too long and then the other guy in a cable knit but I figured it was wrong. And saw someone tearing a shirt when I was at this prayer meeting, or a sheet, but really not enthused when the torture stuff is going on for my family. Tore a sheet and then it looked like 2 tall rectangular blocks being separated and pushed over with a man inbetween pushing one out to the right and one out to the left, but I wasn't trying to visualize anything. I thought, "Oh, like sampson" Like when he pushes the pillars out which support the structure.

And then the next day my Uncle died.

I don't feel like sharing as much anymore because for me and my family, too much hate crime and competition has been concealed with classification stuff. I think my parents get tortured if they refuse to keep it up. And I don't know what someone is really trying to do to them because on one hand they force them to do stuff, and then on the other hand, they get tortured and psychologically tortured in ways that are not conducive. It just looks like hate crime anymore. I know for me, that's what I've been dealing with.

I want my son out of this.

Anyway, the MDR may be easier to get than getting something from just the DOJ or FBI because there have been so many problems. I don't know what the preclusions are for sure yet...not one outlines this very well.

Obama has to know what's happening because what is going on that turned into a cover for crime or embarrassment or competition, is top secret and he has access. But my Uncle just died and he didn't seem to like Obama and said this and then he dies, and it just makes me wonder about everything.

A ring. You're holding a ring. (this is not directed to Will or my family or anyone in director of intelligence group. I just saw a man looking at a ring and holding it between his fingers. anyway. I'm going to sleep. Half the stuff I get, when people send it, it's not always coming from good people, so getting an impression or image, unless I know where it's coming from, means nothing to me).

Prohibitions: The President Executive Order 13526 Classified National Security Information Memorandum

This is a law that refers to exactly what I've been talking about--using classification to conceal crime or any of the following reasons below...

Sec. 1.7. Classification Prohibitions and Limitations. (a) In no case shall
information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail
to be declassified in order to:

(1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
(2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;
(3) restrain competition; or
(4) prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of the national security.
(b) Basic scientific research information not clearly related to the national security shall not be classified.
(c) Information may not be reclassified after declassification and release to the public under proper authority unless:

(1) the reclassification is personally approved in writing by the agency head based on a document-by-document determination by the agency that reclassification is required to prevent significant and demonstrable damage to the national security;
(2) the information may be reasonably recovered without bringing undue attention to the information;
(3) the reclassification action is reported promptly to the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (National Security Advisor) and the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office; and
(4) for documents in the physical and legal custody of the National Archives and Records Administration (National Archives) that have been available for public use, the agency head has, after making the determinations required by this paragraph, notified the Archivist of the United States (Archivist), who shall suspend public access pending approval of the reclassification action by the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office. Any such decision by the Director may be appealed by the agency head to the President through the National Security Advisor. Public access shall remain suspended pending a prompt decision on the appeal.
(d) Information that has not previously been disclosed to the public under proper authority may be classified or reclassified after an agency has received a request for it under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552), the Presidential Records Act, 44 U.S.C. 2204(c)(1), the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a), or the mandatory review provisions of section 3.5 of this order only if such classification meets the requirements of this order and is accomplished on a document-by-document basis with the personal participation or under the direction of the agency head, the deputy agency head, or the senior agency official designated under section 5.4 of this order. The requirements in this paragraph also apply to those situations in which information has been declassified in accordance with a specific date or event determined by an original classification authority in accordance with section 1.5 of this order.
(e) Compilations of items of information that are individually unclassified may be classified if the compiled information reveals an additional association or relationship that:

(1) meets the standards for classification under this order; and
(2) is not otherwise revealed in the individual items of information.

Sec. 1.8. Classification Challenges.

Mandatory Declassification Request (& Archie comic books)

I found out about this other avenue for getting records.

It's a request to have classified information declassified. There are different rules that apply.

It says if you make a request with this, you give up rights to file a lawsuit. I don't know what that file a lawsuit for what? So many different things one might file a lawsuit for.

With FOIA, you request records and then wait and if they don't produce, you can file a lawsuit.

One site said it's faster to get FOIA because they have to respond in 10 days. The other site says it's faster to get info through MDR because even though they have 1 year, it's faster than waiting for FOIA denials or clarifications and then subsequent lawsuit which can last years.

I already know there is classified information about me and my family. 100% positive. I have no doubts about it at all. However, I also believe there is information that's not classified that the FBI should have been forthcoming about and shared when I asked a long time ago.

I read some article about invisible ink recipe which I've read before. It took years to get this from the CIA through MDR and it was a specific request. All it was was lemon juice and I knew how to do this when I was 8 or 9 years old because I read the backs of all my Archie comic books.

I collected Archie comic books. I don't know why, but I liked reading novels and then I loved these comic books. And I was a girl, reading comic books. I read the funnies in the paper every Sunday and I paid for my own magazine subscriptions to Archie comic books. I had the money from babysitting and my paper route. It was my idea and it was the first subscription I ever had, comic books.

So I ordered Archie, Archie and Jughead, Betty & Veronica...Every time we went to the store I wanted a new digest, and then I was getting the comics by mail too. I had a huge comic book collection.


I might have to look to see if I ordered anything else but I think that was it. Maybe one other type, but mainly, I liked the Archie ones.

I ordered these comic books from age 11 up to high school.

And in the back of these larger, thinner, full size magazines, or sometimes in the center (usually in the back) there were ads for all kinds of gag gifts. I used to read about all the different kinds of gag gifts, and never got tired of it. They had farting machines and whoopie cushions, spy glasses that gave you x-ray vision (they said), fake dog doo, fake bugs, snapping gum, sea monkeys, and invisible ink...all these great things that had my imagination going for a long time.

And in these ads, they shared that the invisible ink was lemon juice once. So it was right there.

I bought a different kind of ink one time, that I squirted at my mom's shirt and it was bright purple and she freaked out and I said, "It's not real ink mom!" and it faded and disappeared. It was ALL over her shirt, bright, and she was stunned, thinking I had just deliberately ruined her shirt with ink but it faded away. And I bought other things when I finally got to a gag gift store.

I wanted to order stuff from the magazines but wasn't allowed, and I always wanted the sea monkeys. They could be trained! They were these sea horses too, and I think it was the same thing as the sea monkey, but maybe a little different, and I always wanted them because I thought it was fascinating they just grew from nothing and then were smart and did all these things.

But yeah.

The CIA was covering up a "secret recipe for invisible ink" that was right there in the back of Archie comic books for any kid to learn about.

(Maybe Archie was a commie!)

But I figure, the importance of a recipe for invisible ink is much less than the importance of being able to protect ones own family. So I believe it will eventually go the declassification route.

Oh, now I remember, I did have a few other comic books. I had Donald Duck, and Richie Rich, Casper, and a few others. I got more than one Donald Duck because I liked the themes, and Richie Rich was always getting into trouble so there were decent stories there, and Casper the friendly ghost was more the magical imagination kind. I had Minnie & Mickie and the other Disney characters but I gravitated towards Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey, & Louie, and Scrooge--they seemed to be on constant adventures. I had mickey mouse ears for a long time though, even though I never went to Disneyland. I think my Grandma Rosella gave them to me one year, I don't know for sure where they came from. I also had some christian Archie comic books. Oh yeah, and Dennis the Menace. I looked at a few Marvel superhero books but I wasn't really into them. I liked the other kind better. I was into them way more than my brother was. My first chosen mail orders were, I believe, Archie comic books and organic-herbal skincare from France.

But that's where the recipe for invisible ink was. In fact, I think it was even shared in one of the stories. Like one of the comic book characters has a note and it's on the note or something.

And I read every single Nancy Drew every published, back to the 1920s or pre-war paper-salvaging war time printing days.

Anyway, I'm sure there is a lot of information to be declassified.

I think I still have to file FOIA because I don't have specific names of some of the records and need to make a more general request first. And I know I'll have to sue. I mean, I think, if I get the same kind of response I've had for the last 6 years. If I could go straight to declassification and get information declassified and give up right to a lawsuit I would do that.

But I think my request has to be more narrowly defined if it's for declassification...not sure...need to do more research.

Then again, since our safety is at stake, maybe I'll jump right to the request for declassification.

We want to be declassified and protected. Period.

RICO: FBI Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping

Well, after I file my FBI FOIA lawsuit, I guess I can proceed to a RICO lawsuit for conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

I wonder if the FBI has ever been named as party to a kidnapping before. Not just conspiracy, but they actually did it and then they obstructed justice to keep me from getting my son back and defamed me as crazy.

I am sort of looking up case law where the FBI has been named in lawsuits. So far, I don't see one where the FBI is named in a RICO suit. Usually, it's supposed to be the FBI taking up the RICO lawsuits.

They are supposed to be our "defenders" and protectors of the children and public. They are supposed to be the Middle men. They're supposed to be the Middlemen between those who torture others and victims. They have the jurisdiction to pull out stops and all quits and investigate. They are required to keep those FUCKING doors OPEN, not shut, to someone going to them for help, if they are victims of hate crime.

So instead, they act like Middle men between other groups. Really interesting.

With RICO, a regular citizen can make a case and take it to federal court. Usually, it's the government doing this, to prosecute people under corruption and racketeering. But if the shoe fits the FBI in a particular case, RICO can be brought against the FBI. I don't know if it's been done before but I would think so.

Inter-agency collusion to commit crimes against a citizen, just to pick up slack for other criminal friends, is illegal.

It doesn't matter if you're FBI--if you go out to obstruct the freedom of movement of a citizen and defame them to other countries, and conspire to have them put to false arrest, or if you obstruct justice and work hard at making them sound crazy for your own bureau's interests, that's a problem.

And when you're FBI and you refuse to take reports of interstate hate crime, and allow people to be tortured, that's criminal.

There have been corrupt police beating up on us, and laughing in my face personally, simply because they know the FBI has their back. Why would they side with me about getting my son back when they colluded with the FBI and others to keep torture a secret and then call me crazy.

They tortured out of hate. Not a research program. Hate.

Then they tried to make it into a U.S. government project and meshed hate crime with research and did it to my face. Tortured my son in my face. Tortured me in my parent's faces. I thought it was just gangsters at first, until my son comes in like a zombie and goes into hypnosis in front of my eyes.

Keep children away from plastic.
Always keep child buckled into carseat.
Do not give small objects to a child under the age of 3.

Violating any of these things, is careless.

But someone going over to my son and putting a plastic bag over his head...that's criminal. The FBI suffocated my son.

They committed crimes against my son, and allowed others to commit crimes against him and then threatened him with violence and told him not to tell anyone.

My son was taught to lie by the FBI and Wenatchee police force. Anne Crane works for the FBI. She sat in those visititations observing my son and writing everything up, smirking at my shock over the condition my son was in.

They held my son hostage and members of my family hostage to cause intentional distress and what the FBI did is criminal.

"Don't talk about the FBI"
"It's not the FBI--it's the CIA..."
"You need someone on your side...don't go after the FBI"

I didn't "go after" the FBI. They and their thugs went after us.

They were the bouncers and enforcers for others. They were the "Fear Factor" that had everyone too scared to call for help, because "who ya gonna call?" Mike Middleton?"
Tonight I looked up some different information options.

Read more about FOIA and then a little about MDR.

Next Post.

Indian Music & Torture from FBI

I decided to find some different music and looked up something about guard rails but didn't play anything. Then I typed in a search for something choctaw (I am both choctaw and cherokee though I would like to find a variety)...and got a song from catcherandspy and switched to something else because it said choctaw but wasn't so I went to this link and like the song. It's set to all these images of animals and birds painted on feathers. And I noticed the background colors are the same as the site for FOIA which I was reading last night. Which is what I'm working on today--my FOIA. I had a bunch of feathers out.

I would like to know what they are saying, in this language.
By the way, I put this on and the FBI has been torturing us at our house. I also believe one agent goes to the church my parents go to. I wonder why he's not doing anything. His family looks fine to me. I don't know if it's true, no one has said anything, but it's an idea.
I think someone connected to Middletons were the ones wanting me to take my posts down. It was right after I published something about a woman my mom works with who has the same last name as Kate Middleton's best friend and who is British. There is also a Catholic man who works for the Archdiocese in WA by the same last name.

So I was thinking, if Kate is the type to have family that services mafia, and works with corrupt U.S. govt. interests, if she's going to make such a big deal about a tennis photo shot by some guy in a tree, to the point of suing him for $10,000, she's going to pick a fight with me and my family. And so would her boyfriend. So definitely, the whole fuss over that, and then my Uncle Howard ends up dead...thanks to the Middletons. It was their way of sending a message after I wrote about Kate's best friend and a British connection here I guess, oh, and how our dog is terrified of knives and male British accents.

I asked my Dad if he'd ever met James Middleton before. He said who is that, but I have a feeling.

I said, "I don't know, I was just wondering because when I was being tortured in Wenatchee at Steve Mays house and other places there, I noticed a few younger guys with British accents coming into town and had a feeling they were paying people off for something so I just wondered if you guys had seen anything similiar over here."

I really don't care if William cares about what I write, or Harry either. From some things I've seen, one or both of them has been courting terrorists or those who associate with them, so it doesn't matter to me. I sometimes feel like,...not even going to say it.

The other thing going on, aside from my litigationa and the FBI stuff I've already talked about, was Heinz. I criticized John Kerry and he lost and I brought up Heinz's (who he's related to and who are connected to clintons and others) and how I'd met him and he knew this guy I dated briefly. That was Tanzer. I didn't date him further for a few reasons, but mainly because I had my lawsuits and I was busy and didn't want the distraction.

So yeah, you can see I'm a reeeaaal gold-digger.

Here's what I want:

My autonomy and my child.

I think powers-that-be are just jealous of what I can do and don't want me to get credit for what I can do, in my own right, without help.

They've wanted me to look lazy, desperate, needy, you-name-it..."homeless", inferior, whatever.

Seriously. What is the big deal?

I have the right to raise my child the way I want to raise him and I have the right to live my life the way I choose and to be protected for my right to free speech.

Corruption in WA & Howard Tried To Leave

These Judges are all corrupt...preliminary thought without any research involved. I want to think maybe a few are not but it's not looking good.

I was finally mailed something, after all this time where the court refused to respond to my requests to have information mailed to me.

I called the courthouse several times even from TN and asked where the legal response was.

I just found out these people got away with crime.

Not only were were being tortured, assaulted, during this time, there were 2 court matters pending which were deliberately obstructed by this hate crime and violence. One matter was regarding perjury by Michelle Erickson for claiming I harassed her when I didn't and I was not able to challenge and reverse this court decision by Judge Alicia Nakata.

I just got a note from her friend Judge Lonny Suko.

At the same Nakata and Erickson's crew had people torturing us and FBI friends throwing me into psych wards, to keep me from challenging their collusion to smear me in court, her friends over at Eastern Washington federal courts were making sure they closed a case that I had filed to have open a year earlier, asking the FBI and other parties to respond to the illegality of kidnapping my son.

Judge Alicia Nakata knew I could ask to have the case with CPS's Erickson overturned because she didn't give me a continuance to obtain evidence as required by law. She is required to give at least one reasonable continuance and she didn't do this, on purpose, because she deliberately wanted this smear on my record to go through.

Guess who she favored?

The Colombian man. She liked me "with" him and wanted to screw me over without him.

I'm starting to think it is Nakata that is the coke-snorter. I had death threats from a group about a Judge who does drugs, and I was almost killed over it but I didn't know who it was. I thought it was NOT Nakata because people kept trying to implicate her so I thought, "Maybe they want me to think it's her because it's actually one of the male judges around here."

But now, it's looking funny.

It's looking more like Judge Harmon has the corrupt cop husband and Nakata plays a violin for both the mafia and the FBI at the same time.

I thought, when she agreed I could ask to have the case overturned in federal court, I thought, "Well, she is admitting I can have this reversed in federal court, so that's honest."

However, what happened to the "honesty" with following normal civil procedure in the first place? If Judge Nakata was a good judge to begin with, a good judge doesn't refuse to give a defendant even ONE small continuance of one month to obtain necessary and crucial evidence. The very fact that she blocked me from getting this evidence and instead wanted to smear my record internationally, shows she is more akin to collusion and corruption.

She was the Judge who got all this free pass stuff from the Wenatchee FBI man Wes. I went to him, reporting Judge Gerald Warren for obstruction of justice and corruption and then I had added, "And one of the Judges is supposedly dealing drugs or involved but I don't know which one." And then Wes just went off saying, "None of OUR Judges. I have great faith in Alicia Nakata." I didn't say her name and I never said which one, because honestly, I didn't know. I didn't know if it was District court, Superior, or Douglas county. I just brought it up.

After this is when we were tortured too.

You know, FBI is really great.

So here is Judge Nakata, telling me not to say anything about how guards treated me in jail. I thought that was shocking enough. I was harassed by guards in jail and she was telling me not to write about anything that happened there or in the courtroom and said, "You can write about me but no one else."

Like she has a right to block free speech.

So Nakata knew she was smearing my record. She knew. She knew that even if I got it overturned, the very fact that she granted the order in the first place was going to smear my record and be a misdemeanor crime.

Oh! and by the way, now someone has started up technology so let's not imagine it has anything to do with the Catholic church hate crimes when she is Catholic (I think but would have to confirm--it's what I've been told). And Harmon and her husband are also Catholic (I know for a fact).

So Judge Nakata knew I had a year to take the case to federal court. They all knew the statutes. During this time, I was tortured and drugged and my family was beaten and assaulted by FBI.

This Eastern District court Judge Lonny Suko, filed a motion to dismiss my request for injunction on June 9, 2011 and never copied me. I just got it now.

They sent it to me with someone having used a yellow highlighter pen all over the papers. Why Lonny Suko or his clerk would want to take out a yellow highlighter and mark up each one of the documents is beyond me. Someone put squiggly marks in yellow all over all 3 of the copies of the documents they sent to me.

After he did this, and Judge Nakata got what she wanted, after I was thrown into a psych ward by the FBI and then into a detention center for research by the FBI again, they let me go back to Oregon to be with my parents for the first time in over 7 years of obstruction of freedom to travel by the FBI.

I personally "feel" that Nakata is probably not the cokehead Judge. I don't know for sure, but I don't think so. I felt someone was trying too hard to make it look like her, even if she was doing other corrupt things.

Do you know who they referenced when they threw me into TN psych ward, by instruction and help of the FBI and Florida's DEA? They were military there and imitated Chris Rozollo and then they had some Asian guy--Japanese with his doctor father mocking me.

I wonder if the Japanese doctor who took time out of his day to find me and mock me, after his kid was used to research against me,...I wonder if he knows either Judge Alicia Nakata or Judge Suko.

WWII anyone?

It's still WWII and some people have never gotten over it, have they.

I can photo ID the Japanese man from the Middle TN psych ward in a flash. He face and stature is firmly imprinted in my memory and I remember what he was saying and what he did and when he showed up to mock me.

Some of these things can be more tightly knit when you throw in communal culture, but a lot of it still reflects on religious hate crime.

We had the Asian and "Chris Rozollo--(said his nickname was "yellow")-number 9-florida fans" with Italian mafia on the way to the psych ward in January and then a few months later when I tried to report it to other FBI, it was the Irish Catholics.

Shea found out I guess, and Suko knew, and decided to file a case dismissed in June 2011.

Who knifed my mother by the way.

Who killed my Uncle Howard?

Does the FBI carry tasers and LTL weapons into Bonner's Ferry hospital these days?

I guess he showed up at Bonner's hospital and then tried to leave. He showed up at the hospital complaining of heart pains and feeling sick, and then he tried to leave. No one leaves unless they realize something is wrong or someone bad is there, or that something bad is about to happen.

Before he could leave, he collapsed while trying to get out.

Which probably means he saw someone there that he knew wasn't good. After he collapsed, they put him into a drug-induced coma, and life-flighted him to Coer-d'alene. If he collapsed, he went unconscious and it wasn't because he was on a ventilator. He wasn't hooked up to one then. They did this later. There was no cause for fully sedating him with meds either.

I think they didn't want him to be able to talk.

I have to ask Judge Lonny Suko to recuse based on hate crime conflict of interest. Yeah, Suko's been handling a lot of Archdiocese-Catholic lawsuit stuff. Conflict.

I already know the FBI was involved in my litigation and if they're having Suko take some of the Catholic lawsuits about sex crimes against children, while the FBI twiddles their thumbs and tithes to the Vatican, I already know Suko is a set-up.

It's been very beneficial to the Catholic church to have FBI and former FBI on their boards for "reform" and involved in taking and handling the cases in court.

You wonder why the FBI does nothing.

Because the FBI is getting paid.

It's the FBI's job to investigate organized crimes against children. What have they done? Nothing. They have a bunch of agents covering up for people who pay them better with bigger incentives, raises, and promises than children ever will.

If you don't think these cases and who they are assigned to is not tightly controlled, you're living on Jupiter.

I think the FBI felt challenged by me. They didn't like my idea about joining their organization. The people who were already in the FBI and smearing my family didn't like the idea either. I had every ability to join and get hired. I think first of all, some group was jealous of any idea that I could be successful in any way, independently, and be a lawyer. I think secondly, they were afraid of power I might acquire by gaining access to information and cases corrupt officials wanted to keep covered by their own special buddies. Then I was saying I was going to apply specifically to the legal program and work as an attorney in the corporate criminal division and that I specifically wanted to work on things like organized crime against children and whether churches should have any "right to privilege" in concealing crimes against kids.

My adversaries, and the FBI apparently, did not like my idea at all.

I had a goal and a target and I was diligent and they didn't want me in there screwing up things for their special interests.

The FBI likes to keep things reeally, reaaally dirty apparently, with a peroxide-bleach kind of clean on the side for hastily covering up their own messes The FBI likes to defame people and assault them and then get others to cut their hair to remove evidence of defamation.

I was going to work for the public and against the churches where they were committing crimes against kids.

They didn't like this.

So the FBI worked at making sure it was impossible.

My enemies knew someone decent would let me in and they worked out a plan to keep me out, and I ended up going from working for them, and helping a lot of people, to now, having to sue them.

The FBI doesn't care about kids.

They care about their own kids, but they don't care about your kids. They care about 1 Elizabeth Smart but will let 60 other kids that aren't as cute or who have single mothers, disappear without a trace.

The FBI tortures children.

They watch kids get sexually molested and see evidence they cover up and destroy for the benefits of their church and then allow religious hate crimes against those who try to speak up.

The FBI is responsible for hate crimes against my family. And the FBI is still working on their angle, because my mother was just assaulted again and her eyes are black and they're not doing anything to keep people from using technology to torture them.

So there are good Mormons but I'm wondering why certain ones got picked out to cover for hate crimes. I don't think they're really Mormons.

I'd like to know when Wes got assigned to the Wenatchee area and who is there with him now. I'd like to know how long he's been "Mormon" too. I would like to know more about the "Mormon" Wenathcee officers who covered up marks of torture on my son's body when I reported it and who tried to block me from putting up photos.

The "Irish" Mormon pastor I met in Seattle did not strike me as Mormon at all and FBI immediately came to mind when I met him.

I've met many good Mormons, which is good, because then when I spot one that's bad, I'm able to say, "Yeah--that's not a real Mormon."

I know for an intuitive fact that the Mormon church is already highly infiltrated with Catholics.

Vivaldi & En Pointe

Listened to classical music this morning after looking at the weathered roses. I resisted plucking one today.

Went inside and put on 1/2 of a pop song, 1/2 of a country song, and settled on my old tradition of classical music on Sundays. I need to get my own CDs and playlists though.

But I liked the one that was on when I turned the station and thought the arrangement was good. I found out it was Vivaldi. A flute concerto by Vivaldi. When I was a younger girl, or young teen I guess, I had Vivaldi's 4 Seasons. It was a cassette tape, a white or cream colored cassette tape and had a case that said Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

I didn't have a lot of classical, and my parents didn't listen to classical at all, ever, but I found it and picked out for myself. So my brother and family gave me a few tapes. I bought Vivaldi's Four Seasons on my own, at a tape store when I was still in high school I think, sometime between 1991-1995 without a doubt. I remember picking it out for myself. I picked out most of my own classical but my brother got me a 4-part set for Mozart which surprised me one Birthday. I didn't think my brother had a concept of how I liked classical music because I never heard him listening to it either. I never even told him I enjoyed *some* classical but he figured out how much I'd like this gift.

I listened to Casey's Top 40's every single Sunday before we went to church. I kept up with all of the newest pop songs and then found classical music on my own. Every single Sunday, and it always worked out that I could hear the whole line-up and then it was time to leave for church. If we had to leave early, I sometimes pressed record so I'd have it.

My parents played christian and worship music only, and 50s-60s classics when I was growing up. Some of it was classical-based, and they appreciate music of all kinds, but didn't choose it for their own listening.

I fell in love with classical music when I heard Tschaikovsky's ballet suites. When I found out who was responsible for writing some of this gorgeous music I heard, I went out and bought myself a cassette tape of the ballet suites. He was probably my favorite composer when I was in high school. I memorized every single line and could whistle along to the entire piece of music, taking different parts at different times. And I tried out my ballet moves even though I wasn't allowed to take ballet or dance, I pretended I knew. I never let up on my wish to take ballet. I look back now and wonder if it was that I wasn't supposed to because it would have been too "shocking".

As for pretending ballet, I checked out a book once, when I was a younger girl, with diagrams, but just once because it didn't really help. I read about the first basic positions. And then I remember the main things I did, was learn how to frame my arms and did this thing where I leaned forward and extended one leg straight out behind me and tried to lift it as high as I could. And I worked on holding my legs up my head to the side too and could do this bc I was able to do chinese splits naturally without even stretching first. I mainly danced around my room to Tchaikovsky. It was the only classical I danced "ballet" to. And then, I know my mother would rememember, I walked all around the house on my tip toes. Not just for a few months. For years. I worked my feet up so that I was able to walk around on the very tips of my toes, without shoes on, and then would show my mother and say "I still want to take ballet." I didn't walk on my toes, where the toe bends, but on the very point (pointe) of my big toe basically. I was able to balance and walk on the point of my big toe and next toe without falling. It was en pointe without shoes. And I walked around like this, with my feet tight and stiffened and having practiced, all the time. And sometimes alternating with a book on my head for posture. I did this when we still lived in Moses Lake, Washington, in the 80s, and up through to the 90s. There is no possible way I can do this now. I just tried and my flesh on the tips of my toes is too soft and I don't have the muscles toned to make my foot stiff enough. But I guess I never realized this was quite the independent feat until later. I didn't need shoes to do it. I had my feet muscles and determination I guess.

The other thing I practiced, was a karate kick all kids probably practiced, after seeing the Movie "The Karate Kid". I practiced the karate kick where he's standing on a surface and kicks high in the air switching feet or something before he's back on the ground...the special kick. So me and my brother practiced this off of our couch. I practiced more. I got an idea in my head and did not let it go until I could do it. My brother was Hi-jah-ing all over the house, with kicks and fists and the side of the hand, all over the place. I just worked on that one particular move. I only wanted to know how to do that. So I practiced and practiced and then I think we were camping with my cousins and my cousin Rory even practiced with me too. I didn't care about karate except for the magical kick that could just knock 'em all out. Who cares about breaking boards with the slight of a hand. I wanted "the kick" in the air, which is probably because it is kind of like ballet, in a way. And aside from this and loving to play soccer by 1st grade, with all the boys, and climbing trees, and wanting to play spy games, the only thing I ever liked about the Olympics was gymnastics and diving and ice skating. Sometimes the really fast sprinting too. But that was about it. Unless it was gymnastics, diving, ice skating, or sprinting, who cared about the Olympics.

But yeah, my extracurricular efforts to learn something new that was athletic, was to learn and perfect the special karate switch-up in the air, and I accomplished being able to walk for hours on the very pointe of my toes, without shoes to help me. My mother said I'd ruin my feet but I never did. They were stronger.

I just looked up a photo. Yeah, it wasn't "demi point" where you bend the tip of your toes. I was walking around on full pointe, barefoot. And I did it all the time, not just a few steps, but had built up my feet to walk this way for a long stretches of time.

It was Tchaikovsky first and then I think I picked out Vivaldi next. I like some of Bach and Beethoven but really loved the 4-part tapes of Mozart. I bought other tapes for myself that were compilations of songs by different musicians. And then it wasn't until after I introduced myself to classical music that I found myself watching Kiri Te Kanawa on PBS one day. She was my next instant love. I was immediately in love with her voice. And that's how I ended up liking opera. I sang "pretend opera" in high school all around the house, loudly, and usually joking, and then I started listening to it seriously after hearing Kiri. After that, I went out and bought tapes with different arias and opera pieces on it.

By the time I was working as a personal assistant for the Rose family, I was bringing in opera from various artists, "delirious" (british rock worship), classical, and pop music to work to. I remember the day the Rabbi heard the opera and he stared at and started humming along because he knew one of the songs. I remember he said, "This is Italian opera." It was a set of different types of opera: German, Italian, etc..

And around this time, I started my own tradition of gardening while having my music outdoors to hear.

No one in my entire family liked classical or ever listened to it, but I think my brother did later, after I was into it, and it wasn't like my parents were opposed--it just wasn't something they had playing all the time.
I just looked up "en pointe without shoes" and it's been done. It says it's dangerous, on the modern posts, but according to wiki, it was done...see the section about Marie Taglioni, and they danced while depending upon the strength of their feet. It says the more structured shoe didn't arrive until the 19th century. I also have a very high instep to my foot, but I was able to go en pointe without shoes for a long time without injury. Can't imagine leaping that way though. I don't believe I was leaping around the house on barefoot pointe. But I did do a few small jumps. The ballet move I practiced was being en pointe and then jumping up and sort of scissoring my feet closely together while in the air and then landing with my feet close together but not scissored together. It was small little jumps into the air and I was able to land on my feet en pointe. But I wasn't making flying leaps through the house, en pointe and barefoot, though I made my leaps.
So anyway, my interest in ballet was not just a passing one. It was significant. And I do think I must be strong-willed and determined, because if I get an idea and I know without a doubt that I want to do something, almost nothing stands in my way. I work very hard to focus on what I need to accomplish.

Which is why I think it's been beyond cruel and degrading to allow what's happened to me, my son, and family.

I work very hard to accomplish things and it's taken a lot of money and cruelty to keep me down.

If I wanted to perfect a line in a song, I would play and replay the section hundreds of times sometimes (literally) to get it right.

I trained my own voice.
I trained my own "en pointe."
I trained my own legal skills for court.

I spent about 2-3 hours everyday, singing to voices I admired, and trained my voice in range to do what some of the others could do, and I couldn't quite hit the same highest notes as Mariah Carey, but I was very close, and my tone was good. I practiced singing like this for years.

When I determined I wanted to take ballet and was told no, I did it around the house anyway, and after about a year of "No" I had strengthened my feet enough to go en pointe barefoot around the house and make small jumps, and land en pointe. No injury, ever. I never hurt my feet. I knew I had to build up to it so I did.

As for the karate kick, I never got that one down perfectly. I didn't work on it as much as other things, but I got very close and my cousin could do it and I think maybe even my brother managed to do it, but I never got it, though it wasn't a big thing with me like ballet was.

I think it translates that if you have the determination as a little girl, to do these kinds of things for yourself, and as a teen, it really shouldn't have been any surprise that I could excell in court and college at the same time without any help.

I did things by myself and I have always been independent.

But this is partly what I think made some jealous of me and hate me. I guess. I mean, what else? They hated me before I ever had a bad thing to say about anyone or anything bad had really happened to me.

I think now, I wonder if it wasn't that my parents didn't want me to take ballet as some other group told them "no" and they were trying to direct my life instead. Now that I'm older, I look back and see truth in the idea. It's like some group didn't ever want me to do what I really loved, or only wanted to allow small things.

I liked playing piano and played on my own all the time and made up my own songs but I didn't like the couple of instructors I had. But they did try to give me piano lessons because I was inclined, however, having really bad teachers doesn't help.

It was sort of like we had all the talent and someone else had all the money. I mean, in my family, there is an abundance of natural talent and ability and everywhere I turn, something bad is happening to one of us out of jealousy from others. We were blessed with gifts and prevented from having money or being able to make our money from our own talents and abilities.

My mother just got home from church and her eyes are totally outlined with a distinct black line. She's shaky too. I wanted to go with her to church and not have her alone but didn't and seriously...

We're being tortured.

My parents need someone with a lot of money to help I think, because they have a lot of gifts and talents but they're being oppressed and the FBI is involved.

I think I've written about going en pointe barefoot before but don't remember learning how to do the karate kick stuff or trying. I know I asked to take karate lessons and they said no.

We also used to jump from the couch while hitting the top of our ceiling to make it dust down "stars". I did at least. There were little silver glittery things in the ceiling and whenever I brushed it with my hand, it would dust this glitter all over and I did this a lot for some reason.

How nice, really, for my parents to be willing to take such a low position to support others' aspirations for their own families. I just wonder if this is what my parents wanted or what they did because they had to and were forced to do. I was like the shadow kid--the one to keep in the shadows while they bring out the debutante, and honestly, I could care less now except that good talent has been wasted for what? so lesser talents can excel? and I would never ever care a bit if this did not immediately affect my life to the point of torture and kidnapping of my own son. Why should I begrudge anyone else anything? I don't care about comparisons except where deliberate torture has been done to us, and have to ask why. You are you, I am me--why then, put me down to elevate yourself when God would have both succeed and grow to their best and fullest potential. What I think God doesn't like, is someone using violence and threats to keep others oppressed. And truly, I wouldn't even reflect on any of this as being a "shame" and horrible, if my son had not then been targeted.

It wasn't enough to steal my talents and life.

The FBI had to steal my son.

And like I say, I am without any doubt it was others who committed the crimes, but the FBI ultimately is responsible for what has been done and allowed.

They are the middleman.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

All Your Secrets Away FBI FOIA

After my Uncle died, I walked around with a blanket around my shoulders to stay warm and played with the dog. I let the cat in, which I'm not supposed to do, and watched them play a little.

Before my Uncle died, right before, I tried to dance but couldn't. It didn't feel right though I could sense some good energy with the sad. Then I went to the house and I went to the hallway and there was this can of "Royal" paint and I'd left it alone before but at that moment, I tipped it over with my foot.

Then I walked over to the big chair and sat down and said, "I'm the man of the house now." And put my arms on both arms of the chair and then I started laughing and said I had taken the chair and then I was just laughing and I put my feet up and then all of a sudden the phone rang and it was my Dad and he was telling my Mom that our Uncle Howard had just died.

I was shocked. I had just tipped over a Royal paint, and then put up my feet and said I had the chair now and I was "man of the house". My Mom said to my Dad she thought it was going to be good news and then I just sat there, stunned and said, "What am I doing? I'm imbibing the royal family or something? the middletons? what's this--prophetic movement?"

I just sat there shocked and then I left and then I cried and cried. It's what they've done to us, but I felt maybe it was symbolic too. I had said to my mom, I tipped over the royal paintcan, and my mom said WHAT?!!! and then I pointed. It didn't spill out or anything, just went down.

Then I was sitting there thinking this is bizarre...and my Uncle just died and then I went back in with the blanket and played with the dog. Then I grabbed his baby and had him playing with the baby and I said, "He just did some Holdfield-Tyson action" and she said what? and I said, "He bit off his ear." So I picked up the piece of ear and put it on the coffee table. But he really loves his "baby" and I had it squeaking and everything.

Then I saw he had no food in his dog dish and the cat had food so I was looking for the dog food and my mom said he ate already and I was trying to find his food and couldn't find it.

So then I had been crying a little again, and sat down on the couch and my mother had just stabbed a squash with a knife and then a second knife--first one kind and then the R.S. knife and the dog walked over and saw the second one and looked and she was stabbing it just to let it vent in the oven but I saw this and thought about them opening up my Uncle Howard as a cadaver and what someone had done to him and I sat at this couch in front of a row of candles with pebbles all around it.

I tipped it over. The candles and pebbles all fell out of their rectangular box. My mother freaked out and said what was wrong with me. This is after she said something about why shouldn't I like this christian music she was playing and I said, "Yeah, if you'd been there at this shelter in TN with all the middleton fans torturing you and playing christian music at the same time, you might understand." She said you can make whatever meaning out of it that you want and I said I know and said it's just shocking to find there are not many christians that really are christians. So she said where are the fruits of the spirit? love, patience, kindness, long-suffering, etc., and did I have them, and I said, "I don't need to describe or justify how I have fruits of the spirit to anyone when God already knows exactly what I'm about. I have fruits of the spirit, but do I need to elevate myself and front for others about how I have 'long-suffering'? No, God already knows."

I said, "God could see a mafia man and an FBI man and know the mafia man is going to heaven and the FBI man is going to jail." (or vice versa) because only God knows the heart. Not even a psychic, with God-blessed and given gifts knows. There are some things not even the best prophets know. And sometimes we don't even fully know our own hearts--"know my heart and try me Oh God..." But I think faith means you know your friendship with God is not a fake.

So I looked at these candles, red and green, 5 of them and thinking about the women at my mother's offices who have tortured her. I just looked at the stone pebbles and the candles and then I tipped it over with my right hand.

My mom said, "Okay, get out!" and something about not kicking over candles. I said, "I didn't kick them over. I tipped them over with my hand, and I was just wanting to see if they were glued down. They're not."

They weren't glued down. I wanted to know. I guess I could have picked up a few parts of the ensemble or I could have tipped the entire thing to see. And then I was furious with everyone who has concealed TORTURE.

Particularly the FBI. I said how can you allow these people to just torture you and say nothing, and went OFF about the FBI and how they've kept records and evidence from us that has made our lives dangerous.

So my mother was still pushing me out and then, I never do this, but the 2 cat dishes with catfood were sitting outside and I picked them both up and dumped them over and then grabbed a hydrangea but my mother said no! so I just left it alone and went over to this pot next to the birch trees, full of Ivy, and I marched over and turned it over. Not so it fell lopsided, but turned it over, upside down and then I walked across and got onto the laptop and typed in "FOIA lawsuit" after looking up some email.

I got Federal Open Government Guide, 10th edition. And I started reading about how to file a lawsuit for FOIA.

Only after reading through the first page about how to do it, did I think back and realize, I am turning things over and I am going to get discovery.

On my dead Uncle Howards body I will get this discovery and over the bodies of my still-living and tortured family members, I will obtain this discovery. (lots of things aren't glued down)

I reached up into my cupboard and grabbed this box of Splenda and threw it in the garbage. I haven't ever used it since I've been here, but I saved it for some reason, and it's been there but why would I want fake sugar?

So I guess it's my anti-fake, and time-for-discovery Dance.

Who has been spying on me for 10 years? The NSA and FBI and I believe that someone in the FBI abused their Patriot Act privileges to do very unpatriotic things, like using surveillance powers as a favor to their friends who had litigation against me. The NSA has been using surveillance of my every call, email, and computer search for almost a decade and then disseminated the information to people who used it against us to harm.

My SON was kidnapped after we were TORTURED in this country. Why? Because the FBI refused to give me the FOIA I asked for when I asked for it.

Do you KNOW how it is to watch family DIE and see family tortured in this country? Do you know what it's like to have FBI and NSA interferring with even my ability to get money for college? or filling out a FAFSA online?

It's like this...

Remember how I was getting tortured in Knoxville, TN? Yeah, well they sat around and watched me being tortured and then when I called 911 for HELP, they used that as an excuse to throw me into a federal detention center where they experimented on me, in a U.S. government-owned facility. They tortured ME, and then I ask for help and they told everyone I was crazy and tortured me worse and inside of a U.S. government building where they did the whole works...

How does this translate?

Rewind to 2005 and 2006 when they tortured me and my baby, or their FRIENDS did, with no formal cover for what they had done (maybe it was authorized or maybe it wasn't)...they tortured us and then used my attempt to leave as an excuse to imprison me on false arrest and KIDNAP my child from me.

The best part is how something completely illicit and non-sanctioned, later got covered up with an attempt to sanction this under "privilege".

That's a great way to cover for hate crime and conspiracy.

Oh hey! marry a Catholic! whaddya know. It worked for a short time. No torture.

Which sort of proves there was hate crime on religious grounds from Catholics and Jews all along.

There is a lot more in these FBI and other files than anyone wants released. They were paranoid about releasing them to me, and obstructive all the way back in 2004.

And then, after I made multiple requests, and tried to contact the OIG, suddenly, we were all tortured.

I did not even know my parents were being tortured at the same time.

Why? because POLICE and corrupt Judges were used to intercept and block freedom of travel and keep me from finding out what was going on. And it was Oregon police that first defamed me all the way over to set it up for me in Washington state.

So I read this page about FOIA lawsuit and then I felt like dancing again. Because it's not going to be pretty, when this FOIA suit goes down and the names come out and I have a right to get expedited FOIA on the basis of family safety, now that another one of our family members has died and we're still being tortured.

Not one of my lawyers for my son has done anything except try to keep my records and evidence OUT of the record and I found out this is totally illegal. It's illegal for a lawyer or firm to force someone to surrender a fundamental right like the right to ones children, and forcing someone to go without a complete and full record and evidence is the same thing as forcing someone to surrender a fundamental right.

I'm just wondering if I should make one more expedited request and demand response in 10 days from Washington Fucking D.C. FBI Headquarters or if I should skip that since the FBI has had their friends steal all my records and documents and evidence. I'm supposed to take paperwork to court and show how the FBI deliberately endangered my entire family and how I need FOIA NOW. If they comply they sometimes have up to a year to process records, past the 10 day or 20 day timeline...but the thing is, I can prove intentional obstruction.

The FBI never responded with "We have X and you need to pay X for this" and they never responded with "We have records but need more time" or anything normal. They ignored me. They ignored me for months and then I kept sending my written requests and they were still not responding. Finally, some of them were writing back saying, "We have no records for a Mr. Garrett" knowing I had specifically asked for records through my own name, and that I was a woman. So I defined and clarified all my requests. I put in written requests to the Portland, Oregon FBI offices, the Seattle, Washington FBI office, Wenatchee, Washington office, and finally, I was told to direct all requests to Washington D.C. Headquarters. They then sent something back to me that said they had (D.C.) NO records for a "Mr. Cameo L. Garrett." I was even snubbed by D.C. and when I tried to appeal (which I think I did) it was the same thing...a claim that no such name or person existed at all in their records.

Meanwhile, I was suddenly being pulled over for false arrest, freedom of travel blocked, and then tortured too, on top of years of hate crimes of property damage and vandalism.

It's the FBI. It is the FBI.

The FBI knew of my situation and they allowed people in their offices to use and abuse their privilege of surveillance through Patriot Act. And then they kept any and all connections from me and my family and we were all tortured, with FBI oversight.

People wonder why the FBI has subsequently blocked any other complaints from me, and why THEY have tried to discredit me as mentally ill. Why DID the FBI want to throw me over to the research dogs? It gave their in-house criminals a cover. It made what was totally illegal appear to have some kind of sick national security privilege.

Meanwhile, my family is DYING

Because of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It does not MATTER how the CIA or NSA or mafia or any other group is or has been involved. This CRIME is and has always been FBI jurisdiction and they have harmed us by refusing to give us discovery.

Who's covering up a knifing of my mother?


Who sent me to a hospital knowing I was going to be thrown into a psych ward and injected with an acute overdose of Haldol while they shoved this in my parents face and told them to SHUT THE FUCK UP! BITCH! KNIFE.

How they BROKE our hands?

Mine on U.S. government property and my father's out in the open by law enforcement and thugs.

They mocked my parents from Texas, hinting that 'do you want to do what we want or we'll "spinal tap your daughter".

Then these people at this prayer meeting are talking about torture and things while we're getting tortured, and I already figured out someone there had a link to the UK and how sad, to find out kidding...the ones I recognize are from Mt. Angel Abbey.

Is it any wonder?

I wonder how the FBI handles gang-rape of people by their agents. Or, you know, when they know about it and cover it up.

Start pacing the fucking office halls you ASSHOLES.

How many of your fucking RUG RATS tried to sleep with me?

The FBI shut the doors when I was trying to find protection and then opened them up ("Open House" everybody!) to allow others to torture us.

I need the FOIA. Please send FOIA. I'm in litigation and something really weird is going on. I am being stalked and my property vandalized from one state to the next...I'm finding out many of these people go to the same church...or same 2 churches...Please, here is another request. Please help me!

These FUCKING FBI agents are so corrupt that they blocked my access to records and then had their friends torture us as punishment for my asking. And then some of the Irish wanted me to think it was CIA. They wanted to say 2 things...that it was CIA and that it wasn't religious. #1, it's been religious hate crime, and #2, they didn't want anyone to track their connections in the FBI that were involved.

It doesn't even matter if CIA was ever involved.

And the CIA knows this because the FBI has been their front-man. It is FBI responsibility to safeguard.

Here's why I think maybe the FBI wanted to cover up for their own people and criminals all the way back in 2004:

1. They had personal friends involved in the litigation I was in.

2. They used Patriot Act privileges for illegal surveillance to gain information for their friends and get an upperhand in litigation.

2. Someone didn't like the complaints I made to FBI about my ex-boyfriend to Portland police and Oregon State police or to the FBI about the Oregon State Bar and PLF.

3. Someone didn't want anyone finding out there was a bad circle of agents that were targeting women to be sexually assaulted and had me singled out to be abused particularly. Or that they were trying to befriend me or live with me for ulterior reasons.

4. Someone didn't want me to find out what the FBI was doing to my parents so they tortured and coerced my parents to say and do things to point blame on them instead of the real criminals. I figured that out later.

5. Agents were already discovered to be part of collusion and participation of religiously-motivated hate crimes. Obstruction of justice, incitement of others to commit hate crimes, participation in hate crimes, coercion and threats, and defamation and they didn't care about politics or lawsuits...they did it for their church and synogogues.

You know what's sad?

Then after abusing and torturing my family and covering up for it, the Hate Crime squad knew I might try to sue someone eventually.

So while the FBI and NSA blocked me from the most basic things like work or college or freedom of travel,and allowed others to do this...then they got this great idea.

"Why not cover up our hate crime by calling it research? Then we get privilege. And then what we want, is to use our Catholic and other psychics and government people on her so we can anticipate her legal strategy ahead of time, without using illegal surveillance as much."

Which is what they've done. They smeared my entire family, killed some of us, tortured the rest of us, and defamed us to such a huge degree, it's not national, it's international defamation. And then they wanted to turn their crimes into a cover for their next steps at trying to stay ahead of future litigation.

Works out well for the FBI doesn't it?

I mean, the FBI knew they were liable, must have known, all the way back in 2004 or 2005 or we'd have never been taunted and tortured.

Mary DelBalzo, an Italian Catholic lawyer I had worked for as a nanny, distanced from me as soon as I told her I'd filed a complaint to the Oregon State Bar. She was friendly all the way up to the point that I said I'd filed an OSB complaint after I was defamed by The Willamette Week by a lawyer. She said it would just cause problems and discouraged me from reporting Richard Whittemore. After this, she refused to give me references for my work as a nanny. Right after I filed my OSB complaint against Whittemore.

I think it's very important to discover who was working for the Portland FBI offices during this time. Police, Oregon State Bar/PLF, and FBI and DOJ were all over me at this time and I'd already had strange things happen. The Portland police told me, when I was held hostage in Portland, "Don't tell anybody." Shhh...don't tell anybody you were just held hostage at gunpoint, not the media, no one. That's what they said and then the only person they wanted to interview was Shirina Edwin. The Prosecuting attorney, an Italian woman I believe, already knew her. It was a woman who worked right beneath Michael Shrunk and I saw the looks and grins they exchanged. They already knew eachother.

And I had just been held hostage with this woman who knew a DA and a best friend that was then traumatized. The Portland offices offered "victim's counseling" and I turned it down because I didn't need it. It didn't destroy my life and psyche like maybe someone hoped it would. But I noticed the Portland offices didn't even WANT my testimony or Monica's testimony. They sort of put us to the side, told us not to tell anybody, didn't want us at any of the hearings, didn't give us notice of the hearings, and just wanted Shirina Edwin to visit them at their offices.

I don't know how they might have known eachother, but it's possible she knew Donna Ciaramella. Donna was an Italian Catholic woman who took my hit-and-run P.I. against me and kept me from getting money I was owed by a hired assassination attempt. I say it was an attempt, because the man steered into me, grinning and was laughing at me when he was backing out to make his getaway. The only person who knew where I was going and what time I was leaving, on what road and which direction, was Christa Schneider and whoever she was informing.

6. The FBI doesn't want me to know about their "identity" problem. Washington D.C. knew, at some point, clearly revealed to me that they had a small problemo. An "identity" problem but it wasn't my identity that was a problem. It was their identity problem. And I have a pair of pants they can wear if one of their agents would like to come back to my place and steal more of my stuff...You can take the pair that has a label which says: Personal Identity.

Cumin gettum. They have this very UK style pink and light blue trim to them. So, are ya Middleton Patriots or are ya United States Patriots?

Do you know how the FBI tried to remedy their own identity problem? they had me thrown into a psych ward and tried to permanently destroy my mind with Haldol and tortured my parents.

Strange how it's the FBI's identity problem, but they wanted to put it on me and my family instead. What's strange is that they treated me worse than ever before after they thought they'd "figured it out".

Kinda scaree for you guys huh?! Who cares about Oliver and his family. Try to back out, back out now, veeeery carefully...and hurry! slap her into the psych ward.

Bowing to royalty FBI? Which ones? Which royalty ass do you kiss? The one that agrees to front for you? Ah.

So what did you think of my handprints Knoxville handprinter? Why didn't you guys want to do a "before and after" on them, you know, like, before you broke my hands and after you broke them. Maybe you could have put them up on a chart next to my Dad's hands. And then put these next to the fingerpaint handprints my son made when he was being tortured by YOU in 2006-2007.

Oh. It's not Bujandas kid. Hmmm. Ditch. Or it's not Mike's kid. Ditch.

Reduce torture liability. It's just some unknown Mexican kid. Pass to DOD and cover crime with "research" swap.

Degrade family. Attempt to get parents under thumb. GET PARENTS UNDER THUMB NOW. That's an ORDER!!!!!

"FBI illegally uses Patriot Act for friends in litigation; FBI involved in sex sting of agents using position for sexual molestation; FBI defames innocent woman in NCIC and internal files; FBI refuses to investigate state-to-state Hate Crime; FBI commissions thugs and mafia to beat up and torture parents; FBI bribes Portland police not to investigate sexual assault; FBI attempts to cover assets with a Catholic marriage and entrapment schemes; FBI tortures baby and toddler and stands by criminals in trade for cover for their internal corruption.

"Don't report the need someone on your side."

And the "FBI" is that "someone"?

The FBI is the "SOMEONE" that TORTURED US. The FBI is the "SOMEONE" that allowed others to torture us. They knew.

A lot of good trying to plead with the FBI or go to the FBI has done. It's time to sue them.

I should have filed a FOIA lawsuit in 2006.

We never would have been tortured if I had. I take that back--I didn't know we were already being tortured and hadn't connected my migraine triggers to this and didn't know what was happening to my parents.

But I could have prevented serious torture in 2004 if I had filed a lawsuit for FOIA in 2006.

In order to cover for their own criminals in their agency, who were working hard at covering religious asses, the FBI didn't care who else created a problem with obstruction of my filing for me and my son for childbirth damages.

Childbirth damages?

Oh, that might get linked to other torture they had planned.

Russia knew what the U.S. was up to. Other countries knew as well, but when I did a Google search, the country that came up first, courtesy of Google, was Russia.

With Russia deciding to make laws to protect THEIR citizens from what they already knew was ahead for certain Americans. 2005.

7. Who killed my Grandpa Garrett? It was 2002 when he was bumped off. The FBI knows who did it. Does the FBI connect my Grandpa Garrett to a CIA agent they hated? Edward Howard? The FBI HATES his guts. They hated him then and they hate him still. Maybe the FBI doesn't want discovery that shows they started asking for my medical records and used snitches like Christa Schneider to do their bitch-work for them and then paid her to move to NYC. Then maybe they incorrectly connected my Grandpa with Howard and the FBI doesn't want me to know.

Imagine what the FBI would have to hide if it were revealed that Christa was their bitch-snitch. I mean, it SURE DOESN'T look GOOD does it? Or maybe she knows something about the Tancer family. Don't know. Torture didn't start until later, but Portland is a small town.

If I'm saying my information was getting leaked and she was getting close only during litigation and then passing on info, it puts the FBI as an agency in the middle. The FBI doesn't want me to know who is in their offices and who worked with whom to screw my family over, using a government office to do it. Especially when I'm talking about being tortured and she's the one asking where my bed is located in the house.

The other thing I'm wondering about is Ed Israel and his wife. He was Jewish and she was Catholic and she hated my guts. That was 1997. She really, really hated me but I didn't know why...and she had me babysit for her one time after I worked for the computer company and her neighbor friend came over and interrogated me. I thought back then, that she was just possibly jealous or observant since I was an attractive younger woman, but I never came onto anyone, was a virgin, didn't pose a threat at all. But she had this eye on me which was odd because why go out of the way to have me babysit for her then?

This is where I say there's been an interesting Jewish-Catholic connection with some of the hate crime against my family. Being intermarried makes it easy.

I had come back from the East Coast and first worked for the DelBalzo's as a nanny and then I took this computer company job. The CEO was Jewish and the rest of higher staff was assorted. I never thought a thing about any of that then. Ever. I could have cared less. Not once did I consider religion of others or think about it.

I had to, after I realized I was a victim of hate crime. But I did not think about any of these things. I'm not even sure why I noticed religion at all, but since I was so into reading the Bible myself, I thought it was "interesting" but not a big deal. All of my former employers, funny enough, were Jewish and Catholic. All of them. I never had a Protestant employer or a Protestant boyfriend. Seeing who turned religious hate on, was shocking because my entire life, I didn't think it was a big deal.

Throw in, I guess, prophecies and jealousy and that changes everything.

After what I've been through, I know I will NEVER have anything to do with a man who is Jewish or Catholic. I will never marry a Catholic or Jewish man. Ever. And I won't be marrying an idiotic Protestant "wizard" either. And it is not anyone I've ever met. I already know. I will NEVER, EVER, date anyone in the FBI, ever and if I have daughters, I will beg for their lives to never get involved with this agency in any form. I don't even care about marriage. I care about being a SINGLE MOTHER.

SINGLE MOTHER. I don't WANT to be married and I don't want to be in a "romantic bullshit relationship". That's for normal people who are boring and I don't "need" a relationship to feel good about myself or whole. I am complete on my own and I want my son to be raised by a KICK ASS mother.

This country doesn't even have very many examples of healthy feminism and women who are whole and complete in their own right, just for who they are, and not measuring themselves by what they have or comparing to another woman. I don't want my son raised by the Status Quo.

I saw how the FBI and this country suddenly switched on their nice smiles just because I was engaged to a Catholic man. No Catholic marriage? KILL HER. TEAR OFF EVERYTHING SHE OWNS. WELL THEN! TORTURE AWAY! TORTURE HER CHILD. OFF TO THE DUNGEON! SHE WILL SUE US IF SHE DOESN'T MARRY HIM! SHE WON'T GO TO FEDERAL JAIL!"

Yeah. It's not "hate crime". Not at all. The U.S. FBI and military and CIA, you know, just move in action and protect people who become members of the Catholic church. She's going to marry a Catholic? Okay. HOLD IT. CEASE-FIRE. She's marrying a Catholic. So now we can treat her and her son and family like maybe they're U.S. citizens and not torture camp detainees.

So Ed was laidback, in general. It was sort of strange though, because, well, things changed after Mother Theresa and Diana died. I remember the day. I'd been working there and had no real interest but it was big news and I sat at the front desk so people were talking about it. I said, "I don't know why they make such a big deal about Diana but not Mother Theresa." I had personally liked the idea of charity work Mother Theresa did. Imagine. I had no clue about Diana. So then I turned down an offer in business because I announced, "I'm going to college".

Then it was on the last day of work or something, with Ed Israel and I was asked to babysit by his wife and she just scrutinized me the whole time. I mean, hawk-eyes and I thought, "If she doesn't like me why does she want me to babysit?" So I went to her house and I really can't remember everything, but it was 1997 and I think there were 2 boys. They were cute, I think it was 2 boys but maybe a boy and girl. I sort of remember boys. I remember one of them giggled and said to me, "My Dad said you were a very attractive young woman." The boy said this in the car with the mother-wife driving. He said, "I asked Dad if you were pretty and Dad said, "She's a very attractive young woman." And then the boy giggled and looked at me with his mother, Ed's wife, in the car responding with a slow nod and matter-of-fact answer saying, "Yes, Cameo is an attractive young woman." Matter of fact. (Like I said, sometimes, I have an excellent memory--I recall a comment by a little boy I met one time, in 1997). Then this woman knocked on the door and was a good friend of Ed's wife, and she just interrogated me up one side and down the other. I didn't know why I was so interesting to her but all she did was ask questions about my parents. On the East Coast, with Lisa's friends, this happened once or twice, but they were people who were more interested in themselves (those friends) than me (I thought). But this woman came in and asked a ton of questions and she was clearly the friend of the Israel's.

What was odd was that then the mother, Ms. Israel, came home and chastised me for allowing a "stranger" into the house while babysitting.

It was the strangest thing. It was more like, "No, you sent Harriet-the-Spy over here and now you want to say your spy is my fault." They knew eachother. I couldn't believe it. It was the only time I was ever insulted on the Oregon side of babysitting and being a nanny.

The woman who came to the house (the door was still open and she'd left it open while the boys played and I was making dinner) knew Ms. Israel well and Ed and I was an extremely cautious babysitter, never letting people in and locking the door behind me, but she knew them and it was obvious and then all of a sudden Ms. Israel was making a big deal about it. I believe this woman even asked if I had a boyfriend, aside from asking questions about my parents. I think I told her no I was waiting until marriage. Her eyes bugged.

It was sometime in the spring or summer because I remember the weather that day. It was sunny and then I think it sprinkled lightly. There was a moderate breeze, I remember it was a gorgeous day, weather-wise. It might have been late summer. I remember leaves...I think leaves were just starting to change color maybe and the sun was very bright and strong and the wind was moderate and kind of brisk, the way I like and then it was dusk and it sprinkled with rain when she came back.

Ed's wife drove a white Volvo stationwagon. She had bleached blond bobbed hair and was attractive and sent her kids to the Episcopal private school, which is where Lorraine and Rabbi Roses' kids went. The Rose-Lewis's had a black VW stationwagon and an audi.

I guess I never thought about it until tonight, but they must have known eachother. I never thought about it but I was approached to work for Lorraine at my church by a woman who worked for her named "Penny". So Penny knew me from church at New Song and she approached me one day asking if I wanted to take over her job working for a Rabbi's family. I said sure, because at the time I was doing volunteer work and could fit it in so I thought, "Maybe God wants me to".

I remember thinking, "First I was a nanny and now I'm going to be a personal assistant...this is definitely going down and not "up" on the totem pole or "corporate ladder"." But my thinking then, was that this is what Jesus would prefer. I thought, "Well, backwards is sometimes forwards in the spiritual realm." So I decided it was my time to learn how to be a servant, and to set aside all my hidden gifts and talents, to serve others, I thought, like Jesus did."

So that's what I did. I went from being a nanny to an even "lower" form of household help, doing something I hated to do, "cleaning". It was more than cleaning, but that's how I saw it.

I chose to do this and basically, I was "rewarded" with hate crime.

Anyway, yeah, after that came Hate. Lots of Jewish notice with Catholics and then hate crimes.

So the Rabbi Rose's son Josh Rose went to the Episcopal private school and so did Ed Israel's kids. It was Oregon Episcopal School off of Nicol road. Rose's were "reform Jews" and the Israel's were "conservative Jews" but his wife was still Catholic.

I'd put money on the idea that she knew who the Middleton's were.
I sense a bad feeling since about 11 p.m. Probably my family or son. I guess I write about a psalm and something shifts in the world...or what. I ate garlic? What else am I supposed to do with garlic? I don't smear it on my doorposts. Anyway, bad vibe with my mention of garlic and psalms. I guess it's something bad.
I moved my Bible over to set on top of an empty plastic container and it slipped out from under my biblia and says: "I can't believe it's not BUTTER!" It's right next to the names Shepard and Wasson. I had them written down on an envelope and was looking into some things the other day.

I had Mexican food today, lots of tortillas with avocado, red kidney beans, mayo and cilantro, lettuce & cabbage, tomato, and ate 4 of them or more. Then I had a fried piece of bread with mayo and the same stuff on it. Earlier had oatmeal with raisins and flax seed, wheat germ and then my green potion.

Lots and lots of hate crime. Not that it wasn't already fomenting. I think that something first seemed out of place when a car/truck maybe tried to run me off the road coming back from the Bechtolds. And then it was noticing snubbery from the Catholic college after this, so I got on bad footing with some Catholics in 1992. Then I guess I didn't notice anything really until the East Coast.

What's weird, is the only conspiracy idea I ever had back then was that I wondered what had really happened to the Thebault guy that died. All I know about him was that he owned a business and went to Notre Dame and was Brian Thebault's brother and he died in an accident and the first time I ever had a thought about "I wonder if it was really an accident" was with him. I always had this idea, tucked in the back of my mind, "I wonder if he's hiding out in a Witness Protection program somewhere." But I never heard a big story. I was 18 and all I ever heard was that he'd died in an accident. I might have said something out loud, wondering idly, but it was never a big deal..I think it just crossed my mind a few times. I probably wondered because it was in 1993-1994 and I thought, if someone is that rich, or someone wants something badly enough or to move someone out of the way, I bet they could do that. I never had any ideas about who would do it, ever. I just wondered if he'd been involved in something that put him in danger. I think it crossed my mind years later, after some other things happened to me and I wondered what was going on. Because I never thought about anything like that until my own life felt endangered and I didn't feel endangered there, at that time or anything.

I saw this one special on a criminal t.v. show once, about this author who was writing Steven King, Dean Koontz type books but about CIA stuff. He wrote spy novels and his info for his books was from being friends with retired spies and spooks. So he was in the middle of a new one with some added classified information and a certain idea, and he disappeared. The show, I'll never forget it, said he was driving along on an upramp and he was going the wrong way on a one-way. So all they knew was how his car disappeared. They said it was weird because he was going the wrong way on a one-way and his lights were out. He went off the ramp and into the water and the things that stood out were that his laptop was missing, and then secondly, my question out loud at the time was: "Why were the lights off?" I thought no one turns their lights off on a one-way unless they're trying to get away from someone or something maybe. Somehow they'd determined the lights were off before he plunged into the water.

And I don't know why this special stuck in my mind but it did because it made me think about the dangers of even writing books and maybe not knowing what you're dealing with. So it had been written off as an accident but the family still thought it was maybe a crime.

They never found the laptop. And anyway, I thought it was really interesting, mostly because why would police write it off as an accident when something like a whole laptop was missing? He'd made some phone calls to family before the accident occured. I don't remember his name though. I just remember the story from several years ago.

Anyway, I never thought of anyone around me involved but I wondered. There were rude people there. I remember Lisa Thebault telling me not to socialize with those in a "class above" me. Like, don't associate or socialize because you're here to work, but then they didn't want me socializing with the housekeeper either. I didn't think they were bad people at all, just really rude sometimes, and what's weird, is that I chose to be a housekeeper after working there. My main thing with them was just not getting time off or being paid and being treated sort of mean.

In my opinion, what has happened to me seems to be more Middleton-UK connected than anything else. Which is odd because I never thought about any of them. But I remember feeling accepted socially, in general, until halfway through working at CTR, the computer company and then a few of the computer guys didn't like me but upper management always did and I had a lot of headhunters but I never went with them. I was always too loyal for my own good.

I have passed up countless opportunities by refusing to leave a job out of loyalty.

I was headhunted in D.C. in 2008 and turned offers down. I was headhunted in Oregon and turned offers down. I've had plenty of rich men try to date me and more than one bring up marriage and I've turned it down.

I want what I can't have.

I want to be a single mom.

Strange, how this idea is most threatening of all to some group. I don't know if it's even a threatening idea anymore or they are just so full of hate they deliberately want to block me from having whatever it is I want most. So no matter what they think it is, they've used hate crime to accomplish their goals.

So I think it's time to sue the FBI.

I think some of the people I worked with in D.C. were FBI. Boy, did they come to my RESCUE or WHAT?!

The most horrible thing is that all the way over in D.C., people knew that my son and my parents were being tortured separately. They knew. They knew that I'd been tortured too. They all knew.

No one has someone shot up with Haldol just "to give them a good writing experience". At first I even sort of went with, okay, if I have to compromise and LIE and say I'm nuts (sort of) just to get my son back, I will...and that's what I was promised.

Who breaks promises?


Not even for "govt. research" purposes does an agency deliberately have someone shot up with Haldol. And that's not the only time I was drugged, because it was just as bad with other things. But that was at least a point where they literally and deliberately degraded me and subjected me to cruel and inhumane treatment and then tried to ruin my mind, just to get at me for revenge, to make enemies happy, and to get at my parents and whoever else they imagined might care.

And our dog is traumatized by a British accent? that's not normal.
I am looking at this reporter's handbook to FOIA and all this time the FBI was telling me not to send any FOIA requests directly to Portland or Seattle but only to D.C. And then on this website it says you have to make separate requests. It states:

"Sometimes it is advisable to send separate requests to agency headquarters and to field offices that may have records you want. The FBI, for example, searches its field offices for records only when requests are made directly to those offices; a request to the bureau in Washington, D.C., will lead only to a search of its central files. If you are unsure which federal agency or office has the records you want, send the same request to several of them."

I don't think it's funny.

These people have seriously ruined the last 10 years of my life and made the first 5 years of my son's life without his mother a living hell.

And all the time the FBI sent back these snide responses claiming they didn't know my name or couldn't find it, or I was a man and not a woman, they made fun of me while I was getting set up to be tortured along with my son. And then they gave me inaccurate information telling me to only send requests to D.C. when different offices have different files. Well, I can say I was obstructed by all of them. The local Seattle and Portland offices obstructed me as much as D.C. did.

They did the same just recently, with my trying to get a passport without delay, and with trying to get my NCIC records and being told they couldn't process the record and I had to pay all over again.

How about they need to pay me for my "experience" with Alvaro. "Was it a good experience?" How about Safe House pay. Do I get paid for every year the FBI put my son and family in extreme danger and without a safe house?

I don't even have my NCIC records, still, because of more of the FBI's deliberate attempts to obstruct me.

It must be super super bad.

It's hard to believe it when someone tells you it's bad. You can go on and on and on and talk about conspiracy and torture and corruption and say it's bad, and then it was like my wake up call "it's federal". Huh? oh yeah soon as someone else says something, it doesn't sound very know it's true yourself, but to hear others confirm it is hard to, either they are playing a joke or are they really serious? nah...It's hard to believe criminals even, when the criminals or people who are even doing some of the harm, try to fill you in. You think, no, not really. Nah. Can't be. Yeah yeah, and that's what I've been saying, but naaaah....and then you realize, when it's that big, it's rightfully almost impossible to believe. So I know it's FBI but what I am still realizing is that this must be incredibly bad, whatever they're covering up, because they've been covering it up since 2004 or earlier. And then to refuse FOIA is bad enough, or suspicious, but then to be tortured after asking for this? I mean, brutally tortured? and then, it gets even worse...the FBI literally steps it up to have people beat up, drugged, assaulted, and worse? killed. It's HUGE because they are the middle man. The FBI is the only U.S. agency that makes a difference between my safety and my son's safety, and our being tortured. No other agency has this responsibility or capacity and power. They are the middle man between the dealers of torture and the victims.

For my NCIC, they didn't even want me to have this in time for a court case. I was trying to get it and they kept saying it changed and I had to pay over again and then they wrote and said I didn't have to pay the application fee again but I had to pay for another set of fingerprints.

These guys are taking souveniers not evidence.

How many times have I been fingerprinted now, since 2004? Try something like 40 times. They already had my electronic prints, and scanned into different systems, and jail prints from different systems, and then they have taken tons of card prints and handprints and wrist prints and now these guys delay processing again and say they need another set of card prints. This is all for someone who hasn't committed even ONE of the misdemeanors they've lied about.

All they've done is steal from me. The FBI steals from me and hires Christa Schneider to spy for them and then they don't want me to figure out who is trying to put me in a nuthouse to cover for what they've done. They tortured us and then steal my son.

I heard some snip of news for a minute today with some guy saying, "IT'S LIKE WE'RE IN A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY OR SOMETHING!!! THEY'RE USING MACE ON US AND EVERYTHING!" and the guy is breathless and shocked and talking fast, like he can't believe this riot and it was the first time I laughed all day, just the ludicrous idea and thinking, "Yeah, I know." Like he thinks mace in a riot is HUGE. Well, it is and I'm not laughing at HIM. I'm laughing because the FBI gave us Yodak wherever we go and kidnapped my son from me too, shocking, in the civilized world, and no one does anything about it.

It was weird the other night though, because I got up one time and went up this one way and it wasn't just my parent's house, a neighbor's house was getting fried too. i thought that was really strange. They were gone, like all cars gone, so I didn't know if they left bc someone was slamming them too, and it got to them and they had to sleep somewhere else or if it was emanating from their house, but it was up a distance from my own place and I thought how weird. It was just a couple houses back. I couldn't even feel it from my own place but I walked back and it was the "ink bursting out of pen" technology and extremely strong and was over more than one house.

And then some lady just a house back, supposedly got carried away for yelling that "They're coming after me! They're coming to get me!" and my parents said, see you want to end up like that? the point being if you talk about what's going on, that's what they do to you. But I thought this is very Edward Scissorhands, with a creepy neighborhood set up to where some elderly woman is heard shrieking from her house they're coming after her and then police arrived and took her away.

So I wanted to know where she was and thought, "She sounds like someone who is in her right mind to me." She's probably one of few who talks. So I thought "who did she think was coming to get her? police? and then they did? or military? and then they did? disguised as police?"

She wasn't totally crazy because yeah, they came to get her. Her house is now up for sale and empty.


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