Friday, October 28, 2011

Princes were English

I got this from a relative today, just opened it now. I had thought the Prince's we're related to were Jewish but they're not--they're English! That's what he says, and see below, he posted on my "Geneology of Cameo Garrett" page.

I knew there was a lot of English, but I had thought this other thing was true too. I am not sure about this Tom Davis but I think I remember someone like that when I met people at our family reunion. They were all extremely musical and talented. All of them were musical...and pretty smart. However, I'll have to verify this for sure. Maybe from my Grandma.

Tom Davis said...
Cameo, I am your Grandma Garrett's nephew so we are Cousins. Simon Prince and ALL the Prince's were Not Jewish. They were in fact English.

I am Thomas James Davis the son of David who is your Grandma Gattett's sister.

Love you

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