Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Evidence of Torture on Dad's Face & Office of Inspector General

I looked again this morning and my Dad definitely shows signs on his face still, from being tortured yesterday.

And his hands look more normal than they did several days ago, when they were curled and swollen and had been clearly fractured. It was a week ago that they broke his hands, the same time I made a formal report in writing to police.

I wrote an email to the Office of the Inspector General--Department of Justice this morning.

I asked who is receiving the complaints, and how long the response time is, because I've made formal complaints, in writing, since 2004.

I got a response from the OIG in 2004 and then all of a sudden, my entire family started being tortured. My report to the OIG was in regard to use of FBI for smearing me to law enforcement, and how former law firms and church members were part of it.

In 2004, I got an email from the OIG and talked to a man over the phone, who said to submit a report in writing. All of a sudden, we were all attacked at the same time.

This made it impossible for me to focus on the OIG complaint, because Catholic Judges and lawyers and law enforcement were organizing things like having my car towed for suspension of license that wasn't even true. And then refusing to clear my name. Pulling me over with police repeatedly without cause, triggering multiple migraines and then having their friends refuse to treat me at the hospital, and sending my elderly grandparents threatening letters.

While this happened to me, I didn't realize my Mom and Dad were being targeted on their own end, by police, FBI, and mafia.

That was 2004. Right before my son and I first experienced torture by military means, I had talked to the Office of the Inspector General, Department of Justice, and had been encouraged to submit a complaint about the FBI to their offices.

The use of torture was so bad, that instead of getting out my report to the OIG, I fled the country with my son. Apparently, my parents allowed applied for passports but were blocked from leaving.

It looks pretty bad if you ask me. Because ever since, we've had assets frozen and been forced to stay in the U.S. as guinea pigs for the government, out of retaliation and hate crimes.

I wrote to the OIG again when I was in Washington D.C. I heard nothing back.

Then, I filled out the form online for making a complaint to the OIG in 2010, before the FBI defamed me to have me thrown into a psych ward in TN.

I filled out the online form and submitted it before I was attacked again.

Then I wrote letters and had them sent certified to show I had sent requests for an investigation. I've heard nothing back.

I sent a couple of emails to the OIG in this time, just regular emails, and had phone contact, but the last time I talked to anyone good or normal, who didn't sound like they were a conflict of interest, it was in 2004. Ever since I left for Canada, any effort I've made to find out who could help has been headed off.

So I sent another email to the OIG-DOJ this early morning, and asked that the man who was formerly heading the department review the multiple complaints I tried to make. It is my opinion these reports were kept from him and shuffled under the carpet to someone else. Now there is a new woman and since I first made my report in 2004, I believe the other man should be involved with finding out why he never saw anything.

This time I also specified that as my family has been victims of hate crime, as Protestant christians, by members of the Catholic church and government offices since I filed my lawsuit in 2002, and members of the Jewish community since 1997 and later after a rape that was hate crime and then defamation by a Jewish held paper,...since all crimes since have been religious, I asked that my report is not given to anyone from these two religious groups.

The only "Protestants" that have really done harm to my family are those who are not really protestants and converted or claimed to convert to make it appear they are, or who are doing work with the U.S. military. But I have met some military and pastors, and the ones who don't back my family and defend us, are only the ones connected to special forces and government reseach projects.

The number of Protestant christians that have assaulted my family is like 1 out of 10. So it ends up with, out of any given set of 10 that might assault, defame, or torture my family, 8 are Catholic, 1 is Jewish, and 1 is Protestant.

I can make a list of the people involved.

Some of that list, which shows affiliation, is why the FBI has not wanted to provide me with the NCIC or any records the FBI holds about my name or person.

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