Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Saudi & Iran: Atonement by Islamic Law

I read a headline this morning about a Prince from Saudi saying someone from Iran needs to pay.

An innocent citizen from Iran gets kidnapped by Saudis, on his way to Mecca of all things, and Iran needs to pay?

"Thanks for kidnapping our man and forcing him to work for an enemy country--how much do we owe you?"

I think I'd call it fair and square at this point. Why try to get revenge over something that should have been compensated for by Muslim sacrificial offering anyway?

Supposedly, according to the Islamic religion, if you sin against your brother, you're supposed to give an offering to the family to make up for what problems it caused them. It's called "atonement".

And I'm not against Saudi Arabia or UAE either, I'm just saying what I think about this. I think if you're a good person, if you do something so wrong to a family, and you are a good Muslim, you would atone for what you've done by giving an offering, according to Islamic law.

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