Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mandatory Declassification Request (& Archie comic books)

I found out about this other avenue for getting records.

It's a request to have classified information declassified. There are different rules that apply.

It says if you make a request with this, you give up rights to file a lawsuit. I don't know what that file a lawsuit for what? So many different things one might file a lawsuit for.

With FOIA, you request records and then wait and if they don't produce, you can file a lawsuit.

One site said it's faster to get FOIA because they have to respond in 10 days. The other site says it's faster to get info through MDR because even though they have 1 year, it's faster than waiting for FOIA denials or clarifications and then subsequent lawsuit which can last years.

I already know there is classified information about me and my family. 100% positive. I have no doubts about it at all. However, I also believe there is information that's not classified that the FBI should have been forthcoming about and shared when I asked a long time ago.

I read some article about invisible ink recipe which I've read before. It took years to get this from the CIA through MDR and it was a specific request. All it was was lemon juice and I knew how to do this when I was 8 or 9 years old because I read the backs of all my Archie comic books.

I collected Archie comic books. I don't know why, but I liked reading novels and then I loved these comic books. And I was a girl, reading comic books. I read the funnies in the paper every Sunday and I paid for my own magazine subscriptions to Archie comic books. I had the money from babysitting and my paper route. It was my idea and it was the first subscription I ever had, comic books.

So I ordered Archie, Archie and Jughead, Betty & Veronica...Every time we went to the store I wanted a new digest, and then I was getting the comics by mail too. I had a huge comic book collection.


I might have to look to see if I ordered anything else but I think that was it. Maybe one other type, but mainly, I liked the Archie ones.

I ordered these comic books from age 11 up to high school.

And in the back of these larger, thinner, full size magazines, or sometimes in the center (usually in the back) there were ads for all kinds of gag gifts. I used to read about all the different kinds of gag gifts, and never got tired of it. They had farting machines and whoopie cushions, spy glasses that gave you x-ray vision (they said), fake dog doo, fake bugs, snapping gum, sea monkeys, and invisible ink...all these great things that had my imagination going for a long time.

And in these ads, they shared that the invisible ink was lemon juice once. So it was right there.

I bought a different kind of ink one time, that I squirted at my mom's shirt and it was bright purple and she freaked out and I said, "It's not real ink mom!" and it faded and disappeared. It was ALL over her shirt, bright, and she was stunned, thinking I had just deliberately ruined her shirt with ink but it faded away. And I bought other things when I finally got to a gag gift store.

I wanted to order stuff from the magazines but wasn't allowed, and I always wanted the sea monkeys. They could be trained! They were these sea horses too, and I think it was the same thing as the sea monkey, but maybe a little different, and I always wanted them because I thought it was fascinating they just grew from nothing and then were smart and did all these things.

But yeah.

The CIA was covering up a "secret recipe for invisible ink" that was right there in the back of Archie comic books for any kid to learn about.

(Maybe Archie was a commie!)

But I figure, the importance of a recipe for invisible ink is much less than the importance of being able to protect ones own family. So I believe it will eventually go the declassification route.

Oh, now I remember, I did have a few other comic books. I had Donald Duck, and Richie Rich, Casper, and a few others. I got more than one Donald Duck because I liked the themes, and Richie Rich was always getting into trouble so there were decent stories there, and Casper the friendly ghost was more the magical imagination kind. I had Minnie & Mickie and the other Disney characters but I gravitated towards Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey, & Louie, and Scrooge--they seemed to be on constant adventures. I had mickey mouse ears for a long time though, even though I never went to Disneyland. I think my Grandma Rosella gave them to me one year, I don't know for sure where they came from. I also had some christian Archie comic books. Oh yeah, and Dennis the Menace. I looked at a few Marvel superhero books but I wasn't really into them. I liked the other kind better. I was into them way more than my brother was. My first chosen mail orders were, I believe, Archie comic books and organic-herbal skincare from France.

But that's where the recipe for invisible ink was. In fact, I think it was even shared in one of the stories. Like one of the comic book characters has a note and it's on the note or something.

And I read every single Nancy Drew every published, back to the 1920s or pre-war paper-salvaging war time printing days.

Anyway, I'm sure there is a lot of information to be declassified.

I think I still have to file FOIA because I don't have specific names of some of the records and need to make a more general request first. And I know I'll have to sue. I mean, I think, if I get the same kind of response I've had for the last 6 years. If I could go straight to declassification and get information declassified and give up right to a lawsuit I would do that.

But I think my request has to be more narrowly defined if it's for declassification...not sure...need to do more research.

Then again, since our safety is at stake, maybe I'll jump right to the request for declassification.

We want to be declassified and protected. Period.

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