Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 8-in-1 Pet Products: Lis Weihl & Kim Guilfoyle

I was watching Fox news and was particularly annoyed with some women on the show who I feel, talk a big talk about being feminist, but have little evidence to back themselves up. Simply being successful does not mean one is a feminist. Feminists historically took the hardest route, not the easiest. True feminists, as in, women who believe in the full embodiment of their abilities, regardless of their sex, neither viewing themselves as superior or inferior to men, but equals and empowered in their own right, through their own independence.

So I was watching Bill again and he has these women that come on and today, on the topic they were commenting about, I thought they seemed particularly hypocritical. First there was this one woman with dark hair, glasses, and a red shirt who is not a regular and she was a psychiatrist commenting on the protest in NYC. She went on and on about how these protesters were "depressed" and unstable because they wanted to "take what others have" and were not moving forward. I said out loud, "What is she, a sex therapist? She's having a lot more sex than counseling sessions." She kept badmouthing the activists and I said, "Really, the only thing they're doing wrong is they're moving too slowly. They should look more energetic and activist, and she's saying they're depressed just because they're sluggish." When she was interacting with Bill I said, "Is Bill even married?" It crossed my mind there was something between these two.

So after this psychiatrist berates citizens in a group protest, 2 more women come on board to act superior and criticize. My Dad said, "They went to college and did something for themselves and got ahead." I said, "Yeah. They're brown-nosers. They had families that paid for their college and then lived with boyfriends who supported their living costs through college and got sugar daddies." My Dad said, "You're just jealous." I replied, "Yeah right--they got where they are by doing what I refused to do."

I've never looked them up, I just intuited they slept their way through college and brown-nosed everyone and now they're the ones trying to talk about feminism and doing things for yourself." I looked at the one with dark hair and started seeing her in lingerie and photos of her and I was about to say she supported herself through college by taking off her clothes or doing shoots in lingerie and then I didn't. I figured, I"ll just write their names down on whatever scrap of paper I have available and then look them up to see if I'm right.

The only paper in front of me was a "8-in-1 Fruit 'n Honey Parakeet" treat. So I wrote their names on the back and then smirked, "Which one is the fruit and which one is the honey?" I said out loud, "I wrote Lis Weihl's name next to the crude protein, crude fat and crude fiber" and Kim's next to "any treat bar."

So I got back to my place and looked these women up and I was right! ?! Kim modeled. The only thing is, I don't know what kind of modeling. But I saw her stripping for modeling and photos and I didn't pick out on that automatically for Lis. And, both of them married sugar daddies and who knows who they dated. I was pretty much accurate.

Well, I was curious about whether it really was lingerie modeling or not. So I just checked. I typed in her name next to stripper first, and then her name and lingerie model and she came up as having worked specifically as a lingerie model, I think even for Victoria's Secret. She worked as a lingerie model before she was offered the job of assistant D.A.

I said, "At least those protestors are doing good, honest work."

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