Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Torturing & Beating My Dad

They're torturing and beating my Dad up today.

Over at the park where he has to work, they blast him with use of technology and half the people he's forced to be around are Catholic and almost all of them are military. He has to work right next to military tenants.

I don't think my parents have free use of their own property--I think the U.S. forces them to rent out to their brats.

They didn't torture me last night, except for a few times, but they tortured my mom and dad.

I gu3ss someone told them to let me take family photos but now I'm not even given any copies of the photos.

Someone is even telling my parents what to wear, to make them look worse than they would. What they wore for family photos is not what they would usually wear and they don't dress that way for church--they have style and know what style is.

They have a good eye for fashion and yet some days, they dress in a way that i know is nothing like them at all. It's more like how someone else who is jealous would want them to look, to demean them even by appearance.

Certain shoes and things...never ever would they wear that kind of thing or do their hair a certain way.

And now someone is starting to burn me with technology with laser, while I'm on the coputer and they weren't earlier.

I walked into my parent's house yesterday and nothing was happening at my house at all, and then I walked into their house and someone was using all kinds of technology in their house. After I was there for awhile, someone quit what they wre doing but there is no possible way it's not U.S. military and that means DOD.

I believe the DOD is working with the CIA on this crap, and then they throw in the FBI for their back-up in assaulting us and covering for the people who do it.

This entire area is military and CIA run. And no, the CIA does not just work out of Langley and out of country. They're here, in Coquille, Oregon and they're good for nothing.

They have serious, full-on "black sites" here too--my personal belief.

And they forced my parents to move over here before 2002, like in 2000 or something or have tortured them here.

Mafia, gangs, mobs...all of that is nothing compared to how the U.S. is using their own hate crime buddies to assault our family and kidnap and steal my son.

They have used me for research since I was born. The U.S.

And they have some MAJOR issues.

It's all fun dna games until the people you sued move into power and hold all the control at the DOD and CIA. Then they use hate crime and the excuse of national security privilege to their advantage, for their friends, to assault you as much as they want and get revenge for imaginarary insults.

The only way they are getting away with any of this, is because they're trying to redirect the focus away from the fact that they are committing and consenting to Hate Crimes, and they try to refocus the attention on meager use of us as research guinea pigs.

They forced me out of housing in Wenatchee, on the basis of hate crimes.

But then someone comes along and tries to say, "Oh no, it's "research".

BS. That's what Panetta is full of. BS.

I'd like to have someone research his ass on how the DOD and CIA use hate crime for their friends.

What's the name of the project?

They can bring in the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, NASA, NSA, FBI...whatever they want and it's still hate crime and it started against me after I filed 2 lawsuits and was raped.

They tried to discreetly kill me earlier, but found excuses for commiting hate crimes against me in 2000-2001.

They quit torturing me as much in the last couple of days only because I wrote a poem about a world leader and they are nervous about what I might know based on the people at the end of the "private driveway" who have tortured my family, along with some of our neighbors around here, since 2002 or earlier.

The U.S. has people in power who are trying to kill off world leaders that even knew who I was and the U.S. doesn't want the public to know how and why these people knew who I was and why now those in charge are trying to assasinate them all. And that is not delusional, even though it may sound grand, it's the truth.

As for Martin Dempsey, he's running a little IRA ring of his own. I know some of the people who know him.

These guys knew I was going to figure some things out, and when I didn't marry their man and protect their friend's interests, they went after all of us.

They've used my son just to get to my parents and me.

It's hate crime.

The U.S. leaders combined their choice of mafia and mobsters with their political picks and FBI to protect them. They're criminals and they hate committed crimes against humanity against my family and in violation of the Geneva Convention.

Cruel and degrading treatment is de riguer for my family since 2001.

The U.S. is directly liable and responsible for what they've allowed and anyone decent has just folded up their hands and let horrible people take control. HORRIBLE people.

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