Friday, October 7, 2011

Dad Tortured Again Today (Generator & Catholic church)

I felt it myself. My Dad was tortured again today and I went out and noticed where it was happening and when. I don't know about what happened later, but the other part I do know.

I also noticed some persons with the aforementioned religious groups wanting to encourage Protestants to join in to harass while passing by in cars, but so what. It's one thing to make faces from a vehicle and another thing to blacklist someone from work, from receiving money from employment or unemployment, trying to block their enrollment in college, and torturing them and intimidating them and drugging them to keep them from participating in legal cases. Not only that, putting in lies into law enforcement records, which someone first wanted to do on a national level and then decided to make it international.

So a case on hate crimes is not based on the free speech of what ones does from their car. It's good to notice sometimes, who is trying to cause group harassment or stalking, but it's not the same thing, at all, as grounds for hate crime prosecution and lawsuit.

When I went over to see my Dad today at his workplace, someone was using military technology to harm him where he was. And it was the same kind that bursts ink out of pens and I could feel it all the way up the hill from him. I've been where he stands before, and that's where it's so bad it bursts the ink from pens.

It's facilitated, at least somewhat, by a generator.

It's like how my laptop, if turned on, then facilitates some other form of technology that, if targeted on me, causes harm. If the generator is turned on over where my Dad works, all of a sudden, someone else targets this and uses some other form of technology that causes or greatly enhances the torture.

When it was turned on, and I could feel this energy on the hillside above it, I walked to the left and right to see how far it measured and then I walked up higher on the hill to see if it reached any house above. It measured, from my Dad's generator, about a width of 7-10 feet. Then if I went up higher on the hill, at a house for sale it was felt there, and then when I went up one house higher, there was nothing at all.

That was on one side. On the other sides of the generator or where my Dad was, there is a military Catholic (I think Catholic) man living in a trailer, and then on the other side, I don't know who this guy is but I think he might not be so great and possibly former military. He's older and has a beard and grey-white hair. Immediately below are Catholic tenants. And then across from the park, there is another mountainous hillside. I wanted to know what was on the other side and found there are roads and plenty of places where anyone could hide out and do something, and then there are a couple of houses, a large water filtering plant, and then on the other side of the hill you can sort of see parts of an Auto mechanic shop.

I went there today to ask about another road and which one leads to these houses, because there are backroads and regular roads. He told me and while I was standing in his mechanic shop (it was Dave's Mechanics) the same technology started, the kind that causes pressure to your heart, while I was on the phone.

When the torture quit, that I could feel next to where my Dad was working, it was after he turned off the generator.
Also, today, several priests and monks were in town, along with the regular Catholics. Which, I thought, was sort of out of the ordinary. I recognized a few from the monastery.

One thing I remembered today, after just cooking something to eat and thinking about why there were any priests or monks around, I remembered something Fr. Joachim told me. He said most of the monks and priests were former military. I had said that didn't make any sense, or wasn't what I would imagine at all and he said, no, it fits the lifestyle.

Monastic life, he said, is very much like military life. He said the men who decide to be monks or priests have, most of them, been in military service and enlisted for some number of years.

So it makes me wonder who knew who...I mean, the torture of me and my son with military technology was right after my lawsuits which I had talked about trying to appeal or revive. I knew the law enforcement that was crowding around me and doing favors for people to defame me, kept turning out to be Catholic, like regular church members of the church. But the people who made a lot of the decisions on whether to defame me to others or not, were the monks and priests because they were the only ones with voting power.

Get some disgruntled monks and law firms along with a Rabbi, monks who were almost all in military service, and add in some law enforcement and Judges and lawyers, and...


If there are just 40 monks and priests from the monastery, how many contacts might they have, collaboratively, with friends in Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines. Panetta is former Army and he's about the same age as some of these priests and monks. I wonder if he served with any of them. Might be interesting. Another thing some of these law enforcement (FBI) guys have in common with military is that some of them were also in military.

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