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Catholic Hate Crime: Martin Dempsey & Chaplains

There he is.

This is the latest Catholic man who has received the head position in U.S. government and he has been directly responsible for what's happening to my family. Both he and Panetta are responsible.

He's the one who wanted Fowler.

This man wanted a guy he already knew, in with the FBI in Oregon, for controlling what sadistic games he would order carried out.

He's Catholic. He's born and raised New York.

And this is the man they put in power in August. He was affirmed in August, sworn in by September, and assumed position October 1st. However, he was taking on duties and giving orders before October 1st.

He and Fowler, also Catholic and also from New York, teamed up.

I wasn't sure what religion he was when I first looked at his photo. I thought maybe even Protestant. I didn't know. The only thing I picked up on was what I got from the photo, looking at his eyes and I saw, "This is a MEAN man." In his eyes I see sadism and cruelty. And I saw this before I knew his religion. I looked first at the photo and then secondly, at the wikipedia article.

This is the guy who is torturing us and he's the reason why things got bad in August. He gave his Catholic comrades "confidence". He is the one responsible for torture of my son, and he already knew what was happening to my son in Wenatchee, WA because Panetta already knew.

Do you really think Tony Block doesn't "know people who know people"?

Not only that, the FBI people who live up the road from my grandparents say they're evangelical christian but they're not. They are born and raised Catholic and it shouldn't matter except for the fact that the missives coming up the road from John Kaempf, were date stamped by the FBI. I've had this feeling Kaempf is FBI. I don't know why, but just realized one day, "It fits." It would explain too, why he had so much access to FBI resources a normal attorney would not have. I can remember one nice thing he ever did. ONE thing. ONCE, he looked guilty. And that was a nice thing to see, because it was the ONLY time I saw a shred of humanity from any of them. To see him even look guilty for a split second, was at least a validation that yes, he knew what was being done to me was wrong. He did it anyway, but for one split second, his conscience allowed guilt to show on his face. Which really doesn't go very far in the grand scheme of things. I had my huge box of newspaper articles and reports, and was going out the door of the courthouse and looked back and he was looking at me and for one split second, as I stood there after being put down by a Judge, when he KNOWS his clients have always been rotten and that the FBI is rotten and what they've all done is corrupt, I saw guilt.

I'll take it. I'll put that photo memory away for a keepsake. It's not an apology, but it's still an admission. God knows.

Back to torture. Because Kaempf decided not to listen to his conscience, the following things continued to progress. All the way up the alley to his comrade Rick.

If Rick is a good evangelical christian who converted from FBI Catholicism, then why did he defame me? He talked to the FBI and defamed me while Kaempf and Laurie were defaming me. He first gave me a tip about how to report something, and then he defamed me. Was the tip to make it appear like he's a good guy?

I'm wondering because I know my Granny and Grandpa live up there and for a fact I know my Grandpa has been physically assaulted and Granny has been assaulted with military technology. I am not sure about my Grandpa because he's as tough as they get, but I think that not only has he been assaulted face-on, he's been possibly assaulted with technology. I know without any shadow of doubt, they have tried to blast the hell out of Granny. The military has tortured Granny in so many ways I can't count, and they did it thinking they could just say she was elderly--they thought no one would notice.

Granny did not even have dementia or alzheimer's, or wouldn't have had it, if she hadn't been tortured. At first I thought what anyone else would think--that she's older and the elderly have different issues. But then I realized what has really been allowed. I know because several times I stayed the night there and military used technology at THAT house when I had my son with me. They targeted my grandparents house.

What kind of group targets my grandparents, my parents, my brother, and my son's caregivers all at the same time?

What kind of military group would do that and start doing this out of revenge?

Before I even found out my parents are psychic, I discovered something. Granny is incredibly psychic. When you're a kid, you don't think about things like this. Ever. And no, I'm not losing it and suddenly assuming everyone in my family is "psychic". What I discovered, is the truth of why the DOD is torturing my family and why certain religious groups have wanted to keep us down. And all of it falls under hate crimes with a "national security" BS auspice.

I knew Granny was drop-dead stunning when she was younger. Gorgeous. I knew she was very smart too, even though she didn't finish college--she wrote poetry far better than anything I've written and she's wittier and funnier than any other woman I have ever met in my life. She is socialite-classified-as-wit-and-psychic. She comes up with funny comments and comebacks to things I couldn't even imagine, and I have never heard anyone wittier, out of all the poor, middle class, upper class and echelon bull crap I've been around. I have rubbed shoulders with the most rich as well as the most poor, even if I didn't care to stick around. I still know what I'm talking about. So all this time, I notice the jealousy about Granny and realize people tried to keep her down too. And then, topping it off, I found out, while on a bus back to my parents' house in Coquille, Granny is psychic. She gave it away and for once, I noticed. Then I realized, after seeing what the hateful DOD has done to my parents, "They tortured her too."

They haven't tortured Granny to make her more psychic. They've tortured her for sheer sadistic pleasure.

(Hey Dempsey, you gotta girlfriend?)

The DOD is sick in the head. All this time I've seen the black marks around her eyes and thought it was just age. I've seen her in severe pain with her lower back as they applied the same technology to me and my son, and known it wasn't from old fractures and age. I saw her losing her temper with what I thought was Alzheimer's and now think was a reaction to being tortured by the same technology that creates aggression because it is so painful--and that's exactly how she reacted. I've witnessed her talking about strange sounds in her ears and now I know it's military. She is a Luxembourgish Royal and it's on her mother's side too. It's on my grandfather's side as well.

Why else would my family be tortured unless the DOD knew they were from "royal" stock and had the genetic psychic bloodline? Only specific groups of people have possessed this inborn trait, and they were experimented on by Nazi's and scientists over it and hated by others for having this gift. Who are the people that have the genetic trait? Jews, Gypsies, and Royals. Do you know what they do to royals they don't like? they get rid of them, take away their rights or papers, and make them go into exile, or execute them en masse. Do you know what they do to Jews and Gypsies? round up for camp, forced labor, or forced conversion. Oh, and kids. They target the children because it's scientifically proven children sometimes have stronger abilities. How else to get to the kids unless you have willing parents or CPS.

The groups that have historically possessed the strongest psychic abilities, naturally, have belonged to these categories. It might mean Chinese royalty, European royalty, Middle Eastern or African...they historically ended up as royalty for their abilities which appeared to be like that of "the gods" or "God". There have always been supernatural giftings and in the past, those who had these gifts were the Chiefs of the Native American tribes or proved their worth in other ways and got elected.

And the DOD is acting like Hitler and even allowing other Jews to be Hitler against my family.

The U.S. government already knows these facts. They already know, because they paid for all the research done by Germany. Germany, Russia, and China were doing research but Germany, at the time, allegedly had the best documentation. What did the CIA and DOD do? They bought the records on psychic research from the Nazi's and scientists. All of the German research was based on populations they had already discovered were more gifted in these ways. They used twins for the same reason. Twins had some communication abilities non-twins didn't have. Germany was very interested in psychic phenomena and research.

The U.S. purchased these records and already knew which specific families to target.

The CIA and DOD can talk all they like about how psychic ability can be "learned" by "anyone" and that's a bunch of BS and they know it.

This is why they still target ENTIRE families. If they thought "anyone" could "learn" to be "psychic" they'd be taking advantage of everyone over in Africa before they died from malnourishment and starvation. They just "need subjects for research"? If that's the case, like I said, if the U.S. allows starvation, why wouldn't they use those people, keep them alive and feed them, and force THEM into psychic research and DOD programs?

Why not?

Because they already know what the research says. And while they are into enhancing abilities and using disgusting techniques and torture to see if they can enhance abilities, the DOD specifically targets families that are already known to have inherited gifts in the psychic arena.

And if someone doesn't like you in the DOD, or you're not a member of THEIR church or political persuasion, they will abuse their position to keep your entire family down and use you in forced slave labor at the same time.

The DOD has committed acts of terror against my entire family.

And right now, they have a lot of religious interest supporting this terrorism.

They've tortured Granny and Grandpa Baird along with Dolores and Grandpa Garrett. Then they tortured all of their brothers and sisters and their children and ALL of them have been targets of the U.S. DOD.

It's all fun and games and then you throw in politics and religion and it gets cruel fast. The license to torture for research turns into a license for hate crime.

Not only did the DOD and CIA know that the Bairds-Breigenzers and Davis-Garretts were psychic, they wanted psychic kids out of all of it too. They have tortured and killed all of us. If we haven't been killed, we have been tortured, and forcibly separated from family members like victims of the slave trade. And the entire time, we've been ones who actually had gifts that were unique and instead of being allowed to flourish, we've been forced to make money for those who hate us, and abused.

I am tired of watching my parents show up with evidence of torture. I'm tired of being tortured and knowing my son is tortured. I'm tired of the sick intimidation and games by losers who have manipulated the public and mocked our laws. I'm tired of the citizens in this country acting like the citizens of Nazi Germany did and thinking their own families will get ahead if we are ruined, or keeping silent.

The U.S. either treats us like full fledged citizens, or gives us the freedom to leave after admitting they are not treating us as citizens of this country but as enemies to the Catholic church and tortured for it.

Right now, our own government is committing acts of terror against a specific population which consists of family that they have used for research and tormented because of their inherited abilities.

I am going to make a quick list of the people in my family that the CIA and DOD have used and/or tortured without our permission or consent to be used:

1. Ruth Howard & Lebious Guy Garrett
2. Their children: Ruthie Garrett, Howard Garrett, Robert Guy Garrett, Sr., Marjorie Garrett, Mary Garrett-Martin.
A. Ruthie Garrett: died of cancer toxins given to her while in marriage to a multi-millionaire to make room for the next woman,
B. Howard Garrett: died in Seattle, Washington while employed by the DOD and experimented on, possible cause of death--CIA, in revenge for some imagined slight,
C. Marjorie Garrett: used in research and followed,
D. Mary Garrett: used in research and followed.

No children by Ruthie (because the child might have inherited something), no children by Howard (because he was too smart for his own good), and children by Robert Garrett and Dolores Davis (you either let us take your kids, or we're sending you to jail for trying to go AWOL Mr. Garrett). My Grandpa Garrett's brother was killed by the U.S. and then when my Grandfather left the military to find out what happened and investigate, they used this to blackmail him into allowing the DOD and CIA to use his kids for their programs. They were going to put him in jail for leaving the military, after they experimented on HIM and his brother. They said, we want Charles, Charlotte, and Robert Garrett, Sr, and this is what you're going to're going to follow orders to leave Dolores and take Bobby and the kids away from their mother so we can use them for our own operations.

It's called "generational blackmail" by the government and then you throw in hate crime from the religious groups that want you out of the way.

I don't think my Grandpa Garrett was the one who "dropped the investigation" of the murder of Howard Garrett in Seattle, Washington. I think the DOD and Seattle forced him to drop it.

They took all 3 kids and used them for military research: Charles Howard Garrett, Charlotte Anne Garrett, and Robert Guy Garrett, Jr. Robert Jr. was just 2 years old when he was torn from his mother. How convenient. How very "textbook". The program was already in place. They wanted to traumatize my father at the age of 2, which is what MK-Ultra and psychic programs "recommend", for their own sick DOD game.

Do you really think Robert Garrett, Sr. and Dolores Davis volunteered their own kids to be tortured and abused by the military? No, the CIA and DOD targeted a family and then forced them to relinquish their natural rights, for a "top secret" program. They used blackmail and threats of jail to do it, after they murdered family members.

They grew up in Alburquerque, New Mexico. Charles Howard was drafted after they used him throughout his childhood. They beat the living crap out of him, used him for multiple chemical experiments and then put him on VA. He's psychic, because he revealed it one day. They used him when he was just a kid.

Charlotte Anne was maybe more willful than they wanted. They couldn't excuse her beligerance or claims with "PTSD" from a war, so they just followed her around and tried to set her up with people who would say she had a mental disorder she never had. She doesn't even email people anymore--because she already knows the U.S. has allowed hateful people to get into her personal life. She was only 4 years old when she was torn from her mother and forced into a New Mexico federal and military operation. The first time I ever heard anything remotely close to mental issues was in 2002. How interesting. She went her entire life, all the way through her 30s and into her 40s with zero problems until...VOILA! Let's create problems for ALL the Garretts! in 2002. Which is when my Grandpa Garrett died, so maybe the DOD thought their secret was safe for sure.

Oh guess what? That's right...Edward Howard, CIA operative, was also killed in 2002 and he was from Alburquerque, New Mexico. WHAT a coincidence.

Robert Guy Garrett, Jr. My Dad. I know they've used him and they forced him to allow others who weren't worth it, to flourish as they have held threats and intimidation over his head ever since he was a teen. They used the same blackmail trick they used with HIS Dad, forcing them to use their kids for their program and promising so much but delivering so very little.

Then there's Thomas Garrett, who is Rosella's son, so half-brother to the others and his Dad is my Grandpa. He was also forced to be part of the program and I don't know what he's doing now actually, but I know this is true.

How do you keep forcing someone to work for you, or an entire family to work for you, if you don't get the federal government involved to abuse and torture you and make any alternative impossible?

Me and my brother. The DOD has used us. We've worked for the federal government without pay our entire lives. When we grew up and realized something was wrong and that now we were getting screwed over by religious hate interests, we tried to do something about it and were tortured for trying.

The same group that tortures little kids when they're 1 or 2 years old, tortures teens and women without blinking an eye.

Probably, the feds blackmailed my brother already in some way and I know they cut off his ability to make money and used a military spy through his ex-wife whom they advised to take all the money. I don't even know if he can have kids because probably the U.S. tried to sterilize him and as for me, they wanted me to be a baby-making machine and instead I wanted to go to college and they didn't like it. Now, they don't want me to have kids unless they personally own my children. They'll line up to steal or buy my eggs, and even try to pressure me into it, but they don't want me to raise my own children.

They tortured me and my son to get their hands on the next generation. But it's worse for my son, because they haven't even just used him, they've allowed hate crime to get to the rest of us. After stealing my son and abusing him to torment me and my Dad and force us into their own compliance and poverty, they've forced my parents to work with other people's kids and "the youth group".

Sick, isn't it?

That's the DOD under Martin Dempsey and the CIA and Pentagon under Panetta. And look whose come to town recently under their approval for another round.

Head of the DOD: Roman Catholic Martin Dempsey, as of August 2011
Head of the Pentagon: Roman Catholic Leon Panetta, as of 2010
Vice President of the U.S.: Roman Catholic Joe Biden, as of 2008
Former Head of the CIA: Roman Catholic Leon Panetta, 2004-2010

I'll add more later. What I found interesting is that Dempsey was appointed on Memorial Day which was the same day some guys came out to my house to "mark the memorial", mocked my family, stole my chocolate from my house, and felt the sky is the limit for the Catholic church and their agenda on hate.

Basically, with Panetta at head of the Pentagon and Dempsey heading the DOD, the control the hate crime and torture. They're both Roman Catholic, friends, and deal with military and controls on torture and abuse. When they control the technology, with Biden backing them, they also control the FBI and provide assurance to anyone who tortures my family that they'll "get away with it." Dempsey just got the fellow Catholic New Yorker he wanted, in place at the FBI in Oregon.

What more can I say?

Here's the link to the new pastor in town, and it's interesting how he's connected to this "T-net site" when my Dad had a T or sign of the cross lasered onto his back. The guy has Bible college under his belt and it doesn't matter. He's a military sadist posing as a pastor, just like the Assemblies pastor here. I do not believe he is an evangelical christian and for all of his Bible college studies, he's divorced, which is not something a strong evangelical pastor would do. Someone who is really sincere, does not pastor as a divorced man or divorce at all, unless he's just using pastoral work as a cover for what he really does in the military. He came over here from Washington State--from Seattle.*%3AIE-Address&oe=UTF-8&rlz=1I7ACAW_en___US442&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=6156l8406l0l9531l13l12l0l10l0l0l312l547l2-1.1l2l0&hl=en&q=cache:GQJvzKOWk8kJ:,+air+force&ct=clnk

Kevin Boll is Catholic.
The Assemblies of God pastor right now is also Catholic. He flinched when I mentioned Ohio was not known for having a high population of Presbyterians but Catholics.

Then, I was thinking the same thing about this other guy--something isn't adding up. I already knew he used "pastoral" work as a cover for something with the military, but this guy is Catholic.

Dempsey or someone, thought it would be funny to insert another presumably Protestant pastor who is actually Catholic, especially after all my talk about how Russia got the idea to put KGB into the priesthood. They're just trying to use a Protestant cover for the fact that it's still hate crime.

Kevin Boll is Catholic.

Oh, and by the way, guess where he spent most of his time when he was in or out of the military doing his "chaplain" practice at "evangelical protestantism"? Chicago, Illinois. The biggest Knights of Columbus and Jesuit recruiting locals are Chicago, Illinois, and Columbus, Ohio. We have 2 military men over here now, posing as pastors and trying to keep the lid on what's going on with my family. Boll was in Chicago, Illinois in 1982 getting one degree from some flimsy sounding christian college where you wouldn't have to know anything about a set doctrine at all, and then another flimsy degree in Chicago, Illinois again, in 1998.

He doesn't cut the mustard.

First of all, I know about evangelical protestantism and no pastor in his right mind would get divorced and then think he can pastor a church. Not only that, it's not appropriate for a divorced, single man to pastor an evangelical protestant church. Any born and bred evangelical christian person knows that.

If either of these pastors come near my family again, they are in major, MAJOR trouble. It's called HATE CRIME, sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church via military DOD.

YOU TOUCH MY FAMILY AGAIN you are in BIG trouble. Either one of you.

Only a Catholic would assume that he can get a bunch of Bible college degrees and that Protestants don't notice when he gets divorced and wants to preach as a single divorced man, after torturing truly Protestant faith christians.

You came to the wrong town buddy. Adios. You'd both better find your first bus pass out before I call the Hate Crime police against you and they'll be coming in with sincere protestant faith, not as frauds.

His first college had a very tenuous connection to Church of Christ, and that's not even an evangelical protestant denomination. Just checked. I'm correct. They don't even consider themselves to be evangelical.

He's Catholic just like the Assemblies pastor is.
Both are career military, both spent their time in huge dominant Catholic regions, and then they come over here, torture my family and want us to believe their cover.

By the way, I think the Assemblies pastor's "wife" is living in another state, Texas (?) I think or visiting at least and then this other guy is divorced and single.

Sincere evangelical christians do not believe in or support torture. They speak up and protect the flock, they are not the wolves. And finally, they believe that if any man should desire to be an "elder" of the church, he should be a man of one wife. That is the same for being a pastor. No normal evangelical christian accepts a divorced man to stand at the pulpit while he's single. It's something Catholics do, because they would assume if a man divorces, as long as he doesn't remarry he can even be a priest. Well, we think differently. We do not agree. It's inappropriate for some single divorced man to stand as head of the church. Torture though, and using threats--umm, that's the best tip to where you stand in a religious sense.

So goodbye. I don't want to see either of you again, or see you defaming me or trying to torture my family to defame me for your Knights of Columbus and Jesuit cohorts.

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