Sunday, October 9, 2011

Evidence of Torture Today: Examining hands since 1980s

This morning I saw my Dad's hands right after church and they looked okay again. No red marks and the swelling had gone down so his hands looked normal. And then after church, he had to leave to do some work (on Sunday? not typical) and when he came back, his hands were totally swollen and looked red in places again. It's not arthritis.

My Dad has been working every single day since I've been here since June, and I notice his hands and things and they never started looking like this until the last month.

Not only that, he was telling me he got some cut scars on his fingers, and acid burn scars from when he was younger--and he didn't have these marks years ago because when we sat in church I used to sit next to him and examine his hands in church.

I usually sat on the other side of my Dad but sometimes my Mom, and I was always sitting on the far right, with my parents in the middle and my brother at the left of my parents. I would sit there, and if I wasn't sometimes drawing in church while listening, when I was younger, I was examining my Dad's hands and nails. It was just something I did. Every single Sunday, for 52 weeks of the year, I looked at his hands. It was my own thing, and I just noticed.

So there is no possible way, these new marks of torture, which have shown up on his hands since 2002, are old. Most of the marks on his fingers are much more recent, like since 2005 or so, for scars and then the recent breaking and hand swelling--that's coming and going.

If someone went to church today and looked at his hands they'd have seen nothing unusual except if they noticed his fingernails. But after church, they were all messed up again, and I know it's not from "work" because the other times I saw his hands, there is no "work" which entails using a specific level of knuckles for something, and the marks I saw on his knees were not normal and not work-related either.

My mother and father both have dark circles around their eyes and insides of their eyes. If you never saw them, you'd see them once and think it's normal. But I know what "normal" is for them. This dark skin will fade and then one of them will have to "meet" someone and they come home with dark eyes, and it's not lack of sleep.

Today my Dad told me there was nothing I could do that would help. Nothing that I do will help or protect them, which means the FBI is involved.

My Mom has someone telling her to do and write things that are starting to make her look not like herself. And she's been trying not to cry a lot.

I think she was raped after I requested inquiry by the UN.

She and my Dad were being pressured and tortured to not help me with filing something in court to fire my lawyer from the Koch firm before the hearing. I was not allowed to print anything, use any normal things they would naturally allow me to use and when I was upset, I also noticed this is when they were being tortured.

It was after I made my inquiry request September 3 but a few things were going down about a week before I even did this, in August.

Debbie, at her workplace was claiming her printer and fax were down and it couldn't be used for a week. My Mom was trying to fix hers but HP kept refusing to fix it on time and was disconnecting calls and then I realized someone was instructing my parents to go out of their way to upset me and then make an excuse for not letting me use the printer, paper, or do anything to try to save my son and put something into the record. The day the Judge signed her end of the deal was the same day I filed police reports about torture of my parents, and that's when my Dad's hands were broken for the first time. Right after Judge Wasson signed her end of the deal, someone over here, connected to military, was calling up to offer to provide counseling to me. And that's after we had some other military guy coming over to talk with us and talking about death a lot.

My parents were intimidated and tortured to not allow me access to normal things they'd help me with or provide, for securing my rights to my own son.

And after September 14, 2011, when I told Judge Wasson I needed a continuance because I didn't have a phone or minutes to call them with, and I think my mother was raped for good measure.

It was the following weekend, and I noticed all these people piling into town from California, however, it could have been someone local. I went to check on my Dad, because I was worried and had noticed just the day before that there was no way his knees were all screwed up from working "on the roof". So I believe that's when I went over to check again and when I did, he said go back. I had had this feeling, to go back to the house but I didn't, and I sensed danger that day, specifically. When I got back to the house, the door was broken and lock was broken and wouldn't close all the way--it was ajar. I would close the door and it stayed open a specific amount.

I noticed when I approached the house that day, walking, that it was not just men passing by watching and laughing, but women.

The night before the neighbor had said it didn't matter if anyone called for help from police in this town, because they didn't care and see what they'd do themselves.

My Mom came around the corner, and tried not to cry, and let me in. Then, she was acting jumpy all the time at sudden sounds and then my Dad got home later and he was trying not to cry and they were clearly being forced to accept an assault. Someone had left a speech by Obama running on the television. Then there was this whole thing about "good" and how God is good and isn't life good, and it was like a deliberate mockery to my parents and what we were going through. This was all before September 28, 2011.

After I saw the door broken, my Mom had to go to work, it was Saturday, and I went with her and we got to Debra Burt's office and Debra, her boss, had a lockbox sitting out on the end of her desk, next to my Mom's desk, and broken or popped out as far as the door had been broken earlier that morning at our house. She also chose a lockbox that was the same color of the door that was broken, and then had a couple of scuff marks on it the same color as new scuff marks someone had made to the otherwise solid white door. It was a slightly yellowish color and that's what Debra had on her desk, a white or off-white lockbox with a scuff the same color, and opened up as much as the door had been broken to not close properly.

I felt like I was walking into a mob setting for intimidation and harassment. I had just seen what appeared to be evidence of a major crime and then we get to my Mom's boss's office and her boss leaves this little symbolic reminder out on her desk, as if she already had known what they were going to do that day or put it out at the same time.

All of this happened after I noticed Kathy and Patty and knew something bad was happening to my parents.

I had been sitting in a rockingchair at my parent's house on a regular basis before the break-in. When I got back to the house, I sat in it and it was like some overweight or large person had been sitting there because the cushion was smashed down and when I sat, a loud sound of a spring popping could be heard. Someone practically ruined the rockingchair.

My Mom was saying no one had been there but I knew this wasn't true because of the condition of the house and then I went to my house and porch and someone had put a folded up piece of paper or something on my porch and cut the strings I had tied to be able to tell if someone had been in or not.

Then AOL was putting these ads side by side of violence and pouring yellow stuff out of a pan, on my Mom's computer. How would they know what had just happened at my parent's house? My mother was possibly assaulted, and the insides of her eyes were totally black again, and there was this new yellowish scuff on the door and her boss at work is replicating the idea when my Mom went in as she was supposed to, according to schedule. And AOL just happens to have an idea when my Mom isn't blogging or writing about it at all?

It's like when I was getting ad after ad about death from Google. Tombstones, and RIP stuff, every single day to the point that it's not normal and you start to wonder why any group would spend money to create this level of hate crime and harassment. So I started to wonder if this was even real...Was my mother assaulted and then people were really making fun of this?

I thought at first, no, it's too big and impossible. But then I remembered some of the things people have done and the extremes they've gone to in order to get to me, break me down, create fear, or try to control and use me, by making it seem like almost the entire world was against me.

I came into my Mom's workplace with a jug of water that said "Nursery water" on it because I just grabbed the first one that was cheap and she almost burst into tears. This was right after the break-in, same day. So then I returned it but it made me wonder more.

For whatever reason, I noticed a sponge in the sink with butter on it and mustard seeds all over. There isn't anything my mother had made with those ingredients and even if she was making a sandwich (which she never does for herself because she's not a sandwich person) she would not use both butter and mustard seeds for any reason.

And then I was looking over her shoulder one day when she was online and noticed, ohmygosh, this recipe site that my Mom gets recipes from, first gave a recipe for "Bagel Spread" and the next day, the same day, or day after, my parents' house was broken into, the recipe was for "Honey mustard and Maple Nuts salad".

And my parents were just both trying not to cry and then this military guy comes over and they're being tortured and told to lie about it and I'm stunned and he's talking about 1/2 church things and the other half of the time, about death and how fast someone can die.

There is so much more.

The main thing, is that we are all being tortured, and nothing is being done about it because apparently some group with connections to the U.S. military is making sure they torture my parents to the point of being forced to lie about things and even block me from defending the case with my son because the Koch firm, Judge Wasson, and the AG of Washington state don't want to be held accountable or questioned further about what has been done to my son.

Hate crime by torture, assault, and intimidation, for purposes of obstructing another from participating in federally protected activities. My case and ability to defend against what corrupt firms and state workers have colluded to cover up, is a right. Blocking this right by torturing, drugging me or fumigating my house with some toxin, torturing and assaulting my family members so I am worried about their safety, harassing us by improper communications is completely illegal.

I do think this group is trying to get to my parents and family because I see the things they're writing and it's not in character at all. They're not losing it either, it's very clear they are all being tortured to come up with some of this stuff. And imagine being repeatedly tortured knowing the FBI and law enforcement is backing your assailants? How helpless do you feel?

I went to the local police station here, to get a list of employees and on their front doors they had this ad posted, after I stated in my blog I believed Patty was transporting my mother around for torture. I went to the station and right on their doors they had affixed this large sign that said "Summer Sprinkling session is here!" It had nothing to do with police work. It had nothing to do with the City of Coquille at all. It wasn't about sprinklers or lawns or an ad for things for the yard. It was the only ad posted on the City of Coquille police station doors, and the only thing it remotely connected to was when I was "sprinkled" with "holy water" by a priest at Mt. Angel Abbey years ago, which is what he called it, "sprinkling". It happened in the summer and what it was, was an assault and after that, they called the police on me to start up an improper investigation against me to smear me before I reported any of them.

So, if it's not Catholics, and it's not hate crime by those affiliated, why is there a big ad on the City of Coquille police station doors when they knew I was going in to make a report about Patty and torture occuring to my mother. An ad that refers to something that happened to me years ago by a priest with a "summer sprinkling". And here is Kathy, trying to poison and harm my mother with toxins in water, and Debbie Burt, wanting to conceal the fact she's Catholic all of a sudden, and these Catholic police officers coming to their rescue and calling my parents "old and decrepit" to my face when I explain they have marks from torture on their bodies.

Oh. Pardon me. He is a member of the...Summer Sprinkling session church?

They've brought in Catholic FBI leads, pastors who are Catholic and masquerade as protestants while intimidating us, Catholic CIA and military, and then some of the Jewish who ride on the coat-tails and hide beneath the cover that others are providing for them. Not all Jewish, but a significant segment. Most of it, looks like religious hate crime.

So I guess after my Dad's tortured and beat and made fun of, and my mother's been possibly raped and then mocked, and the police and FBI are in on it, this might be the reason my Dad finally said today, "Nothing you do can help us or protect us."

I think they're harassing and torturing them enough now, to try to have them crack. They did this with me and then threw me into the psych ward. My parents won't admit they're being tortured, because in the meantime, they're forced to write things that are not characteristic and as soon as they say they are being tortured or someone is intimidating them or assaulting them, or that they worked for so-and-so, they're disowned and put away.

No one bothers to spend money on massive harassing ad campaigns against me because they already got the FBI and military to go together to slam me in the system and say I'm nuts. After that happened, they figured it was enough.

My Dad said something the other day, mistakenly hearing, he thought, that I said I wanted to work for the federal government and he said I'd already bad-mouthed them and look at my blog. I said, "Yeah. And look at how they allowed torture. They've already had me working for them, and I haven't been paid. I haven't seen any of the benefit package either, like medical, dental, and the other stuff that should go along with employment by the federal government. I haven't seen my check yet. They even think they can steal my son from me, and it's not even up to me, like, I am agreeing to work for them and they say it's better if your child isn't with you when you're working for us."

Someone recently said oh there was a really big plan and something special for me. I smiled and i don't put down the prayers or words of others, but I told my Mom, "If there is something big, that's great. But I'm happy with the idea of my family not being tortured."

And then I said, "I think someone has a GPS detector on your car Mom."

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