Monday, October 17, 2011

Battery Pack? Spencers

I woke up late. I think what was happening to my neck all day and this morning, is coming from the southside of our property. So it's not coming from the far northside, what's being done, but I think it might be something a neighbor is doing, if it's not satellite military. The only thing is, why any neighbor would have something, I don't know. It's more like a magnetic pull thing. It's like a magnetic pull that moves or targets metals. So most people wouldn't even notice. What else would specifically target and pull on, or cause metals to move slightly or pulse? (I take that back and correct myself to say it is possibly a combination)

What's sad is that it IS definitely DOD (Department of Defense) related, I just am not sure if they're using something in the sky or using one of close neighbors.

My mom kept asking me the other day if I'd seen or taken a battery pack (charger?) from her camera kit but the answer was no. Then she showed it to me and I don't know why someone wanted her to show me because it was the same size and shape of something else I saw in an "image" the other day. Well, I do know why she asked, bc it was missing and she needed it for work.

But it was on the day or night that I was writing about the Spencer family that I had the impression. I think I had the impression in the middle of my writing about how I thought their family were MK-Ultra (UK version) victims. Seriously, the program in the U.S. began in 1953 (so they say, but I think precursors were much earlier). This program was a top, top secret joint effort between US, UK and Canada. I don't think it's possible some of them did not swap stories. I think my parents are possible victims of this program, though it may have branched out with another agency. My Dad was born in 1951 and was 2 years when the program began. His family was forced to move in 1953--with all of the children being traumatically separated from their mother for reasons no one has ever been willing to share. My Mom was born in 1953.

Anyway, I don't know if the impression I had had anything to do with them at all, it's just when I got it so I didn't know if it was a Spencer sister or even someone from another country entirely or here.

That morning I had taken a compact (make-up compact) that was square, and instead of tying the door with string to see if anyone tried to break in, I let it slip down inbetween the screen and the door and shut it quickly, knowing if someone opened the door, it would fall out and I would know where I had placed it approximately. It was a solid black Lancome square compact, square, and about 2 inches in width and height either way.

Later that night, when I was writing about the Spencers, I suddenly saw a woman in the mind's eye, or after I had written the post--it was evening, and she was holding what looked like a compact of the same shape and size in her right hand. She was standing against a solid light colored wall and holding just this and nothing else and then she slid down the wall sort of crumpling and looked distressed or like she was crying, and she held this. She looked upset. And then 1-2 days later my Mom asked if I'd seen or taken a battery pack bc it was missing for her camera. I said no, and said what does it look like and it was a square thing, like my compact.

I had wondered why this woman was holding a compact and crying or upset down to the floor. It was also strange because it was more like a brightly lit white wall behind her.

I think this woman had shoulder-length dark brown hair but I'm not sure. But I thought at first it seemed like some Spencer related thing and then I thought it was like something I imagined Diana might do, but this woman's hair was different.

So does anyone have any idea why someone might want to send me such an impression or image the same day that I dropped a square make-up compact into a slot in the screen, which then slid down to the ground ?

Then a woman is shown to me, holding a compact of the same shape and size and sliding down a wall?

Then, I said nothing and didn't write about it and my mother must have read my mind or something or someone told her to ask, OR someone just decided to steal, and they took a battery pack the same size and shape.

I think my family has been in danger because of this government, because they are torturing us and using us for research.

As for the camera, I don't believe this one is my parent's camera. I've learned a lot about circumstantial evidence and how just because an item is found in someone's belongings or is even apparently used for some purpose at some time, it doesn't mean that the item was owned by them.

This Canon Powershot camera is one I don't think was originally owned by my parents. There are photos on my mom's laptop that were taken by this model, and then this manual mysteriously popped up out of nowhere, but I still know this doesn't prove it was purchased, owned, and used only by them and no one else. These photos of my parents looking tortured were taken with it, and some with my mom holding it and taking the photos herself, but you can tell by the fear and her expression that someone else is standing there forcing her to take these shots and then upload them, I guess to mock her.

I thought, someone who was using a camera to do things like this, or which connects them to being people responsible for instilling fear in others, would do whatever they can to make it look like the instruments used, cameras, whatever, are owned and controlled by the victim. "You did it to yourself."

And then this led me to think about people who get framed for criminal things, and sometimes the only evidence used is something like this, when the real person behind a major cover up gets away. Innocent people get convicted for things they didn't do or weren't responsible for doing, by circumstantial evidence. The assumption of,

"Well, it's this model and you are the one taking the photos in some of the pictures, and we found a manual for directions in your bag, so therefore it's yours."

It actually doesn't prove it belongs to someone. It leads to the impression that it's owned and controlled by a person, but it doesn't mean that someone else isn't forcing someone to use a camera and make it appear they are in control, and it doesn't mean someone else wasn't the one who originally purchased it, or who keeps it in their control and only allows someone to use it when required for work or specific other options. It doesn't mean that someone else doesn't take this camera and use it for themselves and other purposes at other times.

Threats, torture, and intimidation go a long way. When professionals are involved, they like to try to cover their tracks. So I realized someone is going to think ahead and if they're ever worried about being caught for something they will want to torture or threaten someone into taking full responsibility for things they are not responsible for, and if they want to, have them even write and say things that do not reflect the truth.

Most people on a jury are going to assume and believe a lawyer who says: "This item was found in ________'s possessions, with _______'s fingerprints on it, and _______was the one who had a direction manual and other things there." Most people would think "Ah! it HAS to be theirs" but a good defense lawyer and a NORMAL FBI or investigating person, does not make assumptions that fast. A good lawyer and a normal investigating party that is not biased or motivated by bribes or special interests, is going to already know that appearances are not always what they seem to be. And they would know that if crimes are committed, those ultimately responsible will take great pains to try to frame someone else by "planting" evidence, forcing people into false confessions under severe durress and threats and torture.d

I actually thought the UK woman who was killed, it's not impossible that the American group involved didn't do it. I didn't feel "They are innocent". I just knew that the evidence had been tampered with, but maybe someone even did this to purposefully lose a case and have it thrown out for tampered evidence. When it comes down to it, the FBI, police and courts, put a huge burden on taxpayers by misusing our monies to pursue cases for political interests, without reserving their energies for intelligent operations. For every innocent person they put into the slammer and inspire others to torture, they let a bunch of sadists get away with organized and sometimes, U.S. sponsored acts of terrorism in our own country.

Also, if someone is being intimidated enough to see federal officers and others in high agencies willing to cover up acts of torture and threats against their whole family, and even stepping in to personally participate, this is going to put someone into a position where they feel they are forced to go along with doing whatever they're told to do. It's what they do to MK-ultra kids in the very beginning and it's not like they don't do it later when they're adults and use psychological triggers to make it even worse.

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