Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tortured Still & Catholic Church

It is a lot of people in the Catholic church.

My mom was tortured today and so was my Dad, this morning.

Not only that, I figured out this one form of technology is not U.S. satellite. It's something a person has to have in proximity to their target.

So what's happening at our house is happening because of a neighbor. One form at least. And when I was in the car with my Mom, as she was driving home, I noticed the only time it came up or was an issue was when we were around other vehicles or houses. It never once happened when we drove through a secluded area without vehicles, and since the sky is above the entire time, it wouldn't be military satellite doing that particular harm, in my's local people.

My Mom didn't expect me to be where she was working but I worked it out on my own and on the way back, I noticed this.

I also notice all of us, my mom, dad, and me and my son, have been tortured and used for research and the U.S. has allowed and encouraged it.

I was waiting for my Mom after she had this meeting, and it was unexpected and she looked shocked and mortified.

All of us have marks from torture on our faces and bodies and some of it looks like no big deal until you find what's going along with it and how it's happening.

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