Friday, December 31, 2010

Leon Panetta: overheating quits with battery out

After having this extreme overheating which was totally unnecessary, I turned off my laptop and pulled out the battery and instantly, everything quit.

My entire body cooled down about 20 degrees as well.

This is being facilitated by using my laptop. It may work without one, but when I have one, it must make something easier to detect or use because the buzzing and humming picks up dramatically and there is a different feel or energy on the keyboard, like a feeling of static and then this overheating too.

When I turned it off and took out the battery, all of this quit.

I would like to know why I got a laptop from a CIA consultant, that was older and didn't have a battery, which I never once had a problem with.

But ever since I broke up with my Ex, my son and I get to be tortured?

For some reason, someone figured out a way to keep this from happening with that other computer and then it was stolen from me and given back to the military by an ex-military person who stole it from me.

For some reason, I got THAT computer and never once had an issue, and don't tell ME that the CIA doesn't know EXACTLY what is going on and yet, I guess Leon Panetta is the guy who calls the shots.

So who is Leon Panetta connected to?

I mean, one minute that agency is able to ensure I am not tortured, but if I'm not marrying the Colombian, my son and I are fair game to be abused by people acting like terrorists?

Who is Leon Panetta connected to?


What groups. What agencies. What kinds of people.

Because he has control over this.

For some reason, Mr. Panetta feels that it is okay for my son, a child, to be tortured. Under what law or grounds?

He has also allowed me to be tortured.

He knows about it.

He knew about it or he wouldn't have known how to fucking control it in the first place.

The person to focus on, afterall, might be Panetta and all of his connections, above-ground, underground, and ethereal.

If he is at the top, he is the one that others will answer to, ultimately, and he is the hen protecting them under his wings, as they commit atrocities.

Leon Panetta needs a new job. One that doesn't involve the protection and oversight of human beings.

The line of abuse can be traced to one man: Panetta

Not only was this fucker in top ranks in the Army, he is coming from California. He is tied in with some Italian groups, I guess it's safe to assume, and high ranking Catholic groups. This would mean he knows those in The Vatican as well, and esp. as CIA chief.

This is about Panetta and all his underlings who have almost the exact same profile that he has.

Oh, and some of the fuckers quit their shit once I brought up this assholes name. I guess because it might make someone look less than holy and more like Saddam Hussein.

This man has got to go.

After allowing people to torture me and my son and try to poison me and call me crazy, and keep others from being held is time for him to go.

Whoever was in charge before wasn't much better but maybe someone eventually got through to HIM because the torture partially quit under his office, until Panetta took over.

"It's too late"

Yeah, because the fucker Panetta is in the house as of February 2009.

I think it is time for a fucking mutiny.

You tell me how Leon Panetta is ANY different from Saddam Hussein.

Shit. I finally fucking got it. Finally.

Happy New Year's Oliver. I'm sorry I was delayed. We have a man named Leon Panetta to thank for your abuse and torture, and the Army.

Now that I am finally thinking clearly, I can really get into the crimes against humanity that have perpetrated and allowed against me and my son. And unless this asshole is rooted OUT, it looks I will get nowhere unless I go to the UN.

Because he is not a holy man. He is a hypocrite. He is not even a christian. He is a politician and cold, cut-throat Army man who has behaved like Hitler and used his religious and mafia ties to hurt my son.


"The Truth Will Set You Free".

Was this like the understatement of 2010 or what?

I finally feel delivered from my own ignorance.

What time is it? This is the day to mark my epiphany.

It is now 12:31 a.m. CST.


Finally, a REAL Hallelujah.

You are out of a fucking job Panetta.

Oh my dear God. And everything quit. Just everything.


I want to know now, how do we hold a tribunal against the Chief Officer of the CIA? And who was the idiot who appointed him to begin with?

I had problems before, but I do know that someone in the CIA took note and started to correct it. Until Panetta and then all the underling assholes against me sided with him and they went after not just me but my son.

I guess I was fair game because I had dared sue his church. The Catholic Church. Wasn't it about 2004? The time my lawsuit with the Archdiocese was coming along, and about the time another prominent Catholic came to power? Biden?

So since we "offended" some then, my son and I were made fair game to be abused, tortured and harassed. And then we could throw in the Army and say it was for the sake of science and experiments. Under the umbrella and with the full knowledge of the CIA. And no one could step in because it was "top secret" and all the people at the top had the same church in common. Throw in a few others with their own agendas and basically, my son and I...oh we were just "set" for life.

Oh if only we had ended up in federal prison before I figured out what the hell was going on. Instead I had assholes falsely arresting me for all kinds of other things on a local level.

"It's too late"

Was Hadyn being discussed in December of 2008? I'm just curious. I'm just curious to know if there was going to be a shift of power into Panetta's hands in December. Because that might make some sense. He came into office in February. I have some date calculations to make.

I'd like to know why the Pope was getting his own tartan.

Don't tell me that the Pope doesn't know Panetta and vice versa. Just throw in the agendas of a few other groups, for other reasons, and I could be tortured for the rest of my entire life. My son too.

So before Panetta who was it? Who could have been behind the torture and abuse of me and my son?

Michael Hayden. According to wikipedia, he was also a very high ranking military person, but Air Force, and also strongly Catholic.

YOU FUCKERS are criminals and are guilty of atrocity and crimes against humanity.

Mr. Hayden-Extraordinaire came into office with the CIA May 8, 2006.


My son and I were not tortured in earnest until after this date. My son was already 1 year old. A few things had happened but not like what was to come and what could have only occured with CIA knowledge until Hayden came into office.

Porter Goss was before him. HE was the good guy. HE was not Catholic and wouldn't have had any agenda of hate against me or my son or have ever allowed these things to happen to us.

It began with Hayden.

I finally fucking figured it out.

The Irish-Catholic and the Italian-Catholic high ranking military men collude. And then collude with a few Catholic Canadians. Easy accessibility and appeal to some hispanics and latinos and whites. As long as you're Catholic, believe're safe. Which would be why some in the FBI felt safe covering up crimes against me. And some military. And others who other agendas.

There is no way any of these things could have happened without the knowledge of Hayden and Panetta. At some point, someone decided it was wrong. But then they just plowed right through anyway. Maybe it was turned over into other hands at some point, but the CIA guys knew all along and those doing this, knew I would never get past them or past anything, as long as they were in charge.

If I had figured this out years ago, I could have spared my own son the misery he's endured.

Thank you Jesus for vindicating your servant.

I am getting my son back you fuckers. And you are going to "atone" to someone much higher than me who has never believed in your premeditated confessions of sin.

I cannot believe it. I looked up all the past Directors of National Security and everything, and everything...I mean, EVERYTHING is falling into place.

I think I have one of the most dramatic and serious stories of religious hatred and ritual abuse and torture (and revenge) that I have ever thought possible in this century. And against my CHILD!

I wonder if any of the psychics out there had foresight into my "awakening" and realization of what the truth really is and the framework behind it.

This is truly amazing and how I could be so blind for so long and then understand, can only be God's grace. I mean, serious grace and mercy from the true God himself.

Now though, I am scared to leave the hotel and get shot by a CIA sniper. Well, we all know who we can go to first if anything should happen to me.

Everything that happened to me and my son came after Michael Hayden went into office. The whole power structure changed. And then worsened.

I guess there were even a few Catholics (good ones) who tried to tell me but I couldn't believe it. It just made everything so much easier though, for others who were not Catholic, if they had any other agenda, to get away with their own stuff, as long as they felt these other guys were in control...

This would explain the helicopters and other odd things that started happening. It explains everything. I mean, it is like a fucking light has come on.

(maybe partially bc I'm not being dumbed down with medications fuckers. I don't know if having white lines in my toenails is partly the reason--as if it's not arsenic, it's something else failing bc of medications I've been given so suddenly now they backed off)

I cannot even begin to number the ways crimes have been concealed.

And now I understand how people have been getting away with it and have felt safe.

I am very thankful to God tonight. So this has turned out to be the most bizarre and happy New Year.

Believe me, no one is even trying to use technology against me now. It sort of, like, died on-sight when I wrote the name Panetta.

Hey everybody, guess what! It's not fucking espionage anymore because I already figured it out so let's SHOUT out the truth. All of you who have been in hiding are going to scatter like bugs under a hot bright light. I even had an impression of bugs scattering today when being exposed but I didn't know what it was about.

This morning, in front of the mirror, I was putting on make-up and this woman said to me, when she asked to use my make up and she looked at it, she said "You don't play around!" and I said, "Play to win." Then I thought "If I was playing to win, I would have curled my hair."

But I said this and didn't add to it and everyone was quiet.

This is how ridiculous this hotel music's like, piped in by idiots. "Hot, hot/we got it/hot, hot" and before that song, after I wrote I was only worried someone would try to shoot me, I heard the country song "You're gonna miss this"

I am just glad to piece a few things together. There are all kinds of things coming together.

And every single one of the players who were corrupting the case with my son were Catholic and then a few Jewish and a few lousy pissed off Protestants. But the goodness...I see it now.

I have been tortured! In America! my son! a baby.

An innocent baby. In America.
All that I've done tonight is blog.

I want Theo the HELL away from me and OUT of this fucking area and anyone connected to him, which would include some others. I don't want any of these fucking military or psychics around me anymore. Or assholes getting away with using shit.

What I know is that my son and I were attacked for revenge.

And it wasn't done until people were in positions whom others knew would cover for them:

Michael Hayden,
Leon Panetta,
and there are more

I have to do a little research and then I'll know more. I know that things which happened to me and my son occured under their direction and oversight.

And I do not want to live in the U.S. anymore unless those men are held accountable in a court of law for their contribution to crimes against humanity.

I never in my life had such things happen to me and to my son, as what happened. The only other factor at the time, in that area, besides hatred over religious lawsuits or concern about medical malpractice suits, was possibly offending a couple of people who were Russian and lived in the area.

However, what first happened was an antagonism over my filing lawsuits against the Mt. Angel Abbey, The Willamette Week, and the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. Then, on the heels of this, came my reports of a rape (in 1998) and then of FBI misconduct and an attempt to get FOIA records.

People were just pissed.

All they needed, was a switch in who was in charge and they could take advantage of their hatred of me by making abuse appear to be legal and sanctioned.

A few very minor things occured before Michael Hayden took his position. After he was sworn in, is when things got very very bad for me and my son. I had thought some of the abuse was coming from out of the area, like even from Ireland itself--I thought maybe someone thought I was against the Irish bc I had told Christa Schneider I was looking into the different IRA and then opposing groups, simply because they would understand discrimination. Little did I know, Michael Hayden was coming from an Irish Catholic background and had serious military and political clout and became the CIA director. It could not have been worse for me and my son. If anyone else had an issue with me, they knew nothing would go anywhere. The FBI people in charge also felt safe because they had one of their own in office. They ignored me and treated me with discorn and blocked my complaints when the CIA sponsored shit began.

Someone began to feel sorry for me and my son after we were chased out of Canada and my son taken. Maybe someone felt sorry and then others just felt worried and wanted to contain me so came up with another "plan".

All abuse and torture of me and my son came to a halt.

I broke things off with my fiance and within 3 months (I guess that's the good-
Catholic and Jewish allowance for new life) I was being tortured again. Followed by military again. Observed by psychologists and psychiatrists from out of state again. People gave it time to see if we could be forced to get back together or got back together. I was refused housing in Wenatchee and made to sleep outside in the streets. In Wenatchee. With police and the entire town and God as witnesses.

Then something was going on with someone royal in some way because all of a sudden I noticed this other attention in driving me into the ground and mocking me over royal things. I was poisoned, given death threats, tortured, forced out of work and housing, and my voice was also ruined permanently and not one fucking U.S. agency has investigated because their leaders are corrupt and if there is anyone good, they can't get past the wall of others who all attend the same church.

I was called crazy when I wasn't crazy, so no one on the outside would even listen to me or believe what was happening to me and my son. We both had very serious crimes committed against us.

No one was supposed to believe me. Ever.

Then, after 7 months was up, around the time Hayden was probably thinking about stepping down and someone else was coming in, things were wrapping up in a different way. Once Panetta was in, I met every fucking Army bastard living. Not the decent good Army guys. The fuckers who tortured me and my son in the name of politics, religion, experimentation and fucking mind control.

If anyone wanted to do anything to me, or any gang member wanted to harm my son, they had FREE REIGN.

FREE REIGN under Leon Panetta.

Every case worker in the case with my son, controlling the major aspects, was Catholic. There were a couple of Jewish people. One or two token Protestants but it was mainly controlled by Catholics.

Who then served me with a notice that my rights to my son were being terminated, and the man serving me wore a t-shirt with "The Truth Will Set You Free" and a cross on it.

On St. Patty's Day, March 17th, which was a nice token gesture I'm sure. I'm sure it had nothing to do with Mr. Hayden and his Irish-Catholic influence that first allowed the torture of me and my son to begin with.

If any Jewish didn't want me in their way, they knew most of the Catholics would take care of things for them, and vice versa. And then they could prey upon the fears of even Protestant doctors and Wenatchee people, that I would sue them for medical malpractice and discrimination, and allowed things to build. Not unlike what the CIA does when they attempt to foment discord in other countries. But they did this using me and my son and international people were even involved in some of it.

I stayed for my son, trying to get somewhere, but I was blocked every single step of the way. I finally looked for a state that had the least military, Catholic population, and Jewish population and moved for a visit.

The amount of terrorism and violence against me decreased more than 90%. I was still harassed and being blacklisted, because others moved fast, to try to ruin things for me in another area. But they were obviously not able to rally a ton of people to torture me or use devices for this.

More recently, it's been a little more frequent, but they've had time.

In the meantime, I continue to notice U.S. government involvement, from planes to helicopters to trains to employees, in following me around, making predictions with others who are just haters, and allowing and encouraging me to be used as a pawn. The only difference between them and all the Catholics coming over to mock me from Illinois, is that the government people are taking notes.

Every single time I try to report something, someone gets ahead of it and is called in to head it off, or head me off, and ruin a report, or write it up wrong to make me sound nuts so no one believes me. And then the same shit about being mentally ill when I'm not and which has put me and my son in an extremely dangerous position, allowing others to torture us with impunity.

Allowing and deceiving other U.S. citizens into thinking this is all fun and games, or that my son is just fine or that I'm delusional. And even people in other countries probably began to wonder, esp. when it was every single day, all the time, in Wenatchee.

The Jewish came out to Wenatchee en force, I guess to make sure I didn't report anything "big" that might disrupt their own plans or agendas. The only time they worried was when they thought I was gaining credibility with some of the good Catholics and others. The goal was to uncover some kind of disgraceful dirt that would permanently exclude me from any kind of consideration by someone they wanted to "handle" themselves, on their own terms. It was fucking international politics.

I really don't know what they were so worried about, and I honestly don't know if it had something to do with my Ex fiance or with some old matter, or if it was what it seemed to be about: kate middleton. Why? I have no clue, but this was the best I could gather from what was swirling around me. It was very odd. I didn't know at first if it had something to do with Diana, and her case, or even Charles...I seriously did not know but then it seemed the panic was always about Kate and I know I definitely tortured more if I ever started writing anything that sounded normal or was positive in some way and then there was this british influence that came in which underscored what I was already wondering about.

High stakes call for high sums.


Whether the fear was legitimate or not, a TON of money was poured into keeping me down, obstructing justice, collusion and paying people off. Don't tell ME people were not being paid off.

I started even having people come out of the woodwork wanting to make false claims so I could be ARRESTED for things I did not do.

It wasn't good enough for me to be "mentally ill". They wanted me to be discredited even further, as a criminal.

Who would believe me then? and surely no one of any position would touch me with a 10 foot pole. Hopefully, the abuse and torture and criminal collusion--it was all a safe cover up with those things in place.

So many very wicked people were satisfied with this arrangment.

It was "impossible" for me to get my son back. Why?

Because law enforcement, many in the Seattle FBI and justice system, and the fucking CIA were involved an a lot of people KNEW and I didn't even think it could be true. I wondered, but I got confused.

Being pumped full of shit and medications and tortured until my legs were 3x their normal size and my heart was even beating normally anymore...maybe that had something to do with it.

But let's see if our Army and military and psychic mind control assholes can work with this and make torture, hate, and retaliation look "legitimate" and covered under the law.

Not only was the legal system used against me to falsely accuse me of crimes and of not being a fit parent, the system was used to sanction top secret torture.

Which makes Hayden and Panetta Saddam Husseins.

They spend all their time moralizing about how horrible Saddam is/was and how terrible the Taliban is, and LOOK AT THEM.


And then they put peons in the way of my reporting anything.

My son was so damaged he could only be fit for their sick mind control training and I witnessed evidence of this happening to my son, with him acting out hypnotism, seeing marks of abuse on him just like the "classic CIA mind control" books read from the 60s.

They used people to make some think it was maybe just gang stuff when really, they were doing horrible things to MY SON, while he had THE STATE OF WASHINGTON as his "guardian".

Why would it be "impossible" to get my son?

Because when was it possible to fight both the CIA, The Pentagon, and Mossad and The Vatican at the same time?


Oh, and lets throw in some drug lords for good measure, who I don't even know about.

The CIA and the FBI are basically The Vatican anyway. Show me the difference. The U.S. population is over 70% Protestant but the CIA and FBI population are about 70% Catholic, with the most senior positions going to Catholics who are not just ho-hum Catholics, but serious, born and bred Catholics, with degrees from Catholic Universities and ties to the Vatican.

If it was about "drugs" why have I never been into drugs? And if it's about someone I dated who was into drugs and I didn't know about it, why did the FBI block me from reporting things? wouldn't it seem like if someone from the FBI is obstructing justice, it would be because they are worried someone THEY know will be in trouble?

If it was ever about drugs, from any Ex or person I dated, why didn't anyone investigate?

Was it "impossible" to get my son back because of corruption? Yes. Was this corruption stemming from drugs or from mind control and retaliation? I don't know. Maybe it was even a combination.

Meanwhile, my son and I were innocent people.

I could blame other intel, including possibly Russian (fringe) or UK, but the fact remains that the problems began domestically and it only became an international issue later.

If it was about drugs, boy oh boy has everyone been safe and sound as long as Hayden and Panetta are at the helm, along with the lousy ass FBI chiefs. My son has slept really well at night ever since Hayden and the joint FBI fucker came into office. Timothy Murphy. I wonder why he doesn't have a wiki page.

(This idiot teen picking his nose earlier and smirking at me just went by me with his arms in swimming movements. I guess to imitate Jills words of "keep swimming." Guess what fuckers. YOUR time is fucking UP.)

Wait. Here it is. From the White House website. Something about John Pistole, who I am interested in as he was #2 man in FBI until 2010 when he decided to become adminstrator for the Transportation Department. I'm just curious because an old family friend seems to feel intimidated by someone and goes along with the "maybe she's mentally ill" line. I have no idea why unless her job is on the line if she DOESN'T go along.

All of this, following the fact that I had a computer which never came with "problems" and it was given back to the military when it came from a contracted CIA consultant.

They know how to "fix it" for a few months out of the year, but not the rest of the time?

If you ask me, the CIA was working with Washington state workers. Washington state officials were working with me only if I was with the man from Colombia who wanted to move to the U.S. and work in, what? hostage negotiations?

I have some fucking NEWS for you.

I am NOT fucking Anna ChapmanThe Russian Spy
and I am not your fucking lackey.

And neither is my SON and WE DEMAND JUSTICE.

This means that after what we've been through, you treat us with respect and common courtesy and investigate collusion and crime and return MY SON.
This woman in chapel today said something about how she imagined a puzzle with the edges and framework filled out and then all the pieces coming together. Then she said something about love and forgiveness.

I don't know about love and forgiveness (is someone about to share with me all the crap I've been poisoned and dosed with?) but I definitely started to see a framework for things that have been happening to me and my son.

My good name has been trashed and my son and I have been literally tortured.

And then I still have people colluding to keep me out of work. Why? because I am "dangerous" with a dime.

If I find out, after having my health trashed, that not only has my son been tortured but he has cancer too, or a tumor in his head, or ANYTHING, you are FUCKING TOAST.

Does anyone see why others might want to keep me medicated and stupid?

Medicated and horny was better, wasn't it guys?


"How come she's been celibate for 2 years?"

"Oh Stan, first we killed off her horomones with poisoned cigarettes and torture, and then we just put her on a new med. What do you think of this one?"

"She doesn't write poetry anymore."

"That's the point asshole. She was corrupting the youth."

What kind of crazy, twisted, fucked up, assinine people would even dare to collude against me? and spend that kind of money doing it? You knew you HAD to do more than one thing to keep me down.

What is unforgiveable is what you have done with MY SON.


There has never been more righteous anger from me. I have every RIGHT to be upset. My son should have a trust fund coming out of this, for his use alone, in the billions.

If I find out that I have no cash or food stamps, after what I've already been through, you PUNKS will have some HELL to pay.
On an ending note, I had one impression tonight, of someone rifling through papers and going through some kind of records, about ME. There are people who have some excellent dirt on those who have tortured me and my son. I don't know who they are, but they are there.

Overheating At Holiday Inn (express) off of Broadway

I am using wifi at the Holiday Inn where there are a lot of young adults and having the overheating problem here. Very bad and it has been bad enough to cause my laptop to sort of speed up or make a louder humming noise in addition to the overheating effect.

I came in and people were expecting me here.

I had a few let me know.

Basically, there are criminals here.

I am on the first level, and typed something quickly in the women's restroom, and someone started banging overhead, directly overhead. I don't know what is here exactly or who is here, but a lot of people saw me go in and then this started up almost as soon as I got onto my laptop to find out if I had email from the FBI or not.

I walked past one young man in the entry and said "Excuse me" and then 5 minutes later I was rounding a corner and not in this guy's way and he said, "Pardon YOU" and then these women came into the bathroom saying things like "I beat you whore. Whore. I hope you still remember how to scissor." I thought, what in the hell, because they were directing this to ME and I thought what is 'scissor' and then thought, what? my legs crossed scissor-style in the photo of me where I'm upside down in the green shirt?

How would anyone know it looked like scissoring either, unless they had actually seen that photo? the one that was stolen?

Like, many other things of mine that have been stolen.

There are a bunch of young punks in here for New Years and I guess waiting for me after they knew the Duty Agent had mentioned how I should try getting a job at the Holiday Inn. And how apropo that Billie Holiday is playing now on the overhead radio. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the Duty Agent, Diane Harsha, telling me I should try "the Holidays" on the same day I had been singing a Billie Holiday song in the bathroom before I met her that day.

Oh, I'm sure there is NO coincidence.

I'll bet, well, I'm just positive! that no one from law enforcement or who knows Ms. Harsha is here. Because it would be really strange if it wasn't a leak in information I was giving and someone had just "bugged my bag".

Oh how convenient...NOW I'm not having the overheating anymore.

Thanks GUYS.

What? You fuckers are actually worried that Big Brother (the REAL one) might come after your asses now that some others know where I am?

I hope all of you end up in jail. "For 'real'".

Now someone just started up the heating thing again. So I think we should let this continue until someone shows up to take independent notes and find out what they can.

Now they are playing "Star of wonder, star of night, star with wonder bright"--we 3 kings.

Maybe not getting any response from Ms. Harsha, is something I should have expected but it's not.

I expected her to follow through with what she told me she was going to do.

She said one thing to me, that she would fix something and make sure I still had my benefits and then started to walk out of the room. I said, "Do you need their number?" and she said, "No, it's just the state right?" I thought, "just the state? how does she know WHO in Washington state?" and I had told her this was something that had to be fixed right away, or it would be cutting me off.

So I said "Well how do you know which worker? do you want their email address?" and then she said, "Sure." Then I said I would have to send it to her from a different spot because I had to look it up and she said to email her with it and gave me her email address and then said she could take care of it right away.

So I did. I sent it to her within a half hour later and copied the state worker on a separate email and copied them both.

I left it in her hands.

Even though I wondered why the only SUV in the FBI parking lot was one that looked like the visitation monitors and even though Diane made a couple of statements that were unique to the visitation monitor (Anne Crane, the last one my son and I had).

So then I waited all day Thursday, and it was urgent for me to know about because without this cash and food, I cannot protect myself (what I buy to eat, etc) and I had a report of arsenic and other poisoning.

I asked her or the social worker to get back to me and no one did. So I left it alone overnight. Today, Friday, I got sort of worried and asked again, for her to let me know what was going on, if she could, just one way or the other. I copied Knoxville and then no one got back to me. I did not blog about anything. I waited.

So I end up all the way up to New Years Eve and no one had emailed me. I just asked for common courtesy--to let me know one way or the other, what was going on.

I fail to see how this was impossible.

She gave me her own word that she was going to let me know after looking into it and then I heard from no one. So I feel the least that could have been done, instead of leaving me in a state of panic, would have been to let me know, one way or the other, what to expect.

Instead, I was left with nothing and then expected to sleep on New Years Eve.

I guess someone might ask why not wait until the morning to find out and my response is that I shouldn't have had to wait to find out. I should have been told, in order to know what to expect so I could line things up for an emergency situation, if it wasn't done, or figure something out.

I feel that someone didn't back to me, intentionally, in an effort to provoke a response from me that might further alienate me from other FBI workers or serve to keep me from reporting other things that are even more serious.

By leaving me in the lurch on something like this, what else did they expect? Would they think this was a way to build my trust or would they believe that instead, it would make me feel they couldn't be trusted and then drop even trying to report something to someone?

I had felt confidence that something was being taken care of, when I met with her, because she gave me her word. Even though I saw a few other warning signs which caused me to wonder, I figured she gave her word and someone would get back to me and let me know before the 1st. No one did.

I put my life in the hands of Diane Harsha when I gave her a report of repeated poisonings. She didn't have the decency, after what I've been through, to even reassure me with a courteous response.

I guess that's because she isn't working with the mafia. This must mean she's a "good guy".

And I say this while some fucker continues to use some kind of technology at this fucking Holiday Inn, where she wanted me to go.

I noticed, for some reasons, a lot of hispanics out tonight, on my way to this Holiday Inn, who were not nice ones, and they were jeering. It was noticeable because there are not a ton of hispanics in this area. I mean, they stand out more. When I got here,to the hotel, it was mainly white assholes.

I would put money on the idea that at least one of them is FBI.

I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever. NO doubt.

My hypothesis: If S.Diane Harsha did not need the phone number or email addresses to make sure I got my benefits, who was she going to talk to on the state level? I mean, did she already know who they were so she didn't need the info? was she planning not to contact them so didn't need the info? if she couldn't even give me a courteous response, why not? who is she connected to? is she Catholic like the last monitor, Anne, was? is this why she imitated her mannerisms and the car was out in the parking lot? is she jewish? is she married to someone who has some kind of interest or would have a potential interest? I don't know if Harsha is her married or maiden name. I have no clue.

And I wouldn't have blogged about anything, if I didn't have serious concerns and wasn't left in the dark, to go out in the night this evening to find out what is going on, and find a ton of local police cars camped out, along with other assholes with tinted windows, who were watching and waiting to see what I would do.


Fuck you for treating ME and MY SON like a fucking game. FUCK YOU for disrespecting me in any way, manner, or form, after what I and my son have already been through because of your negligence and contribution.

And FUCK your children, if you think it's fun to fuck with mine.

That's not burning a bridge. That's saying something in response to a bridge that was never there to begin with.

As for the assholes who continue to use my laptop and technology to harm me and who have encouraged and allowed harm to my son--I pray to God that you are deposed and incarcerated.

So be it.

As long as this continues and as long as these assholes get away with this overheating and other shit, all involved should die. I pray to God that someone finds a way to kill all of you off. I don't want you to get the same in return--to be tortured--you just need to be killed off period. And I pray to God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that someone will be strong enough to call for this and to accomplish this. I don't care how it happens. I want these people--all who have been involved in torture--all of these people are wicked and harm innocents who never physically harmed them or those they know--these people are the Saddam Husseins and need to be killed off.

This country is in trouble, not because of what is happening from abroad, but because of who is already inside and causing problems. These people should die. Anyone protecting these persons harbors criminals and there are men and women who think it's funny, who have not yet seen any kind of accountability. They continue because they can, and because no one has done one thing yet, to any of the perpetrators. They have nothing to fear because they believe they are protected. And they have been right, for a very long time, because they HAVE been protected, by corrupt government officials and corrupt law enforcement.

All those who are involved in any way, have given up their right to live and have given up any hope for safety for their own family, friends, and children.

I have not done one single thing to harm anyone. Nothing. And yet my son and I have been repeatedly harmed.

It is self defense and an erradication of corruption and, seriously, what amounts to a "corrupt regime" no less than others tried to say Saddams was. It's NOT okay for Saddam to torture his own people but it's okay for U.S. citizens (and residents) to torture other U.S. citizens?

No, it's not. What has been happening is the exact same thing that Saddam did and the U.S. declared WAR, in another country, to supposedly defend the innocent Iraquis.

So I ASK, where is the U.S. in defending their own citizens against this same abuse and torture?

If the U.S. put the same amount of time, energy, and resources, into holding domestic criminals and humanitarian criminals accountable, as they did stepping into other countries foreign affairs, other countries would probably have more respect for the U.S. to begin with. Not only that, this country would be stronger and cleaner, from the inside out.

Instead, horrible things are allowed to continue and then Diane Harshas in place to make it look like something is being done when steps are skipped just to provoke and displace me and my claims further.

If you want to play games, you need to quit the FBI and join a soccer team.

Happy New Year.

Here is the Tennessee FBI motto: "That Guilt Shall Not Escape Nor Innocence Suffer"

Don't tell me this is the FBI motto for every state, because I would never believe it.

Disrespect From Nashville FBI

Here is a copy of an email I sent to my family this evening, in response to total disrespect from the FBI Duty Agent I went to and then the Knoxville offices that I emailed today. I emailed them after she didn't respond to me, at least one way or the other, with information about what was going on with money I was supposed to receive.

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I just wanted to say Happy New Year.

I am hoping next year is better.

Someone quit medicating me all of a sudden and I can tell.

The other thing is that right now I'm not very happy because I was supposed to hear back from the FBI about my benefits and feel some assurance of getting cash on the 1st. Instead, they did nothing.

I had all these people set up to watch me again and make this night even into a game. Which makes me sick. I said I had to leave, to the shelter person and she put her fingers together like "two" and what the hell is that supposed to mean and then I went to a hotel because I have to email the FBI and find out what is going on.

I don't know if I have to go to their offices again in person or what, but I feel they have made this night a disaster and they had an immediate hand in doing this. They could have been responsible and done the right thing and let me know what was going on. I sent them a second email today asking them to please let me know bc it was an emergency and they did nothing.

I feel, after seeing how they are a PART of the gaming against me, and how they are not helping me but instead are encouraging people to bet over me and do a bunch of mind game shit, I really feel like I cannot live in this country.

It is not as if I asked for something and they said "maybe" or said they didn't know. They said they would take care of things and one way or the other, they did not even give me the courtesy of peace of mind, to let me know if I would be getting cash tomorrow or not.

I feel this is really inexusable, esp. since this woman asked me to give her the email and she knew I was writing her. Then I wrote even Knoxville today, early enough in the day for someone to get back to me, and they sat on it.

I guess they wanted me to go to sleep tonight, in the women's homeless shelter, not knowing what's going on, and wake up tomorrow to find I had $0 on my cash card?

All that someone had to do, to be respectful and courteous, was let me know one way or the other. Instead, they intentionally wanted to leave me in limbo and allow others to feed off of this and turn me and my entire life into a game of lottery with me as the pawn.

All they had to do was let me know, one way or the other. How hard is that?

I don't want anything to do with this "two" and "one" and "three" and "five" stupid stuff people have fed off of.

Then in chapel someone was doing horrible things probably to force me out tonight or make me miserable enough to want to leave. The speakers were fine and good, but nothing else.

I feel fine, myself, and I feel good about my own family and my son. But I feel very sick to my stomach about the FBI employees who have been controlling things.

It's looking like they need a new director or supervisor or something or just need to kick some people who are not doing their job on a lower level, OUT.

I also wonder what kind of negotiations the CIA is having right now, because they are involved and have been involved from the very start.

I could have stayed at the shelter tonight, and gotten some sleep, and up the next morning and tried to make a start. I could have stayed there, just fine tonight. It is not like I couldn't handle the idea of being in a homeless shelter on New Year's Eve. I didn't want to party, didn't feel like partying, and had no qualms or feeling of bad luck in staying there overnight at all.

What I couldn't take, and can't take, is that the FBI didn't even have the common courtesy on a situation that, for me, is emergent and they didn't even have the decency to let me know what was going on.

They have assholes who care more about their bets and their stakes in things, than treating me like a human being.

So I went right to the same hotel this Duty Agent wanted me to go to, just like she wanted, so she could really feel like she got part of the action.

Because really, that's what she wanted, when she neglected her duties from the start.

I am thinking about you and Oliver and someone else to go to besides the people here.




Schubert: Gretchen am spinnrade", op.2, D.118 - Te Kanawa

A new favorite!!!!!!!

I LOVE this!

I was listening to Te Kanawa familiar favorites of mine (madame butterfly and puccini) and this came on a playlist and it's the first time I've heard it.

Could I say "at her finest?" this is exquisite.

I have to say I love O mio babbino cara ever since I first heard it by her and on a Howard's End production (Room With A View). But this is very delicate. fantastique. I think, very fantastique.

I had some idea come to mind of how to describe this piece, as almost moving between different elements or genres of horror and romance and sort of alfred hitchcock but sci fi in a way...anyway, then the word "fantastique" came to my mind and I checked it and it fits what I would say about it perfectly.

Then I found myself trying to figure out the tempo with my foot and testing my music knowledge (which is sparse and includes only 6 months of laxodaisical (sp!!!msp!) music lessons)and I thought, before checking's not 4/4 but I think it's something like 3/4 but it's different somehow and then I checked and it's 6/8 so I guess that's double 3/4. I don't know if I could say I was "kind of" close. For some reason I imagine using the soft pedal a lot on this song. A LOT. I've never played it, of course...I can't play. But that's what I imagined as I found my left foot moving to the tempo.

(won't be trying *intuitive* piano playing anytime soon)

Just as I said this, I "saw" in the minds eye, a woman swaying back and forth over the keyboard while playing this. But before, I saw more of a man playing this.

Exquisite also comes to mind. It sort of vaguely reminds me of some Anne of Green Gables scene too. There is something like this in the score or one of the pieces for Anne of Green Gables or the sequel Anne of Avonlea.

On that note, I might mention, I had my own personal Anne of Green Gables moment a few weeks ago.

I accidentally went about town and to an employment agency with green, YES GREEN eyebrows, and I didn't even know they were green.

I was given a moisturizer and sunscreen with zinc in it and it was tinted green to "improve redness". I put it on before bed. Yeah, there's no sun at night, but it otherwise sounded like a good moisturizer so I put it on my face quickly and it absorbed and you couldn't see a thing. Or was it in the morning? I can't remember.

I had no idea that it was NOT and had NOT absorbed into my eyebrows or that it would become visibly bright kelly green when it dried.

I just raced with putting on my make up and had no clue. I went to half a dozen places not even knowing and then arrived at a temporary employment agency this way and asked to use the restroom. Everyone was really looking at me and sort of smiling and I thought, "What is wrong..." and I thought it was my hair.

I went to the restroom and my face and hair were fine, but my eyebrows were bright shocking green.

I did a double take and looked again and I was so shocked and confused by how my eyebrows could be green, I thought at first that some kind of concealer must have gone bad. Then I thought someone had drawn these green lines onto my eyebrows while I was sleeping and I started to get upset thinking "I can't believe I am that sound of a sleeper!" and then all of a sudden it dawned on me: the new moisturizer.

It had absorbed into my skin but not into my eyebrow hair. So I rubbed it out and it was gone.

A few people after this, pulled a few Anne of Green Gables comments but I didn't say anything 'til now.

And yes, it was obvious. It was not a subdued green shade. It was shocking kelly green. Sort of, almost, flourescent.

overheating of computer today at Panera near Vanderbilt U.

I am at the Panera off of 21st by Vanderbilt University.

Since this overheating has continued at this location (off and on), maybe someone who is normal and decent could look into this.

This is the first time I have been to this coffee shop and yet I cannot go anywhere without being followed by a lot of people.

And I am not joking when I say "a lot of people".

There are other times I have gone to a new spot and had absolutely no problem at all. Like I said, it's been better here, but some group has tried to amp it up recently and stalked me at new locations even. And I'm tired of it.

So if I have bad people stalking me to a location and this occurs, I will be giving out the location so someone decent can check into things.

And now since I've written this, it has quit. It's 2:01 p.m.

I came here a couple of hours ago and after I got here, by foot, with people following me around, the overheating was going on. Then it quit for about a half hour and then someone decided to do this again. So from now on, if this continues, I am giving out precisely where I am located so someone normal and good can get involved.

And believe me, if you don't think anyone notices, I have realized there are "other" devices that pick up on this kind of thing and they are far more powerful than what you have. Someone could be using something to cause problems for ME and then I found out, someone else can be in the same room and have a device that is able to pick up on what is happening.

So watch it and if I were you, before you are arrested and hauled into court, quit. For the sake of your own family and children, quit while you are ahead, because I promise you, I am NOT "alone" and others are watching you and figuring out who is involved.

I am not even going to get into how I found out about the other devices and ways to detect what is happening. Let's just say, I got tipped off on that one. I even held it in my hand (this was in the last couple of weeks but I didn't write about it until now). This is all I will say.

So I know without any doubt, some will be onto you and writing YOU up for humanitarian crimes.

If you so much as try to harm my son with similiar technology, this is also being written up. Cease and desist and do not be fooled into participating.

Nick Vujicic

From my mother this morning. It's the testimony of a man who has a story of faith my parents thought was good.

I watched the video clip and then looked him up online through wikipedia.

He has a movie called "The Butterfly Circus".

For some reason, it sounds familiar.

My Redeemer Lives

This is a song that came to mind this morning and yesterday. I'll have to find it online. I haven't heard it lately but it kept coming to my mind. Maybe even for the last 3 days. I just know it's been for the last 2 days for sure.

My mother sent me a link about some guy with no limbs and his inspiring story and I'll post the link after I watch it, to share.

I also have one about Delia Knox who was healed from being a parylitic. It's online under her name if anyone wants to look it up.

I talked with a Muslim woman this morning who was kind enough to answer some of my questions and we chatted for awhile. It was a nice conversation. I asked God, while we were talking, "God, could you give me something about her life?" and I saw her (minds eye, not a vision) on a bicycle. I wasn't sure, so I asked, to be vague, "Can Muslim women exercise or ride a bike?" and she said yes. She was wearing headscarf and long dress and no make up so I wondered. Then she told me she used to ride a bike a lot but didn't have one right now. I asked her what she did to relax and she brought up the bike again. Then we talked about making time for things like this, and I asked if there was anything she did or was planning to do and she said she was getting a bike. ! I told her I had sort of had some impression of her on a bike a lot and it was really great because it was even a non-religious thing that made us both smile. I told her how I was trying to do this too (make time for physical care or health) and got a gym membership.

At any rate, she converted to Islam when she was young and freely shared her religion or what she believed. We mainly talked about Islam and nothing else and she said they believed spiritual was first but also physical and emotional were important. I introduced myself to her because I had thought about visiting a mosque and then saw her and wanted to ask some questions. I didn't know if she was Muslim or not but wondered and so I asked. I didn't realize Friday is their holy day (or church day) either.

Then I checked my mail and got some links from my mom to look up about a guy with no limbs and I passed someone today who was without an arm and holding his coffee somehow.

Also, I have to buy a homeless news newspaper for this month but haven't yet. I sort of bugged out when I saw the headline and then postponed. I was at the worksource building on Tuesday? or Wednesday I guess, and someone had the latest edition on the table which said "prince william inspired by homeless newspaper vendors". Those were the guys I had high-fived spontaneously in a line the other day. They were all homeless newspaper vendors in line to pick up their next edition to sell.

I thought about it and thought this was a good way to lend ones name to something. I also thought about not writing about it but why not? so what? he's always been into homeless things and if it's a coincidence that I high fived a line up of the same guys, then all the more notice for the efforts of homeless and the fact that many are normal people who are doing what they can to pay bills or spread a message even. When I later saw one of the guys I had high fived he recognized me and asked how I was doing and I said I had felt encouraged and sort of inspired at the moment and he agreed. I guess I thought "I can't buy that paper" or that I shouldn't say anything in case I got more royal mockery flack, but it really is a bigger deal to be mum about something that everyone could take notice of.

And then, yesterday, I had another insight about homeless because I passed a cardboard sign on the sidewalk that said "Homeless God". I had at first felt almost offended, thinking of God homeless. Then I later thought, "ohmygosh, he was" and thought about, for example, Jesus without a place to be born and homeless. He was born in a homeless shelter. I mean, in a sense. Which made me feel more humble and how I would rather choose my opportunities for humility than be forced into it. Which is maybe another lesson in humility, if I want to pick and choose my sacrifices or fasts. And then the other day too, I thought, "I've been tortured. I'm still tortured occasionally. Do I really need to fast? Probably, maybe, being tortured is pretty good all by itself." But, back to homeless God, then I thought about this photo of a man who was a shepherd and it was in US Today for Christmas I think and I liked it because it helped me to grasp how amazing the idea of a shepherd is.

By Nicole Mullen, My Redeemer Lives:

I am on a shepherd theme right now because last night before bed I opened up to Song of Songs 1:6-8. About finding where the beloved tends his sheep. To follow the footsteps and this sort of made me think about a Christmas message at church about following Adams steps to the Garden of Eden (but I didn't fully grasp the whole idea as I'm not familiar with the parable). Then this morning I turned to 2 different similiar passages, before getting out of bed. First was I Kings 8:14-30 where Solomon declares God's faithfulness and about how he is building a temple for God but how can God be contained anywhere? and then I was at Psalms 78:65-72 about how David was taken from the sheep pen and made a skillful shepherd over people. Which is what made me think about that photo of the modern day shepherd and what a dramatic turn of events this must have been, even for that time and era.
Oh! I just went back to my email and just as I was posting a link to the song My Redeemer Lives, my mother sent me a link to the same song, which she told me she has on a CD. I am wondering if this is psychic mother-daughter stuff.

(Just don't call my name psychicly anymore Mom, it's freaking me out.)

Here is the link she sent:

With this note:
"No video, but excellent rendition of My Redeemre; I've got this on a CD."

Well, I have to check out the other link to the limbless guy.

Then my mom sent another link! This one is in Spanish and sign language:

(her Spanish is really good! I look at the shirt which is cute but it makes me glad my parents decided to name me Cameo instead of "Calico". Meow.)

Other Things

Other things for today...


I felt something was missing last night. I didn't know what was wrong but it was like someone had left or there was just a void where the there had been something full before.

Then, this morning I woke up and felt very good. I mean, I sensed the energy was okay so I thought and was sure that everything had been worked out with my benefits and the report.

I tried to get up early to go to a chapel service but I was too tired and slept in.

I was waiting on a reply from someone who was going to Knoxville and never got it. And then I was going to do yoga this morning but again, got up too late so I went to a different coffee shop that was out of the way.

I avoided other places because of what has been going on and was going to go to the library to check my mail but it wasn't open so I tried an out of the way cafe which, I think, was a mistake.

There were people watching everywhere I went again and following me around and it wasn't a surprise that I went to the place I did. And then I sat down and someone was doing the overheating right away with my laptop so someone is nearby that isn't good.

Vibe and Games at FBI?

I am hoping I didn't just have another game played on me, this time with an FBI person.

I am not stating names right now because I don't have all of the information right now, but I was supposed to hear back from someone with FBI in Nashville or Wenatchee, and I didn't hear back from either one.

I only brought up one part of my reports, and to test the waters, see who was taking it, how it was handled, etc. I thought it went well. Even if I noticed a few things which looked like game playing to me and collusion even with WA, I tried to disregard it.

I felt I shouldn't go to Nashville but I tried anyway.

The part I didn't like was that when I got there, the only vehicle in the whole parking lot was an exact replica of the one a visitation monitor drove.

This was a visitation monitor who lied repeatedly in my case and even lied to my son.

That monitor (in Wenatchee) used certain expressions which were repeated by the Duty Agent who was there to take the report.

So the combination of her using mannerisms from the monitor and then the one SUV in the whole parking lot being one that looked like the monitor's, this was the only thing I paused at.

But she said she would check on a couple of things right away so I fully trusted this and because she gave me her word, I tried to disregard other possible warning flags.

I asked someone to let me know about my benefits, to make sure they were still open to protect my safety and because an error had been made and they had time to fix it and I hoped they would because I had no other cash or food and needed to be able to have money for my traveling and going where I need to go, and then also, esp., to protect myself when I've been poisoned.

I thought she did a fine job and wasn't worried until I saw no reply in my email box.

I guess I am worried but waiting.

Which is why I'm not saying very much.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

FBI for DHSH to Start

I am going to the FBI, not to make my whole complaint and report, but to ensure they get someone involved with Wenatchee DSHS and make sure my benefit issue is corrected so I am not left in a dangerous position with no way to pay for my food or for my travel.

Prisoner of Christ (think again)

This is seriously making me sick.

Now I know exactly why I had a bad feeling on the night someone was talking about how she was Christ and some people thought someone was going to return a prisoner but no, they were going to be a prisoner of Christ.

This has been set up.

I know who is involved in it too.

I had people lie to me and attempt to trap me in a dead end position in Nashville, TN, with no money and to be medicated and poisoned.

I had SOME of the medication and tampering of my food occur where I have been staying, and now I have Wenatchee lying and claiming they cannot reopen my case when they can and have done this in the past and it's no different now.

I am basically going to go without any food on a real fast now.

And you can fucking think again if you think I'm staying in Nashville after this shit. I'm not reporting this to Nashville FBI either.

Their DEA guy Brad is corrupt. I've met only police here, who wanted to be first in-line to take my reports, who are corrupt.

The ones who are corrupt and who want to discredit me are the guys who have been anxious to take any of my reports.

To put me in this dangerous position, at this time, is unconscienable.

More Wenatchee DSHS Corruption

I republished the copies of email I made yesterday.

The response I got was to do nothing because they would try to fix the situation and that it should be corrected by today.

So I didn't make further calls and I relied on the fact that this is their mistake, and I gave them the correct information and they are required to fix this.

Wenatchee knows that I am dependent upon this money and food assistance, after what THEY did to put me in this position to begin with.

They know that I have a court fine to pay as well, which is due in January.

I have email saved from the State, where they said they would email me about anything if it changed, to my benefits. I asked them to do this because they knew I was visiting out of the area.

I have NO intention of staying in TN and by refusing to correct THEIR intentional error, they have attempted to force me to take TN assistance when I am already with WA state for disability for 6 months. This is a 6 month grant and now they have intentionally refused to email me the notices I needed when they made the mistake.

As of today, after telling me to wait until today, they are saying they are "backlogged" which is BULLSHIT.

All it takes to fix this is pressing a button, and I've seen it done a dozen times because they have DONE this--CLOSED my account, a number of times because of their own errors and then opened it back up within minutes, upon getting the correct information or a notice from me.

Not only do I have a need to protect and ensure what food I'm eating, by having money to buy food, I also have no other income to rely on until or unless I have work.

So far, Nashville is a pit.

All that I've experienced in Nashville, is further extension of collusion from shit coming from both East Coast and West Coast.

The amount of violence has been drastically reduced, but not the BS because I found out, most of the assholes coming into this town, are coming from the same places I LEFT behind, because of the music industry.

So whereas, most normal people in Nashville are in surrounding suburbs and are normal, I am next to the area that has a flow of people who come in and out of this area and cause problems. Which is why I notice it more on certain days when people are traveling.

Which is also why I was going to Knoxille FBI to make my complaint, and not Nashville.

I have never told anyone I planned to live here permanently and if I do not have WORK here, why would I stay here for anything other than making my report to the FBI.

I have already had a few local Nashville law enforcement persons show me their shitty side and try to screw up my reputation over here.

There is no way in hell I am "staying" in a place like that, if there is no outcome of work, period.

I just sent this case worker a notice that these benefits must be immediately reopened.

It is THEIR fault and they did this deliberately by failing to email me notices that were important when they said they would.

As for any "gym membership", I used money given as a gift for this, and NOT with the intention of staying in Nashville either.

It was to pay for the flat fee that would enable me to use one of the gyms anywhere in the U.S.

I cannot travel back to Wenatchee without my benefit monies. I cannot get my belongings or my mail or anything, and this is because of Wenatchee offices, once again.

This Morning (good energy) & laptop overheating stuff

Feels like good energy this morning.

Even though last night I discovered someone stole my only pair of tennis shoes, right after I bought a gym membership.

I bought the membership, went to my locker to put on my shoes and run to the gym, sauna, and the plan was to run back. But no shoes.

I have 3 pr. here now. The everyday boots, a pr. of black boots for church that are not scuffed up, and then I had my tennis shoes.

I guess I'll be in the sauna more than anything, until I get a new pr of shoes. Mabye yoga.

I was disappointed because I had planned to start running more and was wanting to join a small group too, to practice. It also cuts my time to the gym and back when I run. Or even into a third. It takes maybe 15 minutes to run there, as opposed to a 1/2 hour or more walking.

I am actually pretty sure of who took my shoes this time but I thought I'd give it a day to see if they turn up before I say anything. I am having to wait to report a couple of things for a couple of days and then I guess I could do it all at once. They were New Balance running shoes and had silver, pink or fushia actually, and a turquoise blue on them and the laces were sort of twisty or ribbon like...not straight laces but with grooves.
Put on "Second Mind" this morning. This is the one I found today and I like the first one I got better but this one's alright too.
As soon as I got to the Starbucks today, the overheating thing started. As soon as I turned on my laptop. So I know someone here has something to do with it but we'll see how long it is lasting.
I thought about walking to a chapel early this morning and decided to get a start on some other things first. I was tired and went to bed early and slept in and actually slept fairly well.

The last few days I was just tossing and turning, even thought there seemed to be some kind of good tangible energy from somewhere.
Yesterday had it's share of humiliating moments. Some of it was very deliberate and intentional and I let those who I knew "knew" know that I knew. How's that (knew, knew, know knew).

A teller deliberately said what my balance was out loud, in front of another man at the window and I knew it wasn't an accident. In all of my years of banking no one has ever done this and I knew, psychicly, that she had planned on doing this and it was even preplanned. It wasn't an accident and it wasn't spontaneous malice either. It had been preplanned.

I also noticed a "Wenatchee" vibe to all of it. Someone I knew from the NW was in the area and that person carries witchcraft vibes with them and I know when they are around. Sounds weird but just like I knew the twitch on the one guy wasn't from health stuff but from voodoo or other energy.

I went to the manager and the manager apologized but she already knew too and I said at the very least I should be reiumbursed $3 for the courtesy checks. This was nothing, for what she did but the manager agreed and then I saw that teller behind the counter and she was smirking as the manager also came out with a black bag and told me, "We would like to atone. We believe in making atonement for things we've done wrong." She kept using the word "atonement" and I said, "What she did was premeditated so I hope this isn't also a preplanned atonement." She startled because she didn't expect me to let her know I knew. Then as she was holding out this black bag I said, "I don't need a bag." Then she said there was something inside and I pulled it out and it was a box and as i said "what is this?" I opened it to find a carriage like that which horses pull. I let it drop back into the bag she was holding and said, "You can keep the carriage."

Not only did I know what was done was preplanned, I also checked with the teller first, to confirm my hunch, and asked how long she had been a bank teller there. She told me "Three years." I said, "So you knew what you were doing."

I asked how long she had worked there before I decided to talk to the manager. If she had been newer, I would have taken that into consideration even though I already knew it was preplanned. But no, she'd been there 3 years, she knew banking protocol and on top of that, what she did was deliberate. I didn't have mercy for her.

First it was being humiliated over getting "free coffee" and then preplanned humiliation and "atonement" gifts at a bank others knew I would have to go to, for getting a void check to put on the membership application.

It was a pretty shitty thing to do.

Otherwise, once I finished with this, and got back to looking for work, the day improved. Until I found my shoes had been stolen.

I was going to write about an impression I'd had in chapel the night before that involed a sword but after the whole "carriage" bit, I decided not to write about it yesterday.

Instead I thought, "I hope after that carriage comes the "sword" of a RICO investigation to get my son back and hold others accountable."

It was the night before, I asked what time it was and at 8 p.m. I had an impression of a man, just one, doing something with a sword. Waving it around or something.
Overheating...There was overheating of my laptop at the Starbucks until I decided to get up and instead of having my own table, sit directly across from another woman who has a laptop. Within about 5 minutes, it quit. My laptop is almost touching her laptop. I sat at her table and then she texted someone and then it quit.

The buzzing or humming of my laptop quit immediately but the heat didn't quit until I was sitting across from her and my laptop screen was almost touching her screen.

I figured, let's see what happens if I do this. Also, on one side of me were some workers working on a door and then she was on the other side of me. After I went to her table they quit working on the door.
Then the buzzing started again when the guys at the door went back to the door but it quit. Then something else started while this woman was still sitting here, and I turned and found there were 2 new persons here with laptops and other technology. One is a woman with a MAC and the other is a guy with a military style haircut and he was facing me when some of this was going on and so was she and then I moved again.

I always have problems at this Starbucks it seems. Other places, usually not, but almost every single time I come to this one, there is a problem.

Right at this moment, no issues. There is one older or middle age woman with curly hair who is now leaving and she's the only one who has been here the whole time.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Copy of Email About Rat (false reporting one)

Re. False Report‏
12:48 PM
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Change picture
View profileTo,, geoff rasmussen, Baker, Timothy (DSHS)
From: cam huegenot (
Sent: Wed 12/29/10 12:48 PM
To:;; geoff rasmussen (; Baker, Timothy (DSHS) (


I would like to know who the person is who gave you any kind of information that I had "relocated" to Nashville.

Whoever gave this information made a false report.

I believe I have a right to know what person or persons is trying to cause problems and interferring in my private affairs.

I have never told anyone that I have relocated to this state. I haven't said this to even one person. I have said that I might consider relocating to this state if I had FT permanent work and not just work for a day or two a week. I haven't had any of my belongings sent to me here, nor have I changed any bank or other addresses. So whoever gave this information was wrong.

I want to know who it was.

Cameo Garrett

My Email Re. More Corruption From WA State Officials

RE: Your DSHS benefits‏
12:41 PM
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View profileTo,, geoff rasmussen, Baker, Timothy (DSHS)
From: cam huegenot (
Sent: Wed 12/29/10 12:41 PM
To:;; geoff rasmussen (; Baker, Timothy (DSHS) (


This is an emergency.

I clearly and specifically stated to YOU that I needed any mail sent to me by email. Period. I told you this very clearly by email and this email will be sent to your supervisor.

I am a resident of Washington state, NOT Nashville, TN.

I have not changed my address and I have been visiting some friends and family and checking this area out.

I would not be a resident of TN unless I had plans to move here permanently, had resided here for 6 months, or unless I moved all my assets to TN.

My bank, assets, property, address, and everything is still in Washington state. I have not lived in TN for 6 months either.

I told you if there was any important mail, LAST time, that it needed to come to my email address.

YOU KNEW this and I feel you have intentionally kept this information from me so I ended up in this position.

I want to open my benefits and the month is NOT over.

I would like to have a telephone call as I did a few weeks ago, with someone to confirm any eligibility issues.

Please make this arrangement and please immediately send me any and all attachments for mail that was sent to my other address.

I am NOT a resident of Tennessee and I have NO intention of becoming one if I am employed here. I have ZERO intentions of ever applying for any kind of state aid from TN and I will be on a plane out of this country, and getting political asylum over constatn and repeated BS from state employees who are already being reported for collusion and corruption.

If I need to do this from abroad, I will be more than happy to do so.

This will be posted on my blog for my personal protection and public recognition.

I'm sure you've already seen the photo of further evidence of arsenic poisoning which WA state law enforcement and officials failed to address and blocked me from reporting.
Thank You,

Cameo Garrett

Subject: RE: Your DSHS benefits
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 09:40:02 -0800

Hi Cameo,

I was out of the office last week. In looking at your case today, here’s what I found:

Several letters have gone out to you in October, November, and December. Before I go through all of them, approximately when did you start not being able to access your mail?

The grant reduction from $339 to $266 is actually to take effect January 1, 2011. That letter was sent on 11/29/2010.

Three more letters have been sent to you in November (none from me or any other social worker, only from financial workers). An 11/30/2010 letter stated again that your grant would go down to $266/mo starting January 1, 2011. The letter dated 12/10 was a request for information and stated that “You have been using your EBT card in Tennessee since 11/22/2010. You will need to contact us by 12/21/10 and provide information on whether you are still a Washington resident or your benefits will be closed. You will then need to apply for benefits in Tennessee.”. Then, on December 20, 2010, a termination letter was sent stating that ‘you aren’t eligible for assistance….cash, food, and medical are ending as we have received notice you have given up Washington residence, relocating to Tennessee.”.

Financial closed your food, cash, and medical benefits effective 10/31/2010. Their 12/20/10 letter states:

“You can: Apply for benefits, submit a review, or report changes at or fax information to DSHS at 1-877-700-9031. Call 877-501-2233 to process an application or review, report changes, or ask questions.”

From: cam huegenot []
Sent: Wednesday, December 29, 2010 6:38 AM
To: Weddle, Donita (DSHS)
Subject: From Cameo Garrett
Importance: High

Hi Donita,

This is Cameo. I'm still visiting friends through the New Year and wanted to be sure I'm not missing anything important that you have mailed.

I don't have access to my mail in Wenatchee right now so if there is anything for me to be aware of, please send it to this email address.

Also, any information on changes of any kind is also appreciated.

I'm so far just expecting the same food stamps and same cash on the 1st but I heard that as of Feb. the cash is reduced and I'd appreciate getting more info on this as well.

Thank You,

Cameo Garrett

Sound on my Computer Gone & Other Things

I don't know what someone has done, but I've had people hacking onto my laptop. And now my sound to music is gone. I tried unchecking the mute box, or looking at all the volume controls and it doesn't make a difference. It's been this way as of yesterday but yesterday a couple of songs came on here and there.

Which I find to be malicious work, as I had just sent my mother an email referring to the song American Pie (and the day the music died) and then someone did this to my computer.

I also have, close to 8 a.m., someone doing the overheating thing since I got here and plugged in this morning. It happened when I turned on the laptop and I moved and it quit and then about 15 or 20 minutes later it started up again. Right now, it is just before 8 a.m. I also have someone deleting and adding my webcam over and over, in the last 5 minutes. I'm not using it but it's making the noise that is made for this being deleted and then added (new hardware). So now I'm wondering if my music volume is on. I checked and it's not. Someone is allowing the sound for hardware being added or deleted but all of the sound for all music videos through youtube is blocked.
My skin looked very good after the sauna yesterday. Eyes too. Everything looked better.

I'm not taking certain vitamins right now though, bc others have access to them and I can't be 100% sure that I'm getting what I think I'm getting. So I'm postponing until I have some other things in line.
For the last 3 nights I've been tossing and turning. Last night I did get normal sleep but still woke up several times. Got up just before 5 a.m.
Yesterday and today I had plans at night, and in the morning, of going to Starbucks but I changed plans last minute to check something else out.

I am positive that this burning thing is done by people who are more local. I can tell bc of the interest in observing me that comes up when this is happening. Some of the criminals who have a part in it want to watch or see my reaction and if I notice and what I do.
As of about 8:30 a.m., or a little after, someone quit the overheating. I don't know how but it stopped. Someone must have either moved or someone else came in next to them and they decided to quit.

And what I am reporting about this, is not crazy. It is true and I'm reporting this as a fact in the same way that I was poisoned and my son and I have been tortured is a fact.

Basically, it quit and then it started up again.

Not sure why, but also saw some leaving from a church I went to who were among very few present while I was there and this happened there. She has been there a number of times.

by the way, it's not psychic, either, so anyone claiming that's what it is while something else is going on, is trying to manipulate people.

But she has been there before and then he showed up one time when it was really noticeable but once he was in the chapel then it quit and there wasn't any problem during the service. I wondered about that. Why was it happening right up until the time he entered the chapel?
As for the weather, it's been beautiful here.

The wind went down completely and the sun even came out. Today it's about 40 degrees and cloudy and there is supposed to be light rain sometime. I'm just happy that it didn't dump 5-8 inches of snow and that even the wind went away. Getting sunlight was an unexpected blessing besides.
Last night I noticed good energy during chapel but I don't really think it was from the speaker.

I noticed something from somewhere and the speaker said good things, but I kept wondering because she would throw in these comments here and there that would have been known to upset me. And she was talking to all mothers when she said to let things "go" and move on with letting kids go (teens distancing and then coming back) but for me, that's just the absolutely opposite of what I know for my own life personally. There is time for everything. But there is no way in hell that I would let my son "go" and "move on" frommy particular situation. And also, she was saying God allows different things to happen, in talking about presidents and other people in their positions and that it's all God and I disagree. I didn't disagree with the president part, but the idea that anything or everything that happens is "god's will" kind of a thing. If everyone went with that philosophy, there would be no United States of America and we would all still be under old British rule where there is only a king and being told to obey the king because he is god's appointed and annointed and god "allowed" this and we are to be subservient slaves. That was the argument then, that since the Bible says obey the king and give him taxes, there should be a king. It took other theologians work to say no, this is about god giving free will to everyone and the Bible says we are equal in the sight of God, no jew or gentile, all are equal. There would be no Civil War and revolution for the blacks either, because they would accept it to be "god's will" to be a slave and make the master happy. No, instead they highlighted other parts of the Bible which talks about equality for all.

I liked all of her message, and every part of it except for the 15 minutes comment and the part about letting things go. I understand what she was trying to say though. It just rubs me the wrong way because while I can let a lot of things go, I will never let go of my son. Ever.

I have a very good civil rights claim and RICO claim for what has happened with my son, and I want my son back. I am not moving on, or moving from that.

I have given up all meat for part of a continual fast. It doesn't have anything to do with wanting to be a vegetarian or animals (though I care about animals). I like meat. I like all of it: beef, lamb, pork, chicken, everything...but I have tried to give up even fish in addition to meat, for the sake of reminding myself I cannot have something because of what is going on and it helps bring my attention to think of or pray for the situation.

I can't fast the way I want to all the time or I'll be too thin. But I have said I am not going to move from God or from his side or his hem or anything, until HE answers me and until people do the right thing with this situation with my son. So to symbolize this, I am not moving from part of my fast.

I will have no problem going back to eating meat either. I have no reservations with it. But for right now, it is symbolic to me with regard to my and my son's circumstances.

If I add other small fasts on top of that, this is just additional or something different, but the part I decided to keep was to try not to eat meat. I have been refusing fish too but not because I don't like fish. I love seafood. But the point is not how high the animal is on the food chain but to give something up that will come to mind a lot and then serve to remind me of what I cannot have or will not allow myself, and then think about WHY.

I tried to do this with sleeping on the floor but after awhile I slept on the floor as a habit and didn't think about it at all, but not eating meat forces me to think of choices almost every single day because so many things I like have meat or fish in it. But this isn't something I'm doing forever either.

As for not drinking alcohol at all, it has nothing to do with a change in my value system or anything. I haven't had even one drink of liquor since I've been in TN but it's not because I believe drinking now and then is wrong and I have never had a problem with it either.

I drank on occasion in Wenatchee, because that town DROVE me to drink. Literally.. I was being tortured almost every day, isolated, and bored out of my mind.

But I have never had a problem with alcohol and *some* in Wenatchee lied about this, along with everything else they lied about.

As for my going to church a lot over here, it is not divergent in any way from my regular habits. I always prayed and read my Bible, even in Wenatchee, every day. It just wasn't in public because I had a private place to pray. When I no longer had a private place, I found a church and you can pray anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are and what you do (eyes open or not) but I found myself in the chapel more because it gave me more time uninterrupted. And then I found I liked agreeing with others in prayer and for the scripture readings. Where two or more are gathered...there am I in the midst of thee, (I started thinking I didn't want anyone to be alone during the morning prayers)and I enjoyed following the advent hymns and liturgy.

But it's not like I'm a different person now than I was before. I have actually almost always been the same person. What changes, is how much exposure to torture, harassment, isolation, mockery, poison, nonconsensual medication, or defamation I have. And of course these things influence or would affect anyone.

There is nothing fundamentally different about me from one day to the next and there never has been.

On a sidenote, when I felt the *best* while fasting was when I was only having mainly tea and water everyday. And a few other liquids. After awhile, very in-tune with things and I never felt so much energy. I was running all over the place and felt like running too. Then I started eating and felt sluggish again, which was really weird.
I stopped having any issues with the overheating effect.

However, then, for whatever reason, I had a small problem with a few who work here and I am sure this is related to someone who didn't like what I had written. Or some obnoxious member who tried to make a complaint for no reason other than to hope I was harassed.
The woman who spoke at the chapel yesterday said she was from Washington D.C. (I will have to go through and organize all these snippets later).

It was very odd to try to figure out because something seemed to be very good and then something else wasn't so good. There was good energy but there was also a game and a few things said that weren't very nice. I asked about her and got some kind of impression of a heel on the gas pedal or being pissed in traffic or something.

I guess I just have problems when I start bringing up RICO and making a report, or I write about things that are going on or get too close to something. Then someone wants to disrupt things and insult me or get others to act badly.
I'm really tired of this harassment though. I had this woman block me from using a restroom and say to me, loudly, "You can't have any free coffee unless you're a member here."

Hello Pretty Woman (except that I've never been a hooker).

It was so rude, and without any point at all. I wasn't even getting "free coffee". I was on my way to use the restroom and I guess the point of it all was to upset me through her course of speech, so that I would ask to speak to the manager and someone then got to ding-ding and ring in their points for being assholes and trying to predict what I or any other normal person in that situation might do.

I said, "I am using the restroom and I wasn't getting any coffee." (it wasn't even in my mind to have coffee there that day)

She said, "Well, I was told you have been here for 3 days and you haven't signed up and you had free coffee."

I said, "I used a free guest pass yesterday and I was invited to have some of the coffee and I did this on that one day--yesterday. Today, I purchased a soup from your cafe and was waiting for the bank to open. The day before, I purchased 2 lattes and talked to someone about membership and then arragned for a guest pass the next day."

She said, "You can't use our bathroom if you're not a member."

Just ridiculous.

I am not sure whether one would call this a "soft sell" approach or a "hard sell".

But she just loudly and publicly was humiliating me as if I was coming in all the time for "free coffee". It was so horribly rude.

Monday: I bought 2 lattes and asked about membership and then asked to try a guest pass.
Tuesday: I used the guest pass and was going to sign up but she had left for the day. I sampled their *free coffee*.
Wednesday: I purchased broccoli cheddar soup and asked one more question about year long membership options. I blogged while waiting for the bank to open.

For this, I got a very public and mean attack.

All so that someone could feel good about themselves with their humiliation of me. Then I asked who told her to say these things to me and she was pointing at the woman who was going to help me with the membership whose husband does some kind of security work somewhere.

I felt shocked and it was totally rude, and then there were people around to witness who got off on it. It made me not want to sign up at all.

The manager said he would take care of it but I still don't appreciate there being made anything of it to begin with. It was a set up and I didn't like it. Set up in the sense of someone instructed to be rude to me on purpose.

I'll pay for the membership and avoid some of them like the plague--Totally uncalled for.

I had asked her a couple of questions today because I wanted to know about year-long membership options and find out about the rates and then have time to go to the bank. She said there was no difference.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

overheating of computer and manipulation/and sauna

I chose to sit on one side of a table after going to a sauna. This is where I wanted to sit.

Then, I started having the overheating of my laptop or whatever so I had to switch seats and now it's stopped, but I'm pissed.

I'm pissed because some assholes have tried to run my life based on what use they make of totally illegal technology. They have manipulated or tried to manipulate where I go and what I do with this.

Sure, I can move. I know this. But I don't appreciate the ability of criminals getting away with this.

When I was writing about the FBI and to the FBI earlier, everything quit. The other day the same thing happened. It stopped almost immediately.

These people who are doing this, as I have said before, do not deserve to live..

They continue to torture others and repeatedly violate humanitarian principles. I used to feel some sympathy but after this has continued for more than a year, I have none. Their time is up. Period.

I don't care who they are, what they do, who they know, and for what purpose they have done this. I do not care. They do not deserve to live and that is that.
Right now, at this moment, everything is fine. But it wasn't.
At any rate, I can't even go to a sauna anymore without it being a big deal. I don't remember this in the past. In my past life, that is. I used to go to the sauna all the time and I sort of remember wondering why a few college women seemed so interested but other than that, nothing I did seemed to be a big deal, or I was clueless and never noticed.

I had zero problems in the sauna at least. I was in for over an hour, which is usual for me. I don't think I have ever followed the 30 minute rule, but it's a good rule for people with health problems.

I don't know if I like the dry sauna or the steam room better. I like both probably but chose the dry one because of the smell of the wood and that makes it seem cleaner. But in the past I've really liked the steam room and felt a lot more energy after using it. I would steam, go for a run, and then steam again. It's good for warming up the muscles before a run, in combo with stretching.

Then I looked up info on saunas and steam rooms and there are a lot of health benefits--some I hadn't thought of, including the detox of heavy metal poisoning.

I don't think I've ever gone in naked. Too shy. In my own house maybe, but not in public. And I have to get a swimsuit for swimming again.

I am either joining a Masters swimming team or a running team. And maybe something I've never tried before if I can find something cheap. Some of my best friends, that I have to this day were made on sports teams. Then a few through church, school, or being a nanny. My sports and church friends are the ones I still have.

I like swimming but it's not the most social sport. Not only is it sort of individual, but you're underwater the whole time. It's not like running where you run and talk at the same time during practice. But I like both. Then I don't know what I'd do besides that and yoga or pilate classes. But I might want to take up a hobby or something totally different from anything I've ever done before just to branch out but I don't know what yet.

I was thinking...what? rowing? a mechanics class?

but those things cost more money...but something as divergent as that. Once in college, I could put a few new things together but right now without much work or anything, it's a challenge to think of something that doesn't cost a lot.

Probably my only option is to find some geek squad and join a chess club. That seems very time consuming though. It's cheap, but some of those games last for hours.