Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kari, Who Is She?

I am wondering if the Kari that married Will Wagler is the same Kari that I met in Wenatchee.  I am hoping not.

I'm hoping they are totally different people.  Because if Will married a "Kari" that is someone I haven't met, that's great--I have no opinion to form. 

If Will is married to the "Kari" that I met in Wenatchee, I think there is a problem.

The one that I met was friends with the guy who went to the Assemblies and had some kind of connection to Canada.  I seriously had something weird happen when I stayed there.  He had me then meet a woman named "Kari" at Mykal Holt's brother's club in Wenatchee and all she wanted was for me to make a fool out of myself.  When she thought I'd had too much to drink, her demeanor completely changed.

In the bathroom, she was telling me she was married to a younger man and she was thinking of getting pregnant to keep him.

There are other things.  But I seriously hope he is not married "THAT" Kari.

Oh, and the lights went on in my parents house and then off.  Big lights.

Like, a big main light in the kitchen and then above the dining room table (requires different switches) so the whole section of the house was lit up, and then they were turned off, and then a few minutes later turned on, and then off, a second time.

Now, it's a third time.

Will, if you are seriously married to that same Kari, you must be in huge trouble.

And then there was someone pacing back and forth.  I don't know, maybe 3 lights off and on is SOS.

I remember a long time ago, about a year ago or more, when I first brought it up, either my Mom or Dad strongly agreed.  But I don't know if it's the same one. If it is, she is not good.

I had a feeling later, and I might be wrong, but I wondered if she was connected to the FBI in some way too.  But I might be wrong about that.

That man who she was friends with, gave me something that was drugged one night and I don't remember anything. I remember going to bed because I was tired, on the floor.  The next morning, something was different about my body and then right after that, he suddenly thought he would tell me I could stay in his bed and I said no thank you.  Then my son's face was cut by someone and this man left all these knives out on the counter, for me to see after I saw my son. 

I left.  I felt freaked out by seeing all those knives and why would he do this?  It was almost like he was threatening me, that if I said something, maybe about something he thought I knew, my son was going to be hurt.  I don't know that he is the one who cut my son's face, but he put out knives after it happened.  He laid a pocketknife out on the counter, with extended blades, and other knives.

The people who knew him at the Assemblies in Wenatchee were all U.S. military.  I think the idea that he was protestant was possibly a lie. Whether or not he was protestant, there was something wrong with him.

The Kari he knew, who wanted to meet me, was petite, about 5'2"-5'4" I think, and told me she had breast implants.  She was maybe a D.  I don't know. 

She kept asking me to have shots with her, or drinks and I didn't realize the strength of one of them.  She was supposedly there to dance but she didn't dance at all.  She sat there with this guy and talked about me when I danced and I saw her mocking me and looking jubilant and hostile.  It was this kind of thing where she meets you when you're sober and she's even-faced and friendly and then when she thinks you're drunk, her eyes narrow and she is laughing at you in a self-satisfied mean way.  That was how she was.  Then she wanted this guy to drive behind her car that night back to the house. 

It was sort of strange. 

I do remember she said she was thinking of having a baby to keep her man, in the bathroom.  It wasn't out at the table or anything.  I felt shocked, because I had never heard any woman actually say something like that before.

If it's not her, I'm sure Will is fine.  If that IS the same Kari, ...?  I don't think she is who he thinks she is.

I wondered later because then I found out the Kari Will is married to, got pregnant.  So I thought, "Oh my gosh.  Is this the same Kari who said she was thinking of getting pregnant to keep her husband?"  I mean, as a strategy.  Will Wagler's "Kari's" pregnancy was not too long after I met that other Kari (if it's a different one) so I seriously wondered.

I never had anything to do with that man I went there with, ever.  I never kissed him or touched him in any way, and if he did something to me, I was drugged with some kind of knock-out drug where I went to bed and then remembered zero.  It wouldn't have been like being incapacitated with drinking too much, it would be like a serious drug.

Well, it was 3 lights off and on total.

Two Women's Lies & Two Knives

I was locked out of the house where we rented a room and she stole my cedar chest and belongings.  She allowed police to go through all of my belongings as well.  I went to California because someone invited me and I had no place to live.  I thought I could stay in the hotel, and figure out what to do when I got back to Wenatchee.  Her lock-out was illegal, as she was also required to give me a written 30 day notice to vacate.  To get around this law, she lied about me too, like the Nigerian woman who worked for the CIA, and matched her complaint against me, claiming I held a knife against her and I was psychotic.  So now it was 2 different false reports and restraining orders, with women lying and claiming I was violent and dangerous, and held a knife against them, and that I was crazy.

They knew this would affect my ability to have my son returned to me.  All that Washington state and the U.S. federal government needed was an excuse to claim I was a “risk” to my son.  Both women lied to avoid giving me 30 days notice; both women claimed I held a knife knowing this prejudiced my rights to my son; and both women were working as federal employees.  Also, the Nigerian woman worked with Mossad in Nigeria, who were then in place training the police in self-defense, and the woman in Wenatchee was Jewish.  The Nigerian woman was 2nd highest police chief for Nigeria at the time I stayed at her house.  My fiancĂ© and I had rented a room from Mykal Holt, who told us she was Jewish, and she also went overseas every year, doing medical work with U.S. federal employees and doctors in Brazil.

Oregon plates JJ 5K

This woman, dark brown hair, stalking me today as I walked to a gym.  She was in some kind of 4 door jeep/SUV.

They were Oregon plates that are solid blue.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Judge Dennis Hotchkiss: Criminal

After I discovered the Motion for Change of Venue was missing, I asked for my legal file from Paul Cassle.  I sent multiple emails and he ignored all of them.  I told him if I was representing myself Pro Se, I needed the file that contained whatever the Prosecuting Attorney sent him.  For 30 days he ignored my emails.  I contacted the Judge Hotchkiss and his clerk, and asked them if I was Pro Se or not, and let them know I had been asking for my file from Cassle.  The Judge and clerk also ignored me.  I didn’t receive one reply from either my public defender Cassle, or Judge Hotchkiss and the court.  1 month later, I was told to appear by teleconference.

I fled to the East Coast after the CPS Judge, Judge Dennis Hotchkiss, had a hearing to decide if my son would be returned to me, or the U.S. government would take guardianship of my son.  It was the most important hearing for me and my son and this was the hearing I was asking for my file for.  The Judge got me on the telephone and at the beginning of the hearing he told me no lawyer was representing me and that I was representing myself.

I had a right to discovery from the state (government) and to my legal file for that case, if I was representing myself, and by law, this is something I should have had at least 1 month prior to a hearing.  During that entire month, the Judge and lawyer had ignored me.  I protested over the phone saying, “I don’t have the case file or discovery and I demand the right to an attorney.”  The Judge said, “No, you are going to represent yourself now.”  I objected, saying I had no file or discovery and he said, “You are on your own.”  Anyone, including the Judge, knew there was no possible way for me to be prepared to defend myself against state accusations without seeing what they had filed, and having the discovery and my case file.  They were telling me to represent myself blind, with nothing, knowing I would lose. 

I objected at least 3 times and then the Judge hung up on me.  I was in shock.  I called the court back and asked his clerk if the phone conference was disconnected by mistake or if he had hung up on me.  She said, “He hung up on you.”  I asked her if I could get back into the hearing, and she sent an email to him with me waiting on the other line.  After a few minutes she read the email that the Judge had sent to her and the message was:  “Let Ms. Garrett know the hearing is proceeding without her.”

Paul Cassel went on to be awarded head of the Public Defenders group in Wenatchee.  An Appeals lawyer from Seattle, WA later mocked me to my face over this specific hearing, and sneered that I hadn’t filed an Appeal for it.

I needed court documents before I could file an appeal or Notice of Appeal.  I again made a request for the record and it was not sent to me when I requested it.  The AG and attorneys didn’t send me the record, or part of it, until 1 ½ months later, which was past the time allowed for filing a Notice of Appeal.  By stalling, they caused further damage to my son and deliberately prejudiced my parental rights.  The Attorney General is a federal lawyer.  There was a state-paid, county lawyer on the case against me, and a federal lawyer.  The Attorney General attorneys are part of the Attorney General offices in Seattle, WA, which is the state office for the federal headquarters of Attorney General in Washington D.C.

The United States illegally colluded with Canada to keep my son hostage, and broke the law in even trying to create an impression of legal proceedings.
(Tomas Caballero's next-door neighbor and good friend was Canadian and his best friend Michael worked at a uranium processing plant in Canada)

My Email Account With Scottish & Irish Contact Deleted

I found out my email account from Wenatchee was closed in July of this year.

It had emails about the development of my son, attempts to get human rights groups involved, police and FBI exchanges, and email from a Scottish woman that showed up in town.

She started meeting me at a coffee shop or would go there when I was there, and then gave me her email address and we wrote some.  I was still living in Wenatchee at the time, on Methow, and it was before my son was tortured by technology.

I think Kate Middleton didn't want to get pregnant until she felt assured all of my contacts that pointed to her, were deleted.

Her family had been stalking me for decades, and then used FBI and police to help them.  Next thing I knew, it was a Scottish woman checking me out.  She lived in Scotland.

She showed up after I met the Iranian-American man in Oregon who had a girlfriend that went to St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Kate Middleton is 100% criminal.

I had no idea who she was or that she even existed, and all of this time, her parents were involved in government and mafia, and had a hit on me.

All of my email at that time, was extremely important.  It was the most important email and records I had.  It showed what doctors I contacted, everything about my son, the man from Ireland... that was another one...I had contacted the British man who had Irish roots and lived in Malaysia with his wife.  I wrote on their child development site and then personally.

I also had records of all the email I sent to Canada.  I sent a bunch of email to places in Toronto, Canada, asking if they experienced much religious hate crime there and wondering how they deal with it.  Those emails were sent when I lived in Wenatchee, on Methow, with my son, and it was prior to being targeted by technology.

My son and I were both tortured AFTER I had already made contact and correspondence with people in Toronto, Canada; to a British man in Malaysia; and with the woman from Scotland.

We had one thing happen, when he was 7 months gestation, in the womb, but no torture, until after I had contact with these other people and Christa Schneider then called and asked how my least favorite way to die would be.

My Wells Fargo bank account was closed to keep me out of business and purge the history of my records.  But it has effectively kept me out of business, because banks are telling me the federal government has put a notice on my credit.

I had some records elsewhere, but I also used Genext.

What stands out the most is that Katie Middleton has waited, and made sure almost all of my history and records, are purged, destroyed, and deleted, and stolen and passed onto her, before having the public baby.

They worked with Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza, FBI.

The only reason to wait, until some of my records were destroyed, for Katie, would be out of concern that if I showed evidence that pointed back to her, her own child would be tortured the way she advocated torture of my son Oliver.  If she got divorced, it didn't matter either way.  She could have another kid and it wouldn't make a difference, whether evidence came out against her family or not.  The only thing that it would affect, is the life and safety of her own kid, because if others got enough proof they were connected to what was done to Oliver, her kid is next.

Her child would be tortured next, or killed.

My Dad Tortured, Mom Tortured & Sheriff Line-Up

My Dad's eye has been altered in some way for about 2 days.  One is larger than the other, or one droopy and the other bulging.  Not as much as I've seen before, but I don't know if it's from drugs or assault to the brain by technology.  I do not doubt the U.S. would assault him with drugs.

I was at my parents house and my Mom was trimming the dog and while I was there, if I talked about something and she didn't disagree with me out loud, we were tortured.   So basically, if I mentioned Mike Nichols hijacking my car, we both were tortured by technology and targeted right there, unless my Mom spoke up to discredit me out loud, saying, "I don't believe it."

She does believe it.  She just can't testify or tell the truth while they're held hostage in the U.S.  I also saw how this is why she says the things she does, to say, "It didn't happen" or "You're nuts" or "I don't believe those nice people would do such a thing." 

Basically, my mother is forced to verbalize, out loud, remarks that discredit me, or she is forced to say she believes the truth is a lie, or she gets zapped.  I mean, with technology, and I felt it too.

So her only way to survive, is to lie.  She's being forced to lie out loud, in the privacy of our own house, which means our house is not really private.  Whoever has tapped or bugged our house, is the group listening that my mother is supposed to be lying for.

Unless there are really microchips in my body and/or her body that pick up audio and constantly surveil us, our house is bugged by people that my parents are having to "make it sound good" to.  If she does a good enough job of lying, they don't torture us with technology and quit assaulting her.  They have trained her to know what to do.


Lie about crimes and make your daughter sound crazy to discredit her, in case anyone ELSE is also listening or in case your daughter gets the idea you will testify to the truth.

They are forcing my parents to lie about everything.

And it is the FBI that shut down my bank account illegally.  The banker that did it works for the FBI.  The only reason they shut down my account is because it has history.

And the FBI is trying to erase our history completely.

They know if I have my banking records, it will refresh my memory about when I bought something and when another event or crime occured.  They know I could use my bank records to prove my location and whereabouts, and who I would have been near at the time.  They know I could reconstruct the entire timeline of crimes against me, and this is the reason they shut it down.  For this reason, and to block me from business.

But what I heard, is that the first thing they did, was "purge" my history.

The bank didn't notify me at all, and they purged my entire account history illegally, because they thought they could, because the FBI thinks they can commit crimes whenever they want.

My parents DO have evidence, and they do believe me, and have things to say, but they are tortured if they so much as appear to agree.  The minute they start lying out loud, and discrediting me or saying nothing is happening, they get their "brownie points" from the U.S. to not be assaulted with technology.

They are constantly having to feed lies for brownie points.

They are tortured if they don't lie in public, and where it appears we are in a private surrounding, they are tortured if they don't lie.  They even get assaulted with technology for "thinking" the "wrong" thing.

At this point, they have every single thing they do monitored.

I think the idea is that the FBI, who is bugging their house, get to hear enough well-placed lies they save it as fake evidence to suggest nothing is wrong and "Cameo is just mentally ill".  And, they want the lies spoken out loud in private because in case they're worried some other country or group is listening in, they want those people to think these are honest discussions occuring in our house and that my parents disagree they are ever tortured.

How do you report torture when NASA and Pentagon are involved?  You don't get out from under it.  It's not like you can run away. 

So I didn't even get upset this time, when she said what she said, and I repeated, "He is a criminal" when she said, "He died."  She said "So you think he would kill himself?" and I said, "Yes.  That's what they do in the Middle East and look at Laura Bush."  (Laura Bush ran into her boyfriend's vehicle, killing him).  I said, "She knew she could have been hurt and did it anyway."
I said, "That's CIA.  There are people, not very many maybe, but there are people who are willing to get hurt in the hope of hurting or killing someone else."  So maybe Mike didn't plan on dying, but he was willing to take the risk in order to hurt others.

I don't know if money was wired to Canada or the U.S. after he did it.

All I know, is that I was stalked by people who were connected to him, later, and implanted at the hospital, and they've done harm. 

My Mom and Dad have to lie out loud, to survive.    They have to lie and deny being tortured or it's worse, and they have to lie about crimes against us, and have to lie and say I'm deluded or they don't believe me.
My Dad said tonight, when I saw him and he didn't look great, "Hi" and then I asked where he'd been.  He said the Sheriff's office.  I said why and he said they had him in a line-up.  I said for what crime and he said there was no crime, but he was in a line-up.  I said what do you mean? and he said, "Me and a bunch of other guys were in a line against the wall."  Then I said, "Do you mean you were standing in a line to go to the cashier's counter?"  He didn't say anything.  I said, "What were there to get?" and he didn't say anything.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kate Middleton The Slasher

I forgot to add the fact that my mother said Kate Middleton cut her face.

I was also asking around that time, for a name of who was responsible for torturing my son Oliver and I got a pair of pants that had a tag which said "My name is Makayla" on them.  The Rose pants.

I felt rushed and I'm still having to edit my CAT report.

When someone tells you Kate Middleton really did commit such a crime, I guess for one minute I understand how a cop or agent, who is neutral, might respond.  You can say, "Kate Middleton is a criminal" a lot, and throw it out there, but then to have someone say, "Yes, she is, and then affirm what horrific crime was done," --that is something else.  That's where it sounds so big and unbelievable, you don't really know for sure what to do.

It's not that she's too big of a person, it's that, how did she get so far, without anyone making a report all this time?  So then you wonder how many people are surrounding her, and creating covers for her--cops, law enforcement, regular citizens, psychics, military...

I literally hesitate, when given the opportunity and then I think, no, my mother is not nuts, and whatever is going on really IS that big of a deal.  And my mother had evidence on her face.  She is the one who knows who did it.  My mother also knows who tortured my son.

I have shitakke slices at my house, because I like shitakkes for their health benefits.  But you know, you hear something like this, and it's looking like:

"She talky,

E slices"

She talks, you get cut.

Anyway.  I can definitely sympathize wanting to have confirmation about something before saying anything about something very big.  The horrible part is how many people are involved.  It is really, really, bad.

I think too, that someone assumed I had some kind of crush on William of Wales so I would just write off any idea that he is connected to criminals or doesn't know about her.  Of course he knows about her.  He married her.  That, to me, is the stamp of approval that she and her values are what he treasures.  So if her values are to torture kids, he is going with that.  If it's to disparage my Mom or Dad, he's going with it.  I sympathized with him up to the point of finding out he was depressed and PTSD when he got married.  That is not normal.  No one should be jacked up on meds when they get married.  But then I realized, he has to know about that family and he chose that "thing" who tortures kids and my parents.

I still didn't believe it, really, even after they were married, until I got confirmation from photos that they have spies who are violent, in this area.  When I saw they were posting public photos that imitated what some of the people were doing to my mother, and when I knew who it was over, I realized, oh my gosh.  They have spies over here and William knows about it.

For a while I thought maybe it was possibly Harry.  I thought maybe West Point gave him a sword and they drummed up a total horror nightmare scene with Harry showing up, guarded and all entrances blocked, and he used that to cut my mother.  Seriously, I thought, I know it is super bad, but what?

My mother has made reference much more to Kate Middleton.  I know Carol Middleton makes her cringe and grimace.  It's not like my Mom reads People magazine or follows magazines or news about these things, so the only reason she has had a reaction, is because they've met.  They know eachother on a personal level, not from magazines, and I think they've known eachother for decades.

My mother has had such horrible things done to her.

I am 100% positive the U.S. has forced her to give up eggs.  I'm absolutely positive.  I had the U.S. pressuring me to give up my eggs, and my mother is much more important than I am.  I believe they have kept her on horomones to keep her eggs coming up and they've extracted them to create babies for themselves.  The logic is there.  If the U.S. would try to do this to me, I knew then that the U.S. has pressured other women into giving up eggs.  Probably the U.S. has forced other women into a situation of vulnerability just for the reason of coercing them to donate their eggs and DNA.  If they did this to me, to the point of horrors that they forced me into, there is no conceivable way they have not done this to my parents.  Probably my Mom and my Dad.

The U.S. is trying to breed psychic gifted babies just like any other country they claim is so "bad".

My mother also made it very clear she would never cut herself.  She didn't cut her own face.  And she said, "I'm not going to cut myself and go bleeding all over."

She told me it was Kate--it was a roundabout way, but more than once.

I also know without any doubt that they've met the Middletons. I don't know which ones but my Dad was the one to smile over that and say nothing.  I asked about it when I first got back from Tennessee.  So they have both met the Middletons.

My Son Tortured In School

I think my son is being tortured by the U.S. when he's in school.  I thought about it, and maybe that's not the case.  It might be true, or it might not be true.

However, you can't trust them.

How does one trust ANYTHING the U.S. has oversight over, including federal airways and electronics and technology for torture, when one has already seen torture against a child by the state?

If the U.S. tortured my son before he was even born, in the womb, at 7 months of age, had I known that's what was happening, what should a rational person think?

1.  U.S. tortures my child.  Choose the best match for this statement:

a.  U.S. will not torture child in the future.
b.  U.S. will torture child in the future.
c.  U.S. may or may not torture child in the future.

What we know, is that the U.S. is capable of torturing children, their own children.

So then I witnessed actual torture of my son, as a baby, at our Wenatchee house, with his entire body convulsing under what was like living under a giant TENS machine umbrella.  Oh, add a little microwaving to the TENS effect on all of our small muscles under the skin, and pulses that were occasional and would wake us up from pain.

2.  U.S. tortures my child a second time.  Choose the best match for this statement:

a.  U.S. will not torture child in the future.
b.  U.S. will torture child in the future.
c.  U.S. may or may not torture child in the future.

At this point, there are additional questions.  How long of a period did the U.S. torture the child the first time, compared to the second time, and at what levels?

Then we moved to East Wenatchee, and our car was forced out of commission so we were trapped there.  It was snowing outside and I took him tobagganing or sledding but we stayed indoors more whereas usually we went out.  During that time, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we were tortured at severe levels.  My son was screaming, the cat was screeching through the house with diarrhea everywhere, and I was having near blackouts.  The cat was litter trained.  The only reason there were diarrhea messes (which I cleaned all the time) was because the cat would try to go to the litterbox and didn't get there in time.  It was being targeted with torture that caused swelling of the head and internal organs and blood vessels, just like me and my son, and she tried to get there and couldn't.  My son's toenails and other calcium deposits were warped and undulated from another form of torture at night.  The cat, once it was out of the environment, had a tail that was warped and bent up and it's legs became permanently crippled.  This was because while my toes and feet were curling under and cramping, and my son and I had our nails affected with permanent damage (that went away as it grew out), the cat's body that was heated under those conditions, which was developing still as a kitten, solidifed and the bones set into the warped way that the muscles were cramping and contracting. 

3.  U.S. tortures my child a third time.  Choose the best statement to match:

a.  U.S. will not torture child in the future
b.  U.S. will torture child in the future
c.  U.S. may or may not torture child in the future

That was just the first 3 times and that was before they then decided to torture him psychologically by violently separating him from his mother.  Canada took part in that.  And Canada took part in torturing my son in Canada as well.

So skipping past the additional times of torture against my son which occured from 2008-present, when he is in school, is it possible he is being tortured in school?

Why would the U.S. torture him in CPS state offices, and by federal employees, and almost kill him and then continue to torture him, and then quit when he is in school?

If the U.S. tortures kids that are innocent babies, what about school age? 

I mention this because I was told my son was "disruptive in class" at the beginning of the year. So I asked what does disruptive mean?  being a jokester or something else?  I was told he was getting up and doing other things when they were supposed to do homework.

I was told now it doesn't happen because he goes around and helps kids with their work.

So this is what comes to MY mind, as a victim of torture who has seen her son tortured...

The U.S. is torturing my son in school, to the point that he can't sit through it and try's to get up to move away.  When he does, he gets in trouble.  So now, if he "helps other kids" and is right next to the other child, he is not tortured because the U.S. doesn't torture all kids.

The U.S. chooses to torture Oliver.

I see the possibility as "My son has to be right next to another kid to avoid being singled out and targeted for torture."  So, that's great if the excuse is he's helping other kids or they're working together or whatever.  However, my son is being essentially forced to "help other kids" because if he doesn't, and is on his own at his desk trying to do his work, he gets tortured.

It's kind of like me, being forced to be in bed with Alvaro Pardo.  Or allowing myself to be sexually assaulted by U.S. military and federal employees.  If I'm "helping them" with their "needs" the U.S. Army and CIA tell NASA and Pentagon not to torture me.  So basically, they want me to be in a potato sack race with one of their employees.  ALL the time, because they can't the idea of my working on my own or having the same rights as anyone else.

I wasn't tortured by U.S. technology when I stayed with Alvaro, until I moved out of his bed and said I was sleeping on the sofa couch for the night.  I was tortured by the United States of America.  As soon as I moved to my own sleeping arrangement, the U.S. tortured me, and at levels high enough I was going to the Emergency Room.

With, of course, Alvaro acting like the good guy and helper at my side.  "Oh no, what's wrong?" and putting on the Good Shepherd Act when he already knew what was wrong.  I was tortured with the same technology on that occasion as my son and I were tortured in Wenatchee.  I had blood drawn, and was given painkillers and who knows what else.

I was forced to sleep in the same bed with him.  I was forced into that position, by the United States Pentagon and NASA.

So when I am being forced to be up next to someone, to avoid being tortured, I notice it is always about sex with U.S. government employees. 

So with my son, when I hear he's getting up (or was, and I'm glad he's not anymore) to do other things when he's supposed to do homework, I know how I feel when the U.S. is torturing me, like tonight.  There is not one single day the U.S. hasn't tortured me.

I visited my parents tonight and my mother looked upset and they had things being done to them right there and were trying not to react.

My Dad said it was time to go out and then I saw he was trying not to cry.  He had tears in his eyes and one of his eyes was bulged out from torture.  They did this to his left eye.

The U.S. quit torturing me when I made a CAT complaint against them, until they heard nothing would be done about it.  They quit torturing all of us, for a short time.  But if I'm writing a CAT complaint about Canada, they think they have no obligation.

My parents are blackmailed to stay here.  There is no possible way they are free to leave.

The other thing, is that when I stayed at an apartment in Arlington, Virginia, with a view of The Pentagon, I wasn't tortured at first there.  I was pregnant and it was known I was pregnant.  I was tortured only after I wasn't intimate with the man from Morroco who had the other room in the house.  And then the CIA began disruption of my telecommunications again.  I was basically being tortured if I didn't have a sexual relationship with a U.S. employee. 

Oh.  Did I say the Moroccan man was a U.S. employee? 

Also, the telecommunication problems I experienced were to make me sound mentally ill and crazy.  It doesn't happen to most people (I don't think) unless the world is changing for the worst.  So doing this to me, made me sound mentally ill, to allow further torture of me for anti-competitive reasons.  It was the only way to discredit me.

I notice the U.S. has been most interested in discrediting me after they and Canada tried to kill me in 1995 when Mike Nichols hijacked my car.  Or maybe it was a combination of this and the assasination attempt against me in 1992 when I was run off the road. Who is the U.S. trying to kill me for?

No one has that many weird telecommunication problems either.  It was done when I had no way of buying something to make documentation or recordings of what happened.  Every effort to keep me from having money was for this goal:  to prevent me from making evidence of the crimes.

The only person who I noticed had a lot of "activity" with their telephone or computer, but not in a negative way, a positive way, was Alvaro Pardo.  There were all kinds of bells and whistles and things going for Pardo.  Tons of songs being played, and picked out for him, when I didn't pick anything out and he didn't either...messages on email,...all kinds of things.

I was later spending time with someone else and it went from 70 mph to 10 mph with "extra U.S. government activity"

Monday, January 28, 2013

Evidence of Torture (my Dad's eyes)

My Dad's eyes are still more sunken in than they were but now there is a blue effect on one side, under the brown bruising.  I haven't seen it so bad that a part of the skin turns blue except once or twice.

U.S. Hijacker Hypocrisy

See my last post.

The U.S. and Canada are hypocrites all the way through.

They make a case out of hijackers who died, but tell me they can't take a report or make a case when the hijacker of my car died.

Their excuse? "He's dead.  I'm not going to make a report about a dead man."

Right.  But look at the reports about several dead men who hijacked planes.

So the U.S. thinks they can spend money investigating associates and connections to the men who committed the crime of hijacking.

When it comes to investigating associates and connections to men who hijacked my vehicle, nothing.

In the meantime, I've been stalked and harmed by dozens of individuals who are connected to the hijacker of my car.  And more and more it's looking like federal crime.  It is even starting to look like the U.S. tried to assassinate me through Nichols.

The U.S. is illegally holding my family hostage and has held me hostage, by various tactics, for over 8 years.  They kidnapped my son, with Canada's involvement, and my son is a hostage.  He wasn't "up for adoption".

When it was already established my life was in danger in the U.S., my son and I had a right to political asylum.  Canada didn't even give me a hearing and kidnapped my son instead, because they are involved in trying to kill me.

Mike Nichols wasn't thinking of "marrying me".  That was a cover story created by his family later.  If he thought of marrying me, he wouldn't have told me he was going to move to Canada.  HIs entire story, to me and to everyone, was that he was going to Nashville, TN with us and then he was thinking of moving on up to Canada to "find my biological parents".


I'm so sure.  No, what he planned, was to have this as his story, and then hijack my car and try to kill us, and if he lived, go on up to Canada to collect his money in Toronto.

Who was in Toronto?  Oh, just his parent he thought, and Middletons people.  That's where Mike Middleton's grandfather trained pilots afterall, and where Kate visited for her honeymoon.  Who was going to send the money?  The U.S.?  Wire the cash over?

1992: someone ran me off the road from behind to kill me.
1994:  my property is stolen repeatedly
1995: Mike hijacked my car and rolled it to kill me.
1995:  I have microchips implanted to make me suffer and then I'm forced under observation.
1996:  Lake Oswego people who knew Mike and federal employees begin stalking me.
1998:  Raped, won't list how many times
1998: car vandalisms to engine to cause crash and antifreeze explosion
2003: car ignition turned off repeatedly on 3 cars while driving on freeway, to cause crash
2003:  planned hit-and-run by Mike Nichols' friends  (Schneider & associates)
2004: assault by FBI, car stolen by cops and FBI
2005:  constant torture through Griffin (NASA appointment) and Pentagon
2006: torture of my son
2007: kidnapping
2008: murders of james river and twin, unborn.
2009: torture, poison, and assault; defamation and multiple false arrests

All of these people know Kate Middleton.  Karin is connected to NY FBI and Whittemores who are connected to Canada.  Meyers is connected to federal employees and Josh Gatov through Roses, and was connected to Mike Nichols through Lake Oswego.  Roses are connected to Middletons through England.  Bechtold is connected through Carter, Wiltbanks, and mormons in business with them and through CIA.  Bechtold is also connected to Karin from Canada through Stephanie Maiers and her australian husband.  So that makes a full circle.  Then just throw in the Thebaults, Fallons, Del Balzos.  A real stew.  Sandbergs.  McGuires.  Otterbach. 

And what future does my son have? None.  He has nothing to live for in this country and they have already caused irreparable harm.  They will do no more for him than they have for me.  They have jail set aside for my son--that's what kind of future Oliver has in the U.S. or Canada.

My son has a chance, outside  of this country.  He will never make it if he is living here.  The U.S. has ruined his life and they praised Canada for their part. 

While they laugh at stickers on my wall as I make videoclips about being a hostage, and joke about 'scratch and sniff stickers' I was given in school, they give my son scratch and sniff pencils in school and plot out how to put my son in jail.

My son is a hostage of the U.S. government and Canada conspired with the U.S. to kidnap him.

UPDATE: Judge John Bridges & Canadian-FBI Torture of Oliver

UPDATE:  I have been thinking and thinking about this, and if it was Judge Bridges or not.  When someone suggested this first, I wondered why they were trying to suggest Bridges.  Even now, I see other photos that look much more like the man I saw, but if I saw other photos of another man, it might be possible to find someone who was even closer in appearance.  I would have to see Bridges in a casual jacket, standing where I could see him, to know for sure.  I can't imagine who else it would be, and I would say I'm 80% sure with the other photos, but something is different too.  If it wasn't him, and I'd have to look and remember with more time, it was someone trying to frame him, or frame me into giving a hasty reply as to who I thought it was.

The man who was on the property that my son and I lived on, looks like photos of Judge John Bridges that I have just seen tonight.

Someone once told me he wore a single diamond earring on occasion but when I saw him in a photo or in person much later, his appearance had changed.

I just now looked at photos of him from 2005, and they look like the man who was on my property.  The hair and beard thing was the same and there is an earring.  I remember the earring as a single white diamond and I thought it was larger than the court photo shows, but maybe not. 

He was at the back of our property with a metal detector.  I had never seen a metal thing like that, and I didn't know what it was so I thought it was some kind of metal detector.  It had several prongs to it and a long handle.  I thought he was a scientist of some kind, because who would be carrying something like that?

He looked like a yuppie scientist.  He was wearing a regular jacket, and pants and he was tall and not broad, and had this one diamond earring. 

It was snowing.  It was Winter of 2007 and I was living there with my son and we were being tortured.  One day I had a feeling or, I don't know why I went to the back of the property at the time I did.  It wasn't a usual time for us to go out.  I went to the back and saw this man, poking around on our property.  He was moving this metal thing around and touching the snow with it and looking.  He didn't expect to see me and when he did, he straightened up and I said "hi" in a casual way.  He said it was a nice day for a walk or something like that.

But he wasn't on a walk.  He was poking around OUR property with some kind of a weird instrument. 

I remember the earring being larger.  Like, not this teeny spec in his ear but a slightly larger size.  I got Alvaro an earring pad for his daughter, that had different sizes of zircon earrings so they could choose.  I remember he acted weird about it.  Well, maybe this is why.  He didn't even want to look at it. 

Some of the photos of the Judge, I would never match him to the same person on our property, but the ones from 2005 when he was in court, it looks like the same man. 

I don't know where Judge John Bridges lives.  Did he LIVE out there? Did he and Mary live out on St. Route 2?

You know, this is very disgusting. My son has been kidnapped, and he had food taken from him, along with his mother. He's been tortured. But that wasn't all. He had food stolen from him. There were people even making fun of the fact that I gave him organic food. So now he's at Dryden, getting "gourmet smencils" which are #2 pencils that have a scent.

That's what my son gets for being repeatedly assaulted, tortured, and isolated, and starved.

My son has no future in this country.  He is being mocked and made fun of, and what has been done to him is belittled to this degree. 

Why was Judge Bridges on MY property when we were being tortured, poking around with a weird metal thing that had 3 prongs.  It was like a pitchfork.  A long narrow stick that was a handle and 3 prongs at the end, like a pitchfork. It wasn't totally smooth like that though.   It wasn't a "grabber" like Granny has.  It didn't look like any kind of metal or coin detector I've seen either. 

His wife Mary made an offer to me through Tina Thornton, a social worker. It was to leave the State of Washington. 

Brett McDonald was most likely FBI.  She worked at a counseling center that was funded with federal money, under Malcolm Butler.  She let me talk about anything except the FBI.  Why should she care if I talked about the FBI?  The only reason she would care, is if she was FBI herself.  Someone who was FBI wouldn't want me to create counseling records of "damages" from the FBI.  Then I found out her best friend was my social worker, "Tina Thornton".  I gave my misconduct report about FBI agents to a "Julie Thornton".  Tina's husband was a cop.

It was Judge John Bridges on our property.  The photos match and that's without seeing the earring.  So the question is why he was on private property poking around.

There are so many conflicts of interest it's not even funny. 

My son wasn't a U.S. citizen when we left the U.S.  He didn't have a social security number.  I had it revoked.  Not rescinded, revoked.  He was a citizen because of his birth in the U.S. and a member of the State of Washington, but not after we left the country.  As soon as we crossed the border with the intention of leaving for good, he was no longer a citizen.  The citizenship of a child goes with the parent, and the jurisdiction does as well.

Canada illegally returned us.  It was set up ahead of time.  It is against international law to refoul persons to a country where they know there will be harm.  Canada already knew.  By law, it was illegal for Canada to return us to the U.S.  They could have sent us somewhere else, after a hearing for political asylum, but they first ignored the law and didn't give us a hearing for political asylum.

They cooperated in a kidnapping.

Even if the hearing had been lost, Canada could have made us leave the country, but they could not legally force us to return to the U.S.  It had to be a different country or our choice. 

When my son was kidnapped, it was an outright kidnapping.  Then the U.S. illegally obtained a social security number for him, knowing I had said no, and knowing I had legal guardianship still.  They had no legal right to do this.  The only reason they did was because there was no federal connectual nexus or agency and there still isn't.

The adoption is invalid.

No country has a legal authority to adopt out a child they know had left their country for political asylum and who no longer had citizenship with that country.  The U.S. tortured Oliver.  How DARE they claim HE is THEIRs.

The United States "plan" for Oliver's life is jail.

Canada has no citizenship rights to Oliver, because they violated the law, and the U.S. has no right to Oliver because they kidnapped him and set it up with Canadians and FBI working in Canada. 

Any attempt to remove my son back to a country where he was tortured and his mother was tortured, when a clear petition for political asylum was made, is outright kidnapping.

It doesn't matter how long the U.S. kept a kidnapped child here, and their lies about "CPS".  The fact remains Oliver is kidnapped and the U.S. has no legal authority to have court over a kidnapped child THEY kidnapped.

Canada is guilty of crimes of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.  They are also guilty of violating their own domestic and international laws.  They are guilty of torture of a child in Canada.  Canada tortured Oliver.  They are as guilty as the U.S. of using technology against my son to torture him.  And they deliberately tried to scare me by having electronics go off in their house and play music and do weird things, while my son and I were still tortured.  Bruce and Karin, from Penticton B.C., are criminals.  My son was tortured at their house, in Penticton, and they knew it.

We were also tortured while driving on Canadian freeways and in a Canadian grocery store and at the only shelter we stayed at.  Some shelter. 


Canada participates in MKUltra and they had records about me and my son already.  They also had records about my Mom and Dad and my Grandpa Garrett.  They knew what they were doing all along and they are guilty of crimes.  They also let Mike Middleton get a joyride out of it.

I was even tortured in the Canadian jail.

Locations of torture in Canada:

1. Canadian freeway.
2.  Bruce and Karin's house.
3.  Penticton jail.
4.  Penticton shelter. 
5.  Canadian grocery store.
6.  Vancouver immigration center.

Six places where I was tortured for Katie Middleton.  I can confirm my son Oliver, as a baby, was tortured at 4 of those locations.

Alvaro?  knows Karin who moved to Moses Lake from Canada.  I saw his reaction when I showed him her photo.  He knows her and he didn't like the fact I had gone to Ephrata to get photocopies of her photo.  Karin is NY FBI.  Oh ding ding ding.  NY FBI and Canadian team. 

God damn Canada.

It's not the first time Canadians worked with the FBI to try to kill me, torture me, or ruin my life. How about Mike Nichols?  He was born a Canadian and grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  After HE hijacked my car, police refused to take a criminal report.  I've tried 4 different times to have it documented and police refused.  They say it's because "He's dead."

If someone breaks into your house and kidnaps you and then accidentally shoots himself, do the police say, "No need to make a report.  He's dead."?  No.  BOY LOOK AT HOW RABID the U.S. is over hauling in a case about dead Middle Eastern hijackers of planes.  Some Middle Eastern men hijacked planes and died.  So is the "He's dead" excuse what the victims got?

No, they got a fancy pants war.  No one from 9-11 was told, "Well, no point in making a report because the guys are dead."

So Mike Nichols is DEAD.  Well THANK GOD. 

Thank God that the hijacker of MY car died for his crimes.  That doesn't mean a report doesn't need to be made.  It means you MAKE the report.

While the U.S. was eagerly looking for "connections" to the Middle Eastern men who hijacked planes, what kind of investigation has been made into Mike Nichols' connections?  None.  And yet I am the one who has been stalked by a dozen different individuals from Lake Oswego, where Mike Nichols went to school and lived.  I've had crimes committed and plotted against me, by Mike Nichols' associates, after he died, and the FBI has done nothing.  Why is that?  Is that because Mike Nichols' Dad works for the FBI?

Halea Meyers, from Lake Owego, showed up at my church, after I started going there, after 1995.  Her mother works for a U.S. prison.  She is a federal employee.  Halea sought me out, and I remember the day she showed up at my church.  She watched me for a long time, more than one week, before approaching me.  Then she told me she wanted to be friends, and after hearing me talk to someone about joining the youth group, from a distance, she then walked up and said she had been wanting to be on staff too.  She got proximity to me and she is from Lake Oswego and federally connected.  Not only that, her best friend is a model that worked in France, where Middleton's family is from.  Hilary.  Then Halea got money after I was raped by Josh Gatov in Lake Oswego, with Lake Oswego cops around first.  She took two trips:  France and Israel.  She was working for Scott and Laura Rose-Lewis who have the England connection.  Halea bought a brand new car.  A Jetta.  She wanted, of course, a VW Jetta.  Then she bought cherrywood furniture including a Queen or King size bed, and decorated her room in red and yellow and hung a giant star lamp at the top.  She decided to go to college too, after she bought her car and new furniture.

The next Lake Oswego person to stalk me at a church was Christa Schneider.   Her whole family started going to my next church, after I was there.  She was the same age as Halea and went to Lake Oswego High, just like Mike Nichols.  Oh, and Christa's Dad worked for the Department of Justice as  a Prosecuting Attorney (federal employee).  Turns out, Christa knows another Canadian too..Karin, whose family moved to Moses Lake when my family was moving out in 1990.  Karin is connected to Whittemore by marriage and to the NY FBI.

I was then set up for multiple assaults by Schneider.  Christa's boyfriend was from Lake Oswego (Ryan Barnes), Devin (FBI) from Lake Oswego, and all of the people at the last supper she wanted to have for me in Oregon before she knew I was going to be tortured in Washington--all of them were from Lake Oswego and had both U.S. federal and Canadian connections.

But of course.  Let's pretend Mike Nichols didn't hijack my car and doesn't have criminal friends who are still alive.  And who, by the way, have harmed me and my son and destroyed evidence.

I want a criminal report made about the crime that occured in 1995, of the hijacking of my car by Canadian-born Mike Nichols.

The U.S. has no problem making a "report" about dead hijackers from 9-11 but they refuse to make a report about a dead hijacker from Lake Oswego.

Dead means nothing.  You make a report and you will do this, and you are going to give me a case number, but since you have waited this long, it is going to the United Nations.

My son is NOT a U.S. citizen and Canada and the U.S. have zero say at this point.   I mean, go ahead and talk.  But it's not like your credit is any good.
UPDATE:  1/28/2013 I am pretty sure Debbie Sweetwater-Burt is also connected to Judge John Bridges and his wife.  I know she is connected to the justice system in Wenatchee, WA and this came into play after I showed up and was going through court of appeals for my son. 

It was impossible, because I was being tortured.  But the other thing that was happening, was I found Debbie is connected to California and New Mexico, to Bechtolds through some of the local cops, and then possibly to Miller, who is a prominent lawyer in Wenatchee and who made a case against me.  He knows Justin Collier and the man working with Collier at the time, was, I believe, a Mexican man who might know Debbie through her trips to Mexico, or it's possible the other one.  I am not totally sure yet.  I know someone got spooked from Wenatchee when I connected Debbie to people there and all of a sudden, the lawyers were calling me and willing to negotiate, along with Judges.  Before I said anything about Debbie, there was nothing.

So something is seriously wrong.

I also know I had a feeling Debbie was laundering money through her business and taking more of my mother's money than she said she was taking, from commissions.  I didn't know who she was laundering the money to.  My thought was that it was the Middletons but I don't know for sure.  I do know, she has laundered money and taken more of my mother's money than she claims to take. 

Over Christmas she made a big scene about trimming the office with greenery but the way she did it was exactly how they asked me to do it in Nashville, TN at the Episcopal church there which was across the street from the DEAs offices.

There is some kind of very bad connection between Debbie and people in the justice system, possibly both Judge Wasson and also Wenatchee people.  At first, I thought she was just connected to corrupt cops here locally but then I realized she is doing weird things with people from Wenatchee or connected to them.

The fact that Judge John Bridges was actually on my property and I finally found photos that match him, makes all of this even more bizarre.  I never thought it was a "judge" snooping around back there.  Why would a Wenatchee judge be on my property where me and my son were?  Of course he didn't look like a judge-type to me either.  I thought the earring and the metal thing he had were signs of some kind of artistic or eclectic scientist.

Also, I had personal ID stolen from that house.  Did Judge John Bridges have a key?  Maybe John Bridges just happens to know Rick Baken, FBI, who lives next to my grandparents.  There were a couple of Mexican men on my property, and Debbie is connected to Mexicans through New Mexico and Mexico (not sure which ones).  There was Judge John Bridges.  And then there was a car full of men from the Russian-Ukraine church.  The torture was from NASA, not anything else, but I saw Judge John Bridges looking around for something at the back of our house, and the a car of other guys pulling over and looking for something inside a pipe in front of our house.

Maybe they were just trying to remind me about Bridges.

Debbie also lied and has wanted to make a big point about being protestant christian.  She's not.  My mother told me, before it mattered or anyone thought it mattered to me, she was Catholic.  Debbie Sweetwater-Burt was suddenly "protestant christian" after she thought it mattered.

Judge Bridges wife Mary was the one telling me to leave Washington state, through Tina Thornton.  And I had a cop threaten me and tell me if I didn't like vandalism of my property, to move out of state.  Judge Bridges is U.S. Army, and so was Mark, the U.S. Army truck driver who picked me up from New Mexico (where Debbie Burt is from) and then thought it was funny to go to a copper mine (Debbie's business is coppertree realty).  They are all connected.
UPDATE 1/31/13

I should add, the 3 pronged metal thing was not a ski pole.  The man told me it was a metal detector when I asked.  I thought it was totally strange. Who would be looking for coins out there?  I mean, that's how I associate it.  But it wasn't a ski pole.  It had sort of the breadth of 2 feet across and around.  It wasn't tiny, and I think the prongs had some kind of hinge of something.  It was a very weird looking thing and didn't even look like metal detectors I've seen before. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

U.S. Turning Off Electricity Now

Now the United States is turning off my electricity repeatedly.  In the last 30 minutes, I had electricity to my house turned off over 10 times, first every 5 minutes and then about every 2 minutes.

They're tripping the breaker to my place, which is what they've done to my parents with their hot water heater.

So they force me out of my house, in the dark, to switch on a breaker in another place on the property that is away from my house.  I had one light on and one electrical thing running and they kept doing this.

The U.S. has people who are in deep trouble.  Criminals who work for the U.S. who are in deep trouble. 

And when I went to my parent's house to let them know my power was being shut off every 2 minutes, my Mom was doing laundry by the door and looked very scared.  I am not surprised.  It's not like THEY don't know this involves the Middletons and the U.S. government.  My mother would have no reason to look that afraid unless she and my Dad already knew I had written about the Middletons and the Port Orford thing tonight, and they know I'm writing the CAT complaint, so they know there is danger.

I'm tired of the U.S. getting away with doing this to my family.  Stop shutting off my electricity.

"We Teach People To Fly" from Port Orford, Oregon

I forgot to mention something.  I went to Port Orford, Oregon, a beach town, with my Dad several weeks ago and there was one spot on our hike that I had a really bad feeling about.

It felt like a murder site.

We hiked around and this old woman who looked like Jan, a nurse that used to room with me, smiled at my Dad and then saw me and quit smiling and went by. 

So we looked at the boathouse, which was where we parked and then walked on the trail that was already made there.  At one spot, I was looking out and felt something about the energy there.  I said, "This sounds weird, but I think someone got killed here."  I was standing there and then I said, "I don't know how you could throw someone off of this cliff to the water down there, because there is a slope and trees and stuff in the way, but it's like someone threw a man over this cliff."

Then we left and I turned back to read the sign on the park bench that was there.  It said something like "You Can Fly" and was purchased by a man named Michael.

Pretty much, I thought of Mike Middleton right away.

What was spooky was that I sensed someone had been thrown off of that cliff and murdered and then there was this park bench with that saying, "you can fly" or "we teach them how to fly".  Something like that.

We walked down the other part of a path and it was steeper and easier to throw someone off in other parts, but I didn't get the same feeling at other places like I got at that one place.

My Dad said "It's you."

Right after I said something at the "we teach people to fly" point in the trail, about murder, my Dad said "It's you."  But I don't know what he meant and I felt weird asking him.  So isn't that strange? I didn't ask.  I said nothing and we kept walking and looking through binoculars and then my Dad showed me where the boathousemen had to run down flights of stairs to a boat for the Coast Guard and go out into dark waters to rescue people.

Then my Dad told me there was a different point where people were held hostage on a large rock out or islet and how that's part of the history of Port Orford.

I felt the murder by the "we teach people to fly" from "michael" sign.  I said "Something really bad happened here."  Then I said it was like someone was murdered or thrown over the side.  But I said, it seems like you could throw someone from a different section more easily, but there was something about that spot.

And then later, of course, I read the sign and it felt creepier.

What was also creepy was thinking, I think that's where I felt the bad feeling the last time I was there, years ago with my family but I didn't read any signs I don't think.

I know it was printed that when William took Kate to Canada after their marriage, Canadians showed her to the site where Mike Middleton's father worked as a test pilot for Canada and the U.S., showing people how to fly.  They gave a manual to read, about flight instructions, telling her this was something her grandfather used when he was doing his job.

Since I'm writing a CAT complaint against Canada, this came to mind again since my recent trip with my Dad to Port Orford, was very reminiscent of Middleton crime.  They're criminals.  Period.

When you first get to the Port Orford boathouse place for the Coast Guard, there is a sign that says "You Have To Leave; You Don't Have To Come Back."

I'm curious to know when Mike and Carol Middleton were visting the U.S. back in the 70s.  Like 1971.  1971 forward.

First I felt the energy of murder at that site, and like someone was thrown off or threatened to be thrown from the side of the cliff to the water crashing on rocks below.  Then I saw the sign there, about "we teach people to fly" and I thought, that would be a very thug thing to do.  Take someone to that point, threaten their life or kill them, and then make a commeroration of it or do this with that sign as the marker. 

Then Canadians celebrate by showing Katie what her family is about.  Like she doesn't know and as if she is not already a criminal in her own right.  Her Dad is why I was flown by a plane from Penticton to the Vancouver, B.C. immigration site and her Dad is why my son was kidnapped to be sent back to the U.S. for more U.S.-Canadian torture.

Her Dad is a thug.

My Mom and Family Tortured Last Night/Today

I am being tortured now after writing about the dream I had and clarifying about the baby.  Since last night, while I worked on the CAT complaint, and then today after I clarified my last post, I was tortured to the metal in my teeth again, which NASA and The Pentagon have not done for months.  Instead, they've used other forms of torture against me.  Those responsible for this need to be killed. I don't care who kills them or how, they need to be killed.

Last night I went to my parent's house and one of my Mom's eyes was completely bulged out and distorted.  So I knew she had been tortured.  Her eye doesn't do this naturally.  It wasn't like that this morning when she went to church.  It was last night.  The only way this is done is by torture to the head, which then causes the eye to do this. So it torture to our brains.

I worked on the CAT complaint last night until I was too tired and had to sleep.  I was tortured for the last 3-4 days while trying to work on it.  If I had not been tortured, the complaint would have probably been completed by now.

My Dad's eyes are worse than I've ever seen them.  They are sunken in and have dark hollow circles all around them, like racoon eyes.

The U.S. is targeting my parent's brains now.  It's like first they use them and now they have them sworn not to expose government secrets or will do something worse and now they are torturing them to their brains.

Weird Dream

I had a really long, detailed dream this morning.  I'm working on my CAT report so I haven't been thinking about anything but that.

But it started out that I took a trip to a really small town.  I got there and was looking for work and waited while a woman gave reading directions to someone and thought I could do the same thing.  She did it in an office off of a small kitchen.  So then I got a room somehow, rented my own room in a house and it was a huge room and upstairs with a big window and I could look out on the town.  Very cheerful and sunny, and then I was walking across in a towel at one point and saw a man in a house below looking up.  Something about a light went off or something so I had to grab a towel.  Then the next day he came into the kitchen and said he'd take me to lunch since I was new in town.  I went and his house was right next to the place so I said he didn't have far to go.  Then I went back and said I needed work and the woman said you could probably only get a dishwashing job in that town bc it was so small.  So then she said, I could stack dishes for her. Basically, she washed them, and they had to be stacked on a multi-tiered movable tray.  Then I was outside and looking for additional work.  As I left, a man told me to fill out a form for real estate.  It was an application for employment but it said "Real Estate" at the top.  He was excited about it and it was out of the blue, so I was about to fill it out and then I went back inside for some reason and totally forgot about it and went out the other door.  I just forgot.  So then someone reminded me and I remembered the man who had given me the application for Real Estate and thought oh no, I should have filled it out.  So I didn't see this man again and a different man, a younger one (both of them were blond in the dream) gave me the same application.  He didn't seem as excited as the first one, but he wanted me to fill it out, so I filled it out (I thought) and gave it back to him.  It was the exact same form.

He took it back and then for some reason, I realized I had only filled out the half of it, the first half and I didn't fill out the back.  It was half-done.  So I asked him for it again, to fill out the rest, and he seemed more reluctant.  I was then at a different part of a counter and there was a baby on it. A mexican man's face was there for a minute, who sort of looked like my Uncle Valentine but it was someone else and then he was gone--it was a photo of a man like that, from a newspaper or something...the baby didn't have anything to do with the man and it was a different man, not a relative.  In the dream the impression was that the baby was the baby of the blond man who was having me filling out the application--it was our baby, like in the future.   So it was like I was first filling out an application for a job and then I was realizing it was an application to have a baby with this second man.  In the dream the baby had dark hair.  I don't know if it was a girl or boy because it was under 6 months of age when I saw it, a baby in a bundle.  I was going to fill out the rest, not knowing it included a baby and then after I asked, I then saw it included a baby.  So when I realized it was for a baby and I guess marriage he hesitated and I was given something else at first. I took what I was given and set it on the counter to fill it out and realized it wasn't the application, it was something for filling in name and address and parts to a camera or machine of some kind.  I looked at it wondering why he gave me this other thing, which was unfolded cardboard from a package with red color on the outside and could only find a place where you filled out parts and model numbers and then saw where you fill out your name and address but it wasn't the application. There was also clear stiff plastic from something and I pushed it out of the way so there was room to write.   I was about to fill the other thing out and then he gave me the application.  I set it down and filled out the rest so it was completed front and back and then as I lifted it up, it was covered on one side with what looked like berry juice. It was sort of like a watercolor painting and then I turned it over and the other side turned to the color of berry juice.  The only thing I could see through it was a lampshade and the outline.  For some reason, there was then a lampshade design on it like ^^^ and it was sort of purple.  Then he told me to go with him. 

We were then sitting on a bench and talking.  I met his Mom.  I asked him what he did and he said "Music and I train horses." He said he had a bunch of horses that he rode and trained, and then he did some kind of music.  His Mom left and then we were lying down and I put his head on my chest and I could hear his heart speed up and he had thought about it and he said "If you get at least O levels, I'll get you a job at my Mom's bank."  I said what was that and he said "The Bank of Gena".  I said I hadn't heard of it before and "It's a bank all through the South" or "they have them all through the South" something like that.  So we were under some kind of cover or blanket or something and we moved and his head was on my chest but to the side and we could see eachother and our legs were stretched out and I was thinking about where my legs matched up to his and then we were looking at some design.  He wasn't southern.  He didn't have a southern accent and he looked like a beatnik or alternative or yuppie.  It was just a dream anyway.

I had mentioned the design before I put his head on my chest.  I said I thought maybe I wanted some green foliage or trees or something and then said "Or maybe just a couple of smaller gold vases" and then I said something about velvet curtain in the back but said, "I don't know, that sounds sort of..."and thought it sounded weird so I said, "I think it would be sort of warm and cheery, and I was thinking of a warm library studio idea and said, "Then if it's a cold day or something, you can go in and" and  he looked at me and said, "no, you have no idea" like it was fine.

After he said he was getting me a job at this bank, then I held up the design again and this time you could see it on the left and the right and then a blank space in the middle and I joked that he would want to put an "elk head" there.

I started thinking in my dream, about what he'd told me and I woke up.  Basically wondering how O levels and training horses and the bank of gena had become a dream.  He was wearing sort of young clothes, not cowboy or anything.  He wasn't a cowboy but he said something about riding and training his horses. 

The first man who gave me the Real Estate form was 40s or early 50 and had longer blond hair and the other one had shorter blond hair, styled differently.  In the dream, I at first wondered if there had been some real estate class where they released all the students or agents to go out and sign people up and would get a commission or something.  It came up right as I was about to look for work anyway so I thought it saved time. 

I wasn't being tortured when I had the dream.  It was one time recently I was able to dream or wake up and my body wasn't vibrating or something weird wasn't being done to me that caused pain or felt like an energy charge. 

Anyway, I never really saw his face in the dream.  It was always sort of hidden.  He was younger than me, in the dream, blond, and taller than me-lean type of person but I didn't really see his face.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Revenge Threat: Count of Monte Christo & Bailey

It was bad enough that I was not able to get work.  I worked for one temporary agency that was connected to Canada and I was assigned me to work for a company in Portland where the woman supervising me told me to put labels on a bunch of folders.  She said to me, out of nowhere, that someone I thought was dead was not really dead, and that some people knew how to get revenge.  She was clearly implying revenge against me.   Then she asked me if I had read the book “The Count of Monte Christo” (by Alexander Dumas) and quizzed me about whether I knew who had written it.  Then she fired me the same day without explanation.  The first time I felt alarmed by a coworker was on this occasion.  I had no idea what she was referring to and she was suggesting to me that someone was going to get revenge against me for something.  After this job, I could not get work anywhere in Portland, Oregon.  I was blacklisted.

I later looked up the title for Count of Monte Christo and it was about revenge taken by a man others assumed was dead.

So why was I the one being threatened?


I think someone thought I had forgotten the threat was directed to me, because I haven't written about this before. I have refered to the question she posed about the book and its author, but I never wrote that I remembered the context.  I do remember.  And I remember it was a threat that was then carried out.

I have no idea who she thought I had offended.  The Thebault brother who I was told died?  did he not die?  I didn't do anything against him.  Mike Nichols?  I knew of 2 people who I was told died, whose families I worked for or knew and it was only Mike Nichols and The Thebault family.  Brian Thebault's brother, and one of his daughter's name was Christy.  The only other Christine I came into contact with was Christa Schneider.

So we have the "Count of Monte Christo",
Brian Thebault telling me "If you want to punch in and out on a time card, I can give you a job in my factory",
and the Roses telling me they were "most disappointed with times" and then Josh Gatov raping me and taking me to "Clockwork Orange".

Because I told the IRS I wanted to file my taxes after I worked for the Thebaults?  are you KIDDING me?

It was a job at a Property Management company.  I remember I worked for them and wondered why they had even hired me because all I got from them was a bad vibe.  I was given the job after I told someone the worst thing I could imagine doing for work was something boring and repetitive all day, like sticking lables on folders.  So then I was selected for this temp job and the woman brought out a huge stack of folders and labels and told me they needed labels on everything.  I spent all day, over 8 hours, sticking labels on folders.

She had dark brown hair and there was a man there who kept looking at me like he hated me too.  So I had wondered why they even hired me when they acted so hateful. 

She brought up the Count of Monte Christo and then fired me after I stuck labels on things the entire time. After that, I couldn't get work in Portland and I had several different professionals tell me, directly, "You've been blacklisted." I said, "What do you mean?" and I was even told that an actual email had gone around about me, and to not hire me.

So it wasn't just a quiz about whether I actually read books or not, and knew something about literature.  I was threatened.  That temp job was through, I believe, Boly-Welch.

The address is 625 Broadway in Portland, Oregon.  Bullivant Houser Bailey is 2 blocks away if you cross through by foot.  If you stay on the sidewalk and make an L, it's 4 blocks away if you don't cut corners.  Two blocks from eachother.  Bullivants address is 888 SW 5th.  However, I don't remember yet where the Property Management company that I worked for is located.  It was downtown Portland.  Bullivant is across the street from a place called Pizza Schmizza.  My son is receiving Smencils from his teacher in Dryden, WA.  If he does a good job on something, she gives him a "smencil".  I asked what that was and I'm told it's a pencil that smells.

So it's not like Bullivant Houser Bailey isn't taking credit for the torture and kidnapping of my son at all.  It's sort of a nice nod to them.  My son Oliver gets to sniff a "smencil" in school while John Kaempf and Dick Whittemore are eating their Schmizza.

So lets see.  Bill McCann, who is now Fr. Joachim McCann, threatens me about reporting Santogrossi, telling me I will be in "danger dire" if I do.

John Kaempf threatens my grandparents with harm on Bullivant Houser letterhead.  Then threats go against him again, by emails sent to my parents, and Jay Baird, the man who was witness to the threat, is killed.

I was threatened by this woman in property management, about how revenge was going to be worked against me.  That is after I met Christa Schneider, who was connected to the Department of Justice and to Dick Whittemore. 

I can't say the bosses for the temp agency had anything to do with it, from Boly-Welch, but the owners, just for the record, are educated from University of Oregon (where Parker and Rose-Lewis went) and Boston University.  They travel in Europe.  One of them, Diane Boly, was on a Governor's Employee Advisory Board and I don't know if it has anything to do with Kitzhaber, but Christa's friend's mother dated Kitzhaber, and Christa's other friend's mother dated Dick Whittemore.

I think Bullivant owes my son Oliver a lot more than "smencils".  They owe him billions.

Maybe Rob, Dani, and Christa Schneider should have a schmizza with Bullivant or a schmear with Roses and work out some figures with their smencils.

please don't come back--most disappointed with times

This was what Lorraine Rose wrote on the back of an empty checkbook.

That's how she fired me.  She didn't want me to enroll in college or to work for anyone else, saying she needed me on-call "for parties".

She didn't call me first, didn't see me, nothing.  She just wrote a note about "disappointed with times" and that was how she fired me.  I had saved that empty checkbook with her writing on it until it was stolen from me.

I was raped a few months later by Jew Josh Gatov, who then wanted to take me to The Egyptian Theatre to see "A Clockwork Orange".

A clockwork orange.

So if an employee offends a Rabbi's wife, in any way, I guess, over "times" or "times and dates" about work, it's off you go to rape and a movie to rub it in for everyone.

How in the world are these God's "chosen people"?  After what they've done to me, and my son, I seriously cannot understand what idea crosses minds.

So first it was Brian Thebault telling me, when I quietly had asked Lisa for unpaid wages, that "if you want to clock in and out, you can work in a factory".

First him, about clocking in and out.  Then, the next time it was Lorraine with "most disappointed with times and dates". 

I get raped and then I get sent off to see "Clockwork Orange" at, of course, with Jews sniggering, The Egyptian Theatre.  It wasn't just Jewish people in Oregon.  I remember there was a whole crowd there and I knew something was very seriously wrong.

So class, can you tell me how the Roses are connected to the Thebaults?

And Robin Bechtold.

Oh, is it really federal.

How long was that movie playing?  I mean, how long did it take for someone in Portland,Oregon, to order that movie and have it playing when it was playing, and have Josh ask me out on a date?

Lorraine Roses bedsheets were all 100% Egyptian cotton.  It was the only kind she had or used and I saw the tags everyday I worked for them.  I used to think about it while I worked, why Egyptian cotton?  I even did a google search on it, at my house, to find out what Egyptian cotton was.

I just checked.  Maybe it wasn't the Egyptian Theatre. I thought it was but I will look at location and title again.  There is a Egyptian Theatre that was incorporated into the church I went to, called Graeper's Egyptian Theatre.

I'll have to look it up later.  If I see a photo I'll know which one it was.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Torture Now, Interference With CAT Report

I am being tortured now, and it is 8:07 p.m.  This is the same thing that has been done 2 nights in a row while I have tried to write the report about Canada violations of CAT.

If the U.S. doesn't care, why are they interfering with a report that is about Canada.

Not only has my heart been targeted, several times, to where it is flipping over and feeling compressed and then like it stops and starts, at the same time, there is vibrating in the entire area where I sit next to the computer.

NASA is tapping into something that is connected to the laptop.  Basically, they use a form of energy to super charge the area somehow to where the laptop is vibrating and the floor, table, laptop, and my entire body are vibrating and are heated up.

My parents know things are bad.  They recommended I try to get this done tonight, and it is bad enough that I have to stop and publish the torture as interference with making a complaint to the United Nations.

Every single time I've tried to report either the U.S. or Canada, we have all been tortured or our computer systems and communications shut down.  Last night I couldn't work on this and had to turn off my computer because of the high level of torture.  As soon as the power was off to the laptop and it was disconnected, the extreme vibrating, which feels manipulated by some kind of generator or something, quit.

I do not even have all of my medical records yet but I don't know if possibly someone DID put something metal near my heart, because this is targeted and my heart reacts and I can feel it.  I don't mean "heart" as in emotionally--I mean, literally, the muscle of my heart is being forced into contractions by NASA and the Pentagon.

I do not have heart problems and no one in my family does, except for one relative.  One relative died of a heart attack, and it is the U.S. military relative who was forced into working for the U.S. and who was blackmailed by the Pentagon when he went AWOL.  So the only "heart attack" or heart condition, has been leveled against my Grandpa Garrett.

My diet is vegan and exceptionally healthy.  I eat more healthfully than most non-vegans.  There is nothing wrong with my diet or what I eat.  What is wrong, is my family is being tortured.

After talking with my parents tonight (which I wrote about in the last post), this was started up again. So basically, if I am taking classes in college, the U.S. does not torture me as much, but still tortures me, because I'm "occupied".  If they think I'm not "occupied" and that I have time to write a report about crimes against my family, the entire time is spent harassing and torturing all of us.  So everything has been about torturing me and my family to punish us and try to prevent business or investigation into our circumstances and safety. 

If the U.S. thinks they can redirect me to give their grunts a chance to do something with any of us, they don't torture us as much, but if they think we are "free" or have too much "american freedom" to write about what is being done to us, we are tortured at extreme and severe levels.

This is not freedom of any kind.  America has nothing to do with freedom.  Basically, all of the lies used to inspire military to kill people in other countries to "protect our freedoms" is a lie.  Canada is also lying to their citizens.  They make it sound as if they are the hippie pot-smoking love-all people and they use their own citizens for research and illegal medical programs and work with the U.S. to do things like target U.S. citizens who are leaving the country for political asylum.

Freedom is a lie.

The only people who are "free" in the United States anymore, are those who have the most money.

Capitalism really works.  Wow.  Look at freedom go.  Capitalism works so well, it puts the richest in charge of torture of others to prevent them from having freedom.  It's a plutocracy and a dictatorship of the corrupt and they are using NASA and the Pentagon for their own anti-competition goals.

Who was torturing Oliver Garrett, as we drove in my car, past the U.S. border, into Canada?

The NASA people can't see borders?  Or is it more likely that Canada knew all along and allowed and participated in torture of my son.

I wrote the first part of my CAT report to The Smiths.  Entire albums.  This is what I am listening to, while writing about Canada tonight:

HEY by the Pixies.

Before writing on CAT, I was attempting to send an email to my son, and the entire time, this country, and NASA, specifically, tortured me to make even that impossible.

Freedom is dead.

America is dead.

The United States already died.  It's not the United States anymore.  It's like someone killed the United States and then stole it's identity.

You know what that is?

That's Identity Fraud.

Other countries have a right to know about, and inspect Canadian and U.S. identity fraud, where entire nations are claiming to be nations and follow laws and constitutions they don't have anything to do with anymore.  They stole the passports, took the deceased states' identity, and then lied to entire groups of military and intelligence while pretending to be "Canada" and "America".

Then anyone who sniffs it out and asks a question gets tortured by those who hijacked these countries and started wearing the clothes of better people. 

I'm accusing Canada and The United States of America of Identity Fraud.

I do not believe they have evidence to prove they are who they say they are anymore.  It looks good but the paint smells fresh.  As long as Canada and the U.S. are dead and imposters and frauds of countries that actually were the real thing have assumed their identity, there will be torture.  And this is what is happening to my family.

Torture by NASA, and by The Pentagon, by those who don't want their false identities to be exposed.

I don't even know where they were buried, the real ones.

Even trying to make the U.S. more socialist at this point, backfires, because the people at the top and who are controlling everything now anyway are the corrupt plutocracy.  So it's tyranny.

Debbie Sweetwater-Burt and Robin Bechtold Connection

Debbie Burt, the woman my mother works for, is connected to Robin Bechtold.

I just spent 2 days discussing something with my mother and after working out what I wanted to do, my mother had to confer with Debbie Burt about it first and get back to me "from work".

This is where my mother gave me directions about how she wasn't going to assist in any way with getting my appeal for my son overturned.  It was done at Debbie Burt's offices.

Debbie Burt knows Collier, the lawyer who was assigned to me in Wenatchee, WA.

Debbie Burt was also standing there when the police officer who knows Becthold came into her office.  The cop who showed up at Debbie Burt's offices, to defend Debbie and her workplace and intimidate my mother, was an Irish Catholic cop by the name of Sean who knows Nathan Bechtold.  That cop is friends with Debbie Burt, not my mother.

Patty Otterbach is also connected to the local police department.  Her past work has been at a police station, according to her own statement, which I read one day and which was sent to my mother's email address.  Patty Otterbach stated she worked for police.

She made this statement before I arrived in Coquille, WA.  So basically, the same people who I have witnessed torturing my parents, are connected to the cops here who are refusing to make reports about torture and beating them up.

I made a report about Patty.  Well, Patty is a cop.  I made a report about Debbie Burt.  Well, Debbie is friends with cops that are close to Robin Bechtold, who is a rapist and a liar.  While I did try to forgive him, in the past, knowing more about the FBI's participation in concealing evidence from me, has done very little to put him into my good graces.  It has instead confirmed for me that he has done worse things than I even realized.

Not only that, Debbie Burt was attempting to intimidate me through my mother just now, telling me I wasn't going to have any money to do anything.  Basically, the threat was that I was going to be cut off from college and I was going to have nothing, and no money at all, out of retaliation for my reporting Canadians and corrupt U.S. officials to CAT and out of retaliation for saying something about the Bechtolds, Portland FBI, and Portland police.

Robin Bechtold panicked when I said I was reporting Bujanda and Garza, because he KNEW Bujanda and Garza.  BECHTOLD knew the FBI agents.  This is the only reason he didn't want me to report them.  His own brother Nathan probably knew them and I am starting to wonder if Robin was not an FBI agent or working for the FBI himself by then.  Either he knew them, or he was working with them.  I am positive Robin is connected to feds, because of how he took advantage of me through accessing private information about me from others who are with the U.S. federal government.

I have also figured out the doctor who ruined my virginity with the speculum in St. Johns is connected to Robin Bechtold.  I had thought it was Jewish people, and that's not to say a few haven't been involved, but no, now it is looking more like the connection was with Bechtold.  Yes, Jewish and Catholics have been involved, but while I had wondered if it had some reference to CTR, where I worked, I think now, that when I remember what happened and how that woman acted, I believe if she was connected to someone, it was to Robin Bechtold.  I would love to have someone follow that line, because I am very sure, it will lead to this.

First of all, there was a huge thing going on with U.S. federal employees about my virginity.  I really don't know why it was such a big deal to some of them, but I was made into a bet, and when Robin did NOT manage to take my virginity, this female doctor in St. Johns used a speculum to do it.  And then she bent over and wiped up the floor.  How very Bechtold. 

Also, everything was fine for me at first, when I was back in Oregon, until I brought up Bechtold.  Then my parents were being beat up and about that time, I filed the first report to the UN. 

Mark, the truck driver who picked me up in New Mexico, knows Bechtold.  Debbie Burt is also from New Mexico.  Debbie Burt lived in New Mexico for years.  I don't know if she was born and raised there, but this is where she lived for a long time.

So now I'm being threatened again, because I have brought up the federal agency involved in ruining my life and promoting gang rape.

You know what?  God bless Dr. Michael Parnell for 1 split second.  I hate him, because he lied about me, and he entered into medical records, comments to make me sound mentally unstable right after I had reported the FBI agents.  However, the strangest thing about it, is that while he screwed me over, he said one thing that was true.  He said I said I was "raped by the FBI".  I never said this to him, ever.  I didn't even mention anything sexual or that my "misconduct complaint" against the FBI was of a sexual nature.

So he lied.  And he made me sound crazy and it prejudiced my ability to get treated for extreme and severe pain.  However, I have realized later, that what he SAID I said, was not wrong.  I didn't say it--he did.  I was raped by the FBI.

When was the first rape, against me by the FBI?  Was I still a baby?  Maybe several FBI agents raped me, to help the CIA and U.S. Army out with their MKUltra program, when I was a baby.  And then later, they put an FBI psychologist behind my house while I was growing up who was?


Well, if you want to know why SOME of the Mormons have "conflicts of interest" between reporting the truth to the public, and not slandering me and my son, some of them have been working for the U.S. federal government, and some of them, went into business with Robin Bechtold.

Both of the S.S.A.s that the FBI Headquarters sent out to take my report, were connected to Robin Bechtold.  They BOTH had conflicts of interest and they were hand-picked because those who were guilty of harming me, already knew that they could count on their Palo Alto man and their Mormon D.C. military man, to keep up the cover.  Robin's sister was already working next to the FBI agent, as a lawyer in Palo Alto.  The Mormon agent from D.C. was already connected to Mormons who went into business with Robin Bechtold and George and Janet Bechtold, who are connected to the Wiltbanks, who are connected to the Middleton family in the UK.  The Mormon FBI man was also U.S. military, so the U.S. Pentagon felt comfortable and knew between the 2 of these agents, the D.C. military Mormon would slander me.

They slandered me.  It is because of the slander by the FBI, that others felt they could join in and do worse harm to me, and then to my son. 

And the Mormons involved have exploited my parents for their own political reasons and benefit and hoped by stealing my son they can do the same thing with him.

When I first called to talk to my Mom today, she wasn't the only person on the phone either.  Someone else was on the other end or accessing her phone.  It was some kind of weird hollow tin sound in the background,like you have sometimes when someone is listening in.  Then I called again and it wasn't that way, but the first time, someone was on the other end.

My mother even said to me, "You're a big girl."

This is nothing my mother would EVER say.  It is not a phrase she has ever used in my entire life, and she wouldn't use it starting today without reason.  Saying "you're a big girl" to me, was instantly something that was not my mother at all.  So why would she say this or use this expression unless someone was telling her to.  It was basically like someone fed her some lines, and she was having to incorporate them somehow into our conversation.  Like she was reading from a script.

By the way, some of my family's emails even sound this way--like they are being forced to write something a certain way for someone.  Like someone is dictating to them how to "sound" over email.  My brother never sounds like he from "the hood" or uses eubonics in conversation.  He doesn't sound traditionally "black" either, I mean, as popular culture and movies portray, like "white men can't jump".  But all of a sudden, my brother was sending these emails and texts that didn't sound like him at ALL.  Once or twice, when I was in Nashville, I even had a conversation or two that didn't sound like him, and sounded coached.  When I saw him in person over the holidays, in the several days he was here, not ONCE did he sound like that.  So this basically confirmed for me, that if my brother never naturally speaks this way, someone really was coaching him to sound a certain way or write things a certain way.

I have noticed this with my Dad too.  Like my Dad using bad grammar in email when it doens't make sense at all.  If my Dad writes with bad grammar he would speak the same way.  As you think, you speak and write.   It doesn't matter if you're writing to communicate, or speaking, if you put sentences together using bad grammar in your mind, it will come through consistently in both speech and writing.  It's not like my Dad is going to have decent grammar speaking, and then suddenly go off a cliff when he writes.  It's not possible.

I've seen the same thing from my Mom, sometimes, from emails that sound like someone helped her draft them ahead of time and then told her to send them when she was next to me, as if she had just written something.  She usually sounds like herself, but I know if she is using phrases or saying things she doesn't want to say and is being told to say.  Like "you're a big girl"?  That is nothing my mother would EVER say, not if we were fighting, not if she was feeling passive-aggressive...not for any reason.

This is something that the group who has tried to control me my entire life, would have my mother say to me, to upset me and have it sound like it's through my mother. 

The FBI is 100% complicit and I believe they employed Robin Bechtold.

I also believe Mike Nichols' Dad is an FBI agent.  Mike Nichols is the Canadian-born guy who hijacked my car.  His mother and father are Canadian, and he was adopted, and I believe his adoptive family, who lived in Lake Oswego, Oregon, his Dad, is FBI.  The next thing that happened to me is I was being implanted in Salt Lake City Hospital by doctors who know Mormons that work with the Bechtolds.  And then I was raped in Lake Oswego with Lake Oswego cops knowing ahead of time.

Why would Josh Gatov feel confident about raping me unless he knew what the female doctor in St. Johns had already done to me?  He knew ahead of time that even if I went to the police or hospital right away, and said I was a virgin and had been raped, maybe they would say I was a liar.  I mean, I don't know how they measure it all, but maybe they would say then why isn't there tearing or more bleeding?

Josh Gatov knew.  He knew the doctor had deliberately broken my hymen in her office, to set me up for what was going to happen next.  What other reason did she have for doing that to me?  I asked her to stop and she didn't.  I told her it hurt and I changed my mind, and to stop.  But she didn't stop and she broke my hymen.  There was blood that spread out across the floor, about the half the size of a lid on a 9 lb bucket.  It was a large pool of blood on the floor, and running down my legs and then she kept dabbing it up and using paper towels or something to wipe it off of me and I kept bleeding.  It was not like a little bit of bleeding.  It spread across the floor about the width of a lid to a 9 lb. bucket. I am using the 9 lb bucket size bc I was looking around for something to compare it to, and I saw this and it was about the size, more irregular, not perfectly round like a lid, but about that much blood, and then I had to look at the size of the bucket and it says 9 lbs.  It's like a large paint bucket size.  And then, I guess because I bleed easily and I didn't know it at the time, I kept bleeding.  She was wiping me off several times, because I continued to bleed.  I literally lost my "virginity" to her defiant use of the speculum on me when I asked her to stop.  It's great to be raped by both men and women, anyone relate?  Let's make everything look "professional".

These people are all, most likely, U.S. federal employees.

It also appears to be pre-planned and premeditated.  There is no reason for that woman doctor to have done what she did.  It doesn't make sense that she would have done this to me at all.  And then that Josh felt so confident about what he was going to do.

And he wanted to bring red wine.  I had had red wine one other time in my life:  at Robin Bechtold's best friend's Dad's house.  Robin and his family drank red wine.  I tried wine for the first and only time up to Josh, at Erik Lund's house.  Sure, lots of people drink red wine.  But do lots of people have connections to COPS.  U.S. federal employees?


How are Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold connected?  Portland police?  Portland FBI? 

Barbara Greenman.  Tim Greenman likes to play golf almost as much as Robin does.
When I started writing my UN CAT complaint, my mother was told to go to Portland, Oregon.  She was there all day.  I asked why and she said it was to go to 2 places:  to pick up flooring and 1 other place.

Since she has been back, she has been to work and to Bandon, Oregon for a doctor's appointment.  She hasn't been anywhere else, and this limits the people who are ordering her around to just a few people and places.

Portland, Oregon; Bandon, Oregon; and Coquille, Oregon. 

The most recent harassment is from people at one of these places.  In Portland, Oregon, I suspected she was being forced to see FBI, not "flooring" people, but it's not like the FBI can't also run a flooring store.  She didn't have any reason to go to Portland and it was last-minute.  If she had flooring, she would have ordered it sent to Coquille.  So basically, she was told to go to Portland, Oregon after I started blogging about emails that are death threats and Jay's death.  Right after I brought up the death threats, and email, she was forced to go to the Portland FBI.

Then, she came back looking tortured and the only other place she's been is work with Debbie Burt and Bandon, today, to see a doctor. 
Someone she has been around in the last 2 days is responsible for harassment of me.
UPDATED 1/25/2013 6:37 p.m.

I want to add something quickly. I was talking with my parents and it was just on and on like some other group was telling them to say things or ask questions for their own info. I was accused of not being happy and I said that's not true.  I said I am tortured and being blocked from everything, and I'm not happy about that but I'm not an unhappy person. One of them said they heard me crying at night and I said no, I hardly ever cry. I've cried maybe a couple of times in the last few months, and it's always about my son Oliver.  So then I said, "What? some group wants to imagine I'm crying all the time so they can feel satisfied about something? like what? kate middleton? I'm not jealous of her."  Then I was told I'm bitter and I said no, I"m not bitter.  I'm tortured and blocked from things but I am not a bitter person either.  Then they said I was happy as a kid, or some of my childhood was and I said, "Yeah, I remember you guys weren't happy."  I added, "So how long have you been unhappy?" (and I meant in context of being controlled by the U.S. as hostages). My parents admitted they were not happy, or that it was true, during my childhood they were not happy.  I said there was nothing like living under the "Rock Brigade."  Then I said I did think people were controlling them and when my Mom said why can't you just listen to me without thinking someone is putting words in my mouth? and I said because I know sometimes it's not you.  Like Levi, and I explained about Levi and how I knew he wasn't writing things he would write on his own.  I asked where Rosemary was and then they asked why and I said it's because she was saying things (on the christian-feelings topic) that Rosemary say.  They accused me of getting this out of nowhere and that I only met her once and I said no, several times.  It was just sounding like Rosemary West.  So I added, "Who is Rosemary's baby?" and my Dad looked at me and said, "You."  not seriously though.  At some point I said people were trying to control us for decades.  According to you, we're being controlled.  I said, "That's the understatement of the century." because it's true.  Then I brought up even back in Oregon when I was 16 years old, I said, "That guy Rick."  I brought him up because my Mom was telling me not to be vegan and I'd be more healthy and I went off about what group is this, and who is it, that is SO important to, that I NOT be vegan?  I mean, what is the big deal? I'm not going to change this, and what do they have riding on it? why is it SO important to them that I not be vegan?  So then I said this kind of thing has been going on a long time and said, "Like when you guys told me to marry that guy Rick."  It wasn't my parents, there was someone or some group trying to get me to marry a guy named Rick who had his head all banged up in some accident.  My Mom said, "Who is Rick?" and I said, "Rick.  His name was Rick.  That GUY from church, who had his head all banged up in an accident.  He was the first person I went on a date with and it was a double date with Mindy."  They said they hadn't said to date him and I said, "Yes, I was being told not just to date him, but to MARRY him, at age 16."  And I know it wasn't my parent's idea, but whoever was controlling them and thought it was so funny to try to control me.  I said, 'Who is this group that just wanted me to go away, and hoped I'd marry some guy with a banged up head at age 16."  My Mom said you must be having false memories.  I said no I'm not.  She said "We've never told you to get married to some guy named Rick."  (something like that).  I said, "I don't have any false memories" and then my Mom said recovered memories, whatever.  I said, "I don't have any false memories.  Whatever I remember I've always remembered or it comes back to me, but I don't have new ones out of nowhere."

I mean, seriously, my parents were being pressured hard, telling me to date and marry Rick.  I thought even back then that it was very weird, because they weren't the type to be encouraging teenage marriage, I guess it was before I turned 16 even, or right around then, and not of their own daughter.  I was maybe 15 or 16.  My first date was with Rick, from church, and then later it was a formal date with Christian, a classmate from school.  Rick had blond hair.  He was definitely a blond, not just a blond kid.   He had a part of his forehead gouged and a cut scar from a car accident that banged up his head.  It was mainly a puck shaped gouged out hole type of thing on one side of his forehead and then a scar from this down his cheek, I think but I mainly remember there was some scarring.  It wasn't too bad, and that's wasn't a big deal.  He had a chicken pox scar or acne scars too, like John Kaempf.

When it comes to false memories, for example, remembering things about Robin, it's not a false memory. It's that I always had the memory and then when I got information about MKUltra and realizing other things, I can then look back to the exact same memory and realize how it fits into something.  That is not a false or recovered memory. It is making sense of a memory that has always been there.

I tried to ask my Mom how she was and she can't tell me about anything now.  Nothing about doctors or her health or anything.  So I am worried about them.  Both my Mom and Dad do NOT look good right now. Their eyes are sunken in and dark circles around and, not healthy.  So I was told I had to go and that my Dad could only take so much, after I brought up Rick, and I said I wanted to ask my Mom something.  I was given a few seconds and I asked about the doctor or her health and she said she couldn't tell me.  So they said I had to go and I said I have another question.  "What?"  they said and I said my Mom, "Who did YOU see in Portland?  the Devil?"

I think my mother saw the Devil in Portland.

At this they said nothing.  They didn't deny it.