Friday, January 4, 2013

Evidence Photo of Hair Lost From U.S. Torture

This is a photo of me, taken today at 12 p.m. I uploaded a photo a week ago or more, of hair loss that occurd. This represents that hair loss + 2 more clumps of hair the same amount since then. It does not include a huge clump I left in my parent's wastebasket in the bathroom and it doesn't include hair I put into the organic compost, which is about 2 clumps worth.

The total amount of hair I've lost, if you see approximately 3 clumps of hair here, is 6 clumps of hair about the same size, maybe one a little less.

I have lost 3/4 of my hair and my scalp is burned and it's not sunburn--it's from technology.

In addition to this, at the same time William Middleton and Kate Middleton were announcing their pregnancy, my period returned like normal. For months it has only been 1-2 days, which is not my typical period and it was only this way when I was drugged while living with Alvaro and working at the Post Pub.

Torture by use of technology, to create burn marks on my scalp, (which is likely why the one guy was telling me to "enjoy the rest of your sun")and lumps on my head, was also combined with drugging me, possibly through my water as it's the only thing I've changed. I quit drinking tap water and drank smart water and all of a sudden I had my normal 5 day or so period. After months of having only a day of a period, which isn't normal for me.

So when my period was returning, we were hearing Kate Middleton is pregnant, and then I was tortured to my head to lose almost all of my hair.

I have thick hair. It was long and thick, and I could wrap it around my head several times. I now have only a small amount of hair left, and it's straggly.

This was done to me deliberately, not just to torture me, but to cause me to lose my hair.
At 10:55 p.m. I was tortured on 1/7/13, with a severe assault by military/aerospace technology. It was done to the right side of the back of my head, mid-way up or a little higher. It was extremely severe and I put my hand over my head because it was so bad. Then at the same time, technology was used to metal in my teeth on that side, and then right now at 11:29 p.m., as I write this, it is being done to my left ear. Earlier today I was targeted to the other side of my head, which caused one of my eyes to bulge.

This assault to the left side of my side was done while I was contacting businesses to purchase a MS computer program I need for a class. Then, after it was done, they did repeated "black outs" to my computer screen so I couldn't see my information. I wasn't having a black out--my computer was suddenly doing this, after I was first tortured.

My parents are still being tortured. Today my mother said they're not really being tortured, and she meant the opposite. She said there is nothing really wrong with my Dad except for his feet having "arthritis". My Dad does not have "arthritis" in his feet. If so, it suddenly occured the same time he got overnight red and chaffed feet.

He does not have "arthritis" in his feet. He has never ever complained about this before, and used "arthritis" as an excuse for why the knuckles on his hands were swollen and his hand blown up twice the size after I reported human right violations to the UN the first time, and reported Patty Otterbach, Kathy Hathaway, and Debbie Sweetwater-Burt to the police.

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