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(UPDATED) Barb Greenman's Attempt To Ruin My Life

(UPDATED 1/22/2013.  I updated the twins' last names, Van Doren.  Barbie's last name was Van Doren (pronounced van DOOR-en).  I don't know if it matters, but obviously since there are government files about me, it might.  Her twin sister's name was/is Chris.  One of them was about 6 feet tall and the other one was 6'2" or something and then wore heels on top of it.  Blonds, natural blonds.

Also updated is that I wanted to add the reason I knew my mother wasn't telling me to switch to brown maskara herself, is because the reason she gave me didn't add up.  She had always liked how I did my make up and to one day tell me to change was not coming from her, but from some other woman trying to control my life.  I believe Carol Middleton is 100% involved.  She is involved through using other women that work for the U.S. government, and possibly other governments, but it's about her.  So when I asked why, my mother said it would be "softer" because my eyelashes were light.  I looked at her and said, "No, I don't think you believe that.  Because if you did believe this, you would wear brown mascara yourself and you don't. Your eyelashes are as light as mine and you wear black and black liner."  So I knew it wasn't my mother's idea.  I remember my mother looked relieved and got a smile on her face, when I said this, because she agreed with me. 

So the only difference between me and my Mom is I was single and my mother was married.  No one really had to worry about who was attracted or drawn to my mother because my mother was already married.  Someone WAS worried about whose attention I might receive, because I was single and available.

This woman didn't care what color of mascara my mother wore, because it didn't matter to them, as my mother was married already and her appearance wasn't a threat to them.  I was a threat to them.

I was such a "threat", they bent over backwards to force my mother to suggest all kinds of things that were not suitable to me, hoping to use my mother's influence over her daughter, to their own advantage.

The FBI is definitely involved in this.  I am not saying all the men there or all the women, but this has been going on for a very, very long time.  Barb Greenman (married to Tim) was the one who got the man from California to watch me sing at the Assemblies of God church.  My mother cried.  She just cried, probably knowing I was doomed, with Barb Greenman there.  Then my mother cried when I sang and Kyle Flick was there.  It was the crying of a mother who is controlled and who knows her daughter's future is ruined and controlled by others.

I had people trying to control and ruin my life since Kate Middleton was born.  Since I was born really, but then my life was fine until about 1982, and I've figured it out, that much, that about the time Kate was born, I was then being hunted down like Snow White with a wicked witch of a mafia group that knew government, trying to ruin my life and my parent's lives.  As if murdering Gannon wasn't enough.  Subsequently, they've murdered my twins and tortured my son.

This same group pressured my mother to use her parental leverage to have me study less and not excel scholastically, and my belongings were being taken and given to someone else.  Later, by the time we moved to Sherwood, Oregon, when I was 15-16 years old, I was somewhat pretty (with mascara on, I guess) and I never thought so before.  But then it was a mad rush to try to have me married off to someone improperly, and to try to push me into careers later that had nothing to do with my talents.  It was an objective to diminish me, ruin my potential, keep me uneducated and out of college, and to have me disappear into a commonplace marriage and kids while scraping scum off of other people's teeth for a living. 

The same group that tried to ruin my life and make me ugly as possible, for whatever agenda they had created in their minds, is the group that later tried to punish my family over "vanity".  As if we ar the vain ones, when it was their idea, not ours, to take such a keen interest in our appearance.  Kathy Hathaway is one of them.  Brad and Valerie Rose are others.  I don't know if they are connected to the Lorraine and Rabbi Rose.  A group of people began harassing my mother, asking questions about her "vanity", refering to a countertop but actually using this as an excuse to pick on my mother and suggest she is vain or I am vain, and that we need to work on our "vanity".  This is from the same group of people that took it upon themselves to try to make my family as ugly as possible.  No one in my family ever even talked about appearance, aside from "Why don't you curl your hair" or "you look nice today."  There was never anyone going on and on about appearance.  But then all of a sudden, some group began to take an interest in even this, about my family, and started trying to work on it.  After I broke up with Alvaro Pardo, it was a major backlash again, about "vanity".  "You think you're something, but you're not.  Your just vain.  Why don't you go work on your 'vanity'."  This is what jealous people do, and they have not stopped at telling my mother to pressure me into wearing things that are not appealing--they have tortured us and influenced others to torture my family. So we are punished if we are intelligent, talented, or attractive.  How is it that this hate group is using the federal government for their "base"?

I didn't go for that.  So they have gone to other extremes to constantly counter me.  That is not freedom or the "American Dream".  It's anti-competition and it is torture.  And yes, I have tracked a lot of this back to Middletons.  Then it was an attempt to force me out of everything because of fear over my ability to file lawsuits and hold them up on my own, Pro Se.  I would have won both of them. 

My car was pulled over in Coburg, Oregon, and towed away from me, in 2005 and it is because of the same people.

Update for 1/22/13 ends)

Barb Greenman. 

I was just thinking today about how my mother, out of the blue, felt compelled, by some "force", to one day tell me to change the color of maskara I wore.  My mother never told me what to do about make up and I used make up all through junior high and not one word.  Then we moved to Sherwood, Oregon.

All of a sudden, one day I was being told, after we moved to this new house, not to wear black maskara anymore.  I could tell someone was telling my Mom to say this to me.  It was the same thing as when, in elementary school, someone told my mother to discourage me from excelling in math.  I was then at the top of my class.  It was elementary school, but I took pride in it and never had homework to take home, because I rushed through it the minute the teacher gave out the assignment.

So then it was the "How to make Cameo uglier" campaign, starting in 1990, after we had moved to Sherwood, Oregon.

I was shocked and asked why she was telling me to wear brown maskara instead of black.  Ever since I had started wearing make-up, I wore black maskara.  My mother said, "It's not as dark.  It will look 'softer'."  But I knew, even as a teen, that she knew it wasn't the truth.

I looked at her and said, "You wear black maskara."  She said yes, and I said, "You wear black maskara and you're a blond and your eyelashes are as light as mine are naturally.  So if you think black maskara looks best on you, why would you tell me to wear brown maskara?"

I compared the two and brown made me look ugly.  Black made my eyes stand out.  I always had a feeling, and knew, my mother bringing this up had nothing to do with her.  It was someone else, some other woman, telling her to say this to me.

I refused.  I continued to wear black maskara because that is what looked best on me.

I had a black-brown and a black more recently and sometimes used the black-brown on eyebrows, but I have always worn black maskara.   Recently, I accidentally got brown, and said to my Mom I had meant to get black and thought it looked better on me, and she nodded.  She knows, just as I do.  I even said, again, repeating the past, "You have black maskara and liner on right now, don't you?" and she nodded quietly.

So who is the woman that has been trying to control my life?

From discouraging me as a kid in math, and anything else I was good at, to trying to figure out subtle ways to make me less attractive, not more attractive.  I mean, this woman must be something else.

In Sherwood, my mother worked at Prudential, with Barb Greenman.  Our neighbor, one of her closest friends, was Judi Roark.  Aside from these two woman, I am not aware of anyone else who had enough proximity to my mother to have her telling me to change things about myself, for the worse.  At that time we went to The Assemblies of God church in Newburg, Oregon but no one there would have cared.  It was a 1/2 hour out of the way, and once a week.  There was a set of very tall blond twins there, "the twins", Barb (Barbie) and her sister.  The Van Dorens.  Both of them were 6 feet tall or taller.  They were the first twins I had ever met, aside from not knowing my parents had twins.  They were both 6 foot tall blondes and they wore high heels on top of it.  Huge.  They were huge.  My Dad called them the Amazon twins.  Not fat, just tall and bigger boned and generally pretty.  I remember a little old lady there too, with shocking dyed bright red hair.  It looked good on her.  Not one person there, that I can think of, would have cared about my make-up.

I believe it was either a neighbor or a co-worker like Barb Greenman.  I can't imagine what the objective was, unless someone got ahold of my school photos each year and passed it on to someone, and someone thought I would be less attractive with brown maskara on.  Black made my eyes look very large and very green or turquoise-green. 

So this small thing came to mind, as I was just over at my parents, and apparently they're being pushed around still.  I mean, not a word about my blog from last night and I have no idea.  My Dad didn't look very happy and he wasn't looking very happy earlier today either.

Last night I said I wanted my son back and my Dad said maybe something was possible if I kept my mouth shut.  It went on to not blogging.  Right.  Don't blog about corporate death threats and crimes by the federal government and maybe NASA will quit torturing us.  No one tortures, kidnaps, and adopts away a child, because of a "blog".  Anyone now trying to influence my parents, is doing this for their own benefit, not because of my son.  My son is my right.  To raise my son is my right.  I didn't babysit a bunch of U.S. federal employees' kids, to have my rights taken from me.

I also didn't sign up to play Marilyn Monroe either, or to be raped repeatedly by government employees.  I didn't sign up for MKUltra, or CIA or U.S. Army.  I didn't sign my son up for that either, and he is not government property.

So I said last night I wanted my son returned and I had a right to raise him, and I was told maybe if I get along with the Avilas...I could "have a relationship with" him. I said, "That's not acceptable.  All or nothing."  Then both my Mom and Dad hardened their faces and my Dad said, "Nothing then.  You're not getting him back."

I am the mother.  I am not "the birth mother" as some quaintly refer to my position as.  I am the mother whose child was kidnapped.  I did not commit any crime to deserve being tortured.  I didn't commit any crime to deserve having my son taken from me.  I am not responsible for any crimes committed by other members of my family, if anything has ever occured.

I am not going to allow this cursed country, and it has definitely brought a curse upon itself by doing this to my son and I, to dictate to me, about when I can see my son and whether I can have a "relationship" with him.

I didn't raise military and FBI brats to "have a relationship with" my own child.  You GOT IT?

My son is not U.S. government property and he is NOT a U.S. citizen.  The U.S. slapped him with a Social Security number to try to make it appear he was branded with their stamp, and he was not a U.S. citizen.  I had fled the country with my son, to depart from this country because THIS country did not even obey its own laws for ME, and I AM considered to be a citizen.

I said last night, why get mad at me, when I made the comment I made, and said, "He is MY SON."  What the HELL do you expect.  That I think it's acceptable for the U.S. to rape me, steal from me, torture me, obstruct my travel and justice, kidnap my kid, and then feed me 1 or 2 lines of updates about how he's doing, once or twice a month?

This country adopted my son out to the Avilas because they can control the Avilas.    The U.S. cannot control me, and has never had an angle for controlling me.  They have no leverage for influencing me or dictating to me how to raise my own child.  So they allowed the Avilas to adopt him, after first testing their allegiance and seeing how much access they gave criminals, military and CIA criminals, and mafia criminals, to my son.  The U.S. government has used EME, the Mexican mafia, to control things for them so they had an illegal excuse to blackmail my family and use my son for U.S. government MKUltra programs.

They were going to use a man from Colombia to influence how people treated me, because Colombians are the ones who ultimately control the drugs that EME gets.  The Irish Catholics are part of it, in that town, and the Italians and others are in on it.  When it comes to crugs, it's not a matter of choosing what racial group you work with--it's territory.

Get something straight you fuckers.

My SON is not your fucking territory.

Middleton thinks my son is her territory.  The FBI and MKUltra dragons, CIA and U.S. Army (Pentagon) think my son is their territory.  Canadians that deal drugs there in that area, think my son is in their jurisdiction and territory. 

My son wasn't drafted into the U.S. Army as a baby, after being tortured out of his mind. The U.S. government was never his lawful "guardian"--ever.  My son is also not some kind of "firstborn" child to be sacrified to some group's agenda and Army.  He is my child, and I am the one with the experience and parenting skills to raise him.

If I had wanted to have a kid and then have a distant possible "relationship" with him, where I hear something third-party about him, maybe 2 lines long, ever other week, I NEVER WOULD HAVE BABYSAT ANYONE'S KIDS.

I would have NEVER been a 1st grade teacher's assistant.  I NEVER would have been a nanny.

I didn't do these things, since I was ELEVEN, to be a public service worker with a bunch of stranger's children. 

How many parents out there, could agree with me on this point: that you are happy to raise your own kids, but you don't really care to be a teacher or raise a bunch of other people's kids (unless you adopt them and can then fully invest your love and time).  Some don't even want their own kids at all.  They want to be the auntie or uncle and babysit and then hand the kids back.  But the majority of parents do not have ideas about parenting entire classrooms of kids, or about having a career in it.


IT WAS NOT FOR YOU, federal workers.  I didn't raise a bunch of kids and babysit and try so hard, and work as a nanny, and read child development books, to serve more of your kids for the rest of my life. 

I INVESTED my time and energy and talent, into YOUR children, to also prepare myself so that I could be the very best mother to MY OWN CHILDREN that I could be.

It was my goal, and my plan, and this country is a PIECE OF SHIT.

I applied myself to hands-on training of children, and used my intuition and gifts to the best of my ability, for over 20 years.  TWO DECADES of work with U.S. government employee children.  I did it for my own future children, and that is not to say that then they would not go on to be assets to society.  Of course, anyone who invests their time and love and talent into their kids, will be serving their country by raising decent people and productive citizens.

THIS country has ripped me off and I'm sick of it.

This country has tried to constantly use me, while raping and abusing me, and then TORTURING me and my son with friends in NASA.  Are you fucking kidding me.  This is the U.S?

The United States used MKUltra as a slave labor factory.  They used me, almost my entire life, as a babysitter and nanny for their other "more special" employees.  Then they tortured me and my son and took him to abuse him and force him to be another U.S. government slave laborer.

"This kid got an A+ in American History!" was the email that was sent around by a bunch of U.S. federal workers, from Patty Otterbach to Kim Courtright, to Rhonda Rabus.  Some paper about how so-and-so can have pink, purple, or green hair and still be a U.S. patriot.  I guess one can even be a UK raised kid, and be "America".  I have a sheer envelope sitting on my "desk" right now as I type, from the U.S. Postal Service that has these words on it:




No one had a right to bypass me and go to my mother or father to try to wrench my guardianship from me, of my son.

I am not owned or controlled by my parents.  Just because my parents have been forced to work for the U.S., and just because the U.S. illegally used me in MKUltra my entire life, does not give the U.S. the right to sidestep over me and my rights, torture me and my son, and continue the cycle of degradation.

Tonight I said I was not content with this current "arrangement" the U.S. has, of giving me no information about my son.  "I have not talked to, or heard from Oliver for over 2 years."  I said.  The last time I heard him, he was doing something that made it obvious the U.S. is abusing him and using him for U.S. government psychic and mind control work.  Once again, illegal stealing of children.  Which is what they did to my parents in the first place.

And by the way, my Grandpa Garrett was TOLD to go to the Pacific NW.  He didn't have some personal idea about wanting to see the mountains of the NW, or wanting to leave Buchannon, Virginia or the East Coast.  He was ORDERED to leave Virginia, with his kids, and ordered to go where he went.  He did not "choose" to leave.

"We need you out here" is what they told him.  They "needed" him and his kids and they used his AWOL over his brother's death in Seattle as a way to blackmail him to go straight to jail or cooperate and hand over his own kids and his own life.  My Grandpa Garrett had no need or desire to see "the REAL mountains" as if the mountains he grew up around were not real enough.

This country tries to lie and wipe out all history and then forces family members to write things that make it sound as if we agree.

My parents never wanted me to lie down in the snow to make "snow angels".  They had a serious problem with it.  I didn't get what it was, but they had a feeling about it and I was discouraged from making any kind of snow angel.  So what kind of photo gets deliberately sent to my parents? one of my son lying down and you can't even see his face, of him making a snow angel.

Sorry.  I'm not "Cali".  Something my cousin Char said to me, last summer, with her aerospace defense industry husband with her, "I thought you were Cali" (her daughter's name). I said, quickly, "No, I don't think I will be."

I remember my mother, sitting there on the floor, beneath Mike Killian and Char and his kids and looking miserable, perked up just a tiny bit when I said this and got a slight smile at the corner of her mouth.  Char looked fumbled and said nothing.

Someone had a photo of my son lying down looking dead, you can't even see his face, making a snow angel, along with a photo of him looking terrified and rolling his tongue back while holding a pill out in his hand. It was sent about the same time I was being forcibly drugged by the fucking United States of America in TN.

The U.S. had me in a psych ward, on false pretense, and being drugged out of my mind.  Then they were forcing me to open my mouth and show them under my tongue, to see if I "cheeked" (hid) it.  So someone had the Avilas send the cheering message to my Mom and Dad, about the same time, of my son lying down looking dead into a snow angel design, and then looking terrified while lifting up his tongue so you could see under it, and with a rectangular pill held out in one of his hands.

Oh, and that's small stuff. Let not forget the actual premeditation of killing Jay Baird and then doing it.

So I told my parents tonight, when my Dad said if I quit blogging or was nicer to the Avilas (I am not rude, and they do not even write to me), maybe I could eventually have more "contact" with my son. I said, "No, that's not going to happen because I don't work for the same people that pull their strings."  First of all, I'm not close to them anyway and we have too different of values.  Also, they think I am nothing more than a "birth mother" and are condescending, as if I need to be condescended to after I've raised a bunch of federal BRATS.   I mean, I didn't think of them as brats at the time, most of the time, and even if they were brats, I had love for them, but at this point, they and their parents represent slave drivers.

So I don't agree with the Avila's philosophies, but more importantly, they are being controlled by EME and the U.S. federal government.  The U.S. has also allowed other internationals to have proximity to my son.

This is not Israel, in biblical times, where every firstborn child of a Levite gets taken away from his mother to live in the temple.  My son is not an "offering" to the United States of America.  My son has been stolen.

I do not agree with the way my son has been raised.  I know how I wanted to raise my son and that I have better experience to raise him than anyone else. 

I have no desire to work with U.S. military kids or be a teacher, when I've already done this for 20 years and my reward and payment was to be short-changed.

It has already been 2 years of silence from my son.  Nothing will ever change as long as this country denies the crimes they committed.  There will be no change from the Avilas.  I have never gotten along with Holly Avila.  It's not that I don't like her or respect her as a person.  It's that she and I have different values and ideas about how to do things.  I am sure that if my son was returned to me, I would feel friendly and could visit, but no, it is not possible for her to have the "upper hand" when this is not her right, duty, or responsibility.  She didn't even want me to go with Alvaro to meet them, they wanted to talk to Alvaro "alone", without me.  The biggest thing is that I am not involved with a Mexican or other kind of mafia, and I'm not pushed around by the federal government either.

They may falsely arrest me, torture me, and drug me, but I don't take orders from them.




I do NOT take ORDERS from the U.S. federal government or the mafia criminals THEY sponsor.

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