Sunday, January 27, 2013

"We Teach People To Fly" from Port Orford, Oregon

I forgot to mention something.  I went to Port Orford, Oregon, a beach town, with my Dad several weeks ago and there was one spot on our hike that I had a really bad feeling about.

It felt like a murder site.

We hiked around and this old woman who looked like Jan, a nurse that used to room with me, smiled at my Dad and then saw me and quit smiling and went by. 

So we looked at the boathouse, which was where we parked and then walked on the trail that was already made there.  At one spot, I was looking out and felt something about the energy there.  I said, "This sounds weird, but I think someone got killed here."  I was standing there and then I said, "I don't know how you could throw someone off of this cliff to the water down there, because there is a slope and trees and stuff in the way, but it's like someone threw a man over this cliff."

Then we left and I turned back to read the sign on the park bench that was there.  It said something like "You Can Fly" and was purchased by a man named Michael.

Pretty much, I thought of Mike Middleton right away.

What was spooky was that I sensed someone had been thrown off of that cliff and murdered and then there was this park bench with that saying, "you can fly" or "we teach them how to fly".  Something like that.

We walked down the other part of a path and it was steeper and easier to throw someone off in other parts, but I didn't get the same feeling at other places like I got at that one place.

My Dad said "It's you."

Right after I said something at the "we teach people to fly" point in the trail, about murder, my Dad said "It's you."  But I don't know what he meant and I felt weird asking him.  So isn't that strange? I didn't ask.  I said nothing and we kept walking and looking through binoculars and then my Dad showed me where the boathousemen had to run down flights of stairs to a boat for the Coast Guard and go out into dark waters to rescue people.

Then my Dad told me there was a different point where people were held hostage on a large rock out or islet and how that's part of the history of Port Orford.

I felt the murder by the "we teach people to fly" from "michael" sign.  I said "Something really bad happened here."  Then I said it was like someone was murdered or thrown over the side.  But I said, it seems like you could throw someone from a different section more easily, but there was something about that spot.

And then later, of course, I read the sign and it felt creepier.

What was also creepy was thinking, I think that's where I felt the bad feeling the last time I was there, years ago with my family but I didn't read any signs I don't think.

I know it was printed that when William took Kate to Canada after their marriage, Canadians showed her to the site where Mike Middleton's father worked as a test pilot for Canada and the U.S., showing people how to fly.  They gave a manual to read, about flight instructions, telling her this was something her grandfather used when he was doing his job.

Since I'm writing a CAT complaint against Canada, this came to mind again since my recent trip with my Dad to Port Orford, was very reminiscent of Middleton crime.  They're criminals.  Period.

When you first get to the Port Orford boathouse place for the Coast Guard, there is a sign that says "You Have To Leave; You Don't Have To Come Back."

I'm curious to know when Mike and Carol Middleton were visting the U.S. back in the 70s.  Like 1971.  1971 forward.

First I felt the energy of murder at that site, and like someone was thrown off or threatened to be thrown from the side of the cliff to the water crashing on rocks below.  Then I saw the sign there, about "we teach people to fly" and I thought, that would be a very thug thing to do.  Take someone to that point, threaten their life or kill them, and then make a commeroration of it or do this with that sign as the marker. 

Then Canadians celebrate by showing Katie what her family is about.  Like she doesn't know and as if she is not already a criminal in her own right.  Her Dad is why I was flown by a plane from Penticton to the Vancouver, B.C. immigration site and her Dad is why my son was kidnapped to be sent back to the U.S. for more U.S.-Canadian torture.

Her Dad is a thug.

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