Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kate Middleton The Slasher

I forgot to add the fact that my mother said Kate Middleton cut her face.

I was also asking around that time, for a name of who was responsible for torturing my son Oliver and I got a pair of pants that had a tag which said "My name is Makayla" on them.  The Rose pants.

I felt rushed and I'm still having to edit my CAT report.

When someone tells you Kate Middleton really did commit such a crime, I guess for one minute I understand how a cop or agent, who is neutral, might respond.  You can say, "Kate Middleton is a criminal" a lot, and throw it out there, but then to have someone say, "Yes, she is, and then affirm what horrific crime was done," --that is something else.  That's where it sounds so big and unbelievable, you don't really know for sure what to do.

It's not that she's too big of a person, it's that, how did she get so far, without anyone making a report all this time?  So then you wonder how many people are surrounding her, and creating covers for her--cops, law enforcement, regular citizens, psychics, military...

I literally hesitate, when given the opportunity and then I think, no, my mother is not nuts, and whatever is going on really IS that big of a deal.  And my mother had evidence on her face.  She is the one who knows who did it.  My mother also knows who tortured my son.

I have shitakke slices at my house, because I like shitakkes for their health benefits.  But you know, you hear something like this, and it's looking like:

"She talky,

E slices"

She talks, you get cut.

Anyway.  I can definitely sympathize wanting to have confirmation about something before saying anything about something very big.  The horrible part is how many people are involved.  It is really, really, bad.

I think too, that someone assumed I had some kind of crush on William of Wales so I would just write off any idea that he is connected to criminals or doesn't know about her.  Of course he knows about her.  He married her.  That, to me, is the stamp of approval that she and her values are what he treasures.  So if her values are to torture kids, he is going with that.  If it's to disparage my Mom or Dad, he's going with it.  I sympathized with him up to the point of finding out he was depressed and PTSD when he got married.  That is not normal.  No one should be jacked up on meds when they get married.  But then I realized, he has to know about that family and he chose that "thing" who tortures kids and my parents.

I still didn't believe it, really, even after they were married, until I got confirmation from photos that they have spies who are violent, in this area.  When I saw they were posting public photos that imitated what some of the people were doing to my mother, and when I knew who it was over, I realized, oh my gosh.  They have spies over here and William knows about it.

For a while I thought maybe it was possibly Harry.  I thought maybe West Point gave him a sword and they drummed up a total horror nightmare scene with Harry showing up, guarded and all entrances blocked, and he used that to cut my mother.  Seriously, I thought, I know it is super bad, but what?

My mother has made reference much more to Kate Middleton.  I know Carol Middleton makes her cringe and grimace.  It's not like my Mom reads People magazine or follows magazines or news about these things, so the only reason she has had a reaction, is because they've met.  They know eachother on a personal level, not from magazines, and I think they've known eachother for decades.

My mother has had such horrible things done to her.

I am 100% positive the U.S. has forced her to give up eggs.  I'm absolutely positive.  I had the U.S. pressuring me to give up my eggs, and my mother is much more important than I am.  I believe they have kept her on horomones to keep her eggs coming up and they've extracted them to create babies for themselves.  The logic is there.  If the U.S. would try to do this to me, I knew then that the U.S. has pressured other women into giving up eggs.  Probably the U.S. has forced other women into a situation of vulnerability just for the reason of coercing them to donate their eggs and DNA.  If they did this to me, to the point of horrors that they forced me into, there is no conceivable way they have not done this to my parents.  Probably my Mom and my Dad.

The U.S. is trying to breed psychic gifted babies just like any other country they claim is so "bad".

My mother also made it very clear she would never cut herself.  She didn't cut her own face.  And she said, "I'm not going to cut myself and go bleeding all over."

She told me it was Kate--it was a roundabout way, but more than once.

I also know without any doubt that they've met the Middletons. I don't know which ones but my Dad was the one to smile over that and say nothing.  I asked about it when I first got back from Tennessee.  So they have both met the Middletons.

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