Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Dad Tortured, Mom Tortured & Sheriff Line-Up

My Dad's eye has been altered in some way for about 2 days.  One is larger than the other, or one droopy and the other bulging.  Not as much as I've seen before, but I don't know if it's from drugs or assault to the brain by technology.  I do not doubt the U.S. would assault him with drugs.

I was at my parents house and my Mom was trimming the dog and while I was there, if I talked about something and she didn't disagree with me out loud, we were tortured.   So basically, if I mentioned Mike Nichols hijacking my car, we both were tortured by technology and targeted right there, unless my Mom spoke up to discredit me out loud, saying, "I don't believe it."

She does believe it.  She just can't testify or tell the truth while they're held hostage in the U.S.  I also saw how this is why she says the things she does, to say, "It didn't happen" or "You're nuts" or "I don't believe those nice people would do such a thing." 

Basically, my mother is forced to verbalize, out loud, remarks that discredit me, or she is forced to say she believes the truth is a lie, or she gets zapped.  I mean, with technology, and I felt it too.

So her only way to survive, is to lie.  She's being forced to lie out loud, in the privacy of our own house, which means our house is not really private.  Whoever has tapped or bugged our house, is the group listening that my mother is supposed to be lying for.

Unless there are really microchips in my body and/or her body that pick up audio and constantly surveil us, our house is bugged by people that my parents are having to "make it sound good" to.  If she does a good enough job of lying, they don't torture us with technology and quit assaulting her.  They have trained her to know what to do.


Lie about crimes and make your daughter sound crazy to discredit her, in case anyone ELSE is also listening or in case your daughter gets the idea you will testify to the truth.

They are forcing my parents to lie about everything.

And it is the FBI that shut down my bank account illegally.  The banker that did it works for the FBI.  The only reason they shut down my account is because it has history.

And the FBI is trying to erase our history completely.

They know if I have my banking records, it will refresh my memory about when I bought something and when another event or crime occured.  They know I could use my bank records to prove my location and whereabouts, and who I would have been near at the time.  They know I could reconstruct the entire timeline of crimes against me, and this is the reason they shut it down.  For this reason, and to block me from business.

But what I heard, is that the first thing they did, was "purge" my history.

The bank didn't notify me at all, and they purged my entire account history illegally, because they thought they could, because the FBI thinks they can commit crimes whenever they want.

My parents DO have evidence, and they do believe me, and have things to say, but they are tortured if they so much as appear to agree.  The minute they start lying out loud, and discrediting me or saying nothing is happening, they get their "brownie points" from the U.S. to not be assaulted with technology.

They are constantly having to feed lies for brownie points.

They are tortured if they don't lie in public, and where it appears we are in a private surrounding, they are tortured if they don't lie.  They even get assaulted with technology for "thinking" the "wrong" thing.

At this point, they have every single thing they do monitored.

I think the idea is that the FBI, who is bugging their house, get to hear enough well-placed lies they save it as fake evidence to suggest nothing is wrong and "Cameo is just mentally ill".  And, they want the lies spoken out loud in private because in case they're worried some other country or group is listening in, they want those people to think these are honest discussions occuring in our house and that my parents disagree they are ever tortured.

How do you report torture when NASA and Pentagon are involved?  You don't get out from under it.  It's not like you can run away. 

So I didn't even get upset this time, when she said what she said, and I repeated, "He is a criminal" when she said, "He died."  She said "So you think he would kill himself?" and I said, "Yes.  That's what they do in the Middle East and look at Laura Bush."  (Laura Bush ran into her boyfriend's vehicle, killing him).  I said, "She knew she could have been hurt and did it anyway."
I said, "That's CIA.  There are people, not very many maybe, but there are people who are willing to get hurt in the hope of hurting or killing someone else."  So maybe Mike didn't plan on dying, but he was willing to take the risk in order to hurt others.

I don't know if money was wired to Canada or the U.S. after he did it.

All I know, is that I was stalked by people who were connected to him, later, and implanted at the hospital, and they've done harm. 

My Mom and Dad have to lie out loud, to survive.    They have to lie and deny being tortured or it's worse, and they have to lie about crimes against us, and have to lie and say I'm deluded or they don't believe me.
My Dad said tonight, when I saw him and he didn't look great, "Hi" and then I asked where he'd been.  He said the Sheriff's office.  I said why and he said they had him in a line-up.  I said for what crime and he said there was no crime, but he was in a line-up.  I said what do you mean? and he said, "Me and a bunch of other guys were in a line against the wall."  Then I said, "Do you mean you were standing in a line to go to the cashier's counter?"  He didn't say anything.  I said, "What were there to get?" and he didn't say anything.

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