Saturday, January 5, 2013

New FDA Rules Proposal Redundant

Of course newspapers like The Washington Post are going to say these new law proposals are great--

They're not farmers, they're swingers.

From what I saw of D.C. professionalism, it comes down to swinging. And I'm sorry, but politicians, intelligence, and military and restaurant workers who "swing" don't know a thing about farms.

Not only that, I find it a form of retaliation and a nod to people like Chris Dabney in D.C., when I have talked about filing taxes--something that would bring his business (Bob's business) into closer scrutiny by the IRS. My grandfather owns an orchard and of course this new proposal would affect him.

It is one thing to ask for more stringent laws in processing plants, which is where bacteria problems occur. In general, I might agree with it, if it wasn't redundant.

When it comes to irrigation, there is no place for the government to mandate how irrigation is done or how food is grown. If someone wants organic food, then they pay more for organic food.

Are you really telling me, that GMO's--modified food farms are no problem, but the FDA suddenly has an "issue" with irrigation? Is it the DEA or the FDA? Oh yeah, they share offices. Forgot.

Out of all of the food safety problems that arise, and recalls due to contamination or food poisoning, it is almost never because of "irrigation".

95-99% of problems with contaminated food occur in the food processing phase, and then it's a problem with transportation if products overheat or are not kept at good temperatures which leads to spoiling.

Anyone knows when you buy produce, if you're concerned about it, you wash it. You wash lettuce first, wash califlower, wash apples, etc. And if you want organic, then that's great, and I like organic too. But you pay more for it, and organic farmers are under different rules.

Why would the FDA do this to farmers right after a huge drought anyway? Wasn't it just last year that tons of farmers lost money and their crops due to drought? So now they're supposed to pay more money to comply with irrigation regulations that are unnecessary? That will effectively run older farmers out of business. That's just the Midwest.

It sounds to me like the federal government and the swingers in D.C. want to shit on the citizens and then ask their relatives to clean up after them.

Food and Drug Administration is directly linked to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

This is one of two posts The Washington Post made. They do a great job explaining an example of contamination and yet they forget that there were already laws in place to prevent this, and the inspectors did not go out to check the farms as they should have. More laws don't create better enforcement of laws. It runs good people out of business, for the deliberate oversight the federal government gives to bad ones.

Here are some of the players:
(by the way, I don't think she's counting "the morning after pill" into her own statistics, in her claim that the abortion rate went down with her pro-abortion view. If she did, she would not be able to claim the abortion rate went down.)

Kathleen is a Roman Catholic former State Insurance Commissioner. This means, as a former lawyer and then working on Insurance matters, she is close to the insurance industry and people, whether she took money from corporations, on the record for a campaign, or not. It means she would know John Kaempf and Dick Whittemore, who threatened my grandparents, and who have a connection to Chris Dabney.

Gouge Away (I ended up listening to this song later and really like it tonight. Played it many times. I am in a Pixie's mood for those drums and lyrics. I Love The Pixies. Heart Heart. I listen to this song and I really want my own drumset all of a sudden. I suddenly want to be that 80s blond with the pixie cut and the white tank top who gets her own drums. I'm not a dummie, I'm a drummie. This is Miracle Music. This is where, I think, it's not gospel music, but it glorifies God in its own way.
It's this one. I used to pretend all the time that I was like the blond drummer. I kept asking about getting a drum set after I saw the movie. And then I played fake drums in my bedroom. I loved that role and how she got into her music and did what she wanted to do. Mary Stuart Masterson. I guess I should post this in a new post.

Both of these people wanting to push this new law are Roman Catholics. Michael hasn't met his long lost brother yet, Dr. Crane (Wenatchee, WA). He's originally from Maryland just like Michael Taylor and they look like brothers.

So anyway, these people want to run good people out of business over torture and drugs and dirty DEA/FBI. Are we going to let Oliver reach age 7 behind bars?

Kathleen is from Cincinnati, Ohio. I watched part of a football game between Cincinatti and Houston, TX and said to my Dad, "Have you ever seen a game where you know it was rigged?"

He said no, and I thought to myself, "How many times. How many times has he known something is rigged."

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