Thursday, January 10, 2013

Firing Mueller (photos)

I want to know when Mueller can be impeached.

Look at those cheeks. It makes you wanna design a wedding dress after them.

His directorship with the FBI has ruined my life and my son's life. He is a criminal.

Under his directorship he's
authorized illegal closures of my bank account, without notice or my consent,

he's knowingly permitted torture against me and my son,

he's allowed FBI agents to block my travel and encouraged them to do so,

he's required all information about me to go to his desk and then instructed Nashville, TN FBI agents to call me crazy and refuse to take reports from me. He encouraged my being assaulted.

he has not investigated the FBI agents in his agency for committing crimes against me and my son,

he has encouraged people to steal from me,

he has supported false arrests of me by local police,

he has allowed S.S.A.'s like Laura Laughlin to remind in their positions when they were telling me over the phone, they refused to take any reports from me,

he allowed FBI to give false information to Canadians,

oh yeah, and he allowed FBI to give false information to Canadians,

he supported U.S. Border Patrol colluding against me at the border with Canadian Border Patrol,

he has supported illegal threats from the Pentagon and his military-connected FBI agents and S.S.A.s to intimidate and encourage torture of my entire family,

he sent out S.S.A.'s from Washington D.C. who had conflicts of interest and were not fit to take my report about Bujanda and Garza, which took my life into a continued downward spiral,

Spiral. Think about little white spirals in Kate Middleton's hair as she pranced on a runway in England,

he allowed money laundering for the Middletons when he was torturing his own citizens, just because Middletons worked for the CIA,

he allowed FBI connected to Middletons to use me and degrade me,

he allowed break-and-entry of my apartment, sexual harassment, and rape of me by his agents, and knowingly concealed evidence about how bad it was,

he allowed my son Oliver to be almost killed at birth, tortured by military technology, kidnapped and traumatized by being torn from his mother, and sold us all out to the Pentagon,

Mueller is guilty of High Crimes of Treason.

I want to know, what it takes, to have him impeached and removed from his office.

Mueller owes my son a trust fund and he owes me and my family compensation for torture, assault by his agents, slander, and criminal interference with international law when I filed for political asylum for me and my son.

I have no problem helping other Americans. As for my son, I want his unauthorized Social Security Number REMOVED. My son is not a citizen of this country and if I have anything to do about it, he never will be.

My son's Social Security Number assignment was an illegal attempt to brand my son as a U.S. citizen after this country tortured him. This country branded my son as a slave.

You WILL remove his Social Security Number and I WILL remove you from office, Mr. Mueller. I want to know, what must occur for an impeachment process to begin.

7:26 p.m. I was just assaulted, to the right back part of my head, by aerospace technology such as S.S.A. Michael Steinbach is familiar with.

The FBI knowingly sold me and my son, for CASH, literally, to The Pentagon. I don't just mean "sold us out" and decided to allow the CIA and military to continue torture of us, I mean, they took cash. It was a sale. As if my son and I were pieces of military equipment. They colluded with Canada to prevent my petition of political asylum and then trafficked my son for denigrating purposes for the U.S. military and CIA.

That's after they first tried to kill him. Don't believe it? Where are my unborn babies?

Dead. Why? Because the United States created an opportunity for themselves to kill them. Just as they thought they could kill my son while he was trying to be born, the way they killed Madonna Joy.

If the U.S. kills and "puts sights on" unborn babies in the womb, why would anyone doubt me that they also tried to kill Oliver at birth, and then tortured him.

How much money did the United States and Canada exchange.

I am now being prevented from even opening a checking account at a bank because of Mueller. He is responsible for the illegal closure of my bank account with Wells Fargo and he knew if it was closed, they could find excuses for preventing me from having an account again, and this is what is happening.

You, Mueller, are going to pay off my debt. I have no debt that is not incurred outside of FBI specific crimes against me.

You are going to pay that debt, if it takes the private college money from your own daughters.

Mueller had my bank account closed, which I used for business and for personal use and which was opened as a business acount. He knowingly blocked me from having any other business or account to receive money at, by illegally shutting my account down through his very own employee. That is further evidence of anti-competition motive. I had talked about opening a non-profit and using it for legal causes, since 2002, and Mueller knows all about that.

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