Thursday, January 10, 2013

Google Email Blocking Family Messages

Now I have Gmail blocking my receipt of email sent to me by family.

My mother told me she sent me an email last night and I don't have it in my inbox.

She had a list of non-profits in the email she sent and it was specific and she sent it to me and it was not delivered to my email account, even though other email is going there. She said one was Sheila, who works for the church, and ask her what they need for non-profits, and another worked at Century 21 in town and was paperless and put everything on CDs. My Mom said she sent me a list of non-profits to contact and ask if they use a certain program or not, and I have been blocked from receiving it by gmail. My mother said she would have to check her phone because she sent it from her phone. I think she said that, or that she could check her phone to see when it was sent.

Also, it appears a mafia is blocking my family from responding to a request I had. It is a U.S. government mafia, because the people they use for mafia to physically assault my family know the people in the U.S. government who use other methods to assault my family.

Microsoft is telling me I have to send them files of emails I have sent to prove I'm the owner of my own account and I asked several different family members to forward email I've sent to them, from my "" to me, and not one of them has responded.

There is no reason my family members would refuse to do this. Not one of the persons I contacted has a motive for keeping me blocked out of my own account, and all of them would send something like this to me when they know I need it.

Not only that, my Dad is under severe stress from the U.S. military forcing him out of contact with me and blocking my accounts. He only gets canker sores in severe stress, and after they did this, a day later he had them. He didn't have any before, so it's not like I'm the one stressing him out. It is the United States Pentagon.

Not only that, this is not the only time recently that my Aunt Locklyn and Holly have been prevented by someone from contacting me by email. Before this, I asked them a couple questions about knitting, and they were being prevented from even responding to me about this. There is no reason, at all, that any family member would ignore me over a simple question about knitting.

The only reason they would ignore me is because of torture and being told what to do by criminal mafia that works with the United States government.

I never hear my son's voice. I have not heard from my son for 2 years and my parents don't even get messages from Holly about him without mafia specifically allowing her to send a message.

They are involved with the Mexican mafia and the Irish mafia controls things as well, in Wenatchee. It's drug related, and then they do favors for corrupt police that go up there and FBI. I'm not saying my family is mafia--I'm saying the United States government knows that they can illegally control them through Mexican mafia and Irish mafia.

My Aunt Locklyn also works for a Jewish lawyer that knows about the entire family's history and I don't think Locklyn is friends with him anymore. She used to think they were friends. Now he just knows too much about their legal matters for her to leave.

There are 5 different groups of criminals in Wenatchee. They have Asian mafia, Mexican mafia, Ukraine/Russian mafia, Irish-Catholic mafia, and U.S. government employee mafia (military, police, FBI, state and federal employees). I would add to that, medical professional mafia that colludes with criminal mafias for giving them a better platform to sell and market drugs (supply and demand) and medical professionals who collude with federal employees to torture and do research on people. So that's 6 mafias. Oh, and then the Jewish mafia.

So there are 7 mafias that run in Wenatchee, Washington.

1. The Asian mafia travels from Seattle, Wa, though they have a few people who work both sides of the fence (Judge Nakata) who live in Wenatchee.

2. The Irish-Catholic mafia lives in Wenatchee, WA and makes connections outside of the area through church and travel. They are also based in Seattle but a lot of them live in town.

3. The Ukraine-Russian mafia runs out of Yakima, Wa. They travel inbetween Wenatchee and Yakima primarily, and there is a large immigration to Seattle, but the drug line is through Yakima.

4. The U.S. government lives in Wenatchee. It has a heavy history of torture and assault of children and has a high level of military officials in Leavenworth, with summer houses there, CIA in Wenatchee (primarily retired but not all), and corrupt police and Judges. The state workers are all corrupt and work with corrupt police. The CIA is there because of the proximity to an international-of-interest site: Hanford, and this also draws the attention of Canadians who only drive 2-3 hours to get there from the border, and the FBI. Hanford is also a reason why the Department of Energy and the Pentagon have an interest in land acquisition in the area, and keep a low but constant profile there. Because of all of the secretive work with Hanford, and mafias, it draws a group of people that torture children and don't tell anyone about it, and who try to control family members. It is not just the City of Wenatchee that wants the riverfront property my grandfather owns--the U.S. government has an interest in it. It's a mile from a major dam that generates electricity. The only reason a bunch of elderly farmers are still in court in Seattle, WA over people trying to force them off of their land, is because the federal government is giving money to locals to drag out the court process, and bankrupt them or hope they die off so they can get their hands on the property. The idea that it's all about a "bike path" is a lie. No one cares about "a bike path" that much. They want land that is on the river and next to the electrical dam. It is about 1 mile from the river, and by road it's less than a mile (about a 1/2 mile) to a federal electrical site with a bunch of transformers.

5. Mexican mafia runs out of Yakima, WA and from California.

6. Jewish mafia runs out of Seattle, Wa.

7. Medical mafia, that works with federal employees and drug dealers, lives in Wenatchee, and gets funding through Canada (a hospital they exchange employees with) and Seattle, Washington (University of Washington but other hospitals as well). They also draw people from Virginia, who are connected to CIA.

All of this, is common knowledge. It's not a big secret. Everyone, including corrupt police, knows the pathways of the mafias in Wenatchee.

8. Italian mafia runs out of Seattle, Wa and from California.

It's not a surprise that my family is tortured and held hostage and that my son Oliver was almost killed, has been tortured, and is a hostage there. My mother does not even get regular email from her sister about my son Oliver.

I am not connected to any mafia, so I'm "mentally ill", which is a lie. I am one of very few individuals who has not been sucked into or seduced into corruption, or forced into coerced cooperation as a child. So I am targeted because I am the whistleblower and I am giving credible reports about criminals.

The U.S. government doesn't like the fact that they are on the list.

So if it's not true, why can't my own family members respond to me about a knitting question? or why can't they respond to me about something important like my email account, and forward one of many emails I've sent to them, to me? The only reason any of them would choose not to, is not by choice. It's because the U.S. Pentagon and CIA use other mafias to control and torture them.

The FDA came up with their plan to force "new irrigation" laws to drive older farmers out of business, right after Washington State legalized marijuana. So the rich potheads who also deal other drugs and have been killing people can buy the land instead. That's Kathleen and Mike for you. It's retaliation over my attempt to bring up a tax matter. The FDA works with the DEA. They are part of the same business. Food and Drug Administration and Drug Enforcement Administration are the same team. Irrigation has had nothing to do with recent food contamination that occurs in processing plants. The laws already in place for irrigation are sufficient and if the FDA isn't inspecting sites, that is their problem, not a farmer's problem. Trying to implement a new irrigation law when it's not needed only serves as an attempt to drive some farmers out of business.

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