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Microsoft Obstructs Justice; Colludes With FBI's Laura Laughlin

I wasn't going to complain too much, when Microsoft first blocked me from my own account.  I knew the timing was to interfere with the first week of college.  It was an attempt to put a major problem and obstacle in my way to interfere with college success.

It was also done at a time that torture against my family was escalating and I had picked up tax forms to file taxes, going back about 10 years.

I wasn't required to file taxes because I didn't make enough money so I was exempt.  If you make less than $6,000 or so per year, you don't have to report.  However, I thought I would at least go through and state I was exempt, even if not necessary, and file on a few things that were necesssary that are recent.  I printed out these forms with a Mormon missionary watching from the computer at the library.  He is one of 2 new Mormon missionaries in town.  There were a few other people at the computers.  And then I paid for the print-outs, to a Catholic woman whose husband is Catholic and sits at the library.  There was a librarian man there as well. 

I asked for 2 receipts as one was for a non-profit and the rest were for personal taxes.  I remember seeing looks of concern from some.  Worry that I might "do" something or was getting ready to start "filing things".

So then Microsoft blocked me from my account.

I was "too motivated" so Microsoft and their corrupt supporters, I am guessing, decided they'd try to slow me down by interfering with my flow.  I was "on a roll" so hurry!  shut down her computer! drug her! do something fast!  block her account!

Not only was I preparing to get some things done, I was organized ahead of time for college.  So doing this to me right before classes started, interfered with every single thing I could be working on, that I need to be working on NOW, and not later.  So even if it didn't directly interfere with my classes, because Microsoft could claim I open up a temporary account and nothing is lost, I have college documents saved in email-only files from last term, which I cannot access.

And not only that, they knew it would cause distress and prevent me from making a claim to the UN with documentation.

I got my tax forms, I was looking organized, I was writing about MKUltra, and I was preparing to file a report against Canada and the U.S. is going to be affected by that.  Anyone would know I had files that were in that hotmail account.

My Acer computer was powered down so I cannot access other evidence stored on that computer either.

So basically, anytime someone thinks I might "do something", someone is shutting down my computer completely, or blocking me from my primary hotmail accounts and files.  The FBI knows my records about the FBI are stored in that account.  The FBI also knows communications with them and with police and lawyers that were corrupt are stored on that account.  Federal Judges and court clerks crimes are stored on that account.  CPS records, proving collusion, are in files with that account.

And Microsoft has blocked me from this account. 

There was no legitimate reason for it.  No one new was accessing my account that had not already been illegally surveilling it with Microsoft assistance.  The FBI and the police have been into my business ever since 1995.  I take that back.  1994.

Microsoft KNEW something was happening and that my parents were possibly going to get involved in fighting for their own human rights.  They knew, because if they were nosy enough to think there was "suspicious activity" on my account, they were nosy enough to read the email from my Mom that asked me to send her a copy of the FBI report that showed an MKUltra document held by the federal government was in my possession.  Microsoft knew that if I had copied the photos of this and emailed my mother about it, because she asked, we might be gathering evidence against criminals and try to fight against torture against our family.

In addition to this, I made it clear that Kate Middleton is a criminal and is guilty of crimes involving drugs.  I'm sure some people didn't like that.

I forwarded the email to my Mom, and knew there was FOIA on my parents and my brother that matched.  The FBI has our house bugged. They listen to every single word we say.  So when I said I thought I could get my son back if I proved FOIA of MKUltra documents for my parents and my brother, she actually agreed with me.  I think that worried some people. 

I then decided that even though I was going to put something together to request FOIA for my family, I might also send a request to someone in the media, connected to government, to do the same.  So I sent an email to members of Radio and T.V. Gallery (for the Senate) and to each Press Secretary for The Senate Gallery.  That is a list of over 40 individuals alone.

I got a few "non-deliverable" messages, but all the rest showed they went out successfully.  A couple of hours after I sent that email, that account was shut down.  Microsoft blocked it. 

Microsoft turned my account off in the middle of what I was doing.  My account was shut off.  So, for example, you're on your account, and you haven't touched anything, and it disappears.  I signed in again, and it wouldn't allow me to sign in.

I was told to change my password and then I'd have an access code.  So I did.  Then it said the code would go to any alternate email address.  Guess what?  Microsoft employees decided to malicious harass me. 

They chose to shut down my account, after I sent an email to member of the Press for the Senate.  I guess they weren't worried about the Radio and T.V. media for the Senate, but when I wrote Press Deputies, (people who write for a living), and asked them to please assist with a FOIA request to help my family, with regard to MKUltra, Microsoft blocked my account.  I wrote that I was going to try to get these records myself, but since the last time I tried, "it took 7 years" I wrote "maybe you could get them sooner than me". 

Microsoft knew what their own process would be if they blocked my account.  They knew I didn't use an old "genext" account that I had listed as an alternate address.  So they already knew I would have to use a different email address.  So I used a gmail account address.  They wrote back through a customer service person that "we don't accept 'third-party' emails" and I was told they couldn't do anything if it was "third party".  This is right after I sent my email to the Senate, asking for assistance getting FOIA from the FBI for my family, and I gave my parents and brothers' information so they could look it up.  I gave my parents birthdate and birthplace and their full names and where they are now, and my the same for my brother.  So then Microsoft is giving me this "third party doesn't work" story right after I asked for third party assistance to get FOIA about my parents and brother.  Even if I tried to file for FOIA, for information on my brother and parents,  it would be "third party".

I already know that.  I also know that anyone has a legal right to make a "third party request" when it's an emergency (and it is) or when it's of "public interest" (and it is, and anyone in the Senate would know this is true).

So then Microsoft went on this whole thing of bringing up the FBI and "issue" this and "issues" that.  Raul Bujanda, FBI agent, is the one who was always using the word "issues".  I've blogged about it and made it clear in my written report to the FBI.

I think at first my parents thought it wasn't so bad.  I think they thought maybe Microsoft was trying to help or there was an investigation or something.  They didn't seem concerned about it.  So then I thought too, well, maybe they are just making a point about how bad the FBI is, for doing this to me, and then demanding I fill out a "form" all the time and refusing to give me FOIA when I did this correctly each time.  And I thought maybe this is giving someone time to look at people who are abusing my account.

I think my parents thought the same thing and they were okay about it.  I realized, this changed one day.  I saw how my Dad looked when I mentioned my account was still blocked and he was not thinking it was no big deal anymore.  He looked like he knew exactly who was responsible.  I mean, not just Microsoft in general, but he looked like he knew the names of the people involved and by his look, I saw he wasn't looking hopeful.  I saw then that he knew it was obstruction of justice.  He looked like he had gotten home that day after someone rubbed it in his face, that his daughter's account was blocked.

And then all of us were tortured worse, including my Dad. I could tell from the look on his face, and he wasn't looking at me, but in general, that Bill Gates was involved.  Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are Roman Catholic.  They know a lot of people in the Senate, and a lot of people know them.  And, they must be doing favors with the FBI. 

Why is it, that every single time I try to expose TORTURE of my family, media and computer people are trying to obstruct justice?

If torture is not occuring, then why are all of my computers, and my email accounts, shut down and/or blocked every single time I try to get information together that proves we are victims of torture?

What does this say, exactly, about the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation"?  That they support torture against my family and my son?  So Bill and Melinda, from Seattle, where Laura Laughlin is now (also Roman Catholic and attending the same parish is my guess) want to use their company to create distress in my life and obstruct justice to block us from proving U.S. government involvement, which explains why my parents are blackmailed to lie and say "nothing is happening"?

I don't think that is very "christian".  I don't think it's very patriotic to do this to U.S. citizens when all they are attempting to do, is live without being abused and physically assaulted every day.  It's looking now like Bill and Melinda have a stake in money made off of my parents.  They don't want to lose money on their circus show?  Bill and Melinda are colluding with Laura Laughlin to obstruct justice over MKUltra discovery.  At least, this is how it looks.  It doesn't look good.

So we must not be tortured.

Because every single time I've made a report to the UN or filed for habeas corpus, or taken photos of evidence of torture and sent it out, or sent out enough evidence to support my reason for wanting further evidence, or upload photos of MRI and CT scans (some which I've not uploaded yet, which have contrast and show more things)  my computer is shut down.  I uploaded a few CT/MRI scans without contrast, and none of the ones with contrast.  And I haven't even shown certain views yet.

Google had my account partly disabled so it took 3x the amount of time to upload that photo evidence.  Then as soon as Kate Middleton was knocked up, my account was restored.  Google participated in an attempt to slow down the process of discovery of torture of my family and microchips put into my body.

AOL was removing all of my blog posts about dogma and police-Catholic church collusion, but they didn't go after other things, although at that time I didn't know I had migraines triggered by military.  Regardless, AOL discriminated against my religion and freedom of speech.

I had my entire computer shut down to be inoperable, by The Pentagon, after I made a report to the UN the second time.  The first time, we were heavily and severely retaliated against, by The Pentagon.  The second time I tried to make a report, and sent a copy to the Department of Justice, my computer was shut down.  I have been unable to use it since then.

I have files on that computer that support my claim but I wrote my report in haste, because of the extreme level of violence against me, my Mom, and Dad, and look at what they've been doing to my son for more than 2 years.

I found out later that it wasn't just my computer.  My mother and father's business was affected because their phones and computers were shut down too.  They had printers that wouldn't print either when my mother wasn't given access to the office printer because it "wasn't working".  More recently, our power and electricity and hot water and water pressure have been shut down and tampered with.

After ruining my computers and stealing my computers from me, instead of having a dramatic shut-down, the U.S. government has apparently been calling upon their buddies that work for Google, and Microsoft.

So they're delegating power to ruin our lives, to corporations that almost everyone is forced to depend upon for mail, files, records, and safekeeping. 
Google deliberately slowed me down when I was trying to upload evidence of microchips in my body.  They ruined my blog and the formatting to prevent uploading of photos and then slowed it down by 3x.  Then I was having to write about current torture of my parents, so the U.S. deliberately used this to distract me from continued uploading of evidence.  Which worked, and that's what they wanted.  They wanted me to see my son suffering and to be derailed from what I was doing and worried about my parents in the present.

The U.S. did this same thing by keeping photos of my son from my family, that they knew would cause all of us distress.  They decided to throw those out at me, during finals week for last term, to prevent me from getting papers turned in and being distracted by the PTSD that they reasonably and maliciously expected to interfere with my ability to focus on college.

Then, I try again to help my family and this time my family is more involved and interested, and Microsoft interferes, to block me from my own account when they and their Senate and FBI connected friends knew we might get somewhere with it.  At the same time, they saved this for right before college started, to interfere with my classes.

The photos that prove torture of my came, came after I wrote about John Kaempf and Bullivant Houser Bailey threatening my family with letters in manilla envelopes.  The photos of my son, came from the same envelope.  They came out of the same kind of manilla envelope and these photos were presented to me, a day or two after I wrote about this criminal action by Kaempf and the International Bullivant firm. 

So what was next?  Oh! "New policies from the FDA for irrigation rules for farmers" that are intended to push my Grandfather, the same one Bullivant illegally threatened with harm, out of business.

They want to run my entire family out of business and torture all of us.

So is Microsoft obstructing justice?  Well, yes.

They are not blocking my account to help me.  If they were, they would have opened up that account when I filled out their form that asked me to list subject content of recent emails I had sent.  I did. 

I mentioned "MKUltra Senate Hearings (1977)".  How many people send emails with subjects like that?  I didn't give Microsoft vague examples like "Hi! It's Me Again!"  or "I Got Your Email" or "Call Me".

MKUltra Senate Hearings (1977) and this kind of content, along with explanations of who I sent this kind of mail to, and about email I sent my family, and including subject matter/content of files connected to folders in my account, is enough information.  I also said, "You blocked my account and now who is writing about it?  the alleged "imposter"? or me?" I said, "I am writing about how you've blocked my account, because it's MY account and who else is writing to you?  No one". 

I think they know who Mark is as well.  I think the Gates know Mark, the truckdriver who is also a computer person.

I am seriously starting to wonder if Roman Catholic Laura Laughlin goes to the same parish as Roman Catholic Melinda Gates.  They both live in Seattle, WA and both have some of the most powerful jobs in that area.  It would not surprise me to find out they went to the same church.  I would also question who the Gates know that is dirty in the Senate.

I can't look up Laughlin's home address--I don't have that information.  Someone check for me.  Do she and Melinda go to the same parish?

At first my parents said, cheerfully, "Well, at least they're looking into things!" or "At least they're doing something about it!" (meaning, if there is suspicious activity, they're looking into it).  But this optimism lasted for 2 days, and was gone.
LOREE Garrett <loree.o.eerol@gmail.com>
12/30/12 (9 days ago)
to hollyavila, cameocares, dicksiedael, bob_garrett, bob-garrett
Microsoft blocked my account last night at about 9 p.m. They're forcing me to 'verify my identity' and then they blocked that from happening all last night. Then they were supposed to email me a code to get back into my account and they didn't, they sent me an email telling me it's now going to take up to 24 hours to verify who I am. So it's BS from Microsoft. This was done on the same day that I sent email about Oliver to members of the press gallery about MKUltra Senate Hearings, abuse, and FOIA.
So right now, if you'll send mail to me here for the next 24 hours, this is how to reach me.

Bill and Melinda Gates would collude with Laura Laughlin over this.  I don't believe it is a couple of MS employees.  They've brought up the FBI way too many times.  First a bunch of Roman Catholic references and then FBI references, in the last 9 days.

Alvaro Pardo knows them too.  He knows Laura from Seattle and if he knows Chris Dabney who knows Mark, who knows Laura Laughlin, they are all part of the same circle.

Bill and Melinda Gates are connected to Alvaro Pardo through Canadian medical connections.  I found a document a long time ago that showed they were friends with some Canadian doctor who experimented on people in Canada and the U.S. and worked with doctors in the U.S. that medicated people without telling them about it.  The Gates were at parties with the Canadian man and gave donations and support to him.

He was supposedly working on a "new cure" for "systemic yeast" and tinea versicolor.  Most of his clients had AIDS and he experimented on a whole group of them first, without their knowing and then it was being approved as a "breakthrough" by Canada and U.S. doctors.  This was at the same time that I, not an AIDS person, and my son not being an AIDS victim, but having been refused treatment had systemic yeast from constant thrust untreated.  In D.C. I was drugged without my consent.

So when I was getting out tax forms, it was also to file taxes on those same groups that drugged me and medicated me, without my consent.  And those people, the ones who medicated me, through The Post Pub and through Alvaro Pardo, are connected to the doctors that the Gates Foundation was having parties with and were giving money to.


So if the Gates are not guilty, they wouldn't worry about my getting discovery for "secret programs" would they?  Afterall, what if we found out they were giving large donations to people who were part of illegally medicating people without their consent.

Do they know Chris Dabney?  and his pal Kevin Bolls?  (also from Seattle, who made trips to B.C. for Christmas) Or is it just Laura Laughlin.  What was Bolls doing in B.C.? making a bank deposit to the Middletons? 

I was drugged, to have the rash that occurs from tinea disappear.  I was also not having my periods when I was being drugged.  I had "scanty" periods of less than one day, when I am a 5 day or more days period person.  It was totally abnormal and when I quit eating The Post Pub "free meal" which was cooked without my watching what went into it, my period started coming back.

So we're not tortured?

If we're not tortured, why is my computer, ability to upload evidence, my blog, and my primary files and email address shut down or blocked when I try to make a report in our defense.

They let me write whatever I want on my blog now.  They just don't like it when I get documents together that prove my case.

So every single time, computer shut downs?  forced failures?  blocked email?  blocked evidence uploads?  disappearing photos?  disappearing emails?

If I am "crazy" why does it take all of that "work" to shut me down when I am putting together professional reports.  Why ruin my parents lives, or my son's life.  Why? Unless it is true.

I don't need a re-enactment, by Microsoft, of what the FBI did to me.  I don't need to be reminded as if I forgot.  This is what Eastern Oregon University did to me all the time.  Constant "re-enactments" of things that were done to me.

I don't need it.  What's the point?  To help?  No, it's not to help, because what kind of "help" is that?  It had no value. It is a form of harassment and the fact that these Microsoft employees want to constantly badger me about Catholic people and about the FBI, proves malice.  The last "community person" that took my email request for access to my account signed their name as "Cherry Anne M."  Then they told me to request a "private Moderator" to answer my question and they had "Paul M" replying, here refering to "issue" when the MS employees have done this several times already.  Tonight, I was trying to buy a product I need from them to take a class, and their sales person, "David" again made the comment about "your issues" when I wasn't even talking about issues.  I was talking about buying a product:

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Private reply to KateMiddletonIsACriminal
A moderator needs to unblock my account. It was shut down for "identity" reasons, and the claim that someone else was using it. I was told to change my password and get an access code. I changed my password. Then I wasn't sent a code, but a form telling me to fill out as much as possible and Microsoft would verify who I am and unblock my account. I signed up for this account in 2001 I believe. So I've had it for over a decade. Microsoft wouldn't unblock my account so I called their customer and tried their live chat. They said to fill out the form and have provided no other option for giving me an access code to my email and files. I filled out their form 2-3 times and there is nothing more I could add. I don't even remember all of the information I had on my start up account because it was a decade ago. I may have used a different DOB or something. There was no contract or rule not to, unlike Microsoft's new requirements. After I called their hotline they told me to write to this forum if I wanted my account unblocked. I was told if I'm not paying for my account, there's no live phone or chat support, even though there is a contract in place, regardless. I asked to confirm my ID other ways and to have them send me the code, and I asked their chat and also their phone people. I've had someone hacking my account and deleting my emails for almost as long as I've had this email account and why Microsoft chooses this time to alert me and block me from my records and email, I don't know. I read someone else had to speak to a moderator and they unblocked it for them. Please contact me for an alternate way to verify things and to send me the code.
This is a private message.

Paul M    replied on

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Dear KateMiddletonIsACriminal,
Your issue has been escalated and you will be provided with additional help by one of our support agents. Please click on the URL below to view your issue
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this email KMIAC was formed just to have a temporary address to deal with this.  Then I wrote again and explained I've already done what they asked and I gave enough info and I haven't had a response.  So I am still blocked my account.

I am positive Melinda knows Laura Laughlin.  And Laughlin knows Chris Dabney because Chris Dabney works for the FBI and DEA.  This is an attempt to punish me for picking up tax forms and from having my evidence and email records I need that were between me and the FBI.

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