Wednesday, January 23, 2013

UPDATE: Child Molestation Email and Gariglione

Please refer to the post about death threats against Jay Baird.

I have posted new information.

Gariglione is a place in Italy.  I had a reason for finding it.  I think it's pronounced "garee-lee-own-ee".  It's not to do with that place in Italy, specifically, but for reference to a symbol.

It's called gariglione en pisarello. 

Gar-ee-lee-own-ee    en  pees-ar-ello

Near this area is giovanni en fiore.  garilione is a state park, next to "Sila" state park.

UPDATED:  1/24/13.

You have to read the post about Death Threats Against Jay Baird first and then this will make more sense.

I was looking, and the other town that is in the same spot on the foot, of the boot of Italy, is Chiannette.

Annette.  Annette Sandberg is a cop, was Chief of Police for Washington state, and then moved to D.C. to work with FBI.  She already worked with FBI but moreso in D.C. 

So out of the possibilities:  Gary, Sila (?  see ya?  Chris Rozollo?), John, and Annette.

Gee Whiz Annette.  No wonder my parents never wanted me to have a "chia-pet" when I was a kid.  ch-ch-ch-chee-yah.  Chiannette, thanks for the slander.  Lets trim up the chia-pets hair for the visit to the FBI offices now.  Because that's what the FBI respects.  Chi-annette, I never knew ye.  Chi-annette, have you seen my Mom's foot lately?  Just wondering if you got photos of that along with the specs for your new house. 

My mother was very specific about where her foot hurt.  I pointed out a bunion near the top of my foot but to the side.  My mother pointed to the middle, right in the center, and said this is where it hurt her.

Right at about Giovanni, Gari, Sila, and Chiannette.  All of my mothers chrome sores, by the way, run across the vein on the top of her foot, which sort of matches a road that crosses over the top of the boot of Italy too.

I don't see "verrucca" on the map.  Hm, for some reason I don't find "plantars" there either, but maybe it's a different Italy?

There's no way the Sandbergs are not involved or do not know about torture to my family.  No possible way.  What has crossed my mind more often than not, is that they had a hand in delivering things to the Middleton family.  Like, Shirley takes something from my Mom and gives it to Sharon McGuire who passes it along to Middletons somehow.  Something like that. 

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