Wednesday, January 2, 2013

James Rosen: UnderDog of D.C.

Which dog is he under?

Tonight on Fox News he made a reference to "acid reflux" and both my Mom and Dad reacted to it.  They thought I wasn't listening but I heard him and saw their expressions.  He's making fun of torture and poisoning of my family.

Oh, he's a Jew from the Bronx and had his wedding at a U.S. Army and Navy base.  And he lives in D.C.  I'm sure he doesn't snort cocaine or anything.  It's only that I looked at him, on t.v., and the only thing that came to my mind about him was he's a cocaine snorter.

He is a problem.

By the way, all of my family--me and my Mom and Dad were targeted tonight to have one of our eyes pop out the way my son's is in his photos. The Pentagon targeted my mother's left eye and my right eye.   During the day, we were also targeted. 

He's connected to a NY Judge:
His mother worked for him and his father, Myron Rosen, works for a NY firm Edelman and Edelman.

According to what I find about Sara Durkin-Rosen, she worked in Maryland, for the U.S. Navy, in the biochemical field.  I haven't confirmed it yet, but I found two different sites that say this.  An address thing sort of gives a stronger confirmation, along with the fact they had their wedding at a Army and Navy base.,

James Rosen's mother works for this Judge in New York who has received awards from both Jewish groups and Catholic groups.  He had several legal affairs with the photography and Kodak film industry.  I think Torres, a Mexican name, is possibly connected to Walla Walla, Washington. 

There was a Mexican woman connected to Middletons in Walla Walla, Washington.  She worked at the only women's shelter in Walla Walla, where I was forced to stay when The City of Walla Walla blocked my travel and refused to allow me to get on the only bus out of town to leave.  I might be wrong about her last name being Torres.  She told me she'd been addicted to drugs and I thought she was like a cop.  She put her hand under one of her boobs and propped it up and pretended to offer it to me there.  It was a Mexican sign of disrespect.  She wasn't Lesbian and it wasn't like she was doing this in that kind of a gesture.  She did it after I said I needed to call my mother and then she sneered at me and grabbed one of her boobs and lifted it up to me, like she was nursing a baby, with a look on her face of "and you wanna suck Mami's tit too?"  It was disrespect.  She is a psychic.  I don't know who she works for, but Middleton is a good guess.  She said she'd been forced to work in a gang when she was a preteen and got out, but I doubt it.  Which alternate gang did she join?  Government?

I was forced to stay in Walla Walla like a hostage.  There was no reason to refuse to allow me to travel out of Walla Walla except to extend my stay to allow others to have access to me, who were bad, to humiliate me.

I was told to sleep in a room with a woman who had a British accent and another woman who was Jewish was also there with more than passing interest.  There are nice Jewish people but I wasn't sure what her motive was. 

James Rosen is supposedly related to an Eric Rosen who lives in San Jose, California.  He's gone to college in Montreal, Canada and Palo Alto, CA and is a hypnotherapist, trained in Palo Alto.  This makes him part of a small group that believes in hypnotizing people, including children (against their will) like the woman in Wenatchee with Columbia Valley and Shep in Seattle.  Additionally, according to this article, James and his wife live next to a speech pathologist and an audiologist.  Psychologist, pathologist, audiologist, oh yeah and his wife works for the Navy and went to University of Pennsylvania, which is, I think, where Laura Laughlin went.  Let me check.  Yes, I'm right and she even has a minor in Chemistry, which is what Sara Durkin-Rosen was teaching to the U.S. Naval Academy students in Gaithersberg, Maryland.

Laura Laughlin is also listed as being in charge of "intellectual property rights" which is 100% strange, given the theft of intellectual property of my family and torture.  So she knows Mary Del Balzo.  Like that's a surprise.  Oh yes.  She knows Mary Del Balzo.  She also worked for federal Judge Frederick B. Lacey, who went to Cornell as did Del Balzo and Dr. Fallon, and we hit Navy again.  It's like Battleship.  I love it.  Judge Lacey is U.S. Naval Academy.  Just like James Rosen's wife, Sara.  Wow.  It's like Dick Whittemore all over again:  Or it's Michael Santogrossi with his "acid reflux".  Which has nothing to do, I'm sure, with torture of my family.  This man, backlead, is William Barr, who was the Attorney General that appointed Judge Lacey and Laura Laughlin.  He served on the board of William and Mary from 1997-2005, according to this article.  According to what I found about Sara Durkin-Rosen, she is placed with University of Pennsylvania, Old Dominion (which is part of William and Mary, in Virginia) and Eastern Virginia Medical School.  So Sara was also at a college where our Whittemore-likeness Barr was on the Board of Directors. 

Oh I'm just SURE there is absolutely NO connection whatsoever.    William Barr's father, Donald Barr, worked for the OSS, which was the CIA before it was the CIA.  It's most closely connected to the Navy (at that time it was).  Then William, his son, worked for the CIA and he was born in New York, like James Rosen.  After CIA work, he worked as the AG and Laura Laughlin knows all of these people.  She covers up torture of children.  I was tortured in Seattle, because of her "leadership".  William Barr was appointed to his federal judge position by President Nixon.  One of the schools Barr went to was Horace Mann.  No, not Hahnmann, like Laura Laughlin went to--HORACE Mann.  Their yearbook  is called the "Mannikin", which is really funny because right afte the O'Reilly show had James Rosen on to talk about acid reflux, a commercial break was next, and the second commercial shown talked about a Mannequin.  So really, if the media knows nothing, we are all so very sure Laura Laughlin "can't recall" just about anything at all.  The Horace Mann school is famed for water sports and water polo. 

Well with the Navy kissing Katie, don't hold your breath.  It looks like Laurie has been kissing Katie.  So guess where this Horace Mann school is located?  Of course, the Bronx, where James Rosen is from.

Um, while reading this, I found some article about Obama being born in Kenya and under British rule as a Kenyan citizen.  What about my son Oliver?  Is he a U.S. citizen when I took him from this country?  I chose not to get an SS# for him and all there was, was a birth certificate that said he was born here, and I left the country. 

I want my son returned.

I'm not done this with line of research, regarding Rosen, but I thought I'd let all of you know, my son is mine, and has been tortured and my family is being pushed to sell their house, and move when it's not necessary.  If the President isn't British, my son isn't American.  My son followed me, the mother, where I went.  So if we want to keep the President in office, we follow the same law as it applies to my son Oliver Garrett and my son is returned to me by Executive Order.  Imagine kidnapping Obama from his mother and forcing him to live in Kenya.  Then imagine adopting him out to some distant relative as the government tortures him. 

Why is there nothing about Bernard Richard Goldberg's family?  Nowhere online.  Nothing about his mother or father, or if there are other kids.  His kids and wife, yeah, but nothing about his Mom and Dad.  I can find an Arthur Goldberg who worked for the UN and lived in New York for some time, and was also a judge, but that's a notable one, and I find nothing for Bernard's parents.

Is this his daughter?  She scanned brains with EEG and won an award from Ogilvy in 2010-2011?  It says his daughter Catherine lives in San Francisco and I am not sure if this is her.  If so, she is connected to Ogilvy, which is connected to the former Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney, who lives in Miami, Florida, where Bernard Richard Goldberg lives.

That would mean she is getting awards from Canadian businesses while James Rosen's relative Eric, went to a Canadian college and lives near her.

I believe James Rosen was joking about my son throwing up and being poisoned.  I believe O'Reilly knew what he was talking about, and laughed.  Not only that, whoever they're cameraman was, knows as well.

These people are criminals connected to criminals.  I have no idea why they still have money and have not been caught.  Oh, that's right.  Torture works.  It's not the "truth" that prevails or wins out, it's "torture".  Also, they know my parents watch, so they are deliberately intimidating and rubbing in the facts of torture, to my parents, knowing they know what they're refering to.

I'm not done with this post.  I will be working on it, or trying to "wrap it up".

People like James Rosen and Sara Durkin have children who can't "feel" things, because they are insensitive child torturers and abusers.  As if their own son couldn't pick that much up.  People who torture others and laugh about it, go on to raise children who are anti-social and insensitive.  Did their son co-sleep with them and breastfeed for at least a year and was he paid attention to?  The answer is no.  Oh and what a surprise that everyone in their community is having the same problem with their kids.  What a surprise.  They're all career-obsessed individuals who torture other children for political gain and greed.  Their kids are messed up, because of them.  Don't expect miracles.  God doesn't magically "touch" neglected children with a magic wand to make them normal.  Their parents are assholes and that's what their children will be, as their parents make jokes about how other kids are poisoned and abused.  It's not like their kids were tortured as my son has been.  Their kids are deliberately parented badly and it's the choice of the parents.  It takes a village.  Really.  Why is the village full of morons that should never have children in the first place when they're cruel and obsessed with politics and greed.  It doesn't take a village.  One parent can be the only decent parent in an entire "village" of idiots.

I don't trust their connections to this area either.  Rosen with his Navy colors tie.  His wife works for them in biochemistry, if that's the same one who worked in Maryland until she was in D.C.  People who have had a role in drugging me and my family have the same kind of job.

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