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Microsoft Illegally Blocking My Business & Legal Email & Espionage by Middletons

Microsoft blocked me from my own email account on the 29th.  That is the same day Kate Middleton was married, and this is the reason Microsoft chose to shut down my account on the 29th, to make a point.

The last information I had blogged about was MKUltra and sending email to the members of press for Gallery for the Senate in Washington D.C.

This is the 4th time an internet provider has blocked my family members from their own email accounts, and it is only the members who have had correspondence from me.  My Aunt Mary, whom I wrote, was forced to change her account and all her information history was purged by AOL.  My brother had the same thing happen by Microsoft.  And then my Aunt Holly had the same thing happen by Microsoft.  My Wells Fargo business bank account history was illegally closed and purged prior to Microsoft purging my Aunt Holly and brother's hotmail accounts.

All of these things have been done since Kate Middleton got married.

Every instance of purging our bank account or email account history has been done after Middleton's wedding on April 29th.

Google, which operates Blogger, also ruined my ability to use my Blogger account on the 29th.  This was done while I was attempting to upload MRI and CT photos, and I was blocked from doing this, and the problem was created on the 29th.  I would have to go back and check which month, but that's when it was done.

Microsoft has no reason to block my primary email account.  They asked me to change my password and said they'd send me a code, and I changed my password.  Then they said I had to use a different alternate email address.  They told me I could not use another internet email address, that it had to be a "temporary Microsoft email address".  So I created one:  katemiddletonisacriminal@hotmail.com.

Kate Middleton is not only a drug dealer, and her family is not only laundering money over drugs, she is guilty of espionage.

The Middleton family works for the CIA and has their money laundered by the FBI.  They get help from other businesses because of their involvement in the drug industry.  This drug industry has been supported by the CIA and covered by the DEA and FBI because they are the people who have wanted Middleton in the position she is in now.

Not only is the Middleton family guilty of high crimes and espionage, Kate Middleton was handed over my personal files, by the U.S. FBI, when the same FBI refused to give me my own personal records that could have helped me over 7 years ago.

The FBI allowed me to be tortured, and my son to be tortured, but gave HER my personal records.

She has been reading my mother's email.   I don't know who has been giving her access to it, or passing along the information, but I should say, someone who knows Kate or Kate herself, has had access to my mother's email.

So I gave Microsoft everything they asked for and then they said send them documents to prove myself.  So I sent them 3 documents and I have not had any response at all.

It's been 1 full week.  Since this time, I have called Microsoft and they said they were going to get me into my account but instead, hooked me up to their server and then asked me to break into an old account I had, with them watching.  I told them, with Microsoft on my computer, and remotely controlling it through Citrix (the arrow was all over the place and they were downloading and uploading things) that I did not have the "genext" account anymore.  Genext is a computer internet service I used a long time ago.  So Microsoft kept telling me to "try" to break into it anyway.  I told them repeatedly, "I do not pay for an account with them anymore and I have not used that account for years.  Microsoft told me to open a temporary account through them, and I did.  So why aren't you asking me about the temporary account I used, and why are you telling me to try to break into an email account I already told you I don't have."

Microsoft was repeatedly badgering me to try to break into an old account, with them watching.  And the other bizarre thing was they kept pointing, using the arrow cursor, to the 3 circles Genext is now using as their logo.  It's 3 circles like the 3 circles on Williams coat or whatever, from his marriage to Drug Dealer.  What a match.  Are their kids going to be testing for cocaine and amphetamines?

So this Eastern Indian man from Microsoft, kept pointing to the 3 circle logo of Genext over and over, and was harassing me to "Just TRY."  What was his point?  He wanted me to "try" knowing it wouldn't work, so it could bounce back at me with "you no longer have this account" so they could all smile around the room at eachother?  What kind of a fucked up game is Bill Gates playing.

Just try.  Come on, try anyway.  Try.

Repeatedly, Microsoft was asking me to "try" to break into an old account, and then pointing out this 3 circle logo, over and  over.  Come on, just try.  I said no.  I said "No, I'm not going to try to get into an account I don't have, and I already told you I don't have this account anymore."

They didn't want to look at katemiddletonisacriminal@hotmail.com.  The temporary account.  They didn't even want to talk about katemiddletonisacriminal. 

After I told Microsoft I already told them I didn't have that Genext account anymore, then the Eastern Indian man said, "I'm sorry then.  I cannot help you."

In the background were all of these white-sounding professionals.  It wasn't overseas. 

He also lied and told me 4 different people from foreign countries were trying to break into my email account and he pointed them out and all of them had 202 prefixes.  202 is Washington D.C., not "foreign countries".  All of the numbers started with the same thing and he was telling me there were 4 different hackers from various foreign countries.  All of them were 202 Washington D.C. numbers.

So I thought maybe it was just that Microsoft person.  I tried calling again and I was connected to the EXACT same man.  It's been over a week, and the SAME Eastern Indian man took my call, and this time it was white and Asian people in the background.  There was an Asian man right next to him and you could by his voice--a very slight accent.

So this same Eastern Indian man asked for remote access to my computer again and I told him I was calling  because I was trying to upload files to Microsoft to prove I am the owner of the account.  He said he couldn't help me with that but he would get me into my account today.  I said no, I'm not comfortable giving Microsoft remote access after what they did last time and I reminded him of what happened.  Microsoft is supposed to allow people with email accounts to submit documents to get into their accounts if their account is blocked.

I'm not being accused of a crime.

I'm being told my email account is blocked because they don't know if I'm the owner.  So if this is the reason, why are they refusing to allow me to send over documents and why have they ignored me over the documents I have already sent.

I today sent another email, asking this to be escalated, to allow me to upload files (they only give this option if the "issue" is "escalated" and instead someone posted my new question as an "answer" to an old question, rather than opening up this new request so a Moderator can look at it and send it to an escalated department and be prepared to receive my documents.

You know, it was seriously harassment to be told over and over, to "try to get in!"  with the Genext account. What other purpose was there?

I mean, this tech was pointing to the 3 circle logo, over and over, and telling me by phone, "Just try.  Try anyway."


He knew as well as I did, that if I didn't have the account anymore, there was no point "trying".  If I said I don't have the account, why would I HAVE the account still, and lie about it.  Like I'm going to lie to Microsoft and say I don't have the Genext account if I still have it, and I deliberately want to start a new temporary account with katemiddletonisacriminal.

How does that question prove I'm the owner of my own account?  You're the owner? then prove to us you cannot get back into an old account you said you had, because we have to verify you CANNOT get back in, and then we'll believe you, that you are the authentic owner."

The only reason he kept asking me to "try" it, was because they wanted to get a thrill out of having me try to enter in something that I already knew didn't work, and have the pleasure of seeing it fail.  I have no idea what kind of message Genext has set up for failure to access their system.  Whatever it is, Microsoft wanted to get off on it, and I said no, because I was not going to give them that unnecessary and pointless pleasure.

Why should I go along with their attempt to mock me.  That is all they were doing, using this as a reason for mocking me.  Below is a copy of what I've sent to Microsoft.  I was forced to open this other account after the 29th of December.  My account was blocked at 9 p.m. December 29th.  I was then put through a loop of filling things out and changing my password, which I did.  Then they forced me to open up a temporary hotmail account after midnight, making it December 30th that I started this account.  In my inbox, it shows as "katemiddleton" but the full email address I used is katemiddletonisacriminal.

1/01/13We have received your Account Recovery Request for cameocares@live.com‏

KateMiddletonIsACriminal asked on

Private: Request To Escalate Problem To Upload Files (My Account Blocked)

I am writing to request this issue be escalated.

It has been 3 weeks and I've been blocked from my primary email account with Microsoft, which I've used for business and legal reasons. I have made several attempts to have this resolved. One time the matter was escalated to another department and I was given an opportunity to upload files. I uploaded 3 documents and I was ignored.

I would like to be put in touch with someone who is ready to receive these documents again, along with other files I have that prove I am the owner of this account.

I am requesting therefore that this matter be escalated for this purpose.

The email account in question is cameocares@live.com.
Username for this address is: 
Account owner's name is: 

I have files to send over but please confirm someone is there to receive them and will not ignore me, and please escalate this so the option for uploading files is allowed.


Update 2:12 p.m. 1/22/13.  I'm starting to think the only reason Microsoft did this to me is as a favor to Canada.  The Gates collaborate with a Canadian billionaire on health matters that happened to involve me.

I have already blogged in the past about the Gates Foundation collaborating with Canadian doctors and healthcare over "research" that was secretive for candida.  When I was with Alvaro Pardo and others, on the East Coast, I was being treated for this, without my consent or knowledge or approval.  I was drugged and medicated, and the U.S. and Canada went together on it.  The Bill Gates Foundation is involved by its involvement in health research and their connection to the same Canadian doctor that was spearheading the "new treatment" for this.  I blogged about the Gates' visiting this man and his organization, and he's from Toronto, Canada.  The U.S. Pentagon got illegal access and agency to me, by claiming if I stayed with members of the federal government, I was by proxy, under their jurisdiction.  That's not to mention their abuse of me through MKUltra.

I think the only reason Microsoft blocked my account when they did, was because they knew I was about to file for CAT against Canada and the Gates are friends with, and gave money to, the same doctors that drugged me without my consent.  I made it clear I was filing for CAT against Canada, 1 month before I sent email to members of the Senate about MKUltra documents that would prove my family has been used and this program has been an excuse for anti-competition and hate crimes against us.

Right after Microsoft saw that I was motivated enough to send out those letters, and attempt to get records, they knew I was about to file my report against Canada and they blocked my account.

Microsoft's illegal block of my primary email account and refusal to resolve this when I provided evidence that I am the owner is one of the main reasons for recent decisions I had to make. 

I would never be romantically involved with any man I have ever dated from my past.  They are all liars and some of them drugged me and medicated me.  Several of them are connected to eachother, through federal work.
These internet companies that have purged my family's history and email accounts have only done this to family members I have corresponded with.  Aunt Mary's AOL address was mary martin @aol, something like that, and they purged everything and forced her to take a different address at WOR.  Her email address they reassigned to her has something about wwor or wor in it.  They forced her out of her primary account and purged it.  My Aunt Holly who I wrote to had her primary account at hollybeanpole, and they made her switch to something plain, just her full name, at gmail.  My brother's email account was also purged and he had to switch to something plain, just his full name, at gmail.

Mary Martin's account is full of things about Eastern India and her correspondence to me about this and about my lawyer Tanesha Canzeter who was working from Washington D.C. and Bellingham, WA at the same time.  All of my correspondence about my son, and her comments about Eastern India and Tanesha are in that account that AOL purged, along with family history correspondence. 

My Aunt Holly's account contains every email I ever sent about my son and CPS, since he was kidnapped from me.  Microsoft purged it.

My brother's email address had some mail from me but not tons, but whatever he had with Microsoft was purged and he had to start over with gmail.

Microsoft deliberately tried to force me over to gmail.  They blocked me from my account that has all of my legal records, with a false claim that they don't know I am the owner, when they do know.  And then they told me to open a temporary account with Microsoft but not to use Microsoft for my email anymore.  They told me over the phone, several times, "Do not use Microsoft" and I was talking to Microsoft customer service people.

So basically, aside from Aunt Mary being assigned a different AOL account she didn't choose for herself, and having all of her history purged, the rest of us have been forced over to Google.

Google is responsible for blocking me from uploading my evidence on Blogger, and Blogger is a web function they own.  Why would Microsoft force us over to Google, unless Google was working with them.  Both companies are Seattle, Washington based start-ups with strong ties to California.  There is no logical reason for Microsoft to do this to my family unless they are working with Google and they think Google can surveil better.  At the same time Microsoft and AOl were purging my other family member's email accounts and history, Wells Fargo illegally closed my business account, and the person who did it works for the FBI.  There were 3 people involved in what happened with my business account at the bank:  Melissa, from the YMCA in Nashville, TN, who received my requests to stop payment; Kari, the new branch manager who arrived 2 months after I was banking there, and Matthew Sexton, who arrived after I was banking there, a few weeks later.  I signed up, and they shipped the man I signed up with, out, and moved Matthew Sexton in, and I never liked him.  I always knew there was something wrong with him.  He was the banker who had instructions on what to do with correspondence to me and who made notes in the computer, and I did not just have phone and email conversations with him--I went to the bank in person about once a week.  He knew exactly who I was, and we talked in person, over the phone, and by email and there was never any doubt on his part as to who he was speaking with and which email I used for banking matters.  That email account, is the same one Microsoft is now illegally blocking me from accessing.

The FBI is involved in shutting down my bank account and now they are allowing Microsoft to keep me out of the account that proves my banking email was through that Microsoft account.  So basically, the FBI is trying to ensure I am blocked from getting my bank account opened. 

I cannot open any other bank account at this time, because of what the FBI has done.  This means I have no way to receive my college financial aid disbursements by email, and I can't run a non-profit or any kind of business without a banking account, and I cannot even purchase and sell books back through Amazon.com as I have in the past, because Amazon.com deposits funds directly to your bank account.

So the FBI has blocked me from business and then encouraged internet providers to purge the email accounts of family members.

Melissa from the YMCA?  Oh yeah, she's federal too.  She is the person I gave my stop bank payment instructions to.  Her husband is, of course, U.S. military.  As for her, I don't know that she did anything besides work at the YMCA...I know her husband is and was employed by the U.S. military and I think he was Army.  I don't remember which branch Melissa's husband was employed through.  Maybe it was Navy.  I know that I had a "feeling" something about HER was FBI.  I have not confirmed this, but it was a feeling I had, and I noticed she had an uncommon interest in me and was always sharply watching me.  She could be very friendly and pleasant, but she had daggers in her eyes.  She looked at me with daggers and as if she could play the heroine for someone else, by blocking me in some way.  Oh yes.  Melissa.  If she is not FBI, she is a cop.  I can very easily imagine her having coffee with Kari from Wells Fargo.  Afterall, Kari showed up after I signed up for automatic withdrawal through the YMCA.  It wasn't like people at the YMCA didn't know people.

Here are the people who moved into MY territory after I was already there, in Nashville:

Brad Uhl and Sonja Friend-Uhl.  DEA.  9th St. Nashville, TN, from Florida.
Matthew Sexton.  Wells Fargo.  4th St. Nashville, TN.
Kari.  Wells Fargo branch manager.  4th St. Nashville, TN.

And Melissa, who I gave 2 different "stop payment" notices to, is married to someone in the U.S. military and is, I believe, either working directly for FBI or with someone from FBI.  The main director of the entire YMCA, who I later met with, in a different location, was 20+years U.S. military and had military photos all over his office.  I am pretty sure he was U.S. Air Force, and then of course, the YMCA is originally founded and has headquarters in England.  The YMCA is a British organization that has operations in the U.S.  I did not know this, or had forgotten it at least, until I was one day waiting for something at the Nashville branch and started reading some plaques on the wall about the history of the YMCA.  Oh.  London, England.  I was already having automatic payroll deduction to my Wells Fargo bank account by the time I found out.  I never imagined they would literally collude against me to refuse to stop payment on my bank account.

How Middleton.

So just as I send out letter to members of the Senate, and I declared I was filing taxes as "independent" because I have a non-profit, 2 days after I told my parents I had to file taxes to keep my business operative, Microsoft blocked me from my own account.  I said I had to file taxes, for the first 3 years, or automatically lose my non-profit, and how exactly am I going to keep my non-profit if Microsoft is blocking me from my own email account that proves this is what I used for my banking with Wells Fargo?









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