Thursday, January 3, 2013

U.S. Government Blocking Parents From Visiting With Their Own Kids

The U.S. has not just kidnapped my son and then allowed us only 1 hour in visits each day, under a false pretense of CPS.

The U.S.government has done the same thing to my parents and me.  My brother was allowed to visit the family one time in over 7 years.  I was blocked from visiting my parents for 7 years as well, even though I tried to several times and called and asked.  They said no, but I didn't realize that they have not been the ones who are controlling these things.

Since I made a request to members connected to Senate for MKUltra-changed program name investigation, my parents have been told they can only see me for ONE HOUR each day.

It's like CPS.  But it's with supposedly "free" adults.

Whenever I have made any kind of attempt to get outside help or support, this is what happens.  They are told not to allow me to print anything from their printer, even if I pay for the cost; they are told they can't see me for weeks at a time or that we are blocked from visiting with eachother more than 1 hour.

When I came to town, I went everywhere with them.  After I refused to work for cops/FBI at The Devil's Kitchen, in town, I was tortured and my parents were told I couldn't go anywhere with them and we couldn't do things as a family.

Since 2003 things got much worse.  My parents were under directions before, telling me to do things that were not in my best interests, because of U.S. government.  For example, when I was 11, my mother bought me and my brother clothes that were not even things she'd buy.  My Dad looked embarressed and then Granny came over and was extremely down.  We have a photo of her sitting there with this expression on her face that says we're hostages, and me standing there in this crazy outfit with my brother.

I am positive it was Middleton.  And Middleton works for CIA.  They weren't clothes.  They were costumes.  I was wearing some bright zig-zag wild pattern sweatshirt with tons of colors and then these tight black and white checkered leggings.  The leggings were so distracting with this black and white checkered pattern that they looked like they were moving if you stared at them.  it came with a hot pink wide cloth headband.  I ended up sort of liking it, because I was getting into colorful things and later did creative make-up and hair, but it was a joke to someone else.  My brother was wearing a U.S. Army sweatshirt, with pants that matched (camoflague) and an Army hat that went with it.  Even as a kid I knew it was more like Halloween costumes, and this is what someone told my parents to give us for Christmas.  I had met Ruthie Ames by that time.  Kate Middleton was 3 years old.

I remember that Christmas being one where something fell apart, and I could tell, as a kid, that there was something not typical.  It wasn't the kind of clothes we wore.  I remember my brother was wearing Lee brand jeans for several years in school until I told my Mom to get him Levi's because all the boys wore them and he'd fit in better.  There was nothing wrong with Lee jeans, but I was sensitive to the peer culture.  I did a whole advocacy thing for him.  "PLEASE Mom."  "But these are cheaper."  "Mom, no one is wearing them at school and he'll fit in better, PLEASE."

Now I can look back at timing of things.  My parents telling me to marry some guy, at age 16, who had a major head injury and was disabled?  That wasn't them--they were told to suggest this to me.  The woman I went on the double-date with was named Mindy.  There was no way my parents wanted me to marry that guy but this is literally what they were suggesting.  And then telling me not to go to college and be a "dental assistant"?  Ruthie Ames was a dental assistant then.  They knew something like that had nothing to do with what I'd be good at.  My mother liked Brian Parker initially, but my Dad, thank goodness, could see down the road.  He came back from college at University of Oregon in Eugene, feeling spiteful that I wouldn't be his eventual girlfriend (we dated for months but I didn't even allow him to hold my hand or do anything intimate). So Brian Parker (or Bryan?) comes back from University of Oregon one day and tells me some story about a woman at their college who smeared peanut butter on her thighs and had her dog lick her. He said she was coming up from a basement.  He went on and on about that, and it seemed to me, he was feeling hateful and wanted to get revenge by grossing me out.  The next thing he told me was that he dressed in women's stockings.  He put on women's sheer black pantyhose and wore them at U of O.  This was in 1994.  He told me these things after I told him I'd done something with Robin Bechtold (I didn't lose my virginity but something else).  I remember the next time he saw me, he was telling me all of these weird things, in a really hateful way.  It was like spite, and I thought it had something to do with the fact that I finally told him I didn't see myself ever being romantically involved with him in any way.  I dated him many times, and I got to know him well enough to know I was not attracted or interested and he was not someone I would marry.   I had gotten back from the East Coast and he wanted to see me and this was the kind of thing he was saying.  Then another time, he had a woman with him and there was sheer hatred all over his face.  I never knew why he hated me with such venom, but he did.  I thought it was because he thought I "led him on" or gave him too much hope about being his girlfriend.  In 1994 I noticed a lot of things. 

So when Brian Parker got vindictive and spiteful, I thought about my Dad.  He never told me not to date him, but he nodded when I told my mother I didn't care if he was good-looking, I wasn't that interested in him.  I think my instincts proved right.

I was right.  I was right.  I was right.  And he turned out to be very passive-aggressive, like other men I've known, actually.  The passive-aggressive trait is extremely dangerous. I don't like being yelled at, and I've cried when being yelled at, but if it comes down to being yelled at by someone who is upfront and gets it all off their chest, and some cruel and passive-aggressive method of lashing out, I'll take the first. 

There were a few times, I got a nod when I said I didn't want to go out with someone, but this was usually after a LOT of pressure to do so first. 

The U.S. has used a group to control every single thing my family does, including when we see eachother.  I remember Coach Steve Hills asking why my parents didn't support me and come out to watch me run (in 1992 and 1993) and putting question-marks on THEM, and I had no idea that they were likely being told NOT to go.  God knows what horrible things were being done to them while I was at running practice and track meets.  I don't think things were good for them when I left to be a nanny in New Jersey either.  I made a huge mistake of returning to work for the Kargman's after Thanksgiving, when I should have stayed home and quit my job then and there.  I was determined to stick it out 1 year but when I knew things weren't right and something was wrong at home with parents without me, I shouldn't have gone back to NJ.  It was a mistake.

When I did get back, all these people were really weirding out around me.  I don't know when my parents were kidnapped, but they have confirmed to me that yes, they've been kidnapped.  I was held hostage with roommates in 1996, and told not to tell anyone.  I'm sure something very serious has been done to my parents.  That is aside from being hostages in general.

Then my brother and I were separated from my parents and blocked from seeing them for 7 years.  It was longer than 7 years actually.  I asked about going over and I was told no.  It was never my parent's decision, it was another group controlling them and trying to make decisions for them.  If I was going to file a lawsuit, oh yeah, they wanted me in Coquille, OR with my parents, where I had insufficient access to court.  But if I wasn't in a lawsuit, they blocked me from being with my parents because they were too busy abusing all of us and isolating us from eachother.

When I got here, everything was fine until I refused to work at The Devil's Kitchen.  Then I was deemed as "non-cooperative".  I was cut off from going anywhere with my parents and we were not allowed to do things as a family.  I was not allowed to sing worship songs with my Dad and he was forced to have Rosemary and Sheila sing with him instead.  Then he was forced to stop the worship.  I was not allowed to go walking with my mother anymore.  We were not allowed to do anything with eachother.  If an "offense" was made against the U.S. government, through a comment by me on my blog or otherwise, about corrupt Judges, or FBI, or trying to appeal for my son, I was blocked from seeing my parents for weeks.  Then it was constant threats from this group, to separate us.  The entire reason I went for online degrees was to be near my parents when I know we are all being tortured.  It has nothing to do with not being independent--I've done that my entire life--it has to do with torture.  Every time I was blocked from visting my parents, it was after my parents were forced to do something to deliberately provoke me, for an excuse to block me.  It was 100% of the time, following the reaction someone had to an "insult" by my truth-telling.  It was also done each time I tried to contact the UN about human rights.  And it was done out of retaliation throughout the time I tried to appeal to get my son back.  There was no way to appeal while we were tortured, and on top of this, my parents were being beat to ensure they didn't assist me in any way.

Meanwhile, I had my music being copied when I was forced to do my singing in my house. I guess that's what they wanted--to steal from me more, more of my intellectual property, and block me from singing worship songs to God with my own Dad.

So now, since I wrote to the members of the Senate Gallery press, all of them, and asked if any of them (just one) might assist with obtaiing FOIA through a request, to investigate illegal torture and abuse of my parents through the MKUltra program excuse, I am suddenly, without any reason, now restricted to "ONE HOUR PER DAY". 

It's like the 1 hour CPS visitation.  And now they are trying to move my parents out to another location where we can't keep an eye on eachother, but while they use us, they can't even pay for the electricity and water bill for my parents. 

My parents are slave laborers.  They're not getting paid for ANY of this.

The opportunities to make money in this town are not huge.  They work and on top of this, the U.S. government has been FREELOADING off of them for decades.  Their mooching off of my parents. I mean, no salary?  NOTHING.  As for me, I've received NOTHING for what's been done to me and the things stolen from me.  It is 100% slave labor and it's really bad for my Mom and Dad.  I am not the one who got blackmailed as a kid and teen so it's practically impossible to get out of this.  I am also not the one with the gift that the U.S. uses and profits from. 

Today my Mom turned on water and I asked what the sound was and she said water and I got off the phone and I was cooking and had to wash off a fork in the water before stirring something.  The other day she said "read your Bible" and something about "Two" and I opened up my Bible randomly to a person or place with the name Tuo.  Recently I know they got things right and then I changed last minute or bought something else last minute, but they know ahead of time what goes through my mind and what I'll consider.  The government forces them to perform a show for them now.  Every day and night.

It doesn't matter what I want to do or what I idea I have, it is quashed by force.  The only thing I am now even allowed to do, while I am tortured still, is college.  People are trying to force me out of the non-profits now, through my parents.  In college, there are military people signing up for classes just to experiment and see if they can predict what I'll write about.  It never ends.  I am used for research even in college.  And this has NOT been torture-free for me.  This is while my entire family is tortured. 

I was forced to sign up for disability at one point, or apply, and it was forced.  It was someone telling my mother to tell me to sign up for SSI.  It was another way to put a peg in my chart and make me undesirable and unattractive for work, and in society in general.  I asked for a copy of what was in the system, and it's written up to make me sound nuts.  For example, one section is written "She says she met the doctor for migraines and then bled all over the floor."  "She says she's being tapped by radars for migraines."  The wording wasn't my words and it was combined to make me sound nuts and the facts are wrong.  They even have their requests for records made to sound wrong, asking for "mental health" records from George Washington Hospital in D.C. when I didn't go there for mental health, but for being whacked by CIA operative from Nigeria.  Asking for "mental health" records from them was going to go nowhere.

It's documentation that is exactly like what the FBI has done to me.  They want excuses to create fabricated and distorted documentation about me, to rewrite history in their favor.  They're thinking about the future, not just now.  They have not quit.  Oh, actually, when they felt good about William knocking up Kate, then they quit asking me to fill out the disability.  They already had what they wanted anyway--a permanent record that made me sound nuts.  Their entire objective has been to create as many false documents about me as possible.

They've destroyed evidence that my parents had and have tried to erase their history as well.  O'Reilly's comments after James Rosen said he had acid-reflux sometimes was "But did you SEE it?" 

The FBI/CIA/and military never allowed me free will and "freedom".  They tried to force me to work for them or go to jail and then they lie and torture me and my son.  And then again try to force me to work for them.

Earlier tonight my mother thought maybe something good would happen and turn around.  Then, by the end of the night, she didn't look very good.  Her eye was popped out and she got upset at me, and then I was worried someone is trying to put her over the edge so I checked on her.  My Dad told me I could come in "for ONE HOUR" and then left the house.  So I didn't get any "visitation" time with my Dad tonight.

These kinds of bizarre restrictions are retaliation for my contacting Senate persons to try to help my family.  All we need is some FOIA to start.  And then some declassification.  What have I asked for?  To not be tortured.  But I am TORTURED anyway.  First, most of my life I was oppressed.  But then when I filed lawsuits I would have won, and was about to win, I was blocked from access to the courts with an illegal car tow.  The FBI was involved and they are responsible for forcing me out of these lawsuits and my right to access to the courts.

This is the kind of thing some dirty official does in Taiwan.  Calls up a dirty Judge and asks him to issue a false alert on a vehicle to tow it away so I literally, am blocked from traveling and stranded with no car, in the middle of college and 3 major lawsuits (the last one including Judges).  This is shocking enough.  Then they began daily torture, not just for special court dates, to force me out or try to, but daily torture.  They wanted me to kill myself.

The reason I am still tortured is still anti-competition.  They don't want me fighting them in court.  I did too good of a job until they blocked my transportation.  They do not want me to rise to the same level I was at, because I cost them time and money, even if they saved hundreds of thousands by forcing me to lose.  There is no legitimate reason to torture me, and it has been done to oppress me and prevent the justice system from being healthy.  They like having it corrupt and sick.  That's the FBI for you, and the corrupt Department of Justice.

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