Sunday, January 6, 2013

Patty Otterbach: German Jewish Criminal

Patty Otterbach is a criminal.

She just showed up to take my mother away from the house, after my Mom was telling me for two days she'd run me downtown to get a ton of bottled water which needs to be transported by a car.

I wrote about Patty and how she is a criminal and nothing has been done, by anyone. Insteead, my mother was tortured over it, and I saw the photos.

Patty is connected to the Rose-Lewis family.

She's also someone who lived out in the area where my Dad said there were 6 sexual predators. There are only a few houses, and Patty's is one of them.

I started wondering, the other night, if she has actually sexually assaulted my Dad. She takes my mother out with her, to be assaulted, and my mother was brought back from Roseburg (close enough to Eugene, which is an area Scott and Laura Lewis like and went to college), with black eyes, glassy stare, and shaking.

Patty works for the U.S. government in some capacity and I think it is FBI.

I was told, by my Mom today, that I am not allowed to visit each day for 1 hour, now it's been decided (by some other group) it's "every other day". I said he was just saying that, but I don't think he was serious, and she said it was true.

So then Patty shows up, and parks in our driveway, when she supervises assault of my parents. My Mom was about to cry while she was working out, and this man with biker tatoos all over his arms showed up. She was reading some book that a woman loaned to her (probably Patty).

My mother told me one day, with marks of torture all over her body, that "It starts with prayer."

Her relationship with Patty started "with prayer". It went from prayer to torture.

She degrades my Dad, addressing him as "Bobby" when this is only what he was called as a child. He's not "Bobby", he's Bob. My Dad is 100% uncomfortable around her. The person who likes to attach, "y's" and "ies" to people's names is Lorraine Rose. She refused to call me by my name Cameo, calling me Cami instead. So like Lorraine Rose, Patty doesn't address him as "Bob" but "Bobby".

Patty definitely works for the FBI.

My Dad looks miserable and helpless every single time Patty takes my mother out for a walk, and she demands these walks. It's not an option for my mother to decline. She forces my mother to sound natural and like they're friends when they're not. I belive Patty was present when my mother was slashed up.

Patty is also directly connected to The Middletons. When my Dad was talking about some sexual predator and how there were "6" that lived on this one road, Patty's house is one of only a couple of houses there. Her house was being included as a house where a sexual predator lived. Patty. Otterbach.

And 6 was the room number that William chose for him and Kate after their wedding.

Patty is the woman who deliberately leaned out of her car window to mock me smugly, when Kate Middleton was pregnant and when she thought I was being put st odds with my Dad. I remember it.

She gave my Dad a couple of "transformers" that were her grandson's and left 2 of them there for my Dad to stare at. This is while knowing my son and my parents grandson Oliver, is tortured.

So Patty shows up when I mention Josh Gatov's deliberate and premeditated rape of me again. Of course.

My mother looked like help might be on the way until cops and Patty's, Kathy and Debbie friends came around to beat my Mom up over it. I was told I had to take down what I wrote about Patty and if I didn't, I had to move. I took it down because I was afraid moving away from my parents would put them in worse danger. But this just made Patty look like she was innocent, or like it wasn't that big of a deal.

It was a big deal.

She is a big deal. She is a criminal and her "praying" is a cover for crimes.

The other person who is a big deal is this pastor at their church who isn't who he says he is. And there is a U.S Navy pastor at another Baptist church, off of 10th, that is a Kate Middleton pal, and likes to "poison oak" people. I haven't witnessed it, but that's what I think. He is a 7 years U.S. Navy employed sonar technician.

My parents both looked extremely disappointed when I said I agreed to take down what I wrote about Patty, Kathy, and Debbie. I think they were disappointed because they knew how bad it was, and felt if I took the information down, it discredited me or sounded like it's not really so bad. It's very bad.

I overheard Patty talking to my mother before Christmas, when I accidentally picked up the phone and she was on. Usually the phone is somehow turned off and I don't pick it up usually anyway. I was going to make a phone call and I happened to find out Patty was on the other line with my Mom. My Mom did not sound very happy at all. She sounded miserable.

Patty was going on and on about "I got Cubby Lane" but it sounded like "Cub Elaine" in a way. She said, "We're going to sign papers on Christmas Eve." So she's going on and on about how something is going to happen on Christmas Eve and some kind of further contract is going to be signed. Then either before this or after this, my Mom was telling her she got the Pirates listing, in Coos Bay. So I waited until after Christmas to look this up, and my Mom doesn't have Pirates. The day she was going out to look at it, she picked me up from shopping, looking depressed. Now, I go to Patty's worksite and it says Dennis Pooler has it. And the man who showed up at the gym today during my Mom's workout, looks like Dennis Hotchkiss and he has biker tatoos on him (Judge Dennis Hotchkiss, in Wenatchee, WA, is part of bike gang), and he was making a point to spread out a newspaper in front of my Mom and point to things in the paper.

So I went to my Mom's real estate site and there's nothing about Pirates on it. It's on Patty's site with Dennis Pooler. And there isn't a Cub Elaine, or Cubby Lane, on Patty's Prudential site, there is a Covey address that has Patty's name attached. I found the Covey surname last night, while I looked up some criminals. Patty is just selling a house on that street, but it sort of fits the picture.

How did Dennis Pooler get a Pirates listing when it was supposed to my Mom's listing and something she went out to in Coos Bay. What are people doing? Asking my Mom to transfer her business to them?

On the day she went to see it or whatever, she left fine, and came back looking like someone had just robbed her.

"I think it's going to happen on Christmas Eve...

We're signing papers Christmas Eve..."

I don't ever want to see Patty on this property again. She deliberately says things to my mother to rub things in, and degrades my Dad calling him "Bobby" flippantly as she breezes through their house, and brought my mother back from Roseburg looking tortured and TRASHED and there was NOTHING wrong with Patty's appearance.

She wasn't tortured. My Mom was.



If I ever find out Alvaro tries to sneak back into the U.S. with a "Visa" or what looks like legal papers through a marriage to someone else for a green card, for the FBI, and then leaving kids to be tortured, I will make sure he goes to jail. LYING to say maybe I was mentally ill? when he knew I wasn't and then leaving me and m son to be tortured?

He is a scumbag. He will stay in Colombia or be deported if he ever tries to come back to the United States and work for the government or private business. Not only that, he's connected to the printing industry and I will be sure they are exposed, along with Middletons, if he dare tries. That includes William and Kate Middleton.

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