Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Interference with 2nd Computer

I bought a brand new laptop and there is nothing wrong with its ability to pick up a signal and instead of being able to use it, some group shuts it down and disconnects me unless I have it inside my parent's house.

So this is the latest thing, along with being literally tortured by military-aerospace technology and finding out my entire family is part of MKUltra which never went away.

It's been used as an excuse for anti-competition and hate crime.  What was supposedly a neutral program, involving my working for mainly Roman Catholic federal employees, and then Jewish ones, became the excuse for raping me and torturing my family.  So basically, it's not "hate crime" according to them, it's 'research'.  My lawsuits were obstructed and I was obstructed from court and the justice system, because of this excuse.  My lawsuits were against a Jewish-owned newspaper, The Willamette Week, and some parts of the Roman Catholic church, and police.  I named the police because the Catholic church used police they knew personally to harass me and threaten me to keep me from protesting publicly.  Then the FBI allowed their agents to become part of this harassment and interference and used an FBI investigation as an excuse for withholding FOIA when I was being tortured and my son was tortured.  The FBI was part of the hate crime.

The Mormons or Protestants that I've discovered have played a role have all had a money motive.  For them, it wasn't religion but greed, with some of them having business deals with the others that would have been negatively affected if my testimony was held to be credible.

So the latest thing is that I have a computer that shows all 5 bars are strong, from my place, and I should be able to get a connection, but it won't connect.  Then I was outside on the porch near their house and had a connection and it disconnected.  I haven't been able to use this other laptop hardly at all, and not because there is a signal problem, but because someone keeps shutting it down and cutting off the connection.  So basically, I'm forced to use this other laptop I never wanted, or decided I didn't want, that I got stuck with.  This is the case where everyone was lying about what they told me and the video footage of my buying it was supposedly not found.  It might be resolved because I identified some people, but in the meantime, I have the signal being shut down on the other one. 

This would mean I'd have to take it somewhere else for a signal, which I'm not going to do, because that's been an excuse for others to hack into the system.

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