Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mafia: Edit Instead Of Deletion Of Blog

I realize I've muddled things.

I shouldn't have written sidenote commentary and interjected poems and freewrites with my explanation of events that have led to where I am now, which could be helpful to someone in the justice system who wants to know what's happened. The true story stuff.

So, I'm going to be removing all the superfluous posts and put them into another site/blog, and then keep the timeline of events regarding legal matters and litigation, harassment, etc, linear.

Also, for someone who isn't familiar with the timeline, the stuff about "radiation" and things I observed may sound strange, but it's not, in context. When I write about my observations, I'm not saying "Dorsey Plumbing" is behind this, or that some guy with a metal detector, etc. I'm just saying that when things started happening to both me and my son, I kept track of everything I could, to try to figure it out. I also noticed, for example, whenever we got the sudden taser pangs, it was at nighttime, after working hours, and that 3 cars (almost always including this one red truck) were passing the house, evenly spaced from eachother, but close to eachother, like they were together, and standing out from traffic (if there was any other traffic at all). I never knew if it meant anything or not, but I made note of anything and everything that was happening at about the same time, so I had a record.

As for radiation, if that's what was happening, blood dosimetry is pointless after several months, but I've talked to others who say it can be detected up to a year later, and that there are other forms for detection because it alters chromosomes and DNA. So if the proof is there, it's still there.

Of course, no one from Wenatchee is going to offer the testing. But if it were done, and came back positive, it absolutely clears me of everything and shows I was not imagining things and that I have the right to have my son back immediately, through positive proof I have never been "delusional" and that if it turns up on me, according to my reports of how my son was also affected, it shows he was exposed.

Do I think my son's damages are from childbirth or from this "radiation" or whatever? I believe and know that both happened. My son and I were damaged in childbirth, and we were also suffering from some environmental exposure to something which caused extreme pain and bizarre symptoms. Either way, for either reason, my son's sudden loss of speech warrants investigation by MRI, which could turn something up.

I am not crazy, and I still have an opportunity to prove it, and to also prove I made several powerful enemies prior to the "radiation" which could lend to motive and money and resources which would facilitate such a tragedy. Until anyone has listened to exactly what things I have known about, which lawyers tried to conceal, and the kind of mafia abuse I experienced by police who were telling me they were Catholic at the same time, no one has a right to make assumptions of any kind.

Most recently, all my webcam footage of me and my son together, which was viewed by my former roommate, disappeared and now the disc shows language alteration from English to Basque. I didn't do anything by "mistake" which would have deleted this webcam stuff, but obviously, someone knows I was right, that this footage showed a clear bond between me and my son, and that we were normal and happy (when not in pain) prior to leaving for Canada. Someone knew it would help me get my son back immediately and they altered it purposefully.

What's the other "explanation?" I've had too many things happen already--it's gone far beyond "coincidence"

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fighting Words

Copy Of: Why I Cannot Get Medical Care in WA and Dept. Attempt to Deny Coverage

FW: Why I Cannot Get Medical Care In Washington/Dept. Attempt To Deny Medical Coverage‏
From: cam huegenot (
Sent: Fri 6/27/08 9:11 AM

Please forward to Judge Hotchkiss and Jo Jackson. I have forwarded copies to all parties of interest and this is an attachment to my Notice Of Relocation. I'm not able to fax file it right now, but I would like to have this and my email from last night, filed in the court record. Thanks.
> From:
> To:;;;;
> Subject: Why I Cannot Get Medical Care In Washington/Dept. Attempt To Deny Medical Coverage
> Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 09:08:36 -0700
> Dear Juanita,
> Please forward this email to Judge Hotchkiss as well.
> I want to explain why I couldn't get medical care in Washington, even outside of Wenatchee.
> When Wenatchee refused me a simple X-ray for my tailbone, I explained how I then went to Seattle without telling anyone, and got an X-ray which proved I was right.
> I tried to keep going to Seattle, but the reason I went there for the X-ray initially, without letting anyone know, is because I found out they were calling ahead of me, and notifying whomever I went to, to deny me medical care or prejudice my care.
> I had no problems in Seattle, until I let Wenatchee know where I was going for care. All of a sudden, University of Washington family clinic's medical director sent me a letter, telling me I was being kicked out of UofW medical care, because, she said, they had a 3 times no-show policy. I had only missed two appointments, not three, for no show, and could prove it, AND one of those no-shows I called ahead for, as soon as I could, though I wasn't able to give 24 hours notice, because the reason I couldn't go was migraine. I couldn't control migraines and they come unannounced. I explained this to her, and she didn't care. So UofW discriminated against me because of migraine disability for one of the no shows, and just kicked me out. I figured there had to be another reason they were kicking me out. This director wouldn't have made a point of writing a letter to kick me out, when there wasn't sufficient cause, unless, I figured, she was instructed to let me go so I couldn't get care and diagnostics there.
> Also, the state, as I was on state insurance, discriminated against me, telling me I could go Seattle for care when I couldn't get care in Wenatchee, and telling me they would reimburse my mileage, and then they suddenly refused to reimburse me. The state owes me at least $1,000 in back pay for reiumbursement to my medical trips to Seattle, and I have records for this. I found it odd that they were suddenly telling me I had to go to Wenatchee doctors when I'd already exhausted that option, and then pressured and forced me out of going to Seattle by draining my account and not paying me back, when they knew I was on TANF with a full grant, with my only source of income being about $440/month. I had to be reimbursed and they refused, after first telling me to ahead. So I wasn't able to get medical care after they did this, because I wasn't able to afford to drive to Seattle.
> I tried going a shorter distance, to Ephrata, at that point. I got loans from my grandparents to just pay for gas to get there because they knew what was happening was wrong, and they SAW me suffering with my injuries and headaches. So I got a doctor in Ephrata, who was great, and worked out for almost 6 months, until Wenatchee doctors found out where I was going, I presume through the state, because I finally told my social worker where I was going and that my grandparents were paying for me out of pocket. We were doing private pay, and I was receiving care until a doctor from Wenathcee Vally Clinic wrote a LETTER to my doctor, slandering me as being drug-seeking and suggesting my doctor would be in trouble of being reported if he continued to prescribe narcotics for my pain. After receiving this letter, my doctor in Ephrata kicked me out of his clinic. He had zero evidence I was "drug-seeking" and I wasn't. I was pain relief seeking and had asked him for referrals to other doctors to get diagnostics for surgery and treatment to get to the root of my pain. I also tried non-narcotic alternatives with him, as well.
> Finally, my state insurance quit covering me for things, and called my doctors to tell them they wouldn't be covered. Enough Wenatchee doctors had called the state (Wenatchee dept) and my state medical insurance boards, so that I was prejudiced from receiving care.
> My last doctor was private pay because I was refused care through the state, even though I had a right to it. The state, Dept. of Social and Health Services, to this day, owes me at least $1,000. After I tried to collect on that $1,000, they tried to kick me AND my son off of TANF altogether. They dropped us without cause, and I had to take it to a Fair Hearing, where they lost and it was determined they had discriminated against me.
> The next thing that happened, is that the next complaint which came from Wenatchee doctors against me, to CPS, was pushed through by the state, even though they knew they didn't have cause.
> I tried getting care in Whatcom County, while living here, and there was no problem, once again, until I let my PD, the AG in Wenatchee, and people in the Wenatchee system know who my PCP was, and where I was going. All of a sudden, after letting them know, my doctor began treating me differently, backing out on his eager agreement to try for a medical marijuana permit, and tells me he's not going to do this anymore. I also went to have an evaluation for my tailbone injuries, after Wenatchee knew which clnic I was going to, and that I was getting this second opinion, and the woman, the only GYN there, who handled pelvic isssues, sits down and tried to convince me to not have her examine me. She spent over 20 minutes saying she didn't think I needed surgery and that I shouldn't need an evaluation and she wasn't going to advocate for me for my legal process. I said she couldn't begin to know if she didn't evaluate me. So she examined me, and then says she can refer me to a specialist for one matter, which she found problems for, and yet she denied I had any tailbone pain. She hadn't even seen my X-rays. I asked what kind of doctor would evaluate my tailbone and pelvic issues and she said it would be an osteopathic doctor. I asked for a referral and she refused. I thought it odd she was so interested in NOT examining me, and in minimizing what was going on.
> Then, at that clinic is where my medical release form was "lost" not once, but FOUR TIMES and my medical records were not effectively faxed over to my PD until too late. This clinic didn't even notify anyone, including me, that my fax wasn't going through, and they had my contact information.
> The fact that I couldn't get my records quickly enough meant I didn't have enough to show the court I needed change of venue and that my use of marijuana for migraine was necessary.
> So something isn't right, and I'm not the problem.
> I cannot get medical care in the state of Washington, because my care is prejudiced by people trying to influence the outcome of my diagnostics and records. There are some individuals who know I plan to sue for medical malpractice and that my records will come into play in this event.
> This affects my ability to show the court I do have physical injuries, and that both the state and the Wenatchee doctors have had a joint motive for depriving me and my son of medical care, and for taking him from me wthout cause, making it appear as though I'm not just a bad mom, but mentally ill. If they can discredit me through the dependency process, they are more than ahead of the game in trying to minimize or quash their liabilities for what they've done. They can not only say I'm mentally ill and my "pain" is all somatic, dispensing with my pain and suffering claim, they can also say I don't really have the injuries I say I do, and prevent diagnostics and objective evaluations from proving them wrong. My son hasn't had any help, at all, besides.
> This is why I have to go out of Washington. I cannot afford a private attorney or my own independent evaluations within Washington and without them, I will continue to lose.
> Finally, I am still not smoking marijuana. In order to work for the oil refinery, I had to submit to a UA and it came out clean. I had zero evidence of any drug use in my system, and it was done spur of the moment, without notice to me.
> When you decide there's a possible political motive for what has happened here, let me know and I'll be happy to give you the rest of the details and documents to back my story up. So far, you have treated me the same way the rest of Wenatchee has, and refused to listen and be impartial.
> And, by the way, when my own PD won't sit down and listen to me tell him this, what has happened, and says to me, without listening, "There isn't any political agenda", that's not effective counsel. My PD refused to develop a legal strategy which fit my case, which was an excellent defense, and refused to prepare for it, and did this without any knowledge of the facts of my case, or any interest in finding out.
> My own social workers, who work closely with CPS, were found, by the fair hearings judge, to have directly discriminated againt me. They were also nasty to me, and tried to pull other things, when I said I would report THEM again to the Fair Hearings board, for what they continued to do (refusal to reimburse me for medical transportation which is provided for by state law). The same social worker, Tina Thornton, who was a party to my discrimination claim (as well as her supervisors and even the director Debbie Schoemer), in the middle of my claim, quit her job as a social worker and moved over to accept a position with CPS. She still works for CPS and it is on the record that even while she was still my own social worker, she went to CPS to complain about me, telling them only that she was afraid I had "mental issues" (after I threatened to report her for refusing my son and I benefits). After she admitted, on CPS record, that she claimed to believe I had mental disability, she and her supervisors then tried to kick me and my son off of benefits altogether, and told the Fair Hearings judge, UNDER OATH, that they NEVER once believed I had any mental issues of any kind and that they'd never discussed this amongst themselves. The Judge decided this was not the truth. The department lied under oath to one judge, and they will continue to lie under oath to another judge.
> Cameo Garrett

Notice To Court Of Relocation

Transcripts Of Hearings And Notice Of Relocation‏
From: )
Sent: Fri 6/27/08 1:49 AM
To:;;;; Michelle K. (DSHS/CA) Erickson (; Jeanne Wellbaum (

Dear Juanita,

Please inform the court and Judge Hotchkiss that I am currently traveling and relocating across the state for medical evaluations. I gave notice at my job and am welcome back with the company once the evidence and documentation I need has been gathered, and will be returning to Washington state.

Currently, however, it is impossible for me to get the specialized medical care I need, in the state of Washington.

I have also been refused not only competent and effective public counsel, but was forced out of the last hearing, and not allowed to participate.

I am therefore securing an attorney through both ADA and a civil rights organization.

I have physical medical disabilities for which I've been discriminated against in Washington, and by Wenatchee medical professionals and the Wentachee justice system. One example that I can point to, is the fact that after my tailbone was broken in childbirth, and my pelvis fractured and prolapsed, I sought medical care and diagnostics from not only CWH, but every clinic in Wenatchee. I even obtained PCPs to try to get a simple X-ray to prove I really did have pelvic pain and tailbone pain, and that I needed either painkillers, surgury, or other treatment. I was refused all of these things. The doctors were already circling the wagon for eachother, knowing I planned to sue for medical malpractice and my damages could have been prevented if they had heeded the advice and caution of my previous non-Wenatchee doctors, who stated it would be impossible for me to have a normal vaginal delivery, and that I would need a C-section because of a very narrow pelvis (bone-wise). I informed my doctors about this, and they ignored me, and forced a delivery, unnecessarily causing injury to both me and my son, which could have been prevented. They then told doctors in town to refuse me even simple diagnostics, such as X-rays, which would prove damages. They didn't want evidence.

I had to go to Seattle, where they did an X-ray, and found a severely broken tailbone off at an unnatural and odd angle, which they said was obviously from childbirth, and they also found calcification of fractures of my pelvis. That's not including the severe prolapse that at least one doctor has noted, which others tried to pass off and justify, and the fact that I was unable to urinate except by catheder, for 2 weeks after delivery. I had to use a urine bag because my bladder had also prolapsed under the trauma.

My son sustained prolonged delivery and labor, and when they broke me apart, and tore at me, to get him out, he suffered a head wound to the same side of the brain that affects and processes speech. My son's head wound scabbed over and this scab was present for 3 months, and I took photos of it. The CWH doctors, already worried about liability, classified it as a "bruise" even though it was deeper and scabbed over and they told me he would have jaundice because of it, because there would be too much bleeding in his head to break down or which would increase the bilirubin. My son did not have abnormally high bilirubin levels for a few weeks, he still had abnormal levels THREE MONTHS later.

After I threatened to sue these doctors for refusal of standard of care, refusing to perform simple diagnostics for me and my son, and trying to cover this matter up, they began "reporting" me to CPS, for things which were unjustified and cleared by CPS.

The minute the state gained temporary custody of my son, I was then unable to file a lawsuit on my son's behalf, even though I have a brain injury firm which is interested in taking on not just his case, but my case as well.

It is not normal for an entire town of medical professionals to refuse an X-ray, when that X-ray was justified and covered for by my insurance. Nobody I've talked to thinks this is normal.

And yet you blow right through all the court proceedings without allowing me the chance to hear and respond, without allowing me effective counsel and a fair and full hearing to determine whether or NOT my counsel was negligent or not, and you've done a number of other things as well.

I never had a screwed up medical history or record, until I moved to Wenatchee. Before Wenatchee, it was all normal and there was nothing negative or bad in my chart. But the moment I moved to Wenatchee, I had ER doctors writing me up as being "drug-seeking" because they refused to believe I had migraine headaches. They continued to write slanderous accounts, against my protests, maybe thinking I was just lying. However, when I finally gave them copies of my Oregon medical reports, which showed TWO independent neurological evaluations that classified my headaches as migraine, the Wenatchee doctors, all except SHIPMAN, still tried to write them up as tension headaches and they still refused to treat my pain levels and suffering. After this, I threatened to sue them for slander if they continued to write such inaccuracies and presumptions, and for refusal of standard of care, because I suffered greatly and was ignored. They then faxed my records to every clinic in town, even where I didn't go and wasn't a patient, in violation of HIPPA. Simply because, I guess, in Wenatchee, if you know someone, rules go out the door. I also threatened to report them for this, to HIPPA and the Office for Civil Rights.

Everytime I've made a threat to sue or report someone or some group, there have been facts to back up the reasonable nature of my concern. It is justified to sue for these things, and I had a volunteer attorney agree that I was discriminated against, in violation of ADA, by Wenatchee medical professionals.

And all of THIS, the "drug-seeking" crap, refusal to acknowledge and treat migraines, and HIPPA violations, this was before I threatened to sue and report. So then they added mental illness to my diagnosis', even though they, ER doctors, and other PCPs, are not qualified to make such judgments, and are not psychological professionals who have evaluated me under required standards. Their motives were self-interest and self-protective, period, and the gross assumptions which they made, they later tried to cover up by claiming I was the problem, not them and their medical chart-note taking technique.

After I was slandered as being drug-seeking (with zero evidence except their assumption that because I complained of "migraines" I was only "faking" it to get painkillers), and mentally ill, and faxing my records everywhere, they then continued their pattern of refusing to LISTEN to not only the patient, ME, but to my former medical professionals, and in ignoring other advice, my son and I were injured in childbirth and still have damages for which we've not yet been compensated for.

Immediately prior to the complaints to CPS, I had entered my migriane diagnosis charts from Oregon into the Wenatchee hospital record. Suddenly, they knew they had been wrong, and that they could be found guilty of refusing standard of care, because I had evidence of a diagnosis which they ignored.

They tried even harder to smear me, to CPS, after I got fed up with being denied reasonable diagnostics and coverage, and got my proof from Seattle instead, and told them explicitly, by e-mail, I was getting a Seattle attorney, not a Wenatchee attorney, but a Seattle or city attorney, to sue their pants of for medical malpractice, retaliation, and maybe a few other things.

Right after that, my son was taken from me, when I tried to get medical care and help for both me and my son in Canada.

In Canada, all the doctors stated they felt my son should be evaluated by MRI for his head injury and his speech difficulties. I took him to a doctor there, and also spoke with a speech therapist and scheduled him for services there in Canada. In Canada, they took my complaints seriously, and they also attempted to help my son. Their thought processes were normal and logical, and not impaired by self-interest and motive. They simply wanted to help my son, regardless of what evidence the diagnostics might uncover. They felt my son should definitely have an MRI to rule out brain trauma affecting his speech.

Also, in Canada, after over a decade of suffering with migraines, and being accused of being "drug-seeking" by Wenatchee, I was given an IV of ergotamine, which no one in the U.S. ever tried, and which worked immediately, basically proving my headaches are true migraines. Ergotamine is not narcotic. It killed my migraine and I walked out pain-free and without any side-effects. I later found out, as Canada has already discovered, very light use of marijuana can prevent migraines. The first time in my life that I ever tried an "illegal" drug of any sort, was after my son was taken from me, by Wenatchee and Washington state, and after I realized if Canada knew ergotamine worked, maybe they were right about marijuana for prevention too. So I tried it for 2 months and then quit, just to do a trial, and then quit to prove I'm not a "user" or an addict and that I only used it for medical purposes to see if I should apply for a permit.

Since I quit taking marijuana for prevention, my migraines have been back full force, and the nasal spray derivative of ergotamine, Migranol, doesn't work as well as IV, and I've had to miss work because of my migraines. Work missed made me look bad, and caused lost productivity and affected my employers as well, and fellow employees, who were then forced to pick up the slack. Migranol, besides, is an abortive agent, not a preventative one. I still get the migraines.

I have many concerns about the system. Your choices have not improved my opinion of your system. Justice is not blind, it appears to make decisions and weight the balance in favor of the party who comes best dressed and with the most powerful and authoritative entourage.

You have denied me the right to have you recused. You've denied me effective and responsible counsel and performed favors for your friends. You denied me the right to fair and full hearing, and to a defense.

You also deny me and my son the right to adequate medical care, outside of the constraints and political mayhem of Wenatchee. As long as you keep my son from me, you keep his mother from advocating for him to the fullest extent of the law, to secure diagnostics of his injuries and compensation. Your little process delays and stalls a P.I. claim, and prevents my son from getting the care he needs, even services he could use, such as sign language and other evaluations. You prevent a P.I. attorney from stepping up to the plate and GOING TO BAT for a 2 YEAR OLD toddler who never did anything wrong except to be born in Wenatchee, which was really the fault of his mother, for staying too long in this town.

For the sake of my son, I beg you to reconsider some of the things you've decided and done, without hearing my side, and without having the facts before you. You already denied me the right to defend myself at the last hearing, and if I can't defend myself, I cannot advocate for my son either and make sure he is back with someone who is responsible and assertive enough to demand HIS needs be met. By qualified and objective medical professionals.

I was never at risk for harming my son. I was the only one trying to help my son. The people who HARMED my SON were the only ones you gave a voice to in the last hearing. The people who harmed my son, are the medical professionals, and then the "department" for going along with hysteria, even though they were fully aware of some of the facts of my and my son's case, and that we could not get normal medical care here. If CPS had thought we were getting good care in Washington, they probably wouldn't have offered me and my son a ONE-WAY bus ticket OUT OF WASHINGTON state after the first complaint was filed by a Wenatchee medical professional.

I have now been forced to quit a job I liked, even though it was difficult sometimes, physically, to get help outside of Washington.

You could have prevented this and if you are determined to be the Judge In Charge, you are then aware that you still have power to reverse whatever needs to be reversed and do the right thing.

Despite your hatred of me, and your commaraderie with your legal system pals in Wenatchee, I am only writing this because I believe that it is possible, if you claim to care at ALL about kids, to reconsider what the truth might be, and how this has affected my son. You should seriously think about the motives of those who wish to smear me, and do it with "authority" and through their professional credentials.

If you want to do the right thing, you will not do the right thing for yourself or the state, you will listen to me, as any good judge should listen to both sides, and do the right thing for my son.

Right now, you are only allowing time to elapse while my son is neglected and does not receive the attention and care that he needs and DESERVES.

How come Canada knew what was best for my son, and other states in the U.S. also agree, and yet Washington does not?

Do you care so much about protecting your social status quo as to deprive a little boy of his mother and of his own civil rights? It seems that's what this is coming down to, because if you cared at all, you would have been concerned enough about the quality of the public defense I was receiving, to hear me out on the matter, before disposing of my right to counsel altogether. You also would not have shut me out of the judicial process simply because I was distressed that a judge was forcing me to go pro se, when I had no prior notice I was going to be pro se until that hearing.

I do not know what happened in the last hearing, because you hung up on me and allowed the proceeding to continue without me. But I need and am requesting, for the record, the full transcript or audio for the LAST THREE hearings to be mailed to my last court-known mailing address, at Gemini.

As I am on the road, and in the middle of a major relocation, I'm not able to receive these documents or transcripts but I want them to be mailed there so I'm able to pick them up later or have them sent to me once I have a permanent address.

In the meantime, any and all court notices and motions and other documents, should be emailed to me at this email address as it is the only contact medium I have. I will be checking my email from libraries periodically.

My travel, by the way, has been done in a form of transportation which allows me to lie on my side, and not have to sit upright the entire time, which I told this court, and the department, caused extreme pain and worsened my symptoms.

It seems everyone else, outside of Wenatchee, is able to accomodate for my disabilities. I am concerned as to what this means for disabled people in general. In some ways, I feel the treatment I've received should be made into a bigger issue, simply to shed light on the ways discrimination against those with physical injuries or problems, is still prevalent. Disabled persons should not have to put up with harassment and insult, and false claims their set-backs are somatic or "in their head". The entire medical malpractice during my and my son's delivery could have been completely avoided if people had simply made the choice to listen to what I and others were saying, and BELIEVE it, and not rely on their own prejudice or assumptions that they "knew better". Clearly, they did not know better, and both I and my son have damages to prove it.

As long as you, Your Honor, stand in the way of my son being returned to me, and as long as you allow this circus to continue because you're not only pissed off at me, you now feel eager to lend a helping hand to the medical professionals and anyone else I've "reported" (with whom you now sympathize, sharing a common plight of indignation), you will be unable to make any impartial decisions and should recuse yourself voluntarily from this case.

The woman you flirted with, and made the offer of a judicial favor to, her name is "Becky". I don't know if you remember her or not, but she remembers you.

Are you now going to agree and say I'm mentally ill and that my son should be removed from me? It certaintly helps those I've reported, to be able to slander me so and attempt to displace attention. Let's not focus on what has happened to my son and his damages...Let's focus on his mother, and try to bring her down.

Let me know when someone has decided to come to their senses and fight for the truth, and for the parental rights of a mother and the civil rights of a little boy. My son misses me, and I have proof he was traumatized by his abrupt separation from me. He has also not had any of his medical needs met in the interim.

I have left to arm myself elsewhere, in order to come back stronger and be in a better position to take my son back. Anyone can see I've been forced to do this, as I've exhausted all possible options in Washington state, with due diligence, and in good faith.

Cameo Garrett

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Judge Hotchkiss Hangs Up On Me In Hearing

I filed my motions and tried to appear for the hearing. I was hung up on by Judge Hotchkiss, whose excuse, according to his secretary Jo Jackson, was that I wouldn't be quiet and allow the proceedings to continue.

The Judge said, right off the bat, that he was not going to address my motion for his recusal and he was rejecting it, and he also said he wasn't going to appoint another PD. He didn't have any excuse for justifying why Paul Cassel has refused to even answer my emails for the last week and a half, to at least let me know whether or not I'm being represented by legal counsel. Jeanne Wellbaum, at least, sent an email stating she was withdrawing. Cassel left me to guess, as usual, until the day of trial.

After all the problems I've had with both of these PDs, which I have documentation for, the Judge claimed I would dismiss and report any and all PDs which is not true. Both Cassel and Wellbaum did things which were far below standards, and anyone who hears what happened, agrees with me. But the Judge denied me even the right to fair hearing, to bring up what things could be considered ineffective counsel.

So the Judge said he was proceeding, without my being represented by legal counsel. I told him I object and that I do NOT wish to represent myself pro se. I said this several times, for the record, that I did NOT waive my right to counsel, and did not wish to proceed pro se. The Judge said, "Then hire your own private attorney" and the next thing he did was hang up on me.

I called back, to show my own diligence at attempting to attend, and his assistant Jo Jackson was extremely rude to me. I asked why I was disconnected and she said the judge hung up on me. He gave no notice or reason for doing so, just did it. So I asked her to ask him what his reason was and she said he emailed back that it was because I wouldn't be quiet and allow the proceedings to continue.

He has everyone there for the state, on behalf of the state, with all his friends from Wenatchee, including medical professionals he knows, and his PD buddies, and he expected me to "attend" on my own, when I was making a diligent effort for almost 2 weeks to find out if I was going to be told I had to represent myself or Cassel was still doing it, whether I liked it or not (because this is what Judge Hotchkiss told me at another hearing, that I didn't HAVE a choice to be represented by Cassel or not). In one hearing Judge Hotchkiss tells me I have to be represented, even when I don't want to be, and had already fired Cassel, and after Hotchkiss got through the hearing, feeling satisfied I was "represented", he then said Cassel was released from my case. So I go for weeks thinking I'm not represented by Cassel, because Wellbaum was appointed instead, and when she dropped me, telling me she had a conflict of interest, and stalled my case by this delay, suddenly, in the very next hearing, I'm told Cassel has been representing me all along, alongside Wellbaum, even though he's not made any effort to contact me until last hearing. Judge Hotchkiss tells me I'm represented by Cassel, like it or not, and then changes his mind (with no notice to me) and says he's released from my case, and then changes his mind again, on the day of the hearing, and informs me "Oh, Cassel is back on your case and has always been."

This Judge is wishy washy and has not given me notice of any of his shifting orders. Neither has Cassel. And both of them are friends and used to work together as partners of their own law firm.

So I asked Jo Jackson if the Judge was going to let me go back in to attend the hearing and she said no. She told me the Judge said the hearing was going to proceed without me.

That's Wenatchee for you. Wenatchee doesn't like being called to task, and yet they do things like this all the time. And nobody holds them accountable, which is why it continues.

So basically, I have a hearing going against me, without my being able to defend myself at all, and without any representation. I was not even given an opportunity to prove how my former PDS WERE INEFFECTIVE and negligent. The judge just assumed I was wrong, and allowed no fair and full hearing to find out whether I was telling the truth and had such evidence.

Which shows prejudice and bias in and of itself. If the Judge doesn't allow me to be heard fully, and allow time for the evidence to be brought forth, he is making it clear he has already made his own opinions about me, and that he is too prejudiced against me to even allow me fair hearing. He voluntarily chooses to discriminate.

Jo Jackson was snide when she said the hearing was going to proceed without me and then she hung up on me, even though I wasn't saying anything, just listening to what she was telling me.

They want to be right, and will not allow anyone to say they are wrong.

Basically, if the Judge told me, in his parting words, that I could hire my own private attorney, he is then acknowledging I have the right to counsel. At the same time he admitted my right to counsel, he refused to allow time for me to find private counsel, and went ahead with an important fact finding hearing, WITHOUT ME.

This was not just Contested Sheltercare, it was Preliminary Fact Finding, and he refused to allow me representation for fact finding. Which is no small thing.

Because of this behavior and treatment, I know absolutely that I cannot stay in Washington. I need the assistance of the ADA and another state.

Declaration for Motion To Recuse Hotchkiss

This is my Declaration to accompany my Motion For Recusal of Hotchkiss:

Re. Dependency


Judge Hotchkiss knew I was turning both PDs Paul Cassel and Jeanne Wellbaum over to the Bar, for negligence, ineffective counsel, and conflict of interest. Establishing ineffective counsel, below an objective standard of reasonableness, which resulted in prejudice, is not difficult to show in my case (See standard applied State v. Thomas, 109 Wash. 2d 222, 225-26 1987—adopting test from Strickland v. Washington, 466 U.S. 668 (1984). Ineffectiveness can be proved by failure to make reasonable investigation into defense strategies (In re Davis, 152 Wn. 2d 64, 742 (2004), failure to prepare for trial or subpoena witnesses, and in my case, failure to communicate with me for over 2 weeks at a time, failure to notify me of court hearing dates and times (which I then missed and resulted in prejudice), and failure to contact character witnesses and obtain evidence to help my case, as well as provide me with copies of documents being filed on my behalf (which I never even saw, despite my requests). That was Cassel. Wellbaum did the same, telling me by email she couldn’t be reached for an entire week, leaving only one week before hearing date to prepare, talk to me, and gather evidence. She also admitted she had a conflict of interest with regard to my case, which SHE believed to be a serious conflict, until I found out what it was and was so outraged I said I was turning her in to the Bar. She suddenly changed her mind about there being a conflict, and that she had gained access to confidential information from my case improperly, without recusing herself. In the interim, Ms. Wellbaum refused to communicate with me, which delayed my ability to consult with counsel and prepare for my case and the next hearing.

Both she and Cassel stalled and delayed, and refused to respond to my question of whether anyone was representing me or not, until the day of last trial, where Judge Hotchkiss announced he would not appoint me a new public defender. Judge Hotchkiss knew I had asked Cassel to file a Motion to Recuse Judge Hotchkiss, and my PD refused to do this. As a result, I had an order and decision made against me by the Judge.

I discovered Cassel and Judge Hotchkiss are quite good friends. My PD Paul Cassel was a former law partner in a very small firm, with Judge Hotchkiss, before Hotchkiss became judge. Cassels refusal to make a Motion for Recusal can be viewed as a favor to his friend, because Cassel would not even hear my reasons for the recusal, and did not want the details, which should have been obtained to decide whether my request was merited or not. Cassel blindly defended Judge Hotchkiss, and in that same hearing, made statements against me which could be viewed as prejudicial and damaging, coming from my supposed public defense counsel. After making biased statements, Cassel later claimed, along with Hotchkiss, that I should drop my report to the Bar if I wanted representation at all.

I tried to file a short declaration for recusal of the judge, on my own. Judge Hotchkiss would not even look at it before casting it aside. He based his confidence on his former law partner’s protection, and reassurance he was not filing any motion, as PD.

The matter was that I believed Judge Hotchkiss would be prejudiced against me because of unethical behavior in the past, as a former neighbor of mine was offered small judicial favors by Judge Hotchkiss. She told me Judge Hotchkiss was flirting with her and told her if she ever got a traffic ticket or anything else, to bring it to him and he would “take care of it”. My PD Cassel did not even investigate this matter or interview my witness.

After this, Judge Hotchkiss returned the favor, by telling me in the last hearing that if I wanted any legal counsel, I had to take back Cassel and Wellbaum, but that I was going to have to drop my report to the Bar. Judge Hotchkiss pressured me, telling me if I didn’t drop my charges, he would force me to represent myself, pro se.

Instead of examining whether or not I had had ineffective or effective counsel, Judge Hotchkiss simply tried to remove Bar complaints from his buddies and told me to go back to them. At the moment, under the pressure, I agreed I would, and then realized after the hearing what had just happened and how it was not only a threat and coercion, but bribery of sorts, and flatly unethical, demonstrating bias and prejudice, and the willingness to dispense favors. Judge Hotchkiss attempted to protect them, knowing I had already made allegations and entered at least some proof of ineffective counsel, into the record already.

My case has already been severely weakened by this ineffective counsel, and orders have come down from the Judge, against me and for the state, after I attempted to have him first removed. My case continues to be prejudiced and no one in Wenatchee is doing anything about it. They appear to be making their own rules, even though any reasonable person would be able to find an appearance of bias given the facts.

Judge Hotchkiss has demonstrated established bias, on the record, and should not proceed until the facts have been adjudicated. I need a copy of the audio or transcript from the lasts hearing in order to make my case, and I wasn’t able to do so in a more timely manner, because I repeatedly sought to find out the status of my “public defense” and had no response.

Judge Hotchkiss has not only offered small judicial favors to a neighbor I used to have, he then proved he allows his social relationships in Wenatchee to interfere with his judicial responsibilities, by attempting to bribe me to quit my reports against Wenatchee PDs he knows, under threat of forcing me to go forward pro se. He has also subsequently issued orders against me which impede my ability to get my son back, and has issued orders which violate my right to privacy for medical records and information.

The delay and stalling and refusal to address my questions has left me zero preparation for the hearing today, and for some reason, the word “malfeasance” comes to mind.

I have not had any response from any PD Judge Hotchkiss demanded I accept, even though he forced me to rescind my attempt to report them to the Bar for ineffective counsel. I am having to make this motion on my own, even though I do not wish to be pro se and do not voluntarily waive my right to court appointed counsel.

Unless a waiver of counsel is invalid, court cannot continue without counsel. I am entitled to counsel as a matter of law, as I meet the qualifications for indigent counsel (R.C.W.10.101.010(1)), and also have a right to counsel in dependency proceedings (RCW 13.34.090; JuCR 9(c)(2). These laws provide parents with the right to effective counsel. Quoting from a brief prepared by Perkins Coie, “The right to counsel serves no purpose unless it is the right to effective counsel.” McMann v. Richardson, 397 U.S. 759 (1970).

I believe, given the facts, that no further action should be taken in this case until I am given a copy of the transcripts for the last two hearings, which contain statements by Judge Hotchkiss and also, hearing before last, prejudicial statements by my former PD Cassel, whom I was forced to accept again. I request hearing for this Motion for Recusal and for my Request For Counsel, and with this evidence at hand, unless the Judge voluntarily decides to step down and another judge or commissioner appoints other public defense, to remedy this problem.

I believe it would be most expedient, for the latter to occur.

I intend to appeal to higher courts, immediately, if this is not done, on an interloculatory type of basis. I request abatement or injunction from release of my medical records and further action in this case, until the facts are heard and decided.

I thank the court for its time and review of this matter.

I swear that the above statement is true to the best of my belief and knowledge and I know it will be used as evidence in court, and is subject to penalty for perjury.

Cameo Garrett

June 25, 2008

Motion For Recusal Of Judge Hotchkiss

I am having to file this myself, late, because I don't have anyone helping me, and have little time and resources to do this myself. It's a sloppy motion, but at least it will be in the record:


I, Cameo Garrett, absent any response from a public defender for assistance, make this Motion on my own, and request Judge Hotchkiss recuse himself from this case, for prejudice, and that he make no further orders or decisions for this case until I am given a copy of the transcript from the last hearing, to use as showing of prejudice under appearance of fairness doctrine.

RCW 4.12.050 provides for the timely removal of a judge, one time, where prejudice or bias is noted. Outside of provisions of this statute, another form for removal is provided through Due Process, Appearance of Fairness doctrine, and Canon 2(B) and Canon 3A (5) from the Code of Judicial Conduct. See State of Washington v. Javier Gonzales Pantoja. Recusal is required if impartiality might be reasonable questioned (Dominguez, 81 Wn.App at 328.).

I believe Judge Hotchkiss has established bias against me in this case and has abused his discretion. Please see my declaration for history of facts.

I respectfully request an abatement or continuance to the Contested Sheltercare hearing which is scheduled for today, until this matter is resolved, and until I am fully represented by effective legal counsel. If the court proceeds today, without my waiver to counsel, and with the prejudice of Hotchkiss already on record, I know I will lose and that my case will be further prejudiced.

I also request public defense and make my argument for counsel in the following declaration as well.

Cameo Garrett


Change of plans because of fatigue and pain from sitting at the computer for too long, researching statutes and ethics rules for recusing a judge. Status quo until further notice or disappearance from blog.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For Hearing Tomorrow, For The Record

I have a hearing tomorrow. I have been writing emails to Paul Cassel for over a week with no response from him, at all. I have asked him repeatedly if he still considers himself to be representing me and there has been no answer from him.

Jeanne Wellbaum at least sent an email stating she was withdrawing, after I complained Judge Hotchkiss had forced me to rescind my plans to report both she and Cassel to the Bar; Hotchkiss told me if I wanted to be represented by any public defender, I had to "take it back" and not report them. So under the pressure, and stating clearly I did NOT want to go pro se, I said I would.

Afterwards, I realized what had happened was highly unethical and more than a favor for both the Judge, whom the PDs refuse to file a Motion for Recusal against, and the PDs, whom the Judge then protected by forcing me to accept them or go on my own.

I have excellent cause and grounds for reporting both Wellbaum and Cassel to the Bar, and yet, they make their own rules in Wenatchee, so even when they tell me they ARE or ARE NOT representing me, I always find out later, too late, that they're doing the exact opposite of what they said before.

I have been attempting to work at a job which is a strain on me physically, full-time. I do not have money for long distance calls, and to collect documentation for this case, and to drive to where the resources are in order to compose timely and proper motions. I need a public defender.

However, a citizen has the right to a reasonable defense. What I've experienced is negligence, and "ineffective assistance of counsel for defense," not to mention some conflict of interest as well. If I have grounds for turning someone in to the Bar, I should not be penalized by being forced to go pro se.

I attempted to contact Cassel at least, because I needed to know what is going on. There has been no response and now it is the night before a hearing which the Judge said will not be "postponed" or continued again. Despite the fact this very same Judge bribed me and threatened me to take back my counsel and not report them, or go on my own. Despite the fact my PDs return his favors and refuse to file any motion for recusal of the Judge on my behalf.

I haven't had time to try to put together motions and my own defense. I also started a new job and couldn't miss work to appear for the hearing in person. I had to specially request I get tonight off of work, just so I could research recusal laws, even though it's practically too late. I kept asking for a response and got nothing. I at least deserved an answer from Cassel, one way or the other.

I also, still, do not have a public defender advocating for my right to change of venue, based on my disability. All they want to do, is slam dunk their case in Wenatchee, and then pretend to accomodate me for "services" after they've refused me a fair hearing from the outset.

I know exactly what is going on, and anyone else, anybody, who hears the facts, would agree it is reasonable to believe there is prejudice and bias with both the Wenatchee judge, and the PDs, in my case.

I asked for a public defender, and I asked for recusal of this judge. I do not want to go forward pro se, and I also do not want to go forward with PDs who have been negligent and done favors for the other side, and favors for this judge, who refuse to even answer my email and give me clear instructions.

I have no one giving me any legal advice and I am concerned that if I stay in this state, and am refused a continuance to obtain legal representation where there is no conflict of interest, they will simply plow through, and this Judge, I already know, will sign a bunch of orders against me, ordering me to go to services the AG and CPS would want, to try to gain "evidence" for their case against me, when they had no grounds to take my son to begin with.

I also know that my PDs have done nothing for me, and while they said, after I was forced to say (on the record in the last hearing) I should give them photos of where I lived, and contact info for character witnesses, I know they don't plan to win, because I gave Paul Cassel a list of my character witnesses, and how they could testify in my favor, over a month ago. I also gave him plenty of time and grounds to file for change of venue and to gather my medical records, and he didn't do it. He didn't even notify me of the date for a hearing for the change of venue and I missed it.

So now I'm supposed to go to the hearing tomorrow, and lose, because we already know this Judge doesn't play by the rules, and that my "PDs" have done nothing but make my case worse and weaken it, and then be subject to arrest if I don't comply with his orders? When I never had competent and fair PDs to defend me to begin with? and when he ignores my request that he step down, and then just continues to make prejudicial decisions and prove he is a "good old boy" who will protect the PDs who protect him?

And who cares about the ADA?

I'm threatened, by Wellbaum, that if I leave the state, blah blah, the show will go on without me and I will be accused of abandonment. As if I've ever abandoned my son. Instead of abandonment, let's try on something like, "I was forced to leave, and not tell anyone where I was going, because I have not been able to get good public defense and find people who have no conflict of interest, who do not wish to taint my medical records and claim there is nothing physically wrong with me."

I have been forced to be apart from my son for almost two months now, when I've told them the travel worsens my condition and is painful, and that I want my son to be transfered to the county where I live, where both he and I could get medical care and maintain visitation. I've not had one PD do this for me, or contact ADA for assistance, even though I've asked and begged, multiple times.

So I'm supposed to sit around for more of the same?

Based on the pattern of conduct "unbecoming" in Wenatchee already, I see zero evidence of fair trial, hearing, or anything, and rather see I need to find some lawyers who are going to tear into these people for what they've done and neglected to do.

I should not be accused of abandonment when I am NOT CHOOSING to leave. I am being forced out of the process, and threatened with every possible threat, to stay in something that is flatly biased, prejudiced, and full of conflict of interest, which will only harm my position and the ability to prove I and my son have been discriminated against and harassed.

And then, threatened.

Because, once again, I'M the "problem".

I hope someone reads this, obtains the transcript or audio for the last hearing, and gets the Bar involved, and judiciary committee. I contacted the Committee for Judicial Fitness today and wasn't able to do it earlier. They told me to fax them my complaint about Judge Hotchkiss, and I will, but not from Washington State.

For the record, I'm not abandoning anything. And it is not likely I would "do so again." I am taking care of business the only way I know how, absent competent legal advice and representation, and that is to go outside of "the department", aka, "the state".

Cameo Garrett


I found out there are some MIT guys in town who could probably take a look at this disc of mine and figure out what's happened to it.

It was working fine a week ago, and now it's not.

But I won't have the youtube footage in time for the hearing tomorrow, and my "PDs" haven't contacted me at all, to state whether they are representing me or not, and it's been more than a week that I've been asking.

There have been other things that have been going on which I'm concerned about, but I can't really talk about it right now. I've been making notes, but that's it.

Webcam FootageDetails in Basque (?), Other Errors

I've tried opening the webcam files again, at the computer site where it showed there are still files existing on the disc, but they won't come up. The media player says the problem is unidentified and won't give a description of the error.

When I look at the history of each webcam file, it's not in English. It's in Basque.
It says, for example: Modified: osteguna, 2007.eko abenduak 20, 02:28 Size 348 MB.

Another says, Date Modified: ostirala, 2007. eko abenduak 21, 10:03 Size 97,4 MB,

Another, Date Modified: asteazkena, 2007.eko abenduak 19, 11:34 222 MB.

What the hell is this supposed to mean?

I didn't modify anything in Basque, and I don't know why it would show up in this language. Also, now I can find proof of existing files, but they still refuse to open, and it's still reading errors.

Is this normal?

When I try to play Media Player, it says "unknown error" and won't give details, even when I try to troubleshoot.

I went to another business to try this on one more computer, and on their system, my disc comes up, once again, as "blank" with no further info.

The only computer system to show there are, or were files, on this disc, is at World TrendWest, a resort in town. They have Windows XP Professional and use Dell computers. But while it shows there are/were files, they can't be opened, and this wasn't happening before. I also think it's strange that when I click on details for the webcam files, the information comes up in Basque.

I didn't know what language it was, so I looked it up. It's Basque.

At any rate, I was able to easily access the webcam footage before, and now I can't, which I find strange.

I've been called "paranoid" before. But no matter how bizarre or crazy something "sounds", it is not paranoia, if the concern is over something that actually happened, strange or not.

My roommate said to me today that either I was the most unlucky person he's ever heard of in his life, or I was mentally ill. I told him if he thought I was mentally ill, there was no point in my describing to him what has happened, because his assumptions will interfere with his ability to listen effectively and understand.

I also know there is another option, and find it surprising any atheist would attribute such a string of problems to "luck" or "fate". He says either I'm unlucky, or I cause or imagine the problems. If my circumstances are so bizarre, and they have been, another possibility is that someone or some other group is causing these things. It doesn't have to be about ME, or about LUCK. Everything that has happened to me, is not stemming from some mysterious supernatural or act-of-God source. All the things that have happened, have often involved others who directly or indirectly handled certain events in my life, and affected the outcome. Even computer things that have happened, and the basic rewriting of my medical history...these things did not happen because of "bad luck". Other people have written the records, not me. And I never imagined anything regarding the computer problems I've had, and I've had witnesses before who saw the same thing happening.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Little Runaway

"As I walk along, I wonder..."

I just ran into a runaway girl. Funny pair, the two of us walking side by side, in broad daylight, down the walkway, cars passing by. She was 17 and I am 33. She's already run away, and I am having to consider a similiar trajectory.

I walked out of my house to take my disc to a wifi center or complex outside of the apartments I stay in. I wondered if the problem was with our community wifi and not just my disc, and although I was already somewhat convinced my "evidence" was gone, having seen it was "blank" on 4 different computers, I did the responsible thing...I refused to rely on my own assumptions.

I still had to rule out a faulty computer connection, so I decided to take it to a condo place.

I was walking out the door when a girl approached me saying, "Ma'am"...and she asked me if I could give her a ride to Blaine. I said I didn't have a car, but that I could help her find a ride. I said why don't you walk with me because I have to check something out on my disc, and I'll stop at a bar where I know some people who may be going that direction and I'll ask for you. So we were walking and she told me she'd been hitchhiking. She had hickey's all over her neck, and I asked the obvious question, and she said she wasn't a prostitute. She was a runaway. She was 17 years old and her family didn't know where she was. She started opening up and talking to me when I told her, from the start, that I also had done my share of hitchhiking but that she should be careful because she was so young. She perked up to hear I'd been a hitchhiker. Looking at me she said, "Really?" and then told me how her family has horses and lives in a good part of Olympia and everything, but she didn't want to go to juevie right now.

I asked what her warrant was for and she said it was for violating probation. She asked me not to tell and I said I wouldn't. She meant, turn her in. She said she had punched her mom in the face. She was very pretty, with sort of an artist's dreamface. A beautiful nose, sort of a Streep nose. She said she'd been 18 soon and was planning to turn herself in, but wanted a few more days. I asked where she was staying and said maybe she could stay with me if she needed to (I'd have to ask roommate of course). She said she had friends in Blaine. But then she asked me if I was on my period because she needed some products and didn't have any. If she knew her friends so well, why bum tampons off of me?

As we were walking I said maybe she could come back with me and we could at least talk. "Let me make you some lunch and I'll give you some tampons" I said. What an offer, eh? One any woman cannot resist. Lunch and tampons, on the house. She looked so hungry when I offered food, I wondered what she'd been doing with her boyfriend at the condo place. I told her we should brainstorm a little and think about her options. To sound more effective, I told her I'd worked for some lawyers before, but that I wasn't an attorney, but I could strategize with her. So she wanted to do this. I figured there could be a good way for her to turn herself in. "If you turn 18 will they try you as an adult?" I asked. I don't know anything about probation. She said no. She said she just wanted a few more days. I told her it would make me feel good to help her out because so many people had done the same for me in Birch Bay and Blaine, when I needed it. So, I said, it would be a small way for me to give back and do something good.

So we got to the hotel resort place she'd been at and I went in to the use the computer. A woman ushered her out, knowing she wasn't staying there, and that she was a runaway. Her parents wanted her to turn herself in but not be arrested or something traumatic. She waited outside and I said I'd be just a minute. All of my webcam stuff with my son came up! So I was elated. It was still there, but couldn't be opened on that computer. It really was something with the apartment wifi connection I guess.

So I went back out and she was waiting for me but then I turned when the hotel staff talked to me to ask if I was staying there. They gave me info about the girl, which I already knew, and I said I didn't want her to be turned in, but thought I could convince her to turn herself in. I wanted to give her something to eat and talk a little bit. So everyone was happy about this, and then when I turned, she was gone. She had seen me talking to the hotel people and assumed we were calling the police.

I found out later, while looking for her with someone else with a car, that she had ducked out back and was last seen using a porta-potty and then walking. I'm sure she found her ride. Her name was Allie. Her Dad, who I talked to later, said she was bipolar but she didn't come across this way at all.

Just the other day, my roommate was keeping an eye out for another runaway girl who was around our apartments. I just happened to run into this girl on a walk. I told her she could use my cell phone, even though I have hardly any minutes on it.

I'm a little disappointed I didn't get to talk with her more and that I scared her away. But, that's life. She's doing what she feels is best for her right now, and I know how it feels to be her. I've walked in those shoes before, and sometimes, when my feet get tired and start to hurt, I've taken the shoes off and carried them as I walk barefoot instead.

I gave the condo manager for this other place, my roommates phone number, in case Allie wanted to get ahold of me sometime, and braved asking around to find out where I might be. Or might not be.

Webcam Footage Of My Son (Evidence) Disappears

Now my DVD which had all the webcam footage of me and my son together is saying it's a blank disc. It was all there, and working on two different computers and my roommate saw some of the footage himself.

It's gone now, and I haven't taken the disc out of my house, or used it on a computer since I last tried to upload and it wouldn't upload (taking too long).

I talked to a computer tech who said the disc I used is NOT REWRITABLE and said it shouldn't be coming up blank or erased. I went to two different neighbors houses and tried it on their computers and it's not working on any computer. It appears to be gone, and it was an extremely important and solid part of evidence which shows me and my son together, interacting in a loving and playful, bonded way, just a couple days before leaving for Canada. It proves there was no risk of harm and was my best evidence.

Now it's just "gone"?

I'd like to know, and a computer tech I've talked to would like to know, how it could simply be erased. I didn't transfer any files, and I didn't erase anything. It's not a RW or rewritable disc. It's a DVD-R. But it's coming up completely blank, on 4 different computers I've tried today.

The last time I tried it, was about 4 days ago and it came up fine. I had trouble uploading so was going to take it to an IBM instead, because the computer was burning into overdrive and making a lot of noise when I tried to upload it on a Mac. So I thought it was a Mac problem. But I didn't hit erase or anything.

And it's not scratched. I had it in a CD jacket in a drawer and touched it on the outside--I wouldn't have even left my own fingerprints on it.

I Do Not Have Endemetriosis

For a reminder of what my and my son's physical symptoms were before leaving for Canada, please see latest answers to comments posted on my recent write up about obstruction of justice, written just last night.

I had someone write in, thinking maybe all my problems could have a simple answer: endemetriosis, and I wrote back a detailed description of exactly why it's NOT that, and why no one has been paying attention to the list of bizarre that I not only had, but my SON had.

People are forgetting things which are relevant, and I can't believe I have to live in this world filled with fucking idiots.

And I'm the "crazy one". Face it fuckers, the truth is stranger than fiction, and what happened to me and my son was criminal. Now get over your assumptions and stop trying to dumb me down.


I stayed up all night last night. I lit candles which were not mine and a fire that isn't mine, in almost July, and listened to music that belongs to, and is the property of everyone. Cried after writing my post, at about 2:30 a.m., listening to U2's "Stay (So Close, So Far Away). If I could work for any filmmaker, it would have to be Wim Wenders. The video for this song is by him, and his earlier stuff I like even more. The panoramic views from The American Friend are among my favorite. Love his cinematography.

Heard some new music, "Do Ya" by Dover, which I liked but I was surprised to find it's Spanish (?!). Also saw that "Where's Matt" video of the guy who is filmed dancing a jig in different countries around the world, which also made me cry about halfway through.

Up Next

On a weird schedule now. Need to take nap and then will write more. Going back to Dan Gatti and Dick Whittemore, true life story, from the part where I left off, where Dan has me sit down in his office to meet his partner Greg Smith, and tells me he's had lunch with Whittemore, and what happens after.

Need to speed it up because I don't have much time.

CPS and Wenatchee Obstruction Of Justice

I have repeatedly sent emails to my appointed "public defenders" who have ignored my email and chosen not to respond. Jeanne Wellbaum again withdrew (again) after claiming she couldn't represent me if I was turning her into the Bar. Judge Hotchkiss demanded I not turn in either Jeanne or former PD Paul Cassel, if I wanted to be represented at all, or, he said, I could go pro se. It was either I take back my "threat" to report these PDs for negligence and prejudice to my case (not to mention conflict of interest in the case of Ms. Wellbaum), or go on my own, which is not what I want. I want to be represented by public defense, and yet I also believe I have the right to be represented in a reasonable manner, for example, by being notified of hearings I should be present for, seeing motions filed on my behalf beforehand, and having conferences and contact before proceeding with hearings, to name a few things.

This Judge Hotchkiss has not only made judicial offers for favors to a former neighbor of mine, he, on the record, attempted to bribe me NOT to report Wenatchee PDs to the Bar, telling me I would not be represented if I didn't go along. He also refused, on the record, to address my declaration for his recusal, based on my belief that if he has offered favors to others in the community, in the past, he would do this in my case as well (and thereafter proved he would do this, and so far, with no fear of consequence whatever).

I cannot get any kind of objective medical evaluation of injuries in Washington state, especially where "the state" or department, has had so many prior issues with me it is a conflict of interest to even have someone paid by the state perform any kind of assessment, for either mental or physical status. I have already had doctors from Wenatchee, and lawyers, interfere with the kind of diagnostics I receive in this state, and I recently found out my "new" medical clinic is overseen by a Catholic organization, which isn't good as I've had ongoing legal problems with certain groups within the Roman Catholic Church. And, for the record once again, I do not blame regular, normal, churchgoing Catholics or parishioners to be "out to get me" or the problem. The problem has been with select individuals and the lawyers who have attempted to obscure the truth of what happened to me and how illegal their actions against me were. They went to extremes, and, from what I've witnessed personally, there is "catholic mafia", basically, within secular law enforcement which acts on its own, under color of state or federal law.

I have already had this happen, and it's snowballed, and now all anyone wants is to punish me by removing my son without cause, and try to then force me to have an evaluation by their people, to "fit" me with a diagnostic to justify and excuse them from the things which were done.

I asked my PDs, from the very beginning, for assistance in getting change of venue so I could stay in touch with my son and also get medical care outside of Wenatchee, and for my son as well. They did nothing, and instead did a lot of things which are contrary to good defense.

I have written to them multiple times, asking for advice as to the consequences of leaving the state simply in order to take care of the medical side of things, outside of Washington, and departmental conflicts of interest, and my PDs refuse to answer. So they leave me with basically nothing. I'm damned if I do, and damned if I don't.

I am told I would be "abandoning" my son if I leave, and yet I have cried myself to sleep at night and suffered with not being able to see my son because I cannot travel the distance required by bus, because of injuries. I did not, and have not ever "chosen" not to see my son. They have purposefully prevented me from seeing him, and even before my injuries worsened, when I was asking to see him in the beginning, CPS prevented me from doing so for almost a full month, making up "paperwork" and arragnement excuses which I later found to be completely invalid. I asked and hounded my PDs, when I could no longer make the trip to Wenatchee, to file for change of venue so the case would be transferred to this county, where I live, so I didn't have to travel and I could see my son. My PDs did nothing. I repeatedly filled out medical release of information forms which were constantly lost and only a week or two ago did I discover the clinic I've been going to is bought out by, and associated with, a Catholic health management group. As I've said in the past, losing my release forms even TWICE is one thing, but FOUR times? doesn't add up.

It stinks. What has been happening for a very long time, is rotten to the core, and in my attempt to juggle my severe distress and manage the helplessness, I have tried to distract myself and release with dancing and having a drink now and then, and trying to socialize, which helps keep me sane and at the same time, gives me no time to work on the true story posts I was wrirting to give background information about what has really been done to me these past few years, and how illegal, not just unethical, but flatly ILLEGAL some of the conduct and actions have been.

At this point, the department wants to keep me in the state, and try to deny I've ever had physical problems or disabilities, and that it's all mental. This would benefit not only the state, which I've had problems with when reporting certain matters, but benefits Wenatchee doctors and health professionals who denied standard of care to me and my son and left both of us with injuries we should have no problem suing for. They wish to mitigate the potential for damage by assigning some mental illness, which would also benefit the FBI employees who assaulted me which the FBI did nothing about, which the Portland Police refused to do anything about, and the Catholic church attorneys couldn't be happier because it would boost their claims that there was something wrong with ME and not THEIR clergy and their illegal practice of "law".

So I'm supposed to just stay in a state where I cannot even get halfway decent legal representation by PDs, where I cannot get medical diagnostics and evaluations which will be objective, where I have already suffered and my son has suffered, from discrimination of physical disability and violation of ADA? I'm supposed to go along with a Judge who manipulates the system and the rules to his own will, and who attempts to threaten and bribe me not to report his buddies who work in the PD system in Wenatchee? And then I'm supposed to lose my right to immediately have this action cast out and my son returned, because I've made enough people angry who know they should just keep me where I am and force me to have evaluations done by peole they KNOW and will pay for, paid for through the state, who will slap me with some crazy claim to justify their conspiracy to conceal and obstruct justice and medical malpractice claims (not to mention HIPPA violations) and try to discredit me?

Oh yeah, and all the bizarre pain symptoms by the way...if they can say I'm crazy first, maybe no one will ever look into THAT or attempt to gather evidence to prove or disprove definitively, that something was actually literally happening.

I am 33 years old and I used less than 5 regular tampons for my last "period". I've lost my regular periods altogether, and I had normal horomone levels before, so maybe I will even have all this crap chalked up to "premenopause" and "mental illness" . Surely a winning combo for the other side. I'd like to know why I had a TAXI DRIVER tell me, in Wenatchee, when I was in the middle of all the pain, that radiation techniques have been used in the past to cause early onset menopause. I had a computer tech, Andy Panda, telling me the things happening to my computers and especially desktop, could only happen through some kind of either radiation or magnetic/x-ray source, and HE brought it up, not me. Then I have some taxi driver in Wenatchee telling me that the KGB used to use this to cause pelvic problems and even cancers down the road. First, he said, it affected a woman's periods and then eventually, led to cancer.

I was not conjuring up these things, and I'm not sitting around wishing for my body not to have periods in order to justfy the only theory that makes any rational sense, based on my bodily symptoms, the damages after, and the pain and the computer problems I was having, which I saw with my own eyes.

But my son is currently withheld from me, and yet the state tries to claim I've just "chosen" not to see him and this Judge tries to force me to show up at hearings, to prove for himself and his friends that I can "travel" when really, I can't, and it's extremely painful.

If I make one trip, it's not going to be to Wenatchee, to headstart a process they've already manipulated, to be left with the same crap as before, and to be in the same situation. If I make one trip, it's to get the hell out of this state, and go where I can get honest evaluations and then come back with my evidence I have been discriminated against and that the state should be sued for what they've done to me and my son.

They will try to twist my need for medical care, into "abandonment" of my son, but I've already told them it would be temporary. I have already asked my PDs countless times, to file a Motion for Medical Abatement, to allow me time to get these proofs, but they refuse to even answer my email. I've been asking them from the start, for change of venue, but they wanted to keep everything right there in Wenatchee. Now that I know my current medical clinic, which started having some odd "results", is affiliated with a Catholic organization, and that this entire county is basically under Peacehealth (catholic organization) and a private Catholic hospital (St. Joseph's), and after having my records not come through, and release forms constantly lost, and then my claims finally undermined once they knew who I was, how am I to even get objective diagnostics HERE?!

And if I have certain individuals attempting to influence the outcome of my evaluations, here, they will try to find out where I go outside of the state, and affect this as well. Which is why it is better for me to drop out of the CPS process altogether, since I'm getting no help from PDs anyway, and take care of medical things somewhere else, discreetly, and then come back with some lawyers and the ADA on my side.

I am not abandoning my son.

But if I don't leave, my son will be taken from me longer term, and I will continue to be refused the right to visitation which accomodates my injuries and inability to travel, and if I am slapped with their own crazy diagnostics, it will put me in a permanently disadvantaged position as his mother, to ever be an effective advocate for either him or myself.

What I do, I do with only the future in sight, even if the short term, as I'm forced to accept it, is grim. But my concern has always been for my son and for his right to be with me unimpeded. He is currently still deprived his own medical diagnostics, and in part, it's because I've already been discredited as "mentally ill" and so therefore it's assumed everyone is safe in refusing my requests that he have a more thorough examination. I know what he was capable of doing before, and how he is now, and it's not normal, and he's been refused diagnostics. I am also unable to file a lawsuit on his behalf when the state has temporary custody of him. So this works to benefit Wenatchee medical professionals. If they can only keep my son and me in a CPS battle long enough, statute of limitations for filing suit for malpractice may even expire.

Fancy that.

I will try to write what I can, in the time I have, to explain some more things that have happened, and to put proof of all my attempts to contact PDs, online. I intend to make this aspect public so that if and when I disappear, and someone tries to claim I "abandoned" my son, anyone can go back to this, and read this, and see that I would never be forced into this position, if I my civil rights were not being violated to begin with.

My son will know I did what I felt was best for getting us back together WITHOUT future consequences and stigma. My son will know that I was denied my right to see him even when I was attempting to "cooperate" with the department, and that it has been the department and the Wenatchee justice system which has been coercive and unethical.

I love my son more than anything in the world, and I know he has already been traumatized. I tried to put up the video YOUTUBE stuff of him and me together but this computer won't upload them so I have to find another computer to use to do it.

Anyone seeing the webcam footage of me and my son, with my son relaxed and nonchalantly resting his chin on my arm, in affection, will see our bond and how what has happened was not only tragic, but evil.

I refuse to allow anyone to take anything more from me.

As for my family, CPS worked that angle, because my family is comprised of ultra-religious and extreme "christians" who disapprove of my not going to church. They feel it's better for my son to be raised with religious family, for the sake of his "soul" (so he doesn't burn in hell if anything should happen) than with ME, even if they know I'm an excellent mother. His "soul" is more important. If they couldn't see to it that I am sufficiently "saved" or "living right with God", they will attempt to have my son taken from me to ensure they can raise him as they see "fit".

Let me put it to you this way--since my aunt took my son, she has refused to give him or print out any photos of me and my son together, for my son. She has several online, and claims she can't afford to print them out. She put ONE next to his bed and I don't know if it's there anymore. She doesn't show him photos of me online. She is not there half the time I'm supposed to be able to call to speak to my son. After I explicitly asked her to order some of his favorite books from the library, she refused until just a week or two ago. She refused to get all the toys I had for him out of storage, claiming there were "too many" and they would clutter the house. She didn't get out his Barney movies and other favorites he had, choosing instead to barrage him with Christian videos she preferred of VeggieTales (the same ones, over and over). She refuses to take my son to a doctor for a second opinion about getting diagnostics, outside of Wenatchee, even when I offerred to pay for her transportation and lodging and food.

I basically do not have "family" on my side. After seeing the kind of "christianity" they choose and have chosen to practice over the years, I want my son to have nothing to do with it, and neither do I. My family has their own motivations, and CPS and "the department" fed them a bunch of lies from the start, which I heard denied later, to try to get my family working AGAISNT me and not for me. The only time CPS was backing down was when they thought I had a private attorney hired. Then they suddenly called me up, the director of CPS, Russ Haogen, and asked about just calling the whole thing off and dismissing the case on their own voluntarily.

Basically, I consider my "family" to be my son. Period. The rest of my family had done some peculiar things before I left with my son for Canada, which were self-protective and had a financial interest, and I had already decided I was better off wthout them. After what has happened since then, I am more confirmed in my opinion than ever. I have my own support group and long term friends, and they do not include relatives, who unfortunately, happen to almost ALL be fanatically religious. My cousin was afraid to ask for a divorce from her physically abusive husband (who held a gun to her head) because she was worried about what the rest of the family would think because she was going to be the FIRST in the family to divorce, and she knew the family was against divorce for any rreason other than adultry, on religious principles.

I and my son are on our own. I know I provide far better and more consistent care than my aunt's family, and I know my aunt's housework is more important to her than my son or meeting his needs. I know this, because I hear what's going on when I talk to him for 15 minutes. I also know he gets about ZERO intellectual stimulation and playtime at the park and with other kids. My aunt's family's focus is church, period, and all FOUR of their kids, who had pretty much straight A averages, skipped going to college to attend some non-accredited "Master's Commission" school for 2 years, where they become trained in fundamental christianity. Here I am, accused at least once or twice, of being schitzophrenic or something along those lines, when I've never claimed to hear voices or see things and have none of the symptoms, but my cousins, who write blogs with statements like: "Today God told me I need to respect my neighbor more" and "God spoke to me today about how I should..." and all kinds of personal relevatory statements about having a direct telephone line to Jesus Christ.

THESE are the "normal" people?!

Why? Oh, oops, my mistake. They're not completely normal, but just considered by my enemies to be the lesser of two evils, because at least the other christians in this family won't report anyone or try to hold anybody accountable. They'll just leave it all to God, with statements about how God will be the Judge in the end times or in Heaven. Forget fucking "NOW" because they're always "Justice in Heaven" to fall back on.

I'm "mentally ill" because I'm "dangerous", because...

I'm honest. And I'm not afraid to report your ass if you're doing something that is a direct violation of my or anybody else's cvil rights.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Smug In The Club With His Sights On

I went out dancing last night, looking very 90s I think, in a top I hate but wore anyway, and had some fun. I still miss big city, and the variety of dance music, but it was better than working it out to karaoke. I think I had a little too much to drink though, because my dancing game was off and everyone within arms reach was my rock of gibralter. My pillars of strength.

There was one guy who was an exceptional dancer. Very skilled--excellent lead. Really, I think the last time I danced with someone who knew how to dance like that, it was 4 years ago in Portland, Oregon. It was sort of funny though--very dramatic and he's playing around and I was too and then I just blurted, "Are we acting or something?" and he laughed, because it was like we were performing to an Usher video. I said I felt like we were trying out for an MTV video, as he's throwing me against the bars of the railing, and then we're giving eachother these dramatic looks. Totally funny now. He asked me to kiss him and tried but I dodged. Finally I said, "You have a bet going or something?" and he said no but he was looking over my shoulder, behind me. I figured he was trying to impress some other woman so thought "what the hell" and kissed him.

There were actually quite a few goodlooking guys towards the middle/end of the night. Why I'm writing this I have no idea. It's not exactly club review material...

It was better than dancing to karaoke! (hey... but letting y'all in on a little secret, those tiny little small-town dives can actually be a lot of fun with the proper attitude adjustment--those people who are willing to dance to karaoke are the die-hard party people, in a way).

My bee-ahtch took me out and was a great safety there. I also asked him about being called that, again, and he laughed and laughed. He said he really doesn't mind it, but I had to be sure he knew I was joking and it was really okay with him and it was. I thought about all of this, after someone said to be careful because some people might think about sexual harassment or try to twist things. I don't call other people this, or call him this around others, but thought about it. Also, all my talk about testosterone and the guys at the refinery, it's all in fun. Any married or committed woman knows her man is safe with me, because I don't go for already-committeds, even if they want to or try. And, I praise testosterone, but I'm a big sister too, and I simply just like hanging out with the guys sometimes. Sometimes, I'd rather hear about chemicals and guns instead of how to make mayonaise or be around catty gossip. Someone inferred I liked working around men because then I was the center of attention. I don't think it's entirely true, but there is some truth to it.

I have to work today and I am NOT feeling it. My back is killing me after doing a couple of stupid backbends. A little alcohol and my flexibility is enhanced (I think to myself, at the time) 100%. I did the dips while being swung around by this guy who knew how to dance. Really, I'm still impressed, now thinking about it again. He said he was from Texas but he didn't have an accent. I was just thinking, I hope I get to dance with him again. He was, really, a great dancer. Even my bee-atch noticed and said, "I thought he was a total player but I noticed his skills." He was definitely a player. I don't care. I just want to dance.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, off to work I go.

Miniature Earth; Small Village

I'm not sure how the Youtube recommended videos thing works, but I got a couple 2 days ago which have made me think...I watched Andrea Corrs "Shame On You" and "Miniature Earth" with the song "Mad World". "Shame On You" is pretty much an anti-war and pro-youth song, about persuading young people to join a war which keeps them from living normal lives and loving those who love them ("shame on you, to keep my love from me"). The Miniature Earth is a small documentary clip on what a "village" of 100 people, representing the world, would look like. I found this one interesting because I had said to my friend just a day earlier, regarding the high cost of gas..."Why don't we all just live within a half hour or less of where we work, or within walking distance or something?" I was telling him, forming communities sort of NY style, and trying this out, in the same way that people have a collective "lights out" (save energy) night, to have a longer-term commitment to living local. Then, I told him, I love to drive though...and many Americans do. It's not that we have to, but we like to. Our get-away space.

I haven't thought much about the war, except that the soldiers coming back should have better healthcare and PTSD screening and that multiple deployments should be avoided. I think I don't really understand how difficult it is, but some people see the effects of the war firsthand. I know an immigration officer from Canada told me even American guys with PTSD who don't want to go back to war, are not given refugee status there unless they never enlisted to begin with. He said a lot of guys came over who signed up and then realized it wasn't the same war they thought they were fighting for to begin with. He said some of these guys were really afraid to go back. What I remember, was the expression on this immigration officers face when he said this. This officer didn't do right by me, personally, but when he mentioned what was going on with some of the others, I could see it personally bothered him and troubled his conscience.

I'm so busy with my own problems to be troubled very deeply and follow everything. I feel I'm just going along for the ride and I don't have enough information to know whether this war is good or bad or right or wrong. When is it going to end though? What are the objectives again? and how are they being approached? and if this is about oil, why is gas up to $4/gallon? is it to enforce the idea that we need to stay there and help a country which will supply us with more oil, because, the message is, gas is high because there is an oil shortage? what if everyone just started moving closer to work? what if we passed laws for driving more electric cars...isn't electricity generated by water/dams and windmills and natural, renewable energy sources which we have in abundance? why do we have to move so fast? in cars? yeah, I like to drive and I like driving fast too, but if everyone took the bus or lived within walking distance of work...I wonder what sort of difference it could make.

My other thought, which I've had since I was very young, and which isn't original at all, but something I've always wished for, is what if people were only spirits without bodies and connected with oneanother only on a metaphysical levels...the friends we chose were people we couldn't judge by appearance but only by their minds and thought processes. I wonder how different our social circles would be and who we would discover to be our soulmates (plural).

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Sugar Refinery

I'm listening to Shakira's "La Tortura" and now, "Hips Don't Lie". I decided to open up my "dancing card" and call some people who like to go out, and a couple who have offered to teach me salsa and latin american dances. Learning stylized dances will open up more dancing venues, and I like the music besides. I don't know any latin moves yet, so if anyone sees me trying it out, I am an amateur!

Another thing I like, is where I work. I can't say I love what I do right now, but there is more than petrochemical energy there--there is testosterone. Ahhh! I got my wish to be around a bunch of "military" men. Besides the interesting aspects of danger and health risks, and the political climate, there are other sub-stories. When my last employer asked where I was now working, and I said, "an oil refinery", my roommate said under his breath (with smug satisfaction), "a sugar refinery". He was still upset to hear about my sugardaddy exploits, and must have thought, "haha, you got a refinery, not a daddy". Ay papacito, pero los hombres en mi vida, ahora, son muy bonito! I listened to Mary Poppins "Chim Chim Cheeree" and watched the sweeps dancing around on the coal factory rooftops and towers and thought about "my guys". Oh yeah, and then I watched a clip from Cinderella as she's singing "Sing Sweet Nightingale" while scrubbing the floors, and thought it funny some of the guys decided to call me "Cindy", short for Cinderella, of their own vocation.

It's really different working around so many men, and I can't imagine it's very easy for them. It's sort of like living on a base most of the day. I came into one of the units, on the first day, saying, "I hear you're the dirty guys," and of course I saw the looks. Another time, one guy said, "When did you meet ____?" and I said, "Oh, I see ______ every night," and there was joking. Almost anything spoken from my mouth is potential inuendo, which is both fun and, I know, not extremely "professional". I don't know how professional I want to be right now, though, afterall, I call one of my coworkers, my "bee-ahtch" and he likes it (trust me, he likes it, and he's the best damn girlfriend I've got right now).

This is an extremely professional operation though, and this place has one of the best safety records. I never knew blue collar could be so "with it". These guys are very smart, and not just dinking around. I had to sign a confidentiality statement when I started work there. I take this to mean it's okay to write a little about generalities, but nothing "company", such as spills, leaks, strategies, maps, locations, and even qualifications of employees. For example, I noticed a poster of an organization in one building, and yet I won't write about it because it could tip someone off as to what kind of security is hired and where one may be positioned outside of normal structure. It's a very small thing, but I'm no Geraldo Rivera. Most people are pretty quiet about things.

I noticed one man who walks steathily like someone from "The Predator" with sort of a glide and sideways glance and I notice as he's approaching from behind, from the corner of my eye, and suddenly, I can see him in fatigues, in the middle of trees and brush, with a gun in hand, keeping an eye on his "game". There is plenty of room for the imagination I've found.

I haven't met anyone I didn't like (yet, I guess) out there. Mainly, there are a lot of good people with great personalities. And there's a lot to learn, so depending on what I decide to do with my life and which legal strategy I decide is best for me, in the matter concerning my son, there are some options. It's really good for my writing, future writing that is, because this is all fresh and new material, and something I don't have prior experience with. I don't mean I'll write about details, but there's a lot of general information which can be gathered online (such as, some of the oil reaches 900 degrees before it is cooled down, and so on) which could be used to frame a story.

But yes, I do like working with men. And the other women there are, in many ways, like me, so we get along. Aside from the testosterone, it's just different and refreshing. I even think I laugh more. My coworkers think there's something wrong with me now if I'm not laughing about something at break, or cracking them up.

Some things which are so small, given the characters and the situation (The Case of the Disappearing Mop) turn into such huge issues that I can't help but see Seinfeld in everything. Then, I have to call for asssistance with a title, and the person who is so peeved that his mop is always disappearing, and he thinks it's because I'M the devil taking it, says, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," which is fitting and especially delightful coming from him, as he gives me an exasperated sideways look. It's all facial expressions though. Everyone has their comic "look" of indignation and upset.