Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Update:Torture of my Parents (new cuts): Forced MILITARY Work

My mother had 2 of her fingers sliced. She tried to say the cat did it, and I saw them closer up today and it's not from a cat. Her middle finger and index finger are sliced. She had her fingers sliced with a knife or something else with an extremely sharp point. I guess it was someone's sick idea of making an "awl" and using it to attack and punish my parents. My parents are forced to work for CIA and U.S. military. My mother is tortured, I am tortured, and my Dad is tortured, along with my son. I'm really tired of seeing how my entire family is held hostage by U.S. military assholes, and no one is doing anything about it. Everyone surrounding my family is U.S. military. My brother was forced to live with military after marrying a military wife, who spied on our family and then cut off all contact after Kate Middleton's wedding. Carmen worked for the U.S. Army. Every single person that's tried to get close to me, to use me for research, is U.S. military. My Dad is forced to go to a church run by a pastor who is U.S. military and this entire town is a like living on a military base. All of the pastors are not just "retired military" guys who served for 4 years--they're 20+ year veterans and still on active duty. The FBI agent in charge, came over from NY, with a military background and is running this state. My entire family is basically held hostage by the CIA and U.S. military, and the FBI assaults and goes along with it, for bonus pay. My brother was forced to be surrounded by, and to live with, U.S. military. My parents are surrounded by U.S. military. I was forced to live with U.S. military and U.S. military tried to force me to marry Alvaro Pardo for the U.S. military and CIA. Alvaro's contacts were police, U.S. military, and CIA, as well as working for the FBI. The U.S. military wanted me to marry him and the FBI was only normal around me if I was with him. Mark is military. Chris Dabney is U.S. military. Chief of Strategy James Cartwright is military and his sister or relative that I worked for years before this, is from a military family. Ryan from Wenatchee is military. Every single person I was forced to live with, including Theo Keyes, who was friends with Michelle Erickson and didn't tell me, was military. Keyes' father is career Army as is Keyes. Keyes colluded against me and shared information about me to Michelle Erickson, who was the main social worker on my case and had previously worked for the U.S. Navy at a Navy base in the Seattle area of Washington--it was admitted in court and on her resume. My son was taken from me and has been assaulted by U.S. military and 9 out of 10 people involved in his custody case, were directly connected to U.S. military. We are all being tortured. We all have evidence of torture. We are completely surrounded by, and stalked by U.S. military and CIA. The Department of Defense is responsible for the technology and means of our torture. I had the dental implant put into my mouth by U.S. military. I'm going to wager a bet that the doctor who did my neck surgery was U.S. military. Stacey Stubblefield, who ruined my body and tortured my son in childbirth, is married to a cop. That cop, let me guess, is friends with Russ Strong, who is U.S. military (Army) and who held the BBQ where my unborn son was tortured along with me, while still in the womb. Russ Strong works at a dam in Wenatchee. All of a sudden, Ryan, this Boston marine who was stealing from me and taking my evidence, got a federal job working at a different dam for FEMA types of operations. The man who hired me to fire me a few days later, after torturing me and experimenting with me, at Mike's Deli, in Nashville, TN, is military and U.S. government employ for FEMA. Then I was forced to work at Logans, and the man who hired me, Ernie, was part Colombian and U.S. career military. It's been all federal employees who have assaulted me. Cops have defamed me, FBI assaulted me, military stalked me and tortured me, and CIA has used me as well, and then dumped me. My son is being assaulted by FBI and military, and others are allowed to harm him as well. The Jewish community defamed me, and paved the road to allow for torture. They've committed hate crimes as much as others have. They are responsible for defamation of my character. All branches of military have been involved. U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Marines. Persons from all of these branches have been involved, and it goes to the larger and higher personnel for the DOD. It's not like they've been "helping" me, by giving me jobs. They've been screwing me out of college and work, in order to force me to be a human experiment for them. They've assaulted me almost daily, used me and degraded me, shared personal information about me, planned gang rapes among other federal workers, and tortured my son. I've been falsely arrested and blocked from travel, so they could keep me her to torture me and my son. My entire family is being assaulted by the U.S. military and CIA and the FBI is backing them up. THe minute I reported 2 of their guys, the CIA and military knew they had the FBI on their side, because now they were going to use FBI fears of lawsuits, and favors in keeping the FBI "safe" (by torturing me) to their own advantage. They have classified hate crime. I am being tortured and have been tortured since this afternoon, to my ear, tooth and jaw. It is not mild, it's been severe. It is now 7:23 p.m. My entire life has been ruined because of conspiracy to obstruct competition. The United States is guilty of using state and federal resources to torture their own citizens to keep them out of competition. This is felony that is beyond RICO. It's not classified. You cannot classify any attempt to block a citizen from competition, by calling it "research". That is the federal law on classification rules. ******************* It is not coincidental and the "odds" are far too high, to claim our being surrounded by U.S. military and being forced to work for other federal workers, is not deliberate. The FBI allowed torture of me, because it did THEM a favor. They didn't want me to win my lawsuit against defamation because defaming me worked for THEM. By the way, I sent email to Moses Lake Samaritan Hospital, to ask about doctors on board in 1982-1984, and no one has replied. It's been over a week. The University of Utah has pandered to the Middletons. Not suprising. Even Kate Middleton's dress and earrings for her wedding day reflect my CT and MRI scans. Her neckline matches the CTs and MRI for my implants and her earrings given to her by her mother do as well. In 2004, after I was defamed by The Willamette Week, this hospital that implanted me, which worked out well for Middletons and the ability of U.S. military and CIA in torturing me, opened a new clinic. They called it "South Jordan" when Carol and Mike Middleton operated out of Jordan and Kate grew up there. This hospital got bonus pay after putting implants into my body in 1995. In 1998 they purchased an extensive amount of new property and got other funding before then. They are linked to the Veteran's Hospital, and do rotations with them, and have since 1946. It was an illegal federal operation. It was also an operation that was later used to torture me to prevent me from using my gifts and talents at work or college, and then in lawsuits. The U.S. is guilty as hell and Kate Middleton and her family are English traitors. This country used Presidents who did favors for the Middletons.

Hacker Blocking My Music Online

Blogger is still messed up and first thing this morning, a hacker is stopping my youtube music that I'm playing, by freezing it in the same spot and putting it on pause. It says it's playing but it's not and it doesn't shut down the video or turn it off, it stops playing and pauses in the middle, but it doesn't show the pause button impressed. It's not this computer. The wi-fi is 100%, there is nothing wrong with the youtube, and I have had someone who is such a stalker they have been doing this almost since I've been here in Oregon, with any computer or laptop I have, no matter which one it is. I would appreciate it if someone would please assist and try to track down who is doing this and who is hooked into my laptop and hiding their IP bc I have more photos to upload and I have a right to not have someone constantly tampering with, and shutting down the music I choose to play. It's not normal connection problems, bc if it were, I wouldn't be writing about this. I know how laptops have connection problems sometimes or things don't play correctly--it's not that. I have online stalkers and most of them work for the U.S. government. Military, specifically.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

CT Implant Photos #1 (& Princess Di Photo)

I will probably add more to CT Implant Photos #1, but I am switching right now to another view or angle. In #1 I focused on the side view of my face, neck and ear. So remember what I wrote about Princess Diana in the photos where she's laying a rectangular strip across a round landmine? You know, in Angola, where she was wearing the halo? Look at this. This is a photo that was available in 1995, because that's when the first CTs, X-rays, and MRIs were done, after the car wreck. This is a view where it's from directly above, about center of my head and then looking straight down. It cuts through right to the section where my plate is, that was placed, and underneath, the organs there include my heart. The two black round openings are the spaces for lungs. If you looked down on my head, the top of the screen there is the front of my chest and the bottom of the screen is the back of my chest. My spinal cord is in the larger hole near the bottom, and the smaller hole is where we have our throat. The slightly curved white rectangle, that is shining with rays coming forth from the metal, is the plate that is over my vertebrae. I believe there is something beneath the plate that is not just a surgical implant, but there are other photos for indications, and other places indicating implants. At any rate, if you look at the Princess Diana photos from Angola, there is one where a man is laying a curved rectangular strip across a round landmine that Di is holding, while she's wearing the halo (which is something I was told I'd have to wear bc of the wreck). How Diana knew about my photos and what was done, I'm not sure. I'm positive she knew about me. Here's the photo of the rectangular item over the landmine: http://www.google.com/imgres?start=160&num=10&hl=en&biw=1366&bih=566&tbm=isch&tbnid=ckabU5c9y0i0YM:&imgrefurl=http://www.wwenglish.com/en/voa/stan/2007/07/2007072519545.htm&docid=OQB0I5YH3dQH8M&imgurl=http://www.wwenglish.com/up06/2007/07/19545/4.jpg&w=210&h=176&ei=z58XUKuwL5SM6QGN74GYBw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=928&vpy=312&dur=787&hovh=140&hovw=168&tx=111&ty=104&sig=104145628167857980544&page=10&tbnh=140&tbnw=168&ndsp=17&ved=1t:429,r:4,s:160,i:247. She was with, I believe, a man by the name of Carlos Silva. That was in 1997. In 1997 I was friends with a man from Nicaragua named Carlos Sequiera and he married a woman named Lisa who moved from Alaska to Portland. They had a very active interest in me at the time. I think I'm going to put up one set and then flip it.
I just uploaded 17 different files and then the computer froze up on me and wouldn't allow me to upload.  I'm having to do it again. It's 4:33 p.m.

Okay, I'm going this far with these and then flipping them. This shows less of the ear, but note the lower palate. Lower jaw and chin area. Center but slightly to the left. By the way, maybe it's a part of human anatomy, but I'm not finding it online or in any of the books guys. All this time that people have been flashing knobby tongue piercings at me, I had no idea I have one embedded in my mouth. It's the size of a newborn gold or silver earring stud. Perfectly round, like a bee bee from a bee gun, but a little smaller, and it's easily felt under the skin of my lower jaw, behind my bottom front teeth. It's hard, not a gland, not a cyst, it's a metal ball of some kind, and it's in my jaw-lower chin. It's the size of a head of a stick match from a Diamond matchstick box. This measures to about 1/16th-1/18th of an inch in length and width but it's a ball of some kind. I have a box of Diamond matchsticks here, and if I take out any one of them and look at the tip, the coated red part, the circumference of the red dot matches the ball that the United States implanted into my mouth. It's a microchip. Then, if I put my finger in my mouth to touch it and then another finger under my chin where I had an incision made, I can feel another slightly knobby thing of the same type. In the photos above it shows where one of the implants is. This is one of many things the U.S. has done to me. All of this is coming together because when I was photographed at age 6, with a paper crown on my head that said, 666 around the top (all the way around), it is possible that the U.S. had already put some kind of "mark" or implant in my body by this age. It is possible they did one thing when I was born, more in 1982, high tech microchips in 1995, and then a dental implant in 2006. Not only that, after I had the dental implant from the U.S. military dentist, in 2006, I told CPS I had been forced to take a social security number for my son. My argument was that it was against my religious beliefs of not taking a "mark" from the government. After this, they took my son from me, after severely torturing us both. It is possible that someone thought I already knew what had been done to me and that I was alluding to this by my refusal to take a SS# for my son. They then characterized me as "paranoid", when actually, I have government implants in my body and they've tortured me. So then, they probably knew I had plans to leave the U.S. bc I'd already told Christa I was thinking of going to another country, at least short term, with my son. The U.S. never wanted this because they were too busy quashing competition illegally. They ruined my work, my college, everything, and tortured me out of my own lawsuits to protect my name. According to what I found online, body piercings other than ear piercings, became popular in the late 1990s. So that is after 1995, when, most likely, it was already known that I had implants in my body. I had an incision made under my chin, and it's directly beneath this little metal ball structure. You know what's funny? Every time something comes up to make the FBI nervous, they get the media to run huge stories about how wonderful they are. Or something shocking happens to distract people from one of the biggest government and FBI criminal conspiracies this generation. They've tortured my family. UPDATED 8/1. I have copied this entire post and put it into the month of August so it's easy to find for August.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flipped Coronal: Batman Rises (implant photos)

I'm adding photos to the last implant photo post. This is just a preview. Down at the bottom right corner of this photo, is a swollen ear or lymph gland with something inside of it. I show clearer photos later. Also, I found a metal box next to my heart that is new. Seriously. It is showing up as some kind of thin metal square next to my heart. And I found another implant showing up in my neck or under my chin, the way that the implant in my dental filling shows up. So yeah, I think there is suggestion enough that there is a problem here. So I'm looking for a lawyer and doctor of course, and especially if you know of a good lawyer, I need a good lawyer.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Dad's Prediction Tonight

I went up to the porch after my Dad got home. My Mom wasn't home yet. I saw that my Dad had left out catfood dishes for the cats. When I looked, the cats had eaten from one dish but not the other one, and it was in a line. I thought, "Why did my Dad arrange the catfood in a line, like cocaine?" That was at about 5 p.m. or so. I went in and ate with him and watched some t.v. Then I left around 6 p.m. or so and my Mom got home about 6:45 p.m. I walked over to her car, from my house and followed her indoors. Inside, on the t.v., was a movie playing and at the moment I walked in, the actress was snorting a line of cocaine. That was at 6:51 p.m. thereabouts. So basically, having no idea of when I'd come over the first time, or that I'd show up again, my Dad predicted I would see a line. This is why the U.S. government is interested in my family, and why they put implants in my body without my consent. They have monitored me and wanted to track me to see if I knew about national security secrets or who I talked to, and then used the implants against me to torture me and steal my son from me.

CT Implant Photos #1 (updating...)

I uploaded some dental implant images and I'll put them up again.  I thought for right now, I will show how there is a microchip that is embedded within/near the titanium plate  for my neck that is showing up.
This view is of the 42nd photo in the coronal series, brain filter view. If you look right in the middle, there is a small black dot, and this is matching the same kind of result the implant in my tooth creates. The little bright circle things on my shoulders are from my hospital gown. So as you scroll down to see other views of the same photo, you will see how this artifact is picking up, and how it's near the plate in my neck, but is something separate from it. The black dot I'm referring to is in the center of the neck, a little bit higher than the R and L indicated right and left of my body, on the scan.
This is a head and neck filter, and shows the same dot. You can see a little bit of glare coming from the area, due to the metal.
This is a lung filter, and I just used it to show how you could look at the same photo and see nothing, until you use a different contrast.
This is the bone view, which shows the bright white of the plate across my neck and then another bright white section which is from screws in my neck. You can see here that where the black dot is, has nothing to do with blood or a hole, as this is a part of my vertebrae. It's right next to the plate, but it's different, and I believe it indicates implant that is separate from the plate. Also, there are two screws in addition to the plate in my neck, but there is only this one dot. I can put up more of the dental implant photos to show the difference between the implant there and the metal filling as well. I also have some interesting images of the one ear that has an implant in it and it's different from my other ear. If it looks small, that's why they call them "microchips". In this view, actually the screws are above the plate in the photo, because it's a transitioning photo. They are actually below the plate, but this still captures what is inbetween. I'll put more up tomorrow.
This is a view of the photo I tried to post earlier but which was covered up with my name over it. So there was a "flip vertical" button and I flipped the coronal. Joking. No, not really joking. This is real. So right now, it's upside down. The top of my neck and head are at the bottom. So look at the bottom right corner now, which is actually the left side of my body. Notice something WEIRD? Well, it all gets weirder than that. MY country implanted me and has tortured me almost daily, and you can see what kind of damages it's done to cause inflamation and problems, but you have no idea the levels of pain. And then my country tortured my son Oliver too, and kidnapped him from me, and illegally had him adopted away from me while they have interferred with all my court appeals by TORTURING me during this time. Obstruction of justice by "torture"? Is this the United States? What COUNTRY do I LIVE in? So yeah, I flipped it, the coronal view, and I got "Batman Rising".
I'll show the one implant from the dental again. I got a better one that shows both some of the glare around the filling and then how this other thing is not the filling. There is also a white glare on the other side but you can see it means nothing by the next consecutive photo.
Hang on a minute, I'm trying something out with marking up the photos so I can point things out... It's not uploading my pdfs with photos so I might take photos of the mark ups with my videocam and then add them. Maybe I'll put up more photos and then mark them up and add them again with the mark ups so I'm able to point things out better. This next set of 10 I'm putting up because it shows looking down from above, into the mid-part of my head, with the ear outlets on either side, eyes are at the top, and back of head is at bottom. The scans go from the opening of the right side (marked on the left side of screen) of my ear, to then switching and viewing the opening to my left ear. I didn't have my "head injury" on the left side of my head, but that is where all the indications are showing a problem with my ear on left side and other things. This isn't that big of a deal, but shows some things and then I'll select certain photos that are more dramatic next. By the way, I don't get "sinus" infections and although the radiologist claimed I looked like I had a history of this, I never have. I don't have allergies, and don't have sinus problems, ever. I'm being tortured and it's damages from torture. In none of my medical records have I ever complained of colds or sinus issues. It's a non-issue. Torture is the issue.
I will upload other views of the ear, which show more, and are from the side, which indicate something is different from one ear to the next. First, back to the microchip behind the plate in my neck. Here below I have two photos. One, is from the top of the head, starting to bore down through the throat. Above the throat opening (the hole in the center) is the white radiance of the plate, the titanium plate. Okay, so that "dot" I pointed out that is behind the plate, and was showing up as a black spec, is barely seen, but it's there again, and is behind the plate, so if you see the plate which is like this ___ then look below it and slightly to the left you will find this: _____ . It's like a very faint circle shape with a small center circle inside, like the tooth implant shows up with some filters.
This is the bright plate
This is one I'll have to mark up to point out the dot because it's very faint but it matches where the black spot is on the neck from photos at the start of this post, about my neck, and it's not from the pins or plate. It's separate. The next ones are flipped vertically. First it's of the tooth implant again.
The four shots above are all flipped vertically. They are of the neck. Next I'm going to show how they radiated my heart, which they are not supposed to do, because it gives you a dose of radiation that is equivalent to having 100 x-rays done of the heart.
You have to rotate the above because they're flipped upside down. They radiated my heart. It's into my lungs part-way, and you can see part of the heart. According to the documents, they gave me 100 ccs of I.V. ISO 300. There are a few more. I'm going to take a quick break and then I'll find individual ones I noted. Some of these, in the packs, are not that big of a deal. It's also hard for me to point things out without a pencil marker to mark it up. There are some others but I made this big list and then problem is that when I tried to select just one image out of a series, it was forcing me to upload the entire series of photos, with that view, instead of just one that I chose, and customized to find something. So it's made it much longer because all the photos are uploaded every time I want just one picture, and then I have to sort through them and it's been a pain.
Okay, I'm just going to upload a ton of photos and then I'll go through them and mark them up to point out some things. This isn't the best way to do it, because someone will get lost looking at all of it, but a good doctor, knowing where I complain of pain from implants, will have an idea.  It will be better when I mark out the specific spots that are targeted and where I've found indication of some tiny artifact.  Without my being able to let my symptoms guide me, to the right spot, almost anyone would miss them, because they're microchips.  They're hardly there --almost impossible to see.  So this is why I'll mark some things up later.  I want my son returned to me, so anyone who could help with that, and prove indications of torture and damage, would be helpful. I'm leaving out some of the more personal "brain" photos and things, which a good lawyer and doctor would want to see, because there is more, but for now, this is what I have.  This first set is almost washed out but it's to compare for reference with other sets that show more.


I'll do more of these tomorrow.  Some of these don't show artifacts as much--like these bright ones, because they're done with brain scan, so it's going to bring out some things and hide other things.  When you compare them all together you can see that there is something there that's not part of the normal ear.  Also, some of these I put up for the artifact under the chin, more than the ear, because it brings this out a little but I'll have to point it out.

This next set is the same thing as above and is done with the brain filter contrast, at window level 1000/1300 but with white contrast instead of the black contrast.  I am putting up the same thing in different contrasts bc some things are seen more easily this way.  I plan to put up some other angles today as well, which point to other things.

I got this set uploaded. If you look at the plate, where the plate is visible, you can see a black round area beneath it that is against the bone that is radiating forward (creating the slight black round mark). I will switch to other more obvious photos, but this is some of it. I can trace everything back to U.S. military and CIA and then the FBI has been involved. But yeah, my implants, I can trace it all to military and I can also trace men who have screwed me over to military and CIA. Why should I go to the dentist like the FBI wants me to? Why? So they can go in and say there is just something wrong with a filling and remove the implant and get rid of all evidence and liability? I am going to upload one more different filter of the same angle, and this one is brain filter. So I'll put this set up and then move to show other angles and sets. Google Blogger still isn't working by the way. It's completely messed up and I am having to alternate and interchange and do different things to get this up. Thank you God some of this is happening. Thank you God. The other sets have much more obvious things, but I need to have these up because when I mark them up I can point small things out from these sets, and correlate it to other angles and more dramatic things. So it is all part of a larger picture. Once I do this, then I'll back away from the big picture and collective grouping and then I will select specific shots and put them in a different post so it's selected. But this is a way of giving context for those who want it. I guess this is just my style. Take everything out from under the bed, put it in a big pile in the middle of the room, and then organize. Others have better methods, but this one works for me, as I'm slightly a closet perfectionist.

(a couple of these are going out of order for some reason, but after I have the full set up, I'll correct so they're in order. I have some brain ones up already but I've changed the contrast on some of them so they're not the same. Next, I've decided I am putting up lung filter for the same angle and then I'll go to the other angles. Okay? Okay! Let's GO Oliver!)

I have someone bumping me off and obstructing my uploading, even with the system already screwed up as it is. I'm having to do double the work to put these photos up and then someone has been trying to delay this. I am uploading several photos and then it's not accepting it, and I'm having to start over, or it's freezing up and not allowing it to publish. So, there is active obstruction. They've taken out some of the photos and then doubled others while they obstructed me from uploading the photos in order.
I am being tortured as well. I can track every single incident of implant directly to the U.S. military and the men--to the U.S. military and CIA. All of them, except for a few FBI as well. All the people I've been forced to live with when I was pushed out of housing? Military and CIA. I can prove it and I can prove how they all know eachother. That includes the liar Alvaro Pardo.

Well, for some reason, after I made a quick post asking someone to help me fend off hacking obstruction while I uploaded photos, it was a little better. It's still messed up, but I wasn't blocked. I uploaded a "brain filter" of this angle at the top of this post, but it's a different contrast (1000/1300). The one immediately above is at window 80/level 40 (80/40). What I am discovering with CT, which I never knew before, is that it's not harder to understand than an X-ray, because it's actually a ton of X-rays all smushed together. To see into the different layers, there are tools like filters and contrast that help you bring out in one shot, what is totally invisible in another. I think, because of this, diagnosing someone or finding things, is extremely subjective and dependent on the diligence and skill of the radiographer or radiologist. I knew this intuitively, but now I understand better what kind of time can go into this. A very good, perfectionist and determined radiologist could probably detect things that 90% of others would never have patience to find. So, I have a new respect for radiologists. I was thankful that a good radiologist in MD confirmed I was still miscarrying, bc all these doctors were saying I wasn't, but I was in labor still. I mean, I was in mild labor, for months, and bleeding. So finally, to have this confirmed by someone who looked more carefully and told me, "Oh yeah, it's clear that it's not completed" was important. This explanation of what CT is, is hopefully helpful for regular people like me, trying to figure out what in the world a CT is.

UPDATED 8/1. I've added a copy of this post to August so it's easier to find for August.