Monday, December 31, 2012

Dr. Bousman: The Obstetrician Who Delivered Me

I thought the doctor who delivered me was named Bousen/Bouson/Bowson but it was Bowsman/Bousman.

If this is the same man, he's about 66, and is Ronald Bousman.  He went to Iowa Medical school,, which, in 2001 (a very lucky year for Katie Middleton, in oh so many ways) renamed their college after a huge donation by The Carver family.  In 2007 they did some business surrounding a Bridgestone tire company and buy-out.  They sold their share and it became Bridgestone.
They've come into new money as well, and are building a huge new complex and naming it "PappaJohn". (Under construction is the Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building scheduled for completion in 2014, which will add approximately 250,000 gsf of research space.)

I think this is a photo of him, where he's practicing now, at St. Vincent's.  There is a discrepency between the middle initial "E" for the first link I listed, and "L" for this link, as he's listed, but the rest of the biographical information matches.  If true, he went to Ventura, California to do a residency, which is the same place where I think "" is very popular, like so many other Lynda Carter/Kate Middleton things.  Here is our magic match, which confirms this is the doctor:
For whatever reason, he decided to hightail it out of Wenatchee instead of extending his practice to 2019.

Haha, I wrote, here is our magic match and across the lawn, I can see into my parent's house and they hugged and kissed in front of me.  They are, I guess, the real magic match, but for confirming who is who, I think I found the OB that delivered me.  I recognize the lawyer David J. Bentsen there in the awards notice.  He was always following me, and observing me and was new to town.  I never got the impression that he liked me.

It appears Ronald Bousman, if married to a "Jane" Bousman, has a house in "Surprise, Arizona", on Lagos, which is a diagonal 1/2 hour to Phoenix, Arizona.
The house assessment is from 2009, according to this link.  He lives next to a Salvatore Giammona and I find someone from Medford, New Jersey for "Magic of Salvatore" and that he's a professional ski instructor.  Oh, but it's with a t and not a d, so let me check.  There's a Salvadore F. Giammona on Willow St. and in San Jose, CA.  Another neighbor lives in Pennsylvania and Gaithersburg, Maryland, Hugh David Ellington:  Gaithersburg is inbetween Germantown (where I lived with Alvaro) and Rockville (where Lynda Carter lives).

Corn on the Cob

I saw someone eating yellow corn on the cob today (mind's eye).

Last night my parents had corn cut from the cob with dinner and then today when I was in the sauna, before noon, I had an impression of someone pulling up on a beige rope and then I opened my eyes and closed them again and maybe saw someone else eating corn on the cob.  A man, but I don't know who.  Then it made me think about my parents having corn the night before, talking about homemade corn, and I asked my Dad if he'd had corn on the cob for lunch and he said no.  It was a whole ear.

Communications & Power Tampered (electricity and internet accounts)

I was told it would take 24 hours to get the code to access my primary account and now I am being told I have to do all of the following.  I've included the text of the message below.  I can't access any of my account information or contacts, and I can't check my mail.

Not only that, my parent's had no hot water last night even though all the breakers or electrical outlet things were switched on and all day today I've been freezing because my electricity was powered down to almost nothing.  I was only able to keep one space heater running and it was running at less than half-power.  I could see my breath freezing in the air.  After my Dad came home, when he did, it suddenly went back up to full power as he was driving by.  For the last week however, each time he's driving by, it's some kind of horrific energy field, the kind used to torture all of us with, that is surrounding his truck so it looks like he's being targeted wherever he goes.  Then I told my Mom about it when she got home and she said, "How can your heater be powered down to half?"  I said it was.  So then I turned it off, so I could heat tea in the microwave.  If I try to use a microwave even, along with 1 space heater running, my power gets shut off.  I mean, it's nothing to do with the way this place is wired.  My parents have the same problem at their house, and it's a nice house.  So then there was no power running for anything in the house until I was hitting power for a cup of tea.  It wouldn't run like normal.  It was running at less than half-power again.  So after over 5 minutes on "high" it wasn't even lukewarm.  It was tepid.  So I waited and waited and the power didn't return to full power, for one item in my entire house--the microwave.  Finally, I opened my freezer door and was going to grab a licorice cough drop and suddenly it turned on to full power.  I was so cold all day that I was unable to do anything.  I couldn't write, couldn't stay seated at a desk or table, couldn't clean or move around my place.  I had on 2 layers for pants, 2 layers socks, 4 layers of thermals and sweaters.  I had my space heater on all night, and because it was powered-down, it was cold in the morning and then got worse.

This is the kind of thing that was done to the batteries of cars I was driving.  I almost died.  In 2003, 3 different vehicles that I drove were being powered-down to lose full power.  They weren't powered-down to lose less than half-energy, they were instantly powered-down to lose total electricity and battery power.  This meant I was driving along the freeway, and it was always freeway, and never country back-roads, and all of a sudden, in a split second, my car had no power.  This was as dangerous as losing brakes.  When it happened, it took about 2 minutes for my cars to go from 65 mph to 10 miles mph and then stop.  It was full-blown deacceleration and it didn't give you 15 minutes to think about what to do.  It was instant, and I almost died.  I was nearly hit and in major car accidents dozens of times  It was done to my vehicles when I was at about 65 mph, or standard top freeway speed, and within 1 minute, I was in the middle of fast traffic at 30 mph and slowing to less than 10 mph, being forced to roll to a stop wherever I could.  It happened on dangerous corners, and it happened while I was surrounded by traffic.  I had to  steer my car (which had zero power) to the middle lane and then the next lane, or however many lanes I was over, to get to the shoulder of the road, where my car would roll to a stop.  I've described having power drained from my battery (to the cars) before, but in case someone thought it was just bringing the speed down a little, no.  It was turning off everything in my car, to bring it to an instant zero-power state.  So it wasn't like I lost battery power and my car slowed down from 65 mph to 30 mph and I was just not able to keep up with traffic or get hit.  My cars were having the power shut down completely, in the middle of fast-moving traffic.  The only way I could steer to the side was from the momentum of the speed I had been driving at, and it doesn't last long.  Try it.  Get up to 65 mph and then pull the plug on your car (if you can).  How long does it take for you to be in danger.
?  I don't think it's possible.  I don't think you can turn off your ignition while driving, and putting on the brakes isn't going to show you how fast it happens.  If you have a car that you can forcibly stall and turn off by switching into wrong gears, you might be able to get your car to shut down.  It wasn't just one car.  This was state-sponsored criminal activity against me.  It happened to 3 different vehicles I owned.  I cannot underestimate how it was very seriously a death wish by the state, and how dangerous it was.  I should have been in an accident and I should have been potentially fatally wounded.  When that didn't happen, then I got hit by a planned attack of hit-and-run.

We recently received a request to recover your Microsoft account Unfortunately, we were unable to verify your ownership of this account using the information you provided. Microsoft takes the security and privacy of your personal information very seriously, and we are committed to protecting the personal information of customers. We have taken the additional step of blocking your account until we can verify you as the account owner. This will prevent any further use of the account, and protect you from any possible malicious activity.
Please submit a new account verification formAt this point, your best option is to submit a new form with as much accurate information as you can gather. The more information you can include in the form, the better the chance you’ll have of regaining access to your account. We’ve included a few tips below to help you fill out the form as completely as possible.
> Submit a new form
Helpful tips for filling out another form:
  • Answer as many questions as you can.
  • Use the information you provided when you created the account, or last updated it.
  • Submit the form from a computer you frequently use.
  • You will be asked to list recently used email addresses and the subject lines from recent emails. Ask for help from family members, friends, or business contacts to confirm their email addresses and tell you the subject lines of the last three emails they sent you.
  • Make sure to use the correct domain for your account, such as,, or Keep in mind that your email address may be country specific. For example, if you created your account in Sweden, your domain would be “” rather than “”.

> Submit a new form
Thank you,
Microsoft Support Team
Microsoft Corporation
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Redmond, WA 98052

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chris Dabney Is FBI (UPDATE) & Michelle Erickson

(12/31/12Nothing I tried to check on Chris Dabney was coming up through Google until after Kate Middleton was married and pregnant.  I checked several times, through extensive searches, and not one search engine gave anything for his name.  So now, all of a sudden, all kinds of things come up.)

He's FBI.

Mark knew him when he approached me after I called New Mexico FBI and talked to them a moment.  Dabney knew Mark.  Mark is U.S. Army (MKUltra fodder) and went out upon FBI notice of my being at a truck stop.  Dabney is FBI.

Miami, FL got a new director on April 30, 2012, putting him in charge of Jacksonville.  How cute.

Really, Mueller, you shock me to no end.

Chris Dabney worked on undercover drug work for the FBI so the DEA in Florida is also involved. This is partly why both the DEA and FBI colluded to frame me and lie about me in Tennessee.  The Department of State is involved as well.   He supported Kate Middleton.

"Mike".  I can figure most of it out intuitively even if I can't prove it right away.  I said the name "Mike" in my sleep one night and woke myself up and Chris freaked out.  What was he worried about?  Mike Middleton?  I wondered myself what "Mike" I was saying in my sleep, because I wasn't thinking or dreaming of one and I woke up hearing myself say loudly, "MIKE".  Then I was startled I had woken to this and I looked over and Chris was on the couch with HUGE eyes, staring at me at shock and I really think he was in a mood of hating me then.  I remember he was acting weird.  When he stared me, after I said this, I don't remember saying anything about it.  I think I went back to sleep.  But maybe I said something.  I wasn't around anyone named Mike and I hadn't known anyone by that name for years.

I used to listen to Johnny Cash, and one of my favorite songs, that I played and Dabney happened to be near, was the one with June Carter-Cash singing, "Jackson".  Which also throws back to Kate Middleton because Jack Nicholson was the guy in the music video that Katy Perry did, "Hot & Cold", that Dabney liked so much.

So after Chris came back from Miami, Florida, when Mueller thought it was "safe but oh-so-clever", he assigned Mike Steinbach (can't you see the big arm coming down on the piano and then the classical music?) to Jacksonville, and the FBI put out their press release on April 29, 2012, oh...oops.  Not the 29th, the day Kate Middleton got married, the 30th.  You need a Union Jack? 

Now, Mike Steinbach is listed as Acting agent in charge of Miami, Florida. 

Of course.

Have you seen my son's eyes?  or teeth?

The FBI has concealed gang-rapists that work for them and they've tortured my son.  After Chris was in Miami, he was back in D.C., and working at The Post Pub.

I was never sure if Dabney was working for the CIA or FBI--I knew he was working for someone, but I didn't know who.  However, I don't think he's military, aside from one time I saw a crease in his hair from a baseball hat, and I know he knew Mark, who found me through the FBI.

He is FBI scum.  Which means he is part of an entire group of men and federal workers employed by the FBI who assaulted me and got close to me for political reasons and to figure me out by psychic govt. work.  They used me and these people are partly responsible for the murder of my unborn children.

I saw Chris Dabney one day, who supposedly doesn't have a car, driving a black BMW and wearing a baseball hat.  He looked at me like he hated my guts.  I was in a car with both Alvaro and his cousin and Chris passed us coming from the other direction and I noted that eye contact was made between him and Alvaro's cousin.  They looked like they were out to kill.  Both of them with bitter, hard, pissed expressions on their faces and I knew it was anger at me.  It was in the Georgetown area of D.C. that we passed.

I know Chris knows U.S. Army Mark because of how they interacted with eachother when I passed the Pub with Mark and Chris was standing outside.

All of them are Middleton goons.  Mueller is a Middleton goon.

Here is the link on Steinbach:

It fits.  He was in D.C. at the FBI Headquarters when Chris Dabney was also in D.C., having returned from Miami.  Steinbach also worked with Israeli attaches and Dabney had a thing for them and a Jewish girlfriend (later).  Steinbach worked intensely in the Middle East for the FBI and Kate's family was in Jordan when the U.S. Army was going in.   He was in Chicago before, which is also a place Dabney has lived.  Steinbach has his degree from the Navy in aerospace defense industry (which is connected to Killian).  The Navy has really done a wonderful thing for Katie Middleton, as far as the eye can see.

"Jackson".  "We got married in a fever/hotter than a pepper sprout"...
And the FBI puts out this press release on April 29th, oops, 30th, 2012.

You're murderers.  All of you are murderers.

What else did Michael do?  Counterterrorism with a focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Don't forget when Osama's eye was blown out.

And now look at my son Oliver's eye.

They blow up unborn children, and torture U.S. citizens, but not Katie Middleton.  No, not her, because she is CIA-Special.
Carol Middleton is CIA and I believe the entire thing with Alvaro Pardo was part of her set-up.  Dabney and her goons are connected to Miami and the FBI, which is also connected to Raul Bujanda, one FBI agent that broke into my house and assaulted me.  Bujanda told me he'd worked for the FBI in Miami and that this was his favorite location. 

The FBI was assaulting me for Middleton.

Also, Michelle Erickson worked for the U.S. Navy and she was the social worker for Oliver's case.  She was pulling on her ear all the time, just for some kind of game and then my son was having his ear brutally pulled on so it stuck out, was red, and hurt.  He was going to visits this way.  Michelle had Theo Keyes working for her, at her house, and he was U.S. Army and I was being forced to stay with him, which was a nightmare.  Michelle knew this.  She also had a black guy hurting my son for her.  If I offended her, he was going after my son.  Also, a guy named Jacob who lived with Steve Mays went after my son, and his wife.

Apparently, Michelle is getting married, or got married, if this is the same woman and I think it is.  She decided to get her marriage license on the same day that a couple from the United Kingdom got their marriage license, in Wenatchee, WA.  Michelle Erickson is a criminal.  I have no doubt at all, that her husband is a criminal as well.

Marriage licenses

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jose Alberto Godina, 45, and Adelaida Medina, 42, both of East Wenatchee
Giovanni Emilio Martinez, 22, Wenatchee, and Laura Medina, 19, East Wenatchee
Antonio Mendoza, 63, and Nelida Serrano, 40, both of Wenatchee
Tim Scott Hedges, 34, and Michelle Kathleen Erickson, 33, both of Wenatchee
Clemente Ramirez Martinez, 34, and Elvira Mendoza Palacios, 32, both of Manson
Michael David Lerma, 28, and Jessica Kristen Randall, 25, both of Wenatchee
Taylor William Wiyrick, 22, and Erica Lynn Shostad, 19, both of Malaga
Christopher Jody Henderson, 26, East Wenatchee, and Laura Elizabeth Marks, 25, High Wycombe, United Kingdom
Michelle Erickson is related to David Erickson, who manages Wenatchee's Park and Recreation.  I have found there is a business in Parsipanny, New Jersey that is moving to a new location on Park Blvd.  I believe it is the Parks and Recreation people that were attempting to force my Grandfather to sell his orchard in East Wenatchee, which is where my son and I lived when we were being tortured.  They are still in litigation in Seattle, WA over it.  The Parks and Rec people attempted to force out the orchardists so the doctors and medical professionals who ride bikes could have a bike trail through the property.

Michelle Erickson is also supposedly related to Eugene Erickson, who celebrated his 60th wedding anniversary at Inna's Cuisine, which is the same place where the Russian employees told me the Russian/British guy who died of poisoning in England should have kept his mouth shut.  The Ericksons apparently chose to celebrate here, in December of 2007 which was when my son and I were living in East Wenatchee, being brutally tortured.  I had noticed Inna at the post office in E. Wenatchee, smirking at me and looking over at my son that Fall, before it was Winter.  I had tried to apply for a room to rent from them and this is when the man said this, and it was Summer.  No one would rent to us so we moved to East Wenatchee and we were tortured.  A telephone guy came out to check our lines because I had all this odd interference with them, and look...Michelle Erickson's relatives were involved.  No wonder she had a personal criminal motive.  She's a criminal and her family is worthless.  They were people to be bribed and who worked for the U.S. Navy.

Take a look at something else, because this is really cute.  Someone thought it would be hilarious to have this guy David Benton pose for a photo and come to town after we were tortured by people who know the Ericksons.  Look at Eugene Erickson's photo when he was younger and then look at the photo featured by Wenatchee World for Benton.
Here is the Eugene photo again:
And here is the "funny inside joke copy" of David Benten, who hated me and is involved:
Here's another law bio, with information about how he moved from Salem, Oregon to be in Wenatchee, Washington after my son and I tried to leave the state for political asylum upon being tortured:

His boss, Speidel, is part of the Boston crew.  Speidel got his education at Stanford (Amy Roe's alma mater), Willamette University (Salem, Or, which is where David Benten went), and Boston University (ANYONE GOT LAURA LAUGHLIN's NUMBER?)

In the same firm we have Michael Bradford, who can't decide if he's Mormon or Roman Catholic.  He went to Brigham Young and studied psychology, had a 2 year mission in Argentina (where U.S. Army Russ Strong's wife is from), and then went to Roman Catholic jesuit school Gonzaga (I guess he did such a good job converting Catholics in Argentina they asked him to be a Jesuit).

Since Boston is coming up all the time, let's not forget where Judge Paul Lipscomb (who lives in Salem, Oregon) went to college:
Educational Background: Boston University School of Law, JD Degree 1975; Dartmouth College, BA Degree 1970.

And that other guy, that works in Tax law, jus like Speidel, and who went to Boston University too, is Eric J. Sachtjen, from Spokane, WA.  This is the guy that Ruthie Ames works for.
B.A.,Boston College, 1997,  J.D., Gonzaga University School of Law, 2000, Cum Laude,  LL.M., Taxation, University of Florida, 2001

Speidel's wife, Jean, went to Harvard in Boston, MA, which is apparently where he met her, and possibly her family is in Boston.
This article mentions his wife.  Note the motto for this law firm.  Sort of reminds you of Brian Mulroney, doesn't it?  Patting that little packet of "Equal" in his breast pocket?  So I was then wondering, how does this tie-in to Canada?  The people that run this one are elected by the Washington Bar Association, Supreme Court, and Governor.  The Governor is connected to Canada.  I wonder how long they've had the motto they have.  The "equal" one.  Let me guess.  As long as Christine has been in office?  Oh lookie everyone.  Another little matchy-match.
Look at the top motto and design of logo for The Legal Foundation of Washington and then look at the one for Merisant, which is the maker of Equal sweetner.

So clever kids.  I feel like we're all playing the Memory game.  Oh, dears, and it's NOT "Legal Foundation of Washington", it's "L'Egal Foundation of Washington".  Don't forget!

This is so nice to discover, because when I called this group to ask for legal assistance, they were really "there" for me and my son Oliver.  Also note who the CEO is, "Paul Block", which is a fun twist to things when we think about the road that leads from Michelle Erickson and Tony Block to "L'Egal".

Even more fun! Mr. Block's name is listed on Merisant's site with Eugene's name.  Kind of like Tony Block and Eugene Erickson are a pair.  Which leads me to Hillshire.  Fascinating front photo.  Paul Block was working for Sara lee before Merisant so I had to look and clicked on Hillshire.  It's a woman wearing a dress with the sleeves like a dress I wore when I was pregnant with my son.  It was a turquoise dress.  I remember now because Chris Dabney asked me in D.C. if I'd ever worn anything turquoise and I couldn't think of anything.  I had a sort of turquoise sweaterdress in high school with a black trim, but I forgot about the turquoise dress I wore.  It had been Granny's and was polyester and it had sleeves like this, with toggles on it, like this.  When I was pregnant, it was up over my belly so it looked like it had an empire waitline like this as well, and it had a v-neck, like this.  That was my turquoise dress.  I wore it with orange high heels once.  I wore it before I was pregnant, with the waist at my waist, and when I was pregnant as one of my main maternity dresses, with the waist up and under my ribcage.  So we go from the woman wearing the toggle tie dress, to paper plates in the air, to a pan of sausage and what looks like eggs, oh no, it's bow ties and corn.  Oh, and after that, it's "Fritz".  Fritz is, of course, one of the local doctors I saw in ER when I got to Coquille, Oregon, after I was being tortured to my neck and teeth.  Oh hahahaha.  So clever Never.
Where are they from?  Of course.  Chicago, Illinois.  Which is where the Paul Block that I met, in 1994, was from.  Chicago, Illinois.  If he still has big thighs, that's him.  He did bodybuilding at the gym I worked at and flew in for business in Wilsonville, Oregon.  He asked me on a date and gave me his number and I never called.  He was white.  Tony Block, in Wenatchee, is Italian.  So he left Sara lee and went to Merisant.  All of the people at Hillshire are in the defense industry.  Nice to know when you want a piece of meat.  At least it explains why they put out the advertisement they did, for their site, with little reminders of my past and inside jokes.  The Board of Directors is mainly from Boeing, pharmaceutical companies, and the U.S. Pentagon.  Oh, and a guy from England and one who did deals with Canada.  Oh, and it's nice to know their "meat" is connected to sodium thiopental.  Chris Begley, a member of their team, is from Hospira, a global pharmaceutical company that makes drugs for the CIA.  Nice.  Real nice.  Happy New Year.  It's gonna be a good one for you guys!  Out of their 10 board members, 1 is Koelnerk (Boeing), 1 is Jonathan Ward(Kohlberg & Co), and one is Colbert (Miller).  That's what I want for Christmas.  Coals. 

 F. Michael Ball, who is now running Hospira, is on the board of STEC, Inc. STEC makes memory for IBM and is in the microchip industry. 

So these people are who the Speidel law firm is connected to, and a lot of the contacts go to Boston.  The Legal Foundation for Washington takes money through a bank in Boston, MA, among other banks.   Oh yes, and this is all part of Washington state and their part in supporting big money that is connected to torture of my son Oliver.  So while Speidel has the boss getting a gold medal from LFW, and while their members are connected to Salem, Oregon (where Judge Lipscomb is from and also from Boston), other firms, like the ones I was appointed for "public defense" had employees working directly for the Department of Defense, Boston (again), and Michelle Erickson and her family's corrupt interests.  It means a lot, to a girl like Michelle, to feel she can get a sufficient pay-off from big dogs.  Torture of a child is no problem for her, nor has it ever been a problem for Anne Crane/Crain.  Or Tony Block, or any of these people.  They're getting nods of appreciation from the thiopental people, and Pentagon.  Torture of my son is part of anticompetition and those who hate my family and have used us to promote themselves and keep us down so (they hope) no one notices, use MKUltra and research excuses to get away with aggregious crimes.

Nicholas Erickson is supposedly related to Michelle Erickson as well. I don't know if this is Nicholas, but whether it is or not, he's not a christian.  I like his photo standing next to what looks like the jail HE could be in, and the guy knocked over.  Um, go back to the Hillshire farms online ads and look at Jimmy Deans logo.  The black boot with the red block next to it.  Real catchy Nicholas.  See you in jail, as you're crying through the plastic window asking to speak to your lawyer.  Maybe your lawyer will get a good photo of you and post it up on twitter.  He's got links from people about hungry kids, and a little stunt with the football.   What we are looking at here, is false confidence.

I do not know that this is Michelle's relative though.  I saw something about Oregon refered but I don't know. 

Okay, and then we go from LTF to Hillshire to Moses Lake Clinic.  Does someone travel in the graphic arts department?  Because all of these logos and arrangments are talking about the same thing.

And this one, Donna Dabney, I found after looking up connections to who Michelle Erickson supposedly got a marriage license with, Tim Hedges.  The Donna Dabney here is 20 years Air Force and then half of the other people are Canadian.  This is for the Quincy branch of Moses Lake clinics.  There is a Marilyn Hedges that works in Leavenworth, near where my son lives and when I was looking her name up I found Donna Dabney.  One of the guys at this clinic is U.S. Navy career, and a psychiatristic.  I wonder if Michelle Erickson has had her appointment yet.  I'll help her set it up. 

Michelle Erickson is responsible for forcing me to see a psychiatrist I didn't need to see, and without transportation, to be tortured and then have a huge...what? U.S. Air Force commissioned "jet" fly over my head in Seattle?  while my son has been tortured.  I do not believe this.  Even Hillshire farms can't resist being part of MKUltra.  I can't even go to their site without finding U.S. Pentagon written all over it, and mocking me.

Look, they have a circle design for their meat with hills and a sun and sky, just like Moses Lake does, except with a heart.  And Merisant has their logo with the same thing too...the "Equal" people.  Pat-pat...where's my packet of Equal? says the Prime Minister of Canada who thinks Middleton owns the world.  Let's steal food from Oliver Garrett to make him "equal" to kids starving in Africa.  Let's blow up his family's brains so their eyes pop out of their heads and laugh and then design nifty ads that those who are NOT tortured can smile at and admire.

I want my son back and this country had better find a way to do it, or IT is over.

These are the sodium thiopental people.  Was that a joke too.  Forcing me to live with U.S. Army Theo, while...what? my parents got shot up with the truth serum because this country is never satisfied with oppressing people for another group that wants to be rich?

How about I crap on a paper plate and you can put that on your site.  You can add a cat that's deformed because of being tortured, and my son with his blown up eye, and my list of what forms of torture this country has done to him.  And add the photo of my hair falling out which I put online already, to more hair that's fallen out since, and hair that fell out before I took that photo.  I have 1/16th the amount of hair still, that I had.

I also have a knob that is hard and raised, under my hair, on the side of my head, from torture.  I do not have cancer and I do not have a tumor.  It's from the same torture that BBC scientists were laughing over in one of their articles about atom splitters.

None of the movies coming out about torture have anything to do with reality.  I saw a preview for some Retribution movie where she's strapped into a chair.  Maybe for a few, like .0004 percent.  What is actual doesn't involve imprisonment and noticeable restraints.  It's torture by being stalked and hunted by your own government, with remote technology and distance technology.  And then all these people steal from me and make ads that are jokes about it, and rake in their money.

Michelle Erickson is a criminal.

They tortured my son to look like Michelle Erickson's relative.
This is "Pam Murray Erickson" and she is married to Doug Erickson who is related to Michelle Erickson.  She has a space between her front teeth, an ear lobe that sticks out, and hair that's parted this my son's was parted in his kindergarden photo.  And they had my son wear the McQueen shirt after they did this to him.  Then for first grade they did his hair like Eric J. Sachtjens.  My son does not naturally have that space.  It was forced, just like pulling his ear all the time was done to torture him and cause a problem, like forcing him to wear shoes too tight for his feet.

Douglas Erickson is mentioned here:

Oh look.  It's the "Apple Blossom Queen Vendetta".  Pam Erickson was a Queen, and so was her mother.  So it's a "tradition" to honor Wenatchee Queens by torturing kids for Fatso Michelle Who Couldn't Cut It So Cut Kids:

The Wenatchee World published this article in April of 2009 and then published another, about Pam, May 1, 2012, after they had tortured my son.  Note the timing.  Same time that Kate Middleton was being hooked up.

And now we have a problem, but you notice how Wenatchee didn't dare publish any of this earlier.  Erickson is a Thornton.  Like "Julia Thornton" and "Tina Thornton".  Julia Thornton (so she said) took my FBI report and then Tina Thornton was my social worker.  She was best friends with the woman I got counseling from, Brett McDonald, which means when they assigned Michelle Erickson, Michelle was related to Tina and connected to McDonald.  None of them wanted to say anything about the FBI.  Why?  Because THEY are scum.

100% conflict of interest.  I hope they all go to jail.  And who is Pam Murray related to?  Patty Murray?  Is that why Patty does nothing when children are abused and tortured?

"Portia's" husband, Erickson, joined the Navy.  So he was U.S. Navy and later Michelle Erickson got her start at her job, working for the U.S. Navy first.  Erickson also has all of these relatives with connections to Korea, which explains why a Korean was sent to live with the Avilas and have proximity to my son Oliver.  She stole from them and stole from me and it was going to Michelle Erickson and eventually to Kate Middleton.  The "Princess" who was with Portia, Ruth Ann Jones, is probably related to Chief Jones.

These people are all so intermarried it's gross.  This was one reason why it was impossible to have a fair process there, and why I asked for Change of Venue.  What good does that do though, when the U.S. Federal Government should be eating my crap from off of a plate.  The U.S. Federal government is responsible for allowing torture of my son and for kidnapping him from me.  They are responsible for defamation and torture of my parents and entire family.

By the way, aside from Patty Murray's possible conflict of interest with Michelle Erickson, there is the matter of U.S. military.  Her husband is in active service.  Like Dabney, if she is related to Chris.

It says Michelle is related to a Mary or Maryann Erickson from Spokane Valley and if it's the one I found, she graduated from Flagstaff, AZ in 1972, making her another person living near Lynda Carter.

I think this man is related to Michelle Erickson.  I haven't found a link to prove it, but he has the same smile as Michelle and is U.S. Navy and I have a feeling he is related:
Someone else went to the Levin College of law in Florida....oh yeah!  Eric J. Sachtjen.

Richard and Ruthie Ames: Wesley and Stephen (twins)

The first U.S. federal employees I worked for were Richard and Ruthie Ames, who lived in Moses Lake, Washington (and still do).

I babysat their 2 year old twins:  Wesley and Stephen.  Stephen was the one I've written about, who was on the telephone.  Wesley was quieter than Stephen.

I have been forced to work for federal employees since I was 11 years old and then the U.S. kidnapped my own son from me.

I demand his return.

I DEMAND the return of my son Oliver Garrett.

It says Ruthie is currently working for "Focus Property Management, LLC" which is owed by Eric J. Sachtjen.  He is also a professor at Gonzaga University, where he teaches Federal estate tax.  He
has worked at "Workland & Witherspoon" law firm in Spokane, Washington,  and is another tie to Florida, as he went to college there, and he is connected to Boston.

He is also a Principal for "Poacher's Rock, LLC" which is part of Sundevil's Investments.  He went to Boston College from 1993-1997, and he knows the Middletons. He tortures kids for them.  Boston College is a Jesuit College run by Leahy.
He is also listed and photographed for law firm Painehamblin and is licensed to practice law in Idaho, Washington, and Alaska.  Kate wore a dress the same color as their webpage design, for the Queen's birthday.  This firm has a niche in mechanical and industrial engineering, which Sachtjen is listed as being part of (not on the site but elsewhere).

Ruthie was the one who said, "You're worth your weight in gold".  I remember she wanted me to see "Where The Red Fern Grows" which was about dogs dying.  It was playing in the library basement.  Otherwise, I watched her kids while she ran errands and at the house.  First it was with supervision occasionally (I was 11) and then it was on my own, without anyone there.  The boys were twins and I think identical but one had a bigger head than the other.  And I remember Stephen was much more talkative than Wesley and I remember Ruthie didn't like it when I told her I noticed this.  She got defensive, and I didn't know why because it was an honest observation from me. I remember she seemed to favor Stephen, which was probably not true but he got more of her attention and he was very active and the more talkative one.  When she walked into the house she always said something to Stephen first and then Wesley was sort of off to the side.  I noticed on one day that something seemed to be wrong with Wesley.  He was wanting to stand by the bookcase or these built-in cabinets and wasn't acting like himself.  He was making a noise, just standing there and I thought he looked sort of sick.  I thought he had circles under his eyes.  I remember he was sick, they were getting over bronchitis and had a runny nose.  But Wesley wasn't acting like normal.  I remember Stephen and he used to both run and I'd chase them all over the place but often Wesley wanted to stand back for a moment and watch Stephen.  Stephen didn't care about noticing Wesley and just did whatever, without looking at him first and Wesley would stop and look at Stephen first.  Maybe he was looking for cues as to how he should act if he had already interpreted his mother favored Stephen.

(I never got paid for my child behavior psychoanalysis.  Sigh.  And I was only 11 and picked up on all of that.  I remember they both had laringitis too.  Both of them lost their voices.  Which is ironic, given how I was poisoned in Seattle with FBI overlooking, and lost my singing voice.  You know, a lot of roads lead to Boston and Laura Laughlin.)

When I said something about his seeming to be quieter, that was the last time I babysat.  She didn't have me come over again.  She said she didn't think they were very  different from eachother at all.  I was very good, and exceptionally intuitive, with kids.  I still am, and I demand the return of my son Oliver.  He is not U.S. federal property and he has been tortured and illegally adopted away from me.

I never acquired any of these babysitting jobs.  These people were telling my mother to have me babysit for them.  I wanted to be a good babysitter, and I thought I had fun babysitters (for the most part), but I didn't look up the work.  So Ruthie had to solicit my mother for me to work for her.  And then all the way up through working for the Del Balzos, that's how it was.  I was told to work for people, who happened to be federal employees.  What do Ruthie Ames and Carl and Mary Del Balzo have in common? 

After I babysat for the Ames, I was babysitting for Patricia and Jack Weaver's adopted kids from Hawaii:  Leilani and Jay Weaver.

This was about the same time my mother had a cute little red Datsun pick-up.  She had a red Datsun when I babysat for Ruthie Ames as well.  And she made red dots on her calendar to mark the start and end of her periods.  Dots.

I also remember that it was about this time that I wondered why all of the potholders that I had woven "disappeared" from our house.  I had received a loom for my 9th birthday I think it was, or Christmas.  I wove all of these potholders and gave all of them to my Mom except for one to Granny, and they all disappeared. She had at least 3 or so of them still, for a long time, because I remember looking at them in the drawer, and then all but one disappeared and my mother doesn't lose things.  Nor would she take potholders out of the house for any reason.   My mother had 1 left.  It is the first thing I can remember being stolen from my house.

Return my son.

I did not devote my life to U.S. federal employees to have the federal government torture us and steal him from me.  I do not want to "have a relationship" with my son as a secondary party and I have no reason to be under the decisions of a distant relative when it is my son.  I do not want to tutor a classroom of other people's kids either.

I did my time.  I put in my time and hard work with other kids, and then I wanted to devote what I knew by applying this to my own child.  It is my right, and not only that, I worked for it.  My entire life's work was for this.

It is not a matter of "we don't always get what we want."  In this country, it is illegal to subject your own citizens to federal government virtual slave labor and then steal children from parents who are in a non-consensual "cover" for anticompetition such as MKUltra.

England is Part of MKUltra

The wikipedia on MKUltra suggests this was a program that was run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and involved the U.S. and Canada.  This is not the whole truth.

MKUltra was a joint operation run by both the CIA and the U.S. Army.  It was not, and IS not, just the United States and Canada but includes and has always included England.

Which divisions operated Canadian and English sections of MKUltra I'm not sure, but it involved high officials in these countries as well.

It was the U.S., Canada, and England, and is still currently operated through the U.S., Canada, and England. 

The program was not quit after the U.S. MKUltra Senate Hearings in 1977, it continued under other names and went further underground.  I was not drugged with LSD as a child, a trademark of MKUltra, until after 1977.  I was between 4-6 years of age and I remember it well.

The wikipedia article also downplays the U.S. Army involvement when it was a program designed and run by both CIA and the U.S. Army.  The FBI has partipated by engaging in torture and encouragement of torture and covering for the operation, which went from being a "research" program to an excuse for committing crimes of anti-competition.  At the time that I was drugged with LSD, we lived with only 3 neighbors nearby, a U.S. Army household on either side, with an FBI psychologist behind our house.  There are Mormons who have always been part of this program, which now explains why the FBI chose certain Mormons in the FBI and with police to conceal crimes against children.

The Middletons are part of the program. 

I find it odd that wikipedia and the majority of news about MKUltra mentions Sidney Gottlieb (doctors for the U.S.) and Ewan Cameron (Canada) but forget to mention names of English participants.

The first federal employees I worked for were Ruthie and Richard Ames, babysitting their 2 year old twins:  Wesley and Stephen.  They still live in Moses Lake, Washington.

I have worked as a babysitter and nanny for federal employees my entire life and then the U.S. tortured and kidnapped my son from me.  Canada and England have gone along with concealing crimes to their own advantage.

I demand the return of my son.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Microsoft Locked Me Out Of My Own Email Account

Microsoft in Seattle, WA has just now locked me out of my own email account that I've had for years.

It is my main account and they frickin' blocked me from accessing any of my email.

Then they told me to confirm stuff and I did and they still blocked me.

They blocked me from the account I use for college, business, and personal use, and it was done immediately after I made my last blogpost, at about 9:20 p.m.

It is now 9:51 p.m.  and this is what I am being told by "Abby" because of course, you know, I would be talking to someone named "Abby" over this.

These people are total harassers.  I still cannot access my account and they were claiming I didn't provide a correct email address because it's "3rd party" and they only take Microsoft addresses.  Which is not true because this is the screen that asks for an alternate email address for the code to be sent to, and it's not MS specific.  It asks which MS account you're trying to access and then it asks for the alternate address to send the code to.  So I did this, and Microsoft still wouldn't process this.  They blocked my account, have prevented me from accessing my mail, forced me to change my password, and then put me back into the same loop with no access to my mail. 
I contacted Microsoft again and they have refused to correct the matter, telling me to "ask questions" on some community forum that is not live and does not provide resolution to account access matters.  My aunt had to switch out of Microsoft completely because she wasn't getting her email and email was disappearing.
Now at 11:21 p.m. I'm getting this msg:

We can't show you that page

Our server is having a problem. We're working to fix it as soon as we can, so try again in a few minutes. More info

They forced me to sign up for a new hotmail account when I'm supposed to be able to use an alternate address.  So I did, and then I filled out their form again to verify and this is the msg I get--that now their "server" is having a problem.
UPDATE:  12/30/12.  Microsoft refused to correct the problem last night and I kept getting messages like this.  This morning I tried to access my account and I got a bunch of error msgs and then finally I received, not a code as they indicated they would send, but an email telling me they'll "check" to see if I am who I say I am and then after 24 hours they'll send me a code if they confirm this.  So Microsoft has blocked me out of my primary email account for 2 days, the same day that I sent a request for assistance for FOIA regarding illegal use of my family in MKUltra.  My parents have FOIA that proves it, and my brother does.  I sent an email to press/media requesting assistance with obtaining this and Microsoft shut my account down. 

poem & impression

It was that flower
that little flower
     it was the lead rose
  the one in pencil
what was that you said about it
   on the wall
it was that flower
that little flower
    the one
   what was the name?
that had the cobweb above it
that made me think
  of that one
     the one in pencil
the lead rose
   i took the color to my lips
left it there with its shape
   and the night
turned these other thorns to bright red
they were so red
you should have seen them
      they were lit up from inside
it was pitch black and the light from inside turned the outside branch
with the thorns red
      on the same day that i found those other flowers
the rose that look like little cactus roses
           um,not cactus...what are they again?
little croissettes
      when the moon is full the thorns are green
and in the dark they glow red
             they stole from me
it was the little flower
that flower
i know

Anyway.  It's not great.  It was a freewrite and I'm not very inspired but I wrote it while putting on a song at random, which turned out to be Skillet's "Would It Matter".    
(i first listened to the first part posted by youtube user AragornPK10 but then switched bc it kept cutting up)

I was going to try writing about something I noticed the other day and I sort of thought Skillet was my mood now and I couldn't remember what the songs are about (haven't listened to them that much) except for Monster and I just picked one and it was this.  So I heard the first opening bars and the mood for it and thought, yeah, I think I can try writing this to this music.

I saw some classical pianist at the very start.  I mean, when the song started, I suddenly had a flash of minds-eye impression of a man at the piano and this arm that went all the way back and arched over in a huge arch and then came down onto the keyboard and I could suddenly imagine someone playing piano to this music, and it was a classical pianist.  I couldn't see the face, just a side view of a man sitting at the piano and an arm coming over and down onto the keyboard.  I could see this big arch, down onto the keyboard, and then a flourish and more intricate work at one end of the keyboard, and then that was it.  I have to say, I just saw the movement.  Then I wondered if it was an Asian man.  He seemed slightly taller, but I think I was trying to think too hard after I just saw the arm thing and piano.  It was a like a rounded, if you flung your arm behind you and swung it around, up and then down onto the keyboard thing.  I saw the profile, with him facing right from my view and piano facing left.  It was his right arm.

My other few "sudden" impressions in the last week have just been a few.  I saw a double barrel to a rifle of some kind once.  It looked black and there two barrels right next to eachother and it reminded me of the Panda black licorice design, because I'd been thinking about that when I used licorice sticks and found there is a soft center inside of them, like indian chewing gum has.  So I thought, "Oh! that's why Panda licorice has that design for their black licorice." and then later I saw a quick impression of two parts to a rifle barrel, around Christmas sometime.  I also saw a group of people with their arms raised up when I was praying once but I'm sure it was just normal. It came up inbetween my prayers for India and Australia, as I was trying to list all the countries in my mind.

Height 5'5" and Shoe Size 7 1/2-8 1/2

I made a post about a doctor and a cop calling me a "liar" for saying I was 5'5". This was after another doctor had measured me and he was the one to tell me I was 5'5"--I didn't come up with the idea.

I grew.

I mean, people can still grow after high school and I did.

I updated that post but I'll add it here. I wasn't lying, because I checked and I am 5'5" still and my shoe size is between size 7 and size 8 1/2.

It was 7-7 1/2 in high school, but now, in a running shoe, I take an 8 1/2. My other slip on tennis shoes are 7 1/2 and they fit fine.

So my feet grew and I grew in height. I am not a liar and why was it so important then anyway?

It was this huge issue, for this doctor, to insist I was 5'4" and not 5'5".

I still want to know why.

I mean, it wasn't a small thing--he made it into a huge deal and then a cop did the same thing. I thought, "Why does he even care?" He kept saying I couldn't add a 1/2. I had always said 5'4" 1/2. Five four and a half. Then people were getting weird and telling me I couldn't add a 1/2 anymore. And THEN I grew and I was 5'5" and this one Dr. flipped out about it. Okay, let me explain...this is how weird it was. Imagine a doctor who gets bright red in the face, and the veins are popping out in his throat as he leans at you and YELLS, "You are NOT five-five. You're LYING!" I mean, is this what you expect when the nurse hands the doctor your medical chart for a first visit? I mean, it's shocking enough, and so unexpected, that it's something you never forget and you start to think, "What in the world is going on?" First of all, it was the first time I'd ever met him and secondly, why does he even care? and finally, he is yelling at me with rage and spite over this??

My mother takes an 8 running shoe.

And she and I both have one bunion on one part of one foot. For both of us, it's our right foot, and it's the knobby part outside of the big toe. On my Mom it's a little lower, almost underfoot, and for me, it's right on the side.

My mother's feet are really pretty. She is over 20 years older and her feet look younger than mine. They're very narrow, super-high instep, and slender elongated toes without any knobs or knuckles showing. She is told she has a narrow foot, and esp. heel. My toes are very bony looking and veiny. I have a narrow heel too, and high arch. Her second-to-big toe is longer than mine, but it doesn't look bad. Granny has an even longer second toe.

I think when Gannon was due, her feet hurt and she was uncomfortable. Gannon due is a little different from Xanandu isn't it? Gannon was murdered by a group i this country. It's been a generational murder-scheme. My unborn were murdered as well.

I've bought white tennis shoes with blue accents my entire life. I've never had a non-white running shoe and the accent has always been turquoise or blue. I had a New Balance hiking shoe that was super comfortable, but my running shoes have always been white with blue accent.

Bombshell Neighbor Terrorizes My Mother

I went to the sauna this morning and the blond woman who has "Bombshell" on her OR license plate, went to see my mother and terrorize her.

Let me clarify a little. She has an "infinity excluding the zero" license plate.

My mother's eyes are totally racoon eyes today too.

There were all these people watching me while I was in the sauna, to keep an eye out for the blond woman. She is the one who goes to the Methodist church, who has huge boobs. She is a Kate Middleton supporter.

Then, somehow, this woman saw me walking back and had her garage door open and was playing this song "Steady On", and I know she was referring to Kate. Basically, this U.S. Navy guy was talking to me about sonar in the sauna and then this blond woman wanted to play the song "Steady On" while I walked past her house. Steady on, ultrasound. We are surrounded by U.S. black operation and federal agents. It is totally unbelievable.

Kate Middleton is a fucking double agent and spy for the United States. The U.S. Pentagon tortures my family over her and so has FBI and law enforcement. The problem for them, is that they worry my parents will "talk" since they are psychic spies and can figure things out and have known about the Middletons for decades.

That blond woman is the same one who approached my Mom's house when I first arrived, and I had been shocked over how nervous and afraid my mother was that she was there. She was cautious, tentative, and acted like someone who was obedient to them or gets hurt. The blond went over with another woman. I stayed inside and watched.

Then Big Boobs was in my house. She, military, and cops have gone into my house without my permission. They've stolen chocolate from my house, paperwork from my college financial aid loans, receipts to computers, smeared poop on the inside of my shower and bath walls...

She and her friend came to my place one day with scissors in their hands and I refused to open my door. I was literally afraid of her. I didn't trust her, with her friend, standing outside my door with no one else around, not even my parents, and holding a pair of sharp scissors.

No thank you. I talked to her through the door and asked her not to come onto the property without my parents being here and told her it wasn't my property and I had no authorization to allow her to do anything with the grounds.

The woman pastor at the Methodist church here was horrible. I mean, designed sermons to mock my family. It was crazy to see. I sensed a good kind of energy from someone there, but only God knows who they were.

All of the local police know who Big Boobs is. I've seen her in town and seen the cops smiling and waving at her and smirking. She is friends with the Prosecuting Attorney who also goes to that church. They all know Alvaro Pardo because all of them are Middleton goons.

All it takes to keep up law enforcement morale in America is a pair of hooters the size of deer heads. She could go as Santa behind Rudolph and Rudolph's twin for Halloween next year. Just put a pair of antlers on them. Make a little sleigh out of her butt. Yeah. I could design it for her.

Friday, December 28, 2012

UPDATE: Photo Evidence of U.S. Torture of Oliver Garrett

MKUltra is described on wikipedia as being a program by the CIA that involved Canada.  This is half of the truth.  MKUltra was a joint CIA-U.S. Army program.  It also did not include just Canada but England.  It was U.S., Canada, and England and still is.  It was not shut down after the 1977 MKUltra Senate Hearings.  It continued under another name until present and involves torture of children.

Oliver, Kindergarden photo
His eye is bulging because of torture that has recently been used on me and my parents since we received these photos right before Thanksgiving. The ear of my son also looks suspicious and enlarged. If it is enlarged, I remember my son was coming to visits with that ear bright red from being pulled on repeatedly by someone. It was so sensitive he shied away from me when I barely touched it. CPS and the visitation monitor noticed everything and they began doing this to my son when he was 3 years old, near the end of my visits with him, for approximately the last 2 months of our visits. The United States of America is guilty of high crimes of treason and misdemeanor against Oliver Garrett, and other children. The Pentagon should be bombed for good.

Oliver, First grade photo. By first grade his ear was further enlarged and he is being deliberately documented, by this country, with evidence of torture. The U.S. is bragging about torturing my son. I have no idea why they targeted my son's ear. When they first started doing this, I thought it was to make one of my son's ears stick out like my mother's does (or did) on one side. The only other connotation is that when I was a teenager one of my teachers who was balding grabbed my ear and dragged me around by it. I believe my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Raugust also did this to me once. It was in 2nd grade that I led the playground revolution. I guess someone is still afraid of my family...and they take it out on my son. Child Protective Services does not protect children. They mutilate them and allow others to do so and cover for them. It is good that Americans cannot adopt Russian children. Look at what Americans do to their own children, by their own government. I am the only American who is exempt from Russia's new law, because the U.S. has told me they "can't confirm my identity" which was their excuse for withholding my passport. I don't know, there may be more. How am I an American? How is my son an American? He has ZERO guarantee of his rights. Why is John McCain so interested in calling Russian's ban "shameful" and a punishment to the "neediest, most innocent" members of society, when TAKE A LOOK MCCAIN. YOUR BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS you hypocrite. I wrote to John McCain, asked him for help with my son being tortured, thinking he'd be sympathetic as a former torture victim himself. He doesn't care. He cares about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ If he cannot support the rights of Oliver Garrett, he is phoney in claiming he is so interested in the rights of Russian children who would become American children. I don't believe Russia is punishing every parent that wants to adopt a child, they are taking into consideration the gross violations of human rights by the United States of America salaried employees. If the country is unsafe, no parent can protect their child. Why not send a bunch of healthy and sometimes lonely orphans to the U.S. to become dismembered, mentally handicapped Manchurian Candidates and medical research projects? Oh but such "love" awaits the children in the U.S. We can sure trust CPS to defend their rights. Do me a favor parents. If you're going to run with your kids, do not go to Canada either. Canada tortured my son and handed him back over, knowingly, to be tortured. Canada is a piece of you-know-what. As for my son's teeth, he has enamel dysplasia from traumatic childbirth, like I said. His permanent teeth are affected and he has ZERO compensation because the U.S. used The Pentagon to prevent me from filing a lawsuit to protect my son and pay for his damages and costs. I will get a better photo later. Additionally, who is he being coached to smile like? VP Dan Quayle? Have you seen his official VP photo with the half smile? I was sent his photo from the White House in 2003. Or is this supposed to be reminiscent of CIA's defector Edward Howard? You can tell by my son's lips that he's dehydrated. Nothing like being a U.S. kid. What pride we have! What great care the officials of the U.S. have for their own children! What a bastion of "Human Rights". I notice no one wants to publish Dan Quayle's official VP photo on wiki. Hmmm. Well, lets notice how he was a business partner with Canada. Oh yeah. So they were pretty tight with Quayle when they were handing my son back over for torture. Quayle lives in Arizona like McCain. They must have lots of good people in Arizona, you know, next to the CIA compound, like oh, Lynda Carter. Quayle is also tied to Japan with a business interest. He is on the board for the Hudson Company, and was named part of a Space committee by a president as well. In 2004 Quayle joined Cerebus and recruited former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney--Quayle was, in 2004, attempting to play cards with Canada and acquire Canada Air. Mulroney is bf's (best friends) with David Koch. Oh yeah, and take a look at "Tony O'Reilly", some Irish magnate...related to Bill O'Reilly? All of them are Kate Middleton fans. I am so glad I did not vote for Mitt Romney. He's connected to all these people.

Bush was hand-in-hand with Canada. He had a massive conflict-of-interest as President of the United States, and so did his VP. BOTH of them were tied to billion dollar Canadian business deals that profited them personally. Quayle was with Canadian Cerebus, and before this, Bush was with Barrick-Power. Barrick was a U.S. mining company and Power Corp was a major Canadian company and they had a joint venture. It was in 1995, the same year I was implanted with microchips, that Bush joined a Canadian company, led by a former prime minister of Canada. Clinton was then President and Gore was VP and then Bush was merging into Canadian business deals. So along comes his son, and my son and I get tortured out of our brains for politics. The Middletons are absolutely involved and Canada's crimes against children and against human rights are connected to corporate, personal greed.

I've been "worth your weight in gold", as Ruthie Ames said, in 1985, like a Jew with gold teeth. They've tried to extract every last ounce from me, and then work on the melt-down to get more. Money. Greed. Torture. Look at my son's face. Thanks to the Pentagon and shady Canadian deals. Bank of Canada was also involved. John Crow was President.

Here's a quote from the article on Mulroney: This "Kafkaesque nightmare" behind him, Mulroney is circumspect about the whole affair. Maybe he is saving the best for his memoirs. But he cannot resist turning the knife ever so subtly: "I've made it a practice for many years never to comment on the work of the police or their informants," he says with evident satisfaction. Then, turning to a cryptic quote from his political idol John Diefenbaker, he announces, "It is a long road that has no ash cans." Mulroney laughs heartily at this. Translation: What goes around, comes around.

No, there are ash cans. Believe me. There are at least 2 of them and they were dumped into a river. What goes around comes around and the groups that tortured my family are going to get theirs.

He is also connected to someone named Paul Godfrey, who probably has no connection to CPS manager Jennifer Godfrey, but I wouldn't be surprised if she is related either. She is a criminal. From the same article:
Since then, Mulroney's role at Quebecor has grown exponentially. In 1999, he became chairman of Sun Media, stepping in as interim CEO of the country's second-biggest newspaper chain when his friend Paul Godfrey left in early 2000. Info on Paul Godfrey at: Brian Mulroney is also connected to Palm Beach, Florida. Another Florida connection. Mulroney is Irish-Catholic and Canadian. His mother's maiden name is Irish--O'Shea, like Spokane, Washington federal Judge Edward O'Shea. In 2005, Mulroney became grandparent to twins through his daughter Caroline and son-in-law Andrew Lapham. The twins were named Pierce and Elizabeth. From this article posted August 26, 2008: Lewis Lapham is the father of Andrew Lapham: I'm looking at photos of Mulroney and he looks like Michael Clark, a professor of English Literature at Portland State University. Strange to read that in 1991, a magazine called "Frank" asked "Tories" (Americans loyal to the British Crown) to "deflower" a "caroline mulroney". After all, this is when I was being targeted and I knew it was a political bet. Mulroney's background is in the steel industry, which is the same one Amy Roe's grandfather was in his entire life. Amy Roe is the reporter who defamed me. According to wiki on Mulroney, he was company President by 1977 and joined earlier than that, which tied him into U.S. steel interests: Mulroney took the job of Executive Vice President of the Iron Ore Company of Canada, a joint subsidiary of three major U.S. steel corporations. He's in charge of Ogilvy Renault, and one of the main hair perm companies is Ogilvie (different spelling). My son was poisoned with a hair perm and brought to a visit this way, with Anne Crane smirking. U.S. Presidents are concealing torture of my son over business deals with Canada and U.S. interests. It's money and this involves Presidents of the United States. For the first time, I am realizing it is very possible and even probable, that a President could be indicted over torture of my son. And Mike Killian is no relative of mine. He is a criminal and he's in on torture of my son Oliver. He is responsible for threatening and intimidating my parents. When he came to visit, my parents were visibly scared when he left the house and was coming back in. They look poised and prepared to find him shooting all of us dead except his kids.

This is why he didn't want any of his kids eating anything my parents made and brought over, because he was afraid of retaliation. Char Garrett-Killian cannot be trusted and her current husband is a criminal. He participated in the poisoning of my son Oliver with perm solution and torture by aerospace industry defense. He is a child abuser. When you get a perm, you tilt your head all the way back and then the perm solution is poured over your head. He had his girls come over to him, in front of us, and tilted them backwards and then stuck toothbrushes down their throats until foam came out of their mouths. He said he was just brushing their teeth but I knew it was an allusion to my parents of perm solution being forced down Oliver's throat. He did it to intimidate my parents and I saw the looks on their faces. He is a criminal and so is my cousin Char. This man is a seriously dangerous criminal. He is not only participating in torture through his company, BF Goodrich (the defense portion), he is participating in physical assault and is involved with others who are assaulting my son and family. From this point forward, I will never see them again. They will not dare let me know when they are in town, but they will attempt to get close to my parents again and someone else should keep an eye on them. Mike Killian is a bona fide violent criminal.

Goodrich merged with UTC, and UTC is based in Connecticut: Most of the donations are going to the Republican party with largest donations to George Bush Jr. (the II), George Bush 2. George Bush 2 is a criminal and his wife assassinated a man when she was still in high school. I will never believe it was an accident. She was already working for the CIA. My son Oliver and I were tortured to almost die under his presidency. Even though Clinton knew, Bush and Quayle had no reason NOT to know, with all of their Canadian business deals, how badly we were tortured. Leon Panetta was involved. UTC is a defense company that celebrates torture. They are merged with London, ( which explains their celebratory exhibit of "Aphrodite and the Gods of Love" to commemorate the "unification of Italy" ( This was celebrated on Huntington (of course, you see, Dan Quayle graduated from Huntington high school and is an investor in one of Mulroney's businesses) Blvd in Boston, MA. Aphrodite "rises from the sea of foam". My son didn't get an afro. He was poisoned with perm solution for Kate Middleton and this country's officials, including Leon Panetta, know it. Mike Killian is Irish and his mother is English. From England. He is a Middleton supporter and is involved in torture of Oliver.

Let's notice something, shall we? Look at UTC's logo:

Now, let's look at the Apollo logo:


But of course we don't torture children in the U.S., not Presidents surely, and laugh about it and celebrate it.

Apollo (Phoenix, AZ) is part of Realogy (based in Parsipanny, NJ). Realogy comprised real estate groups like Century 21, Coldwell, and Corcorcan (not Cordoban, haha, like Lynda Carter's maiden name Cordova or Cordoba, it's corCORcan). Century 21 and all of these groups, before being bought by Realogy and then Apollo Management (which is joined to Realogy) was part of Cendant. Cendant's primary investor was former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney. So Bush merged with a Canadian you see.

And UTC, which just bought Goodrich? Well guess what folks. It's owned by a Canadian man ( So we're all Canadians now. One of the 6 largest defense firms is owned by a Canadian. So when Obama says let's hold off on the U.S.-Canada pipeline deal, it's more patriotic than merging with a bunch of Canadian companies and then torturing your own U.S. citizens, isn't it Katie? Kate Middleton thinks the U.S. is part of the Commonwealth. She really does. That's why she came to visit and wave around while she and William took a victory drive through California. She works for the U.S. but it's like her own government thinks the U.S. is Commonwealth.

We're not Americans anymore. We're Canadians. WOW. Don't you love greedy corporate Canadians who have business ties to England and buy out America? They love our Sandy beaches here. So soft. They like driving across the Canadian border to torture Oliver too. It's only an hour away afterall. Oh and guess what? Anne Crane, the visitation monitor that supervised visits I had with my son and smirked when he came in, tortured...she speaks French and knows the Middletons. How convenient.

Okay, so let's think about it. While the Republicans are complaining about Canadian-style medical coverage, the Republicans are doing dirty business deals with Canada, all the way up to the Presidents, and are selling out the United States to the Commonwealth. Did you know this? Hmm. Things that make you go hmmm. Oh Karin, how is NY FBI doing? The invasion of the corrupt Canadians. What a better place these "no-guns-allowed" torturers have made this country. What upstanding government officials and RCMPs they have there. What bastions of society.

Who wants the U.S.-Canadian pipeline? Roman Catholic Sarah Palin. Roman Catholics, who make up the majority of U.S. intelligence including CIA, Department of Justice, and FBI, want the Canadian-U.S. mergers because most of the players are Roman Catholic. The Canadian people are not all Catholic, but the majority of their government is. Italy will side with this, for religion, as will Ireland, which is getting a huge stake in the profits and business run by UTC. They don't care if America dies. As long as it's "more Catholic", that's all they care about. As for Protestants like Bush and Quayle and Mormons like Huntsman in Utah, these people are government officials who are selling out the U.S. for a piece of the personal profit pie. They're greedy and corporate greed has consumed them so that they can't even look into my son's eyes with sympathy anymore. They are torturing my son. Jews like David Koch, who is friends with Brian Mulroney, care about the money. They're already billionaires but it's not enough. They'll cut you open for a look at your veins and forget you're not a gold mine. These individuals are allowing The Pentagon to have power to torture my family.

UTC is merged with London through Clipper. Clipper is a wind turbine company based in London and California. The CFO is Greg Hayes. So a Canadian owns the London-U.S. Clipper business. Canada really has no reason to torture children though, or falsely imprison anyone and slander them for their old pal and military flight trainer Middleton. I like how the logos for Apollo and UTC have a circle with blades on one and then cuts on the other. It's so comforting, given my mother's slashed up face. It's like, 2 wedding rings isn't it? And all of those cuts to my son's face and the Canadian-connected man who left out all these knives and pocketknives and then my son shows up with a cut face. So comforting.

Boy I am really getting excited to study BUSINESS. Who needs Dan Brown when you have me to tell you about all of the goodies. Wait. Stop. Was Russia incorrect in citing both Canada and the U.S. as guilty of human rights violations? Hmmm. SUCH nice people those cutters. Do you want a foam perm with Ogilvie or Lilt? You know, rise from the foam from the mouths of children. Is it seafoam green? Rise! you wonderful people who have SO much going for you that you torture a baby, do you feel superior now? I hope you do honey. You can say you wrote the story all by yourself and we'll pat-pat you gently honey. Good job Snookums. You really showed them what you're worth. It's not like you only needed billions and The Pentagon to torture people for you. You did it ALL by yourself right? Because YOU are The Special One. Oh Snookums, you really showed them. You showed them all. Now look at you! You're on top of the world! We're all so proud of you. They didn't know how special you were and now they do! YOU are God's special chosen one Snookums. Pat-pat.

4 months after Middleton married William of Wales, Clipper gave $1.6 million to The Crown Estate. But it's not a way to launder money, it's just business. Oh, and by the way, "Clipper" is a partner with the U.S. Department of Energy but me and my son, we're not tortured or anything. Oh, of course not. Because NO one has a huge conflict of interest with regard to human rights and U.S. citizens' rights. The U.S. Department of Energy gave the Crown "a cool million" for Katies wedding present. But that's just through a business, not the brown paper sacks that people like Brian Mulroney carry.

Oh my frickin' faggot. I do not believe this. Clipper is headquartered in London, as I said, and Carpinteria, which is next to Santa Barbara. Well guess what kiddos, "" is one of the 'fastest growing businesses' (,_California). Because Lynda Carter has nothing to do with Kate Middleton. Right.

I hope Kate Middleton loses every child that is biologically connected to her. I pray to God, every day, that she miscarries and that all her children die. What she and her "group" and William have done to my son is unforgivable and this country has betrayed it's own citizens by selling out. England is in sorry shape because their own royals don't even work for their own country. After decades of stealing from my family and torturing my family, those responsible deserve to have everything that they built, fall apart completely. God rips away positions from people, they are not inherited. There is no such thing as a family succession when your family is corrupt. People like Pentagon's James Cartwright, and others, are sell-outs. They've sold the American people out for their personal greed and business deals.

Look at my son's face.

I want all of her children to die. I've fasted about it, for over a week, and I have not changed my mind. There is nothing from God that tells me not to pray for the death of her children. Usually, if I pray for something that is wrong, I sense it is wrong and I've had this happen before. Or, I've prayed for enemies and then felt like I'm not supposed to pray for their well-being anymore, even though I want to. There is absolutely nothing that restricts me from praying the Angel of Death takes the breath of life from her womb and if not her womb, that she sees her children suffer and die. Osama bin Ladin knew that the Middletons were heinous people. I don't pray for the death of Middleton's children because I'm jealous. I pray for it, for the sake of my son's right to be avenged. All of those responsible for what is done to him deserve death. This country has merged major U.S. defense companies with Canada and The Crown, and taken aggregious bribes from people and corrupted the entire system.

I can look up one name: Brian Mulroney, and find a hundered different feelers feeding into the corporate corruption and conflicts of interest and it's tainted the U.S. and ruined any concept of having a justice system. And some want a further partnership with corrupt Canadians on top of that. It's completely unbelievable and most citizens, don't have the time to keep up with what business is buying which one and who is connected to whom. No one has time to do that, just like me. Then I take one day and look up just ONE bloodline, and how many bodies are falling out of the closets and into the river.

My country murdered my unborn children. Middletons' children deserve to die in the same way, as do any other children belonging to those that murdered mine and tortured my son Oliver and then take photos of him to brag about it. I guess someone wants to be paid for their accomplishments,don't they? They have the audacity to document the results of their torture of my son, and photograph him this way. For what purpose? I can think of no other purpose than money. Someone wants to be paid. We can see how much the President's of the U.S. care about kids. They're too busy torturing their own kids to keep their dirty business deals that ruin America a secret.

I told my mother I hope Middleton's children die. She was mortified and said "You're supposed to pray for your enemies." I do. I pray they die. My mother said, in discussion, that it wasn't from God but Satan and I said, "No, whoever others are following, who is claiming to be God, is Satan." I have a right to pray for God's revenge for my son and I have a right to be safe in my own country and not a target for torture, robbery, government programming, acid trips as a kid, lies from the FBI, federal gang-bang and rape, sexual assault, and a right to be free from seeing torture of my parents and photos sent to me in full public view, displaying the effects of only ONE form of torture to my son. Of course I'd never do anything, but I can pray, and I do pray. Every single day. My parents deserve to be avenged for what's been done to them, and my son? Look at my son. None of you saw him at every visit to CPS with new marks of mutilation to his face, courtesy of the United States government, who kidnapped him and prevented him from leaving with me to a safer country. Then the Middletons used me, having Alvaro even wear a shirt, in Seattle, with the same stripes that are on the curtains at the Coquille hospital, in the town my parents live in. Alvaro Pardo was like every other federal gang-banger--he used me for proximity for the U.S. government's anticompetition and research. They have degraded me my entire life and then they set me up with a man from Colombia who worked for the Middletons. The people in Seattle thought it was hilarious. I saw the Italian guys walking by smirking and I'm sure Laura Laughlin got her kicks. He wore that shirt while going with me to University of Washington hospital in Seattle, WA. A shirt that exactly matched the ER curtains at Coquille, OR hospital. This country is a piece of shit and Maryland police and NY FBI are a piece of shit for colluding with Middletons and Seattle and Portland FBI for Lynda Cordova Carter's baby. They have been stealing my personal belongings from me since I was a kid.

Kate couldn't even pick out her own boots without looking through my personal diary. My diary was stolen, one of them which had some photos from magazines that I'd cut out and pasted into the inside covers, and Kate was suddenly copying it. I noticed that in 2007. Well, I didn't know about her then, but looking back, it went back to 2007. I had shown this diary to Christa Schneider but not anyone else and it happened after that diary was stolen from me. I remember Christa freaked out and said why did I choose those photos and I said I just did and why? But later, it was like a total joke. Kate buys boots that matched the boots this model was wearing whose photo I cut out and pasted into my diary. She wore them to a club and I saw the photo. I had cut out a black and white photo of Kate Moss that I liked, with her walking briskly through town wearing knee high riding boots before boots were even popular. I pasted all of the photos in 1994 or 1995. After my diary was stolen, Kate was buying the same boots, in 2006 or 2007, right after William broke up with her. On the same page as my photo of Kate Moss in riding boots, I had a photo of a dress I liked by Alexander McQueen. So who does Kate have design her wedding dress? Oh, of course. Alexander McQueen. She's really an original. That was what I had on my back cover of that diary, which was dark green and had a marble effect and was a large hardback diary. Kate Middleton is a fucking spy and a thief. On my front cover (the inside) to that same diary I had a dark-haired girl with curls and wearing a white dress, with a wreath of roses in her hair. She looked like a flower girl. I cut it out from one of my "Victoria" magazines. Above this I had cut out a part of a poem from Victoria magazine that was from "Sweet Genevieve" and said "the days come and days may go, but still the hands of memory weave the blissful dreams of long ago." And on that same page with the little girl I had cut out a teacup I liked which was porcelain and was half white and half rose pink and had a rose on it and then a gold rim and it was on a teacup saucer.

I had the little girl, the poem, and a teacup and possibly other things but I remember these most, on the inside of the front cover and on the back cover, on the inside, I had a black and white photo of Kate Moss wearing riding boots and a short skirt and walking through town and then below this, a dress I liked by Alexander McQueen. The one I cut out was of a low-cut, floor length, colorful dress by Alexander McQueen. I remember exactly what the photos are and I could look them up and will at some point, just to prove what I am saying.

I don't cut out photos for "prophetic" renderings of Middleton. They are things that I liked, that were personal, and were taken from me and used. Years later, Kate, of course, has to meet someone with the name "Moss" so it fits a profile. The CIA is a PIECE OF SHIT. They tried to copy an original person and then attempted to ruin the original and make it look like history is fitting the copy. She is a fucking double. Not only that, while I was oblivious, she was NOT innocent. She has known about it. Here's the wiki on Alexander McQueen: I read he was in Milan, Italy and then in London and I think the dress I cut out was from his Italian collection and the dress was not tailored. It was from a runway collection and it was artistic, not "tailored". I can't stand how Kate Middleton did not just pick up the boots I had cut out but then decided she was going to go with McQueen too, after he was dead. Of course, she had to have a surrogate child first right? to match my diary? You know, front page, inside cover, child first, and then the boots, and then McQueen? She is such a fraud. I don't know whether it was William of Wales or Harry who cut my mother, but if it wasn't Kate, it was one of them. If it was Prince Charles that was after me, I wouldn't doubt it that one of his sons would then go after my family to punish them. I have always known it was Charles or Will and I've never thought it was Harry that was interested in me. I may as well call him William and leave Will for Will Wagler, who is someone I actually have some respect for. I noticed how people started trying to push some kind of weird idea about Harry and I always knew it was a ruse and attempt to create a smokescreen.

And still the hands of memory weave the blissful dreams of long ago...What was it that Clackamas, Oregon shooter Jacob Tyler Roberts had on his facebook page? Oh yeah, a man that looks like Charles wearing a Scottish beret and holding a paintbrush standing next to "Dream Denied" and then he's sitting on a bench looking like my son Oliver. He does a good character impression. Look at Oliver Charlie. Doesn't my son look healthy and strong and happy? We have people blowing themselves up over this while Katie prances around naked for publicity. No one believes the FBI lies anymore. No one.

I LOATHE Kate Middleton. She has tried to copy everything I've ever done, and why would she do this when I had pasted these things back in 1994? It's like some group wants to rewrite history and pretend she is coming up with her own ideas. William broke up with me, what should I do? Oh Katie, here's the Ace card dear, buy a pair of riding boots and show up so he sees you. It's not Kate Moss, it's Kate Middleton. Yeah, right. What happened? Princess Diana wrote in a diary and someone is trying to fit Katie into the picture? I mean, was someone worried that Princess Diana had alluded to my family? or were they worried her sons might find intelligence files that did? I don't care about them. I had no clue who Middletons were until the Summer of 2009. My entire life I had no clue. What I care about, is theft of my intellectual property Bitch. I wrote that diary and cut out those photos in 1994. That was before The Big Bang in Paris.

Now, I type in a search for "Alexander McQueen" and Kate Middleton, and she apparently has decided this is her creative designer. I just saw the bylines. She chose this designer for her honeymoon, malaysia trip, and maternity now.

After I wrote that diary and put the photos together, you know, with this little girl too, I was in a car crash in 1995, and then forced to work for Del Balzos who had a little girl that looked like her sort of. But what got me, was the boots.

The fucking boots.

Kate couldn't even pick out her own boots for trying to capture William's attention again. I mean, total rip-off. Kate Moss was one of my favorite models in 1994. I first saw her in "W" magazine at the Thebault's house in Bedminster, NJ. I mean, was Kate Middleton fucking William of Wales in 1994? Or, like I've said, is all of this evidence of motive to torture my family and promote Kate? It's like from the point I broke my arm, Katie was being groomed and marketed to be The Royal Slut. She's not just a slut now, who lived off of her parents her entire adult life until she was 30 years old, who never started one business on her own, for profit or non-profit. Now she's a baby killer. How do the babies look when they're still fetuses Katie, right before they're aborted? Do they look like hamburger? Or is your forte poisoning toddlers and cutting them up, and making sure Daddy takes care of your hurt feelings. The CIA likes killers. This is why they like Kate Middleton. They like a woman who will go right up to another woman and cut her face and watch the blood being drawn.

She is a fucking theif and all of her family and friends are criminals.

The U.S. Department of Energy gave The Crown $1.6 million 4 months after Katie the Criminal, who tortured my son, married William of Wales. That's not the only money they received. They are drug dealers and the U.S. DEA covers for them to the point of assaulting their own citizens. Brian Mulroney has a house in Palm Beach, Florida and Brad Uhl is from Florida. Here is the article about his wife and their involvement with Palm Beach. The Uhls are connected to Middletons and Chris Rozollo and they are criminal drug dealers that colluded to get revenge for Middleton by having me assaulted by first lying to throw me into a psych ward. Here she is, running for Palm Beach, home of Brian Mulroney. Brad Uhl made a point of moving to Nashville, TN, to DEA offices near my residence, a month after I made a flight schedule to go to Nashville, TN. He had 2 weeks prior notice through my pre-arranged flight plan and then I was in Nashville. He arrived after I did. He is connected to Middleton.

The CIA has been laundering money to the Middletons through the FBI for decades as well. My mother was cut and assaulted by someone who is an English citizen.

By the way, SOS Corporation, which employed me through their branch "Employment Trends" and which is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is also connected to Canada.

Oh yeah, did you guys like the part about how Alvaro Pardo, who works for the FBI, wore a shirt to mock my family with? The one with stripes that match the hospital in Coquille? It was a really smooth move wasn't it! He had me walking around Seattle, WA with him like that, next to his Coquille ER shirt, in anticipation for what was going to happen to me in Coquille, OR. What a nice man. I was tortured then, so badly, I had to go to that ER and of course, Pardo knew ahead of time, and was winking with the Italian man in Seattle next to U of Washington. All of these young people seemed to think Alvaro was so hilarious that day and I didn't know what the inside joke was. Pardo was in on the joke. They were all laughing over his shirt and how it matched the Coquille, OR ER curtains, knowing that I would be tortured and end up there. I arrived in Coquille and before I was tortured, there was a parade and they had a woman in Bandon, OR, who looked like me, on a stretcher outside of an ambulance. I am a joke.

TORTURE and rape has been made into a joke. I resisted going to that ER until I was tortured so badly I couldn't move and I saw the curtains, after first seeing how the Coquille police department had little Alvaro Pardo mementos around. The entire thing was a set up that my son suffered over. Then I end up at ER only to be forced to give blood samples and forced to have a CT of my heart and head.

God damn The Pentagon and God damn the Presidents who deserve jail terms. I wouldn't wish torture on them, even though they did this to me and my son. But they deserve jail. God damn the Middleton family for exploiting U.S. resources and stealing from my family.

By the way, Kate Bitch. My mother had the hats before you did you fucking slut.

All of my mother's vintage and antique hats are "gone". As in, "disappeared". She had a whole bunch of them when we lived in Moses Lake, Washington and after the Canadians moved into town, I don't think I saw them again. That was in 1990.

My mother had small hats with netting, and hats with feathers, and all of them were little hats with either netting or feathers. They're all missing. Guess who turns up wearing the same kind of hat? Oh yes. Kate Middleton. A few of them were Granny's hats and others were ones my mother picked up that she liked. She was collecting them and then...poof, they disappeared, like the Cabbage Doll that went to someone else, and my homework and hand made cards that disappeared, and my jewelry and eventually my clothing and coats and paintings.

I remembered when I looked up Alexander McQueen and then decided to see who Isabella Blow was. From there I read she said she used to try on her mother's pink hat all the time and that's when I remembered all of my MOTHER's hats that were stolen. My Mom didn't sell them. They're gone, and who shows up with the same kind of thing on her head that I used to try on at home?


I never wore those hats publicly because it's not something you do in the U.S. But my mother collected them and tried them on sometimes and my Dad used to tease her about them. I tried them on occasionally but not all the time. They were always miniature hats, little caps, with netting over the eye, black netting, or feathers. They were the exact same kind of hat that Kate Middleton decided to call her own style. She has never had an original thought of her own.

And if I've found photos of her wearing my mother's skirt that I used to wear, and boots that I cut out and pasted in my personal diary in 1994, I am sure I could go back and look at some of her hats and find, probably, hats that were taken from my Mom. My mother not only had hats, she had hat boxes. She still has some of the hat boxes, and no hats.

Nice Kate. You're so sweet. Who heisted them for you? Karin? or Sharon McGuire? Or was it the FBI? All the way to England. What a chore. Then, after I left my photos with Shannon Borg and her Canadian partner, I had a photo of myself wearing a wide brimmed straw hat outside with a bathing suit and Kate decided to wear the exact same hat shortly afterwards. I seriously have not looked these articles up, but for some time, every single time I went online, some kind of photo of Kate was popping up, whether I clicked on the article or not. I never did read any of the articles, aside from, to this day, fewer than the fingers on my two hands. But the photos and bylines always came up and I noticed, and the media was adding things to their news as well, so I didn't miss it, starting in about 2010.

But yeah, Kate even copied my mother's hats, or stole them.

Oh, and photos have been stolen from my Granny and Grandpa as well. I've seen them gradually disappear. I was first told Loren had them for putting together a project but no, our family photos are being stolen. Along with our belongings, our money, and our intellectual property. Anything that is exquisite is gone. All of Granny's silk scarves and hankerchiefs, some of her vintage dresses, all of my mother's vintage clothing, everything I've ever had that looked good.

I said to my mother, "They're trying to make us look like homeless people." We have to be put down to the point of looking like homeless people with no taste, and tortured and stolen from too, while we pimp for the U.S. government or get tortured worse. It's psychic pimping on demand. Oh, and none of us have any brains either. We are not really as smart as some originally thought. Yeah. And my Dad really prefers to wear shoes that look like orthopedic shoes and my Mom really likes wearing animal prints on cheap fabric. Uh huh. That's us! Here's some news. My mother has NEVER liked animal prints for clothing. Ever. I was the one who wore leopard print and I was very particular about it. I didn't like any kind of leopard print and it had to be on the right fabric in a plain outline. My mother NEVER wore leopard print, or zebra stripes, or anything like that. My Dad was an artist. He knows what looks okay too. They're not getting "old", they're being told to look stupid by fucking cops that ARE stupid.