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Nathan Allen and Jacob Tyler Roberts (why I believe Kate Middleton is a Drug Dealer/Distributor)

I made a post already about how Jacob shot these people while saying, "I am the shooter" and wearing a mask. He looks just like Nathan Allen.

On the Facebook page for Jacob, he includes a photo of a man who looks like Robin Bechtold.

It is possible Nathan was recruited by Bechtold for something. If so, this would explain why Monica Allen fell off the face of the earth when she got involved with Tim Henderson.

My opinion, and at least her mother's opinion at the time, was that Monica was basically a hostage to Tim.

However, I guess if Nathan got involved in crime against my family, motivated by Bechtold, this would be another reason why police got involved and concealed crimes. It would also explain why suddenly Monica never wanted to speak to anyone in my family again.

There is something definitely bizarre about the Allens and people surrounding them. I wonder if Jacob was touching on that.

Robin Bechtold was dealing drugs. His brother is a cop, and the Portland police and FBI were close and covering for him for that reason. Some of the Mormons who look so squeaky clean were in business with the Bechtold family, which is friends with the Wiltbanks, who know Middleton. Kate Middleton.

The last time I saw Nathan Allen (not Nathan Bechtold, the cop brother of Robin), he was talking about riding dirt bikes (something Robin did)and electrical engineering and Robin Bechtold. He was meeting up with Robin. Robin first started visting the Allen house in 1992. Monica told me he was going over there all the time, to talk to her about me. This was the same year his parents went into business with the Wiltbanks and Harris family, who eventually screwed me over, for a piece of Middleton pie. I remember I had a weird vibe when I was with him that time. Something about him had changed. I had a bad vibe.

So here is the other thing. My Dad freaked out when I took this white plastic bucket out of the shed and put it on my porch. It was cracked on one side, a white pail, with a crack down the side, and it said "Oxy" on it for pool cleaning (mainly bleach), and had a woman who looked exactly like Monica Allen on it. It was the identical posture that Monica had, with a hand out to the side, as she had in one of my photos of her when we went to the East Coast (D.C. and Virginia) in 1995.

Something about it seriously bothered my Dad. Possibly the bleach aspect, since my son was poisoned with bleach from hair permanent solution, or something else. I patched it and put dirt in it with corsica mint.

I don't know about Monica, but something is seriously disturbed about her if she has gone this long not speaking up about the facts. She is either fully a hostage to Tim, or brainwashed, too afraid to say something, or is covering for some crime her brother committed on behalf of cops and Bechtold, to speak up for any of us.

Indirectly, it ends up leading straight to Middleton.

Middleton has so many criminal feelers that infiltrated the U.S., it's nuts.

I also remember my parents trying very hard not to react at mention of Tim Henderson when I brought him up when I got back to Oregon. I knew something was wrong. I think they believe Monica is basically a hostage victim, or they know she changed and started covering for criminals.


What a year. The first assassination attempt against me that I can recall, if I don't count the time we all went off the road when Barbara Maiers was driving the van, in 1989, when the Canadians came to Moses Lake.

In 1992, the Middletons were acquiring a very good grip on criminal factions in the U.S. who gave them welfare monies laundered by the FBI. Nice Mormons.

This is a major reason I did not vote for the Mormon guy. Between not trusting how some of these Mormons backfired against me and shot my son down when he was tortured, and their business deals with Middletons, and finding out about their connection to Utah and illegal telesurgery and teletorture efforts, they have known a lot and concealed evidence of crimes of torture.

Did you speak up for me Shannon Borg? or did you and your partner turn over everything I owned to Katie Middleton.

I don't even trust Romney is an actual Mormon because half of them turned out to be more like CIA operatives than Mormons. Sibel. The one who tried to steal my son from me before he was even born.
It's very possible Kate Middleton was helping distribute weed. As in, marijuana. And my guess is that to avoid prosecution, some laws have conveniently entered into the foray.

Middleton's crowd in Washington state was based on mafia and drug industry, and I stand by what I said about her being a spy. She wasn't just a spy--she's a gang-banger. The problem is that she's on the upper-end side of things, and escapes notice, and she knew exactly what was being done to my son Oliver.

The DEA in Nashville, TN was the same way. Corrupt, and doing favors for drug-peddling Middleton.

She's not just "a party girl" (as stated by a psychic from the Commonwealth who roomed with me). She doesn't just "do" drugs herself, she is in the industry, and her proximity to this and to U.S. goverment set my son up for torture out of revenge by her mafia, which is tied to the U.S. government.

Repeat after me: The CIA is in the drug industry.

I believe one of the main things she was dealing in was weed. Cocaine use? Yes, my opinion is that she's a user, at least in the UK. But over here, with the U.S., my guess is she was working with major weed producers.

California was good for that, and Washington state had her back...Right about the same time I have been calling her a criminal and bringing up their family history of drug-dealing, what law is being passed? a law in Washington, to protect those who tortured my son on behalf of the drug dealer-spy Kate Middleton. She was fine in California maybe, but someone probably worried she could at least be prosecuted in Washington State for drug related crimes.

I know the DEA loved her. Oh, believe me. They LOVE Katie.

The DEA colluded with FBI and CIA/Department of State to put me, without any evaluation first (as required) into a facility that assaulted me with heavy drugs. But Katie? They were kissing her you-know-what. In fact, this is why they assaulted me with drugs, because I had just blogged that she and her Dad were in the drug industry, along with Uncle Gary.

Washington State, of course, borders California. The FBI there and in Portland (Bujanda and Garza) were part of Middleton's Team.

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