Monday, December 10, 2012

Tortured Over Kate Middleton (photos of other evidence)

In the photos I will upload there is evidence of one of my eyes being popped out more than the other one (which was also done to my Dad and my son). It also shows how much hair I lost from one shampooing.

This kind of hair loss, is what occured when I was first in Oregon, and noticed some kind of chemical scent in my house at times, like it was fumigated, and which was also when I was being tortured to not be able to appeal my case for my son Oliver. The United States government tortured me.

The U.S. government prevented me from having my son returned to me and used torture against me by NASA and military aerospace industry to do it. I also had massive hair loss when I was tortured with my son Oliver Garrett, in East Wenatchee, in 2007. I lost hair from my head and then the hair on the rest of my body quit growing. I had no leg hair to shave, and no facial hairs to pluck. This was when the levels of torture were so bad, I believed we were going to die. These photos are evidence of the hair loss I've described, which is a direct result of torture by the U.S. Also, I had my knee electrocuted when my cord to a heater was surged, so I'm sure that didn't help. However, you be the Judge. When I describe "hair loss", what is significant hair loss to you? Do you think I exaggerate or make things up? Is this normal hair loss from one shampoo? I didn't save it up. I took a shower at my parents and when I cleaned out of the shower, I showed them this clump of hair and said, "Does this look like a lot of hair to you?" I didn't have tangles--this is what came out and it was coming out in sections of strands, like entire groups of hair coming out from the same place. So when I've described hair loss in the past, as a result of torture by the U.S., THIS is the kind of hair loss I was talking about, but even more frequently than this. It's not from "stress". I am not more stressed now than I was when I arrived in Oregon or when my son and I were tortured in 2007. It is from torture. Yes, hair can fall out from stress, but if that's the problem, I'd have had my hair falling out at times I've been far more stressed out emotionally than when it fell out. It has fallen out as a result of being electrocuted repeatedly and tortured. Also, you can see one of my eyes is popped out more than the other one in some of the photos, which is also evidence of state-sponsored torture being committed against me, my parents, my son, and possibly my brother as well.

My son was kidnapped from me while I was being tortured by the United States. They then made it impossible for me to function by slandering me and preventing my travel or access to work and college. They knowingly tortured me during appeals to prevent my access to court. They did many of these horrible things as favors to the Middleton family, even though others were involved. Kate Middleton is part of it. I did not believe this at first and then I found out it is true.

My point in putting up these photos of one day of hair loss, is to show that my judgment and perception is normal. AG Mary Anne McIntosh is part of the state-sponsored torture and she lied in court to conceal this evidence and diminish my testimony. She claimed I didn't have accurate perception or insight or ability to judge, and it's a lie to cover for criminals and criminal acts of torture against U.S. "citizens", including children. So if I write on my blog, that I was losing a lot of hair in East Wenatchee when my son and I were tortured, I suppose someone like MaryAnne McIntosh could lie and say, "She THINKS she lost a lot of hair, but she has distorted perception." So she would say what I "imagine" to be a lot of hair, is only normal hair loss from showering, like anyone has, and that my mention of hair loss during shampoos, only proves I am "paranoid". This is what AG MaryAnne McIntosh would say, "She loses no more hair than you or I, but because of her paranoid delusions, everything is magnified and her ability to make judgments is off".

So here it is. Here is a way for someone to objectively judge whether or not, this is a lot of hair to lose in one hair wash. If someone thought I just imagined it was a large amount, this example is what I have been talking about. This is what I refer to as "a large loss of hair" and in East Wenatchee, it happened in clumps like this, repeatedly, and the hair on the rest of my body didn't grow at all.

So her next defense, to defend Middleton (who Cheif Jones pansies-to) and state-paid torturers, would be to say it's just from "stress" or "diet". My diet was great in E. Wenatchee, and I wasn't vegetarian. My son and I ate very well and I had this kind of hair loss. It was from torture. When I arrived in Oregon, I was vegetarian and I ate well, and I had hair loss like this--from torture. I am now vegan, and I eat very well-balanced meals and take vitamins including B-12--this hair loss is from torture. There is nothing different with my health in 2007, 2010, and 2012. These, however, are time periods when I've been severely tortured by military technology and NASA-aerospace methods.

The last defense would be to say it's "stress". I was far more stressed when I was lied to about everything being in order for college last summer. I had to wait 3 months because of the lie, and it was the second time this had happened. If this hair loss was about stress, I would have lost hair then. When my son was adopted away from me and I was finally told about it, I would have lost a lot of hair then, and I didn't. There are times of much much greater and higher levels of emotional stress, and I have not lost abnormal amounts of hair. The times I've lost this kind of hair, is a symptom and sign of being tortured and electrocuted repeatedly by the United States.

If it's not the United States of America, which country is responsible then? The Middletons work for the U.S., so they are treated like privileged citizens, who can do no wrong. It has nothing to do with "royalty" contacts because if that were the case, the U.S. wouldn't have already been laundering money to their family before she was even dating William.

Obviously, others are involved, but the torture is state-sponsored and paid for, which means U.S. government employees are getting paid money, through the U.S. government, to torture us. It means tax-payer money, that supports the United States, is being applied to the checks and salaries for those who commit acts of torture and terror against my family.

Even my Granny is being tortured. I was told she has been having "heart burn" and I know it's heart-burn not heartburn. None of us have heartburn as in the history of gastrointestinal disorder. We HAVE had our hearts burned by U.S. salaried employees who are using military and aerospace technology to torture us.

I've had it happen, my parents, my brother, my son, and Granny told me about it years ago, discreetly that she also knew it was torture, not a genuine medical problem. So I guess recently it's been happening to Granny all the time.

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