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My Parents: Psychic Spies & Hostages of U.S.A.

They call it prophesy. People who are christians or who believe in prophetic gifts call it that, and there are different names. I don't know. Prophets. Seers. I am not sure what the difference is, in the Bible, between prophets and seers. And some of them had (have) specific gifts, such as telling meanings of dreams and unraveling meanings. Other people who are not religious might call it "psychic". I've said this so many times, but I'll say it again, to avert misunderstanding...if I am using the word psychic or government psychic, I don't mean occultism or voodoo or witchcraft. I mean a general ability to do some of these things. However, some who have these abilities are into occult, just as some are neutral, and others are christians and some are of other beliefs.

Anyway. The last few days my parents have done so many things that have been predictive of what I do. Sometimes I don't do it for a day and then I realize, this is the exact same thing that they laid out, to mark,and then it happened.

Tonight, for example. I went over and sat by the fire. I had my back to the fire and my put my books to my left side. On the right side were 2 brown things and a box that said "Dome Cap". It was like 2 ceramic painted things like handles with screws in them. I said I liked them and they looked sort of neat and asked what they were "insulators" I was told.

When I was at my house all day I was using this black "pilot" pen and it has a dome shaped cap which I put on before I left the house, but then I grabbed a different pen at the last minute, for studying something. It has a dome shaped cap.

I saw my mother had been wearing a peach shirt when I had this color on under my clothes and you couldn't see it until I pulled the sleeves out that night, from underneath. The other day, I wore cream and she too had on cream, same thing. If they want to, they can pretty much match me. I change my mind so many times, it isn't easy to match me.

Today I've been boiling licorice root and then tonight, anise seed, for candies. I had the licorice root, brown, in a container on the bench, and then I had anise on the stove. I got back from their house, put more water in the pan and let it sit there and the only place to set it down was next to the plastic container of licorice. Then I sat down at the computer to write about other things they've done, to give them some credit, because clearly they can't talk about it themselves. I sat down, now with my back to the benches, same as my back was to the fire, and on the left, I had my books. I had brought them in and set them down on the table at a corner, not planning it, but as I sit, they're to my left, and to my right, instead of two brown knobs, it's 2 brown pans, one with licorice and one with anise. And where the box for Dome Cap was at my parent's house, there is a clear plastic bag I had thrown there earlier tonight, to dry out because it was still wet inside, and it's sort of draped over this black cord, but mainly I thought, it's also like a cap. (It is draped over this black cord that leads up to the hot plate which is round and black.)

I was shocked because first I thought I felt sorry because maybe they had thought I was going to walk in with the pilot pen and had the layout marked for that, predicting this, but I did have it. I changed my mind at the last minute. So I was thinking maybe they just didn't know bc I had changed my mind the same moment I went out the door. But then I got back to my house and after I moved the anise pan from the stove and set it next to the other one, I saw they didn't "miss" anything at all.

(Actually, I can also see 2 bottles that are filled with brown liquid on the floor that have the same shape even as those knobs, and another bottle next to it that is for Smart water, so they could be making a play off of that. Still, left side, but on the floor beneath the other pans I mentioned. On the cap it says "smartwater". One bottle is apple cider vinegar and the other is a Karo syrup bottle I had emptied and refilled with licorice and next to it is a half full bottle of licorice that's smartwater cap. Next to this, one pair of my shoes, without the insoles. Hhaha. I was wearing the other pair. They're gel insoles. Seriously. They are good. The square box for the "dome cap" even matches the square container I put the licorice root in, sitting next to the pan of anise. Then there are 2 Mason jars that are empty there, and one has the lid off and on top of the other lid with this brown rim showing, and on the 2 insultators at my parents house, one of them had one part of the rim off. On the floor on the left, if my back is to it as with the fire, there is a cord tied into an "x" shape. Anyway. I didn't put anything anywhere on purpose. My parents just matched me for what they could predict and see.)

This is one extremely small example. The other thing, is on the left side of me now, there are jars, round jars, outlined in the shape of an X and at their house, on my left side, someone had brought in a round log and set it on top of the other logs for fire, and it was marked with an X. I had the jars outlined this way because after I canned, I put them back in the box but I left 2 jars out and with those empty spaces, it made an X shape in the brown cardboard box.

This is a very small example and just from tonight.

The other night, I was shocked because for days I'd seen this folded up paper propped up like a triangle on the table in that room, by the bookstand. My Dad took some paper out and set it out, yellow paper, and with a smaller piece above the full size pieces. I wondered, for a few days why it was there, but the yellow paper was there later. Then that night, power went out. I had to use a flashlight when I got back to my place and I sat down and had soup and looked over at my stove top to my stove. My Mom had asked me to clean my house. They are never over here so they didn't know what it looked like. My Dad had laid some of this stuff out before I ever cleaned my place, and what had been there before, was a huge stack of books and paper. It was a huge mess, and no triangular paper was sticking up, and nothing yellow. After I cleaned my place, I had moved all of that. I got back to my house after my Dad put out the yellow papers that day or day before, and with power out, set my flashlight down on my kitchen table. I had had to use a rubber glove to open my door because I kept getting electrocuted every time I tried to open the door. It's supposedly grounded, but when it's raining out, at different times, I am getting shocked. So I had one rubber glove with me, and once inside, I put it on the stovetop. I looked over at this stovetop when I was sitting down to eat, and the flashlight was on my table, upright. From this light, I looked and saw this piece of paper (1 piece) that I had had there, and folded up, was sitting upright in a triangle shape, exactly as my Dad had it at their house days earlier, and before I had ever cleaned. And I saw the glove next to it, like the yellow paper, and in the dark, with just a little flashlight, it looked like only 4 1/2 fingers were showing. There were 4 1/2 pieces of yellow paper on my Dad's table. It was either 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 but how he had it laid out, I had counted and then when I saw the glove, I noticed it was the same thing. Actually, to be precise, what I could see when sitting, when I first looked, was full fingers and then something that looked like 1/16th or so of a glove, a piece up higher. I didn't know why it was matching what my Dad had laid out with paper and why that finger looked that way so when I stood up and got closer to look, I saw it was angled to stick up and then 1/2 of it was under another finger, so from where I sat, the light caught the exact same sizes and proximities that my Dad had guessed at when he put full pages of paper and then tore out a piece to size and set it above where he could see my future placement of the glove would be. I am not kidding. So he is able to actually see what I will "see" in the future, as if he is seeing from my perspective and with my eyes, and he can predict this. He can predict not only what is actually going to be there, but how another person will view or perceive what is there.

The glove is orange but in that light, it looked yellow, and one of the fingers to the glove was underneath another finger so you could only see a piece of it. It matched the paper layout my Dad did.

Both my Mom and Dad are "psychic spies". I don't mean they've spied on someone over here, or somewhere else, and I don't know what capacity, but this is why the government holds us hostage. This is a reason why we're tortured.

This is the kind of "psychic spying" ability that the United States charged a bunch of Russians with, in 2010. In the documents by the FBI and the Department of Justice, they alleged these Russians were committing espionage and "spying" by using drops and also by psychic ability. And they knew they had a hard time convincing the public of this in court. How does one "prove" "psychic spying"? However, the United States acknowledged and admitted they are fully aware that such abilities exist and that THEY, in fact, take it very seriously.

So while the U.S. charged a bunch of Russians with spying, and charged them, and sent them back to Russia (most of them, I think all but 1 that they charged), they lie to American citizens and call their own citizen, ME, "mentally ill" and "nuts" for alleging that serious crimes are being committed against me, my son, and my parents. They have tortured all of us and they are using all of us. They kidnapped my son from me, for this.

My parents can even read animal thoughts. Which is maybe why they don't hunt. They eat meat, but I know they are not into killing animals, not even with hunting. They don't look down on it, but it's not something they want to do. They know when the dog is about to do something, and where he will play with something. They know when he needs to go #1 or when it's #2. My mother has shown me the sound he'll make or what he'll do before he even does it. I had wondered if they can read animal thoughts or predict what they do. I don't know if they exactly read their minds, and how animals are different from people, but they can predict the activity or movement they'll take. I don't know that much, actually, about what they can do with animals. With people, they are very good.

I don't know if the U.S. forced them to work for them as kids and then blackmailed them and told them they'd go to jail if they talked and put them on a kind of surveillance or what. I know they do not feel "okay" with talking about it. They never admit it. But I can see for myself. And my son Oliver was tortured and taken from me because of this entire thing.

The government wants to breed kids now, or kidnap them, and take them into captivity in their own country.

This is one reason why I feel so strongly about family rights and that the government is abusing their authority to the point of treason against its citizens, and treason against the oath to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

While it may sound harsh that I would side with the mother who would choose a different form of medical treatment for her son, what business does the government have in deciding which medical treatment her family can try? And if she makes a poor choice or her choice doesn't have a good outcome, if the boy died even, is this worth government intervention, the same intervention that has lead to psychological disorders and problems, and PTSD, and disability, and pain and suffering of the children they steal for their "programs" and mutilate?

A country and its citizens are supposed to look at the cost-benefit analysis. There have always been parents that are "lacking something". For those who believe in God, God never gave the gift of life to "only those deemed qualified by Manchurian government check". For those who do not believe in God, this is still a violation of the rights of family and it has been a right from the start. It is not a secondary right and it is not a "privilege". Of course, it's a privilege, but those who know law, know what I am refering to when I make the distinction between "right" and "privilege". From the beginning of time, there have been "bad parents", "so-so parents" and "good parents". Some parents try to learn more and improve, others don't seem to care. However, the government doesn't have the right to Order "Parenting Plans" because the United States Government is NOT morally, ethically, or naturally equipped to decide how one should "parent" their own child. The government also does not have the right to order parents to submit their child to one form of treatment over another preferred form. It is the right of the parent to decide. If the parent fails, even to the point that the outcome leads to the child's death (where illness is already present), it is not a crime. If any crime is commited, a child should see action taken by law, just as it's done for an adult. But the harm of a few children dying, because of parent's decisions that didn't turn out right, is much less than the harm the government inflicts on children by arbitrary abuse of power. Is it better to have a few kids die, as may occur, becasue of parents who love their children but make the decisions? or is it better to have thousands of children die, because the government is torturing them in illegal research projects and needs an excuse like "messy house" to take the child after they've already begun to torture the family. (U.S. Government Says: "You didn't keep a clean enough house while we tortured you. We expected more. We expected you to die or to attempt suicide. Now, messy-house-woman, we're taking your child from you and calling you mentally ill so we can cover our messy pants.")

This hypocrisy is throughout government and many do not even think twice about it because they haven't considered the damage being done. You have shows like "Huckabee" attempting (desperately,I might add) to buffer the damage done by arguments that I or others might make, by having "Jessica Lynch" talk about how the U.S. rescued her from terrorists in Iraq, all so she could be with her "daughter", Dakota.

How nice. How very nice, when this same U.S. IS a #1 Terrorist. Torturing me and my parents, and my son, and then kidnapping my son from me, is terrorism. I really don't care if Iraq took a femur out of Jessica Lynch's leg, because this country is taking the heart of thousands of children and ruining this country.

What kind of a priority was Jessica Lynch, that the United States had to spend resources to rescue her, as they hump-and-dump me? They TORTURED my son and continue to TORTURE my son, but we're all supposed to watch Jessica talk about how great it was that the U.S. rescued her.

Guess what. Jessica signed up to be in the military and she wasn't coerced. If she got captured, that was part of the risk she accepted when she decided to carry a gun to kill people. Jessica is a trained killer, trained to draw blood and blast out the brains of other human beings. But she looks so sweet sitting there with her shiny hair and glossy lips, doesn't she? She signed up to be trained to kill people. She is in the "Killing People Business". She murders people for a living. That's her job. She didn't get hooked into it as a kid, by being blackmailed through an MKULTRA or mind control program. She grew up and decided she wanted to murder people for money. She'll get a check for her willingness to kill people, for the rest of her life, and it's coming from taxpayers. She didn't sign up to even be a spy. She signed up to be a killer, who is living off of my money.

MY SON, is innocent.

He is NOT Jessica Lynch.

My son didn't sign up to be a government killer's caddy. While the U.S. was rescuing Jessica Lynch, they were torturing Oliver Garrett. They "rescued" a killer, a woman who chose to sign up to murder people, and talk about how it's great she's with her daughter, while they tortured me and my son, when we signed up for none of this. They have kidnapped my son from me, and tortured us, and continue to torture us, but we're supposed to think the U.S. stands up for individual rights, because they "saved" Jessica.

Jessica, the murderer.

So when the government says THEY want to decide what "treatment" is 'best' for YOUR child, who do you believe? Me? or the government? Do you trust yourself? Or do you want to delegate some of these parental powers to the same government that is rescuing Jessica--Baby Killer (she doesn't care who she kills when she signed up for the Army) while they TORTURE 1 1/2 year old innocent baby Oliver?

This is the same attitude the U.S. took when they tortured and abused my mother and father when they were kids.

Child Protective Services/Administration of Child and Family Services is a sham, is unconstitutional, and must be abolished.

Children have no right to vote and the government has no say over their lives. They cannot bypass the parent to get to the child and doing so has proven evil exists.

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